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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 3, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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to this 24-year-old this is a bills team -- during the break we watched sean mcdermott call his team over saying we are going to say a prayer for 8:59 eastern when the ambulance was on the field to take damar hamlin away. he went down at 8:55:03. the athletic crying. >> joe: lisa, they were given five minutes to "get ready to go back to playing." but nobody is moving. nobody is out there rea
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hospital in cincinnati to show support while hamlin was getting his emergency care, all realizing this is so much bigger than football that was played on the field tonight. very touching scene. they're the most recent post on hamlin's instagram
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account is him hosting his third annual toy drive. he posted that video with the children on christmas, but here's just a note of how much people are jumping in to do something here. anything at a time like this. in the time since hamlin went down tonight, social media began sharing this link to a toy drive hamlin has recently organized you can see it originally had a goal of $2500 right now, just past $3 million. amazing well, let's turn back to the other story. want to follow closely the rapidly strengthening storm on the way to the bay area just days after widespread flooding, outages and down trees, we do have full team covered to get you prepared. we do and we'll start with abc seven weather anchor spence her christian. with what we're seeing right now. in a bit of the timeline, spencer okay. dan and dee on the approaching storm will certainly have significant impacts. considering how close on the heels of our last storm it's coming. take a look at current conditions and live doppler seven. the storm that we had today and earlier this evening has fizzled. so that's gone away
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now, so as we prepare for the next storm is important. it's important to bear in mind that on the exclusive abc seven storm impact scale. this is a strong level three storm that will start coming in wednesday morning, continuing throughay mg through the day into thursday, producing long periods of heavy rain, and strong damaging winds will accompany it as well. midnight, you will see the storm slamming on shore early. wednesday morning, no doubt the commute will be a mess, as will a surge of storms moving in. rainfall totals ranging from two inches of rain to nearly four inches of rain in many locations. the major storm concerns for flooding on roads, stream and creek flooding, landslides, power outages, trees down, and river flooding. a closer look in a few minutes. >>ay sll sinches water.
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that will not go away. this is what we saw near the ravenswood open space. tonight, tim johns joins us live in san mateo county, assessing the damage firsthand. tell us how people are preparing for this round two? >> folks are not really excited. i am standing near the san francisco creek. i will show you this pile of debris that is beside me. all of this was taken out of the creek earlier today in anticipation of wednesday's storm. the public works department says stuff like this might be a big problem in the coming days. >> as the cleanup from one storm continues, preparation for another on wednesday is already underway in cities across the peninsula. this is the director of the east palo alto public works department. he says the city has been in communication with local
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partners all day. >> we have all of our maintenance crews on call. we have cleared up some of the localized areas or hotspots. >> one of those is the san francisquito creek. we are trying to work with some of our partners to get the debris cleared out of the creek so it does not hinder the storm and the flow as the new storm kicks in. >> it is not just to the agencies gearing up. fire marshal john johnson says individuals should also be taking precautions. >> you are fully stocked up prepared at home for, any power outages that may occur, with any trees falling. >> johnson says staying off the roads is also a good idea. during last weekend's storm, several people got stranded in south san francisco after trying to get through a closed down portion of the freeway. >> that is where most of our, whether it was injuries or collisions, were occurring
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standing water that people were trying to drive through. >> that is why he says staying home is the safest place to be when the new storm arrives. >> play board games with the family, keep an eye on the news, but stay prepared at home so we are able to respond to the proper emergencies. >> and the city of east palo alto will be hosting a sandbag distribution tomorrow. folks who want to get free sandbags can get them in one of three locations. abc 7 news. >> a portion of marsh creek road is closed after a mudslide happened in brentwood. marsh creek will be closed between morgan territory and round valley as crews worked to clear the area. people are advised to use alternate routes. residents will be permitted to pass through the area, though it is unclear when marsh creek will reopen. >> some businesses and homes are
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still cleaning up after the staggering flooding from the weekend, only to be put right back in danger in the next couple days. j.r. stone got a look at the urging cleanups tonight as the rain came down. >> this to vacuum out a san francisco storm drain, or what is known as a catch basin that drainliterald sucking up trash and leaves and debris. >> good news because the area where these crews are busy at work is the same area that flooded last saturday. the water has since receded, but it has been on and off since then, and another major storm is expected to hit wednesday. >> it gets clogged with so much trash, especially in the mission because it is not very clean. i wish it was, it is such a
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beautiful place, but people do not keep it that clean. >> san francisco is not a flat city, so typically our low-lying neighborhoods need additional mechanisms that we do deploy. >> these sandbags are in place on foursome street -- on folsom street. it is a good thing because the rain is coming down. these sandbags were not in place last saturday when the rain came on and came on strong. the workers inside this building were busy cleaning monday night. they tell us floodwaters ported to this location last weekend. they are hoping they can get the building cleaned out and sandbags set in pace as soon as possible -- set in place as soon as possible. others braved the elements when they come are running to where they had to go and using umbrellas. they used jackets and scooters as they transported essentials, like propane, before the storm. >> we are just in a rv, so we will head uphill. >> i am not really prepared for
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the rain because it never rains here. until now, of course. >> and a wet san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> in oakland, raining flooding forced residents to evacuate their apartment complex. flooding in the coliseum connections apartment damaged nearly 20 cars. residents have never been put up in a hotel near the oakland airport -- have now been put up in an airport near the oakland airport. >> i am angry. i have two cars that are gone now. i have no transportation. i am out of my house. i work from home. >> in a letter sent to tloodin pg&e cut power to the building and it will take days to pump water out of that garage. >> fortunately for many people, much of the losses because of the flooding will be covered by insurance.
