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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 2, 2023 12:37am-1:07am PST

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ladies and gentlemen, diane warren. ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, remembering tyre. his life and light celebrated. >> i really do believe i'll see him beside me. >> a son, father, and friend. >> when tyre smiles, it wasn't just a smile. it was something from his soul. >> the calls for action. >> we demand that congress pass the george floyd justice in policing act. >> the disturbing new details about some of the officers involved. plus that streaking feeling. the new show about a therapist hitting his own rock bottom. >> don't you ever just want to shake him?
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>> we don't shake them. >> stars jason segel and executive producer brett goldstein of "ted lasso" talk about how laughter can be healing. >> a journey from darkness to light. >> and working alongside a legend. >> harrison ford, he was the most dedicated to making this thing great. black in vegas. abc's "soul of the nation" takes a closer struggles at faced by black entertainers. >> we could work the place, we couldn't eat in the place. >> you can't walk in the front door, you have to go around the back because you're black. >> the change that did come in las vegas and what still needs to happen to get caught up. >> there's so much more that we >> there's so much more that we need to address, though. ingredients, and fermentation. n, orgac fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness.
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♪ good evening. thank you for joining us. it was a celebration of life in memphis. a life cut agonizingly short. those who knew tyre nichols describe the light he shined in the world during his funeral today. a chilling contrast to the darkness that overcame him that fateful night. there was also purpose in the pulpit. calls for change once again. ♪ like a rainbow fading in the
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twinkling of an eye ♪ ♪ gone too soon ♪ >> reporter: once again today, another black church became the nation's chapel. collective grieving for yet another death, another black man who should not have died the way he did. a young soul gone too soon. >> on the night of january 7th, my brother was robbed of his life, his passions, and his talents. but not his light. >> reporter: 29-year-old tyre nichols remembered as a polite, peaceful young man, the baby of his family. aspiring photographer whose zest for life was apparent in his work. >> he seen the world way different than i've ever seen it before. >> tyre was a beautiful person. for this to happen to him, it's unimaginable. >> reporter: faces in the
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congregation america's mount rusher in to police misconduct. >> what's done in the dark will always come to the light. and the light of day is justice for tyre. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris also in attendance, pointing the finger at congress to act swiftly on police reform that would combat excessive use of force and racial discrimination. >> joe biden will sign it, and we should not delay, and we will not be denied. it is nonnegotiable. >> reporter: as calls for justice and reform grow louder, the public is now learning more about a few of the officers charged in tyre's death and their version of the january 7th incident. according to personnel records obtained by abc news, officers demetrius halley and desmond mills jr. were both previously reprimanded for not filling out the proper paperwork after using force to arrest individuals. another officer, emmitt martin,
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was disciplined after failing to report a domestic violence case even though the complainant asked to file one. >> failing to properly fill out paperwork in cases involving officers' use of force or failing to properly account for a case of domestic violence now looks really bad. but it does give us a bigger picture as to who these officers were. and it does add some context to the discrepancies that we now see involving tyre nichols. >> reporter: abc news also obtained the initial incident report where officers made claims that directly contradict what's seen in body camera and security video. the report states prior to the thoracic traffic stop, officers observed tyre driving recklessly. >> the police have said they haven't been able to substantiate that that's actually true, and of course there's nothing on video that precedes the interaction with the officers that shows he was pulled over for speeding. so it does raise a question as to whether it actually was a
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legitimate stop to begin with. >> reporter: officers also described tyre actively resisting by pulling on duty belts, grabbing an officer bit vest, and at one point, grabbing for a detective's gun. >> there doesn't appear, at least in the video we've seen so far, to be any instance of tyre nichols becoming aggressive or violent the way it's described in the police report. >> reporter: the report also fails to mention the beating that tyre received at the hands of police, only noting that a detective had struck tyre several times with a baton. >> just as the knee on the neck of george floyd made it fairly apparent to most people as to what went on in minneapolis, the videotaped beating of tyre nichols laid plain the officers' actions. and that led not only the police internally but also prosecutors to an inevitable conclusion. >> reporter: attorneys for two of the former police officers, mills and martin, saying their clients intend to plead not
