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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 24, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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gad. have a great night. from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, josh gad, pamela adlon, and comedian ariel elias, with cleto and the cletones, and now, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. hello. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching it. thank you for joining us here. i tell you what. it was an absolutely beautiful day here in los angeles, california. this is that magical time of year when i spend most of the
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day texting "stop" to nancy pelosi. we had the week off last week. did you know we were off last week, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: i know sometimes you like to come sit on the stool any way. did you have a good week? >> it was great. i spent a lot of time with my son and my life >> jimmy: the world series starts on friday. the phillies versus the houston astros. the phillies beat the padres, and the astros swept the yankees. houston won game four last night. in the crowd last night was the most repulsive man in america, ted cruz. ted was in town in new york promoting his new book, "vomit baby." that's what his mom called him. look at this guy. in a bright orange button down, dark blue walmart greeters vest, pretending he drinks beer.
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soaking up the sadness of the crowd. you know, you would think ted cruz would be unwelcome in a place like the bronx. and if you did think that, you would be absolutely correct! >> [ bleep ] you, you racist piece of [ bleep ], [ bleep ] you! [ bleep ] [ bleep ] you. you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. trump called your wife ugly. remember that? trump called your wife ugly? [ bleep ] you! you [ bleep ]. remember when those insurrectionists wanted to murder you? you ugly piece of [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. trump called your wife ugly. you ugly [ bleep ] get the [ bleep ] out of here. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: wow. that was -- i didn't even realize ted had family in new
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york. so, even though they lost the game, i think new york won the battle last night. the main event in new york city today, was the tax fraud and grand larceny trial of the trump organization, which is now under way. two trump organization entities are charged with nine counts of tax fraud, grand larceny, and falsifying business records in what prosecutors say was a 15-year scheme to defraud authorities by failing to report and pay taxes on employee compensation. or as the trumps call it, a slow tuesday. trump himself is not a defendant in the case. he was like, "i never met the trump organization, i don't know anything about it." if convicted, the trump organization could get hit with up to $1.6 million in fines. which doesn't seem like much. after all, the irony is, if you really want to take down the trump organization, all you have to do is let trump keep running it. you don't have to take them to court. over the weekend, trump also received a subpoena from the january 6th committee. the subpoena lays out 19 areas
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of inquiry they want to discuss with trump, number one being why didn't you do anything to stop the insurrection while it was happening, going all the way to number 19, which is "did you seriously bury your ex-wife on the golf course?" trump has reportedly been telling aides that he would agree to submit to the subpoena if his testimony was aired on live tv, but even he is not that stupid. the only way they're getting trump to put his hand on a bible is if they hide it up a waitress' skirt. and then, of course, we have the whole thing about hiding documents at mar-a-lago. according to the washington post, he had highly sensitive intelligence on china and on iran's missile program stashed in his golf course house. which makes you wonder, why would donald trump need that information on iran's missile program? is he planning to fire don jr. into space?
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bob woodward of "the washington post" has something interesting in the works. tomorrow, he will release the audio from twenty interviews he did with trump during his last yar in office. he did twenty interviews with a guy whose first two books he called "very boring" and "fake." he did 20 interviews in one year. i don't speak to my mother that much. today, woodward provided a few snippets of what he has in store, including trump waxing poetic about his poison pen pal, kim jong-un. >> you meet somebody and you have a good chemistry, and there is lot of truth to it. you meet a woman. in one second, you know whether or not it's all going to happen, okay? we have very good chemistry. >> wait a minute. donald trump had sex with kim jong-un? [ applause ] i didn't even know they were dating! all this talk about launching missiles. it was right in front of us the whole time. speaking of chemistry, even though trump still hasn't officially thrown his maga hat in the ring for 2024, he has reportedly been talking about a
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who his running mate will be, and that running mate is none other than marjorie taylor greene. you remember marjorie, the racist shower-drain clog? trump is said to be thinking of her as his possible vp. poor eric's like "does this mean she's my new mommy?" can you imagine that? the only thing those two should be running together is a hooters in fort lauderdale. [ applause ] and we thought it couldn't get any crazier than sarah palin. i do have a nice story to share that involves donald trump, tangentially. some of his supporters showed up at uncle vinnie's comedy club in new jersey a couple weeks ago maybe you saw this online, where they made a very unsuccessful attempt to heckle a young comedian named ariel elias. >> what's your question? >> did you vote for donald trump? >> did i vote for donald trump? what do you think? >> no.
