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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 1, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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something like that in the show? >> i cannot say. i think that you'll be in for a surprise. >> reporter: blackstone also performs with the band during the shows, giving us a sneak peek at rehearsals. how do you manage the show, then, while you're playing? >> we have these talk-back mics. a lot of the preparation, honestly, comes before. so when we hit the stage, it's just like another day. >> that's "nightline." watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> it will be hitting different. some of us, it will take years. ama: healing and half moon bay. the small community comes together to reflect on the violence that happened last monday. good evening. dan: we will have that story in a moment. breaking news. a young child has been attacked by a mountain lion in san mateo county. ama: this happened on tanita's creek road. you can see where that is, inland off of highway one. 15 minutes from half moon bay. dan: we are live bay. you heard from a neighbor about this, right? reporter: that neighbor describes getting to the scene almost immediately. the sheriffs office said the child was taken to the hospital, a local trauma center. we don't know exactly how the child is doing at this hour.
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the attack happened just before 7:00 tonight. video taken in the area surrounding to neatest creek road shows conditions made for wildlife. neighbors say they aren't shocked to hear about a mountain lion citing but they are surprised about the attack. officials say the child was conscious when they were transported to the hospital earlier tonight. we met a resident who describes living on the neighboring property from where this all happen. this man says he was the first on scene. the child was on the backside of the property, where the parent was working. >> they were pretty calm when i pulled up. i asked them if they were ok. they said everybody was fine. they had to talk to fish and game. a warden came up. mountain lions typically avoid people. it's not often you hear about an attack on a human. reporter:
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of fish and wildlife says it's actively investigating the attack. tonight, the sheriff of san mateo pat -- county posted saying, our coastal community has endured so much these past few weeks. saying, the entire agency is sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery. abc7news. dan: thanks very much. people there are still dealing with the mass shooting and half moon bay that killed seven people. the town came together tonight, showing their solidarity and how resilient they are. amanda was at that memorial. here's her report. reporter: this candlelight procession putting the spotlight on a community and morning. residents of half moon bay and beyond together reflecting on the week that has passed. >> we are going through different waves. waves of anger and sorrow and disbelief. trying to connect all the dots.
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why didn't we see this before? why didn't we see something happening? reporter: in the days that followed, the shock and horror only compounded by details about how local farmworkers have been forced to live. >> we need to grieve and then try to move forward and get back to where we were. hopefully, a very important message is to make the conditions for the farmworkers improved a lot. reporter: help for farmworkers was top of mind at the interfaith memorial service. help and healing which involves forgiveness. >> it was so fat -- powerful to hear that the family members said that they had to forgive so that the person that caused all this could sometime find forgiveness. >> i will never forgive the shooter. reporter: the vice mayor's director of the farmworker program.
