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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2023 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. more than 70 million around the country under dangerous ice, cold and flood alerts. winter storm warning. the deadly ice storm causing chaos across the south, drivers told to stay off the roads as the northeast braces for record cold windchills. ginger has the track and timing. classified documents investigation. the fbi searches president biden's beach home. what they removed. plus, what biden and speaker mccarthy are saying about the chances of reaching a deal on the debt ceiling after their first face-to-face meeting. laid to rest. the family of tyre nichols remembering the young father at his funeral. family members of george floyd and others who died at the hands of the police in attendance.
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snapchat lawsuit. 50 families taking legal action against the social media giant, claiming it connected their children with drug dealers resulting in their deaths. and the connection to fentanyl. bombshell evidence. the videos played during the alex murdaugh double murder trial that prosecutors argue put him at the scene of the crime moments before his wife and son were killed. george santos under fbi investigation. the agency looking into an alleged scheme involving a disabled veteran's service dog. what the embattled congressman is saying this morning. ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ beyonce's blockbuster world tour announcement sending fans into a frenzy. but will ticketmaster break their souls? how they're trying to avoid another major meltdown. ♪ we're gonna save the world tonight ♪ and greetings from the other side of the earth. here we go.
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whoo. my goodness. this morning taking you on an epic journey to new zealand. over 6,000 feet above sea level visiting the vanishing glaciers. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous with the sun hitting it. what it means for the country and our planet as we trek across this incredible country. experiencing the rich traditions and thriving culture. live from new zealand, good morning, america. ♪ it is special, indeed, because robin is on the other side of the globe this morning. nearly 9,000 miles and 18 time zones away in new zealand. and, robin, it's already the early hours of friday morning, just after midnight, so where exactly are you? >> well, first of all, good morning or -- [ speaking non-english ]
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it is dark. it is actually a little after 1:00 local time friday morning, but it is still beautiful. i'm on new zealand's north island at te puia, a major cultural center in the middle of a historic geothermal valley. i think you can see the geysers and hot springs. it was quite a journey to get here but this is a trip of a lifetime. the landscape here, i'm telling you, guys, it is truly magnificent and, once i got here, i had the opportunity to take another epic journey to the top of one of new zealand's awglie a really had a firsthand look at how climate change is impacting local communities and the world at large. i cannot wait to share more with you throughout the morning. i know it looks like a movie set. this is not hollywood, y'all. this is new zealand, michael. >> it looks absolutely beautiful. we cannot wait to talk to you in a little bit.
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much more from new zealand with robin coming up just ahead. first here at home we begin with at least 25 states from montana down to mississippi and north to maine under ice, cold and flood alerts. >> ginger tracking that and potentially record-breaking windchills as well as the deadly ice storm. >> we'll be following that storm. the freezing rain and sleet creating a travel nightmare with treacherous roads. and cancelled flights. mireya villarreal is in dallas with the latest. good morning, mireya. >> reporter: hey, good morning, juju. freezing rain is going through texas right now and is going to make its way up north. more concerning is the ice that's formed on tree limbs just like this, also on power lines as well. it makes it brittle, heavy and easily breakable. that means to interruption to power. overnight, treacherous driving conditions plaguing the south. in tennessee, a trooper
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responding to an accident when their vehicle was slammed into. >> we slid on some black ice. stay home and stay safe. >> reporter: dash cam video catching this semitruck losing control and careening off the road in oklahoma. at least eight deaths are now connected to the storm from mostly the result of crashes on icy roads. in texas, branches snapping and trees crashing. power lines taken down, leaving more than 390,000 customers without power across the state as temperatures stayed below freezing for three consecutive days. nearly half of the outages were in the state's capital, austin. in dallas, people walking miles for groceries. >> everything is closed. >> reporter: and this police suv pulling a city bus. >> we've been seeing people get stuck out here and trying to help them out. >> reporter: more than 5,000 flights canceled since the storm began. in the dallas-fort worth area only one out of every four flights made it out yesterday.
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airport officials are hopeful that things will get back on track today. crews are out trying to get service back on. they're even bringing in people from out of state to try to get the electricity back. the good news is we should see a warm up in temperatures and maybe even the sun coming out later today. so fingers crossed. michael. ♪ here comes the sun ♪ >> thank you so much, mireya. hopefully the sun comes out. ginger is joining us now with more on the ice storm as well as the deep freeze expected in the northeast this weekend. good morning, ginger. >> hey, michael. yes, sun and warmer temperatures. by tomorrow in the 40s. saturday in the 50s. this will come to an end. they've been below freezing for three days and they had that rain falling on the subfreezing surface. temperatures ticking up through just the late morning today and early afternoon so this is coming to an end. most of this moisture is moving east as rain as it goes into atlanta, the southeast, and then
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this front comes through, wow. this is a serious reaction to february. 10 below the buffalo temperature by tomorrow morning, but it's saturday morning when the core of that polar air slides by new hampshire and maine and we could see windchills below 60 below zero. that is the type that is never recorded in history. so certainly boston even could see some of the coldest windchills since 2016. but can you even fathom 62 below? linsey? >> those folks in maine, some hardy folks there. >> i wish we had a camera on juju's face. >> minus 6 in new york is all i saw. now to the latest on the investigation into president biden's handling of classified documents and that new development, the fbi searching the president's delaware beach house. our senior white house correspondent mary bruce has that story. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, linsey. this morning, the special counsel who is investigating the president's handling of classified material, robert hur, is officially getting to work as the fbi has now searched both of
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the president's homes. that 3 1/2-hour search of his beach home yesterday found no additional classified material, though we are told they took some of the president's handwritten notes for further review. the white house is stressing this was planned and consensual but there are still a lot of outstanding questions here, including, whether the president would sit down for an interview with the special counsel if requested. the white house isn't saying, but they are stressing the president so far has been fully cooperative, they say, and they note that that cooperation will continue. linsey? >> mary, turning to the showdown now brewing over the debt ceiling, president biden met with house speaker kevin mccarthy, how did that go? >> reporter: their first sitdown since republicans took over the house. the speaker describing it as a good meeting. he said he thinks they can find common ground. white house described it as frank and straightforward. this morning, both sides are still standing firm. mccarthy said he won't commit to
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raising the debt ceiling unless the president commits to steep spending plans. the president for his side he's adamant he won't goernt over raising the debt limit. what's clear is that both sides seem to agree they don't want the nation to default on its debt. this is going to be a long road ahead. the path forward is unclear. >> mary, thank you. michael? we'll go to the funeral for tyre nichols laid to rest in an emotional service. stephanie ramos has the latest from memphis. the city reeling after this young father's death after the brutal police beating. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: michael, good morning. family, friends and civil rights leader gathered here in memphis to remember tyre nichols. through tears, his mother saying he was a beautiful person.
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overnight the family of tyre nichols laying the 29-year-old to rest three weeks after he died following a brutal police beating captured on disturbing video. >> i see the world showing him love and fighting for his justice, but all i want is my baby brother back. >> reporter: the service filled with scripture, powerhouse songs and calls for accountability. his family reflecting on who he was, a loving father who enjoyed skateboarding and sunsets. >> tyre was a beautiful person and for this to happen to him it's just unimaginable. >> reporter: in the congregation family members of george floyd, eric garner and breonna taylor, all of whom died at the hands of police. also, vice president kamala harris supporting the family hand delivering a letter from president biden. the president writing in part, the love you have for tyre, that love will be the source of your strength.
