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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 24, 2023 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, a man in custody over the third mass shooting in california in three days. breaking overnight. at least seven people dead, one critically injured after northern in - dramatic video shows police taking down the shooter. the incident under investigation this morning. and the death toll rising in the dance studio shooting. 11 people now dead and investigators combing through evidence. what they found after searching the gunman's home and van as we learnew details about the victims. demanding justice. what the family of tyre nichols told us they saw on the body camera footage of the arrest
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that resulted in his death, as the fired officers face possible criminal charges. betraying the bureau? a former top ranking fbi agent arrested, charged for taking money from a russian oligarch tied to vladimir putin. a stunt show at universal studios hollywood gone wrong. the actor rushed to the hospital. what we know this morning. saved at sea. >> there he is. >> a diver found hours after being swept away in an ocean current. what he's saying about the scary ordeal. bad blood. a top executive from ticketmaster's parent company set to be grilled on capitol hill over the taylor swift concert ticket meltdown. one shot a year? the big fda meeting set to decide the possible big shift for tackling covid. prime game changer? the major announcement from amazon this morning on unlimited prescription medications. so what's the catch? how could it impact everyone's medication bills? in three, two, one.
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♪ don't you let go of my hand ♪ >> and hold on tight for hollywood's biggest morning. "top gun: maverick" taking flight. all the nominations all at once. angela bassett scoring one for wakanda forever. and steven spielberg looking to strike gold again. see all o the"gma." good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. movie fans are gearing up for the oscar announcement excitement. that's coming up ahead. >> i saw a chris connelly sighting down the hall. we are set. also this morning, how the covid vaccine could be more like your annual flu shot? we'll break down what the fda is
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considering just ahead. we begin with the deadly epidemic that is uniquely american. just a week left in the month of january and there have already been 39 mass shootings in this country, three in california over the last three days, from monterey park to oakland and half moon bay. >> that's where matt rivers starts us off with the very latest on the breaking news overnight, involving at least seven killed when a gunman opened fire in two locations. matt is on the scene. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yeah, it was just hours ago that i was covering that mass shooting down in monterey park and now we are once again talking about victims of another shooting. this time here in northern california. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: overnight, the dramatic scene, deputies taking down the suspect responsible for opening fire at two locations in half moon bay, california, killing at least seven and seriously injuring another. >> this kind of shooting is horrific. it's a tragedy that we hear
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about far too often, but today it's hit home here in san mateo county. >> reporter: san mateo sheriff officials saying deputies were dispatched to a location after a report of a shooting with multiple victims. officials say shortly after three additional deceased victims were identified at another nearby location about a mile away. >> could you please send a battalion chief. >> reporter: the sheriff describing it as an unspeakable act of violence. children and farm workers on scene witnessing the incidents at the two nurseries. identified as 67-year-old half moon bay resident chun l. zhou. the suspect found hours later in his car in the parking lot of the half moon bay police substation by a sheriff's deputy. >> zhou was taken into custody without incident and a semiautomatic handgun was located in his vehicle. there is no further threat to this community. >> reporter: authorities saying the suspect acted alone and is
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believed to be a worker at one of the locations. the motive is currently unknown. now, authorities say the threat from this particular shooting is now over. but clearly the threat of gun violence across the rest of the state remains. robin? >> that it does, matt, thank you. we know all this happening as southern california reels from saturday's ballroom shooting in monterey park after one hospitalized victim died on monday. so the toll this morning is 11 dead including 65-year-old mymy nhan and 70-year-old diana tom. al also, let's get the latest on the investigation from juju chang in monterey park. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. monterey park is indeed still reeling as you felt when you were here yesterday. authorities are still searching for a motive and looking into the dead suspect's relationships and his past, including two recent visits to a nearby police station, where he made all sorts of bizarre allegations against his family. this morning, harrowing new details as authorities try to
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piece together what led to the senseless killing of 11 people at a dance studio in monterey park, california. investigators combing through evidence and scouring the home of the suspected gunman, identified by authorities as 72-year-old huu can tran. >> we recovered one 308 caliber rifle, numerous electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, et cetera. items that lead us to believe the suspect was manufacturing homemade firearm suppressors. >> reporter: authorities adding that the firearm seen here on surveillance, wrestled away from the suspect at a second dance hall, was a 9 millimeter semiautomatic assault weapon. another handgun also found in his van. abc news also learning a number of motives now being considered including a potential domestic violence scenario, but investigators stress it's still too early in the probe to determine a more precise motive. >> we do not have a motive yet. there's a lot of stories coming forward. we're not ignoring any of them.
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>> reporter: authorities say about 20 minutes after the shooting at star dance studio the suspect entered a second dance hall in neighboring alhambra where he encountered brandon tsay who heroically wrestled the gun away. tsay opening up about that brutal altercation exclusively to robin roberts. >> when i got the courage, i lunged at him with both my hands, grabbed the weapon and we had a struggle. we struggled into the lobby trying to get this gun away from each other. >> reporter: the fog of tragedy now illuminating stories of survival. >> i stay under the table because the guy was shooting. >> reporter: as soon as the gunfire erupted, shally says she grabbed her dance partner who was shot and held him as they hid under a table watching as the shooter reloaded the weapon. >> what did the gun look like? >> long. >> long gun? >> long gun. >> yeah. >> the way doot, doot, doot. don't say anything. just lay down.