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michael finney has a look at what damage will be covered by insurance and what damage won't be. >> let's start with your homeowners. most policies cover wind damage to your home, and that includes a tree that falls. with water, it gets tricky, but here's the basic rule. if water falls, it is covered. if water rises, it is not, unless you have flood insurance. so if your basement floods, your homeowners policy probably will not pay. if your roof is damaged and rain gets in, you are most likely covered. mold damage gets very complicated. check your policy. flooded cars are covered, but only if the owner carries competence of coverage. it is the same with a falling tree. ifomte'mo likely most newer cars have comprehensive coverage because finance companies require it for an auto loan. i am michael finney, 7 on your side. >> a dramatic rescue after
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eight haslett plunges down a cliffside on highway 1 -- after a tesla plunges down a cliffside on highway 1. drivers stranded as the new storm danger moves in. we will have that story, and the sierra set to get a piece of that storm. we have spotted some snowflakes in the bay area. >> the abc 7 storm impact scale. >> it will be a 2. >> one to five, light to severe. know exactly however storm will impact you. be prepared with ♪ ♪ enough was enough. i talked to an asthma specialist
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save big when you bundle hulu and disney+ >> our new year's resolution is to help make you better than ever. this week, it is all about you. save better, live better than ever before. what could be better than that? all this week on gma. >> get ready for more rain and snow this week. here is a look at live doppler 7 after a full day of showers. the rain has largely cleared for now, but that next big storm is on the way. spencer will have the forecast in a few minutes. >> a dramatic rescue off the cliff of devils slide in san mateo county this morning. a tesla fell over 200 feet off a cliff after veering off highway 1. four people, including two children, were inside the vehicle. at first, we were told the children suffered moderate injuries, but now they are saying they are unharmed. the adults have non-life-threatening injuries.ts
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the distance between highway 1 to the bottom of the cliff leading into the ocean, 250 feet. it took over 30 rescuers from multiple agencies to save the victims from this crash. the victims were lifted by helicopters from the accident. >> we come out unfortunately, all too often for things like this. this was nothing short of a miracle that they survived. >> no doubt. the cause of the crash is still unknown at this time. >> the sacramento area is also drying out from disastrous flooding. major highways sat covered by water. rescuers have been busy plucking stranded drivers out of cars that could not make it to their destinations. here is the fortunate ending to a dramatic situation this morning in south sacramento county. crews made it to a woman stuck in a partially submerged vehicle. by the time she made it to dry land, she had a clear message
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for her rescuers and other drivers. >> thank you very much. if it wasn't for you guys, we would be in a lot of trouble. don't do nothing stupid like i did. >> nearly six years to the day, another driver had to be rescued near that very same spot. >> the sierra snow lab is predicting two to four more feet of snow to hit the area in the coming days. takinga live look from lake tahoe , pretty white out there. plenty of snow on the ground as well. video from the weekend shows neighborhoods covered in fresh blankets of snow. how fun is that? forecasters with the uc berkeley sierra snow lab say storms like this need to happen to combat drought conditions, but they won't know exactly the full effect until later in the spring. >> if we get to that point, still above normal, getting these major storms, then it is time to talk about long-term resolution of the drought and may coming out of it a little bit. but until then, we are just going to be really excited we are getting big storms. >> the experts say snow fell in
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the sierra in a concentrated time period over the weekend. the area got 34 inches in 12 hours. >> snow is falling in lower is how things looked on highway 29 above calistoga in napa county. some vehicles had to be towed after getting stuck in the snow, and it took a number of plows to save other cars from sliding into trouble. so it begins again. >> at this point, i am running out of ways to toss to the weather. >> but spencer is here with a strong storm coming in. >> and i am running out of ways to describe this crazy weather we are having. what was today's storm has ended, but here is doppler seven just to show you what is left. there is moisture in the atmosphere but no rain. the wind is brisk. we have a few gusty places. san jose, napa with gusts over 20 miles per hour. we are taking the view over san francisco where it is 40. . -- where it is 47.