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reverend al sharpton eulogizing tyre nichols with strong words against those five memphis police officers. >> in the city that dr. king lost his life, not far away from that balcony, you beat a brother to death. >> reporter: both harris and sharpton calling on congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act which calls for comprehensive police reform. representative sheila jackson lee says she will reintroduce that bill right after the state of the union. if it passes, that is the change the family of tyre nichols is looking for. michael? >> all right, thank you so much, stephanie. juju? now we go to an embattled new york congressman. george santos officially under fbi investigation as agents look into his role into an alleged gofundme scheme. our senior congressional correspondent rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: this morning, abc news learning the fbi is investigating whether george
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santos was involved in an animal charity scam. >> are you worried about being prosecuted? >> i have no clue. i don't know what it's about. >> reporter: santos denying any wrongdoing. when questioned by abc news -- >> he talked to you more than he talked to me. i haven't been reached out by that. i can't comment. >> reporter: navy veteran richard osthoff alleges the new york congressman stole $3,000, money that santos promised would help his dying service dog. >> i don't ever want to see another person, especially a veteran go through something like this again. >> reporter: osthoff told us federal authorities contacted him as part of their probe saying, i'm glad to get the ball rolling with the big-wigs. he said when his dog sapphire had a tumor, a veterinarian technician referred him to a pet charity run by santos. but abc news has reported that that charity never existed and osthoff said santos suddenly stopped responding to his messages, never turning over a penny. his dog sapphire passed away less than a year later. >> i was suicidal again after
7:13 am
she went. i needed that dog. >> he claimed he never meet me and i never met him. it's on the record. >> reporter: but a source close to gofundme confirmed the account belonged to santos. sources say federal prosecutors and the new york attorney general both investigating santos are looking into the charity along with probes of his campaign finances, even of allegations he stole checks as a teenager in brazil. the pressure growing on santos to resign. the long island republican is defiant. >> i know that a lot of people want to create this narrative that i faked my way to congress, which is absolutely categorically false. >> reporter: gofundme declined to comment on any specific details, but a spokesperson tells me they always cooperate with any ongoing investigations. santos has already admitted to misrepresenting large parts of his resume and his background, but it's these allegations of theft and deception that could land him in real legal trouble.
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linsey? >> he continues to be dogged by these allegations. rachel, thank you. to wall street now and the latest on the federal reserve raising interest rates again to battle inflation. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis has more on how that could impact your bottom line. good morning to you, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning to you, linsey. you don't have to own a single stock for this to have an impact on your bottom line. keep in mind, this is all about lowering and targeting inflation. the fed has now hiked rates eight times in a row to that end, and it's starting to work but the job isn't finished. for example, at the grocery store you're still paying about 10.5% more on that food than you were a year ago. so, what does this interest rate hike, 25 basis points, mean in real terms? it means your credit card debt is getting more expensive. on the average credit card balance, $6,400, you're going to owe about $123 more after this interest rate hike. as far as that mortgage rate is concerned, if you're trying to buy a home, analysts do not see it having a major impact but rates are already up now to 6% from 4% a year ago, so it costs you more to buy a home.
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finally if you're a saver, you get paid more on that account and the high yield savings accounts, fdic insured bank rate and nerd wallet paying above 4% to keep your money in the bank. >> the biden administration is now proposing a rule that would limit credit card fees charged for missed payments. how does that work? what do we know about it? >> reporter: well, what we know is that it would take those fees from $30 to about $8 on average saving americans $9 billion, but keep in mind this is a proposal. you still want to make those credit card payments. linsey? >> good to know. rebecca jarvis, thank you. now to the blockbuster announcement from beyonce. that's right. her first tour in five years. lara is here with more and fear of another taylor swift meltdown at ticketmaster. >> no, they are taking steps to
7:16 am
hopefully alleviate some of that mess with the taylor swift presale. excitement at a fever pitch among fans, but getting those tickets won't be for the faint of heart. take a look. ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ >> reporter: this morning, beyonce fans buzzing after this announcement on her instagram page reading simply, "renaissance" world tour 2023. generating 8 million likes and counting. the tour running from may to september. ♪ i pull up in these clothes look so good ♪ >> reporter: high demand forcing ticketmaster to take measures to avoid a taylor swift-style debacle. ♪ it's me, hi, i'm the problem ♪ >> reporter: last november the ticket behemoth canceling sales for swift's tour after the ticketmaster site crashed during the presale. even congress getting involved. a bipartisan committee looking into the widespread outages and hours' long wait times. >> ticketmaster should look in the mirror and say, i'm the problem, it's me. >> reporter: ticketmaster blaming bots for the issue. overnight, the company saying
7:17 am
they have instituted new policies to ensure fans are able to purchase the beyonce tickets. ♪ i just fell in love ♪ ♪ i just quit my job ♪ >> reporter: instead of putting tickets for all shows on sale at once, they're implementing rolling sales dates depending on the city. but in order to have a chance for the golden ticket, you must sign up as a verified fan, which will discourage bots and ticket resellers. a lottery style process will determine which fans get unique access codes and be placed on the wait list. okay, so if you are interested, make sure to register very soon like right now, because some cities like chicago and las vegas are set to close today and after sunday these tickets will likely be even more in demand. beyonce set to have a huge night at the grammys. nine nominations, oh, including album of the year. she is on fire. so get going. >> you're going to boogie with your boot on. >> yes. >> boogie with your boot on. >> okay. i like that.
7:18 am
coming up, robin is going to take us on her incredible new zealand adventure including her glacier journey and the dangers they face from climate change. also ahead, the new lawsuit against snapchat. families of more than 50 overdose victims accuse the app of enabling drug dealers. and bombshells in the alex murdaugh murder trial including the family friend who says he heard murdaugh's voice with the victims moments before the killings. first, let's go back to ginger. >> i'm on my way to boot boogie. we want to show you pictures, this is from texas. you can see the ice on the trees that took them down on that car. they need the warm-up. so will we after this weekend. it will be whiplash. you'll be super cold and then all of a sudden new york city from where you felt like 6 below, 50 on monday. your local weather now in 30 seconds.
7:19 am
drew: i am drew tuma accuweather forecast. clouds will thicken as the day goes on. a southerly wind will bring temperatures into the upper 50's to mid 60's. tonight, the clouds give way to rain with a level 1 light storm. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. today, increasing clouds. tomorrow, we have some rain and then another storm this weekend. what do you do when it gets as cold as it's going to be this weekend? make an ice bubble. they are gorgeous. a video of them -- actually we'll go to robin and see what's happening over there, speaking of ice. >> when we come back, robin in new zealand. stay right there for more "gma."
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take a look at temperatures this morning. no frost advisories in effect, but it is chilly in some spots in the thirties right now, but a live look from the exploratorium camera that sun is up above the horizon, and it will warm us up pretty quickly as the day goes on, but the clouds will thicken, too. by the afternoon. it's a mostly cloudy day with a little bit of sunshine here. a south wind is going to get ies to mid sixtiesl feel mild later on this afternoon, but tomorrow morning , those clouds will give way to some rain on the exclusive abc seven storm impact scale. it is a level one tomorrow morning light to moderate rain, and the biggest impact will be slick conditions for the friday morning commute, reggie thank you, julie. for streaming. it's
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because sippin' on unsweetened lipton can help support a healthy heart. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. ♪ welcome back to "gma." nice shot of times square there with our robin roberts who is in new zealand where she got a bird's-eye view of the country's stunning glaciers. hey, robin, good morning again. [ speaking non-english ] >> michael strahan, i am learning so much about the people here. they are wonderful. they are beautiful. they are kind. the culture, the incredible natural beauty. i took a helicopter ride, as you know, to the top of one of new zealand's glaciers which was surreal, serene, absolutely breathtaking. unfortunately, the glaciers here are shrinking at an alarming rate. i'm going to show you that and much more of my adventures here coming up in a few minutes.
