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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 7, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> but i hope one thing is , i never give up. >> hill. california congressman kevin mccarthy wins the speakership on the 15th vote. how he managed to speaker's gavel. it is saturday, january 7. i am liz kreutz. thanks for joining lisa argen and i. we are going to talk about the storm. it does seem like the storm has passed. lisa: we are just getting into it.
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the heaviest rain is going to happen later today into tonight. as we get going, you can see what is offshore. this is a level two system. as we go into the far north bay, east of st. helena, light rain. south into american canyon, light sprinkles into the east bay. marine county, san francisco, daly city, not much going on. sprinkles around 580. this storm intensifies throughout the day. moderate rain, downpours, wind advisory. we are under a flood watch today, tomorrow, tuesday as the ground is saturated. we have a wind advisory through 1:00 sunday. wins are gusty out there. upper elevations up to 47 miles per hour. here is the plan.
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look at the rain as it increases. that is nothing compared to what we will see later on tonight. it is in the 50's. we will plot the rain for you. we have several systems to talk about. liz: thank you. we will have more on the next system expected this weekend in a moment. we want to get back to that historic vote out of washington, d.c. after four days and 15 votes, kevin mccarthy has won the speakership of the house of representatives. as alexis reports, the california representative's win last night did not come without drama. >> after four days of voting, a new speaker of the house has been chosen. >> the honorable kevin mccarthy of the state of california, having received a majority of the votes cast, is elected speaker of the house of
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representatives. reporter: republican kevin mccarthy securing the gavel after more than a dozen defeats this week. >> that was easy, huh? in america, dreams can still come true. reporter: that was after tensions appearing to rise on the house floor after mccarthy lost the 14th round of voting. >> my friends, this chamber is now fully open for all americans. reporter: the congressman from california picking up support from fellow republicans friday. prompting cheers on the house floor during the longest vote to elect a house speaker since before the civil war. mccarthy received 216 votes over hakeem jeffries' 212. >> the d in democrat stands for deliver.
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over the next two years, as we begin this 118th congress us continue to fight. reporter: 20 republicans had been holding firm against mccarthy. that changed after a series of negotiations and concessions. now that this battle for the speaker is over, the members can be sworn in and move on to their legislative duties. liz: area is under a flood watch. the national weather service issued the watch through tuesday. it is in response to the next system expected to pass through this weekend. we are expecting the worst on monday. the risk of widespread flooding, mudslides, and rapid rises to rivers and creeks. people should expect gusty winds , downed trees, power outages. as we anticipate more rain,
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people are still cleaning up. check out this video of the damage done to capitola. the damage is some of the worst we have seen from this week's storm. we are seeing this kind of damage up and down the coast. from the dramatic pictures in capitola, and if you go down the road to act this, it is more of the same. amanda delk is dealio talks to the -- amanda del castillo talks to the people down there. reporter: people devastated in this week's storm. the beach is still littered with debris. plenty of work ahead. >> you worry there is a free shot at what is left. reporter: an early estimate put the widespread damage between $10 million and $15 million. by friday evening, officials say
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they anticipate that number to double. capitola ravaged. part of the sea cliff. -- cliff pier damaged. >> we used to walk out to the end of it and look at the pelicans out on the ship. now we cannot get near them. reporter: across the county, 21 roads remain closed. residents say they are happy to have power restored. on friday, sharing their shop at the aftermath. >> this is amazing how bad it looks. >> it is crazy. i don't know if there is any way to prepare. >> the waves were at least 30 feet high. the tide is the furthest i have ever seen it out. reporter: residents question how much more rain the area can take and how long it will take to rebuild. >> i cannot predict that.
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we don't know what is going to happen after sunday/ we should be prepared for a tough winter. reporter: the county reminding there is widespread storm damage and plenty of people struggling in the aftermath, a concerned with days of rain still ahead. liz: in collapsed flood control wall in san leandro has residents fearful. it collapsed behind multiple homes. alameda county public works agency created a barrier with tarps and sandbags in the area. residents are concerned. >> it is a fear factor for many of us here of this so-called atmospheric river. liz: the san leandro mayor says he will meet with alamsupeis tas
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repairs. residents may be eligible to file a claim if they have been affected by the incident. let's take a look from a camera overlooking zephyr cove over lake tahoe. it is quiet this morning. the city of south lake tahoe is warning people to be prepared for flooding. the concern is this could be a warm storm. complaints of the air smelling like sulfur. the martinez refinery company says the heavy rainfall overwhelmed storm water retention ponds. it has released over 6 million gallons of storm and wastewater to a marsh. contra costa health services says it will continue to monitor the air. let's get a check outside. lisa: the rain has been light. you may need your wipers. the winds are picking up. the storm is going to pick up
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throughout the day today. level two system throughout the weekend. the bigger system arrives monday. stay tuned. my forecast is next. liz: new promise for a alzheimer's drug. how that drug will slow the disease. the race against the rain. roofing companies are struggling to keep up with calls related to the latest storm. who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done. we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're on it with jardiance. join the growing number of people who are on it with the once-daily pill, jardiance. jardiance not only lowers a1c, it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. and jardiance may help you lose some weight. jardiance may cause serious side effects including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration, (that can lead to sudden worsening of kidney function), and genital yeast or urinary tract infections.