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he acknowledges the grieving process is going to look different for everyone but he believes forgiveness is paramount. >> i think he will need support from the community, from our organizations. mental health support to be able to understand and enjoy himself. reporter: the last stop brought the crowd to main street. full circle for the family and friends of the victims. we have to talk about the significance of ids all. this is a location where friends and families of victims came to learn the news that would forever change their lives. tuesday night was the sight of dinner and fellowship for community that is still working to heal. abc7news. dan: thank you. for those of you who want to support half moon bay, consider donating to the nonprofit in the piece. it has been supporting the farmworker community since 2006
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and has set up a half moon bay strong fund. you can go to where website for a link. ama: tomorrow, governor newsom is scheduled to announce new gun safety legislation. he will be joined by rob bonta and anthony porton tino from burbank as well as gun safety advocates. this comes in the wake of the recent mass shootings in half moon bay and monterey park. dan: tomorrow is the funeral for tyre nichols. surrounding that deadly encounter. the initial incident report paints a vastly different picture of what happened that night then what is shown on the video. including claims of reckless driving, fighting back from officers, and more. multiple video angles confirm otherwise. 24 minutes passed before anyone appears to render aid. al sharpton shared his outrage tonight at a news conference
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with tyre's family. >> what happened to him as a disgrace to this country. people from around the world watch the video tape of a man, unarmed, unprovoked being beat to death by officers of the law. dan: sharpton will give the eulogy at tomorrow's funeral. kamala harris will attend along with breonna taylor's mother and george floyd's brother, both who had their loved ones killed by police. at sundown tomorrow, memphis will honor him by lighting up to bridges and red and gold for his favorite sports team, the san francisco 49ers. an event called kneeling for tyre is set to be held at the steps of san francisco city hall 11:00 tomorrow morning. organizers are gathering to demand justice for him. ama: the new district attorney in alameda county says her office will be reopening h different police use of force
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cases, all deadly. tim johns has been tracking this and he's now here in studio explaining what this means. reporter: the da announcing the creation of a new public accountability unit that will be the body that reopens and investigates those eight cases. the move dividing opinion in alameda county. eight deadly cases during interactions with police will soon be reopened in alameda county. the newly elected district attorney making the announcement on tuesday in a move that has divided local opinion. >> i'm glad that we are kicking off her term in the right way. she ran on a platform of holding them accountable. >> this is crazy. reporter: they range from as far back as 2007 up to 2022 and features high-profile instances.
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decision to reopen previously investigated cases is a waste of time and taxpayer money. >> their investigations were thorough, objective, comprehensive. they considered all the evidence , forensic video, statements, everything. reporter: he worries that public safety will suffer as a result and things are decision will cause tension with local police departments. >> the tact taken is going to create open warfare between her office and law enforcement management throughout the county. reporter: not everyone agrees with that. the oakland-based anti-police terror project says she is following through on promises made during her campaign. >> i don't know how anybody can suggest to me that there's not a problem with wonton police violence and people getting away with it. reporter: omission of reimagining policing and public safety. acknowledges that the road ahead is anything but certain. >> this is just one step.
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there's no promises here. we know that we can't leave it in the hands of price. reporter: the das office says due to the age of some of the cases, the statute of limitations may have run out for certain charges. i reached out to the office for an interview but was told she was unavailable. abc7news. ama: thank you so much. tomorrow, julian glover will be speaking to district attorney pamela price for a live one-on-one interview. you can watch that tomorrow on our show at 3:00 right here on abc 7. dan: former south carolina governor nikki haley is planning to announce a presidential run. donald trump launched his bid last year. haley served as u.n. ambassador in the trump administration. she will make the big announcement in charlston on february 15. ama: atherton is moving forward with a housing plan that
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received considerable pushback including a letter from two of its best-known residents. steph curry and his wife. the town held a meeting today that was packed with vocal opposition. tomorrow is the deadline for every city to turn in an eight year master housing plan that meets certain requirements. atherton is looking to knock down one property and turn it into townhouses. >> it's a multi family site but also it would set a president that pet projects on private property that are not on arterial roads is acceptable. >> we have real, genuine needs for affordable housing. we have almost no one who works in atherton who can afford to live in atherton. ama: atherton is one of the most expensive places to live in the united states. zillow puts the average home value at under $7.5 million. a security guard in san francisco's japan town shot and killed while on the job.
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his family members had a whole neighborhood show up and support. dan: is it the new american workweek? one state closing in on the extra day off. ama: a fierce battle over benches? the problem residents say is the most san francisco issue ever. sandhya: a chill in the air again tonight. find out when rain will replace it, coming up. dan: all that ahead. here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight, the pillow man cometh. get rid of that kid. will you give him a toy or something like that? >> you've got a winner. [laughter] ♪ i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. now, there's skyrizi.