7:31 am
anybody in the studio, ever been to new zealand? >> never been. >> never. >> we're enjoying the geysers behind you, robin. >> you've got to come. >> we're living vicariously through you, robin. >> my hair really loves the geyser. really enjoying the geyser. >> can't wait for much more from new zealand. thanks, robin. we turn to that bombshell testimony in the double murder trial of alex murdaugh. a close family friend testifying he's positive that he can hear alex's voice in the background of a video taken by his son just minutes before he and his mother were killed. eva pilgrim has been covering the story and is here with details. good morning to you, eva. >> good morning, juju. it was an explosive day in court. a cell phone expert testifying that alex murdaugh's call logs from the day leading up to the murders were missing saying it appears murdaugh deleted the data and that was just the beginning of the bombshell moments. alibi blown. >> get back.
7:32 am
get back. >> reporter: this 58-second video from alex murdaugh's own son directly contradicting his story. the state saying it places the defendant at the murder scene minutes before his wife and son were killed. in the video you can see his son paul going into a pen on the family's property to check on a friend's dog. in the background, you hear other voices. >> hey. he's got a bird in his mouth. >> hey, bubba. >> hey, bubba. >> it's a guinea. >> it's a chicken. >> come here, bubba. come here, bubba. >> reporter: murdaugh claimed he didn't go to the family's kennels that night until he found his wife and son's bodies. he appeared emotional in court as the video was played. close family friend rogan gibson, who was supposed to receive that video showing his injured dog, telling prosecutors he heard alex in the footage. >> what voices did you hear? >> paul's, miss maggie, mr. alex. >> how sure are you now? >> positive. >> 100%?
7:33 am
>> that's correct. >> reporter: snapchat video paul sent that evening also played for the first time in court showing alex and paul on the property around 7:00 p.m. alex seen in different clothing than what he was wearing when law enforcement arrived after the murders. >> that speaks to someone who may potentially have changed clothes because it was implicating them in some way, some sort of knowledge that the police would see something, get something out of the clothing. his familiarity with the law would also give him that information, so i think that was a real blow to the defense. >> reporter: murdaugh's team painting a portrait of a happy family. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> all right. >> reporter: playing this newly revealed video of alex's birthday celebration just weeks before. paul seen bringing him a cake. >> thank y'all so much. thank you, babe. >> how would you describe paul's relationship with his father? >> it was an awesome relationship. >> what do you mean by awesome?
7:34 am
>> just kind of seemed like paul was the apple of his eye. >> and from your observation can you tell the jury what you observed of alex's relationship with maggie? >> i thought they had an awesome relationship as well from everything that i could see. >> can you think of any circumstance that you can envision knowing them as you do where alex would brutally murder paul and maggie? >> not that i can think of. >> reporter: in the final moments of court some more fireworks. the state introducing a possible motive. grilling a witness on if he knew alex murdaugh was confronted on the day of the murders about missing fees from his law firm. the defense objecting. this morning there will be a hearing to determine if the evidence in his alleged financial crimes can be admitted in this trial. guys? >> all right, eva, thank you. coming up next, robin's trip to new zealand's remarkable glaciers and how the tourism industry there could vanish with the ice. ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪ with
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one gram of sugar and nutrients for immune health. ♪ who's gonna save the world ♪ welcome back. we're going back to robin live in rotorua, new zealand. the country is full of stunning natural beauty and its glaciers are a part of its tourism industry. robin, you got a chance to visit one of them in high-flying fashion. >> i certainly did, michael.
7:39 am
new zealand is home to nearly 3,000 glaciers, but they are vanishing quickly because of rising temperatures. so i went to get a firsthand look for myself. ♪ to get an up close look at the new zealand's spectacular yet vanishing glaciers -- >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning. so this is the bird we're going up in. >> it certainly is. >> reporter: we suited up to soar the blue skies for a bird's-eye view. it's what's scientists call a critical part of the climate crisis. taking off to witness the dangerously thin ice and out of this world experience. >> we didn't pay extra for the balloon, did we? >> no. we won't charge you for that. >> here we go. here we go. whoo! >> houston, we have liftoff. >> oh, my goodness. this is already so cool. >> reporter: the extreme terrain nestled at the top of new zealand's southern alps, a
7:40 am
bustling tourism hub and an everyday office for longtime glacier pilot michael clarke. >> michael, you've been a pilot since 2004? >> i started flying in 2004. i've seen lots of interesting things that i guess most people could only dream of so mission accomplished. >> reporter: soaking in the majestic mountains. so untouched. just so natural. crystal blue lakes. oh, my goodness, and breathtaking waterfalls. wow. our larger than life trek revealing the impact of a changing climate. >> it looks like a waterfall, but that's actually ice falling off the cliffs smashing. so you can see them disappearing right before our eyes. >> from your point of view, how have you seen the glaciers change over the years? >> i spent considerable time thinking about it because i fly around them every day and i land on them. i can tell you i've watched glaciers completely disappear throughout my career. wha about 3,000, most of
7:41 am
them very small and we've been losing ice really rapidly. in fact, it's accelerating. >> reporter: the rapid retreat creating a long-term threat to locals who deeply rely on bustling glacier tourism. >> roughly been here somewhere at that time period. >> reporter: cliff goodwin has dedicated his life to guiding glacier tours. just a decade ago the grim reality setting in. the popular franz joseph glacier deemed no longer safe to access by foot. >> you couldn't walk on it anymore. we had to start flying in a helicopter. it was a bit sad for us, like we see a lot of the glaciers disappearing. >> reporter: so cliff like many made a pivot. with his wife tosh by his side
7:42 am
the couple runs glacier valley eco tours, taking visitors on nature expeditions near the foot of the ice. >> the fact that they have receded so much in such a short amount of time is not natural. even if it's not right in your backyard it's still going to affect you. >> reporter: local scientist brian anderson studies them installing cameras on the rivers of ice to monitor drastic changes in realtime. >> all of the work that i've done over the last 20 years has shown the temperature. the future depends very much on the temperature. >> reporter: over 6,000 feet above sea level, it was time to experience the glacier's conditions firsthand. >> so, michael, where are we about to land and what should i be prepared to see? >> so we're approaching the clarke glacier. it's going to be bright so you'll need your sunnies. soak up the peace and quiet, the serenity. >> serenity now. >> reporter: sticking our landing, a surreal moment to take in the sheer magnitude on top of the ice. wow.
