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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 3, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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these terrifying moments captured on camera rounds of blank shots fired inside a san francisco synagogue. >> action is terrifying to have a stranger come in and start shooting in your place of worship. in your place that you should feel safe. >> now the f.b.i. is searching for that gunman. they say he may be connected to a similar incident elsewhere in the city. >> another round of tech layoffs impacting bay area workers. three san francisco companies letting hundreds of employees go. >> we are looking at the issues that get under most californian's skin. what a new survey is revealing about the problems in the state and what can be done to address them. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, february 3. >> it is rainy outside. at least it is here in the city, francis. francis: the worst of the rain or heaviest will be falling now until around 7:00 this morning. take you outside to show you live shot of the san mateo bridge. the traffic is moving but the rain is coming down. we are in a storm level 1.
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a light storm on our storm impact scale. we'll see light to moderate rain t will affect the morning commute. and we could see some gusty winds over the coast and over our mountaintops. here's what it looks like right now. you see some of that red and/or rang, right in the middle of the bay area is where we are seeing some of the heaviest rain on the peninsula through half moon bay and san mateo and across the dumb barton bridge and bay bridge. the orange, precipitation rate right now is about .7 an hour. this system is moving quickly through the bay area. live look back again at the san mateo bridge where you see some of that rain. temperatures right now are in the low 50's to mid 50's. then today we are not going to warm up much more. upper 50's for most spots. my next report i'll tell you how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. >> thank you. developing news this morning, we are seeing some very shocking video this morning of a man who walks into a san francisco synagogue, pulls out a gun, and
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fires what appears to be blanks. thankfully nobody was hurt in the synagogue. didn't get damage worshipers there say they are shaken. abc news 7 news reporter. the f.b.i. is involved now. lena: that's right. the rabbi of this synagogue here behind us tells us that based on what the suspect was saying while he was inside he is adamant that this was a hate crime. and it's rocked the jewish community here in this neighborhood to its core. take a look at this video. surveillance video shows on wednesday night a man enters the room inside of this schneerson jewish center and fires off several rounds. many believes the suspect shot blanks since no one was injured. a congregant there during the shooting says people were slow to react because they were stunned. the small synagogue serves
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mostly russian speaking jews. the rabbi left just before the suspect came. he says as the suspect leaves he waves an made reference to the mossad. israeli's secret intelligence agency. >> i believe that man said say hello to mossad for me. somehow he was harming mossad by scaring the jews in america in this one synagogue. i'm not clear. i think the person is deranged. i think the person is mentally unwell. lena: in a statement to abc news 7 news, the san francisco police department says the suspect matches the description of a man who flashed a gun at the nearby balboa theater earlier this week. the rabbi says they only notified police on thursday morning because those who were at the synagogue wednesday night feared retaliation. as police continue to look for the suspect, the center tells us they do plan to beef up security
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for chabot or jewish a bat -- sabbath which begins tonight at sunset and runs through saturday. live in san francisco, lena, abc news 7 news. >> that is incredible video. thank you. new developments in the death of a famed san francisco private investigator murderer charges against two men accused in his death have been dropped. 76-year-old jack pal dino die interested a fall at his home in january, 2021 after an encounter with two men who allegedly tried to steal his cam rafplt the primary witness in the case never actually saw what happened. the revelation about this witness surprised pal dino's -- palidino's long time friend. >> i was blown out of my socks to hear that the whole version of events may have been less than truthful. and a witness recanting their testimony while under oath
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during a preliminary hearing, i can certainly understand why the d.a. had to dismiss the charges. >> the men charged in the case spent two years in jail while awaiting trial. we are told one has been released. the other is still in custody. abc news 7 news is committed to helping to build a better bay area. we are looking to issues affecting you and your quality of life. >> a new survey confirms what you already know. the economy and homelessness are big issues. abc news 7 news reporter brian spoke with experts about this survey and what it means. >> the public policy institute of california released a survey thursday showing economy and homelessness are two major issues california faces heading into this year. >> when you take these two categories together, we find more than four in 10 adults are focused on one of these two issues. >> californians are paying close attention to job growth and inflation. highlighted by large tech companies laying off thousands of workers. their survey californians worry
