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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 2, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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news studios production streams on hulu. that's "nightline" for this evening. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. ama: it's a story californians know well. today, a different kind of gold struck in the sierra nevada. coming in the form of snow. good evening. dan: california snowpack in the sierra now sits at nearly double the usual amount for this time of year. ama: when that melts to water, we are wondering if that gets us back to normal. dan: j.r. stone wind asking to find the answer and he's here now with the story. reporter: the snowpack is 205% of average but we still have two months until the snowpack usually peaks. the measurement tools were out in the sierra wednesday and you guessed it, after one of california's wettest three weeks on record, snowpack levels are looking good. >> we are currently outpacing 1982 and 1983 which is the wettest year on record. reporter: the sierra snowpack
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accounts for 30% of california's water needs. while the extreme amount of snow left for scenic images. >> i've never experienced as much snow. reporter: nine atmospheric rivers in two months left white out conditions and had some tourists shaking their heads. >> i know it's great for california but it doesn't make for the best vacation plans. thinking i was going to spend new year's eve on the street in a car because we couldn't get anywhere because of the snow. reporter: lauren harris and her friends managed to get out on some of the slopes. experts are hopeful that temperatures will stay cool and keep the snowpack from melting away too soon. >> for the recipe for success, it would be nice little periodic snowstorms and brainstorms between now and april 1 to preserve what we have. >> we still have months to go before the water year is over.
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that's april 1. so we want to be cautiously optimistic. reporter: san jose soon your -- going forward, we need to do a better job of preventing flooding and capturing stormwater to channel into ground aquifers during extreme weather situations. she says, we are not yet in a perfect water or snow situation. >> i think that the message is, it took us years to get in it. it will take years for us to get out, even though this season in particular has been filled with extreme events. reporter: while we love seeing our reservoirs fill up, professor cushing's says 50% of the water we use in the bay area comes from groundwater. making sure that type of water makes it to the aquifer is key. back to you. dan: that's critical. thank you. ama: we even have more rain coming our way and it might change your weekend plans. dan: a lot going on this weekend
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as well. let's bring in sandhya patel for a look at what we should expect. sandhya: how about rain? make sure you have your umbrellas ready and let's talk about the wet weather that's coming up. our rain chances are going up friday, saturday, sunday. all level 1 system's. it's two storms that were talking about. the work -- first one is friday. let's timeout the first one for you. it will make for a messy morning commute on friday. we are expecting light to moderate rain to move in here. i will be back with a closer look at the timeline of the weekend storm which could impact your plans, coming up. dan: our work to build a better bay area focuses tonight on the homeless. you've seen the makeshift shelters and encampments. it's a challenging problem so what can be done to get help and hope to the on housed? san francisco has a new plan but as tim johns explains, one supervisor says it isn't nearly
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enough. >> we have to figure out a better way to deal with this. tim: rafael nadal men not mincing worms -- words. rlrn e week, he cle onve speals this. athe end of la year by the department of homelessness and supportive housing. >> we spend a huge amount of money in the city not solving this problem. tim: it was meant to be an implementation plan after they voted in june of 22 to have the city offer all homeless people a safe place to sleep. it suggests spending $1.5 billion over the next three years in addition for the money expected to be spent. that comes out to $70,000 per shelter bed per year. >> that just seems like way too much to me. it's more than other community spend on shelter. tim: some of what is proposed is weight full and says the city can get rid of encampments for less.
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he isn't alone. he tells me that quality-of-life issues are a top concern for both city residents and businesses. randy shaw is the director of the tenderloin housing clinic. he agrees with many of madeleine's thoughts and beliefs the city should crackdown on the red tape. >> we have an emergency situation. we don't have the luxury to say, over 10 years this will be a better investment. we need to get people house now. tim: he maintains the city can and unsheltered homelessness with the right plan and funding. he says for now, more work needs to be done. >> people are leaving. businesses are leaving. tourists are saying away. we have to address this problem on our streets. tim: abc7news. dan: san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood is getting some new upgrades thanks to $3.5 million in funding. the money comes from the tenderloin initiative started by mayor london breed. the funding for each program
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will be decided in a few months after a resident voting process. programs include a service to help kids get to and from school safely. the neighborhood first-ever dog park and a so-called clean team. money will go to fund projects through 2025. ama:ne o o san francisco city hall. neighbors and activists took a need to mourn the death of tyre nichols and demand justice. among them, phil scott. the funeral for tyree nichols was held today in memphis. his mother was overcome with a motion as she addressed the crowd. >> tyre was a beautiful for this to happen to him is just unimaginable. going is the fact that i truly believe my son is sitting here
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behind me. ama: numerous dignitaries in attendance including kamala harris. a number of the speakers including the vice president called for change and police reform. bridges in memphis are lit up tonight in red and gold in honor of terry nichols. -- tyre nichols. he grew up in sacramento and moved to memphis a couple years ago. dan: killer robots might be on the agenda again in san francisco. there was an upper over the idea late last year that even went national. sfpd drafted a policy to allow for the lethally armed robots. the department claimed they would only be used in extreme situations for violent suspects that pose immediate risks to life. initially, they were approved. the board of supervisors ended up blocking the policy. during tonight's police commission meeting, the idea was floated again. >> when you are looking at these
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remotely piloted vehicles, they are probably more precise than any of our other force options. we won't accidentally get a bystander. we might not hit another vehicle. this will go directly to whoever the gunman is in this prolonged attack. we are still interested in resubmitting our proposal. right now, we haven't approved ordinance that has a use of force option. in all the times that we've had it, we've never needed to use it in the way in which we proposed. dan: there was no timeline given for when this proposal might be revisited. ama: a new era is officially underway. to mark -- tonight marks the inauguration for the city of san jose's newly at -- elected mayor. he's had a busy first month in office. he's planning for what's to come. amanda: cultural performances.