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guilty to the multiple felonies they've been charged with. a across the country, the pain caused by yet another life cut short stings deep. >> the community definitely feels the loss of tyree. everybody in skateboarding knows about tyree now. tyre loved to film and he loved to skate. >> reporter: about a decade ago he spent time perfecting his skills at this skate argue in sacramento where he grew up. one of his best tricks, this 360 flip. >> he had his own style about him. he had a way of wearing his little beanie caps kind of not on the end, kind of floating on the head. >> reporter: curtis chapman ran a youth group where he met tyre and was instantly struck by his spirit. >> you kind of know who has a sincere heart and motives are pure and so forth. tyre definitely had pure motives. when tyre smiled, it wasn't just a smile. it was something from his soul
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that made it beam, was radiant. >> reporter: curtis' then 10-year-old son, nicholas washes budding skateboarder but not old enough to be in the skate park alone. fy reflect e took nicholas under his wing, helping him navigate the often-intimidating culture of skateboarding. >> tyre was one of the coolest guys here. being a young guy at the having somebody that paid attention to you and wanted to skate with you, not just be with his friends, that was pretty special for me. >> reporter: it was a nightmare come to life when nicholas and curtis learned their trusted friend and mentor died after that violent altercation with police. >> he says, "dad, have you watched the video?" and i'm like, "can't watch that video." he goes, "dad, you've got to watch the video because it's important for you to know." and i'm like -- and i can't fathom what it would be like for a parent to see such evil on their own son.
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♪ you provide the spirit ♪ >> reporter: dozens from the community gathering to remember his life, tearfully recounting precious moments with their lost friend. >> he was somebody that was going to comfort you, make sure you was okay before he was okay. >> tyre was an angel on earth. he was a joy. >> reporter: curtis and nicholas prefer to focus on tyre's happier days spent here at this skate park. >> tyre was at the skate park for everybody. so when i go skating or wherever i go, i want to bring that energy that tyre showed me. for me, tyre's legacy was his joy and his love that he had for people. >> reporter: a go fund me fund set up bit nichols family has already raised over $1 million to, in part, help build a skate park in honor of tyre. >> there's no greater love than
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a man will lay down his life for his friends. i think in some way, god's going to use this to incite change. this is not where it ends but where it begins. ♪ >> reporter: for now, the family's message to the public and their supporters -- fight on. >> there should be no other child that should suffer the way my son and all the other parents here have lost their children. >> justice for tyre! justice for tyre! >> president biden is expected to meet with lawmakers tomorrow to discuss what's next for police reform. coming up, actor jason segel on his new role as a therapist facing his own personal crisis and why he believes in the healing power of comedy. moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.
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♪ can comedy and therapy coexist? actor jason segel and executive producer brett goldstein believe they can. they're out to prove it in their new show. abc's mona kosar abdi sat down with the pair to learn more. >> it's easy so view your therapist just as an authority figure who knows the best for you. but they're also just a human being going through their own struggles and adversities and rock bottoms just like you are. >> reporter: that therapist, actor jason segel's latest character. a counselor in way over his head.
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>> what's on your mind today? >> like, i want to change but i'm not particularly open to make those changes. >> they say laughter is the best medicine. >> i've always felt like comedy is more than just escapism, it's a great way to tackle issues. >> reporter: the comedian playing a grieving clinician who deploys unconventional methods to help his clients in apple tv's newest comedy "shrinking." >> he kept going on and on about how dumb i am. but he loves me. >> your husband is emotionally abusive, he's not working on it, he doesn't intend to. just leave him. >> okay. >> explain this alternative approach that jimmy ends up taking. >> it's a breakdown. it's a guy who is stuck in his own life, stuck in his own grief, who is face-to-face with a bunch of patients who are stuck in their cycle. i think he makes them a reflection of himself and says, enough is enough. and tries to break that cycle and just starts telling his
12:55 am
patients what to do. which i think is wish fulfillment, right? don't we wish our therapists would just say, "i know what the answer is." >> dad's making you go to the dance? what's that all about? >> reporter: he's known for "freaks and geeks." >> you know they're going to play disco, right? disco sucks, i hate disco. >> reporter: and later for "how i met your mother." another familiar face behind "shrinking," brett goldstein, known for playing the irritable yet loveable soccer legend in "ted lasso." >> agree to disagree. i find it hilarious. >> high praise. >> reporter: now wearing his executive and writer hat for "shrinking" alongside cocreator bill lawrence. why was that important to show this alternative approach that he takes and also the hesitation from his co-workers? >> i just think it's such an interesting world. we're all big believers, proponents of it.