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more could come. >> this economic pessimism we see is widespread. we find majorities across parties, regions, and demographic groups expecting bad times. >> governor newsom announced recently a multibillion dollar shortfall for this year's budget. the survey says seviees a big pe eiogal cmu year. av bneeg thing from california voters for quite a number of years now. >> sofia with east bay housing organization say lawmakers have an opportunity to address policies that will help both the economy and homelessness. >> obviously voters are concerned about the state of the economy and what's going to happen going forward. well, the economy and homelessness, or housing insecurity, are deeply linked. >> it is not surprising to see
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californian's concerned about these issues. she says lawmakers should take these concerns into account or they will keep showing up on the survey for years to come. >> it's making sure that we are continuing to communicate with those elected officials after they get into office about what's important. and how to address the housing and homelessness crisis. >> brian curry, abc news 7 news. >> after more than four years, san francisco and santa clara counties are withdrawing a lawsuit challenging the trump administration. it was filed after a rule that would have instituted a wealth test for immigrants coming into the u.s. santa clara county and san francisco got a preliminary injunction that blocked the rule in october of 2019. since then, the courts across the country sided with them. now a deputy county council of santa clara county says that lawsuit is no longer needed. >> the fact the biden administration has taken a different approach that kports with long-standing immigration practice the final nail in the
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coffin is done for this trump administration rule. >> local organizations say the hope now is that there can be added focus on advocacy and resources for immigrant communities. president biden hasn't actually announce add run for re-election, but we could get a first look at the themes of that expected run tonight. the president will address the democratic national committee in philadelphia. he's expected to focus on jobs numbers and domestic manufacturing. the d.n.c. says the speech will highlight how republicans are trying to undermine the progress the president has made during his first two years. >> another blow for the tech industry. octa and peupbter rest both base in the san francisco say they are cutting jobs. pass wo*rd and log-in security company octa says it will lay off about 300 employees. bloomberg is reporting also that peupbter -- pinterest will announce it will drop employees. and mirror will drop 100 of its
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employees. a lot going on and abc news 7 news is keeping track of the layoffs. visit abc news 7 news. ott com. >> we are seeing moderate rain, heavy at times, falling through the bay area right now. it will be heaviest through 7:00 this morning. as we some in a little bit, heavier rainfall on the lower part of the peninsula except especially 101. could a tough commute over the next couple hours n san francisco you could hear the rain coming down over our studio. we have mor rainfall. temperatures are in the mid to low 50's at this point. san francisco, 51. oakland, 53. palo aalto, milder at 58. san jose at 56. another live shot, of the richmond toll plaza. it will be a wet commute t could get messy.
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it's cooler in parts of the north bay. santa rosa 47. we are seeing mid 40's in fairfield and concord. livermore at 48. here's what it looks like with the future forecast. at 6:00 we'll see heavier rain start to slide east. you'll notice there is a line of rain moving south towards the east bay and into the santa cruz mountains. then it starts to move east. then it clears out. rns into scattered showers. then we could still see some isolated showers throughout the afternoon. rainfall amounts generally less than half an inch for most areas. maybe a quarter of an inch and less in the south bay and parts of the east bay. san francisco closer to .4 of an inch. we'll get a check of traffic this morning. with reggie and kumasi. how is it looking? >> let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see it's raining out there. the roads are wet.
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metering lights are not on yet. oakland people are making their way through there smoothly. drive times all green except for the super commuters out of tracy. that's something you need to be aware of. tracey to dublin is 36 minutes. concord, 14. we are seeing an alert from bart that trains are running at slower speeds due to wet weather. they are asking you add 20 minutes to you your planned travel time to factor in delays. >> the just say no ads you might remember from the 1980's are make ago comeback with a new focus. why one group is pushing back against a cannabis club in their neighborhood. >> new shops, housing, and a new bay area sports team. >> valentine's day in a few weeks. it isn't the only special day of love. the list of lucky wedding dates coming up and how local officials are preparing. >> take a live look outside at >> take a live look outside at 5: without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door.