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i could just tell by your jokes you voted for biden. >> all right. i can tell by the fact that you're still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for trump. we'll move on. i went and got an -- >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> are you kidding me? >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me? >> i will never vote again. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's -- you can't handle anything better than that, right? so i saw that and tweeted in support of ariel. she wrote back to me, can i make my late night debut on your show? and i said yes. and now she's here tonight, making her late night debut. see? [ cheering ] good things do happen once every 18 weeks or so. ariel will be here with us later tonight. in other comedy news, herschel
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walker is running for senate in georgia. and he's had quite an october. somehow he's only 2 1/2 points behind his opponent, snarn warw far warnock, despite the alleged abortion, the kids he kept quiet, alleged charity donations no one can seem to track down, a police badge he showed off even though he is not a police officer. let's just say herschel has a lot of damage to control. so this weekend, he sat down with the always curious brian kilmeade of fox news, to explain that a beast has been awakened. >> i take offense to someone like senator warnock saying the things about me that he is saying, which are lies. because they want this seat that bad. but you're not going get it. and i told him. and he decided to come out personal. he just now open up a can of a bear. meaning now you going to lose even worse. >> jimmy: right. he opened up -- he opened a can of a bear. it's a tiny bear. it's very cute, actually. about the size of a pinky toe.
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or something. but you don't want to open that can, because if that bear comes out. i have to admit, as sad as it would be to see this man elected to the senate, it would be pretty funny. i mean, him asking questions at a subcommittee hearing on forestry. maybe even worth our certain doom, you know what i'm saying? the inside of herschel walker's head is basically a bag of loose scrabble tiles. speaking of, the mentally unsound, kanye west had another busy week. kanye announced he was going defcon 3 on jewish people, and some worried that might lead to a wave of anti-semitism. well, this was on the 405 on saturday here in los angeles. members of a local neighborhood hate group spent the day on an overpass making nazi salutes and signs with messages like "honk if you know kanye is right about the jews." here's the thing, if you're at
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home, making a banner, that includes the words "kanye is right." just go ahead and jump off the overpass. [ applause ] so any way, my wife and the kids and i were on the 405 this weekend, and i think we may have been behind kanye west. do you think -- my wife took this picture. does he drive a honda civic, does anyone know? i looked it up when i got home, turns out "notsi" is a language, spoken primarily in new guinea. or at least i hope that's what it is. if that is what it is, the guy driving must be very confused about all the dirty looks. on a more positive note, the number one film in the world is dwayne "the rock" johnson's new superhero movie, "black adam." and whenever a blockbuster of this magnitude hits theaters, we ask our in-house movie critic, yehya to review it for us.
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it happens to be yehya's birthday today. where is yehya, do you know? >> guillermo: >> i think he is in egypt. >> jimmy: okay. he is in egypt. here he is somehow talking about the movie "black adam." >> hi, it's me yehya. i talk about the new movie. "black adam." the movie is the rock in the movie. the rock is real name don johnson. he is all action, marvel movie. oh, no marvel, okay. >> who's on the team?p>> here w. >> the guy in the movie is older now, ruz bruzne, 007. he dress like the mob because his wife, she give him hard time. and also the guy in the super hero big bird. also in the movie of vial david,
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denzel johnson is another movie with kevin hart, you know, the one in the zoo. jungo bongo. he is in the movie with trouble a with ball walker. that's our guy, with the car like fast who win? like driving the boat in disneyland. yeah, he is also in the movie with zac efron, the people run on the beach. and he is live god. i used to work live god and young boy. and he come after. and also, the wrestling guy john c cena. and he come after. that's when he is wrestling. that's when he said the rock is cooking something. can you smell it? it smell good. you want test? go see the movie. it's good movie. >> i kneel before no one. >> if you don't like it, the
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rock punch you in the ass. back to you. >> jimmy: thank you, yehya. and happy birthday too. we've got a good show for you tonight. pamela adlon is here. stand-up comedian ariel elias is with us. and we'll be right back with josh gad. ♪ >> abc's "jimmy kimmel live!" brought to you by subaru.
