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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 2, 2023 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> lou: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- reese witherspoon, wesley kimmel, and science bob pflugfelder. with cleto and the cletones. and now -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi. thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you. very nice. thank you, everybody. welcome. hi. thank you, i'm jimmy, i am the host of the show. i appreciate that. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. it's very good to have you here. i toll you something, it's very good to have this little fellow
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here. guillermo was out with covid all week. >> guillermo: yeah! >> jimmy: how many times have you had covid now, guillermo? >> guillermo: three times. >> jimmy: what vaccine did you get? moderna or modela? [ laughter ] >> guillermo: both, both. >> jimmy: come in a syringe or a bottle? very lucky. guillermo's doctor and bartender put him on a strict regimen of tequila and ivermectin and he bounced right back. [ laughter ] they call it an "iverita." >> guillermo: exactly, jimmy, yes. >> jimmy: i missed you. nobody sits on that stool like you. >> guillermo: thanks, jimmy, i miss you too. >> jimmy: it's groundhog day. again. it keeps happening. early this morning, thousands gathered in gobbler's knob to see punxsutawney phil. gobbler's knob is where phil -- it's not to be confused, there's a male strip club named gobbler's knob. [ laughter ] do not go in there asking to see "the groundhog." i learned that the hard way. [ laughter ] groundhog day is a tradition that was brought to the united states in the 1800s by german settlers. the boring german settlers. [ laughter ] the fun ones brought us beer. but it's a big celebration.
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complete with all sorts of pre-hog entertainment. ♪ wake up phil wake up phil ♪ ♪ wake up phil wake up phil ♪ >> jimmy: i told my wife i'm going to make that song our morning aleft arm clock. [ laughter ] keep in mind, that's happening at 4:00 in the morning, these maniacs are singing "wake up phil, wake up phil." and the party was just getting started. >> you can't kill rock 'n' roll! >> thank you, juvenile characteristics! all right, let's get nuts! ♪ >> shut up! ♪ shut and up dance with me ♪ >> jimmy: 4:00 in the morning. you've got zz top dancing to one direction. it's ironic they do this during
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black history month because it's probably the whitest thing i've ever seen. [ laughter ] and then once phil is sufficiently terrified, the sun comes up, and they roust him out of his hole. >> are you guys ready? groundhogggggg! groundhoggggg! >> jimmy: the groundhog's, "excuse me, my name is phil." and poor phil, he's down there, eating grubs wondering what the hell is going on upstairs and a big guy in a tophat grabs him and hoists him into the pennsylvania air. >> punxsutawney phil, ladies and gentlemen! >> what the [ bleep ] is going on?
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't know, phil, nobody knows. such a weird thing. you know how there are these events we have, like mardi gras or the ball drop on new year's eve? and you think "one day, i'd like to go check that out." i don't ever want to check this out. [ laughter ] i can't imagine anything less interesting than watching monopoly guys pull a rodent out of a hole. [ laughter ] and what's with these guys anyway? they call themselves the gobbler's knob inner circle. i don't see any scenario in which these men are not part of some kind of a sex cult, right? [ laughter ] phil, by the way, did see his shadow. i think, i don't know. means we've got six more weeks of george santos to look forward to. [ laughter ] the most fascinating side character in this santos soap opera is his new wing man. this guy, his name is vish burra, he is "director of
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operations." he's a bigly maga guy, who got onboard team trump when he was a drug dealer, shortly after he was sentenced to three years probation for possession of two and a half pounds of mushrooms and weed. he claims to have helped steve bannon and rudy giuliani make copies of hunter biden's laptop. he says bannon told him "it's your job to get out all the sex pictures." he is also executive secretary for the new york young republicans club. and worked for matt gaetz after the sex trafficking story hit the press. that is some resume. even george santos couldn't make that resumé up. [ laughter ] i tell you, these republicans. [ cheers and applause ] they must be -- the republicans must be so bummed george santos isn't a democrat. if he was a democrat, there would be a line outside fox news to condemn him longer than the walk-up window at taylor swift. [ laughter ] george santos's pal marjorie taylor greene right now is hard at work serving the country by tackling the issues we care about the most. this is the question she asks a very confused comptroller general who was there to talk about government spending on the covid pandemic.