7:43 am
>> welcome to paradise. >> thank you, michael. are you kidding me? nice office you got here. >> it's a pretty good office. >> oh, my gosh. this is -- i am on a glacier. >> you are. and it's quite soft even for this time of the morning. look at that. >> yes. >> just a little bit after 9:00 a.m. and it's warm. >> michael, people that will be watching this, many of them have not been to new zealand. they've never been on a glacier. why is it important to you people know what's going on here? >> they are disappearing quickly. a few years ago -- it's just been sort of gradually retreating. i bring tourists from all around the world to appreciate and look at these beautiful glaciers. once they're gone obviously, we won't be able to do that anymore. >> once upon a time you could actually walk to the glacier.
7:44 am
now the only way you can see it is by chopper. >> it's all receded so far up the mountain it's basically surrounded by cliffs. you got to be a pretty intrepid mountaineer to hike up here. >> i would say so. >> the magic carpet is a lot more convenient. >> it's a thrill for you. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: our trip wrapping with bright sun, soft ice and extraordinary views as we take off in our magic carpet. what a way to start the week. and it has been an incredible week ever since. new zealand researchers predict that in a decade many of the country's beloved and important glaciers will be gone. that will impact the landscape, the water supply and the people that you met who depend on glaciers for their livelihood, michael. >> definitely not what we want to hear, robin. what was it like for you to get in that chopper and to land on top of a glacier? >> michael, my, my, my. you know, we're blessed to be in
7:45 am
the profession that we're in and to experience so much, but that was unlike anything i've ever experienced and thankful to michael and to andy, the two pilots. they know what they are doing and you feel so small. you really have an appreciation for the grandeur and the magnitude of natural beauty like that. but to come in for that soft landing and all people in new zealand are very respectful of their environment, michael and andy included, and it's an experience that i will not forget. i also, michael, got to experience some of the maori people's traditions here at the cultural center and spent some time in queenstown as well. we're getting around. that's a playground for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers. i'm going to show you all of that coming up a little bit later on this morning. >> yeah, we know you're an adrenaline junkie. [ laughter ] >> right. >> getting a big fix there.
7:46 am
>> but we're so glad you're bringing this to us, robin. it's absolutely beautiful, but it's also important to highlight glaciers and what's happening there. so thank you for that. we're going to have a lot more of robin coming up later. we are, indeed. robin will be back with our special kiwi "play of the day." ♪ >> ooh. ♪ our love is strong when no one does the other wrong ♪ ♪ our love is lasting ♪ ♪ when there are no questions just understanding ♪ ♪ there's no need ♪ ♪ woah ♪ ♪ it's sweet love, it's sweet love ♪ ♪ it's sweet love baby ♪ pandora gift sets for every love. starting at $99 i'm steve. i lost 138 pounds in 9 months pandora gift sets for every love. on golo and taking release. golo saved my life. i was way overweight, and that's what sent me down the path,
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7:50 am
we're back now with our "play of the day" and it's a very special edition this morning from new zealand. we want to go right back to robin in rotorua. robin, we miss you so much, but i know this is the trip of a lifetime and it is gorgeous there even though it's pitch dark. >> you know, i've been talking to you about it, lara. you know how much i was looking forward to this trip. i was here earlier in the day. it might be even more breathtaking at night. i am here at te puia, at the cultural center where maori traditions are celebrated and shared with all. i met a couple from utah earlier today. it is on the site of an ancient village in a geothermal valley that has great significance to the indigenous people here in new zealand. the name comes from the word for spring and you can see the natural hot springs and steam vents that are here and they're all lit up. i learned all about the indigenous culture from the dancing to the arts and we're even going to show you how to
7:51 am
cook in one of those geysers. we got a lot to look forward to this morning. ♪ the dancers have been beautiful all morning long. just -- they're telling a story through their bodies, through their movement, and we're going to learn more about that a little bit later. lara, i know you had "play of the day" and i had a glacier facial. now i'm getting the geyser facial. i'm benjamin button. i'm just moving backwards in age. it just takes years off you. >> yes, you are. more from you coming up, robin. be well, see you soon. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. i'm sorry, what was that? it's good. oh, the almond breeze i bought for you that you've never had before now? yes. that i got you last week, that you said you wouldn't try. and now you're drinking and enjoying, that almond breeze? what's happening, dad? oh i think we both know what's happening. they get delicious taste and 50% more calcium. you get all the credit.
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and provides steady morning energy bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings and here's traffic with georgina. thank you, reggie. good morning. everybody is so let's start with some live cameras here. live. look at the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are traveling, westbound, be prepared for delays. there. we are seeing that it is jammed due to a stall at the mid span, so heads up on that part and then just very quickly going to go back to oakland right now because we saw the secular in effect due to emergency roadwork, westbound 5 80 at park boulevard, pedro pedro bina temperatures. we're warming through the thirties and forties. we don't have any frost advisories. in fact, that sun is up here, but it soon get taken over by cloud cover turning partly sunny as the day goes on, but despite that increased cloud cover, it will feel comfortable later today we're gonna southerly wind getting us into
7:57 am
the upper fifties to mid sixties , but those clouds will give us some rain tomorrow morning. i'll be exclusive abc seven storm impact scale. it's a level one for your friday morning, reggie. thank you, jerry for streaming us on our abc seven bay area app, abc, seven and seven continues next for everyone else. it's more good morning america. with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes, everyone is making room for binaxnow in their medicine cabinet. do we still need these pregnancy tests? (kids yell and giggle, a dog barks and a vase breaks) yeah, no. out with the old, in with the #1 covid-19 self test in the us. with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19. binaxnow
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter storm warning. the deadly ice storm causing chaos across the south. more than 70 million around the country under dangerous ice, cold and flood alerts. ginger has the track and timing. snapchat lawsuit. families banding together claiming their children connected with drug dealers on the app resulting in their deaths. how they're making their case. ♪ feels like the first time ♪ tom brady retires again saying it's not like the first time. what his ex-wife gisele is saying about it. ♪ near, far ♪ "titanic" movie mystery. james cameron diving into the question all "titanic" fans
8:01 am
asked 25 years later. >> i'll never let go. i promise. >> could jack have survived? ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ get in formation. beyonce is going back on tour. her first time on the road in five years. what fans can expect from queen bey and how you can get tickets. ♪ we're gonna save the world tonight ♪ and our big adventure. we are headed to new zealand. come on. taking you along on a bucket list journey of a lifetime. unexpected pit stop as the country experiences record downpours, to the breathtaking the land of the long white cloud. that is -- oh, gosh. experiencing the rich culture and traditions of the maori and their incredible renaissance. ♪ and visiting the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere.