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>> we are out -- grateful for the outpouring we've gotten from the community. ama: japan h of serity guard killed earlier this month. police arrested two teens who are to blame for the crime. j.r. stone was there and heard from the siblings of the man killed while on the job. reporter: of gavin boston, a security guard in japan town who was killed earlier this month doing his job and trying to keep the people in this small safe. >> we were told that it was my brother who was shot and killed. it is just starting to sink in
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that he's gone. reporter: gavin was 40 years old. two teenage boys were both arrested in connection to the killing that came as boston escorted one of them out of the mall. these surveillance pictures show those moments before the gunfire . the second teen is not seen here . tuesday night, it was about a community coming together. >> we play for his internal spiritual peace and happiness. i want to acknowledge gavin boston's family. there's nothing that we can say to bring him back. i am so sorry. reporter: gavin boston spent seven minutes inside the small area talking with this young man before escorting him outside. before the shot was fired. right now, you can see the candles that have been lit in his memory and a note that says gavin, you saved our community, rest in peace. >> he may very well have stopped
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a greater tragedy. reporter: his sister says that while some have called for justice in the form of jail time , that's not what most of her family is looking for. >> my brother would want for this young man whose only 15, he would want him to get all of the help that he needs to be able to move on and move forward from this. and be a productive and kind and compassionate, good person. reporter: most addressed the issue of guns in the community with the hope that more can be done going forward. >> the second amendment doesn't say -- it's important what it doesn't say. it doesn't say, hand out guns to your kids. it doesn't say, handout guns to people who are mentally unstable. reporter: family members thankful for all of this community support in the wake of gavin's killing. >> this is amazing.
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we do appreciate it. he deserved it. reporter: abc7news. ama: we reached francisco district attorney's office regarding the court status of the suspects but we haven't heard back. dan: a battle is building in one san francisco neighborhood. residents along mirabelle street have been asked to remove what the city calls unpermitted encroachments. we would just call them benches. neighbors for years have made various enhancements to make the street more family-friendly. after nearly 20 years, someone complained about the stone benches that have been added. residents will need to go to the city for a permit which could cost $1400. >> no way would i pay $1400 to keep it. i will just take it down if i have to. >> it's similar to how the school board was dealing with renaming high schools during the pandemic rather than dealing with distance learning.
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it seems like it's a nonissue that's creating a lot of energy and use of resources for something that wasn't a problem in the first place. dan: only the board of supervisors can waive the fees are introduced legislation that would allow for the benches to stay. the district supervisor is working with the city on a solution. ama: who wouldn't love a four-day workweek? maryland lawmakers have created a bill to offer incentives to companies that try out the idea. it would offer businesses in maryland tax credits if they try out a 32 hour work week for employees without dropping their 40 hour workweek level of pay. employers would have to participate for nearly two years. this is the first of its kind plan in the u.s. that still has a long way to go and must pass the state legislature before getting the governor's signature. dan: immigrant communities will come together in debut 16 unique flags.
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you will get to see them if you already san francisco's chinese new year parade. chinese and latino immigrant women will march with flags they personally created in the wake of recent mass shootings. these designers launched an art project, how i keep looking up. each flag represents a story of resilience and how both communities united in a time of tragedy. susanna of the latino cultural district shares the importance of communities coming together. >> when we unite together as communities of color, we can continue to look up and reach up and be successful. dan: the artwork will be on display at the chinese cultural center in san francisco after the parade which starts saturday at 5:00. ama: the state will do its monthly snow survey in the sierra and we will find out just how big of a boost january storms provided. we got a hint from the department of water resources that the snowpack is well above
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average, at its highest level since 1995. the snowpack at 177% of normal. a snowpack is vital for helping and the drought since it accounts for about a third of the states water supply. dan: we've compiled the data when it comes to california's drought, both where we stand now and how we stack up to other states. this map shows you the range of drought conditions from the bay area out to the east coast. it breaks down the drought by neighborhood using our data journalism team. it's on the front page now for you to check out at very interesting. ama: we need to get a check on our forecast. dan: sandhya patel is here and it is still cold outside. sandhya: one more day and then we will start to notice temperatures going up and rain coming in. let's talk about our rainfall season to date. we are still ahead in terms of that. so this is good news.