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call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 reggie: homeless add skroe cats and city of oakland will take part in a hearing. it's around the debate of
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homeless encampments sweeps. in december a judge grant add temporary restraining order clearing out a camp in west oak. the entire site could make room for an affordable housing project. frances: initial kumasi: driving can pay by app so far there are no key kwrobgs. in june the council approved the one-year pilot program. the meters would be in effect seven days a week and generate revenue to support vendors and parking maintenance. critics say the cost of paid parking will limit lake access. a step forward to redevelop the oakland coliseum complex. yesterday the african-american sports entertainment group signed an agreement to begin negotiations with the city to buy out its skhaeur of the sight t has grand plans for the 155
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acre parcel, including affordable housing and retail. >> it's an opportunity for the african-american community to actually create employment in an area that a lot of us grew up in. kumasi: under the plan the group would keep the coliseum areason in hopes of drawing a wnba team and concerts and events. the group has expressed interest in the past of bringing an nfl team back to oakland. it has two years to work out a deal with the city which co-owns the site with the a's. reggie: a growing battle in san francisco over proposed canny bass -- cannabis dispensary. opponents say it's too close to schools and medical offices. they held a protest outside city hall yesterday. >> please say no to 800. no to mariana dispensary. reggie: the owners of the gold mirror want to convert the top of the restaurant into a
5:16 am
dispensary. parents in the area say they are concerned about the potential exposure to their kids. >> how much ask too much? we should limit ourselves, especially in child centric areas like where i live. >> the restaurant are synonymous with the parkside district. the good deeds, acts of kindness, and commitments to the welfare of their neighbors are known by all. reggie: the application to open the dispensary is still under review. kumasi: bejohn say has added taeuts to her tour. it looks like for now there is still only one date here in the bay area. that is wednesday, august 30. levi stadium. cities with additional shows include chicago, new jersey, d.c., atlanta, l.a., and houston, which is her hometown. ticket master is requiring you register as a verified fan before you get a code and then you can buy the tickets. registration for levis is open until thursday. reggie: uniform is a uniform.
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kumasi: you have been singing that song. it is 5:00 in the morning. you bopping around. reggie: ever since the announcement. i'm back on renaissance. listening to it nonstop. kumasi: it had us in a chokehold for months. reggie: it choked me. i could barely breath. now i'm back there. i am not mad about it. are you getting involved in this, frances, are you letting it pass you by? frances: i feel like a lot you are doing this i have to register as a fan to get tickets. i love beyonce, i get lazy doing all that work. kumasi: i'll send you the link. frances: now i have no excuse. you noticed in the last few hours you may have heard the rain coming down over your roof. it's moved into the bay area. the storm level one. you see it hit around 3:00 this
5:18 am
morning. it started earlier in the northe seat. as we zoom in you notice the more moderate rainfall over the bay and moving towards the east bay. it is going to be a wet ride this morning. you can see here with this live shot, the golden state bridge. it's coming down right now. the morning commute will be most impacted. it will turn into showersers isolated showers in the afternoon. a break tonight through tomorrow afternoon. because another storm arrives, looks like the timing of the next storm looks more like saturday evening. then through sunday turning into spotty showers on sunday. highs today will be mainly in the upper 50's. a few 60's out there in parts of the south bay. you notice by this afternoon it starts to dry out first in the north bay where they have cloudy conditions. even a little sunshine. then the clouds will slide south with the system as it continues to move on. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 40's, around the bay, san francisco, 48.
5:19 am
as well as san jose. coolernthkechermore andanta rosa. we get this break. thor the lunar new yearatio liko saturd wry. then you'll notice it sweeps through saturday evening in through sunday. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. storm level 1 for the morning. then a break. another storm saturday night into sunday. check out a strange of dry days ahead as high pressure builds and temperatures warm up. reggie, kumasi. kumasi: coming up, seven things to know this morning. reggie: from floats to safety. the final details being prepared for san francisco's chinese new year celebrating the lunar new year. kumasi: a live look outside.
