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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 4, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better area,
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> we have the potential for garo fourth -- gale force winds. >> stay off the roads. >> this storm promising to pack a punch. >> level five severe storm. >> still howling in the pacific, this five is set to slam into the bay area tomorrow. >> we are sick -- expecting severe impacts from the storm. we want you to be prepared for what's coming our way. dan: the bay area is bracing for powerful wind, flooding, and the potential for mudslides. >> san mateo county has declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. >> are crews ready in your area. we will keep you up-to-date from morning till midnight, keeping your family and your community informed in the days ahead.
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dan: good evening. thank you for joining us. ama: the focus is keeping you ready for what we could see. dan: the full team standing by live tonight. let's go first to spencer christian for the current position and tracking of the storm. spencer: here's a look at our satellite radar image. that storm just offshore is going to hit us into stages. it's coming out from the southwest, bringing in mild air and lots of humidity. we are not showing any activity but the storm will be rolling in over the next few hours. as we've said, the storm is a level five, the first five we've ever had. expect heavy rain, damaging wind, high flood threat, mudslides, rock slides, downed trees all expected. the first wave of the storm will surge on shore around 4:00 a.m.
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during the overnight hours, just before the morning commute begins. it will last five or six hours with heavy downpours, gusty wind. a bit of a break until early afternoon. the second wave sweeps and. that will be even stronger, bringing widespread areas of heavy downpours, continuous downpours, wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. that will give way to more trailing waves of rain on thursday. rainfall estimates anywhere from an inch and a half in san francisco to nearly two inches right around the bay shoreline. over 2.5 inches and many north bay locations. flood watch in effect from tonight through thursday afternoon. high wind warning in effect for the entire bay area during this time with wind gusts between 50 and 60 miles per hour. these are major concerns. flooding on roads, stream and creek flooding, mudslides, rock
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slides, landslides, power outages, downed trees, high probability of all of those and concerns about river flooding. the 45 cast -- full forecast a little bit lately or. dan: many people have been spending the day getting ready as best they can. let's go out to tim johns, live in daly city to show you what people have been doing there. reporter: this home depot behind me has been packed all night long with people coming in and out, trying to buy different supplies. a lot of folks are not just preparing for tomorrow, they are still cleaning up from the one that just happened last weekend. for this fitness been anything but a good year. >> we were standing here, the whole wall exploded with water. reporter: the co-owner says the storm pummeled the bay area and a pipe burst in one of the walls.
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he believes it was overwhelmed thanks to a flooded parking lot that lies on the hill above the property. over the past few days, he's been cleaning up the mess and building a temporary pump, a necessary precaution to avoid a repeat during wednesday's atmospheric river. >> we make 20% of our revenue in the first two months of the year. to have that completely destroyed is a really kick -- is really a kick in the teeth. reporter: around the bay area tuesday, people spent the day preparing. getting sandbags and buying supplies on the peninsula. >> trader joe's, the shelves were empty. i didn't get what i wanted but i got emergency stuff. reporter: many are hoping for the best. >> i was doing all kinds of shopping for the last one. reporter: while still preparing for the worst. >> i'm looking forward to tomorrow to see if the solution that we've done so far actually works. i can tell you right now, i will
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not be sleeping well tonight knowing what's coming. reporter: a flood advisory is in effect for all bay area counties. if you can stay home tomorrow, officials are advising you to do just that. abc7news. ama: the potential for what this storm could bring is not lost on those in the bay area who've already experienced the worst of these disasters. j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight, joining us live ada sand packing station in the east bay. reporter: tonight, the not yet falling. we haven't yet felt those strong wind gusts that are expected tomorrow. but all of the folks that i spoke with earlier today know what's expected. it's one of the reasons why locations like this, sand locations in emeryville have been so busy all day long. >> i heard a banging on my bedroom window and i looked
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outside and there were men in uniforms. they said, get out now. you have five minutes. reporter: the moments nearly four years ago when this massive mudslide took her neighbor and the home she was in down the hill. that neighbor was ok. others were ok. the hill was fixed. no house was ever rebuilt in this area. with more rain on the way, thomas says she's thinking about what happened. even after a surveyor told her, her home is on rock and in good shape. >> he said, you would never get it right here. but that's just a little bit of confidence that it gives me. i may leave town for tomorrow. tonight, i'm staying here. reporter: in san pablo, similar concerns. a mudslide in 2011 forced homes to be red tagged and yellow tagged. years later, the problem was fixed. dylan ash street who lives in