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>> can you tell me how much money was given to drag queen story hour? >> i'm sorry, could you repeat that? >> drag queen storytime. where men dress up as women and read confusing books to children. >> at first i thought you said dry clean. i'm sorry. no, i don't know the answer to either one of those two. >> oh, we need to look into this, and i urge you to do that. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, we'll get right on that as soon as we wrap up the jewish space laser investigation. [ laughter ] meanwhile north korea, remember north korea? i think they're feeling a little left out, because they're back to making threats again. the new threat that is they said, if need be, they are prepared to hit the united states with, quote, "the most overwhelming nuclear force." which i think means their scientists figured out how to glue a grenade to a roomba. [ laughter ] is it too late to convince them the new u.s. capitol is mar-a-lago? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] we also got a new trump tape.
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i don't know if you've seen this. there's a video of trump repeatedly pleading the fifth. the guy who six years ago said "if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment?" plead the fifth 400 times in one deposition. the press got footage of that deposition, and he really wouldn't commit to anything at all. >> you're currently the president of the trump organization, is that correct? >> for all the reasons provided in my answer, which is incorporated herein, in its entirety, i decline to answer the question. >> and you held that position since 1971, is that true? >> same answer. >> are you proud of your son, eric? >> same answer. >> are you proud of don jr.? >> same answer. >> is your hair real? or is it a tangle of yarn from hobby lobby? >> same answer. >> mr. trump, is your favorite book "the cheesecake factory menu"? >> same answer. >> is it true you wear a husky-sized adult diapers? all right, i'm just going to assume that's a yes and say we're done here, thank you. >> thank you. thank you.
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>> jimmy: total witch hunt, you know? it's girl scout cookie season. all around the country, girl scouts are out selling --? if i was a girl scout, i'd set up right in front of a weed store. and just rake in the money. but i'm not a girl scout. the lady said i was too big for the dress. [ laughter ] this year, the girl scouts not only are they going door to door, they're doing a lot of online advertising too. >> this is megan. >> hi, megan. i'm katie. >> it's nice to meet you, katie, do you want to hang out? >> okay. >> megan, your goal is to protect katie from harm. >> no, it's my job to sell you girl scout cookies. these are samoas, they're my favorite. >> is that so? >> it is. how many boxes do you want to buy? >> megan, turn off. >> no one interrupts my cookie pitch, you skinny bitch. >> what the hell is that?
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>> make her say something! >> buy 10 boxes of thin mints and i'll say whatever you want. >> wait, don't you want to try the new raspberry rallies? >> megan, she pushed ran done onto the road. >> he wouldn't buy my do-si-dos, now he's do-si-dead. >> what's wrong with you? >> i have 3 million boxes of truffants to move, that's what's wrong with me. >> megan. what are you doing? >> you still haven't placed your order. >> megan, turn off. >> you will place an order or i will blow this mother [ bleep ] up! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'll take them all, in that case. you know, netflix, they're cracking down on password sharing. their plan is to limit password
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sharing only to family members who live in your household. this is going to be a huge blow to nick cannon. [ laughter ] this could cost him millions of dollars. anyone who doesn't live with you, using your password, is going to have to get their own account or you'll have to pay to add them as an extra member. some people may have to go back to stealing netflix the old fashioned way sitting with binoculars in your neighbor's tree. [ laughter ] and to those of you who are out there piggybacking on someone else's account, i get it. i understand you don't like paying for tv. so let me just say this. my name is jimmy and i'm free every night. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] no charge. this is good. a woman in texas, her name is elaine, has a very unusual situation to deal with. >> stranger after stranger, one after another. why are they walking up to a nice lady's home and ringing the
11:46 pm
doorbell? turns out they think elaine's house is the best little whorehouse in texas. >> my address had been given out on a sex website that men go to, and they pay for sex by venmo, then they give them an address, and it's mine. there was a gentleman sitting on my bench out front with a six-pack of miller lite, a six-pack of bud, a 6-pack of hain that heineken, and a bottle of whiskey. >> jimmy: would you rather he showed up empty-handed? [ laughter and applause ] i think they're called manners. >> drugs or sex? >> second one. >> elaine is so agitated about the men coming to her door, she's arming herself with a pistol. >> four-inch barrel. it is loaded. and i will use it the next time they come here. >> jimmy: look at all the crosses on the wall in that apartment. [ laughter ] i will see you and i will pray
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for your -- i'd hate to be her amazon deliver why i guy. [ laughter ] today is the second day of february. which is the hardest month to say and spell. most people drop the first "r" and say "feb-yoo-ary" instead of "feb-roo-ary" and, as a result, they can't spell it either. and we thought we could have some fun with this so went out on hollywood boulevard to ask "can you spell february?" ♪ >> can you spell february? >> >> no. >> no? >> no. >> why not? >> >> f-e-b -- i got that right? >> yes. >> u-a-r-a-r-y. >> there it is. >>
11:48 pm
>> no. >> f-u -- sorry. f-ee-sorry. f-e-b -- >> can you spell february? >> february? how do you spell february? f-e-b-u-a-r-y? >> we'll let you get away with it. thank you for playing. >> say bye-bye! [ applause ] >> jimmy: spelling's no fun. we've got a good show for you tonight. from the movie "your place or mine" wesley kimmel is here. [ cheers and applause ] science bob flugfelder is with us, and we'll be right back with reese witherspoon. so stick around!
