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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 2, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tuesday. rosa is calling the oakland police department as she is getting in line to pick up her five-year-old daughter from school. >> just wondering if it would be possible you guys could send over a police officer to keep and i on the area. >> just outside her window a young girl in black stilettos is seen walking across the street from saint anthony's catholic school in east oakland. >> like i told you they follow me a couple times. >> she is talking about pimps believed to be trafficking young women along east 15th street right in front of the k-8 grade school. her daughter asked what the young woman was wearing. >> she is like mom, do you like what she is wearing? i'm like, don't turn around. the girls, they are naked. >> these videos captured on four
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different dates over the past couple weeks show young women wearing barely any clothing as they walked down the school sidewalk, the street corners and directly across the school. all this captured as children were being dropped off or walked into school. perhaps the video that best represents the dichotomy of the problem was this one captured on monday. the start of catholic schools week where a mom was walking across the street with her daughter has two women walked behind her. one appeared to be soliciting right in front of the school gate. >but i talked to you for a second? >> i'm fine. thank you. >> i'm with channel 7. i was curious what you are doing out here. >> what? >> i'm curious what you are doing out here. what were you talking to that gentleman about? >> my chips. >> you see this every day or a couple times of week?
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>> it is every day during all times of day. >> do you see the women directly in front of the school entrance? >> yes. ithey were having basketball games. >> oakland city councilman noah gaia says the problem is getting worse. you have personally seen there blocking the driveway. >> i get the call saying i cannot get into my home because the pimp is blocking my driveway. >> on the street it is a sad reality. we drove with them along east 15th. >> talking about seeing up to 20 girls on the street. >> young girls walking in the middle of the street hanging around the sidewalks peeking into cars. he says the women are getting younger. >> young girls. young ladies that are on the street. prostituting. >> how young?
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>> i have seen them as young as 15, 16. >> the problem has plagued the surrounding area along international boulevard for decades. after recent construction, the women have moved into residential neighborhoods. >> i think when the 12th on international is done with the roads, that moved them from international boulevard to east 15th. >> running overseas a net would of seven catholic elementary schools including saint anthony's. a parish that has been part of the community for more than 150 years. saint anthony's is a safe sacred place but the reality of what is happening beyond the gate is not. what is the school doing to address the problem? > we have to be an advocate for justice. we have to stand against what is wrong and work in collaboration with our neighborhood partners. >> is opd patrolling everyday?
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>> we have made a point in advocating that yes, our school is incredibly safe during the school day and after school hours but at the same time we don't want our students to witness the perils of human trafficking. >> are they here every day? >> they are present. >> we spoke with father the pastor of saint anthony's parish. >> they promise us they only do more -- we wish they can be more. >> father gabriel says saint anthony's has had several meetings with the oakland police department and city leaders to enhance patrols in the area. they need more help. he says the ongoing solicitation and trafficking has resulted in more shootings between pimps and gang members sometimes even
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during the day. >> if there is violence, shooting, sometimes we experience. the safety of my parish. we pray for them. >> prayers alone will not solve this problem. >> we start with prayer but we have to end with action. >> if you ask the oakland police department, a new law is making it harder for them to crack down. >> with the passage of the loitering bill, their hands are sometimes -- somewhat handcuffed. >> previously loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution was illegal legal but a bill introduced by state senator scott weiner repeal the law in part because he found it to be disproportionately targeting trans women. >> what it did is it allows police officers to arrest a person not based on what they did. you don't have to do anything to get arrested for this crime. based solely on how a person looks. an officer could arrest someone
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because they were wearing tight clothing, high heels and extra lipstick. >> a new law that just went into effect january 1 prohibits officers from arresting individuals suspecting -- inspected of soliciting. they have to prove wrongdoing. >> i tried speaking to this woman. >> we showed senator wiener the situation along east 15th street. >> that footage is very troubling. we don't want sex work, solicitation to be happening by schools. there are people who live there. it is not an acceptable situation for the school, for the neighbors. police >> officers are saying your bill is grabbing them from being able to rescue some of these women they believe to be human traffic. >> that is absolutely dead wrong . aspe 357 has been in effect for 30 days. this problem has existed for far longer. i think it is a copout frankly
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for the police to say this law which is brand-new, this law is somehow to blame. >> what would you tell police who say their hands are tied? >> the police's hands are not tied they can arrest people for soliciting. they can cite vehicle stopped in the middle of the street. they can arrest john's. they can arrest pimps. that car can be cited. you can't stop a car and the middle of the street. if they have cause to think solicitation is happening, they can arrest for solicitation. >> that cause is not justified by being undressed walking around the street as seen here in front of saint anthony's, the patron saint of lost things, lost causes. >> saint anthony, pray for us. >> leaving this community praying for a solution and a safe home for these women. >> it is terrible because the easiest thing for me to do is
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pull my child out of the school but to me that is not a solution. >> a dark problem exposed in plain sight. for the sake of her family, she is hopeful the city will take action. >> it is a risk. everyday is a risk just walking down the streets here. >> we have reached out to the oakland police department several times for an interview over the past week and just heard this morning. following the story we are told a meeting with city officials is in the works aimed to bring additional patrols to the area. in light of what is happening around east 15th street, saint anthony's church is partnering with the oakland diocese to host a vigil prayer service next tuesday to bring awareness to this problem. we are told bishop michael barber will be in attendance. >> certainly needs to be addressed. >> powerful reporting and exposing what is happening. you feel so bad for everyone involved.