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there. back to the show. tonight from the new show "slumberkins" which you can watch on apple tv+, pamela adlon is with us. then later, making her late night television debut, comedian ariel elias. this week, we've got all-new
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oh, your friend charlize theron will be here. >> guillermo: tomorrow, tomorrow. yeah. >> jimmy: who is on wednesday, do you know? >> guillermo: on wednesday is lupita nyong'o. and the cast from the black panther too. >> jimmy: it's interesting. you only know the attractive female guests. quentin tarantino will be here. the cast of "black panther: wakanda forever" and race car superstar lewis hamilton will be with us. we'll have music from armani white and duran duran will be with us too. please join us for that. our first guest is a star of stage, screen, snow, and now, space. he plays a self-absorbed billionaire on a botched voyage to the cosmos on "avenue five" you can see it mondays on hbo and hbo max. please say hello to josh gad. [ applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: how are you? very good to see you. >> it's so good to see you. can we talk for a second about how creepily he said "charlize theron"? >> jimmy: well, there is some back story there. it's not creepy, but affectionate because their kids are on the same soccer team, right? and she will kiss you when sees you. and everybody, the parents, the coaches, his friends in the park go bananas because she charlize is kissing. >> went from creepy to jealous all in one. >> jimmy: there is some chemistry there. >> i can tell. >> guillermo: sorry, josh. >> jimmy: how are you? you just back to the united states. >> i just got back from australia friday. >> jimmy: how long were you there? >> three months. >> jimmy: that's a great place to be for three months. >> it's incredible. it's a really far place to be for three months. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> when you have children. >> jimmy: oh, your kids weren't over there was?
11:55 pm
>> they were there for six weeks, and then they went to school. >> jimmy: that seems like enough, though, right? six weeks? >> yeah, it was great. afterwards they were like -- every time i would call them, dad, yeah. but no, it was blast. i had a great time. >> jimmy: isn't it funny when you get the kids, oh, i miss the kids. and they probably really miss me. and then you get them on the pf cannot stay. ahhh. >> daddy, i got to go to this soccer game with charlize theron. i don't want to be with you. >> jimmy: did you encounter any deadly beasts or creatures in australia? >> australia's got a bad rep because they have deadly spiders. i love the one guy who is yes, i've heard about this. deadly spiders and snakes and stuff. but i didn't encounter them. i encountered something else that was pretty weird. it's weird. >> jimmy: okay. >> so i got an apartment in bondi beach, which is in australia. a beautiful beach. >> jimmy: oh, yeah.
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>> and i walked in. and it was my kids' last week there. my daughter walks in. how cool was this place? and it was really cool, but there was some weird artwork everywhere, i want to say like circa 18th century, or "game of thrones" style art all over the place. and there is a painting of conquistadors and a painting of a woman looking very scared about something. and just some weird paintings. and my daughter looks at me and she goes "are you sure you want the stay here, da da?" and i say sweetie, it's fine. it's just artwork. it's fine. and it turns out she was very prophetic. so i was staying there. and one night -- now i don't believe in ghosts and stuff. it's not like a thing that i'm -- i've had no experiences with them. but one night i'm there, and in the middle of the night, i wake up and i hear what sounds like two spanish men from the 17th century whispering to each other over my face. just imagine waking up and
11:57 pm
hearing [ speaking spanish ] what? what's happening. >> jimmy: over your face? >> over my face. probably came from like the air duct or something. but it felt in my face. so i go to work the next day, and i tell this story. how did you sleep? not very well. they're like why? i heard two spanish men in my room. and one of the people who works there is like oh, yeah. i've got the perfect -- this is an australian accent, by the way. she goes yeah? i've got the perfect solution for you. what you want to do is get sage, and you want to go around the house and ask them nicely to leave. and i said okay where am -- and she goes i've got some. sage? she's like yeah. she gives me sage. i swear to god this is all true. she gives me sage. i walk around the house. my assistant taylor is there.