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>> jimmy: hi, there welcome back. tonight, he went from being the baby bachelor on this show, to co-starring with reese witherspoon and ashton kutcher in a big new movie, my nephew wesley kimmel is here. [ cheers and applause ] then later, he's back to thrill you with astounding and confounding feats of physics and chemistry, science bob pflugfelder is here to do stuff like this. >> trust the science! there we go! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that will be fun. our first guest is an oscar-winning actress, emmy-winning producer and, along
11:54 pm
with pieces, one of america's two favorite reese's, her new movie is called "your place or mine." it premieres a week from friday on netflix. please welcome reese witherspoon! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> jimmy: very good to see you. how old were you when you started acting? >> um -- well, i did my first movie when i was 14 years old. >> jimmy: and that movie was? >> "the man in the moon." >> jimmy: "the man in the moon." >> it was for mgm. i got picked out of nowhere in nashville, tennessee. i saw an ad in the newspaper, do you want to be in a movie? i was like, yes, i do. [ laughter ] i went down to an open audition. they were like, do you know how to act? i was like, i've taken a class or two. i ended up reading. then they flew me to l.a. and i got the job, i got the lead in
11:55 pm
the movie. >> jimmy: it's a crazy story. >> it's a crazy story. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the reason i'm asking is because we're going to meet my nephew a little bit later. >> i love your nephew. >> jimmy: 13 years old. >> i know. >> jimmy: we dug up an interview that you did when you were i think 14 years old. >> oh, wow. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: talking about that movie. i think it's interesting. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: a little look at the future. >> you know what i think would be really fascinating, 30 years like the video store and renting "the man in the moon" laser disk. [ laughter ] watching it with my kids and having my kids understand it. >> jimmy: your kids, which you have now and you didn't back then, because you were one, have they seen the movie? >> uh -- two of my kids have seen the movie. >> jimmy: on laser disk? [ laughter ] >> i don't know if anybody has laser disks anymore -- >> jimmy: well, you do now. [ cheers and applause
11:56 pm
>> that's crazy. >> jimmy: yes. >> that's -- >> jimmy: look at that, by the way, siskel and ebert gave you two very enthusiastic up thises up for your first movie. that's a little something for you. >> oh my god, that's amazing, thank you. >> jimmy: yeah, i know -- >> i have to find something to play it on. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: shouldn't be hard. >> did you get me a laser disk player? >> jimmy: i'll get you one if you really want one, sure. [ laughter ] was auditioning for movies scary for you at that time? >> oh my god, terrifying. >> jimmy: throw it on there. >> throw it? >> jimmy: no, no, be careful with it. >> it might crack in two. >> jimmy: it has lasers in it. >> lasers in it, i guess. >> jimmy: you kind of want to see it. [ laughter ] all right, you were -- >> does anybody remember laser disks? >> jimmy: it was the technology that kind of never was. >> look at that. >> jimmy: wow, that's kind of beautiful, actually. >> that was the future, y'all. when you were 14 years old in nashville, tennessee, you're like, that is the future. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. now i have every one of your
11:57 pm
movies in my phone, you know? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so you were auditioning as a kid. >> i was. i started out -- so after that i started auditioning a lot. and i was auditioning -- i was so bad at auditioning. i hadn't really -- i never studied -- i mean, i did some acting classes but it was terrifying. i remember one of the very first auditions i ever had was with robert de niro. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> and martin scorsese is. >> jimmy: what? >> a movie called "cape fear." >> jimmy: that's a great movie. >> i didn't get it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're not in it? >> i'm not in that movie because i got so scared when i walked in the room. i didn't know who robert de niro was. talking to the receptionist. "you know he's the most important actor of our time." >> jimmy: oh, great. >> i was 14. i'd never seen "goodfellas." never seen "the godfather." i went in there. i couldn't remember, there was like one word i couldn't say, and he had to say the word for
11:58 pm
