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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 14, 2023 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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not without an umbrella. that's all the time we have for now. we'll see you in just about 30 minutes for abc tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. more classified pages found at president biden's home. russia launching a wave of devastating missile strikes across ukraine. and the west getting pummelled by a new round of unrelenting storms. first, the latest bombshell from the white house. five new pages of classified material discovered at the president's home in delaware in a room adjacent to the garage. turning them over voluntarily. biden facing a new round of republican criticism and the house beginning their own investigations. maryalice parks from the white house. deadly attacks across ukraine as russians target several cities.
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rescuers digging through the rubble, desperate to save lives. matt gutman on the scene in dnipro. a new atmospheric river in california. a major highway shut down as it's buried in snow. in the south, the clean up under way from deadly tornadoes. one woman describing how she rescued multiple children as a twister bore down on their day care facility. tonight the storms are moving across the country. what it could mean for the midwest and east later this week. our weather team tracking it all. the picture tells it all. damar hamlin beaming as he reunites with his buffalo bills teammates for the first time on the eve of their big matchup. the latest on hamlin's remarkable recovery. disturbing body cam video. a suspect tased repeatedly by police and later dies at a hospital. the cousin of a black lives matter cofounder. the incident in los angeles
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happening after a traffic collision. what we're learning about the use of force investigation, and what the man said about george floyd as he was taken into custody. the political showdown playing out in washington over the debt ceiling. the critical deadline and what it could mean for military salaries, social security benefits, and your tax refund. we have a winner in one of the biggest lottery jackpots of all time. we hear from the store owner who sold it. and "america strong." a reunion years in the making. a teen now blessed with two families. good evening. thanks for joining us on a busy saturday night. i'm whit johnson. several developing stories as we come on the air. dangerous storms in the west. flood watches in effect for millions of americans. but we begin tonight with another major development from the white house about the discovery of additional classified documents. the white house lawyer revealing today that five more classified pages were found at president biden's home in wilmington, delaware, on thursday.
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this after biden's personal attorneys searched a room near his garage, bringing the total to six pages discovered this week. the president now facing political pressure and criticism over a possible lack of transparency. republican lawmakers in the house now launching their own probes and demanding answers. and the latest discovery coming the same day this week that attorney general merrick garland appointed a special counsel. to investigate biden's handling of classified do you ied docume his presidency. abc's maryalice parks leading us off from washington. >> reporter: tonight, the white house disclosing that five more classified pages were found at president biden's home in wilmington, delaware. according to white house lawyer richard saubar, the discovery was made on thursday after biden's personal lawyers searched a room adjacent to his garage. the lawyers coming across a document containing at least one classified page. they suspended their search and notified the doj voluntarily. sauber today adding this in a
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statement. while i was transferring it to the doj officials who accompanied me, five additional pages with classified markings were discovered among the materials with it, for a total of six pages. the doj officials with me immediately took possession of them. the discovery coming the same day attorney general merrick garland announced a special counsel would look into the president's handling of classified materials after they left the obama administration. >> this appointment underscores for the public the department's commitment to both independence and accountability. >> reporter: the political firestorm over the documents overshadowing the president's agenda last week. >> are you confident you did nothing wrong, mr. president? >> reporter: and raising questions about whether more would be found. the doj was first notified by the biden team of about ten classified documents found in november at the penn biden center in washington, d.c. over a month later, biden's lawyers finding additional documents at the president's home, most in his garage. and it was just three days ago
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that the doj said biden's lawyers had added one more document discovered in a room adjacent to the garage. >> any questions that you may have about the review, about the process, i would refer you to the department of justice. >> reporter: so far, the white house sticking to carefully worded scripts. but after being hammered by calls for more transparency, seeming to try to get ahead of new developments. tonight republicans in the house, who had expressed little interest in investigating former president trump's handling of classified documents, have now launched their own probes demanding answers from the white house and doj. >> maryalice parks joining us from the white house. maryalice, two investigations now, one with the current president, one with former president trump. it's raising questions about the overall system for how these documents are handled. >> reporter: exactly. and there are key differences between the cases. from what we know, the biden