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the neighborhood and has seen gradual shifting of power poles and cracks in the street says there has been no storm to test that fix. >> the neighbors that stayed, is it still safe? are they going to wake up one morning that whoops, it didn't work. we don't know. reporter: the biggest concern is with his motorcycle. he uses it to commute to work at ucsf benioff children's hospital. wind and rain could make that commute dangerous. >> everyone has asked, are you going to be ok on your motorcycle? i'm really scared about later on this week. i'm off tomorrow fortunately but i work thursday and friday and i don't know what this is going to look like and how that's going to affect me. reporter: dylan says his backup plan is to use part. with heavy wind expected and heavy rain expected, it's possible we could see bart delays going forward. as for the sand, there's quite a
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bit of it here in emeryville. if you are still looking for sandbags or to fill them, you can come out here. but bring your sandbags because they don't have any extras. as long as you have the bags, the sand is out here near the public market in emeryville. j.r. stone, abc7news. dan: thank you. the city of san jose has announced a local state of emergency. the new mayor who just took office will give more information at a 10:00 news conference. there are already evacuation orders with these flooding and mudslide concerns. we will show you exactly where we are talking about. this order involves the northern -- northern part of santa cruz county along white house canyon road and daffodil lane. san jose police are also safely evacuating groups of on house residents along local creeks in town because of flooding concerns. more damage was done overnight in the santa cruz mountains.
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felton road was closed after a rockslide blocked the lanes. santa cruz county has issued a local state of emergency due to more dangerous flooding and mudslide potential. ama: sandbags were at a premium all tape. in oakland, cruise gave out free sandbags this morning. others might not have been so lucky with multiple towns running out. san francisco is preparing to have more tomorrow morning. we've been putting running updates with all this information on the front page of our website. from sandbag locations to traffic notices, it's at dan: san francisco officials say they are ready for the storm but are warning folks that the amount and intensity of the rain may be too much for crews to handle. that's why city agencies are suggesting people please limit their 91 one calls only for life-threatening emergencies. >> if your emergency involves life safety, imminent threat to
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life, major threat to property, call 911. anything else, please help us help you by calling 311. dan: san francisco emergency operation center will be functioning in shifts of 12 hours beginning tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning through 4:00 on thursday. ama: we are committed to getting you every piece of information you need to be prepared. we are giving you constant alerts just like this one through the abc7news app. live doppler 7 running 24/7 and our by our forecasts right down to your neighborhood. download now and be sure to enable push notifications for alerts throughout the day. dan: tune in on-air and online tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 for the very latest weather conditions and the road conditions near you. our morning team will be tracking the storm including the forecast, any possible damage that we are seeing so far,
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ama: this is the first time since we launched the storm impact scale seven years ago that we've predicted a five. we want to get back to spencer to dan: fill lesson. dan:what are you seeing outside now? spencer: pretty calm out there. that storm is very close. it's going to be in about the next four to five hours. at the moment, it is so quiet and calm here. the initial burst from that storm is going to come from our southwest. is bringing mild air in already but the wind is quite calm across the entire region at this moment. it won't stay that way very long though. san francisco, 49 degrees. 50 in san jose. mid 40's in palo alto, santa clara, and half moon bay. east bay hills camera looking across the calm bay waters right
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now. 49 at n nal from ouross ietemadero. the storm's first wave will arrive overnight, just before the morning commute gets underway. strong damaging wind will accompany the storm tomorrow. the storm eases on thursday but that will be followed by days of rain. let's talk about this level five storm. severe storm. expect heavy rain, damaging wind, mudslides, rock slides, trees blown down. notice, not much happening until 4:00 when the first wave surges on shore, just before the morning commute gets underway. we will have lots of action. heavy downpours, gusting wind. a quiet time for a couple hours or so. in the early afternoon, the second wave will surge on shore.
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it will be a cold front so it will push out some of that warmer air that's in front of it. it will produce every downpours, gusting winds at times. that will be followed overnight and through thursday by more waves of rain. we've got two days of storm activity coming our way. rainfall totals anywhere from two inches in san francisco to over 2.5 inches in parts of the north bay. flood watch in effect from late tonight through thursday afternoon. high wind warning for the entire bay area. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra from 7:00 to 4:00 friday. 12 feet -- one to three feet of snow. tomorrow storm is a level five. the first one we've had on the exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale. it weakens just a bit on thursday. still a level three which is a strong storm. for two days, we get very significant impacts from this storm.
