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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 31, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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at the district events center on kelly avenue. people are walking in a candlelight procession to ids hall where dinner is being served. let's go live to amended day because till you -- amanda del castillo. >> so much emotion tonight. >> the rally motion easy to see over the past two hours. the interfaith memorial service that started just after 4:00 now letting out. i'm going to turn so you can see the crowd coming out. they are going to start walking to ids hall after letting the candles. we know the event center was filled with hundreds. all focused on healing. the people you are seeing, for many of them that also involves forgiveness. tonight's event signal another step forward for residents of half moon bay. the same team of city officials,
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businesses come interfaith groups and nonprofit organizations which led the vigil last friday was also leaving tonight's efforts as the group prepares to make its way to ids hall for dinner and fellowship. we have to talk about the significance of that location. on the night of the shooting, victims families met their where they learned about the extent of the tragedy and heard news that would forever change their lives. last week we saw hundreds at the friday evening vigil where part of the message surrounding togetherness to help with the healing process. it is something residents have clearly taken to heart. the people in the group are made up of community members, people from outside of half moon bay, people who the vice said maybe never thought to think about farmworkers. all of them very concerned about the futures of these farmworkers and their families and what happens next for them. as i mentioned, we did speak with the vice about -- with the
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vice about forgiveness. dachshund the vice mayor. as the group continues to light the candles they will make a 10 minute walk to the. main street from there, the group will be having dinner and continuing to fellowship. just a big night of events for the community in half moon bay. still working to healing. people come out. we have compiled a list of ways you can help people affected by the shooting. go to action. francisco security guard shot and killed while escorting teenagers out of a mall. 40-year-old gavin boston was killed in japan town last month. he had been on the job for only
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two months. prosecutor suspect the two teens killed him. police arrested them both. ages 14 and 15. a gofundme account has raised $30,000. a suspect in custody for a violent crime spree two years ago. investigators say ricardo padilla shot and killed a man in 2021. he is accused of a number of attacks and stabbings. there is another murder in which the victim has not been found. >> we can confirm the suspect is responsible for two homicides that occurred during that time. one of them is significant because we still have not found a body of this victim. we do have enough evidence that points to the suspect as being responsible. >> he is also accused of ramming his car into a livermore police motorcycle during a chase. >> in alameda county
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elected district attorney is reopening the cases of six deadly police shootings and two in custody deaths. the cases being reviewed include the death of mario gonzalez who died while being restrained by police officers in april 2021. less than an hour ago the city of alameda responded and said it would cooperate with the review but pointed out the death was already investigated by the da's critical incident team and an independent investigation and neither found any wrongdoing. the eight cases being reviewed date back to 2007. two involve an oakland officer who shot and killed two unarmed men within seven months. the deadly shootings augustine gonzalez and caleb smith both involving hayward police are being investigated.
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>> day since the november election and now and alameda county judge is authorizing a review of the ballots from the oakland school board election after the registrar's office figured out there was an error in the results of the race because of the way ranked choice votes are tallied. ryan curry explains what this review really means. unified district four school board case is ordering a review of the already counted ballots. he has called on the registrar's office to let the attorneys for mike hutchinson and nick resnick review the ballots. this is not overturn results but is a step in the process. as already been certified as the winner but hutchinson may have one based on rank-choice voting. >> ballots in question are going to be pulled from the ballot boxes tomorrow. on monday and tuesday next week there is going to be a review of the ballots.