8:02 am
even cooking in it as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. we are live in new york and in new zealand this morning. robin is reporting live from rotorua where she is getting quite a greeting. look at that. good morning, robin. ♪ >> good morning, again. greeting, indeed. ah, these dancers are magnificent and i appreciate the welcome that they are giving us. and we are here at the te puia, the geysers all lit up because it's already after 2:00 a.m. friday morning and this is a cultural center you have got to see because i have been learning about the traditions of the maori people. i've also been learning about facing my fears on this trip. i'm talking about the plan to have me jump off the sky tower
8:03 am
in auckland, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. michael, okay, i know you were doing a lot of trash-talking about whether or not i would actually go through with it. >> robin, i was -- i was not talking trash. i was just trying to look out for your well-being. that's it. >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> we saw the video. i saw the video. i know you at least made it to the top.en you were up at the top of this tower, how were your nerves when you were up there? >> oh, i had them. i had plenty of them. there were plenty of nerves when i was up there. i got up there. looked over the edge, had some questions about the choices because that is more than 600 feet. thank you all. thank you very much. first of all, i have to thank the dancers. they just completed their presentation. but it was over 600 feet high. the company that calls this -- they call it the gravity related personal challenge. and so was i up for the challenge? was i up for it? is that what you're asking? >> yes, that's what i'm asking. did you do it? >> i'm going to leave you
8:04 am
hanging because i was left hanging. we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out but this is really a trip of a lifetime to be around such beauty. the geysers even know we're filming live because they're acting up. >> we cannot wait to see more. we know you made it up to the top of the tower. we're happy you're on solid ground now. robin does have much more ahead for us from new zealand this morning. we cannot wait for all of that. but first, we have millions of americans here at home who are under ice, cold and flood alerts. the freezing rain and sleet are creating a travel nightmare. ginger is tracking it all for us. good morning, again, ginger. >> good morning, michael. that accumulation of ice now has nearly a half million customers without power from texas to arkansas and tennessee. looking at the video you see it was covering the roads. this is fort worth, texas, where the folks are off the roads, spinning out, hitting each
8:05 am
other, unfortunately, at least seven people have died in accidents. if that wasn't happening, the trees were starting to come down on the roads because they were so heavy with up to three-quarters of an inch of ice accumulating. now i want to take you to what's going to happen. windchill alerts all throughout the northern great lakes and plains, which i'll explain but the ice storm warning goes all the way through memphis through later today because the temperatures are going to slowly warm up and see it turn into more of a rain event. that cold is no joke. by tomorrow morning it feels like 14 here in new york city. 9 below for detroit. 18 below in chicago and then it's not just serious cold. this is potentially record-breaking windchill in northern new england. we're talking 60 below zero. so if we do that, you can get frostbite on exposed skin in just five minutes. juju? >> wow, ginger, pulling out our puffer coats for sure. we're going to turn now to the latest on the federal reserve raising interest rates again to battle inflation. so let's go back to our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis with how it could impact your bottom line.
8:06 am
good morning, again, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, juju, nice to see you again. the bottom line here is that the fed has done eight interest rate hikes in a row in order to cool inflation. so what does that mean in real terms? well, credit card interest rates are rising. the average apr now is 20% on the typical american family's credit card debt, about $6,400. that means an additional $123 in interest payments. we've seen mortgage rates getting more expensive. the average 30-year fixed rate has gone from 4 to now 6%. the area where all of this can benefit you is in your savings account. you do have to do a little work on it. online banks are now paying upwards of 4% apy. that means 4% interest rate on your savings just sitting there in the bank, but you have to look at places like bank rate and nerd wallet to find it and make sure if you put your money in a bank that it is fdic insured. that means if the bank goes under, your money is still safe.
8:07 am
guys? >> good tip there, rebecca. thank you. now to the new lawsuit against snapchat. families of more than 50 overdose victims accused the app of enabling drug dealers. will reeve has the details. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, linsey. these families say snapchat was the tool dealers used to connect with their children, sell their illicit drugs and then leave no trace. in the throes of the opioid epidemic and fentanyl crisis, they're desperate for something to be done. this morning, snapchat sued by the families of 50 victims of drug overdoses accusing the social media giant of enabling dealers to sell fake prescription pills laced with deadly doses of fentanyl to minors and young adults. >> they all lost a child to fentanyl poisoning through counterfeit drugs obtained through snap. not through instagram, not through tiktok but through snap. this isn't an internet problem. this isn't a social media problem. this is a snapchat problem. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit obtained by abc news,
8:08 am
from 2020 to 2022, snapchat was allegedly a conduit for over 75% of the fentanyl poisoning deaths of children between the ages of 13 to 18 who connected with a dealer over social media. the dealers selling what they say are prescription drugs, but are often counterfeit and contain lethal levels of fentanyl. >> no parent should have to go through this. >> reporter: fran humphreys says her 20-year-old daughter sophia was sold fake percocet pills through snapchat in june of 2021. two days later she was found unresponsive in her bed. >> immediately law enforcement took her phone and the detective called us shortly after and said that they were able to see that she had purchased it from a snapchat dealer. >> download the mobile app. >> reporter: the lawsuit claims snapchat's features including disappearing messages appeal to drug dealers, making their illegal activity hard to track. in a statement, snap inc. telling abc news, it cannot comment on active litigation, but claiming it's using
8:09 am
cutting-edge technology to proactively find and shut down drug dealers' accounts and is continually expanding its support for law enforcement investigations. the lawyer for these families tells abc news some of the changes to snapchat they're seeking include getting rid of the disappearing messages feature, improving detection of drug dealers and permanently removing them from the app and notifying parents and children of what he termed this clear and present danger. guys? >> will, thank you. such good information. we have so much more coming up on "gma" this morning. gisele bundchen responding to ex, tom brady's surprise retirement 2.0 announcement. plus, james cameron is revisiting "titanic" 25 years later exploring the big fan question could jack have survived. also this morning, beyonce hitting the road after five years announcing her renaissance world tour. lara has for on that. and robin is live in new zealand. hey, robin. >> hey, the rain is not dampening our spirits here. we have much more to show you.
8:10 am
the culture, the food, the stunning natural beauty. plus, the epic journey it took to get here. it is all coming up live from magnificent new zealand right here on "gma." come on back. ♪ we're gonna save the world tonight ♪ "gma's morning menu" is sponsored by naturemade. start your day with naturemade, the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. your day with , the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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8:14 am
it's an adventure. it's an adventure. >> welcome back to "gma." that was robin going down a mountain in queenstown, new zealand. >> amazing. >> it's an epicenter of adventure tourism. that's adventurous right there. she's reporting live from new zealand this morning after a more than 9,000-mile journey to get in. good morning, again, robin. >> hey, michael. you know, normally, normally takes about 18 hours to fly from new york to new zealand. but because of the historic flooding happening in the country, it ended up taking us
8:15 am
quite a bit longer but it was well worth it. >> this is going to be an exciting adventure. we are headed to new zealand. come on. >> reporter: my bucket list adventure turned into adventure of its on. >> on our way to auckland but i think i was dreaming about being in hawaii. >> reporter: turns out i was not dreaming. a little bit of a delay getting to auckland. we are in honolulu. heavy rain drenching city received the most rain ever recorded there in a single day forcing schools to be closed until next week. our flight diverted to hawaii as the auckland airport flooded. temporarily halting operations. the record downpours, unusual for this time of year, as december through february is typically dry season in new zealand. >> after 24 hours in hawaii it is time to resume our regularly
8:16 am
scheduled programming. once again it is on to new zealand. let's do it. our journey to explore the land of the long white cloud carried on. new zealand calls itself home to an estimated 5 million people, a place you'll find more sheep than locals. finally arriving in queenstown, a stunning destination on the south island. there are so many reasons why i wanted to travel here to new zealand. one of them being the great outdoors. ooh, serenity now. it's also home to adrenaline-fueled experiences and majestic views. so to take it all in, we rode to that is -- oh, gosh. the lune of the ees, all e of it. it's like you get a little bit of everything, but i love seeing
8:17 am
the mountains come up around the lake like that. standing at a towering 1,500 feet above sea level. >> whoo. it's gorgeous. you can really see queenstown. a moment for me to take it all in. it wasn't easy getting here, but, as you can see, this view makes it more than worth it. i would do it all over again. and trust me, i'm going to do it all over again. this is my first time, but it will not be my last time here to new zealand. nearly 4.5 million people came to visit new zealand last year contributing about $10 billion to the country's economy and the number of tourists is expected to keep growing. and many of them, they come looking for adventure. there's bungee jumping. there's jet boating. there's zip-lining. adrenaline junkies will find plenty to do here. michael? >> we're thinking we want to go now after we're seeing you there so a few more tourists will be there soon.