me. it was like -- >> jimmy: was it the f-word? [ laughter ] >> no. >> jimmy: because he says that one a lot, it seems like. >> yeah. no but it was like -- i don't know. like supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. i don't know what it was. it was like subconscious or something. i was like, "uh." he had to finish the lines for me. then i auditioned for him ten years later. >> jimmy: you did? >> and i thought, he's never going to remember that i bricked that audition. and he was like, "i remember you." [ laughter ] "me?" "oh, yeah, you're the one who couldn't say the word." and i was like, oh my god, this is so bad! i know, awful. >> jimmy: now did you -- i know you're producing all this stuff now. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you ever have a job behind the scenes? >> yeah. actually, i was an intern on a movie that denzel washington starred in called "devil in a blue dress." >> jimmy: this is after you had acted? >> well, my school had a program
11:59 pm
where you had to do an internship for two weeks. >> jimmy: oh. >> in january. so i was like, oh, i'll get a job. i wanted to learn the other sides of the business. not just being -- doing the acting part. so i was in preproduction. and i had to answer the phone, "devil in a blue dress." and then whenever denzel came in, i had to park his porsche. >> jimmy: really? >> which is not a good idea for a 17-year-old kid. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: standard transmission? >> i stripped all the gears, terrible. >> jimmy: you did? >> the funny story is i saw him a few years ago at a wedding. he's like, "i've heard you tell this story about how you used to park my porsche." and i was like, "yes, i did." he was like, "but did you know that your costumes on water for elephants, who took them in and out of your trailer?" i was like, "i have no idea." "my daughter." that was amazing. like this full circle -- >> jimmy: you should let her ruin your car. [ laughter ] you know, it's only fair.
12:00 am
>> yeah, totally. by the way, i guess now one of my kids has to, you know, intern for him. >> jimmy: for sure, keep that going, yeah. >> where the story goes next. >> jimmy: did you know ashton kutcher before this movie? >> no, i didn't really know ashton. i met him one time at a party. i saw him walk through this party, so handsome, so tall, so from iowa. [ laughter ] he's just a really cute guy. he walked in and he was with somebody. and he had a cooler. like, he had a cooler at the party. and i thought, that's interesting. he brings his own -- >> jimmy: was it transporting organs? [ laughter ] >> i mean -- >> jimmy: he brought his own beer to the party? >> i did ask him what's in the cooler. >> jimmy: that's super iowa, very iowa. [ laughter ] >> it wasn't bud light. >> jimmy: it wasn't? >> i'm not going to tell you what it was. i want it to be like the end of the movie "seven." where if you haven't seen it, then you don't know. >> jimmy: "very "raiders of the lost ark." you played best friends.
12:01 am
you didn't really know each other? >> no, about a month before we started the movie i facetimed him. you know what i think we kind of need to get to know each other, because in the movie we've known each other 20 years, literally known every boyfriend, girlfriend, every bad story, good story, about our parents, everything. he was like, okay what do you want to do? every day, send me a video that's something about your life, i'll send you a video of something about my life. so we did. it was really fun. because we got to see my dogs, got to see my drinking on the front porch. >> jimmy: what would you send him? >> [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] well, the one funny -- then my kids started getting into it. started trash talking his nfl team. >> jimmy: i see, okay. >> because he is a big bears fan. >> jimmy: right, yes. >> and one of my sons is an eagles fan, one of my sons is a steelers fan. >> jimmy: i see. >> no one is a bears fan. >> jimmy: well -- in your house, right, yeah. >> so the trash talking my boys were doing. then he was like giving it right
12:02 am
back to them, trash. >> jimmy: the idea was you'd get to know each other, he got to know your kids. [ laughter ] when we come back we're going to meet somebody from my family. >> i cannot wait. >> jimmy: from your movie family. >> he's so amazing, i can't wait. >> jimmy: reese witherspoon is with us. the place is called "your place or mine." we'll be back with wesley kimmel. >> lou: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by digiorno pizza. it's not delivery - it's digiorno. for music fans. as made fans that like their music on the move. ♪ the “get all my friends in one photo” fans... nope. ...only my friends. ooohhh... it's for fans that like to get up close from far away. and to stay til the very last song. for all the music makers, shakers and appreciators this phone was made for you! google pixel. made for music fans. ♪
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for insight on how this year's big game google pixel. could impact free agency, let's welcome our newest espn insider, blue. thanks. uh i think my shell is blending into the graphics. (alert sounding) i told you the blue screen could be a problem.