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>> reporter: this man who was wounded in the leg now grappling with the trauma. >> i feel so scary. i swear all my life i never go to dancing studio no more. >> we lift up those who are -- >> reporter: overnight, grieving in monterey park as the community honors the memory of those lost including valentino alvero, xiujuan yu, and 63-year-old lilan li. and diana tom was 70, remembered by her family as a hard-working mother, wife and grandmother who loved to dance. relatives say 65-year-old mymy nhan loved ballroom dancing, cared deeply about her family. >> she practically raised me. yeah, she practically raised me and she's like a second mother to me. it's definitely hard. >> reporter: i've spoken to many heartbroken family members who even in their grief they say now
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more than ever they don't want this community to lose the joy sparked by coming together with friends and doing something as lovely as ballroom dancing. robin? >> oh, juju, thank you for staying on the scene for us and sharing and letting us know who these victims were and who the survivors are. thank you. george? we're going to get the latest now on the former top fbi agent arrested over his ties to a russian oligarch. charles mcgonigal is one of the highest ranking fbi officials to ever be charged with a crime. aaron katersky has the details. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: when charles mcgonigal worked here, he was the top counter intelligence official in charge of hunting spies so federal prosecutors said he should have known better than to take money from a sanctioned russian oligarch closely tied to vladimir putin. he is facing charges he took concealed payments from oleg deripaska who enabled putin's actions in ukraine and he's mentioned in the mueller report because of an association with
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former trump campaign manager paul manafort. the indictment said mcgonigal was paid to investigate a rival russian billionaire and to get deripaska off the sanctions list. mcgonigal pleaded not guilty but he is facing additional charges in washington, d.c., that accuse him of taking $250,000 from another foreign intelligence agent while mcgonigal was still working for the fbi. and, george, in exchange for that payment, federal prosecutors say he opened a criminal investigation on a u.s. citizen. george? >> those are some charges. aaron, thanks. more justice news, new guilty verdicts connected to the january 6th insurrection with four men convicted of seditious conspiracy. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the case from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. those four members of the oath keepers militia are convicted of seditious conspiracy, plotting to use violence to block joe biden from becoming president so donald trump could remain in office. prosecutors proved that edward vallejo was at a virginia hotel with this stockpile of assault
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rifles was part of a quick reaction force. during the trial they played chilling audio of him on january 6th discussing the potential for guerrilla warfare. this is the second time in weeks that a jury decided on january 6th it was a product of premeditated conspiracy, not some spontaneous event. and on monday another victory for doj, which has charged more than 900 suspects in january 6th. richard barnett, who was photographed with his feet on the desk of the office of then speaker nancy pelosi convicted on multiple counts. george? >> pierre thomas, thanks. michael? now to a frightening scene in front of a crowd at universal studios hollywood. a performer from the water world show was rushed to the hospital. our kayna whitworth joins us with more. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, michael, good morning. so this scary incident happened monday afternoon in front of a live audience of people who were there to witness it. these initial calls came in as a possible drowning and while universal studios says they are
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reviewing what happened one person who was there caught the whole thing on camera. >> what happened? r:his morni a stunt show at universal studios hollywoogone wngnfte, e to technical diffules we will k t theater. >> reporter: in this video you can see workers desperately rushing to pull this performer out of the water at one of the park's oldest and most popular attractions. >> he was there and all of a sudden he's not there anymore and then like the music stopped and everything and we were just like, oh, what's going on? >> reporter: officials say cpr was started immediately and the actor who isn't being named was rushed to the hospital. the stunt spectacular based on the 1997 movie "waterworld" featuring high dives and explosions but on monday witnesses say a performer fell from one of the towers as part of the demonstration. but when he didn't resurface in
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time for the next stunt his castmates dove into the water to rescue him. a spokesperson for the theme park saying the actor is recovering in the hospital, adding our thoughts are with him as he receives care. details surrounding the event are being reviewed. so right now that performer is still in the hospital and, you guys, they don't know his condition but everybody hoping for a speedy recovery. >> and we're joining them, kayna. thank you. now to a possible big change in guidance for covid vaccines. an fda advisory group is set to meet this week to consider whether to recommend an annual shot for most people. trevor ault is here with more on that. good morning, trevor. >> good morning, robin. the plan here is to simplify the process, maybe streamline it for the covid-19 vaccine, shifting to one shot a year for most people like we do with the flu shot. so this group of fda advisers is meeting thursday to discuss making the change.
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the idea is to update the shots each year to be a better match against a constantly evolving virus. part of the reason they're considering it is because now the overwhelming majority of americans have some form of immunity either from getting vaccinated or from previously catching covid. so one shot a year in theory should do the trick. now, there also would likely be exceptions for elderly people, for young children, for the immunocompromised. those groups could potentially still be recommended to get two shots a year, but this group will be weighing whether to move ahead with it over at least a few weeks and then they'll turn it over to a team of cdc advisers. they will review the possibility in february and only after that the fda could make this formal change to the covid shot schedule but a change could be coming. guys? >> all right, thank you so much for that, trevor. now to hollywood's golden morning with the announcement of the 95th oscars nominations and as robin said earlier, chris connely sighting here in our studio. you're going to tell us what everyone is buzzing about going into the 2023 academy awards. good morning. >> good morning, michael. box office hits getting some oscar love. independent movies, they're all
7:15 am
being acknowledged in best picture. so is the leader of them all, the sci-fi from "top gun: maverick's" thrilling air up there and "werp "avar: the waof water's" 3d wonders. mainstream hits getting best picture nominations from the academy. everything everywhere all at once leading the way with 11 nominations including best picture, best director and best acting nominees. >> i am really good. >> reporter: joined by michelle williams and cate blanchett. brendan fraser with his first actor nod for best actor, set to face off against austin butler and colin
7:16 am
leading the charge in the supporting category, angela bassett. nearly three decades after "what's love got to do with it." 38 years after he charmed in the "goonies" getting academy love. calling in this morning to tell us how it feels. >> i always love watching the oscars. every year i would imagine what it feels like to be in that room. for that dream -- it only existed in my imagination. for this to be happening i'm ecstatic. what a true honor. thank you so much. ♪ don't you let go ♪ >> reporter: the oscar's now set to showcase pop fever royalty. lady gaga and rihanna each being nominated for best original
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song. ♪ keep me safe ♪ ♪ lift me up ♪ >> reporter: congratulations to all this morning's nominees. we have a lot more coming up and you'll hear from some of the nominees. guys? >> oh, especially when you're here, chris. just like super bowl sunday for michael. this is yours. very similar. >> got to play the big game. always ready to play. >> you're always ready. will reeve, he's always ready as well at the samuel goldwyn theater for the academy awards nominations, he's dressed in his oscars best this morning. will looking sharp. that is coming up. >> wearing that tux. also ahead, the rescue of a diver swept away by a strong current. what he's saying about the frightening ordeal. and the struggle to find jurors in the first day of the alex murdaugh double murder case. dan abrams here with what it could mean for the trial.
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first, good morning ginger. >> good morning to y'all. i don't know if you felt the biting cold last night but it was like, hey, january is here and it's a reminder of what we should be. we've been so mild but the blustery conditions coming after this type of activity. this is scituate where those waves are crashing up and over the houses. the snow on the order of anywhere from six, seven inches around schenectady, new york, to 17 inches in parts of maine. portland, maine, for example, has had a pretty abysmal season but they've caught up quite a bit with more than nine inches. that's their biggest snow of the season. now here's this new storm that's already started in texas. it's going to be heavy rain, houston, watch out for that later this morning through the early afternoon. tornadoes possible all throughout the gulf coast, that includes lake charles, new orleans, mobile, pensacola, destin, and goes through the overnight hours by the time it gets to the florida panhandle. that same system gets up here. we could see our first measurable snow, i mean really quick, 0.1, 0.2 inches.