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a packed house and promises from the new mayor of san jose. the mayor's inaugural address focused on his push to get back to the basics. >> prioritize a few things that impact everybody's life, impact our collective quality-of-life, impact our safety and economic competitiveness. it's that critical that we move the needle on homelessness, life, and crime. amanda: he introduced inaugural action days meant to usher in a new era of resident engagement. >> a cleanup in each of our temporal did -- council districts. we plan to get hundreds of residents out to play a role in beautifying their neighborhoods. amanda: expanding programs like cash for trash which employs on housed residents, hoping to provide them with opportunity and dignity of work. >> next, we get to address
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unmanaged and cap men's. amanda: he wants to scale up shelter capacity, focusing on innovative approaches that are faster and more cost effective. pointing to an end to the era of encampments. >> finally we get back to basics by focusing on public safety. amanda: increasing police staffing by 15 officers per year over the next five years. he is working to double that rate to 30 added officers a year to improve response times across america's 10th largest city. >> our response time is seven minutes. priority two is 23 minutes, more than double our target. that's the un-acceptable result of low staffing levels. amanda: city leaders, supervisors, police and fire chiefs. some feel the mayor has missed the message on other issues like animal welfare. >> i work with the homeless community, helping them gets by
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and neuter services, medical care, food for their pets. it ties together. you can't address the homeless without addressing their animals. >> i'm a medical marijuana activist and i'm trying to get taxes waived for people that use medical marijuana for their pains and ailments. we shouldn't be paying tax on that. amanda: may hand details his determination to bring solutions to san jose. >> they don't have to all be mine. they won't be. they will come from across the ideological spectrum, from councilmembers representing a diverse range of neighborhoods and districts. that's probably a good thing. amanda: abc7news. dan: -- ama: the attack and the five-year-old bowl -- boys that survived. dan: speaker mccarthy meets with president biden. the $31 trillion reason they spoke at the white house today. ama: get your ai powered brain
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dan: the five-year-old boy who survived amount line attack is back home from the hospital. the attack cap edna year to meet his creek road. about 7:00 yesterday evening. a family member tells us the energetic five-year-old got ahead of his mom and grandparents during a walk near their property, likely surprising amount line. >> pretty vicious attacks. took him to the ground. was biting into this young child. the mom lunged at the mountain lion and, just before making physical contact with it, the lion let her son go. dan: wildlife officials spent the day searching for the cat in hopes of trapping it and removing it. they haven't yet found it. officials took traces from the boys clothing to help identify the mountain lion. neighbors say mountain lions are common in the area but experts say attacks are quite rare.
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the family set up a gofundme to help with medical and recovery needs. the community has come together to raise more than $10,000. ama: governor newsom is backing a new version of gun safety legislation. it will strengthen california's restrictions on who can carry concealed weapons in perfect -- public. >> we were here with confidence. you can write that check. take that. what's the old phrase? to the bank. i will be signing this legislation. i don't think that. i know that. ama: months after a similar version failed to pass last year. the legislation comes on the heels of the recent mass shootings and half moon bay and monterey park for which the governor vowed to take action. new developments. president biden met with kevin mccarthy at the white house today on the agenda is the need to raise the federal debt limit to avoid a potentially dangerous default this summer. it was his first time in the
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white house since republicans won control of the house in november. both parties need to compromise to find fiscal wiggle room since the u.s. hit its debt ceiling earlier this month. mccarthy said there were no agreements and no promises made but he's helpful. >> the meeting today first start. that doesn't mean that it all comes to fruition. walking out, i can see that it could come together. ama: the president saying he's keeping faith with mccarthy. dan: the artificial intelligence chat lot will be available by subscription. it can generate humanlike text based on inputs it is given. when the san francisco-based company behind it is called open ai, piloting a $20 monthly subscription. people who subscribe will get priority access during peak times. open ai plans to invite people
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on its waitlist in the next few weeks. ama: ama: the most unique holiday returns tomorrow. groundhog day. we will see if bucks ohtani phil declares in early spring or six more weeks of winter. on average, phil has gotten it right about 40% of the time. tomorrow's event is set to start around 3:30 in the morning. it will be a chilly 20 degrees. dan: ama: the percentage is a little wacky. dan: let's talk about our forecast. ama: her percentages are much better. sandhya: i would hope so. 40%. i think we will get it better. let's take a look at what you can expect. this week, changes. here are the headlines. storms coming in this week. expect slippery roads at times.