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team handed over the documents. with mar-a-lago, we know they included some documents with the most sensitive classification. but yes, these two cases have brought into focus issues with the system, or frankly, a lack of a system altogether. right now for documents with lower level of classification, it's essentially an honor system for presidents and vice presidents to turn the documents back over, and a lot of experts wondering if that's enough. >> still a lot to learn about both of these cases. maryalice, thank you. we turn now to the war in ukraine, and a new wave of deadly russian missile strikes targeting critical infrastructure across the country. one of those attacks hitting a large residential building in dnipro. rescuers seen digging through a massive pile of rubble, working to save those trapped. at least 12 people were killed. dozens hurt. ukraine's president vowing to find and punish everyone involved in the strike. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman in dnipro tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a crater
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where an apartment block once stood in the university town of dnipro. an all-day barrage of russian missiles striking mostly civilian targets throughout the country. in dnipro, that apartment block taking a direct lit, incinerating. as the night went on, the urgency intensifying. this girl scared and stranded, between the sixth and seventh floors, holding her cell phone. carrying her stuffed animal be brought down to safety. one woman who said she lost her son shouting in grief, why did you kill him? in this video, the shattered courtyard, screams of the wounded and the terrorized. ukraine saying at least 12 people were killed, over 60 wounded t wounded, and there are still missing. civilians and rescuers desperately searching in the rubble nearby. scaling ladders, moving cars and trees. as we arrived on the scene, rescuers scrambling over the still smoldering pile. the sheer magnitude defies comprehension. there are hundreds of people
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working here on the debris. there's heavy machinery. you can see those cranes. and right there on the pile, six hours later, you can still see rescuers, first responders searching for the missing. across the country, air raid sirens sounding all morning. including where we were earlier. you can hear the sirens going off behind me right now. a short distance away, the most intense fighting on the eastern front. ukrainian soldiers digging fresh trenches. on friday they watched from the sky as russian soldiers amassed and then they bombed. a fireball and debris filling the air. the mayor's office saying they know people are still alive inside that pile, because family members and police have been getting urgent text messages pleading for help. whit? >> matt gutman on the scene tonight in ukraine. thank you. back here at home, another major milestone for damar hamlin as he continues his remarkable recovery after suffering cardiac arrest.
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the buffalo bills safety visited with his teammates earlier today for the first time since leaving the hospital on wednesday. espn post a photo of the 24-year-old smiling and talking with players. the reunion coming as the team prepares to face the miami dolphins tomorrow in a wild cart playoff game. here's abc's phil lipoff. >> reporter: tonight, a triumphant return. tonight, for the first time since being resuscitated on the field, bills safety damar hamlin back. this picture posted by espn showing the 24-year-old smiling and talking to teammates. it's been two weeks since he collapsed on the field during a game against the cincinnati bengals after making a tackle. first responders administering cpr, as hamlin was in cardiac arrest, rushed to the hospital in critical condition. then that remarkable recovery. and now on the eve of the bills wild card game against the miami dolphins, hamlin back with his team. it's great to see him looking lke that.
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obviously he won't be playing tomorrow or for the rest of the season, however long that may be for the bills. as for his future in football, that's still up in the air tonight. whit? >> we do love those positive updates and the pictures, phil. thank you. now to the barrage of storms hammering california with gusty winds and torrential rains. 26 million people under a flood watch. whiteout conditions on i-80 creating a traffic nightmare, causing cars to spin out, multiple accidents. the california highway patrol shutting down part of that highway near the nevada border in los angeles, this massive sinkhole, take a look, swallowed two cars during heavy rains. and in the south, cleanup and recovery after a series of deadly tornadoes. here's abc's faith abubey. >> reporter: tonight, california being pounded with another major storm packing high winds and heavy rain, causing severe flooding. 26 million people across the state under a flood watch. >> watch right here! oh, my god, get away! >> reporter: in montecito, this video from the last round of storms capturing a section of the road collapsing.