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>> it is heartbreaking and we hope more patrols will be sent to this area so they can have more eyes. >> coming up next, a look at issues that concern californians the most and what can be done about them this year. >> a rainy start here friday and more wet weather for the weekend. i will have the forecast coming up. ♪ entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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>> the oakland fire department says crews are making good progress knocking down a three alarm fire in the oakland hills. three structures are impacted next door to one another.
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this is video from sky 7. it is happening near sheppard canyon road. we have heard the fire began in the garage of a home on aiken drive and then spread to the house. no injuries reported in the earner evacuations. murder charges against two men accused the death of a famed san francisco private investigator have been dropped. jack paladino died from a fall in front of his eight ashbury home after an encounter from two men who allegedly tried to kill his camera had the primary witness in the case never actually saw what happened to the revelation about the witness surprised a longtime private investigator. >> i was blown out of my socks to hear the whole version of events may have been less than truthful. and a witness recanting their testimony while under oath during a preliminary hearing, i can understand by the da had to dismiss th the charges.
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years awaiting trial. one has been released. the other is still in custody. >> abc 7 is committed to building a bay area. a new survey confirms what you probably are aware of. the economy and homelessness are very big issues right now. ryan curry spoke with experts about the survey and what it means for the year ahead. of california released a survey thursday showing the economy and homelessness are two major issues residents say california faces heading into this year. >> when you take these two categories together we find four in 10 adults are focused on these issues. >> californians are paying close attention to job growth" and inflation. the survey says californians worry more could come. >> the economic pessimism we see is widespread. we find cross parties, regions
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and demographic groups expecting bedtimes. >> governor newsom announced a multibillion-dollar shortfall for this year's budget. advocates for the and housed fear this could affect the state response thomas miss. seven in 10 californians view homelessness is a big pa problem in their state. >> we have been seeing basically the same thing from california voters for quite a number of years. >> sophia with east bay housing organizati says lawmak have an opportunity to address lawmakers and homelessness. concerned >> about the state of the economy and what is going to happen going forward. the economy and homelessness or housing and security deeply linked. >> she says it is not surprising to see californians concerned about these issues. she says lawmakers should take these concerns into account or they will keep showing up on the
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survey for years to come. >> it is making sure we are continuing to communicate with those elected officials after they get into office about what is important and how to address the housing and homelessness crisis. >> in monterey county the damage left by last month storms will cost $100 million to fix. roads were washed out their levees broke. water treatment plans flooded to the farming community says 20,000 acres of farmland were impacted by floodwaters. county leaders are asking the state to help cover some of the cost. the oakland zoo is set to reopen tomorrow after more than a month of repair work. the zoo shut down on new year's day after a sinkhole opened up on the main entrance road. sky 7 flew over today and saw crews working on the road. zoo is set to reopen at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> more rain is on the way.
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>> sandhya patel is here with when it is getting here. >> tomorrow morning. make sure you have your raingear. take a look at live doppler 7. you will see the storm is off the coast line heading in our direction. seeing a lot of cloud cover ahead of the storm system. ithe iee hours of the morning while many of us are sleeping. winds are beginning to pick up over the higher terrain. 38 miles per hour over spring valley. 26 on mount diablo. visibility is good. we have a lot of cloud cover. 53 in oakland. upper 50's, palo alto, san jose. 55 in half moon bay. from arcadia with camera it is a surreal scene. 54 in santa rosa. 50 in novato. low 50's for concord and livermore. you can see all the way across the bay from our east bay hills
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camera. rain moves in early in the morning. we do have wet gusty weather for saturday night going into sunday is when the main event will be taking place. a late level 1 system for tomorrow. exclusive to our storm impact scale. like to moderate rain is expected to it will be breezy at times as we go hour-by-hour. 3:00 in the morning the north is getting wet. there will be some brief moderate rainfall at 5:00 a.m. turns to scattered showers. 11:00 a.m.. not as widespread. could still be an isolated shower or two in the afternoon. most of this is going to be done by the lunch hour. 800's in san jose to 50 500s in santa rosa. this is not an atmospheric river but beneficial rain is heading in our direction. temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's for most of you. breezy and wet.