11:58 pm
and i'm walking around, and i'm going please, ghosts, leave. please leave. >> jimmy: in english you're saying this? >> por favor, go away. hasta luego. espiritu santo. i do this and i got good sleep. the sleep lasted for about two weeks. >> jimmy: oh. >> jimmy. >> jimmy: oh? >> no. two weeks later i wake up and the lights are flickering in my bathroom. and they hadn't flickered before. again, i'm sure there was an excuse, an electrical circuit or something, or spirits. and so i -- i'm freaking out at this point. now i sleep -- any of you sleep with white noise, like a white noise app? same guy is yeah. i do that too. so i'm sleeping with a white
11:59 pm
noise app. and it goes off. now this thing doesn't go off unless you push it, unless you stop it. or it's never gone off for me. so i'm really upset at this point. so the next night i test it. and i swear to god, this is all true. and i'm mortified telling this to a national audience. but i go please don't shut off my white noise machine. it will freak me out. within a minute, it shut off. >> jimmy: really? >> okay. at this point, i'm having a heart attack. so i go to work the next day, and they go you look tired. and i said i am. and they said what's going on? i said they're back. and i explain this. now a co-star, different person completely goes you've got a haunting going on. i say yeah? she goes yeah, i've got someone who can deal with that. have a guy for this?n australia- so she says to me, you call this
12:00 am
woman and you -- she doesn't come to your house. she does it remotely. now i should have said at this point [ bleep ] off. but instead i call the number. >> jimmy: called her on the phone? >> call her on the phone. i go do you want to zoom so i can show you around my creepy apartment and like maybe where they're hanging out? she is nah, nah, i don't need to do that. i don't have zoom. okay. that's problematic. so instead she goes just draw a blueprint. i'm not an artist. i'm an overweight actor. what am i going to do. >> jimmy: draw? >> draw a blueprint. so i draw a blueprint. i take a picture, and i send it to her. she calls me. i'm out at dinner. she goes yeah, there is some weird stuff going on in there. so i'm like all right. you can see that from my rudimentary blueprint?
12:01 am
yeah, i can feel them. so the next day i get a ten-page report of the different ghosts in my house. there is a mixture. some of them are ghost busters kind of ghosts. some of them are really like exorcist style demons, according to her. so she gives me this book report. and she's like that will be 300 american dollars. i pay the $300. i sleep great. at this point, my assistant is like you've lost your mind. you are not well. this is insane. five days before we leave, we walk into the apartment. i go into my room. taylor goes josh, can you come here? i go yeah. she goes so, there is this light on in the room, and that light was a broken light bulb that i put in there. and that shouldn't be on. and i said that's your problem now. [ laughter ] but i have a great number you can call.
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>> jimmy: josh gad is here. we'll be right back. ♪ >> portions of "jimmy kimmel live!" will brought to you by pfizer and bion tech. ow me down. now, skyrizi helps me get going by treating my skin and joints. along with significantly clearer skin, skyrizi helps me move with less joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and fatigue. and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year after two starter doses. skyrizi attaches to and reduces a source of excess inflammation that can lead to skin and joint symptoms. with skyrizi, 90% clearer skin and less joint pain is possible. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine, or plan to. with skyrizi, there's nothing like the feeling of improving my skin and joints... ...and that means everything.