8:18 am
we saw you took that gondola to the top of the mountain. tell us about the trip down. >> well, i'd love for linsey and juju and you and lara and ginger all to come with me, george, it is really spectacular. so how did i get down? well, you know, there's stuff to do. the luge, we just -- sweet amber is with me on the trip. so we decided to take the luge on down the mountain like that. the crew got in on it. we have this wonderful crew that's with us and so it was really great for us to have that little moment just to kind of take in something a little bit different. i can honestly say that's nothing -- i've never done that before but it was quite an experience, guys. >> will i fit on that little thing? i wonder. [ laughter ] >> i don't think. >> i don't want to get up there and they're like -- i got to roll down that thing, you know. [ laughter ] >> that would be worth it. to see that. [ laughter ] >> for you, i'm sure it would be, robin. thank you so much. let's go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> in case anybody forgot, it's groundhog day.
8:19 am
i bet robin would love to relive today. six more weeks of winter. the rodent has spoken. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> saw his shadow. now, reminder, it's a folklore. it's about 40% accurate. not great, so if you'd like some science, i actually have some of that to share with you. we do have a three-month outlook. the climate prediction center does a fantastic job on temperature more than 80%, 90% accuracy. twice as good or more than phil and this is what it looks like above average from the northeast through southeast all the way back to arizona. the below average temps for the next couple of months, stick with the pacific northwest. let's get a check now a little drew: i am drew tuma accuweather forecast. clouds will thicken as the day goes on. a southerly wind will bring temperatures into the upper 50's to mid 60's. tonight, the clouds give way to rain with a level 1 light storm.
8:20 am
here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. today, increasing clouds. tomorrow, we have some rain and then another storm this weekend. and now to tom brady's second retirement. gisele bundchen reacting to her ex's surprise announcement on social media, sharing her reaction of his last nfl unretirement may have helped end their marriage. >> good morning, guys. i'll get to the point. >> reporter: this morning, reaction pouring in after news straight from the legend himself, tom brady's announcement that he's hanging up his cleats for good. again. >> i won't be long-winded. you only get one super emotional retirement essay, and i used mine up last year. so i really thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me. >> reporter: the seven-time super bowl champ's comment section flooded with g.o.a.t. emojis and emotional reactions. ex-wife gisele bundchen sending her support writing, wishing you only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life.
8:21 am
on his instagram tom including her and their three kids in a post-retirement trip down memory lane. the two had been married 13 years before finalizing their divorce last october. brady's sudden return to the game after his first retirement announcement reportedly causing a strain on the marriage. >> this is a woman who took a lot of time off so that she could really support her family and support her husband, be there for her kids and she put work second and she even said last summer there's stuff she still wants to do and so now it's her turn. >> reporter: though brady's gridiron exit is set, gisele, who announced her retirement from the runway in 2015, isn't slowing down, the 42-year-old consistently holding the spot at the top of "forbes" highest earning models list.
8:22 am
launching her return to print modeling earlier this year with a louis vuitton campaign. cameras catching her taking in the miami sun spending time with her jujitsu instructor. >> her jujitsu instructor, sources told people he is someone she is leaning on and that they have developed a very close bond. >> reporter: okay, it's all about tom brady. 23 seasons, love him or hate him, right now he's got a ten-year tv contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars, we're talking record-breaking as you said. he didn't need five jobs, just one. >> good advice. >> yeah, he's going to be all rght. don't worry about tom. >> that's right. let's get to "pop news". >> let's get to it. good morning to you. we'll begin with beyonce's world tour. as we told you in the first hour, ticketmaster trying not to break your soul. preparing to handle things differently than they did with taylor swift's presale debacle. let's just call it what it was. this time they'll sell the tickets in waves. using a verification process trying to make sure real fans get those tickets, not bots, not resellers. beyonce announcing the big news with this simple post. it already has over 7.5 million likes and counting. the "renaissance" tour marks the first time in five years that
8:23 am
beyonce is hitting the road for a tour like this. she did take to the stage for a very exclusive audience at a hotel opening in dubai weeks ago. nothing from the "renaissance" album was played. seems she is saving it all for the big tour. she will start in sweden in may and then she kicks things off here in the states in philadelphia in july. she'll hit 24 more cities before wrapping in september. if you want to get in formation for tickets, ticketmaster's verified fan registration is open now. run, don't walk. >> get on it. >> yeah, right? and this year's class of nominees for the rock & roll hall of fame is out. 14 groups or performers nominated including kate bush, sheryl crow, missy elliott, a tribe called quest, george michael and willie nelson, yeah. another nominee, cyndi lauper thanking the hall of fame writing, it's been a lifetime privilege to reach so many
8:24 am
different kinds of fans with a message of following your own path and having fun along the way. the 2023 inductees will be announced this may. good luck to all of the nominees. kerry washington is sharing her journey in a new memoir. the emmy-winning star of "scandal" is calling it "thicker than water." the publisher little brown spark says washington will open up about the challenges, the setbacks, the traumas that she has faced while also documenting how she dealt with her sudden super stardom as olivia pope. washington telling "people" magazine this is the most personal project she's ever done. she says she hopes readers receive it with open hearts. i'm sure they will, kerry. "thicker than water" set to hit bookshelves this september. we hope to talk to her on "gma." we just love her. finally, reverse psychology works every time with my teenage daughter. i say i like something, she also it, vice versa. sophie monk says it's the only
8:25 am
way to get her golden retriever to take his heart worm medication. look at it. >> no, no. no. no, bluie. bluie. no, don't eat it. don't you -- >> that's brilliant. i love it. >> bluie, you showed her. yeah. you got that biscuit. you go for it. that video racking up 4 million views and counting. sophie writing the caption, this is so true, we always want what we can't have even if it is a chalky nasty heart worm pill and that is "pop news." >> don't let me brush your hair. don't let me brush your hair. >> it works for my son. >> i hate that, you know, we all know how it goes. all right, coming up, we're going back to robin in new zealand for some culture and some hokey-pokey. she'll explain what that is when we come back with more "gma." ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
bill a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning , everyone i'm kumasi. aaron from abc seven morning is going to check in now with job in a for a look at traffic. hydroponic marcie. thank you. good morning, everyone. so we are going to begin in castro valley where we're following a crash involving an overturned car on eastbound 5 80 past the grove way off ramp speeds are down to around six mph in this area and injuries have been reported. also if you're traveling towards the richmond, san rafael bridge ahead. if you're going in the westbound direction, we have two stalls that are causing a pity. pretty big backup their kumasi. thanks for being a meteorologis
8:28 am
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kelly and ryan is coming up. whm omoo me conti i 2. at i. ocu take aoo temperatures right now we're in the thirties and the forties, but you notice from artem camel i've looked, clouds are overtaking that sunshine. we're turning to partly sunny skies as the day goes on, but a south wind will get us up into the upper fifties to mid sixties mild for this time of the year, but tomorrow rain returns to the forecast a level one. light storm storm index scale kamasi thank you
8:30 am
drew. we'll have another abc seven news update about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on our news app and at abc ♪ who's gonna save the world tonight ♪ welcome back to "good morning america." there's a look at robin being welcomed to new zealand with a maori greeting ceremony, an ancient tradition still used to greet dignitaries today. reportm rotorua, a center of maori culture. >> lara. [ speaking non-english ] the traditional maori greeting which many new zealanders use. the people here are indigenous to new zealand and they are here at the center working hard to keep those traditions alive.
