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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 2, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area -- reggie: -- kumasi: and vaccine sites are going to be going away. what you need to know. reggie: into the upcoming senate race. who has her endorsement? kumasi: pug sertoli phil sees his shadow. that means six weeks of winter. talk about what that means in the bay area. reggie: just to be clear, it does not mean six more weeks of winter. kumasi: he is only right, what, 40% of the time? reggie: it means nothing. i love to rain on parts attorney phil. write to me, email me, at me,
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call me. drew: love to hear it. reggie: we could talk about it all day long. drew: it is not going to feel like winter today. temperature wise, we don't have frost advisories. you can see it is chilly in spots. some spots in the 30's. other spots in the 40's right now. sfo, partly cloudy skies today. the clouds could be thickening as we await some rain. later today, despite increasing cloud cover, will have a southerly wind in the mid 60's. we will talk about the rain returning to the forecast in the evening. kumasi: more than three years ago, the first case of covid was detected in the bay area. now health officials are
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wondering how we are going to move forward while learning to live with the virus. our reporter's live on some of s that will be coming. >> good morning. santa clara county public health leaders are focused on adapting to living with covid rather than just having a full-blown response. as the national covid emergency winds down -- yesterday, the announcement we will be closing all vaccination and testing locations by the end of the month. the site served around 30,000 county residents per day during the peak and helped more than 90% of residents get at least one covid shot. this comes as president biden prepares to end the covid national emergency in may and governor newsom plans to end our state of emergency at the end of the month. health care providers and pharmacies throughout the county now have the widespread ability to provide residents with access
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to testing and vaccinations. >> i am not here to say that covid is over. the virus continues to spread. >> we are still in the middle of the pandemic but we are transitioning from a full-blown response where we have a sense of urgency every day to one where we are adapting to living with covid. >> but disability rights activists have concerns and say they want the disabled community to be alongside leaders while they make these major changes because their decisions put everyone at risk. public health leaders we spoke with in santa clara county say that the pandemic is not over just because they are rolling some of these things back and they are still encouraging the community to take precautions such as getting a booster shot and wearing a mask. live in san jose, abc 7. reggie:
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to use deadly force may back of the menu in san francisco. an idea a few months ago got national attention. sfpd drafted a policy to allow lethally armed robots to be used in extreme cases where violence exposes immediate risk to life. initially, the robots were approved, but the board of supervisors did not adopt the policy. during the police commission meeting, the idea was floated again. >> when you look at these remotely piloted vehicles, they are probably more for size we won't accidentally get a bystander. we might not hit another vehicle. this would go directly to whoever the gunman is. i think we are still interested in resubmitting our proposal. right now, we have an ordinance that has a use of force option. we have never used it.
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reggie: there was no timeline given for when that proposal might be revisited. kumasi: governor newsom is backing a version of gun safety legislation that will ban anyone under 21 from getting a concealed carry permit and require more safety training for people who do get those permits. gov. newsom: you can write that check, take that -- what's that old phrase? to the bank. i will be signing this legislation. i don't think that. i know that. kumasi: a version of the bill failed to pass last year. the legislation comes on the heels of the recent mass shootings and half moon bay and monterey park. reggie: we have an update on the five-year-old boy who survived about live attack. he is back home. it happened tuesday.