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running in their dreams, they're not. they're drumming. i love that. >> so any way -- >> that is josh gad in "avenue five." season two of "avenue five," which is the -- like the idea on this show is so great. it's so funny. you played the guy, the character of yours, in case people haven't seen it is like the owner of the spaceship. >> so he owns this spaceship. and he -- they were meant to go for a few weeks. that turns into a few months, and then enough things go wrong that it's now eight years before they can get home. >> jimmy: and no one on the ship besides a few --. there is a few people who know this. i'm one of them. but it hasn't been told to them. and things are going really bad on this ship. >> jimmy: yeah. >> in that scene, we've come across this group of people on
12:08 am
another vessel, and we go to dinner, and dinner can be in [ bleep ] space as well as you see. we go there and have this conversation. we're trying to get to know them. we, i can't reveal it. you'll have to watch. it's a pretty great reveal. >> jimmy: yeah, it's funny. i don't want to say anything that will ruin it. but i will say that your character is kind of like ah -- well, a sharp-eyed twitter user said that -- noted that it's a little like vince neil. who are you basing this character on? is this a richard branson type of guy? >> yeah, richard branson by way of mama cass. it's a -- it's a -- it's sort of branson's hair. it's got a little elon musk. it's got a little what's her name, the drop-out, the theranos. >> jimmy: oh yeah, yeah. >> i didn't do very good research. sort of these people. and so it's sort of like an
12:09 am
amalgamation of these ceos who have a lot of time on their hands, a loft money, and tweet a little too much. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> and he just -- what's amazing about judd is he gaslights himself. he really is like one of those guys who tells himself something that is an absolute lie, but he just convinces himself that it's the truth. and it reminds me of certain politicians. but it's sort of like -- it's kind of like this weird docu-style thing now where i watch it every week, and ar armando, a brillint creator. >> thick of it, "death of stalin," he's got this ability to sort of tap into these proph. last year we did an episode where a bunch of people start walking out of an air lock because they don't believe they're in space. and they keep denying they're in space. and once they walk out, other people are yeah, it's vfx. i've seen that before. people are dying right now. and it became this sort of weird
12:10 am
thing where we shot it before covid, but it was people yeah, it's not real. that thing is fake. and it was fascinating to see how this thing almost was art imitating life. >> jimmy: well, for sure with vip we saw a lot of that. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: and you are -- you were just named what, a disney legend? is that correct? >> that's right. [ cheering ] >> jimmy: what does that mean exactly? because the cast of "frozen" or was it a few of you that got named disney legends? >> i was a little insulted. they made it the whole cast. so slightly less. >> jimmy: not just the main people. and there were other disney employees, cast members as we are called named legends as well. >> no, it was really lovely. it was a lovely ceremony. i've heard that they give you a free tickets and a bunch of stuff, but nobody's called me up and said you get all these free tickets now. >> jimmy: you didn't get anything? >> i was do i call them? do they call me?
12:11 am
how does this work? >> jimmy: anthony anderson was legend as well? >> anthony anderso. >> jimmy: ellen pompeo. >> ellen pompeo. >> jimmy: weird. i feel like i've been working at this company for 20 years. [ cheering ] what about my little olaf over there. >> guillermo: me too. what happened to us? >> jimmy: did you say anything to them? >> i didn't -- the funny thing is i didn't research who was a disney legend before i did it. >> jimmy: oh. >> but you two absolutely deserve. >> jimmy: thank you for endorsing us. [ applause ] >> as a disney legend, i don't want to be a disney legend unless guillermo and jimmy are also. >> jimmy: thank you, josh! >> so i'll give up -- >> jimmy: that's not an endorsement, i don't know what is. you're willing to relinquish your legend status. >> unless i actually get free tickets to disneyland. >> jmmy: josh gad, "avenue five," monday night on hbo and hbo max.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27. this week on "jimmy kimmel live!" charlize theron, lewis hamilton, quentin tarantino, and the cast of "black panther: wakanda forever." plus music from armani white, edgar winter, and duran duran. that's this week on "jimmy kimmel live!."
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there.