12:56 am
i think anyone who has access to it should have it. but there are boundaries, and they're there for a reason. and it's quite a fun -- in terms of comedy and drama, to play with those limits. >> don't you ever want to shake them? >> we don't shake them. >> do you think that now is a really relevant time to have a show where it talks about mental health when the conversation is surrounding mental health? >> whether we realize it or not, we're all collectively grieving this idea that we've lost something we're not going to get back. whether it's an actual loved one, which is happening on the show, or just this time from the past few years. like, our normalcy. >> reporter: his character, jimmy, struggling through his own cycle of grief after tragically losing his wife. was it difficult to talk about such a heavy topic? as jason said, put a little comedic flair to it? >> lawrence and jason have been asked about the tone of the show, how do you balance the tragedy with the comedy and the laughs? i sort of go, it's just basic life, isn't it? that's daily existence.
12:57 am
>> oh, hey, paul. i'm worried about you, kid. you haven't been grieving, you've been numbing. >> reporter: "shrinking" stars the legendary harrison ford as a wise but stoic therapist confronting his own battles. what was it like when you found out harrison ford was joining the cast? >> like a joke. "we'd love harrison ford, obviously we'll not get harrison ford." then it was harrison ford. "obviously he's not going to come to set." i think everyone felt that way for ten episodes. >> the crazy thing about harrison ford, who really could show up any way he wanted. he could show up not caring, not knowing his lines. he was the most dedicated to may go making this thing great. i don't think he's had the chance to do comedy the way he has in this show. i think it was exciting for him to show people how funny he is. >> reporter: the show exploring the many facets of grief, from illness and heartbreak to the
12:58 am
passing of a loved one. >> who do you hope the audience takes away from this? >> that you walk away from any of these things feeling hopeful and excited. like, oh, i'm part of a collective humanity that's trying to make it through a really confusing time. >> what i like about the show, i think it does have really heavy, heavy stuff in it, but i do hope at the end you feel better. it's literally a journey from darkness to light. >> our thanks to mona. "shrinking" now streaming on apple tv plus. up next, segregation on the strip. the decades-long fight to open doors for a new generation of black artists. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...the burning, the itching. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years.
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♪ finally tonight, las vegas has long been called the entertainment capital of the world. but behind those bright lights is a dark history. here's abc's janai norman. >> reporter: las vegas. one of america's playgrounds. but in the 1940s and '50s, people of color were only welcome on the stage. >> how crazy it was that these great entertainers could sell out the showroom, help the casino be successful because of those people, and yet couldn't stay there, couldn't gamble? >> imagine driving up to the front of the casino and your name is in lights, and you can't walk through the front door. you have to go around the back because you're black. but it's like, that's my name, i'm performing here tonight. >> reporter: segregation was the
1:04 am
rule in vegas, as it was throughout most of the country. abc news spoke to sammy davis jr. about the difficulties he faced. >> you couldn't get a room where you were working? >> no, you could work the place. we couldn't even eat in the place. >> reporter: performers like sammy davis jr., lena horne, josephine baker all spoke out against the discrimination they endured. but their push for equality combined with the longtime work of civil rights organizations like the naacp made a difference. in 1971, change would come by way of an important legal agreement. >> some people at the naacp put together a consent decree where they name 17 hotel casinos, five labor unions, and the nevada resorts association for not having done enough for black employment in this city. therefore, the consent decree
1:05 am
then demands 12% of jobs whole array of job categories for the african american community. >> reporter: today, casinos host black artists and superstars who perform night after night to sold-out crowds. >> to see the type of progress that we in america have as minorities is good. there's so much more that we need to address, though. wouldn't it be good to one day own our own hotel? have our own theater? have our own stage and stuff like that? we're laying the groundwork today for that to be a reality in the future. >> i feel like black entertainers in las vegas crawled and scraped so that we could fly. if not for the struggles they endured, there would be no possibility of somebody like me getting to go back to my hometown and perform on some of the biggest stages in vegas. >> our thanks to janai. the full show "black in vegas,"
1:06 am
a "soul of a nation" and abc news studios production streams on hulu. that's "nightline" for this evening. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.


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