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it is going to be milder with all the cloud cover and a south wind. not expecting it to be chilly like this morning. tomorrow afternoon, mid-50's to low 60's. mostly cloudy skies. for lunar new year festivities, it is your year of the rabbit and we have some wet weather. saturday into sunday we have a level 1 as well. for the chinese new year parade there will be a few showers developing at 4:00 p.m. showers and gusty at 6:00 p.m. the main event will be later on at 8:00 p.m. if you take your umbrellas i think you will be just fine. a light level 1 for tomorrow morning. wet weather for the commute. a one for saturday afternoon through sunday. the winds will be increasing. gusty for the second storm should things will quiet down. we will bring in temperatures higher than where we are over the weekend.
6:19 pm
more sunshine. we are about pleasing everyone. i know some people want to see the dry weather. >> full-service weather department. >> this weekend san francisco is kicking off its much celebrated lunar new year parade. it is the largest celebration of its kind outside of asia. the parade starts at second and market streets and ends at kearney and columbus. suzanne phan gives you a look at what goes into it. >> i'm very excited to see it on saturday. >> the tell you cannot wait for the parade. i love how the city brings different cultures alive. volunteers are working hard to put the finishing touches on their floats. early two dozen of them and nearly 100 groups will join the parade to welcome the year of the rabbit. >> it is going to be crowded for sure. it might be raining a little bit. >> rain or shine the par
6:20 pm
kicks off at 5:15 p.m. saturday. beginning at second and market streets throughout winds around union square and ends at kearney street and columbus avenue. there will be plenty of security. our officers then last year. >> we work with different departments in the city. we work with didi -- with dpw. sfpd. sheriff's department. the dem. every year we are concentrated on working with different departments making sure this is a safe secure place for people to enjoy the new year. >> the floods, costumes, the firecrackers and don't forget the beloved 280 eight foot golden dragon which symbolizes power, luck and strength. >> this is our dragon. this dragon we built about four or five years ago. definitely tall. eight to nine feet tall. 208 -- 288 feet long. >> it takes as many as 105 people to carry the dragon through the streets of san francisco.
6:21 pm
this dragon is 288 feet long. the san francisco police department has a dragon in the parade. it is 100 feet long. >> t dragon is the a half hour . supporters say come out and help welcome the year of the rabbit. >> happy new year. >> it is fun for the entire family. >> come join us. it is going to be a fun night to celebrate chinese new year. >> new shots, new housing. maybe even a new sports team. the new vision for (vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! alright now... have a good weekend. (co-worker) but it's wednesday... (co-worker 2) see you monday! (co-worker 3) am i missing something? (hero) it's the weekend baby... see you later. (vo) like getting things two days early?
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i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> today a step forward in the effort to redevelop the oakland sports complex. the group has signed an agreement to begin exclusive negotiations with the city to buy out a share of the site. the group has grand plans for the 155 acre parcel including affordable housing and retail. >> it is an opportunity for the african-american community to actually create employment. in area the a lot of us grew up in. >> under the plan the group would keep the arena in hopes of drawing a wnba team as well as concerts and events. the group has expressed interest
6:25 pm
in bringing an nfl team back to oakland. it is two years to work out a deal with the city. abc 7 news sports director larry beil spoke live with phil matier about the project >>. the african-american sports entertainment group has a two year window to come up with a deal to start construction. you know how difficult it is to build anything in california especially oakland. do you believe they can get this project done? >> it remains to be seen. there was a time when that wasn't in some of the hottest property in the east bay. since then what have we seen a collapse i've the office market. and also let's not forget that even if the developers come up with the money the city is still going to have to come up with infrastructure money and that was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. the last time we had a big plan out there which was with the oakland raiders. we have this great opportunity.