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5:22 am
commute. kumasi: three, san francisco police and the f.b.i. are searching for this man this morning. they say he walked into a synagogue in the richmond district earlier this week and fired blanks from a gun. no one was injured. reggie: four, something to look out for this morning. stock futures tumbled ahead of the january jobs report. analysts are looking for a balance between job creation, participation, and wage growth. those factors all contribute to inflation and the economy as a howhole. kumasi: five, a large spy pwhraopb believed to be from china is being tracked. president biden has decided against shooting it down because of the risk of people on the ground. reggie: six, p pg&e wants more people to buy electric vehicles. they are offering rebates up to $4,000 for those who buy one. kumasi: the oakland zoo set to reopen at 10:00 this morning. it's been closed since new
5:23 am
year's day so crews could fix that large sinkhole that opened on the road leading to the interest. reggie: prosecutors in the alex murdough, trying to let the judge allow evidence of his financial crimes. abc news andrew. >> in "g.m.a.'s" first look courtroom showdown as the state argues to show the jury his financial crimes. >> they need to understand what this man was hiding. and the pressure of that is important for the jury to understand why this man would do that. >> how murdering maggie and paul eased his financial stress. it didn't. >> alex's best friend, chris wilson, seen in a green shirt hugging him in this video weeks before the murder says he was shocked to see alex had been stealing. >> you get a call asking about those fees? >> yes, sir. >> hit you like a thunder bolt?
5:24 am
>> knocked me down. >> he aid mitted to you he had been stealing client money? >> yes. >> legal expert dan abrams weighs in live. kumasi: this is good news for couples looking to get married on unique dates this month. the san mateo county clerk is extending its hours on a few special days in february. they expect an increase in marriage ceremonies because of three dates this month. that was yesterday, february 2, because it's 2-2-23. and then, the third, which is today, 23-23. and then the 23, which is 23 2-23-23. valentine's day. the clerk's office averages four ceremonies a day. they expect up to 14 a day on those dates. >> these days that have numerical sequences in many cultures are very special in that they provide an opportunity
5:25 am
for health, happiness, and prosperity in the marriage. but the numerical sequencing is usually what is the lucky aspect of those days. kumasi: if you said this is when i want to get married, the clerk's office highly recommends you reserve your special date ahead of time. reggie: the lunar new year is under way. this weekend san francisco is kicking off its big chinese new year parade. it starts at second and market streets tomorrow night. it ends at kearney and columbus. it's the largest celebration of its kind outside asia. volunteers are putting finishing touches on the floats. there will be nearly two dozen of them. hundreds will join the parade to welcome the year of the rabbit. thousands of people are expected to pack the streets. plenty of security and more officers on the streets compared to last year. >> we walk with s.f.p.d. we work with sheriff department. work with the d.e.m. every year we always concentrate working with different department making sure that this
5:26 am
is a safe, secure place for people to enjoy the new year. reggie: i was just talking to frances about the timing of the parade. she is saying right now it looks like the parade might get in dry. crossing fingers for that one. definitely going to rain tomorrow. hopefully not during the parade. the highlight of the parade is a 288-foot golden dragon. it symbolizes power, luck, and strengths. kumasi: our exhibition showca showcasing decades of chicant work. someone born in the u.s. whose family is from mexico. they are looking at artist amelia. the exhibition archaeology of three decades of her life and career. it includes 60 multimedia art pieces. several will be a*ltar installation force which she's best known.