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>> an official recount has not yet been ordered. the alameda county board of supervisors are calling for clarity. cal state east bay political science professor says it is crucial every voter has their vote counted under the right way especially for local elections. >> rank-choice voting is another complication in it. every vote should count especially in these local elections where the margins are so close. >> we reached out to resnick and the registrar's office. neither have returned our request for interview. she says this should get sorted out the right way because school boards have a big impact on the committee. >> this is their children's education. especially oakland with so many issues surrounding what is going on in the school district. it is absolutely important people feel heard and represented. >> the first hearing is set for february 10 to determine the next steps. as for now, resnick is sitting
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on the school board for district four. hutchinson says he feels confident he will eventually be declared the winner. >> this feels like a necessary step and hopefully this will reaffirm the numbers we have been given which show that i won the election in district four. >> today tesla confirmed the department of justice has asked for documents on its autopilot and full self-driving features. there have been dozens of crashes involving tesla's in which automated systems have come into question. drivers have also reported the cars unexpectedly brake. the tesla -- tesla says it is not aware of any ongoing abet best a geisha that has concluded any wrongdoing occurred. the company says despite the name the cars cannot drive themselves. pressure to change its policies after a federal agency has found violations of workers rights. investigators with the national
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labor relations board found apples whirls prohibited workers from discussing wages. it can pressure employees to -- and players to change policies. >> any president' jose university. a clean slate after the previous president resigned during a sexual harassment investigation. both the new presi student body say they are ready for a new era. new semester at san jose state and it is the start of the university's new leadership. the new president was announced in november. she started january 16. >> i am proud to be leading the oldest university on the west. >> s texas a&m university san antonio where she served as president. her new well at san jose state marks a return to the csu system. the new president saying she has big goals for san jose state
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especially as it continues to recover from the pandemic. >> what does education look like in 2023 and beyond? what are the degrees we need to be offering? >> she says continuing to grow san jose state's enrollment will also be a priority along with affordable housing solutions for students and better connecting the business and nonprofit world. the university has had an interim president since december of 2021. that is when the former president resigned in the wake of the sexual harassment investigation. a dark time the university is still coping with. >> i was not here then. my intent is to lead forward with the sole purpose and intention of ensuring every student is safe and secure, feels comfortable reaching out for resources, can share experiences. we have put a lot of practices in place to mitigate anything like this happening again. >> we spoke with students about what they hoping for with the new president in the wake of the investigation. the one common ask his express
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ability. >> especially having that important phase as being a president you have to show your students you are there with good intent. you are there to make sure these things are not happening likely sexual soul. >> making sure she is accessible to everyone on campus is important. i am hopeful she is able to communicate that. >> she says she is ready to meet those needs. >> look for me on campus. talk to me on social media. i look forward to connecting with you. >> coming up next, unpermitted encroachment pit they are why neighbors are fighting san francisco for a place to sit. >> 7 on your side helps when a canceled flight turns into a refund nightmare. >> winter chill with us again. i will show you when we will get rid of it and when the rain ♪ ♪ [ cat purrs ] [ phone vibrates ] introducing astepro allergy. steroid-free allergy relief that starts working in 30 minutes,
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>> states of emergency in california have been with the by governor. some are five years old like emergencies proclaimed for the north wildfires in 2017 p the governor and of the state of emergency for monkeypox which was declared last august. the governor says the conditions that created the state of emergency new longer exist. >> a group of people in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood is asking for leniency after being asked to remove so-called unpermitted encroachments. most of us call them ventures. neighbors hoped they would enhance the look of the street making it more family-friendly. here is liam melendez.
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>> mary bell avenue in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood is known as a kid friendly street. neighbors have gone out of their way to make the street more attractive. people even use these stone benches to conduct outdoor meetings. what for nearly 20 years residents have had in place is now being targeted by the department of public works after someone complained to 311. >> the city has asked us to apply for an encroachment permit on the sidewalk. or remove the benches. >> there are plenty of encroachments throughout the city. we have all had to walk around them. the bikes, scooters, homeless encampment's to name a few. >> the big thing w sure is there were no hazards at all particularly for people visually impaired. if they are using a wheelchair, any other issues. we want to keep the path of travel safe for all users. >> one thing these neighbors have are unusually wide sidewalks. let's measure.
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we measured from the curb to the benches in question. nearly 14 feet of available space. lenny of room for strollers and more. the notice given to neighbor specifies they must apply for a minor encroachment permit at a cost to them of $1400. >> no way am i going to pay $1400. i will just take it down if i have to. if it >> >> is s the school board was dealing with renaming high schools during the pandemic rather than dealing with distance learning and it is a non-issue that is creating a lot of energy and use of resources for something that was not a problem in the first place. >> public works is working with neighbors and the local district supervisor hillary ronen to find a solution. in statements she said i office is working with dpw to maintain the community atmosphere on mirabelle which means keeping
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the benches where they are. only the board of supervisors can waive the fees or come up with legislation that would allow this type of encroachment as part of the neighborhood. >> so cold. >> are we going to get a break anytime soon? >> we will. just one more day. it is not going to be quite as brutal as it was this morning. that may show you the winning temperatures down to 27 in santa rosa. 29 in kentfield. fairfield, 30 degrees. definitely a cold start this morning. we have another cold night ahead with frost advisories going up for the valleys and the hills five midnight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow protect your pets by bringing them inside. don't forget about sensitive plants and outdoor pipes to prevent any damage.