6:26 pm
a great piece of real estate. the question is, can oakland get it done and i will leave that for you and the viewers to think about. electric bills is coming sooner than expected pair the california public utilities commission voted today to expedite credit relief that is usually paid out in april due to the recent rise in costs of natural gas. pg&e customers with gas and electric service can expect to receive $90. agility companies have been ordered to provide the credit as soon as possible. this'll comes as natural gas prices surged in december. the utilities commission w hold a meeting tuesday to examine why this happened. >> after four years, local leaders in two counties drop a lawsuit that challenge the trump administration. why they say it is no longer needed. >> we'll be joined live by the i teams dan noyes. why a murder suspect told him
6:27 pm
from jail about a deadly
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i just got out of the where correctional facility. >> and exclusive for you tonight. josé raphael solano admits killing a mother of two with a samurai sword in september. n■ow and a strangetwist he claims it was self-defense. >> we need to win you it is a disturbing story. dan noyes joins us with the jailhouse interview. >> his attorney questioned whether he is competent to stand trial. after the judge ruled last week he is i decided to try to speak with them face-to-face. as news broke in september about 27-year-old karina castro brutally attacked on a san carlo street there 30's were short on details. >> we can confer a stabbing instrument was used in the commission of the crime. that weapon is still outstanding.
6:31 pm
>> now we have the complete picture straight from the defendant. i met the 30 three rd on the third floor east wing of the san mateo county jail. they don't allow cameras or a pen and paper so i recounted the interview as soon as i got out heisel solano coming toward me. it was much taller than i thought could powerfully built. kind of stocky. i explained i was from channel 7. that i wanted to talk to him about what happen. at no point was anything off the table. when he started talking about karina castro and about their time together and about their daughter one large tear formed and trickled down his cheek. he told me he saw my interview with castro's father and grandmother and he was not happy how they described his mental state. he told me he has been living with schizophrenia since his teen years. >> he is a diagnosed schizophrenic on meds. he would use that as an excuse for his behavior. he drank excessively. you're not supposed to do that on those kind of medications.
6:32 pm
not happy karina castro had begun seeing another man. they argued in the hours before the killing over snapchat messages i tainted. she threatened to bust him on social media for his statutory rape conviction 10 years ago. he calls her a snitch flip and says effort around and find out. he says karina -- karina told him to carry a hit on him, his mother and his brother. he said he went to her armenta desk lay the situation past him about the sword. he said it is a samurai sword. it was a sword my father had. i asked him it is sharp. he says it has a sharp edge to it. solano told me karina castro came down from her apartment and retrieved a knife from her car. he said she emerged from the driver side of the volkswagen with the knife in hand and marched towards him with this knife. he claims he swung the sword in self-defense.
6:33 pm
>> we don't think that i accords with the evidence we have been able to collect so far. >> the district attorney was surprised solano talked and he discounted this new version of events. is there any indication she had a knife? >> this is the case that did not occur in a closed room. it occurred in the street with lots of people walking by and who witnessed what occurred. we have not had reports of her being armed with a knife or anybody seeing a knife much less using a knife. >> i also asked him about his hope he will get a lighter sentence because of his mental health issues or he will be able to serve whatever his sentence winds up being in a mental hospital. >> i understand what he wants. the state prison is full of people who wish they have a lighter sentence. >> healed so cleared up confusion about the injuries to karina castro. he says he considers this a beheading based on what happened that day. >> that shocked the whole bay area. >> if you have a story for dan
6:34 pm
and abc 7 i team call this number on your screen. or go to team met with the congressional black caucus at the white house amid renewed calls for police reform. the caucus is focused on requesting the president talk about policing in his state of the union and using the george floyd justice in policing act as a starting framework for new legislation. house democrats plan to reintroduce the act after the address pair the parents of tyre nichols have accepted bidens invitation to attend the speech. also going to the state of the union will be the executive director of the farmworker advocacy group that has been in the spotlight since the shooting at half moon bay. they have been helping farmworkers secure housing assistance and deal with the trauma of the shooting that left several people dead. dr. melinda hernandez arriaga will be the guest of
6:35 pm
congresswomen anna eshoo whose district includes half moon bay. president biden deli state of the union address on tuesday. live coverage begins on abc 7 at 6:00 p.m. >> after more than four years san francisco and santa clara counties are withdrawing a lawsuit that challenge the trump administration. it was filed following a rule that would've instituted a wealth test for immigrants coming to the united states. sex went has has local reaction -- zach fuentes has local reaction. >> it was 2019 homeland security under the trump administration introduced the rule that to the lawsuit. public charge would have given the federal government the power to deny entry into the u.s. or green cards to immigrants who could use or possibly could use public assistance. from the start of the rule had its critics including the county
6:36 pm
of santa clara. would have an easier time getting in than people without means and that is not something congress has ever permitted to >> hobby is the deputy county counsel. they along with the city and county filed the rule. >> the main purpose was to make immigrant communities fearful of taking advantage of public benefits. that is not just food stamps and housing but also health >> care. something committee organizations would've had impact throughout the bay area. >> if workers cannot show up to work because they don't have access to health services they need whether it is mental or physical because they are afraid of accessing the resources that impacts our economy. it impacts the family's well-being. >> santa clara county and san francisco got a preliminary injunction. since then courts across the country side with them so far been a lawsuit is no longer needed.
