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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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ah, these bills are crazy. she has no idea she's sitting on a goldmine. well she doesn't
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know that if she owns a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more she can sell all or part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy. even a term policy? even a term policy! find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit be tornado roaring through france, about 90 miles north of paris, the twister damaged or destroyed dozens of buildings, flipped over vehicles and left residents without power. there was only one minor injury. severe storms also moved through southeast
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england, belgium and the netherlands. health officials are now sounding the alarm about the threat of what's being called a triple des mick. they say it has the potential to make millions of people sick. it could swamp hospitals. abc is ariel russia has the details. with winter looming, health officials are warning of a triple threat. a so called triple dimmick from flu covid and the virus. rsv people pull back no longer wear masks congregate together. then you get a surge of infections that might have been spread out over a period of time and respiratory viruses are roaring back with a vengeance, leaving hospitals increasingly strained 75% of the country's 40,000 pediatric beds are now full. texas children's in houston has more than 40. patients with rsv at least 10 in the icu. i would look for breathing fast breathing hard. if your child is using the extra muscles to help them breathe or
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they're not eating and drinking well and not making good, wet diapers. two month old adrian balco was struggling to breathe with rsv when his parents rushed him to the er. he had to be transferred to texas children's where he was put on a ventilator , but adrian is making progress. it comes as flu cases are expected to soar. the number of hospitalized flu patients climbing from around 1300 to more than 1600 in just a week and keeping in mind that triple threat doctor stressed that there are vaccines for two of these viruses, the flu and covid , and they say it is safe for children to get both. at the same time, ariel reshef abc news new york ariel thank you. well an unwelcome first for apple customers. prices are going up on apple tv, plus and apple music, the first rate hike for both services. apple tv will rise to $7 per month, apple music goes up a dollar to 11 per month for individual plans. family plans will increase to $17 per month. this is the first
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rate hike the last. i don't think i don't know that we'll see. coming up the shark attack in australia. yes a shark chomps straight through a surf ski. that's wild is coming up. but first monday night football and how so many fans are now raising the bar to become super fans. that's next. you're watching world news now.
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mom: awww, you miss him? vo: get the latest facts by visiting and speaking to your pediatrician or healthcare provider. wednesday only on nba on espn. they never one of our favorite sports news. now, starting with monday night showdown bears patriots in boxborough do england head coach bill belichick came into the game looking to move into second on the all time coaching wins list. past chicago legend george palace were having none of that they overcame a four point
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deficit, scoring the game's final 23 points. chicago wins it 33 14 pulling off the upset there. if you happen to be shivering in the stands of foxboro last night, chances are probably you did not go to the kind of extremes that so many nfl super fans are taking these days. super fans are increasingly amping up what it means to even be a super fan. when it comes to football. you've got your fans. and then you've got super fans. it's gonna get nasty baby can't wait to see you. let's wrap up that reynolds wrap. it is a tampa bay buccaneers diehard. but on game day keith goes by another name. big nasty 35 years, man. it's never gone away or the you know the like they get lazy, and i'll just say nasty, nasty himself has become a fan favorite and unofficial bucks mascot posing for pictures on his way into the stadium. i would say our two
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hour 45 minutes. you know, and when we're winning, so it's fun . it's humbling, but i'm also getting older, the country. some younger fans were born with broncos fandom right there in their names. my oldest is brexit. he just turned 11. um he's named after tyrone braxton. his name is marshall von. so he's named after brandon marshall and von miller and miley and her name is spelled m i l e i g h so if you take away the first h her name spells mile hi, danielle pursley is home is a testament to her team outside and inside, and then i've got you know the team photos random cups from the games because why not? why wouldn't you save those orange blue christmas tree that they don't take down? i just move upstairs in december in dallas. mark schanfield wears his love for the cowboys on his sleeve and on his back, hence the nickname tattoo mark back in tampa. keith is gearing up for his last season as big nasty putting on the face paint about
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an hour takes. i get wet wipes. i can get it off in 15 minutes. sometimes you forget you have it on we driving, and i'm like, what the hell are you looking at? all that paint and years of bucks losses are worth it. but it's very humbling to see you know, fans come up when they were little, and now they're adults. you know, i get a lot of that now, so and then theygot babies, so it's really neat to see that and needed. they got to see a super bowl win just a year ago. as for which team has the biggest overall fan base, according to status to that would be the cowboys, followed by the patriots and the steelers but ran and i think the new york football giants would like a word. the green bay packers would like a word. the kansas city chiefs city chief, let's give some love to some of these other super fans. we had big, nasty on there. i mentioned x factor. you mentioned fireman ed from the jets. what about captain defense. the baltimore ravens. we've got okay. big poppa pump. that's miami. i've never heard of him. i have not heard here. this one may take
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the cake. chicago bears glenn timmerman has 140 bears players autographs tattooed on his body s
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only from copper fit. time now for that's wild, starting with the red crabs on the march red crab migration season has arrived down under that right, but check out this video. millions of crabs on australia's christmas island have started to make their way to the ocean to breed and according to parks, australia, they're pretty punctual, the exact timing of their migration every year is determined. by the phase of the moon. looks like a horror story . doesn't it a little bit? yeah bit. you think you can eat those? their journey from the forest of the sea is about five miles, which can take them up to a week to complete by the way did you hear about the crab that hurt himself at the gym? he pulled the muscle. it was good.
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i like that one next to the shark attacked. also down under 19 year old nathaniel drummond was competing in a local race in south australia when a shark attacked his serfs. okay that's why i'm smiling about this. look at his surfboard, though it is not okay. that is not a whole that is a chunk that the shark bit out of his surf skate. is it time to rename that's wild to just things that happen in australia? he was knocked from the ski into the water. as nearby competitors rushed to drag him into another surf ski to safety. he escaped without a scratch that is wild next closer to home and the fierce standoff on dry land north of the border. it happened near banff national park in alberta, canada. a large bull elk crosses the street is not a joke crosses the street in front of one couple's car, but then stops short turns around it stares them down to come face to face with this dazzling, gonzales wisely told her partner do not look him in the eye.
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apparently it worked because within seconds the elk was back on his way, johnson said the elk had licked his lips and turned his head up, which are behaviors by the way, indicating the elk was alarmed. by the way it's running season for elk, so they're extra aggressive right now, just stay out of their way. they were here. 1st 1st give him some space finally, to a far less threatening and much more adorable incident, caught on camera and ontario resident caught three bears wandering through his backyard, but one of them was using the newel post on his deck stairs as a back scratcher that does look at him. look comforting getting it, isn't he it must have been some itch. the other ones are just on their way. keep going up the stairs. looks like he knew exactly where to go. i don't think this is the first time just the first time that these ontario residents caught this on camera. i could go for a back scratch like it's getting all the right spots. they're all the
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right spots there. i like this.
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