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7:00 tonight, 40's and 50's. the one thing that is going to help us as the higher clouds will insulate us a little bit so it is now going to get quite as cold tomorrow morning. by midmorning you already in the 30's in the coldest spots. a few clouds passing through the bay area. here are the clouds from our oakland airport camera. low 50's from oakland to san francisco. san jose, some of our cooler spots. lovely view of downtown san francisco from our sutro tower camera. 51 in santa rosa. upper 40's from fairfield to nevada. here is a live view from our east bay hills camera. we will continue to see more of these issues you are looking at going into tomorrow. another chilly night. areas of morning frost. milder mornings toward the end of the workweek and an unsettled pattern friday through the weekend. beach hazard statement until
6:18 pm
10:00 p.m. tonight. bringing a higher risk of recurrence and sneaker waves. don't ever turn your back toward the ocean. keep an eye on the ocean if you're going to be out there to enjoy. first thing in the morning temperatures will be down near freezing. or slightly below in places like fairfield with a high cloud cover around. there was to be fussed areas around the bay and the coast in the mid to upper 30's to low 40's. tomorrow afternoon your temperatures are going to be in the 50's and 60's. this time around more cloud cover than what we experienced today. i want to show you the temperature trend for the mornings. thursday you are in the low to mid 30's inland. friday, primarily in the 40's and 50's. saturday, upper 30's to 40's. that will be better in terms of the chill. in terms of the lunar new year celebrations at his the year of the rabbit.
6:19 pm
saturday afternoon, evening, a level one to we will find tune it for you. i know the parade is happening saturday night. it is going to be close in terms of the timing as far as when the rain arrives. morning chili and frost. late-night chance thursday but it is more a one on friday going into saturday afternoon and evening. a one. that is your second system. through sunday it will be cost year with higher rain totals. monday and tuesday, bright skies. i will show you the timeline of when the rain is coming. >> january had such a start and tomorrow will get a sense of what a difference that will make for the year. the department of water resources will conduct a snow survey. that is when they measured the water content of the snowpack which helps determine how much water we will have available during the dry summer months. officials said it was at 177%
6:20 pm
normal. they said we are off to one of the snowiest starts to about 40 years. also tomorrow a new area code debuts. 369. it will overlay the area 707 numbers. here is a map showing the current 707 area code. stretches up california's to the border with oregon. it is expected to run out of phone numbers by the end of the year. their numbers will get the 369 code. existing numbers will not change. >> month of the year with a strong beginning. the dow jones sword 368 points. the nasdaq is up 190 today. the s&p 500 rose by 58. the federal reserve meets tomorrow. investors are hoping they will hear about one of the last interest rate hikes for some time. >> cross-cultural, multiethnic, multilingual art it.