12:23 am
ariel elias is coming up. you know our next guest from more great tv shows than i could possibly list and still complete a full interview. her latest, this one for kids, is called "slumberkins" it premieres a week from friday on apple tv+, please welcome pamela adlon. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: what have you there? >> i am roasted these acorn squash spooky seeds for you last night. >> jimmy: for real? look at that. how nice. you even hand-labeled these. >> i did. for molly, jay, jane jimmy. >> jimmy: they're not getting all of them. i'm going to smell them. they do smell nice. that's very nice. thank you. rarely do i get roasted acorn
12:24 am
seeds from any of our cast. it's very good seed. have you ever had an encounter with a ghost? >> yes, several. >> jimmy: you have? several? oh, boy. >> yeah. my friend tera years ago, before cell phones and all of that kind of stuff we had polaroids and cameras. and there was a guy who lived in her apartment. and she took a picture of me with him. and he was like had a long gray beard, and his name was ray. and we sent it to like a forensic ghost college or something like they used to have in the '80s. >> jimmy: what? >> and so we don't have the picture anymore. >> jimmy: they took it and didn't send it back? >> yeah, we sent it. >> jimmy: so you could see ray. >> no, he is there. >> jimmy: what do you mean he is there? >> he is there. ray lived in the apartment. he was there all the time. and this one day we were like hanging out, and it was tera and
12:25 am
carrie and ray was there. we didn't know ray was there. we were taking pictures. i don't know why we were taking polaroids in the bedroom. any way. >> jimmy: wait a minute. >> there was a ghost. >> jimmy: and was it white? >> you have to say spirit. don't say the g word, pooh-pooh-pooh. >> jimmy: oh, yeah you're, superstitious. why don't you want to say the g word? as if we needed another word. >> i apologize for giving you my thing, because i don't want to know your things. >> jimmy: i see. >> because i'll take it on as my thing. >> jimmy: oh. and ray, you never looked into the history? >> i don't -- ray -- we just knew ray was there. we had a picture of ray. >> jimmy: because all people named ray are trouble. >> notoriously. >> jimmy: notoriously. >> jimmy: think it through. >> it doesn't matter what country you're from, there is some version of ray. >> jimmy: yeah. by the way, your mom is here, right? >> what? >> jimmy: yeah, your mom is here.
12:26 am
>> don't point it out. >> jimmy: i spotted her while i was doing the monologue. that's pamela's mom. [ applause ] your mom, if you watched pamela's great show "better things" which you kdid five seasons and now it's over. and i highly recommend you do. it's a fantastic show. a lot of it is biographical, and there is an actor who plays your mom. this is your real mom, who does some weird things sometimes. >> mom, don't say anything. just relax. >> oh, boy. >> jimmy: can i ask, are you glad the show is over? because now these stories don't become public? or are you disappointed because you liked it? >> "better things." >> no, i love it. and my daughter has worked all of her life, basically. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so i love it. >> jimmy: you love it. >> i enjoy it. >> just proud. >> jimmy: have you ever seen a ghost? >> yes. >> jimmy: you have? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: was his name ray by any chance?
12:27 am
>> i just want to point out that my mother retired this year. she's been a volunteer at the getty for 20 years. >> jimmy: at the museum? [ applause ] >> she's wearing her flare. and she got her gold pin. she is emeritus. >> jimmy: oh, wow, you are wearing that. that's one of the greatest museums there is. >> yeah, it's pretty great. >> jimmy: and it's free. you can just walk right in there. is the getty haunted? is that museum haunted? >> who knows. >> jimmy: i thought you might. that's why i asked. >> it probably is. >> jimmy: it probably. well, there you heard it. so this show -- i'm sorry to transition. >> take the microphone away. i love you, mom. >> jimmy: "slumberkins" is a show for little kids? bigger kids? >> i think for some grown-ups now. >> jimmy: oh really? >> who need some, you know, it's a show that helps kids deal with, you know, some issues and some problems. >> jimmy: like what kind of
12:28 am
issues? >> like everything in the world right now. >> jimmy: oh. >> it's really a tool. like i remember when i started recording it, i said this is really cool. i really appreciate this, because we now, and everybody here, we all know, we have no kind of place to put the way we feel. we feel really scared and freaked out. and for kids it's like everything is gigantic. and for adults right now everything is gigantic. so if we can start now when they're kids, and some of these kids have parents who are not really sitting down with them and spending time. because they're all in this toxic -- >> jimmy: the phone. >> the phone. >> jimmy: right. >> even though "slumberkins" is a tv show, remember when we were growing up, it was oh, tv. >> jimmy: please, watch the tv.
12:29 am
tv has become books now. >> i know. it's really true. so this show is like, you know, if you get freaked out, your parents are fighting, and i play the fox mom. and jason ritter plays my husband. >> jimmy: nice. >> and we -- you know, our son comes and hey, man, why are you fighting? i mean, they don't talk like that. it's a jim henson show. hey, man. it's cool, baby. we can fight. >> jimmy: you're saying watch this -- if you are too involved with your phone, watch the show on apple tv+, which is making those phones, by the way. [ laughter ] >> i did it again. >> jimmy: you did it again, pam lap. pamela adlon, "slumberkins." november 4th on apple tv+. we'll be back with ariel elias. [ applause ]
12:30 am
i see it in my office all the time. kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. big tobacco lures them in with flavors like lemon drop and bubble gum, candy flavors that get them addicted to tobacco products, and can lead to serious health consequences, even harming their brain development.