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life's more fun when you join forces. ready for an adventure? eee! hulu and disney+ better together in a brand-new bundle. all for just 9.99 a month. aren't we a fine pair? hehe. save big when you bundle hulu and disney+ liz: here is a live look over the san francisco skyline. we will check in with lisette in a moment. today, a historic after gaining more votes from her boss sheriff carlos alano's. she says she is honored to be san mateo county sheriff elect, the first female elected sheriff and san mateo county.
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the fda is giving the green light to a promising new alzheimer's drug. an 18 month clinical trial showed the drug slowed the rate of cognitive decline by 27%, considered a major breakthrough. >> there is no reversal of disease. this is not a cure. i will prescribe this drug and the right person at the right dose. liz: the treatment involve infusion every two weeks. experts says the drug seems to reduce the amount of plats in the brain. it does carry the risk of brain swelling and bleeding. the treatment is expected to cost $26,000 per patient per year. for the first time in his presidency, joe biden has awarded at least a dozen people with the presidential citizens metal, on the same day he marked
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the two-year anniversary of the january 6 insurrection. those metals went to those who worked to protect our democracy. they were given to election workers and police officers. one of the awards went out to a capitol police officer who died following the attack. criticism for the weightless city responded to last weekend's storm. the mayor was out of town and posted pictures from las vegas where she went to a new year's eve party. is the criticism fair? it is what we asked phil matier. >> in politics, optics is a good part of the game. perception often is the leading thing. what we have is pictures of mayor london breed partying on new year's night after the flood. with the photos do not show is just before going to the party, she went to the police lineup
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south of market area to encourage the cops and say she will be available. that was not photograph. liz: if everything went smoothly last weekend, the trip would not have been an issue. the state department of water resources is asking people to stay away from the arroyo valley area in alameda county. it began flood releases and continue to do so until this afternoon. people are being asked to stay away from arroyos and adjacent trails throughout the weekend. releases will cause temporarily high water levels. the rain has helped with the drought. the latest drought map puts things into perspective. there is no longer any part of california in the worst stage of drought. you can see it indicated by that dark red color in the map from last week. the map on the right is from last year.
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it shows a big difference in the drought. the question remains, what will it take for the drought to and? -- to end? we still have a long way to go. reporter: heavy rainfall hammering the bay area, filling streets, pushing areas to the brink. reservoir levels on the rise. >> this is helping in getti local water supply into our reservoirs. reporter: matt keller is the spokesperson for valley water. he says recent storms are providing relief. >> this has been great for our reservoirs. they have been getting a lot of water. reporter: he explains it is not just about local reservoirs. >> the more water we can store locally, the less we have to bring in from outside the county. as far as the water supply goes, it is just part of what it is. reporter: he is cautiously optimistic about what this wet weather is bringing beyond the
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bay area. >> we are seeing the outstanding snowpack for january and those reservoirs in shasta and oral going up. -- orville >> >> going up. we must continue to remain vigilant and conserve water. >> california's department of water resources warning. >> we will need consecutive storms month after month of above average rain, snow, and runoff to help refill our reservoirs. reporter: in the bay area, keller agrees. >> while we are seeing gains, we have a long way to go to make up for what we have lost. reporter: tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: ahead of another storm, the california governor's office of emergency services will provide resources to bay area counties. those include swift water rescue
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teams and a helicopter. this as people are still trying to recover from this week's storms. the south bay may not have gotten as much rain as other places in the bay area. that does not mean recent rain and wind have not taken their toll. dustin dorsey it shows us. >> the skies may be blue overhead, but that does not mean we are done with the storm. the cleanup work is just beginning, especially for roofing companies in the southbay. >> the roofing business is interesting because every time it rains, you don't sleep well. reporter: randy brown says what has been keeping him up at night are the more than 150 calls for service and repairs over the last few days. one of those calls coming from benson lee's house. >> it has been nuts. i was afraid it was going to
5:18 am