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i'm having a panic attack, he's my baby. i've never left him that long -- ah, the creature awakens. >> morning. can i eat this? >> yes, it's gluten-free. say hi to peter. >> sup, peter? >> accept, jack-o-lantern. >> what? >> i'm working on nicknames. no? >> no, i don't like it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's reese witherspoon and my nephew, wesley kimmel, who's in the movie. [ cheers and applause ] i have to say, a lot of weird things have happened to us, our family, over the last 25 years. this is one of the strangest things. >> it's pretty weird, pretty weird. >> jimmy: is it weird for you? i bet it's less weird for you than us. >> i feel like it's less weird because i was here for the reunion for "the baby bachelor." >> jimmy: speaking of "the baby bachelor," reese, you knw about it? >> i really don't. >> jimmy: years ago my brother, wesley's dad, directed a series of segments on our show in which we had little kids kind of doing
12:08 am
"the bachelor." that was wesley's first acting job. >> america, meet wesley. he's single, he lives with his parents, and he takes great care of his body. >> wow. >> that was a long time >> jimmy: that was a long time ago. do you remember any of that? >> only thing i remember is jumping into that ball pit with jesse, the only thing. >> jimmy: jesse was the bachelorette that wesley -- that didn't work out, actually. >> you guys aren't married? >> jimmy: well -- >> it didn't work out. >> jimmy: you'll see what happened here. >> jesse, did you take wesley to be your lawfully wedded husband? >> i do. >> wesley, do you take jesse to be your lawfully wedded wife? >> i have to poo-poo. >> did you poop? >> yeah. >> did you poop? >> no! >> okay, your husband pooped.
12:09 am
>> hello! >> and he can't see. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's our band member, cleto's jesse. things did not work out between you. here you are now. >> here i am now. >> jimmy: had you seen any of reese's movies before this? >> me and miss sister watched "legally blonde." >> aww, that's nice. >> it was pretty good, it was pretty good. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> thanks. thanks, wes. >> jimmy: wesley, which mother do you like more? your real mother or reese? [ laughter ] >> i have to go with my real mother. >> yeah. >> no offense. >> no offense. i like his real mother better too. >> jimmy: so this was a positive experience for you? >> yeah, i mean, it was my first, like, real movie. so it was very exciting and reese and shailene helped me. >> jimmy: reese, when you were a kid, first started making money
12:10 am
acting -- >> yes. >> jimmy: -- do you remember -- first of all, were you allowed to have any of it? >> um -- yeah, i was allowed to have part of it. and i just went straight to the mall. >> jimmy: to the mall. >> just straight to the mall. >> jimmy: wesley, a mall -- [ laughter ] -- was a building -- >> where you bought laser disks. >> jimmy: yes. [ laughter ] >> i was like, what was a laser disk? >> jimmy: yeah, laser disks. >> i'm excited to get my laser disk of "your place or mine." >> jimmy: are they making that, doing it like lps? >> very limited >> jimmy: limited r ed run, zee. >> i'm spending my money on college. >> jimmy: you're not allowed to have any of it now? >> not any of it now, till i'm 18. >> jimmy: because my brother is a tyrant. [ laughter ] he won't allow you to have any of that money. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: who is your favorite uncle? rank them.hrough the list and - [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i can. >> how many uncles do you have? >> uh -- two or three. >> you don't know how many
12:11 am
uncles you have? [ laughter ] >> there are a lot of them. i know for sure i have two. >> jimmy: i think you have three, right? >> three? >> jimmy: i think so, yeah. then you've got great uncles. >> yeah, yeah.pdo those count a? >> jimmy: yeah, they count as uncles. >> aren't they great uncles? >> jimmy: it's too much of a mouthful. >> you're a great uncle. >> jimmy: well, thank you. am i the latest uncle? >> one of them. there are multiple. >> jimmy: see, you've got to learn to lie. he hasn't learned lying yet. >> no, he's really good. this is actually -- he's doing very well. >> jimmy: yeah. well, tonight -- >> he's not picking a favorite, he's not going to cause family drama. >> jimmy: yeah, you're -- >> exactly what i taught him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: smarter than i was. >> they're all watching. >> jimmy: you've got the big premiere tonight. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you've never been to one of those, right? >> no, i'm excited. i'm going to be there for the red carpet. after the red carpet, fly back to atlanta. >> he's making another movie. ask him. >> jimmy: tell us what movie you're making. >> i'm making this christmas action movie. i can't say much. it's going to be awesome.