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6:24 pm
>> the city of san francisco is ushering in your ended this -- and the much loves traditions. this year's parade will include 16 immigrant women marching with special flags they created. cross-cultural multiethnic multilingual art project called how i keep looking up. at the heart of the project and women from chinatown and the mission district from the chinese and latino communities. the artists tell us this project was a chance to bridge differently goerges and cultures across a expensive city. >> these beautiful artworks give us so much hope. >> hop committed he is heartbroken because of tragedies in monterey park and half moon bay. organizers say these immigrant artists offer healing and hope. >> all these flags have such beautiful stories behind them we
6:25 pm
want to be able to share them not just any times of tragedy but times of togetherness, hope and celebration. >> it is a true testament to the resilience of our communities because we continue to look up no matter what the obstacle >> whether they are chinese or latino these are to share stories of resilience through translators we learn more. >> this flag represents me and my story. now i work with latino families helping provide resources with them. >> in the two hands is a set of keys. the keys represent all this time after coming to america. the difficulties and struggles i have been through. as a resident dealing with housing and finding affordable housing for my family. >> through all the ups and downs, these women, these communities share a collective experience and they hope you will recognize it and reflect on it. >> we will not only continue to look up. we will strive together. we will fight together and we
6:26 pm
will win together. >> coming together. >> the challenges. coming up next, as we move on, a movie set that was the scene of a deadly accident has resulted in criminal charges. the punishment actor alec baldwin could face. >> the time is now to rethink how we prioritize what we are telling people who might find themselves in mass shooting. >> the new advice that could
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> in southern california the city of monterey park is extending support services following the deadly shooting at a dance studio that left 11 people dead. it is also taking the first step toward creating an emergency victim's phone which is expected to be voting on during a special city council meeting tonight. >> it hit us hard. we have one of two choices. you can be hit harder and not get up from this.
6:30 pm
we can recover. i know from this community we are a resilient bunch. >> monterey park's fire department is reeling following the shooting 10 days ago. 18 responded and several have not returned to work because of the trauma and the horrible things they witnessed. the fbi's guidance in mass shooting has been to run, hide or fight but some experts think that actiq might be outdated. especially after >> incidents in monterey park where a bystander disarmed the gunman. a look at the new advice for saving your lives and others. this is the moment brandon fought back. he >> was preparing his weapon to wrist dexter fire. >> does arming a gunman in monterey park, california. in colorado springs it was an army veteran. >> i needed to save my family. >> who helped wrestle away a gun at club q nightclub saving countless lives. james show jr. disarmed active
6:31 pm
shooter inside a tennessee waffle house in 2018. >> the decision to fight was because there was nothing else for me to lose in that moment. >> with seemingly daily mass shootings in america more people are fighting their assailants. he woke acts that have some in the law enforcement community openly saying -- >> the time is>> now to rethink how we prioritize what we are telling people who might find themselves in mass shooting. >> you've probably heard these three words. run, hide, fight. >> you can survive a mass shooting. if you are prepared. >> those tactics from the fbi record to law enforcement agencies across the country. they are used to teach civilians about how to react if confronted by an active shooter. a security expert penned in a recent article that advice maybe dated. >> run if you can. get away if you can. what we have seen is engagement with the shooter, trying to
6:32 pm
distract him, trying to demobilize him, trying to prevent him from reloading his gun, all of those things can help in minimizing the harm. >> 50% of active shooter events end before law enforcement get there. it does not matter how much we train for these events. it matters a lot on how we train our civilians. >> frankel county sheriff's deputy has already adopted a different way of teaching his community on what to do in edit active shooter situation. you teach avoid, deny, defend. how is that different from run, hide, fight? >> hide, that is the big part that is different. people go around looking for targets paid when you have a hero step up, it saves all those targets from being potential victims. >> experts recognize fighting back has not always work. in 2019 a north carolina college student charged a gunman and died. a week later a colorado high school student met the same fate. for shaw who lived when he fight
6:33 pm
back -- >> everybody is not wired like that. if that is the only thing you can do, that is the only thing you can do. >> the more we understand what tactics of engagement do work, the more we can empower people to help and protect themselves. >> that was bring gringa's reporting pit the fbi reminds people to be aware of alternate exits, keep hands empty invisible when leaving a building and lock a door if you are hiding. >> for more how to handle a situation like this including the emotional impact, go to action. >> tomorrow the funeral for tyre nichols, the memphis man who died after he was beaten by police at a traffic stop. vice president harris will attend the funeral. so will breonna taylor's mother and george floyd's brother. in the bay an event calling
6:34 pm