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a family member tells is the energetic five-year-old think he suppressed the mountain lion. >> it was a vicious attack of this young child. i lunched at the about line. -- at the just before making physical contact with it, the lion let her son go. reggie: neighbor cement minds are common in the area, but attacks on humans are rare. the family set up a gofundme that focuses on recovery. the committee has come together to raise more than $14,000. kumasi: this house speaker nancy pelosi built campaign for adam schiff for senate if current senator dianne feinstein does not seek reelection. pelosi says feinstein has her support if she wants, but the
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89-year-old is widely expected not to run again. plus he says adam schiff knows the nexus between democracy and a strong economy. adam schiff is set to go up against southern california representative katie porter, and oakland representative barbara lee is expected to run as well. reggie: the fed is raising interest rates again. it is a move that will keep happening is inflation. for more on how this could affect your finances -- >> this is the eighth time in a row the fed has decided to raise interest rates, and they are really trying to balance bringing down inflation while not tipping the economy into a recession. it feels like we are already in one. consumer prices went up 6.5% over the year long period ending in december. as a significant slowdown from the summer peak -- more than triple the fed's target inflation rate of 2%. >> although it is encouraging, we will need substantially more
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evidence to be confident that inflation is only sustained downward path. >> prices are cooling but you are still paying about 10.1% more than a year ago. the latest rate hike shall mean you are paying more for your credit card. the average household credit card debt is just under $6,500. that is a difference of $123 in interest. the debt ceiling showdown -- house speaker kevin mccarthy met with president biden yesterday. president made it clear to mccarthy they cannot allow the u.s. to default. kumasi: the push to add new regulations to gas stoves. kumasi: -- reggie: to go to trial after this deadly wildfire. drew: today is all about clouds and thickening ahead of a cold
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drew: 6:11 on thursday morning. a light breeze right now. the flags waving a little bit and a southerly wind will bump temperatures above average, even though clouds will be thickening as the day goes on. 40's if not low 50's already by lunchtime. later on today, we will have cities getting into the 1960's by the afternoon. 61 in oakland and san mateo. 61 in santa rosa.
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58, the high in concord. today is a dry day but rain does return tomorrow morning. on the storm impact scale, it is a level one. a cold front will bring us light to moderate rain. do expect slick tomorrow morning, and breezy at times. it is a fast-moving cold front come up meaning much of the day is dry, and another storm moves in for the weekend. let's check in with jobina. jobina: bart, you are going to run into 820 minute delay due to track maintenance that has cleared up. if you are traveling in the antioch, richmond, and san francisco directions, expect that to be present. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. a very different story in the south bay as we show san jose
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and 101. we do have roadway construction that has caused a sig alert in oakland. this will be on westbound 580. the on-ramp is closed. in san francisco, crashed into the guard rail. the offramp they are, it looks like at least one lane is blocked right now. reggie: a commonwealth country that will not put king charles on some of its money. plus, the fate of the castro plus, the fate of the castro struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1? ask about vraylar. because you are greater than your bipolar 1, and you can help take control of your symptoms - with vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar treats depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar 1 in adults. proven, full-spectrum relief for all bipolar 1 symptoms. and in vraylar clinical studies, most saw no substantial impact
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plus, save hundreds on internet for your first 2 years when you add mobile. the fastest internet, the fastest mobile service, and major savings? can't argue with the facts. get xfinity gig speed internet with unlimited data included. it's just $50 a month for 2 full years when you add xfinity mobile. switch today! reggie: san jose's new mayor is kicking off his two-year term with a bang. he has introduced
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nauggur-action days" to increase engagement. >> we want to get hundreds of residents out to directly play a role, including in their neighborhoods. reggie: for the un-housed, it is working to expand programs like cash for trash, hoping to provide residents with opportunities to work. he wants to scale up shelter capacity at transitional facilities, focus on innovative approaches, pointing to what he hopes is an end to the era of encampments. this morning, there is a major water problem for our neighborhood. according to our news problem, the water turned off saturday -- there is no estimate when it will be restored. the issue is a leak the water district has not been able to find.