flood. it was new year's eve this happened. i was walking to the bedroom and felt a drip. reporter: for him it was just minimal damage. crews are trying to service auso they can provide temporary fixes until a permanent cleanup can be made. >> underneath that section so any water that comes down the valley will be refreshed. reporter: picking up the pieces. >> i have been here since 1994. reporter: this is probably one of the worst. >> one of them. reporter: it is not just residential issues. alliance roofing has been dealing with damage at commercial buildings. since thanksgiving, more than 400 calls for service. it is not just the rain causing the issue. >> a little bit of rain with not much wind, you will get away with it. when it has been blowing, you
5:19 am
will end up with leaks. reporter: storms are expected to stick around through next week. roofing companies will remain busy. >> just try to hang on until the weather can improve and we can get out and service these customers. reporter: dustin dorsey, abc 7. liz: let's get a check of the forecast for the days to come. monday is the day you are watching. lisa: we have multiple rounds of rain, starting in the north bay. that will continue to spread through the bay area. the strongest atmospheric river will be monday. we have heavy rain that is going to be headed our way tonight. then we get a lull in th activity sunday. take a look at what is offshore. we have rain across the north bay. it is light. not everyone is seeing the rain. you can see house spot the rain showers are.
5:20 am
this is a like things are not that big of a deal. it is going to increase. rain and wind spreading south today. wins from eight to 17 miles per hour. you can see mount diablo at 33 miles per hour. breezy, getting dusty later. 55 in san jose. there is a look at the winds. stopping this at noon, 20 to 40 miles per hour at the coast. as we get close to 6:00, getting stronger. that wind advisory through 1:00 p.m. sunday. 11:00 p.m. tonight, 30 to 50 mile-per-hour winds. as we go through the hours, the main activity in the north bay. this is 10:30. throughout the afternoon, not a
5:21 am
lot in the east bay and southbay. stopping this in the afternoon where things begin to pick up in the santa cruz mountains. 8:30, yellow, red, heavy rain. about one third of an inch per hour. it continues through midnight across the bay area. we are picking up several inches of rain. sunday, a good day to get out and cleanup before sunday night arrives. we are looking at heavy rain and gusty winds. here is a look at saturday and sunday rainfall totals. from an inch to 2.33 inches. that comes today, tonight. we are watching the flood stage, 32 feet at grenville. by sunday night, it should reach that. 36 inches, it is supposed to crest. here is the winter storm
5:22 am
warning. five to six inches locally, maybe a foot for the ski resorts. this is what we get into monday and tuesday, even stronger systems. we are adding one to two inches today. t bringing two to five or seven inches over the bay area. highs today with the rain in the upper 50's. the winds increasing in the act -- accuweather 7-day forecast. level 3 monday. level two tuesday. you can expect rock slides, mudslides. beyond that, it is rainy. liz: we have strong winds. lisa: the wind will be 20 to miles per hour with gusts over 40. liz: you can always track the rain on our streaming at any
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>> with so many bay area residents experiencing power outages, many of you will be able to relate to this. a santa rosa couple endured five days without heat. the couple relies on propane gas to heat their home. when that ran out, they had to get creative. they turned to michael finney for help. >> how cold hasn't been in the north bay? this cold. >> that is cornell barnard reporting on a recent cold snap
5:26 am
in the north bay. they endured not only the cold, but the loss of heat. their primary temperatures in the 30's failed them. the couple relies on propane deliveries. their delivery never arrived even after informing the company their tank was empty. >> the only excuse we got was a lack of drivers. >> the lack of gas meant surviving on take-out food or cooking on the barbecue. it meant cold showers. fortunately, they still had their electric space heater. >> it was freezing, but i did not lose any pipes. i did have to buy a new electric blanket for my wife. >> donald cap things in perspective. he knew things could be much worse. >> it made me feel very much for
5:27 am
the people in ukraine that have nothing going on. >> after five straight days without gas, he decided to call 7 on your side. we contacted amerigas. it told us this area was hit hard by driver shortages, made worse by covid and flu season. we have taken immediate action to reallocate drivers. donald has heat again. that said, that will not stop him from cozying up with his wife. liz: he told michael finney they apologized to donald and made the delivery the same day. still to come, bracing for a rise in the russian river. what north bay communities are doing to prepare. we learn more about the killings of four university of idaho students.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: -- >> we are preparing our staffing plans for the weekend and the week ahead because we are expecting more rain. last week, this week, and next week we are going to have extra crews. liz: ready for more rain as the bay area is cleaning up from the last storm. communities are preparing for the next system. lisa argen is checking your weekend forecast. lisa: we will have a few lulls. this is kind of one now for parts of the bay area. a better one comes in sunday. we are getting a level two system today and tonight. you can see the activity mainly to the north of us. we have a wind advisory in the north bay. light rain from grenville down through dylan beach.