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then it moves through. indianapolis that's a big snow for you. your local weather in 30 seconds. drew: i am drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. bright day, mild conditions. coverage is a bit above average. upper 50's 50's to lower 60's later on. it is breezy in our hills. temperatures in the 30's and 40's under clear skies. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. warming up midweek. all eyes on the weekend for
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if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone i'm kumasi, aaron from abc. seven warnings. family members have identified marciano martinez jimenez as one of the seven people shot and killed in half moon bay. he was working at mountain mushroom farm, one of two farms where the shootings took place yesterday. the other victims have not been identified. abc seven news was there when the suspect 67 year old, only zero, was taken into custody yesterday. the same mateo county district attorney's office says is out now is the suspect and is expected to be in court. on wednesday, although the jail website said earlier that he was expected to be in court today. good morning, everyone checking in on traffic
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temperatures right now we have a pretty big range anywhere from freezing and uk a 2 51 in the city 37 right now and conquered , but we do have sunshine out there alive. look from the exploratory in camera showing you clear conditions expect lots
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of sunshine and temperatures in the upper fifties, the lower sixties this afternoon. thank
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♪ a job in the city working for the man ♪ back here on "gma," yes, we are rolling into o back here on "gma," yes, we are rolling into oscar nominations this morning with that woman right there, angela bassett as tina turner in 1993's "what's love got to do with it." three decades ago she was nominated for that role and we could see her get another one for her powerful performance in "black panther: wakanda forever." all the excitement just ahead and will reeve, there he is. he's in hollywood to cover it all live. that's coming up. following a lot of headlines this morning, including that breaking news overnight, the third mass shooting in california in three days. it happened in oakland. it was at a gas station and
7:31 am
killed one person injured seven, the oakland police department is investigating. also today, a judge in fulton county georgia is consider whether to make public the findings of a special grand jury which investigated president trump's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in that state. plus, a top executive from the parent company of ticketmaster will be on capitol hill facing a senate committee looking into the taylor swift concert ticket debacle. bots and unregistered fans overwhelmed the website selling tickets to the grammy winner's first concert tour in five years. the company then canceled the sell of tickets to the general public. the top ten list of dog names is out and, george, you might hear something you like. the american kennel club compiled their rankings from last year. this is based on the akc's registration statistics. the top names for girls in first place is luna followed by bella and daisy. >> oh. >> daisy. >> there you go. >> top names for boy dogs are max, milo and cooper. >> we're 2 for 2. they're going to be strutting
7:32 am
today. >> more so than they normally do, especially daisy. >> lukas and enzo missed out on the list again. oh, well. we got a lot more ahead, including a diver's family comes to the rescue when he is swept away in a current. it is an amazing story coming up. now to jury selection in the murder trial of south carolina attorney alex murdaugh for the 2021 shooting deaths of his wife and son. more than 200 potential jurors were questioned. more being brought in today. eva pilgrim with the details. good morning, eva. >> good morning, george. over 900 jurors were summoned, but this is a small county. just over 38,000 people live where the trial is taking place. the problem here is a problem in a lot of small towns, everyone knows everyone. this morning, as the high-profile trial of alex murdaugh gets under way the court struggling to find jurors who aren't linked to his prominent family or possible witnesses in his case. >> 149. my fiance was second on the scene. >> excused.
7:33 am
>> 180. >> my grandmother's side of the family are related down the line to -- they are murdaughs. >> excused. >> he sued my father. >> excused. >> reporter: but in this small rural county even those who aren't somehow linked to the case admitting they know go it. >> if you have heard about this case, read about this case or know anything about this case, please stand. it appears that everyone stood. >> reporter: in monday morning's jury selection every single person had heard of the case, something that does not disqualify them, but will certainly play into this trial. the court trying to seat 12 jurors and 6 alternates. each potential juror filling out this questionnaire. one of the questions, do you or have you regularly watched, read or listened to media of the true crime genre? murdaugh accused of killing his wife maggie and son paul in june
7:34 am
2021, the subject of multiple podcasts and shows. >> this is the unfolding story of a powerful south carolina family, the mysterious deaths they are linked to, and our quest to bring you the truth. >> reporter: this as we learn more about the possible witness list. >> randy murdaugh, buster murdaugh, john marvin murdaugh. >> reporter: 9 pages, 255 names, including murdaugh's surviving son buster and brothers who sat down with abc news when this case first broke in 2021. >> my brother loved maggie and loved paul like nothing else on this earth. >> i can tell you he was willing and still is willing to do anything that's asked of him. he wants this solved. >> and murdaugh's team filing more motions ahead of those opening statements giving us a glimpse at their strategy. the motions trying to keep out testimony from two witnesses about blood spatter and as well as a third motion to keep out or
7:35 am
limit a firearm ballistic witness. george? >> okay, eva, thanks. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. boy, do they have to cast a wide net to get this jury. >> but you can get it, even in the highest profile of cases you can still find jurors who are willing to listen to the evidence and i think that what you need to recognize is, yes, you need more people. you need more prospective jurors. when you listen to the jury selection here, person after person who knows the family, had interactions with the family, had been represented by the family, et cetera, but that doesn't mean that you can't still find other people in there who are willing to listen to the evidence and say that they can be fair. that's the test. the test is not did you have any knowledge about the case. the test is could you be fair in evaluating the evidence. >> so, does that mean do you or do you not expect a change of venue? >> i'm surprised they didn't ask for one. neither side asked for one. either the prosecution or the defense could have asked for a change of venue, neither side
7:36 am
did. maybe the defense sees some advantage in the name as to who they used to be, that might not exist in another community where he would just be viewed as the defendant. so neither side asked for it so there won't be a change of venue. >> how strong is the case against him? >> it's not as strong as many people think, right, because all of us who have been following this case have been following everything about all the financial crimes, et cetera, and other instances that have happened. but when you just focus on the investigation here, the murder case, the evidence isn't that strong. basically the key evidence is putting him at the crime scene when he says he wasn't there, possibly the blood spatter evidence from the shirt and a possible motive that he wanted to basically silence his son. he wanted to avoid a financial investigation that was part of a civil lawsuit that his son had been involved in, et cetera. it's just not all that powerful. doesn't mean you can't get a ona
7:37 am
how stro the case therrelys.ivmatter in ts se youinoftho m okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, we will move on to the family of tyre nichols speaking this morning after seeing the body cam video of the police arrest that resulted in his death days later. senior national correspondent steve osunsami spoke with the family and joins us from memphis. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. the family says they're being told it could be a week or even more before the video they've seen will be released to the public. >> once the video started and i heard my son's voice, i lost it. i couldn't stay in the room because all i heard him say was what did i do? >> reporter: the parents of tyre nichols this morning say that no parent should ever see what police are now sharing with them privately. the multiple cameras showing how a traffic stop on january 7th led to this.