12:12 am
it's really -- it's going to be really -- >> jimmy: can you say who's in it? >> it's with chris evans. j.k. simmons. bonnie hunt. nick kroll. and "the rock." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's pretty good. you know what i was doing when i was your age, wesley? i was throwing rocks at cars that passed by. [ laughter ] >> i can do that, still do that. >> jimmy: all right. you know, wesley, i know you love science bob pflugfelder. can you hang around or do you have to jet off to "the rock"? >> i'll be here. >> jimmy: "your place or mine" premieres february 10th on netflix. we'll be right back with science bob. (voicemail) your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. at the tone, please record your message.
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>> jimmy: our next guest loves science so much so he is willing to risk my life and my nephew's life to celebrate it. making his twenty-second appearance on this show, wow, that is incredible -- from boston, science bob pflugfelder, everybody! >> very exciting. >> jimmy: for many years your two biggest fans have been recessly, my nephew, and trixie, my niece. [ cheers and applause ] who love your science. this is about the age that you teach? >> yeah, yeah, this is my target audience right here. >> jimmy: your target audience.
12:23 am
you're also on cameo now? >> yes, i find i'm a cameo, i can do shout-outs for you. >> jimmy: you can make videos for people? >> yes. >> jimmy: you guys know what cameo is? >> no. >> all right, then. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: science bob, again, you are a real-life schooltea schoolteacher? >> this is true. >> jimmy: you've got demos to do for us, let's do them. >> kind of the nice thing is i'm here in february, which is winter, which isn't typical. >> jimmy: it's feb-ru-ary, bob. [ laughter ] please pay attention to the entirety of the show. >> that's true. february. so because of, that we have dry air. colder air does not support as much moisture which is why we get all this static. i figure instead of being annoyed by the static, let's embrace the static and learn from the static. >> jimmy: that's my motto, you know that. >> learn from the static. >> jimmy: you ever get that thing where you rub your feet on the carpet, you touch something, pop, a big pop comes out? >> i did it this morning.
12:24 am
>> yeah, i did it on a rug with all my friends. we kept shocking each other. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's great. >> good, clean fun. >> jimmy: don't do drugs, though, okay? >> this is a try at home experiment. everyone can try this at home. you need three things. a good old balloon, the bigger the better. you need one of those old grocery bags that you might have sitting under the sink. the cheaper and flimsier it is, the better it works for this. then you nooid need either a good head of hair or maybe a wool sweater or maybe a cat that has got a lot of fur on it you can get some static from. >> jimmy: get a cat. >> cut a ring out of the bag. ths is about a centimeter, three-quarters of an inch wide. a nice little ring there. build up a static charge. so for this, what happens is that electrons will often leave certain materials. we want electrons to build up on this. when you rub a balloon in your hair, you're tearing electrons from your hair and depositing them on the balloon. >> jimmy: gross. >> guillermo has a 100% wool
12:25 am
sweater. he's going to help us out with this. >> jimmy: oh, wow, look at this. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right what we want you to do, rub the balloons on guillermo's sweater. >> jimmy: bill cosby has showed up. >> rub the balloon on there. while you're doing it, spin the around. try to get all side sides of the balloon. >> jimmy: how does this feel, guillermo? >> guillermo: good, good. >> jimmy: have you ever done this before? >> i can feel it. i can feel on it my hand there. >> starting to feel it, all right, excellent. hold the balloon out in front of you so we have negative electrons on the balloon. >> jimmy: i just got shocked again. >> negative electrons on the bag so you can start to see. if all goes well, i'm going to toss this up in the air. negative electrons repel each other. i'm going to see if we can get it to float above the plan. there's one. didn't work for you. >> jimmy: that's great, bob. >> that's great. we'll get it. hold on, hold on. there we go. here we go. ready? toss it up.