5:31 am
over to concord and walnut creek, a little drizzle. this is a north bay rainfall event. that will be changing as we see this level two system sink to the south and east, bringing gusty winds. flood watch is in effect for the bay area today through sunday, monday, tuesday. wind advisory until 1:00 p.m. sunday. it is breezy out there. gusty in the upper elevations. i want to show you how this increases throughout the morning hours in the north bay. here we are at noon time. wait to see what happens around the dinner hour. stay tuned. liz: san francisco continues to clean up from the wet weather this week. it is partly thanks to volunteers who stepped up. this is all while they also prepare for this upcoming storm. leah melendez met with one of those volunteers who kept his
5:32 am
determination -- whose determination cap his community from flooding. >> clearing those storm drains has always been a challenge. that is why they have relied on volunteers through the adopt a drain program. >> we have 2500 have volunteered to take on 3800 drains. reporter: they want more residents to go online and commit to adopting one of those dreams. >> we have david lane, our community partner who has adopted eight drains on his own. reporter: eight storm drains. you are the man. what are you doing? >> with that many drains, that is the least we can do. you are walking the streets. can you not pick up trash? you cannot always wait for someone else. reporter: he makes sure one particular drain is free and
5:33 am
clear in time for neighborhood students to cross the intersection. you have a name for that drain. what is it? >> i call it mofo. the stuff from construction sites, it could be clay from natural soil. it hardens. i use this as a long stick like a pogo stick. it helps clear it. >> we need to spread the word. reporter: we did. asking the owner of one neighborhood restaurant to make the commitment. have you heard of the program adopt a drain, and would you be willing to adopt that drain? >> i have never heard of it. reporter: would you be willing to adopt it? >> i don't know what that means. reporter: that means you would take care of it. >> i already do. reporter: for those residents and businesses prone to flooding, the department of public works announces it has received more sandbags.
5:34 am
13,000 have been handed out. >> we are preparing our staffing plans because we are expecting more rain. last week, this week, next week, we will have extra crews. liz: russian river is expected to hit flood stage on monday. communities along the valley are clearing out of the area ahead of a stormy few days. residents are counting down the hours until the river is likely to crest. those living at park know that d be underwater in a matter of days. >> get up pretty high. reporter: are you scared? >> not at all. liz: the folks are used to this. the threat of flooding is deja vu for some folks. in 2019, heavy rain turned the streets into swamps. they had people using canoes to
5:35 am
get through the area. one sonoma county family is dealing with a heartbreaking situation. their two-year-old son was killed during the storm after a tree crashed into their home. tim johns talked to the family about their loss and brings us their story. >> it has been a nightmare. reporter: for this family of sonoma county, the past few days have been unimaginable. during wednesday's storm, four trees fell on top of their house, destroying their home and killing their two-year-old son. >> we called him goldie. goldie is now in a reporter: goldie's aunt serving as a spokesperson for the family. >> my mom came over pounding on the door. the tree fell. he is gone. reporter: she says goldie was
5:36 am
infectiously happy. a boy who loved to dance and always know how to put a smile on the faces of his loving family. she says the past few days have rocked them to their core, but that their fate has given the family strength. -- faith has given the family strength. >> we believe in god. i saw him walking with jesus into the light the night he died. reporter: they have also lost their home and pretty much everything they own. the family has set up a gofundme page for anyone who wants to contribute as they try to piece their lives together. haskins says the outpouring of support means more to them than people will know. >> your prayers, your thoughts, the contributions, the food, the money, everything means so much. reporter: while the material things will one day be replaced,
5:37 am
some things will never go back to the way they were. that is why haskins is asking people to remember the things that are most important in life. >> i want them to be inspired to love more, give more, hold of their family tighter. think about the little things in life. reporter: tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: that does put things into perspective. on the peninsula, many r are still without power. those impacted by floods continue their cleanup efforts. days after major flooding poured over major businesses, cleanup and preparation for the next storm is underway. >> taking out the carpeting, relocated the merchandise from one room to another to another. drawing and liz: the peninsula was one of
5:38 am
the hardest hit regions in the bay area. the city has extended their state of emergency for 60 days. field crews alongside pg&e have been working on restoring impacted area. new details about the oakland zoo closure caused by a large sinkhole blocking the road to its main entrance. the zoo is working with the city of oakland to speed up repairs. a large culvert collapsed during last weekend storm. it cid.thet ilhe road isafa back road to care for the animals. as you prepare for more rain this weekend, we have a list of storm resources for you. it includes sandbag locations, warming centers. go to abc7
5:39 am
sources tell us before his arrest, ryan coburn trip was seen cleaning his car using surgical gloves. the surveillance team assigned to the case observed him leaving his home around 4:00 a.m., dumping his trash into the neighbor's garbage bins. he is in jail as he waits for a status hearing on january 12. you are looking at video of crews carrying out furniture and other items from his home. election error, how an open school board candidate is filing a lawsuit after alameda county announced him the winner and then took it back. here is a live look outside. most parts of the bay area, more rain on the way this weekend. we will check in with lease out when we get back. (dog barking) we love our pets. but we don't always love their hair. which is why we made bounce pet hair and lint guard with three times the pet hair fighting ingredients.