7:38 am
the image of their son barely recognizable two days before he died in the hospital. >> it was an unadulterated, unabashed, nonstop beating of this young boy for three minutes. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: his family says they saw police officers kick, pepper spray and use a stun gun on their 29-year-old son while he asked them what did i do? >> as he fell over, "sit back up." you know, and he was slumped over again and they would make him sit back up. they never rendered any aid. >> was there a point where he told them that he could or could not breathe? >> no. >> that you could hear, that you saw? >> it was clear that he was struggling. >> and he's screaming and yelling throughout all of this? >> he literally says in the first encounter, i just want to go home. >> reporter: the state prosecutor here tells abc news
7:39 am
they expect to publicly release the police videos next week at the latest and that they're looking into possible criminal charges against the former officers. >> we're going to be looking at any kind of assault charge up to and including possibly some form of homicide. >> whatever it takes to clear my son's name and to get justice for my son, if they need to keep the video for two more weeks, then let them keep the video for two more weeks. >> because you want murder one. >> exactly. >> you want murder one? >> that's what i want. >> reporter: police have already fired five officers who they say showed excessive force and all five are african american. the family says the fact that they are black doesn't change anything. >> what i have come to learn is that it is not about the race of the police officer. >> reporter: it's not just the five police officers who are under investigation. the memphis fire department reports that two of their
7:40 am
personnel who also responded are also being investigated. the family hopes to share the results of their own independent autopsy later this week. guys? >> all right, steve, thanks so much. we'll be right back. autopsy later this week. guys. >> all right, steve, thanks so much. we'll be right back. the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's temperature balancing, so you stay cool. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. so, you're at your best for yourself and those you care about most. and now, save $1000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed queen now only $1999. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday.
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7:44 am
the florida keys. victor oquendo joins us with that story. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this happened to an experienced diver and fisherman. dylan gartenmayer lost at sea for hours. he remembers small planes flying overhead while floating but they didn't spot him. in the end it was his family that came to the rescue. this morning, the moment dylan's family was desperately hoping for. >> there he is! >> reporter: finding the 22-year-old lost at sea for some four hours. >> oh, my god. dylan! >> reporter: gartenmayer was free diving with friends last week in the florida keys when a powerful current pulled him 150 feet below the surface and carried him a mile away. >> the current had ended up taking me faster and faster from them and i got to a point where the boat had disappeared. >> reporter: gartenmayer sharing the harrowing experience on instagram saying as the sun set, conditions at sea became more dangerous.
7:45 am
>> i was already cold at this point, starting to shiver. as i had seen the sun disappear, i knew things are starting to get a little more dire at that time. i just seen three sharks swim past me. >> reporter: his friends notifying the coast guard. they immediately launched a search by air and sea. >> unfortunately, missing diver cases often do not have positive outcomes. there are a lot of elements that play against people. >> reporter: family and friends joining the search on his grandfather's boat. >> i've been friends with him for awhile so i just -- i was just trying to get a fast boat as fast as i could. >> reporter: for awhile gartenmayer used a piece of bamboo to float wisely ditching the weights he was using while free diving and swimming to mooring balls and tying them together creating a makeshift raft. >> dylan was lucky. he got those weights off which helped him float. that in addition to him finding the driftwood and the mooring balls. >> reporter: those buoys ended
7:46 am
up being key to his survival and rescue. his friends and family on his grandfather's boat spotted them tied together, then dylan and pulled him safely on board. >> we almost ran straight into him, you know, right as the sun had gone down. it was like crazy miracle timing. anything hadn't gone the way it had we probably wouldn't have been able to find him. >> reporter: he was transferred on to a coast guard boat and taken to shore. besides his temperature being a little low, he was just fine. guys, this could have had a very different ending. >> it certainly could have. >> smart young man. all right, great to see that ending. coming up next, we have our "play of the day." we'll be right back. chevy silverado factory-lifted trucks. where will they take you? ♪ ♪ (dog barks) ♪
7:47 am
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...with my friend mickey? here is where 100 years of disney dreams come to life at the disneyland resort. ♪ hey now you're an all-star ♪ ♪ get your game on ♪ ♪ hey now you're an all-star ♪ ♪ get your game on ♪ back now with our "play of the day" and an inspirational comeback for one nba star thanks to hard work and lots of patience. orlando forward jonathan isaac got a standing ovation after returning after 2 1/2 years sidelined with a severe knee injury and he helped the magic beat the celtics 904 days after he tore his acl. his parents in the crowd loving every minute of it. here's isaac on what it felt like to step back on that court after so many months. >> just all the adrenaline, all the excitement, i was just trying to calm myself down, trust god.
7:51 am
he's got me out for a reason and walk it out. p>> he walked it out, indeed, tn points in ten minutes. his coach said, isaac's ability to come back and stay the course with his faith, work ethic and the support system he has behind him has been tremendous. congratulations to johnson on that and you talk about perseverance. that's tough. 2 1/2 years. >> that's amazing. and look at him. >> happy for that young man. >> and his parents, so proud. everybody now. >> memories. >> yes. coming up, it's the biggest morning in hollywood. the oscar nominations. you'll see them live, l-i-v-e. come on back. 12% pure vitamin c serum by l'oréal paris has concentrated 12% of our purest form of vitamin c. the most active form. when compared to a vitamin c derivative, only pure vitamin c can fight skin oxidation instantly. skin looks up to 70% brighter. there's vitamin c
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc. seven mornings when i check in knowledge of being a fortune for a look at traffic, hydro arena. thank you, kamasi. good morning, everyone. we have some unfortunate news coming out of the lafayette bart station. it does remain closed right now at this time. according to bart, police person was on the track. they do not suspect foul play here, but this is now turned into a recovery effort rather than a rescue, and they are waiting on the coroner to arrive at the scene. so expect major delays on the antibiotic line busses are provided between lafayette station and brenda for anyone that does need to commute out of that area this morning. hi, drew. we're looking at temperatures right now. pretty wide range. some cold spots in the thirties like uk. is that freezing or 33 in san ramon? but close to the coast in the low to mid fifties at this hour liveloi
7:57 am
effect for r p rrentsod along the fifties and sties this afn, kamasi. thank u do ifuggling with sen. barry at ab7 is next for everyone else. it's good morni
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight. at least seven people dead, one critically injured after shootings at two farms in northern california. dramatic video shows police taking down the shooter. the incident under investigation this morning. the college hazing settlement. the parents of a young student who died from alcohol poisoning while pledging a fraternity at bowling green state university speaking about finding a path forward. and their mission to end hazing on college campuses everywhere. game changer? amazon's new medication plan offering unlimited generic prescription drugs for $5 a month. what's the catch? how could it impact everyone's medication bills? ♪ you must be my lucky star ♪
8:01 am