8:31 am
in the heart of new zealand's north island sits a small town of rotorua where maori culture is alive and well. rotorua has become a stronghold for the maori people who are indigenous to new zealand and represent 16.5% of its population. here at the te puia cultural center, maori traditions have been on full display for tourists from around the world for 130 years. ♪ nuinan those people who are just want to learn about what we're doing, who we are, what we do, i just think it's absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: the center is home to the national schools of carving. and weaving. and houses the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere. for maori people culture preservation is important, but
8:32 am
remnant effects of colonialism led to older generation strongly discouraged them to using their native language. >> imagine sending your little 5-year-old to school, them coming home to let you know they had been punished. for just trying to communicate. >> reporter: affecting future generations and causing the maori language to nearly cease to exist. >> i even recall a conversation with my grandfather when i was wanting to learn maori at school. he said that will get you nowhere. it's useless. it was not worth anything. because that was what was embedded in him. >> reporter: but now maori culture is experiencing a resurgence that's steadily gaining momentum. >> every aspect of our culture is really so important because it's what gives us our
8:33 am
connection to our ancestors. it tells us where we've come from and it's also going to tell us where we're going to. >> reporter: so, while here in new zealand, i had to visit the center for myself. >> hi, i'm robin. >> hi. >> very nice to meet you. oh, my goodness. so you've been carving for how long? how many years? how many decades? >> 56 years. when i was at school i wasn't very bright. so teachers thought i was quite dumb actually. >> no. >> but i was good at art. it's one thing i was very good at. so i knew that somewhere along the line that's what my calling was going to be. >> well, why don't we bring this youngin' in here. hello. how are you? first year student. >> yeah. >> so you're learning from someone like clive. what have you learned? >> too much stuff. we have lessons with him pretty much every week, an hour to two hours. very honored to be here while clive is still around. >> i don't like how he said
8:34 am
while you're still around. you're going to be around for awhile. >> i'll be here for awhile. >> he's not going anywhere. what is it about it that you enjoy so much? >> lots of things. being able to create just being able to -- for me it's through creating. we're weaving stuff that has been passed down from generation to generation. at the moment what i'm doing is a technique which we call -- [ speaking non-english ] so i am just double twining all the pieces of fiber together to make them -- that's pretty much like a sewing machine but using my hands to braid it all together. >> how long will it take to you complete the garment? >> today i will have this garment completed. >> oh, today. oh, my. >> i also said that on monday. no, i am. [ laughter ]
8:35 am
>> very good. >> no, i'll have it complete today. >> reporter: and this special moment. ♪ [ speaking non-english ] [ speaking non-english ] >> allowing me to witness firsthand the power of maori culture. thank you. thank you. >> you're very welcome. >> thank you. say it again. [ speaking non-english ] indeed.
8:36 am
grace, this beautiful woman is the cultural ambassador here. [ speaking non-english ] >> thank you, thank you. thank you. can you explain in more detail that welcoming procedure, ceremony? it was so touching. there's a significance to it. can you explain it? >> there is. robin, since the beginning of time our people have been shaped and influenced by our environment. the mountains, the water, the moon, the stars, the geysers all play an important part in ensuring that we have a deep and everlasting connection to our land. now, ancient customs and traditions are what we call -- [ speaking non-english ] which have been gifted to us from our deities. very important and something we must respect and adhere to and celebrate as well. so -- [ speaking non-english ] is an ancient ritual where we welcome -- [ speaking non-english ] like yourselves like we did this
8:37 am
morning in your role today and it's our way, the -- [ speaking non-english ] has many aspects but encompasses our core natural principles we carry. as maori. [ speaking non-english ] love, respect and generosity and -- [ speaking non-english ] that's family. >> it was so beautiful. >> thank you. >> i know there were a lot of your family members. you kept welcoming to the family and said they are. what does it mean to you to know that you are passing it on, not just to your family but to others? >> well, you know, language and culture is crucial to the survival of any indigenous again, both language and culture have been gifted from generation to generation for us to enjoy and to share with people just like yourselves. so the role that i play, i'm extremely honored and privileged to be able to -- well, impart what knowledge and skills that i have to the younger generation.
8:38 am
i try my very best to lead by example and it's a role that i find very, very humbling and that i also take very seriously and the hope is i can play my part to ensure the survival of our identity as an indigenous culture. and hopefully our young ones, our children and our grandchildren will be doing exactly the same thing that we're doing here this morning. >> i know. this morning at 2:00 in the morning, almost 2:30. and, finally, for folks that are watching back in the states, what is your hope that they see this morning on this program? >> my greatest hope is that they're able to see throughout the travels that you take them on here through our beautiful valley and also our bubbly city of rotorua, my hope is that they're able to -- i know it's a little bit hard to create that connection through the camera. but i hope that they gain a
8:39 am
greater understanding of who we are as the indigenous people of new zealand, the maori people. >> beautiful, beautiful, and so kind, humble and gracious. thank you. [ speaking non-english ] >> i know we've been having fun, but it's also been a learning experience and i appreciate that so very much. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. thank you. >> lara? >> yeah. [ speaking non-english ] to you, robin, for taking us on this bucket list trip. it is spectacular. we have learned so very much and thankfully we have much more from robin live from new zealand. soon you will sleep, robin, soon. ♪ (steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above and beyond to take care of me. i feel a lot better now. i'm taking medication for what i should have been taking years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously.
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♪ welcome back. and, as we count down to the super bowl, recently i visited a small town known for sending more players to the nfl per capita than any place else. kids there grow up with the motto, nfl or bust. but what happens when those dreams don't come true? >> the friday night lights are bright in football city, usa. >> reporter: friday night high school football games are an american tradition. this town, rock hill, south carolina, calls itself football city, usa. with a population of about 75,000 people, it says it's
8:43 am
turned out more nfl players per capita than any other city in te u.s. tonight's high school stars could become tomorrow's next pro athletes. >> you're one of the best wide receivers in the country. is that a lot of pressure because you're only a freshman? >> no. you can't let a game get bigger than yourself. i don't think about it too much. >> reporter: j'zavien at 14 already has multiple division 1 offers to play in college. >> when did you know he was good? >> by the time he was 6, he had his first i think eight-touchdown season. by the time he was 9, he had 30 touchdowns and had -- >> in one season? >> had three games he had five touchdowns. one game he had five touchdowns in the first quarter. we always prepared for him to get this much attention. >> reporter: for some, those big dreams pay off and big contracts in a successful career.
8:44 am
but jibrille knows all too well what happens when that dream bursts. he was one of those high school phenom players everyone said would make it to the nfl. he played college ball, but didn't make the cut for the nfl. >> how does that feel to come back here after not, you know, making -- hitting the ultimate dream of not making the nfl? >> it was depressing. i felt like a failure and didn't know what was next and went into a dark area. >> reporter: jibrille is now a youth football coach, helping kids learn to bounce back when football ends. he brings in mental health advocates and even former players to help kids think beyond the game. >> repeat after me, my identity is greater than my ability. >> all: my identity is greater than my ability. >> once they realize that, they'll understand how important a mental health piece is to the football piece. >> rock hill has a lot of success stories, but there is another side to this town too.