6:37 pm
>> between those court rulings and the fact the supreme court has three times declined to intervene to reverse those rulings which means they are still standing and the fact the biden administration has since taken a different approach that comports with long-standing immigration practice. the final nail in the coffin is done for this trump administration role. >> the hope now is there can be added focused on advocacy and resources for local immigrant communities. >> people are coming to this area because they feel it is a safe place. the network and the jobs. despite the hardships we face with increasing rent or housing instability, people want to live in the santa clara county and make this their home. >> coming up neighborhood dispute over a dispensary. also ahead. >> celebrating lunar new year at the first chinese immersion public school in the nation public school in the nation right here
6:38 pm
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>> a mixed day on wall street are the nasdaq and s&p both had gains but not the dell. if the claim points. the does -- nasdaq gained
6:41 pm
through entered 89 points. futures for all three indices fell amid news apple, google and amazon missed their earning targets. >> a building a better>> day area battle is brewing over a proposed cannabis dispensary in san francisco. the owners want to open the shop at terra valley and 19th. the opponents say that is too close to schools and medical offices. tara campbell has both sides. >> police say note to 800 terra val. note to marijuana dispensaries. >> the front scabs -- front steps of san francisco city hall. the owners of the gold mirror want to convert the top part of the restaurant into a dispensary. >> the family and restaurant are synonymous with the parkside district. their good needs and commitment to welfare of their neighbors
6:42 pm
are known to all. >>heal said no to the marijuana dispensary. >> as a health care provider of children, i am very concerned about the potential adverse effect of early exposure of cannabis to them. >> i am concerned the potential increase in crime. i am concerned about more exposure to cannabis. neighborhood and his concern for his daughter. he says there are plenty of other options for people to get cannabis. >> how much is too much? we should limit ourselves especially in child centric areas like where i live. >> inside city hall sponsors of the proposal made their case to the planning committee. >> we have proven ourselves through actions throughout the years as responsible actors who participate under the community. >> is exactly the person who
6:43 pm
should be permitted to on the dispensary. >> george rush has known them for decades. >> will serve his community with understanding, transparency and goodwill. overnight. sandia is tracking that for you. uncle tony phil. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution.
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while other allergy sprays take hours. now with astepro fast allergy relief, [ spray, spray ] you can astepro and go. >> students at one san francisco public school celebrated lunar new year today with a festival focused on diversity and inclusivity. we are melendez found for the students it was a source of pride. >> the school gym resembled an outdoor street fair with kids to build chinese lanterns. calligraphy for beginners and bowling for the youngest. this being the year of the rabbit, students took turns pinning the -- on the bunny. >> in the lunar calendar this is the beginning of spring. as you can see a lot of the cherry blossoms are beginning to open in our community. >> she started this tradition at
6:47 pm
alice phone you alternative school when they opened in 1995. >> we get to enjoy and get the exposure to chinese traditional culture. >> that exposure includes wearing traditional chinese clothing tied to the culture and never discouraged here. >> i think it is a little bit of pride. we are showing off our culture in ways that sometimes we don't get to do. >> even cookie which was actually created in the united states was included in today's festival to the school is fortunate enough to call itself the first chinese immersion public school in the nation. i cannot get my mind off those fortune cookies. weights. fortune or factoid. let's see. the first chinese american in san francisco. initially she was told under the 1920's she would never teach anywhere in the country because
6:48 pm
she was chinese. today being bilingual is an advantage. > you have more opportunities . that can lead to a better job. this is another form of validation. for the non-asian or non-chinese community it is a way to learn. >> what a nice >> we like to get the weather from sandhya patel to some prefer punxsutawney phil. >> above all else, i see a shadow on my stage. and so no matter how you , it is six more weeks of winter weather. >> today the famous groundhog saw his shadow so he predicts six more weeks of winter weather. according to those keeping count on average phil has gotten it right about 40% of the time in the past 10 years so not a stellar track record but you make it up with cute.