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from the emeryville camera, westward across the bay, it is 43 in santa rosa, 41 in fairfield. mid 40's in napa, concorde, livermore. looking from the rooftop camera, f. forecast futures. we may see some lights wrinkles. mostly cloudy and dry with a strong storm, stronger than the weekend storms. that is our concern right now. overnight, we will see clouds lingering. it is a cloudy day tomorrow and a cloudy start to the morning commute. although we do not expect significant rainfall overnight, the pavement could be wet. overnight lows will be generally in the low to mid 40's, and highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 50's. let's talk about the approaching storm. on the storm impact scale storm is a level 3, a strong storm that will produce heavy periods of rain, heavy mudslide threat. here is the forecast animation
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starting at midnight tomorrow night. this is how suddenly the storm surges on shore during the early morning commute, with heavy drenching rain. a break midday, but not for long as another surge of storminess moves on shore. both morning and evening commutes on wednesday will be messy. thursday, the storm continues with waves of rain and downpours coming our way. we estimate the rainfall totals at the end of this will range from nearly 2.5 in san francisco and all around the bay, to about 4 inches. flooding on roadways, stream and creek flooding, mudslides, landslides, power outages, trees wn vy probability of those things happen. notice both wednesday and thursday, we are rating the storm a level 3. the storm will not be so intense in terms of its energy on thursday, but its impact will be
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>> the warriors recognized a san francisco woman as an impact warrior for her work in the api community. she was presented with a custom jersey and plaque during halftime for the warriors asian heritage night. you may remember, her father was brutally kicked to the ground and killed in their neighborhood almost two years ago. she has since used her voice to lobby for change in the way hate crimes are categorized, and turn the 84-year-olds death into the part of the stop api hate movement
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his agent tweeting, please continue to pray for damar and his family. as awkward as it is, the sports world goes on, and the warriors had an incredible double-overtime win with atlanta. david shah at chase center. warriors up 21 but could not hold on. trae young with 30. the hawks led by nine in the fourth. the warriors banged up, but here they come. klay thompson going nuclear. the warriorsn e. three seconds left, down three. jordan poole's shot, d vincenzo at the buzzer, his first three . klay thompson still on fire. 54 points, most he has scored since coming back from his injury. he is running out on the court celebrating. under a minute to go, out to draymond green for three and he is hitting. the warriors led by as many as
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[laughter] i want to get in this thing! we are tied at 141-141. kla,y, no. kevon looney at the buzzer! though it warriors in double ot, 143-141. number two stanford hosting arizona. 12 points and six rebounds, going strong to the cup. haley jones had 18 and 16 boards. the cardinals roll. two lane and usc. no way the mighty trojans could lose to the green wave? tulane is down six. they get the ball back with 12 seconds left. alex baldwin, ruled incomplete.. extra point good and tulane shocks usc. shocks usc. sports on could be a sign that your digestive system
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approaching storm this week, we are committed to getting you every piece of information you might need to be prepared. we are giving you constant alerts like this one through the abc 7 news app. it has live doppler 7 running 24-7, and hour-by-hour forecasts from our meteorologists right down to your neighborhood. download the app and be sure to enable push notifications. >> remember, you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc seven bay area connected tv app. it is available for ap apple tv, roku tb, amazon fire tv, and google tv. that is all the time we have for this edition of abc7news at 11:00. >> fir we appreciate your time. stay tuned for jimmy kimmel. aood gh
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part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy. even a term policy? even a term policy! find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit tonight. 87 central on abc. mourners are turning out in droves to pay final respects to former pope benedict. here's a live look at st peter's basilica where he's been lying in state since yesterday. benedict died saturday at age 95 nearly 10 years after he shocked the world by announcing his retirement. a bcs terry moran has more from the vatican. the b


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