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that's why pediatricians urge you to vote yes on prop 31. it stops the sale of dangerous flavored tobacco and helps protect kids from nicotine addiction. please vote yes on 31. vote yes on prop 31. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: all right. our next guest is making her network television debut. you can see her live at gotham comedy club in new york on saturday. please do not throw your beer.
12:32 am
say hello to ariel elias. [ cheering ] >> thank you so much. thank you so much. this is very nice. this is very embarrassing, but i realized recently i don't know how to say my own name. i don't know what to do. here's the problem. i'm jewish, which that's not a problem. it's fine that i'm jewish. bury jewish people pronounce my name one way. jewish people pronounce my name are-ee-el. but my dad is spanish and spanish people pronounce it ad-ee-el. but i grew up in kentucky and and they say it "earl." that's how i say my name. my best friend's dad, earl coming over today?
12:33 am
i gave up at one point in my childhood. i was 10 or 11 and "my name is earl" came out. and i was just like yeah, me too. i'm a deeply insecure person. try to talk about it. try to be open about it. but i have an eating disorder. i have body dysmorphia. which, if you don't know, body dysmorphia is this condition where you are a woman. so. [ applause ] some other women here. that's exciting. that's great. i just have all these toxic thoughts that never stop, you know. they never stop. it doesn't matter what's happening in my life, i still have them. i got food poisoning and the first thought i had when i got food poisoning was: "i can't wait to weigh myself!" which is so bad, right? you understand that's a really
12:34 am
terrible -- three pounds. but that's a terrible toxic thought. my husband and i, we don't have kids. i do want to have kids at some point. i do want to have kids. i'm not ready yet, but i want them. which i know is not the most popular opinion anymore. there are a lot of young people that don't want kids, which is fine. but they can be so self-righteous about it at times. have you ever asked a millennial: "do you want kids?" and they get mad at you? they're like, "no! i couldn't possibly bring a child into this world of suffering." but i'm like, i think kids should suffer. [ applause ] very jewish. i'm jewish from kentucky, which is insane. that's an insane origin story. my parents from new jersey, and
12:35 am
they moved to kentucky, which means my parents are these very progressive people who moved to kentucky and suddenly had to be very traditional about their religion. so when i was in high school, my parents sat me down and they were hey, we know you're going to start dating soon. we just want to let you to know, whatever you're into, boys, girls, anything in-between, doesn't matter to us. as long as they're jewish." as long as they're jewish? we live in kentucky! the choices are my dad or my brother. that's it. [ applause ] which in kentucky is fine. but they're just not my type. they're my blood type, but not my type. my friends when i was growing up would tell me that i was going the hell, but it always came
12:36 am
from place of love, which is very confusing. the first time i heard it i was in middle school and a group of my friends came up to me. a few -- my one friend came up to me. she was really upset about it too. she came up and she said, "earl, earl, i'm so sorry to tell you this, but we learned in sunday school that because you're a jewish, it means you're going to hell." and i was like oh, wow. you think about me on the weekends? that's so nice. thank you guys so much. i'm ariel elias. [ applause ] >> thank you for coming. >> thank you so much. >> ariel elias at gotham comedy club in new york on saturday. thank you, that was great. thanks to josh gad, pamela adlon, apologies to matt damon.
12:37 am
"nightline" is up next. thanks for watching. good night! this is "nightline." >> tonight, on trial. one courthouse, two high profile hollywood rape cases just doors apart. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein and actor danny masterson, five years after the dawn of the me too movement. >> it's time for there to be justice in los angeles. >> both men vehemently deny the charges. weinstein's attorney arguing it was consensual. >> they're telling the jury that these women all knew exactly what they were doing. >> weinstein's alleged victims in los angeles finally having their day in court. >> i want so much to see justice for these women. plus, hilary swank. >> good journalism is what somebody doesn't want you to know.


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