6:49 pm
>> he is probably like leave me alone. let me sleep. >> don't bug me. sandhya patel has a much more successful record. >> i hope so. at least for tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the live doppler 7 winter weather is expected. cloudy skies right now. you take a look at our level 1 storm it is going to move in while you are sleeping. morning commute is going to be wet. now we are going to fast-forward to the weekend storm. it gets here with a few showers in the afternoon saturday night to sunday is when we are expecting most of the rain. cro will get some good snow out of this. anywhere from a third of an inch to eight tenths of an inch. wetter locations getting up to an inch. storm watch goes into sunday night and the mountains. heavy snow is expected.
6:50 pm
six inches to 28 inches. tomorrow afternoon isolated shower could still pop up. one for tomorrow morning. late level 1 system for saturday afternoon through sunday. we drop the storm levels for next week. it is going to be a dry mild pattern. certainly hoping for more rain later on this winter >>. could be a challenging weekend for elf. >> certainly. >> what did punxsutawney phil think about this weekend in monterey? let's compare and contrast. especially -- now i'm doing the weather. celebs and pros. murray is back. murray is back. spor
6:51 pm
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>> abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> many of the biggest names in golf are not pebble beach. they are in saudi arabia are resting up for next week's event in phoenix. celebs are having fun with the gallery. a little breezy on the coast. bill murray on groundhog day out with will arnett they are among the celebs as is aaron rodgers. that is a good-looking sling. he is probably good at everything. the form of telstar said he is not coming to the 49ers. let's go to 15. golf voice.
6:54 pm
chad remy chipping in. snuck it under the graphic. seven under 65. when off a lead held by hank ray liotta. eight under 63 at monterey. off-season work for the 49ers. have to figure out the quarterback situation. the men who led the number one defense and nfl is the head coach of the houston texans. head coming -- a homecoming of sorts for demeco ryans. as a major rebuild on his hands but is excited about the opportunity. > to everything i've been through in life and my past to end back up here in my home we are here where it all started. it is a it is still for me -- i am still trying to believe it. >> players love him.
6:55 pm
the western conference all-star reserves were announced by the nba. no warriors made it. raymonde we thought might have a chance. the w's in denver 11 in the second quarter. this is the back end of it back to back that sell the warriors fall apart. turned it over. turned it over nine times. ask warrior deangelo russell and 14. much to the dismay of steve kerr. >> we have probably lost 5, 6 games like this on the road this year. just because of the lack of execution. we are not good enough to win without executing. we are not good enough now to win without executing in the fourth quarter on the road.
6:56 pm
>> potential history tonight in moraga as saint mary's head coach randy bennett goes for career win number 500 against usf and quite in this contest quite in a made because when he took over the basketball program the gills were coming off a two and 27 season. saint mary's ranked 18th in the country with a record of 19 and four. this happens to be probable weekend in las vegas. soon former waiters quarterback derek carr was the last man to throw. he needed 16 points to win. absolutely crushed this thing. finished with 31 points. he cannot miss the target. leading to this fantastic zinger. >> have you ever been that hot in las vegas? >> not that hot pair that is probably why i am going somewhere else. >> he is not wrong. at least he can laugh about it. he is going to get paid a zillion dollars wherever he
6:57 pm
goes. >> he is charming. >> is going to do it for this edition of abc7news. thank you so much for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening and we see you again today at 11:00. and phil. you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university.
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national university. ♪♪ tay ctes studios, [applause] today's contestants are a software developer from portland, oregon... a product management consultant from jersey city, new jersey... and our returning champion, a bookseller and retired teacher from tulsa, oklahoma... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, folks. thanks, johnny, and welcome to "jeopardy!" what a thrilling game we had yesterday as bookseller and retired teacher patti palmer
7:00 pm
came up with the correct final jeopardy! response in literature, a subject she herself used to teach. she was the only player to recognize the name of the estate from "pride and prejudice," and that was enough to help her defeat a 3-time champ. today she's back to face anita and matthew. welcome and good luck. here are your categories for the jeopardy! round. ♪♪ we'll begin with... then... we have... plus three letters, that is. patti, you begin. let's do "b"+3 for $800. - matthew. - what is "bide"? that's right. "b"+3 for $600. - matthew. - what is "bilk"? - correct again. - "b"+3 for $400. - matthew. - what is "brig"? - yes. - "b"+3 for $1,000.


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