8:45 am
you can catch my full report on "impact x nightline." it is streaming now on hulu. it's worth the watch. ginger? >> michael, i love that identity line they had. thank you for bringing us that. i know you played pro ball, what, seven times if i remember correctly. >> i played 15 years. >> at the pro bowl. >> seven times, wow. >> i mean i had somebody look it up. [ laughter ] i don't know if you knew this but the nfl has completely re-imagined the pro bowl and tonight, they're starting things off with the first five events in the skills showdown. now, this includes an epic game of dodgeball. that's new. i can't imagine strahan coming at me with a dodgeball. but that's kicking off tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on espn and espn plus. let's get a check a little closer to home. drew: i'm drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. partlyny skiestemperatures in 'o mid-60's. the seven-day forecast, rain returns tomorrow morning with another storm over the weekend.
8:46 am
now to a "gma" first look at national geographic's new special "titanic: 25 years later" with james cameron featuring the latest details, unraveling the mysteries of the movie "titanic" and blowing the door debate wide open, guys. was there room for jack too? let's find out. it's the much discussed movie ending fans will never let go. >> i'll never let go. >> reporter: could jack have survived the sinking of the "titanic" if he climbed on that floating piece of debris with rose? it's a theory that's been tested before but never by james cameron himself until now. >> we'll find out once and for all whether jack could have survived the sinking of "titanic." >> reporter: it's part of the new national geographic special "titanic: 25 years later" with james cameron. to re-examine jack's final scene, cameron and a team of scientists took two stunt people and tested four different scenarios to see if the two could have shared that board. >> jack and rose are able to get
8:47 am
on the raft but now they're both submerged in dangerous levels of freezing water. >> reporter: the consensus jack likely wouldn't survive. then they find a position where both of their upper bodies are out of the water. >> out of the water with violent shaking was helping him and projecting it out he could have made it pretty long, like hours. >> reporter: but they're not exhausted like in the film. so for the final test, they factor in the physical strain the characters endured leading up to this point. >> jack. >> rose. >> jack swims over. >> jack. >> and, one, two, three. >> reporter: and this time rose offers the life jacket to help insulate her man. >> and he's stabilized. she got him to a place where if we projected that out he just might have made it until the life boat got there. >> reporter: cameron's verdict? >> jack might have lived, but there's a lot of variables. i think his thought possess was
8:48 am
-- i think his thought process was i'm not going did one thing that jeopardizes her. and that's 100% in character. >> so no definitive answer after all that, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. you get it? see "titanic: 25 years later" with james cameron on national geographic sunday at 9:00 and the next day on hulu. coming up, we go back to robin in new zealand who's learning to cook in a geyser. coming up, we go back to robin in now, it's official. xfinity has the fastest internet
8:49 am
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o,hey how's business? ♪ great. you know that loan has really worked wonders. that's what u.s. bank is for. and you're growing in california? -yup, socal, norcal... -monterey? -all day. -a branch in ventura? that's for sure-ah. atms in fresno? fres-yes. encinitas? yes, indeed-us. anaheim? big time. more guacamole? i'm on a roll-ay. how about you? i'm just visiting. u.s. bank. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with retail banking in california by j.d. power. welcome back, everybody, now to my favorite time of any trip, eating, and we're going to go back to robin in new zealand who has quite a feast laid out in front of her. hey, robin, what's cooking? >> you know "gma" very well, juju. you remember. we have some incredible traditional new zealand cuisine here that is cooking using the geothermal heat from the geysers that are behind us.
8:51 am
and this is ariya, the general manager of the new zealand arts and craft institute who is going to tell us all about it. [ speaking non-english ] >> that has several meanings, does it not? >> it does. we use it as an informal greeting for thank you and many different meanings. but i guess the deeper meaning of [ speaking in non-english ] is what is the essence of life. we believe that everything that moves has a life force. you see our performers shake their heads. it represents life and kia ora means to be well. >> and eat well. that's what you're going to do here. first of all, this is beautiful. tell us about the significance. >> yes, this is carved here in the arts and crafts institute and traditionally this was a vessel to hold -- [ speaking in non-english ] and present food because it is such -- it's as much as a spiritual connection as it is physical. >> do you really cook in the
8:52 am
geysers? >> we do. >> really? >> we do. every day, every day. >> oh, my gosh. what are the traditional ways of cooking here? >> yeah, so we got a -- [ speaking non-english ] a boiling pool to cook the seafood. some of the vegetables, the steam box we cook below the earth. we can either use the natural steam rises to cook it or we dig a hole in the earth as well. >> meat pies. i mean, we asked the crew the best ones and it's hard to fight within the crew. >> it is. >> that's really a traditional -- >> it's one of our favorites growing up. not so much a traditional food but definitely a kiwi food. >> speaking of kiwi, i did not realize it's also a bird. >> yes, it is the flightless bird of new zealand. it's a humble litt >> it is.
8:53 am
people should really know the history of kiwi. okay, now back in new york, hokey-pokey. got some ice cream for you because it is something that is very traditional, is it not? >> it is. well, growing up here in new zealand we didn't have too much choice, it was either vanilla and hokey-pokey. if you dig deeper you find these little nuggets or gems of caramel sweets. >> are you liking it back there? >> we love the hokey-pokey. >> so good. >> doing the hokey-pokey. >> they love it and turning yourself around. i knew you would be the first one to do that, michael. >> that's what's it's all about. >> thank you. thank you, thank you. hey, guys, that's it for right now but we are going to be broadcasting live tomorrow morning which is saturday morning here in new zealand. we'll be in auckland and we'll figure out if i'm going to jump or not but we're going to see you tomorrow. have a great day, everybody. thank you so much. >> do it, do it, do it. >> we'll be right ba
8:54 am
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bill a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc, seven mornings going to check in now with joe pena for a look at traffic. hydro been marcie. thank you. good morning, everyone, so we're going to start in cash, a rally with the least positive update on the crash we are following earlier with an overturned vehicle it has cleared. you're still facing a large slow down there. speed around seven mph on eastbound 5 80 past growth way the off ramp there. also the stalls appeared on the richmond standard felled bridge, but various slow still, if you're traveling westbound, heydrich, we're looking at temperatures right now, and we're getting into the forties and many spots. but now the clouds are increasing ahead of a storm that will bring us rain tomorrow morning live. look from the exploratorium camera. we started out with sunshine, but those clouds are taking over. it's partly sunny day, but a south wind gets us into the upper fifties and mid sixties. rain is in the forecast tomorrow morning, a level one light storm on the storm. impact scale.
9:00 am
kamasi. thank you drew. now it's time for a live with kelly and ryan and we'll be back at 11 for with kelly and ryan. today, from the series, so help me todd, skylar astin. and amazing hidden travel gems as we continue our travel and me in '23 series. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the inbox. and your favorite live announcer will be joining kelly at the cohost desk. that's me, deja vu. it happens all next on live. ["be the one" by dua lipa] and now here are kelly ripa and me, deja vu. [audience applause] thank you, darling. yes, my lady. yes. thank you. thank you. you're so tiny. how come you always say that?


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