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right now, they are water on for a few hours shape. there is a boil water advisory. kumasi: a trial for over a fire that killed four people in 2020. charges including involuntary manslaughter. parfait a tree falling on a pge powerline. reggie: punxsutawney phil saw his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter. on average, phil has gotten it right about 40% of the time in the past 10 years. thousands of people show up every year in gobblers knob for the tradition. kumasi: hong kong will give free flights and efforts to revive the travel industry after the street pandemic rules. the city lost a campaign to
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attract business travelerspandes promotional events that began on march 1 and will last about six months. every day, we are full of emotions. if you find yourself angry when traveling specifically on public transit, you are not alone. reggie: people are more likely to be frustrated on social media when they are at train stations, bridges, sin. . this was an analysis of tweets from people in london and san francisco. they analyze data from a free database to come to these conclusions. specific events are also assisted with emotions. new year's eve generated happiness. researchers believe this involves industries with urban planning and tourism. kumasi: that is a lot of wo
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reggie: i do not find this in my life at all. kumasi: you are not mad at the train? reggie: no, not really. drew: maybe the bay bridge? i feel very happy on the golden gate. reggie: golden gate or the bay bridge, hopefully you are not on social media. kumasi: i don't have to worry. on social media, i could mess around sometimes. drew: there are times i go down to the muni spot and i look up and, like 20 minutes. it's more like, oh no. i have to wait 22 minutes. reggie: are you have 22 minutes to do whatever you want. drew: to angry tweet. reggie: but the times are well-known. drew: they are. reggie: you could have known that. drew: 23 minutes ago.
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reggie: you could have run. drew: it feels like a very specific thesis. are you angry on a bridge? le at the east bay hills camera. it is a chilly morning with increasing clouds through the day. and more showers coming our way for this weekend. we will find temperatures to 30's. look what happens later today. despite thickening cloud cover, we will have a south wind with temperatures in the upper 50's to mid 60's. tonight, rain returns after midnight. it keeps tempera side and about 50 degrees. tomorrow morning, it is a level 1 light storm. slick conditions for.
6:21 am
-- for the commute. clad thinking today. clark, the rain is moving through the north bay. -- 2:00, rain is the north bay, but it will push through. by 8:00, 9:00, it is out of here. rain tomorrow anywhere from a 10th to a half inch is expected. storm totals on saturday, anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain. most of that rain falls next saturday into sunday. increasing clouds today. they wet morning tomorrow. saturday will be dry, with more rain at night. it is mild and sunny for next week. reggie: we are going to turn to ginger zee for a look at what is coming up on gma. ginger: nice to be with everybody this morning.
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we're starting with the families that are suing snapchat, lamia connected their children with drug dealers and resulted in their deaths. we will have more on that and the connection to fentanyl. ticketmaster is trying to avoid another major meltdown. beyonce announced the first world tour in five years. she said, let's challenge ticketmaster. why not? and robin is going to take you on a tour live from new zealand. glaciers, cultures, food, so much more. if you have not been, you need to. i would love to go back, especially after seeing so many of the pictures that robin is bringing in. reggie: i think i saw on instagram they had to make a detour. drew: rain falling in auckland and i saw this picture of the airport, and it was flooded, and i knew she had taken off that night. i texted and emailed her, are you ok?
6:23 am
she said, i just got diverted to hawaii. it had to wait until the airport could open. the worst divergent. -- diversion. reggie: i did not know why, so it is interesting to hear it was rain. flooding in new zealand, so much so that the closed schools for a week. it really was phenomenal, weather-wise. they are ok. reggie: that is the back story we needed. she did not look upset. she said mahalo. please take my hawaiian card away.
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kumasi: welcome back. we have the latest renovation plans for the castro theater. they have voted to preserve existing seating at the venue.