and a star is born. michael's golden moment on the hollywood walk of fame. [ cheers and applause ] his dear mama right by his side. ♪ it's such a good vibration ♪ and get ready to rock because it's hollywood's biggest morning. >> i'm ready to fly. >> we're ready for the battle of the blockbusters. >> good morning, aviators. >> "top gun" about to reach new heights. will the women make history? as riz ahmed and allison williams reveal the nominees for the 95th oscars and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ george, did you know that yesterday was michael strahan day in hollywood? i kid you not. >> it certainly was. i know that. >> right after they kicked me out of hollywood i'm back here. [ laughter ] > with us. >> yesterday was a big morning in hollywood. another big morning in hollywood this morning. and a big morning for a lot of movie fans as well. >> will reeve is in the theater where the nominations are
8:02 am
happening. a lot of chatter about the blockbusters. he will have a lot more coming up. we look forward to that and also ahead, the big announcement this morning about what's new from amazon. we're going to break down what you need to know about rx pass when it comes to your medications. first, california reeling from three mass shootings in three days including at least seven killed when a gunman opened fire in two locations in half moon bay. back to matt rivers on the scene. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, it was just a few hours ago that i was covering the mass shooting in monterey park, california. now we're talking about victims from another mass shooting. the investigation ongoing this time in northern california. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: overnight, the dramatic scene, deputies taking down the suspect responsible for opening fire at two locations in half moon bay, california. killing at least seven and seriously injuring another. >> this kind of shooting is horrific. it's a tragedy that we hear
8:03 am
about far too often, but today it's hit home here in san mateo county. >> reporter: the sheriff describing it as, quote, an unspeakable act of violence. children and farm workers on scene witnessing the incidents at the two nurseries. the suspect found hours later in his car in the parking lot of the half moon bay police substation by a sheriff's deputy. >> a semiautomatic handgun was located in his vehicle. there is no further threat to this community. >> reporter: authorities saying the suspect acted alone and is believed to be a worker at one of the locations, while the motive is currently unknown. authorities say the threat from this particular shooter is over. the investigation is ongoing. clearly the threat from other gun violence in the state remains. robin? >> that's it, matt. thank you so much. we're going to turn now to that possible big shift for covid vaccine guidance. let's go back to trevor ault. he's here with more on the fda advisory group that is set to
8:04 am
meet this week to consider one shot a year. good morning again, trevor. >> good morning, robin. we could treat the covid vaccine the way we treat the flu shot. this group of advisers is meeting thursday to discuss making that change. the idea is to update the shots every year so it would be a better match against this constantly evolving virus and part of the thinking the overwhelming of majority have some form of immunity from getting vaccinated already or previously catching covid. one shot a year in theory should do the trick. there would likely be some exceptions for elderly people, young children and the immunocompromised. they would still be recommended two shots a year. this group is going to be weighing whether to move ahead with the plans over at least the next few weeks and then fda advisers will turn it over to a team of cdc advisers. this would not be an immediate change but a big change could still be coming. michael? >> all right, thank you so much, trevor. now to the 95th oscar nominations and will reeve is live from inside the samuel goldwyn theater with all the excitement about this year's nominees. will, good morning to you.
8:05 am
>> reporter: good morning, michael. if last year's oscars were about movies on streaming platforms. this year might be about the blockbuster, big ones getting a lot of love today at nominations. including avatar the way of water, top gun"top gun: maveri, elvis, "everything everywhere all at once." 11 nominations for that film, including for michelle yeoh. angela bassett also nominated for on the men's side first time nominees including brendan fraser. no such nomination for tom cruise. he's been nominated before, but not for acting in "top gun:
8:06 am
maverick." don't worry, it's well represented including for best picture and best adapted screen play and visual effects and sound and editing and lady gaga getting a nomination for her best original song from "top gun: maverick". rihanna also scoring a best song nomination. steven spielberg at 22 lifetime nominations, this year for "the fablemens." a lot of big blockbusters on display here, well represented at the oscar nominations. on march 12th, it's the oscars on abc. we cannot wait. that's all you need. >> we are looking forward to that. coming up in our "gma morning menu," we hear from the parents of the college sophomore who died after being hazed.
8:07 am
how they plan to honor their son's life. with the settle from the university. could amazon's new medication policy be a game changer? we're going to tell you how it works. plus, we have a lot of hollywood excitement on "gma" including something very special for our michael. ♪ star light, star bright ♪ and lara is upstairs with our panel of movie experts standing by with her thoughts on this year's oscars. >> robin, we'll have thoughts. all right, i'm here with chris connelly, elizabeth wagmeister and tiktok star juju green all in the house with their take. that's coming up on a special "good morning america." we'll be right back. ♪ "gma's morning menu" sponsored by naturemade. start your day with naturemade, the number one pharmacist's recommended vitamin and supplement brand. and i'm never leaving here. i'm a new york hotel. yeah, i'm tall - 563 feet 2 inches.
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8:11 am
by reducing swelling in the sinuses. try vicks sinex. we proudly welcome to the hollywood walk of fame michael strahan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ star light ♪ ♪ star bright ♪ >> look at him. people going to be walking all over him. no, i mean -- [ laughter ]
8:12 am
you said it earlier. oh, but we are so proud. our own michael strahan yesterday got that star on the hollywood walk of fame. he is no stranger to making history and he did so with this once in a lifetime achievement. the first person to get a star in the sports entertainment category. [ cheers and applause ] and, guys, get this, get this, he joins a list of elite broadcasters who already have a star, barbara walters, ed sullivan, edward r. murrow. and, michael, you have achieved so much in your career. and can i say, it was humbling to be there and to see the mosaic of people that you brought together. and, i mean, to have your mama, she was beaming. she was beaming. what did that moment mean to you, michael? >> it means the world. to have you there, to have my mom there, to have my kids there, you realize these things are more -- they enjoy them and
8:13 am
to see them proud is all that i need because, you know, we wake up, we do what we do, i particularly don't think about awards, but this is an incredible honor and i will actually walk over myself now. but i have a lot of friends that volunteered to clean it. i say hot water and dish soap works really good. >> but i got to tell you, it was so special and your sister from another mister, constance schwartz , i mean, she gave a great speech and terry crews was there as well. can we play a bit of what terry had to say? >> when you talk about success, it's what you do for other people. the love that you show for your fellow human beings. and this is the essence of michael strahan hand. when you see that smile, it's real. when you see -- when he says hello to you, it's real. and when i say integrity, it's absolutely the truth.
8:14 am
>> and we all echo that. the integrity. >> i love terry. i've known terry a long time. great guy, former nfl player and he has had an incredible career afterward, most people didn't know that. i think he was a great example for me of how to go from one business and see yourself actually doing something else with your life after your sports career is over. so thank you to terry and, of course, to constance. >> i appreciated your speech as well. when you talk about how everyone has value and how you moved furniture and you had other jobs and how you were treated and how it taught you how to treat people better. >> yeah. >> value. >> treat everybody with value. we all have value. i want to feel good about what we do and the people we're around. so to me when you show up you want to be the person who walks in the room and everyone says, hey, happy you're here instead of oh. treat people how you want to be treated. simple philosophy and worked for me so well.