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172% of average in san francisco. 209 in oakland. santa rosa at 131%. we need more rain and it's coming but right now, it is chilly outside. 33 in fairfield. 36 in brentwood. only getting colder by morning. we have another cold night. frost advisory for areas away from the coast. midnight tonight until 9:00 tomorrow, you'll want to protect pets, plants, and pipes. first thing tomorrow morning, 29 degrees in fairfield. 32 in livermore. these will be some of our coldest spots. the reason why it won't be in the mid to upper 20's like we saw around ukiah in santa rosa this morning clouds, providing a little bit of insulation. a sparkling san francisco tonight. another chilly night. milder mornings toward the end of the workweek.
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we have an unsettled pattern coming your way friday through the weekend. just some passing high clouds at this hour. tomorrow afternoon, they filter the sunshine. mid 50's to low 60's 60's for your wednesday. tomorrow is the first day of february. january, 16 of the last 31 days have been dry. more dry days than wet despite the fact that we started out really soggy in the beginning of january. february will start off with wet weather which is welcome. not tomorrow but early february. here's a look at the lunar new year festival forecast. it will be wet and breezy on friday to start the day. in the evening, rain on saturday and gusty conditions. i know the parade is happening. the timing looks like evening but it could get wet a bit. let's start timing this one out. 4:00 friday morning, light to moderate rain. 7:00, east bay. the second storm coming in
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saturday evening going into sunday. snow for the sierra nevada. that one is a colder system. lower snow levels and more rain. the first system friday, 4/10 of an inch. by the time we add on the saturday system, you are looking out over an inch of rain for some of the wettest spots. a night thursday. it's a level 1 for friday. monday and tuesday, we dry it out. out. if you think all pads are exactly the same... think again. this always ultra thin is our best yet. it wicks gushes 90% faster and absorbs even more. for up to 100% leak-free and odor-free comfort. this is triple protection from always. listen, i'm done settling. because this is my secret. fori put it on once,free anno more touch ups!t. secret had ph balancing minerals; and it helps eliminate odor, instead of just masking it. so pull it in close. secret works.
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discussing not only his timeless heads but how much more he's done to support and invest in his community. he says his dope era clothing store offers much more than apparel. >> it's imperative that we have spaces where people can come to talk to some folks about what it is that they are going through. what's in their mind. seeing a family unit. ama: the interview dives into how the rapper got his success and his future plans to keep giving back. you can find that story right now through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. welcome to my digestive system. with align probiotic. when your gut bacteria is out of balance.
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players packing up their things and departing their separate ways for the off-season. the 49ers don't have a healthy quarterback on the roster. if he has surgery, pretty likely looking at a six month recovery process while trey lance told reporters today, he should be cleared for football in three to four weeks as he recovers from a broken ankle. both quarterbacks preparing for next season. >> in terms of who will be a starter and who we are bringing in and and he or anything like that, we didn't cover any of that. i didn't want to hear about anything. i just wanted to focus on my recovery right now and what i have to do for my arm moving forward. >> i haven't talked to him yet. i'm sure it w story again for you this year. i'm excited for that. excited to get back out there and compete. 5 ryans is the head coach of the houston texans.
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check out his official photo update. spending the past two seasons as defensive coordinator ryans who was drafted. played for six seasons for houston and becomes the sixth head hope -- coach in history. it's a skills competition. sunday, the main offense on abc and espn. you can get your tickets right now. most career goals made in franchise history. >> i'm gold. not i think everybody who breaks a world record feels a certain way. there are certain ones that nobody is going to touch. >> what a legendary accomplishment. will chamberlain is one of the greatest athletes to walk the earth. earth. reporter: meet febreze's miracle spray: febreze fabric refresher.
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