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there were previous raise the current floor. the commitment includes exterior and exterior character-defining features from historical lgbtq organizations. the board of supervisors will consider the recommendation next month. a debate over gas stoves is being reignited. it includes new energy standards for conventional cooking methods. the environmental benefits. one of the report said the product safety commission was considering a ban on gas stoves because of health concerns. it is a blow for king charles. new zealand will not be putting -- australia will not be putting his image on money. they will replace queen elizabeth' his image with an
6:27 am
indigenous design. it is currently the only banknote to feature the monarch. the bank must consult indigenous groups to design one and expects it might take years to go out to the public. in the east bay, a cow is being named something pre the animal wandered down the street last night. they were able to catch it, but not before it was hit by a car and smashed the windshield. it was very dramatic but thankfully the cow was ok. look at these pictures. the cow was returned back home. that cow, it was not that long ago when it wandered out. i'm glad it is ok. whether or not you pay taxes, and a
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moving forward, finding solutions. reggie: the to implement killer police robots might be back on? reaction from the idea that got national attention. kumasi: more funding coming to the tenderloin. how the millions of dollars will be spent. reggie: and a strip mall goes up in flames. businesses impacted by the fire. kumasi: it is thursday, february 2. drew: it is chilly, but it will be a nice afternoon. we see cities starting out in the 30's. a few layers are needed as you go about your morning. but it will warm up pretty quickly today. a look outside from our east bay hills camera. here is how the day shapes up. the most sunshiny you will have is at the start of the day. clouds will thicken as the
6:31 am
afternoon goes on. rain early tomorrow morning. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. reggie: your health is one of the key parts of building a better bay area. officials in santa clara county have announced big tubed is. lena howland is life in san jose with the details on some of the covid-related services that will be shut down. lena: as mark of the pandemic, public health officials have announced they will be closing all county testing sites and vaccination sites by the end of this month. the county sites served around 30,000 county residents per day during the peak and helped 90% of residents get at least one covid shot. a closure of these sites comes as president biden prepares to end the covid national emergency in may, and governor newsom
6:32 am
plans to end our state of emergency at the end of the month. it is also happening because health care providers and pharmacies throughout the county now have the widespread ability to provide residents with access to testing and vaccinations. as some celebrate the side of a return to normal, this ability rights activists have concerns and say they want the disabled community to be alongside leaders when they make these major changes, because their decisions put everyone at risk. >> when the public health emergency ends, it is good to get even worse. nothing is going to change for the better for me. i think people are excited about returning to a semblance of normal. they need to remember the risk of developing complications after an acute covid infection. they could easily become disabled, just like me. lena: we asked the county public health director about this, and she agrees and adds the pandemic is not over just because they
6:33 am
are rolling back the response, so this is not the time to let your guard down. with covid, wastewater data showing medium levels in the community right now. she wants people to continue to take precautions like getting boosted and wearing a mask. live in san jose, lena howland. kumasi: three bay area counties have -- companies have agreed to settle allegations they abused the paycheck protection program during the pandemic. one bakery has agreed to $130,000. in santa clara, and industrial an equipment supplier will be paying $50,000 in civil penalties. also paying 50 k is a licensed general contractor based in castro valley. these three companies are accused of getting duplicate ppp loans and then having the loans forgiven. no wrongdoing was proved the companies all agreed to
6:34 am
settle the allegations against them. a whistleblower who raised concerns is getting $80,000 as part of the settlements. congress started the paycheck protection program in march of 2020 to provide small businesses with loans so they could continue to pay their employees while business was slow or stopped during shelter-in-place orders. reggie: a san francisco supervisor says the newest plan to end homelessness is wasteful and won't work. he has called for a special meeting to discuss a report issued by the department of homelessness and supportive housing that suggested spending nearly $1.5 billion over the next three years. it would be in addition to the money already expected to be spent. marilyn -- he says it comes to $70,000 per shelter bed per year. >> it communities spend on shelter. >> we are in an emergency situation. we do not have the luxury to say that over 10 years we could make
6:35 am
a better investment. you have to get people housed now. reggie: the councilmember says the city can get rid of encampments for less. kumasi: san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood is getting funding from the ongoing tenderloin initiative. the exact funding of each program will be decided in a few months after a resident voting process. programs include a service to help kids get to and from school safely. money will go to fund those projects through 2025. fire crews in palo alto are investigating a fire that damaged a string of businesses. firefighters got the call just after 11:00 p.m. last night. two coffee shops, a liquor store, and a dry cleaning service were impacted, with smoke and fire damage. thankfully, no one was injured, but there is no word on what
6:36 am
caused the fire. reggie: president biden will meet with congressional black caucus members to discuss police reform. bina has more on the emotional farewell. jobina: family, friends, and civil rights leaders gathered to pay their final respects to tyre nichols three weeks after his death. kamala harris was seen hugging nichols's mother before taking the stage. she is demanding that congress pass the george floyd justice in policing act that calls for comprehensive police reform. v.p. harris: was not in pursuit of public safety. it was not in the interest keeping the public safer. >> you don't fight gangs by becoming five armed men against an unarmed man. jobina: nichols' mother
6:37 am
the funeral and called her son a beautiful person. it is a continuous victims of police brutality. kumasi: it was an emotional scene as activists came together to mourn the death. the group was demanding justice. among them, san francisco police chief bill scott. he said it is time for an honest conversation about race. >> we have to rise above and focus on what needs to be done to transform this really horrible, racist system that has taken far too many lives. kumasi: thesparities in the blak community" organize this event. reggie: ellie police say they may have stopped a mass shooting near hollywood.