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a woman nearly falling over the edge. the area expecting more rain through monday. in los angeles, this sinkhole swallowing up two vehicles. whiteout conditions on i-80 causing multiple spinouts and accidents. california highway patrol closing the major highway. in soda springs, this car driving between walls of snow. the already battered area expecting another five feet of snow. since late december, at least 19 people have died from a series of deadly storms walloping the state, fed by what's called an atmospheric river carrying a significant amount of moisture from the pacific ocean. in alabama, the frantic search for survivors still ongoing after those deadly tornadoes ripped through seven states, leaving at least nine dead. in selma, a confirmed ef-2 tornado struck the city with winds up to 130 miles per hour. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this preschool torn to shreds. amanda mccloud works at the daycare, describing the
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terrifying moments after the roof collapsed. >> the roof just fell, like tiles and the ceiling tiles. and you know, everything just fell on top of us. >> reporter: whit, the usually low l.a. river is now raging behind me. in just the last two weeks, we've seen this rain significantly improve california's drought conditions. we've seen more than 10 million people gone from extreme drought to now fewer than 3,000. whit? >> a silver lining in all of this. faith, thank you. let's get right to danielle breezy from our nashville affiliate wkrn. she's in new york tonight. danielle, the west bracing for more storms now. >> reporter: yeah, whit, unfortunately, california continues to get hit with heavy rain, not to mention mountain snow and a lot of wind. 12 state out west under flood alerts, winter storm alerts, also wind alerts. this storm system bringing heavy rain to the west coast, heavy snow to the sierra. this pushes east bringing heavy snow to the rock economies tomorrow.
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monday and tuesday, this same system brings rain to the midwest and snow to the great lakes region. meanwhile we're watching another system moving into california sunday night into monday, bringing more rain along the coastline, not to mention heavy mountain snow. we're going to be tracking that system. there is a silver lining. once this system moves out, we should dry out by the middle of next week for the west coast. whit? >> we'll look forward to that. danielle, thank you. next tonight, a use of force investigation is under way in los angeles. the cousin of a black lives matter cofounder died after being tased. newly released body camera video shows keenan anderson running in the streets after a traffic collision. officers said he was exhibiting erratic behavior. he was then tased repeatedly before being taken into custody. anderson was at the hospital when he went into cardiac arrest and died. we want to warn you, this video is disturbing to watch. here's mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: tonight, the lapd facing growing questions over the death of an unarmed black
5:44 pm
man following a violent arrest. >> they're trying to george floyd me. >> reporter: in newly-released body camera video, 31-year-old keenan anderson, who happens to be the cousin of black lives matter co-founder patrisse cullors, can be seen making contact with police. motorists on the scene telling police the english teacher caused a traffic accident. >> hey, stop right there. get up against the wall. >> reporter: according to police and bystanders, anderson was displaying erratic behavior, yet they say he initially complied with the officer's orders. >> i want people to see me. >> sir. okay, you can sit right there then. you want to be seen, sit right there. >> reporter: minutes later, police say anderson attempts to flee. the edited video then jumps to anderson pleading with officers restraining him while on the ground. >> hey, stop, or i'm going to tase you. >> they're trying to george floyd me. >> reporter: anderson is then tased several times. he's handcuffed and put on a
5:45 pm
stretcher, then taken to the hospital. police say cocaine and marijuana were found in his system. four and a half hours later, diac arrest and died. cullors taking to social media following her cousin's death, writing in part, quote, keenan deserves to be alive right now. his child deserves to be raised by his father. l.a.'s mayor announcing full investigations are underway, adding, quote, i have absolutely no tolerance for excessive force. and, whit, an independent autopsy and further toxicology reports still need to be completed. although drugs were found in anderson's system, it is not clear yet whether or not that contributed to his death. whit? >> mona, thank you. on capitol hill tonight, a political showdown is brewing after treasury secretary janet yellen warned congressional lawmakers that the u.s. is projected to reach its statutory debt limit on thursday. yellen now urging both parties to quickly pass legislation to
5:46 pm
either raise the federal debt ceiling or temporarily suspend it, saying failure to do so would cause irreparable harm to the u.s. economy. abc's em nguyen joins us from washington. this could impact millions of americans. >> reporter: right, exactly, whit. the deadline is in just five days and secretary yellen says raising the debt ceiling does not mean more spending but rather just allows the government to finance existing obligations, including tax refunds, military salaries, social security and medicare payments. if congress doesn't act soon, yellen says the treasury department will have to take, quote, extraordinary measures to avoid defaulting on the nation's $30 billion borrowing capacity. if it lead on it could lead to a shutdown. it's likely to trigger a bitter battle in the house who want to leverage negotiations to cut government spending and democrats. lawmakers say they should be able to raise the debt ceiling
5:47 pm
without conditions, saying they have no plans in engaging in conditions. >> something to watch this weekend. thank you. overseas now, a stunning admission from china, reporting nearly 60,000 covid related deaths since december. that's when those severe pandemic restrictions were lifted and infections surged across the country. it follows criticism from international health experts and others that china was underreporting deaths caused by the virus. in brazil, former president jair bolsonaro is among those being investigated for the january 8th riot. thousands of his supporters stormed government buildings, demanding his return to power. two days after the riot, bolsonaro posted a video questioning the credibility of the election he lost. prosecutors say that was enough to include him in the investigation. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. two paramedics are charged with murder. what they're accused of doing to a patient. moderate-to-severe eczema. it doesn't care if you have a date, a day off, or a double shift. make your move and get out in front of eczema
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♪ i gotta good feeling about this, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm with it ♪ ♪ i gotta good feeling about this ♪ ♪ yeah, ♪ ♪ so let's get it ♪ ♪ i'm feeling good vibes ♪ next tonight, two paramedics in springfield, illinois, are facing first-degree murder charges after a patient suffocated while in their car. body camera footage shows emts peggy finley and peter cadigan strapping the man facedown on a stretcher last month. police say 35-year-old earl moore jr. had been suffering hallucinations due to alcohol withdrawal. he died an hour later. finley and cadigan are being held on a $1 million bond each. >> when we come back, the man who sold the winning mega millions ticket, what he wishes for the most. elevator.