kneeling for tyre nichols is scheduled to be held on the steps at san francisco city hall. his favorite sports team was the san francisco 49ers. two bridges in memphis will be lit up a red and gold in his honor. >> prosecutors have formally charged actor alec beaudoin with involuntary manslaughter. cinematographer halyna hutchins died shortly after being wounded while filming on the outskirts of santa fe in 2021. wadman was pointing a pistol at her when the gun went off killing her and wounding the director. the armor is also charged with involuntary manslaughter. the da is accusing them of failing to perform safety features that could have prevented the accident. >> still to come, angels for animals. meet the local people making sure animals have a safe home even if it is halfway across the home from where they started. >> i michael finney with a story
6:35 pm
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all too common. a big problem this winter. >> michael finney helped one traveler. >> we did. the sudden disruption in travel plans left many with few desirable options. some found themselves still cleaning up the mess. reggie enjoyed his business meeting in guadalajara. he had a good time bonding with coworkers and fellow event planners. he booked his flight via expedia three months in advance. seven weeks later he received this notice that his return flight had been canceled. aeromexico offered to move up his departure 12 hours. >> they wanted me to click and accept a flight back earlier. a little after 7:00 a.m. in the morning which means i would have missed the last meeting. referred him to aeromexico but he said their line offer no reasonable alternatives. he went back to expedia which
6:39 pm
suggested he cancel his return flight and rebook on another airline. he had insurance and figured one way or another he would get a refund for the canceled flight. >> the flight insurance company were no help at all. i was asking them why do i have flight insurance if you cannot cover this? >> he went back and forth from expedia to aeromexico, back to expedia and again to aeromexico. at one point he received this email from expedia telling him we wanted to reach out to you and let you know delta airlines has taken over flight looking from expedia. > i called delta and gave them the reference number, gave them everything. delta had no idea what they were talking about. >> running out of options he turned to 7 on your side. we reached out to expedia. it told us we appreciate his patients as we worked with the airline to pursue his refund. we are happy to confirm the
6:40 pm
refund was processed and to apologize for the delay we have added expedia points to his account to use on a future booking. reggie is pleased with the resolution. the event planner says his experience will help him serve his customers better. >> it still makes me do my job even better to make sure we are always aiming to please our guests. >> if you have a consumer issue you need help with contact me by going to on your side. >> and i on the sky over the next couple of nights. a recently discovered green, is expected as it earth sometime tomorrow or thursday night. although it will be an estimated 27 million miles away, scientists say we will be able to see appear the comment was last visible to earth during the stone age. experts say look for a faint green smudge during the northstar.
6:41 pm
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>> we are inspired by people working to create change and we are committed to sharing their stories so we can all be allies in action. we bring her the story of one must determination to rescue dogs and cats in taiwan and bring them to the bay area where they can find a loving home. liam melendez discovered the organization called angels for humans, animals and nature in san francisco. >> if the dog from you, then of course they will communicate with you. i do believe that. my name is victoria and i am from and drills for humans, animals and nature. -- from angels for animals and nature. >> i would like to introduce you to tai he is named after taiwan, his homeland. we are uncertain about his age but we think about nine. this little cutie is angel. she is also probably nine.
6:45 pm
when she was about one, was a stray in rural taiwan. somehow got caught in an animal trap. she was found trapped. and rescued but lost her leg in the process. >> this lady from spca handed me a tape. i did not know. one day i thought i looked at it and was so horrified what i saw. according to my calculation we probably have saved 10 to 20,000 including cats, around 20,000. just dogs, probably over 10,000. they all need to be spayed and neutered. they'll need to have a clear health check. so when they come here, there will not be any problems or surprises. >> they are just so ethical in the way they provide real information about dogs.
6:46 pm
i don't think people need to worry about adopting a dog from another country and getting something very different than what they expect. >> i want to give credit to the person in taiwan who is your main person. what is her name? >> her name is jasmine. > what does she do? >> first she will check out the dog being rescued. and make sure they have a health record and paperwork is right. she will do an evaluation of the dog's temperament. once she understands the dog's temperament, she will know what type of family that will be suitable for these dogs. for me washe th the most helpful was they provide videos. videos really -- you can get a sense of the temperament of a dog. >> when they are getting ready to come, the foster or rescuers, they usually start to use english commands to train them a little bit.
6:47 pm
>> they find a traveler who is a volunteer who is responsible for them. the airlines will not just fly dogs in a crate without a human. they have recruited volunteers who travel frequently for business between san francisco and taiwan. >> what was that moment like when you went to the airport to pick -- and so what was t moment like? >> i was very nervous. so nervous i asked a friend to go with me and do the driving. but just great anticipation. these two have added so my life. and particularly during covid i do not know what i would have done when we were truly isolating. they were my pot. -- pod.