6:38 am
they picked up several high-powered weapons at an apartment yesterday. several of those weapons were loaded and pointing to a nearby park. police say a man was threatening staff members in the apartment building when they went inside to look for him. investigators believe the man was threatening a mass shooting. he was eventually arrested. none of the weapons was registered to the suspect. kumasi: the u.s. military will have addition to -- access to four additional bases in the teens. defense secretary lloyd austin met with ferdinand marcos, jr.. u.s. military presence in the philippines falls under the enhanced defense cooperation agreement which was signed in 2014. it allows washington to allocate troops to bases and facilities for both nations to use. the u.s. is imposing visa restrictions on some current and former taliban members who are believed to be involved in repressing the rights of women in afghanistan. it comes more than a month after
6:39 am
the taliban banned women from attending universities and working with nongovernmental organizations. secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. condemns the actions in the strongest terms. reggie: more than 30 million californians received a middle-class tax refund next year but may have to pay federal income tax on that money. payments range from $200 to $250. the irs is still deciding if some people have to pay taxes. if the irs believes the payments were economic relief, they would qualify for a tax break. >> it has to be for the promotion of general welfare. there is a very good argument that it would qualify. it was at a time when it was going to counteract inflation, high gas prices. reggie: if your payment was less than $600, you do not need to report that.
6:40 am
kumasi: gas prices con rise across the state. it is about 4:57 for regular unleaded, which is a sent more than yesterday. nationwide, the avera once again, concorde has the lowest prices in her area. reggie: now is a time to book your summer trips to get that deal. paying and credit card fees. kumasi: w from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. you can download the app now or wherever you stream. drew: we are seeing the sun get up under partly cloudy skies. as the day goes on, the clouds
6:41 am
continue to thicken as we see rain returning to the forecast. right now, no frost advisories in effect, but we are seeing chili numbers right now in the 30's and our coldest spots. a couple of layers certainly needed, but we warm up quickly as the morning goes on. by 9:00, we are into the 40's and low 50's. i lunchtime, we are well into the 50's if not low 60's. today, with the southerly wind, it is going to bump temperatures above average for this time of year. 61 in san mateo. 64 in san jose. 61 in santa rosa. the forecast shows who we are dry today. rain comes tomorrow morning, and then another storm will move in for part of the weekend arriving saturday night. the first storm tomorrow morning is a level one. light to moderate rain will create slick conditions for the
6:42 am
morning commute tomorrow, and it will be breezy at times. i will show you this storm will bring some snow to the sierra as well. those details and about nine minutes. jobina: the crash on northbound 101 in san francisco has caused a great deal of backup. the offramp is closed right now. speeds have dropped to around 12 mph. sig alert due to emergency roadwork on westbound 580. the on-ramp is closed there. we have a nice improvement in terms of bark. track maintenance. we are looking at a 10 minute delay.