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a lot of cloud cover offshore. that's going to be moving in tomorrow. certainly have seen higher clouds moving through today. just filtering the sunshine. this morning, the temperatures were in the upper 20's to low 30's in our coldest spots. tomorrow morning, you will notice that they are higher. we are slowly moderating. beautiful view there. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. more wet weather is coming your way for the weekend. let's talk about the weekend. it's a big one. year of the rabbit. lunar new year celebrations going on. we have a level 1 each day but don't be full by this. morning rain friday. wendy with rain at night on saturday. sunday is wet and gusty. now here's the deal.
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the parade gets underway at 6:00 saturday. right now, the rain will be arriving close to that time so stay tuned. mid 30's to mid 40's first thing in the morning. some isolated locations dropping down to the low 30's. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy. san jose getting up to 64 degrees. it's a level 1 system. friday morning, light to moderate rain. it will be slippery. breezy at times. 2:00, the rain moves in. the cold front will dump some pretty good rainfall in a short amount of time. moderate around 4:00. by 8:00, a few scattered sharon -- hours before you get this big break friday afternoon into the evening. another storm comes in saturday night going into sunday. that will bring lower snow levels to the sierra nevada. both systems combined will bring rainfall totals that will range from about a third of an inch in
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brentwood to over an inch in the north bay locations. this won't be any atmospheric rivers but beneficial rain. in the mountains, both storms will bring anywhere from a few inches to 16 inches of snow at kirkwood. it's a mostly cloudy thursday. level 1 for friday morning. one on saturday night into sunday. then we go with brighter skies and milder weather. so hopefully we have a better track record. [laughter] dan: take that punxsutawney phil. phil. sandhya: hate it when a car freshener hits you with an overwhelming blast of perfume? febreze car vent clips work differently. febreze gives you consistent freshness that starts just right and stays just right for 40 days. upgrade to febreze car. just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! ugh. well, i switched to swiffer wetjet, and it's awesome. it's an all-in-one, that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside.
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dan: want to know how they surf in texas? it is i see they are with the area under an ice storm morning. ama: apparently this guy felt like that meant it was the best time to take his airboat out of
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storage. dan: what could go wrong? ama: nothing. dan: i wonder if his insurance agent knows that he does that. ama: they might deny that policy. disney pluses celebrating the start of black history month with their streaming debut of black panther wakonda forever. ♪ is nominated for five oscars including angela bassett for best supporting actress. you can stream it now exclusively on disney plus. dan: moving on. after running out of quarterbacks on sunday, it's a question we are all wondering. ama: who starts for the 49ers last year? larry beil is here with sports. larry: tom brady would have been so intriguing. he won't be in red and gold next year. will it be brock, trey, jimmy?
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larry: the 49ers addressing their own quarterback means. kyle shanahan visibly frustrated with all the questions. >> is there a scenario where you can see jimmy being back in what would that look like? >> i don't see any scenario. larry: a bit cold. brock purdy still talking with the doctors about whether he needs surgery to repair his elbow. a six month timeline would mean he would be good to go for training camp. trey lance, two procedures on his broken ankle. should be ready to go for ota's in the spring. here is shanahan on the cornerbacks. >> i know we have two starters on our team right now that we can win with. when you have that situation, you are not that eager to go looking around. >> bottom line, you better have a quarterback you believe in because it is such an important position. there are two young guys that we really like. larry: they are a team just waiting for a quarterback to take them to the super bowl.
1:37 am
it won't be tom brady. coming off a challenging year in tampa at 845. he says he's done. >> good morning. i will get to the point. i'm retiring. for good. i won't be long winded. you only get one super emotional retirement essay and i use mine up last year. so thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me. larry: they should put him straight into the hall of fame. eight degrees in minnesota. another game the warrior should have one but did not. this kid is a shoo-in for cutest game of basket of the game. which way did you go? loss the defender. there's the three. the warriors would squander a double-digit lead in the fourth. minnesota answering. 13-2 run. hurry, this is ridiculous.
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through the defense. we are tied at 110-29. the best shooter in history with a chance to lead and just missed. four seconds left now. warriors down by three. it works out ok. warriors fall one 119-114.
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dan: a lot of news to sift throughout there. we have something sitting ready for you. it's a three minute read on the bazaar battle happening in one of san francisco's small neighborhoods over benches. it might be one of the most san francisco issues ever. neighbors give us their thoughts on camera. that story is one of the top things you've been clicking on today on our website. it's up for you right now. look for it on the top news sidebar. ama: you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app, available for apple tv, google tv, amazon tire tv, and roku. start streaming. thank you for watching. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time. ama: have a great night.


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