8:15 am
>> served you well. >> congratulations. >> thank you both. thank all of you. p we move cover story, $3 million college hazing settlement after a student died from alcohol poisoning while pledging a fraternity. his family is speaking out about the settlement and their mission to end hazing. eva pilgrim back with the story. hey, eva. >> hey, george. stone foltz's family wants people to hear their story and hope sharing their tragedy saves another family from heartbreak. this morning, a $3 million legal settlement in the fight in hazing on college campuses. the family of a 20-year-old bowling green university student who died from alcohol poisoning while pledging a fraternity is on a mission. >> when we walked into the hospital and stone was on a bed with all the tubes and the ventilator and everything hooked up on him, shari whispered to him that she would not let this
8:16 am
happen to another family or another student. and it was that point that we dedicated everything we can to help other families from seeing one of their loved ones go through this tragedy. >> reporter: stone foltz died in march 2021 after attending a phi kappa alpha initiation event off campus. a university investigation finding the fraternity had a tradition where new members drank or attempted to drink a bottle of alcohol. foltz was dropped off by his fraternity brothers at his apartment where he was eventually found unconscious. >> did you give him two rescue breaths? >> yes. >> are you starting compressions again? >> yep. >> reporter: foltz was put on life support. he died three days later. >> nothing is going to bring back stone and no amount of money. so honestly it's just a matter of putting things behind us and moving forward and doing what we promised stone. >> reporter: eight former fraternity members pleading guilty or found guilty on charges ranging from reckless homicide to hazing and giving alcohol to a minor. his family now receiving a massive settlement from the
8:17 am
university along with a commitment to work together to make sure this doesn't happen to another family. >> as far as we know, this is the largest settlement from a public university certainly in the state of ohio and what it signifies is we have a university that is willing to come together and work with us to put an end to hazing once and for all and for that reason bowling green should be commended. >> reporter: the university and family saying they now have a joint mission, eradicating hazing in ohio and across the nation leading these efforts in our communities is the real work that honors stone. >> as his dad, it makes me proud to hear how many lives that he was able to save and help. stone's my hero. >> this time of year is big for greek life. many universities in the midst or just wrapping up spring recruitment. stone's family telling us they hope parents will have a conversation with their college
8:18 am
students. guys? >> yeah, thank you so much for that, eva. we're going to turn now to the big announcement from amazon this morning that can help you save on generic prescription medication. chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with the details. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, to you, michael. families spend so much money on these medications. so imagine this, a $5 a month plan to fill as many prescriptions as you need from a list of about 50 generics that includes drugs like anti-anxiety and antibiotics and diabetes medications. now you no longer have to imagine it. here's how it works. amazon announcing rxpass. a new benefit for the 200 million prime members. for $5 a month the pharmacy offering unlimited prescription medications delivered free to your door. available starting today, the service gives users access to over 50 generic medications treating more than 80 of the
8:19 am
most common health conditions including high blood pressure, anxiety and acid reflux, no insurance needed. >> according to the fda, there are thousands of online pharmacies and the space is only growing. so it's good to see companies like amazon put forward projects like rxpass to further add competition in this space and make getting generic medications more convenient and affordable. and with price transparency. >> reporter: other online pharmacies offer discounts on prescriptions or free delivery. but rxpass differs by offering a flat rate for an unlimited amount of prescriptions as long as they carry what you need. and while the benefit will be an additional add-on option to a user's current prime subscription which costs $14.99 a month it will not be available to those enrolled in medicare, medicaid or any other government health care program. amazon says those customers can still use their government insurance to fill prescriptions at amazon pharmacy. >> i encourage my patients to go online and price shop to find
8:20 am
the cheapest price for their prescription meds. if anyone has questions about online pharmacies and whether or not they're reputable or safe it's important to check the fda to look to see if it is a legitimate online pharmacy. with rxpass it is reassuring to see that a prescription is required but it's also important for patients to understand that not all generic medications will be available and if people do have trouble affording their medication it's still important to chat with a health care professional directly. >> very important advice from dr. patel. do your homework, you can price shop around. amazon prime costs about $139 a year. so you can figure out if it makes sense by adding that extra $5 for your prescriptions, that works out to about $60 in addition to your prime membership a year, michael. >> rebecca, could amazon lower prices across the board? >> reporter: that is certainly the hope for families and it should because it is a positive. analysts aren't sure, though, whether it will ultimately
8:21 am
drugs to a new set of patients and that's because this requires a prime membership. there are other companies right now like capsule, mark cuban has his own cost plus drug company that also sells generic drugs. many of them for under $5. i think the good news here, michael, is that a lot of people are trying to tackle this space and make this more affordable for families who really feel the weight of those medication costs. >> i agree. there is some good news, rebecca, thank you for bringing that to us. now to ginger. hey, ginger. >> you know, phoenix arizona, michael, had their coldest temperature in nearly four years. they had snow going on in sunflower, arizona. you can see the cacti there and tucson at this point with the trace of snow yesterday has the same amount of snow as new york city this year because we've only had a trace at a time. but that may change by tomorrow morning. late morning, early afternoon when this snow comes in, it'll be quick, but transition to rain so we're not going to get a ton if we get any to accumulate at all and then it turns into heavy
8:22 am
rain, philadelphia to new york. on the northern side of that, though, before it does so, indianapolis to cleveland, we're talking 6 to 12 inches. let's get a check a little drew: i am drew tuma with yrest. coverage is a bit above average. upper 50's 50's to lower 60's later on. it is breezy in our hills. temperatures in the 30's and 40's under clear skies. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. warming up midweek. all eyes on the weekend for cooler weather and a chance of light rain on sunday. all right, are we ready? >> yes. >> it's a big morning, everyone, moments away from the 95th oscar nominations. we want to get some predictions from our experts. our chris connelly, "variety's" elizabeth wagmeister and movie expert tiktok star, juju green all with us live this morning. so looking forward to all f your thoughts on this. chris, i do want to start with you.
8:23 am
this could be a huge year for the mainstream movie. >> yeah, it's time for big movies to get oscar nominations. it would be good for business. "avatar," "wakanda forever," "top gun," in the past i think commercial success was held against movies getting nominated. >> totally. >> come on. i think in the culture which we had which is so fragmented, a movie that can bring us together that is a good thing and worthy of an oscar nomination. let's see what they do. >> i love that's changing. elizabeth, there's a lot of potential star power going into this year's ceremony across all the categories. who do you think we can see on the red carpet? >> just like chris said it would be great to see mainstream movies. this is also going to be a year of huge stars. right now all eyes are on tom cruise, will he get a lead actor nomination for "top gun," one of the biggest movies of the year? >> what do you guys think? >> i think it's a possibility for sure, absolutely. i mean "top gun." >> definite maybe. >> definite maybe. [ laughter ] >> hit right on the head for sure.