6:43 am
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it's not that bad. ew. it is that bad. don't settle. get xfinity home internet for just $19.99 a month for 1 year with a free streaming box call, click or visit a store today. reggie: san francisco's killer
6:45 am
robot debate is back. the idea was brought up again during the police commission meeting. a reporter has the details. >> there was uproar over the idea a few months ago they got national attention. it appears this is not the end of the discussion. killer robots were mentioned during last night's police commission meeting. you may remember sfpd drafted a policy to allow armed robots. the department said it could be used in extreme situations where violent suspects cause immediate risk to life. initially, the robots were approved but the board of supervisors ended up blocking the policy. >> when you are looking at these remotely piloted vehicles, they are probably more precise, and we will not accidentally get a bystander or hit another vehicle. this will go directly to whoever
6:46 am
the gunman is in the attack. we are still interested in resubmitting our proposal. >> it is triggering. it is painful. you are discussing which ways to kill us. the officer can be protected by having a robot kill us instead of the officer. come have some sensitivity. >> speaking out in public comment, that woman alluding to the recent terry nichols case, saying it is too soon to talk about this. there was no timeline given for when the proposal might be re-investigated. kumasi: if you are thinking about booking a summer vacation, right now is the time. people might be intimidated after all the trouble drama we saw in 2022 with mass cancellations around the holidays, all the delays we have
6:47 am
been hearing about. scott case says he is optimistic about this year. scott: i think the overall trend of travel in 2023 is going to be a renormalization of everything from airfare to cancellations. kumasi: travel domestic, try to book your flight by late march. if you are going international, buy your ticket by late february. he also says you are likely to save the most money if you book trips at the beginning or the end of summer. reggie: president biden is trying to cut junk fees, the hidden fees. this targets online concerts, sporting event fees -- hello, ticketmaster -- airline fees for family sitting together, early termination fees for tv, phone, and internet services. the president also wants to curb
6:48 am
late fees charged by credit card companies to eight dollars. consumers may see a difference as soon year. baton's stock is soaring after the ceo teased an epic comeback to investors. the stock surged putting 1% yesterday. it posted second-quarter results. $92 million is over analyst estimates. the ceo says this marks a turning point for peloton, noting this was their best quarterly performance, in his first year with the company. i got got. the company metta is reporting a positive financial outlook for the coming year. the company is planning to buy back $40 million in sales. there will be more turmoil. mark zuckerberg said 2023 will be the year of efficiency. he hinted there could be more layoffs. the new york stock exchange, we
6:49 am
are down 200 points. kumasi: a southern california man with a passion for flying did something interesting to re-create the experience at home. he bought a business class seat from dismantled american airline claims. he tweeted video of the seats being unloaded off of the truck. this is an irvine. his friends assembled the cabin replica in the garage. he said people still blankets off the planes. i took part of an american airlines 767. reggie: why? kumasi: that is the question. i'm always ready to get off the plane. reggie: i guess if you have money? >> like how much money? reggie: i hope it was free. jobina: it had to be because those seats are dirty. they are.
6:50 am
i hope everyone what's down the seats when they go fly. please. good morning, everyone. if you are a super commuter, tracy to dublin, he will be around an hour for the ride. it is going to be over half an hour. we do have some issues starting in san francisco with a crash into a guard rail on northbound 41 at 9th street. the offramp is closed. you can see those speeds around nine mph into san francisco. we have a sig alert in oakland. westbound 580 a the on-ramp is closed. drew: the exploratorium camera, it is a very nice picture this thursday morning. it is chilly out there right now. it is partly cloudy but clouds will thicken as the day goes on. rain and then another storm for the weekend. today, despite the clouds increasing, it will be a mild afternoon.
6:51 am
tu to the . upper 40's to lower 50's. the storm impact scale, tomorrow morning is a level 1. light to moderate rain. slick conditions for the morning commute. early tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m., the rain arriving in the north bay. by 5:00, 6:00 a.m., we have showers working through most of the region. much of the day tomorrow, it is dry. we and the next weekend, saturday night to sunday morning. the rainfall total with the combined systems anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain is expected. you will see snow coming to tahoe by sunday, with heavy snow. we could see one to two feet of snow on the highest peaks.