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all the way into next week, we expect some rain. occasionally light rain but occasionally steady rain. on top of the saturated soil, the following days could produce lots of problems around the bay area. be prepared. dan: thanks. on the subject of being prepared, during the storm who are being urged to stay home if you can. officials are predicting dangerous conditions out on the road. if you must, the h some advice on staying safe. here are the things that you can do to try to be up-to-date if you can. try to clean out your yard in the morning if you have any time . clean out storm drains and areas around your house. close your blinds and the curtains. dan: sorry about that. it's also a good idea to locate your gas service shut off valve and electrical panel so you know
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where to go if there's an emergency. unplug your electronics in case of power surges. ama: as you heard, people are being urged to stay home. widespread flooding, downed trees, it will be quite the day. we are going to stay on it through the entire day and keep you updated. if you have to go out, the chp has advice on staying safe. >> one of our best tips that we get throughout the year, especially during the storms, is reducing your distractions. phone, gps, anything else. have as much set up as you can before you start driving, especially in conditions where things can change rapidly. you need 100% of your focus on the road. ama: it's extremely important to slow down. the chp says speeding is the number one cause of crashes during storms. never drive through standing water. you have no idea how deep it is.
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places could be compromised. it doesn't take much to get your car stuck. you can get the latest forecast and weather updates any time on the abc7news reaming out. -- streaming app. we will be right back. i think we're on to something big here.
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right now while you watch us here, upon looking north, this storm is expected to dump 14 inches of snow in the area. that's on top of the already three feet of snow they got this weekend. there are no snow chains needed on either 50 or 80 but that's going to change by tomorrow morning when the snow comes in. winter storm warning will go into effect at 7:00 a.m. ama: a big question, how much have the storms impacted our states drought and water supply? the first snowpack survey was held today. officials say it's at 177% of normal. we are off to one of the snowiest starts in 40 years. but the recent storm still isn't enough to end drought conditions. >> no single storm event will end the drought. we need consecutive storms month after month after month.
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i recommend pronamel repair to my patients. larry: a candlelight vigil for the buffalo safety after a collapse on the field shop the world. his heart stopped. the game was postponed. his uncle says his nephew originally was receiving 100% of his oxygen from machines and that has been reduced to 50%. you can understand why players were shaken when you hear exactly what was going on. >> his heart went out. they had to resuscitate him. they resuscitated him on the
1:35 am
field before they brought him to the hospital and then a second time when he got to the hospital. i just want to show my gratitude for the medical staff that were on hand. if not for them, my nephew wouldn't be here. larry: warriors will be shorthanded tomorrow night when they host detroit. winning streak to six in a row. 54 points against atlanta, the most he's had since coming back from devastating injuries. both brothers were loving this. clay truly like last night. >> 54 points is nothing to slouch at even in a double overtime win. there were hard days for me when i didn't know this would be possible and t it in real time. i'm going to embrace the heck out of it. larry: san jose state and boise state. the dunk of the year for the
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tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 for the latest weather and road conditions near you. our morning team will be tracking the storm including the forecast and any possible damage. that's tomorrow morning starting an hour earlier than usual. thank you so much for watching. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time. right now, seth rogen. ama: good night. stay safe. tonight, the threat for severe storms will shift from north florida into the carolinas. stay safe out there back to you, andrew and andrea. kevin thank you and andrea. it's happened again, and that means it's time for everyone to go or stay at work. he's saying that because there was no winner of the mega millions jackpot again last night. the good news is that means friday's drawing will be worth at least $940 million. even better news is that we all still have a chance. if someone
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wins that jackpot, it would be the fourth largest prize in mega millions history. and, if not jackpots, value would definitely cross. over a billion dollars. i don't know it's close enough 940 million very close. we can round up. we'll call it. i'm calling it a billion right now. the last time someone won the mega millions was back in october, and it was split between two people. someone in california and someone in florida. that's exactly right numbers. you know what? i don't mind splitting with three people. get too greedy here. all right. good luck. everybody coming up. why the stars of the movie from 1968 are now suing over it, plus the cruise ships that came to the rescue of two boatloads of migrants about 30 miles off the coast of cuba and the olive branch that southwest airlines is now holding out to passengers stranded over the holidays will tell you about it. you're wa
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