8:24 am
>> we're going to see potential a-listers in the original song category. let me tell you who is up for contention. lady gaga, rihanna, taylor swift, the weeknd and selena gomez. >> a lot of star power right there. >> a lot of platinum. that's a lot of platinum. [ laughter ] >> love that. >> and, juju, welcome to the panel of experts here. >> thank you for having me. >> comebacks. come on. >> i think that's up to everybody here over here. i'll be happy to come back. >> no, no. [ laughter ] no, comebacks for the movies. >> i know, i'm just trying to plug myself right now. that's all i'm doing. [ laughter ] >> shooting a shot. >> i have a been calling this the year of the comeback. we got a lot of great comebacks. brendan fraser being a front-runner for best actor, you got ke huy quan, best supporting actor. fun fact, both in "encino man," coming back together and the comeback of certain franchising, "top gun," "avatar," coming
8:25 am
back, "wakanda forever," like everything is coming back. so it's really cool to see that everybody is kind of like getting a second chance at glory and that golden statue. >> juju is going to be coming back with those lines. >> yes, i'm sorry. >> "encino man." >> elizabeth, how about lead actor and actress? >> i think this is going to be the battle between michelle yeoh and cate blanchett for lead actress. this really seems to be the year of michelle yeoh. i'm going for her. not only as being nominated, i'm predicting now she's going to win. >> oh. >> i think this is her year for "everything everywhere all at once." and then when we look at the lead actor category, i think brendan fraser, as juju mentioned, i'm really rooting for him. but i think it's going to be between him, colin farrell and austin butler from "elvis." >> you think angela bassett? >> oh, i know angela bassett. i'll just say that right now. she gives a powerful performance
8:26 am
in "wakanda forever." plus, it gives a look at superhero films, the first mcu actress to get nominated so it would be great to see the eyes on that reel. >> nominations just moments away. you guys will stay with us. we'll be right back. >> yeah. ♪
8:27 am
bill a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning . i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. angelina has looked at traffic. thank you, reggie. our biggest issue right now is going to be with bart, specifically at the lafayette station is currently closed due to a recovery effort. unfortunately someone was hit on the tracks earlier this morning , so this is a major medical emergency situation. the antiochus line is going to be experiencing major delays today. and if you need to go to the lafayette station busses are being provided to take you to orinda a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. these are under the limit as you travel
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8:30 am
at the bay reggie another 87 is updated about 30 minutes. you can always catch us on our news app and abc seven news. dot com or ♪r it is a big, big morning in hollywood. 95th annual oscar nominations just seconds away. >> up first, though, we want to get to the big categories many will be watching like best supporting actress and actor and we are so excited for our panel. i want to be a panel of experts one day. chris, elizabeth and juju, thank you so much, and they'll help us break it all down. >> you know what, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. it's time to see whose names will be called, so let's go to the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences president janet yang who will kick off the nominations ceremony. >> announcer: live from beverly hills, california, please welcome the president of the academy of motion picture arts
8:31 am
and sciences, janet yang. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the oscars nominations announcement. it is so exciting to be back live once again to kick off the official countdown to the 95th oscars on march 12th. for nearly a century now, the oscars have been the most esteemed celebration of movies in the world. it is a chance for us to showcase the very best films of the past year and for global movie fans to come together as we shine a spotlight on artists working on both sides of the camera. every year nominees in most categories are chosen by their peers. actors nominate actors. film editors vote for the best edited movies of the year and so on, but the final and most anticipated award, best picture, is chosen by the entire academy
8:32 am
membership. that's around 10,000 filmmakers and artists living and working in over 80 countries. and now to present the nominee s here are today's hosts. 2022 oscar winner riz ahmed and the star and executive producer of "m3gan," allison williams. [ applause ] good morning, everybody. we've been awake all night getting ready for this moment. [ laughter ] >> uh-huh. >> and we're so excited, so honored, so overcaffeinated to reveal the nominations for the 95th oscars. >> good morning, everybody. riz, i am so happy to be here with you. you have been nominated twice and you won an oscar last year so i just wanted to know did you watch this both of those times. >> i did watch it, yeah, but i didn't wake up to watch it and the reason for that is i never really fell asleep in the first place. there was just a lot of
8:33 am
anticipation and i know there's a lot of people who can't wait for us to get started. so without further ado, here are the nominees for performance by an actress in a supporting role. >> angela bassett, in "black panther: wakanda forever." [ applause ] hong chau in "the whale." [ applause ] kerry condon in "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] jamie lee curtis in "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] and stephanie hsu in "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] next are the nominees for achievement in costume design. "babylon." [ applause ] "black panther: wakanda forever."
8:34 am
[ applause ] "elvis." [ applause ] "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] and "mrs. harris goes to paris." [ applause ] riz, given the extraordinary sound design on your film, "sound of metal," why don't you take this next category? >> here are the nominees for achievement in sound. "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] "avatar: the way of water." [ applause ] "the batman." [ applause ] "elvis." [ applause ] and "top gun: maverick." [ applause ] >> next up, here are the nominees for achievement in music. original score. "all quiet on the western front."
8:35 am
[ applause ] "babylon." [ applause ] "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] and "the fabelmans." [ applause ] >> and now, we have the first of the two award categories to honor writers. first is adapted screenplay. the nominees are -- "all quiet on the western front." screenplay by edward berger, leslie paterson and ian stockell. "glass onion: a knives out mystery," written by rian johnson. [ applause ] "living" written by kazu ishiguro. [ applause ] and "top gun: maverick," screenplay by aaron kruger and eric warren singer and story by
8:36 am
peter craig and justin marks. [ applause ] and "women talking." [ applause ] screenplay by sarah polley. here are the nominees for original screenplay. "the banshees of inisherin" written by martin mcdonagh. [ applause ] "everything everywhere all at once," written by daniel kwan and daniel scheinert. [ applause ] "the fabelmans" written by steven spielberg and tony kushner. "tar" written by todd field. [ applause ] and "triangle of sadness" written by ruben ostlund. >> now, it's with great pleasure that i get to announce this year's nominees for best live action short film. "an irish good-bye." [ applause ] "ivalu."
8:37 am
[ applause ] "le pupille." [ applause ] "night ride." [ applause ] and "the red suitcase." [ applause ] now, the nominees for best animated short film. "the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse." [ applause ] "the flying sailor." [ applause ] "ice merchants." [ applause ] "my year of dicks." [ applause ] [ laughter ] and "an ostrich told me the world is fake and i think i believe it." [ applause ]
8:38 am
>> no comment. here are the nominees for performance by an actor in a supporting role. brendan gleeson, "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] brian tyree henry, "causeway." [ applause ] judd hirsch in "the fabelmans." [ applause ] barry keoghan in "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] and ke huy quan in "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] riz, this is a delight. i don't want this to end. i have to say that it's much easier than working with you than m3gan. she is tricky. [ laughter ] >> she's not around, is she? you promised me she wouldn't be around. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, no, we should be good. we're good. >> okay, cool. >> anyway, we'll be right back because in just a few minutes we've got more nominee announcements coming up.