6:52 am
increasing clouds today. more rain saturday night to sunday. the system is mild and sunny. jobina: it is time for your toyota tahoe traffic report. the snow is predicted for the weekend. if you are traveling up there, be aware that chains are still required. it is not a bad idea to bring them, generally speaking. drive times are around the same. northstar checking in with the most snow. it is going to be 63 inches to 124 inches for the next round of resorts. no chain restrictions here. sugar bowl having the best drive time for the most part, a little over three hours for the ride. 23 inches to 180 inches tahoe. reggie: a scientist is trying to bring back the dodo bird.
6:53 am
the flightless bird once lived on the mauritius island in the indian ocean. the initiative incorporates advanced dna sequencing, gene editing technology, and synthetic biology. they have already sequenced the genome based on remains in denmark. they hope the project will lead to new techniques for bird conservation. this is the same company that was trained to bring back the woolly mammoth. can we just protect the animals we have, like a tiger or something? because reason. they do not have anywhere to really live anymore. the woolly mammoth has nowhere to live. there is no environment. kumasi: like it. in scotland, women have been able to take part in a viking festival for the first time in 142 years. historically, women and girls
6:54 am
were restricted to roles as hostesses, organizing the all-men parties. but this time around, the gender restrictions were lifted. the event celebrates their heritage and the rebirth of the sun after the winter. reggie: enough of thi i have something to tell you. it is going hug day. i have been on a deep dive the past hour and a half. am all over it. in the have a summer festival and they would eat it. now, he lives in the library. they claim there has only ever been one groundhog since they ate it, because they feed it a magical elixir every summer. kumasi: you are asking questions. you are supposed to show up, look at a card, and get ready. reggie: gobblers knob is wild.
6:55 am
kumasi: you asked too many questions. reggie: i am a teacher at heart. kumasi: informing the people. up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch on the connected tv app available for apple tv, google tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. look at this beautiful picture. they ate the groundhog.
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♪ ♪ you twist it like this. ahh... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kumasi: it is 6:57. seven things to know -- a massive covid vaccination and testing site will close by the end of the month. this is the three year mark after the first covid emergency order. reggie: robots equipped to use deadly force may be back under consideration in san francisco. the idea was floated again during last night's police
6:58 am
commissioner meeting. that there is no timeline for when that controversial proposal could be voted on. kumasi: americans from montana to mississippi are under some type of weather alert this morning. intus stedow for three mese heast this wkend. reggie: today is groundhog day. bucks attorney phil says six more weeks of winter according to history books phil has gotten it right about 40% of the time in the last 10 years. drew: the camera showing your partly cloudy skies this morning. it feels more like spring later today, with clouds increasing throughout the afternoon. we go into the upper 50's to mid 60's. the clouds tomorrow morning will give us some rain. on the storm impact scale, it is a level 1 light storm. jobina: ringing you a life picture right now from the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at five: 41. this is one of our busiest stretches.
6:59 am
traffic is backed into the mix. kumasi: on sunday, national geographic and james cameron are answering a question so many people have apparently been asking about the titanic. could jack andose have bothf? this is part of special marketing of the 25th anniversary of that movie. you can learn more coming up on gma, abc 7, and national geographic. have you wondered that? drew: for sure. kumasi: but if she falls in, nobody can get back up. drew: it is big. kumasi: it was rude. jobina: i thought a little rude. it is the love of your life, apparently. after three days. try harder. drew: also, i remember seeing it in the theaters. reggie: i saw a bootleg copy. drew: on the two vhs's?
7:00 am
good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. more than 70 million around the country under dangerous ice, cold and flood alerts. winter storm warning. the deadly ice storm causing chaos across the south, drivers told to stay off the roads as the northeast braces for record cold windchills. ginger has the track and timing. classified documents investigation. the fbi searches president biden's beach home. what they removed. plus, what biden and speaker mccarthy are saying about the chances of reaching a deal on the debt ceiling after their first face-to-face meeting. laid to rest. the family of tyre nichols remembering the young father at his funeral. family members of george floyd and others who died at the hands of the police in


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