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the $1.35 billion mega millions drawing and it was sold at hometown gas and grill in lebanon. the owner tells abc news he still doesn't know who won. >> so, there's a lot of resident that come in, and everybody's trying to figure out if it's someone we all know, and we're all hoping for that. >> if the winner takes the cash payout it will be worth close to $725 million, but that is before taxes. and in buffalo, a fitting reward for a local hero. bills legend thurman thomas surprised jay withey with a pair of super bowl tickets. it was a team as way of saying thanks after he rescued 24 people from cars during the christmas eve blizzard. he broke into a school to shelter them, leaving a note for police apologizing for the damage. when we come back, "america strong." what made this hug so special. age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains
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finally tonight, "america strong," the adoption, the special reunion, and the . unbreakable bond of family. . >> reporter: a moment 17 years in the making. dayana upchurch meeting and hugging her biological parents for the very first time. >> finally seeing her and being able to hold her and touch her was a feeling that only a parent could understand. >> reporter: in 2005, bryant laws and his wife, dayna, made the difficult choice to put their daughter up for adoption. mgs she was just two days old. >> it was nothing but tears. >> yeah. >> nothing but tears. >> after working with an agency, the laws chose the upchurch family to adopt dayana, in part because they had already adopted two other young girls. >> just seeing the love that they were sharing through the pictures and looking into each other's eyes and smile, you could tell that they were genuine. >> reporter: the two families agreed on a semi-open adoption,
5:58 pm
allowing them to share photos and updates. >> we knew that there would be a day that we would reconnect. >> reporter: that day arrived in august. dayana reached out to her biological parents on facebook. moment >> she had tears. and we were just looking at each other like, the day's here. >> reporter: and then, over the holidays, the laws family, including dayana's biological sister and brother, traveled over 2,000 miles from pennsylvania to utah to finally meet. >> having both families together and in a room together, it was so awesome. it was cool. >> no words can express that feeling of that first hug, the first embrace, was just the feeling of being complete. >> reporter: dayana and her two families have been facetiming nearly every day since and plan to see each other again this spring. >> and we hope it's a great new year for all of them together. thanks so much for watching. i'm whit johnson in new york. i'll see you on "gma" in the morning. have a great night.
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>> next on abc7news at six appeared dealing with the damage bird our latest round of rafa whether leaves its mark. we will take a look at the hardest areas. the awesome power of nature, all of our rains -- the peninsula town that is dealing with this issue tonight. triggering flooding fears. the areas under evacuation now. abc seven news is next. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >>
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last two weeks. thanks so much for joining us. two weeks and we remain on storm watch. you can see it all in that green and yellow live doppler 7. the list of storm damage keeps getting longer. added just this morning, this fallen tree in san francisco. the rain isn't done with us yet. you can see a thunderstorm. abc seven news anchor has the timeline. spencer we have a reef reprieve. >> there seems to be almost no end but we had a break from level 3 three strong storm this morning. now it is down to a level two. we have a widespread and showers across the bay area. heavy downpours and pockets of heavy downpours from the peninsula. across the bridge over to 880. it's wet out there. the storm