8:39 am
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what do you say we keep this party going? we're back now with the 95th, 95th, oscar nomination ceremony. let's listen in for the second round. >> welcome back live from the academy's headquarters in beverly hills where riz and i
8:42 am
are revealing the nominees for the 95th oscars. >> now earlier we announced nine categories, coming up now are the final 14 including best picture. >> here are the nominees for achievement in music original song. "applause" from "tell it like a woman." [ applause ] "hold my hand" from "top gun: maverick." [ applause ] "lift me up" from "black panther: wakanda forever." [ applause ] "naatu naatu" from "rrr." [ applause ] and "this is a life" from "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] >> now, next up, the nominees for best documentary feature film. "all that breathes." [ applause ] "all the beauty and the bloodshed."
8:43 am
[ applause ] "fire of love." [ applause ] "a house made of splinters. [ applause ] and "navalny." [ applause ] >> here are the nominees for best documentary short film. "the elephant whisperers." [ applause ] "haulout." [applause] ♪ how do you measure a year," "the martha mitchell effect" and "stranger at the gate." [ applause ] >> here are nominees for best international feature film. "all quiet on the western front," germany. [ applause ] "argentina, 1985," argentina.
8:44 am
[ applause ] "close," belgium. [ applause ] "eo," poland, and "the quiet girl," ireland. [ applause ] here are the nominees for best animated feature film. "guillermo del toro's pinocchio." [ applause ] "marcel the shell with shoes on." [ applause ] "puss in boots: the last wish." [ applause ] "the sea beast." [ applause ] and "turning red." [ applause ] >> here are the nominees for achievement in makeup and hairstyling. "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] "the batman." [ applause ] "black panther: wakanda forever." [ applause ]
8:45 am
"elvis." [ applause ] and "the whale." [ applause ] here are the nominees for achievement in production design. "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] "avatar: the way of water." [ applause ] "babylon." [ applause ] "elvis." [ applause ] and "the fabelmans." [ applause ] >> the nominees for achievement in film editing are -- "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] "elvis." [ applause ] "everything everywhere all at once."
8:46 am
[ applause ] "tar." [ applause ] and "top gun: maverick." [ applause ] >> next up, the nominees for achievement in cinematography. "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] "bardo, false chronicle and a handful of truths." [ applause ] "elvis." [ applause ] "empire of light." [ applause ] and "tar." [ applause ] >> and now, achievement in visual effects. "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] "avatar: the way of water." [ applause ] "the batman." [ applause ] "black panther: wakanda
8:47 am
forever." [ applause ] and "top gun: maverick." [ applause ] it's time for our final four awards. here are the nominees for performance by an actor in a leading role. austin butler in "elvis." [ applause ] colin farrell in "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] brendan fraser in "the whale." [ applause ] paul mescal in "aftersun." [ applause ] and bill nighy in "living." [ applause ] >> and now the five nominees for performance by an actress in a leading role. cate blanchett in "tar." [ applause ] ana de armas in "blonde." [ applause ]
8:48 am
andrea riseborough in "to leslie." [ applause ] michelle williams in "the fabelmans." [ applause ] and michelle yeoh in "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] just two categories remain. the first is achievement in directing and the nominees are. martin mcdonagh, "the banshees of inisherin." [ applause ] daniel kwan an daniel scheinert, "everything everywhere all at once." [ applause ] steven spielberg, "the fabelmans." [ applause ] todd field, "tar." [ applause ] and ruben ostlund, "triangle of sadness." [ applause ] >> whew. now the final category.
8:49 am
here are the ten nominees for best motion picture of the year. >> "all quiet on the western front." [ applause ] >> "avatar: the way of water," james cameron and jon landau, producers. [ applause ] >> "the banshees of inisherin," graham broadbent and martin mcdonagh, producers. [ applause ] >> "elvis," baz luhrmann, catherine martin, patrick mccormick, producers. [ applause ] >> "everything everywhere all at once," daniel kwan, daniel scheinert and jonathan wang, producers. [ applause ] >> "the fabelmans," kristie macosko krieger, tony kushner and steven spielberg, producers. [ applause ] >> "tar," todd field, scott lambert, producers. [ applause ] >> "top gun: maverick," tom
8:50 am
cruise, christopher mcquarrie, david ellison and jerry bruckheimer, producers. [ applause ] >> "triangle of sadness," eric hemmendorff and philippe bober, producers. [ applause ] >> and "women talking," dede gardner, jeremy kleiner and frances mcdormand, producers. [ applause ] >> this was such an honor and huge congratulations to all of the nominees. [ applause ] >> i hope you really soak up this moment and enjoy everything that lies ahead. >> in case you didn't know, saturday, february 11th is global movie day. so go see the nominated movies at your local theater. tell them we sent you and be better prepared for your oscar poll. >> and thank you for joining us and be sure to watch the 95th oscars live with host jimmy kimmel, sunday, march 12th. [ applause ] >> there were a lot of ooh, aahs and people like, what, what?
8:51 am
so we're going to break it down with our panel of experts. going to chat all things oscars streaming live on disney+ ♪ entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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♪ we're back on "gma" following all of the excitement of the oscar nominations this morning and our panel is breaking it all down for us. and, you know, "everything everywhere all at once" is the lead, 11 nominations. surprised? >> not especially, no. [ laughter ] i would say that sort of straddled the popular critical thing back and forth. >> absolutely. >> i mean, it has like great performances, great production, it's a great movie all around. not surprising. >> we'll take a quick break and be right back. (steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above
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can we just say thank you, seriously, chris, elizabeth, juju, you made the morning for us. congratulations to all the nominees. >> good-bye, everyone. >> good-bye, everyone.
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bill a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning . i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. angelina has like a traffic. thank you, reggie. good morning, everyone. so our biggest issue is still going to be with bart right now, and the closure of the lobby it station because unfortunately, according to bart, police, someone was hit on the tracks. this is now turned into a recovery effort there, so you will need to take the bus. if you are trying to get in and out of the lafayette station. it will take you to orinda also expect to have major delays on the anti r. klein hydro hydro being we're looking at temperatures this morning will find that we're warming through the forties and the fifties for the most part right now live look outside. from our east bay hills camera showing you bright sun channel breezy in our hills right now we expect a lot of sunshine today. temperatures on the mild side will go into the upper fifties lower sixties by four pm reggie thank you drew time now for live with kelly and
9:00 am
ryan. we see you again. in about 15 minutes. we exp >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "shotgun wedding," josh duhamel. plus, one of the stars of "ginny and georgia," brianne howey. also, investing and budgeting during a challenging economy as we continue make over your wallet weak. all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: good morning, deja v vu! there we go. >> kelly:


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