6:48 pm
>> slowly but surely we all start to learn how to learn how to love not just ourselves but also not just human beings and also other living beings on this earth. incredible work. >> let's turn to one last check on the weather. >> speaking of a quotable, sandhya patel is here. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. a few high clouds coming through the region. that is going to change come friday. we will have radar returns. tomorrow afternoon, high clouds and sons. temperature in the low 50's. 16 of the last 31 days have been tried despite the fact we start doubt warily with stokers the first couple weeks. it turned out pretty dry. more dry days and went for the month.
6:49 pm
february will be changing. friday morning we have some rain coming our way. it will continue into the evening hours and a second system comes in saturday afternoon, evening, going into sunday. it will bring more rain than the first system. in rainfall projections taking new systems. anywhereinch and 11 to just over an inch for the wettest locations. the accuweather 7-day forecast, roy moore chilly frosty morning and we will get credit frost with more cloud cover which means motor mornings, wet weather friday, saturday and sunday. a level one all three days with two separate systems. >> someone just got cheated out of a trip to the super bowl. >> i am among the many. i am tired of cheesesteaks. coming up basketball. stephen curry continues to rewrite the record books. the history he made last night
6:50 pm
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>> abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> the 49ers to cleaned out their lockers putting even more official end to the season. nick boseman was asked about a production between the super bowl's in -- the eagles and chief spirit to which he said that will be a good battle. i won't be watching.
6:53 pm
this video makes it more official the season is over. locker cleanout. layers packing their things and departing. currently the 49ers don't have a healthy quarterback on the roster. weighing options between surgery or rehab on his right elbow. if he has surgery he is looking at potentially a six-month recovery process. trey lance told reporters he should be fully cleared in three or four weeks as he recovers from the broken ankle. both quarterbacks walking out the noise as they prepare for next season. >> in terms of who is going to be a starter and who we are bringing in and any moves or anything like that, would not cover any of that. i did not want to hear about anything. i just wanted to focus on my recovery right now and what i have to do for my are moving forward. >> i have not talked to kyle yet. i'm sure it will be a story for you guys. excited to get back out there. >> demeco ryans is the head
6:54 pm
coach of the houston texans. check out the official twitter profile picture. he has been a coach on chana hand staff since 2017. spent the past two as defensive coordinator. he was drafted by the texans in 2006. spent his first six seasons there. after stepping away for a year, sean payton back in the nfl becoming the denver broncos's newest head coach. because he had signed a -- denver expect to make him one of the highest paid head coaches in the league. the reimagined propyl game is coming up thursday at 2:00. on sunday the main event is on abc and espn starting at noon. if you want to head to las vegas instead of the super bowl, you can get your tickets. don't look now but here come the warriors.
6:55 pm
last night's win at oaklawn the city cave them consecutive road wins for the first time all season. currently the warriors are fifth in the west and a half game out of fourth place in the west. exile large part to stephen curry who scored a game-high 38. that is special. i think everybody who breaks a world record feels a certain type of way. there are certain ones nobody is going to touch. definitely blessed to have 14 years representing w nation. putting up a a lot of shots. that is pretty cool. definitely one to celebrate. >> passing will chamberlain, that is what a legendary accomplishment -- wilt chamberlain is one of the greatest athletes to walk this earth. the fact staff was able to do that, that is special.
6:56 pm
>> steph curry continues to amaze. the warriors have two road games and saturday on abc 7. as we transition back into basketball. keep on moving forward. 49ers moving forward with some injury questions about what they will do with quarterback . coach shanahan and john lynch set to speak tomorrow. another week of talking about this. the nfl is very interesting. the niners have all those players. but you need the quarterback. needs healthy quarterbacks. >> coming up tonight at is the rookie followed by the rookie feds at 9:00. will trent at 10:00 stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. the abc 7 bay area news app and join us when ever you are. that is it for this edition of
6:57 pm
abc7news. thank you for joining us. >> for sandhya patel, chris alvarez n.l. of us we appreciate your time. we will see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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