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>> here is a live look skyline of san francisco. it is windy. the camera is shaking because of the wind. we continue to track the next wave of rain coming to the bay area. in alameda county school board candidate, mike hutchison, is filing a lawsuit after a mistake and the result. hutchison is declaring victory after declared winner nick resnick is days away from being sworn into office. >> oakland school board candidate mike hutchison is taking action to win his election. he filed a lawsuit to get a judge to overturn the certified election results and declare him the winner over candidate nick resnick. >> we have filed in alameda county superior court requesting a judge throw out the incorrect certification and certify the correct election results, which would make me the winner. >> the certified votes show nick
5:43 am
resnick is the winner. the registrar said before new year's eve, the rank-choice voting system was not configured properly. we reached out for further comment and have not heard back. hutchison says he is the winner. >> the city has laid out the process and the formula that is supposed to be used to calculate that. that is not what has been corrected to produce these results. >> there is a sense of urgency from hutchison and his legal team. on monday, oakland is set to inaugurate newly elected officials. as of right now, that is said to be resnick. in a statement on his campaign website come resnick says we question the validity of the revised results of the registrar. there are chances there are mistakes the second time. the initial election results were vetted to ensure accuracy.
5:44 am
no errors were noted. supporters of hutchison are calling on resnick to concede the race. >> he is what our students need. i am here to support him and ask nick resnick to do the right thing. >> both candidates say they acknowledge there will be no changing the results until a court decides. liz: let's get a check outside. mostly dry. lisa: we have got rain in the north bay. the winds increasing, and the rain confined to the north bay. we will have scattered throughout the day. then the rain increases as we get a cold front closer to the bay area. we will see heavy rain with our level two system today. then we get a lull. i will have my accuweather 7-day forecast next. liz: the last thing the buffalo
5:45 am
bills expected was to see teammate damar hamlin in a meeting. his reunion with the team coming up in sports. man: i'm not slowing down anytime soon. that's why i take osteo bi-flex every day. it's clinically shown to improve joint comfort in 7 days, and continues to improve over time. kinda like us. osteo bi-flex. because i'm made to move.
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liz: the warriors are looking for a win tonight after a loss to the detroit pistons earlier this week. the san francisco -- turning to the nfl, a spectacular recovery by bills safety damar hamlin was in critical condition after collapsing on the field in a game against the bengals. larry beil has an update for us. reporter: from fighting for his
5:48 am
life to a zoom call with teammates. the recovery by damar hamlin is beyond what anybody could hope for given the scary scene monday night. hamlin had to be resuscitated twice. doctors thursday night removed his breathing tube, so he can talk. that turned out to be the perfect surprise as hamlin made a zoom call into the buffalo bills team meeting. >> they stood up and clapped for him. it was a cool exchange. the thing that makes me laugh is he did this to the guys, flexed on them. he made the heart symbol more than anything. he said i love you boys. reporter: the 49ers sunday. if philly loses to the giants, the niners could grab the one seed in the nfc. brock purdy is making his fifth
5:49 am
start. >> i have always wanted the truth. from the guy who me to go out and play, when coach is real with me about this past game, i appreciate that more than telling me i am good and don't need to work on anything. reporter: ducks norcal, the second period, right place, right time. the sharks go up 4-3. they cannot hold any lead. in overtime, good night. game over. ducks win 5-4. college troops in berkeley. some shoelace issues. a lot of us struggle with the rabbit ears sometimes. stanford got buried by threes. six the triple, plus the foul. cal 16-22 from downtown. the rout is on.