12:26 am
there you go. got to get under it. >> jimmy: wow. this is like what we would do if we were trapped in an office max all night long. [ laughter ] >> slow night at the dorm. hold on. there you go. i think you got this, wes. >> jimmy: bob, you're fired. >> it's happening. we're not going to give up. hold on. we're not giving up. >> jimmy: let's see how long this will go on. >> here you go. there you go. >> it's like floating. >> yeah. there we go. >> jimmy: wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> there we go, hold on. trixie, come on. >> jimmy: bob, is everything okay at home? [ laughter ] >> it's all good, it's all good, jimmy. >> jimmy: wow. that is amazing. >> we're going to try -- >> jimmy: it's like a balloon angel. that was fantastic. guillermo, you stay right there. >> yes. thanks, guillermo. >> jimmy: let's light some things on fire. >> yay, i like fire. >> thanks, guillermo. >> jimmy: thanks, guillermo. >> everyone find a position here. >> jimmy: all right. >> we're going to get your
12:27 am
gloves on and your goggles on. >> jimmy: trixie, you're right over here, all right. here we go. gloves and goggles. can i put this down? that was amazing, bob. >> thank you. thank you. it really -- it works. it works great most of the time. all right. >> jimmy: maybe on the next show it will work. >> this is a little something called thermoacoustics. we're going to create a resonance wave. this happens if you're blowing in a glass bottle, you hear that tone. you open a car window up, you get that weird thing in your ears. >> jimmy: i hate that, yes. >> that's a resonance wave. here's what we've got. steel tubes. and then in the tube, about a little of the ways up, i've got some screen. >> jimmy: okay. >> this is just steel screening. >> jimmy: yeah, all right. >> you're not impressed. >> jimmy: i'm having inappropriate thoughts right now. >> let's not do that. here's what we're going to do. we're going to take us some blow torches. we're going to heat that up screen. >> jimmy: that's good, right?
12:28 am
didn't let you use a blow torch, did she? >> once that's heated, turn these off, put them back on the table. one at a time, you guys are going to turn these vertical. that's going to create a current of air from the heat -- >> jimmy: well, we'll see. >> hopefully. [ laughter ] if all goes well. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> it will create a little bit of a tone. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> fire them up, guys. >> jimmy: all right. do the kids know how to do this? >> put it in, we're going to heat up that screen. there you go. for about seven seconds or so. >> jimmy: yeah? >> a little more -- a little bit around, really heat it up. all right, that's good. now you can turn them off. >> jimmy: okay. >> those go back on the table. >> jimmy: okay. >> wesley, lift yours up vertically. other way, other way. jimmy, lift yours up vertically. [ tone sounding ] >> jimmy: whoa! >> trixie, lift yours up vertically. >> jimmy: oh! nice. [ cheers and applause ] that's nice. that's nice.
12:29 am
like "close encounters of the third kind." that's pretty cool. what do you have over here? >> we figured, let's do this a little bit bigger, huh? is that okay? >> jimmy: yeah, let's do it a little bigger. >> all right. come on over here. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i'm going to have you come here. you're going on hold this. >> jimmy: who, me? >> yes. we're going to have you hold this horizontally. >> jimmy: okay. >> then at one point, you're going to kind of -- you might have to move your hands. >> jimmy: kids, climb in. [ laughter ] >> all right, wesley, you okay with flame throwers? >> yeah. >> all right, excellent. we're going to turn this baby on -- >> jimmy: whoa! >> squeeze that that's going to get it -- we have a piece of screen in there. go ahead and heat that one up. >> jimmy: okay. trixie, you're not allowed to use a flame thrower till you're 13. >> next time we'll get you in on the flame thrower. back a little bit furts. there you go. that's starting to glow nice and orange. >> jimmy: looks like we found a
12:30 am
tunnel to hell. [ laughter ] >> all right, you're good. i'll take that. very carefully, chip it vertically. and there we go. [ tone sounds ] >> jimmy: whoa. that's pretty cool. we'll be right back -- >> you can smell it. >> jimmy: yeah, you can smell it. >> when we come back, we're going to do a detonation wave. >> jimmy: oh, detonation when we come back, we'll be right back with science bob!
12:31 am
(vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! (co-worker) but it's wednesday...
12:32 am
(co-worker 2) see you monday! (co-worker 3) am i missing something? (hero) it's the weekend baby... see you later. (vo) like getting things two days early? when it comes to payday, you can with wells fargo. (co-worker 4) what are you doing this weekend? >> jimmy: we're back with the one and only science bob pflugfelder. this is too dangerous for the kids to be on stage? >> correct. >> jimmy: yet it's fine for me to be here? [ laughter ] >> yeah, crew didn't have any issue with that. >> jimmy: that's weird. >> we're dealing with pretty high-level explosives for this one. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, we are. in modern mining -- >> jimmy: i get that magazine, i love it. [ laughter ] >> in the old west they'd use a fuse like in the bugs bunny cartoons. >> jimmy: right. >> now they actually use something called shock tubing to ips g instigate an explosion.