5:50 am
cal rolls to their third win of the season 92-70. the 49ers held their offensive lineman dinner friday. started in 1987. the fund part is serving up a four pound rib slab. this year, the aligned left the tight ends in on the dinner. -- o-line on the dinner. we have raters and chiefs at 1:30. hope to see you then. have a great weekend. liz: so great to see him doing so well. the warriors are heading back to the white house. they will be honored by president biden on january 17 for winning the 2022 title. this is video from their last
5:51 am
visit in 2016. they have not been back since despite winning three more championships. in 2017, president trump withdrew the invitation after steph curry said he would not attend. busy next few days for us. lisa: we are going to see that it rain and the wind increased today. here is a look at the live doppler seven. you can see rain over portions of california. here is a look on top of mount st. helena. there is more rain offshore. as we go south and east, not much happening. you can see dry conditions throughout the rest of the bay. surface conditions are 10 to 15 miles per hour. in the upper elevations, they are gusting to almost 50 miles per hour. certainly getting stronger winds
5:52 am
as we go through the day. that wind advisory through 1:00 sunday. here is a look at the wind progression throughout the day. 6:00, we have breezy winds at the coast. at noon time scattered showers around the area, winds gusting to over 40 around the coast. 6:00 at night, the winds are stronger in the east bay and valleys. at 9:00, a heavy line of rain moves through the east bay. here is a look at the time a lot of it in the north bay early on. noontime, scattered light rain around the bay. 6:30, still some moderate showers. look what is offshore. we have our level two system developing today and tonight through the evening hours. the rain continues into midnight. it sweeps through overnight. we get a break on sunday.
5:53 am
that is goodness. sunday -- that is good news. sunday night, it is stronger. that first line whips through quickly. by 4:00, more rain developing. we are looking at multiple rounds of rain. that is why we are under a flood watch. we have our wind advisory throughout the day today into the weekend. this is today and tomorrow, anywhere from 1.5 inches in spots to 2.33 inches. we are looking at flooding, not only here around the russian river, but it looks to crest over flood stage on tuesday after that second system. flood stage is at 32 feet. all of those rivers will their banks or over as we get
5:54 am
into early next week. there is a look at our winter storm warning. the snow beginning to impact the sierra nevada tonight. high snow levels, we will pick up four inches to about a foot of snow. this is our monday, tuesday system bringing in two to seven inches in the santa cruz mountains. we will be watching that and hoping for the best. we need to prepare because we are going to see a lot of rain the next several days. level three on monday. the impacts widespread, lasting through tuesday. more light rain wednesday, thursday, and friday. we are at a critical time. the soil cannot absorb anymore. the mudslides certainly a possibility. liz: we asked for rain, and we are getting it. are getting it. it feels like forever ago that our lives were changed when you were diagnosed with cancer. i know this has allowed you to see how hard life can be,
5:55 am
but always realize it's full of opportunities to make someone's day better. there's been so much kindness surrounding you, starlight who made you smile even on your toughest days. never forget those who loved you so well and know that you have the responsibility to give back. love, dad. does your vitamin c last 24 hours? only nature's bounty does. with immune 24 hour plus you get longer-lasting vitamin c plus herbal and other immune superstars. get more with nature's bounty. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. and, long lasting gain scent beads. try gain odor defense. be gone, smelly everything!
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liz: here are winning numbers from last night's mega millions drawing. 3, 20, 46, 50 9, 63, and the mega number 13. nobody picked all six. tuesday's drawing increases to an estimated $1.1 billion jackpot. this marks the fourth time in over four years the jackpot has exceeded $1 billion. if somebody winds tuesday, it would be the third-largest jackpot prize in the game e;s history. next at 6:00 a.m., kevin mccarthy with an historic win. how the republican's 15th vote stirred a pot of drama between his own party. and then dealing with the storm damage. we check in with communities on the coast and how they are picking up the pieces as they get ready for more rain.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
mong forrdgaa, soons, this is abc 7 news. >> but i hope one thing is clear after this week, i never give up. [applause] liz: now at made on capitol hill. kevin mccarthy wins the speakership on the 15th vote. how he managed to secure the speaker's cattle as more -- gavel as more drama unfolds. it


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