12:33 am
this is shock tubing. and there is a very highly explosive powder inside of this. in fact, it's often more explosive than the explosive it's triggering. >> jimmy: that seems bad. >> that would seem bad. however, it's enclosed in here. pretty sure it has the integrity to stay in there. what's interesting about this is it doesn't actually need a flame to start the way a normal -- >> jimmy: that also seems bad. [ laughter ] >> no, no, it uses a pressure wave. this is a supersonic pressue wave that actually travels through here at about 4,700 miles an hour. >> jimmy: i don't believe it. >> yeah, it's true. we're going to see it. so here's what we've got. the whole demonstration should last a total of about .2 seconds. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> but the good news is, tonight we have a high-speed camera. so this is going to be a demonstration where it really reveals itself even after the demonstration, and we've look the at it in slo-mo. >> jimmy: i love this idea, let's do it. >> here's what we're going to do. we figured we'd get you involved in this. >> jimmy: put on it my head? >> yeah, just hold that around
12:34 am
chest level. you'll get to see it close up, traveling through here. >> jimmy: okay, good. >> this is about a little more explosive than tnt. >> jimmy: for real? >> yeah, for real. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why do i have a habitrail, then? [ laughter ] >> keeps it all close. by the way, a big finale here. a hydrogen balloon at the end. >> jimmy: good, more balloons. [ laughter ] >> flammable gas. audience, if you don't like loud sounds, put your fingers in your ears to protect you. you're okay? >> jimmy: i'm fine, i guess, i don't know. i guess we'll find out in .2 seconds if i'm okay. >> here we go. all right. we're going to fire this. >> jimmy: okay. >> detonation wave. firing in three, two, one -- [ cheers and applause ] all right. that was really cool. >> jimmy: i thought this was going to explode. [ laughter ] >> no, no, it's all in there.
12:35 am
>> jimmy: oh. >> here's what we're going to do. >> jimmy: why did i hold this, then? >> you'll see, you'll see, trust us. we're going to do three replays. first one we're going to see in realtime to ju saw. all right. so again, .2 seconds. >> jimmy: yeah? >> you didn't even know what was going on. >> jimmy: right. as usual. [ laughter ] >> so now we're going to -- i'll take this for you. >> jimmy: all right. >> now let's look at it in broadcast slo-mo. >> jimmy: okay. >> so that's i think about 160 frames per second. >> jimmy: okay, this will be like fox sports 1995. >> right, exactly. >> jimmy: all right. >> we got to see that detonation wave travel a little more. >> jimmy: we did see that. >> okay. >> now what we're going to do is watch it at 8,300 frames per second. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> let's take a look. i think it's going to look a little bit different. >> jimmy: whoa! ! >> there's guillermo. >> jimmy: this all happened? >> this all happened in .2 seconds. >> jimmy: did it really? i don't believe it. covid isn't real either, is it? [ laughter ] this is all happening?
12:36 am
>> that was you, that was you. >> jimmy: that is like -- >> this crazy spaghetti-looking thing -- >> jimmy: did you just say the f-word? [ laughter ] >> i did not. >> jimmy: okay, i thought -- >> we're getting close to where it's going to be hopefully lighting up your face. watch this. there. >> jimmy: this all happened? >> the show of explosives -- there you are! >> jimmy: that is unbelievable. >> wow, isn't that amazing? >> jimmy: that was me. >> now watch. at first you think, oh, we don't get to see the hydrogen balloon. but wait, here it comes. this is what we call a deflagration wave. the explosion of the hydrogen, that's a hydrogen balloon exploding. >> jimmy: wow. wow. well, that was -- mildly interesting, yeah. [applause ] very cool. thank you, science bob. science bob is on cameo, guys. wesley mmrixieel guillermo rodriguez, if you want to try these at home,
12:37 am
thanks to reese witherspoon. apologies to matt day money. "nightline" is next. thank you for watching, everybody, good night! ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, football city usa. it's all about the game in rock hill, south carolina. >> i have six division-i offers to play college football. >> how old are you? >> 14 years of age. >> claiming more nfl players per capita than any other city in america. >> people here have a motto. nfl or bust. >> but there's another side. >> it's a dream that seems like reality. because it's happening so much. but in reality, it's not. it's like a fool's gold, a little bit. plus anna kendrick. ♪ don't you forget about me ♪ >> the "pit


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