5:27 am
berkeley professor laura perez breaks down what this work represents. >> what she brings to that is something that comes out of the humility of mexican immigrant homes. kumasi: the exhibition opens tomorrow. there will be a day of art activities with a speech from amalia herself. reggie: the power ball jackpot sitting at $700 million ahead of tomorrow's drawing. nobody matched all six numbers wednesday night. tomorrow night's drawing will be the sixth largest jackpot in game history. chances of winging this slim. you already know that. one in 292 million. if there is a winner, they'll have a cash option of taking home at least 375 million. 5:30, cold weather sweeping the nation. the mind bog thing -- boggling record lows. kumasi: commitments to police reform being made by president biden ahead of the next week's state of the union address.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30. 11 days since the mass shooting in half moon bay. we are hearing from victims processing the shooting that took the lives of seven farm workers. plus -- >> aot pentagon is tracking a massive suspected chinese spy balloon flying over the united states. i'm elizabeth schulzy, why it hasn't been shot down coming up. >> the guy looked like he had mall list -- ma ma lace in his eyes. kumasi: shocking video showing a man opening fire inside a san francisco synagogue. thankfully no one was hurt. now the f.b.i. is searching for that gunmanman. reggie: the reason you could soon be getting another utility credit. kumasi: good morning, everyone. it's friday, february 3. reggie: you see that live
5:31 am
doppler 7 is fired up behind us. it is raining outside. here's frances. frances: moderate rainfall moving through the bay area right now. you are waking up to a wet commute. and on our storm impact scale it's a level one light storm. there will be some moderate showers at times. slick for the roads this morning. we could see some ponding. and also some gusty winds at the beaches and over our mountaintops. let me show you what it's been doing the last few hours. you see heavier rain sliding through the heart of the bay aira. as we pauz it right now, moving into the east bay right now. some of it over oakland and into hayward and pwub lynn and wall -- dublin and walnut creek and heavier wane will move east the next hour or so. the golden state bridge is starting to lighten up at the golden state bridge. temperatures right now in the low to mid 50's. half moon bay 352. this is a shot of the richmond bridge.
5:32 am
give yourself extra time this morning because the roads are slick. we'll see some cooler temperatures right now in the north bay mainly upper 40's and mid 40's. santa rosa 47. fairfield 44. livermore 48. i'll let you know how much rain you can expect during the morning commute. when we get a break. our next system arrives tomorrow. reggie. kumasi: developing news this morning, we are seeing some really shocking video of a man walking into a san francisco synagogue pulling out a gun and firing what appears to be blanks. thankfully no one got hurt. the synagogue wasn't damaged as you can imagine worshipers are shaken. abc 7 news reporter lena is in the district. the f.b.i. is now involved. lena: that's right. the rabbi of this synagogue tells us they only notified police about this shooting on thursday morning because those who were here at the synagogue when this all happened on wednesday night feared
5:33 am
retaliation. take a look at this video. this is surveillance video showing on wednesday night a man entering the room inside of the shearson -- schneerson newish center. he fires -- jewish center. he fired several rounds. many thought he shot blanks since no one was injured. a congregant who was here says the reason people were slow to react was because they were stunned. based on what the suspect was saying he is adamant this was a hate crime. the small synagogue serves mostly russian speaking jews. the rabbi left just before the suspect came. he says as the suspect leaves he waves and made reference to the mossad, israeli's secret intelligence agency. >> terrorism doesn't have to involve killings. in my mind, what he did was he came he did a terrorism attack. he came to terrorize people. i'm worried that what if this person next time comes with a real gun or real bullets or a
5:34 am
knife. lena: in a statement to abc 7 news, the san francisco police department says the suspect matches the description of a man who flashed a gun at the nearby balboa theater earlier this week. as police continue to look for this suspect, the center plans to beef up security around this synagogue for shabbat or the jewish sabbath, which begins tonight at sunset and runs through saturday. live in san francisco, lena, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. the founder and executive director of the farm worker advocacy group has accepted an invitation to the state of the union address tuesday. dr. hernandez will be the guest of congresswoman anna eshoo, who represents half moon bay. the group has been helping farm workers find housing and deal with the trauma of the shooting that left seven people dead just over a week ago. brandon say, the man who disarmed the monterey park
5:35 am
gunman will also be there. kumasi: the parents of tyre nichols also accepted president biden's invitation to attend the speech. they met with the congressional black caucus at the white house amid renewed calls for police reform. the caucus requested two things, one the president stress the need for police reform in his address, and use the george floyd justice and policing act as a starting point for new legislation. president biden said his goal is to make progress on police reform. president biden: from my perspective is how can we make some progress on police reform of consequence and violence in our communities. kumasi: house democrats plan to re-introduce the george floyd act following the state of the union address. you can watch president biden deliver the state of the union address tuesday night right here on abc 7. live coverage starts at 6 p.m. reggie: pg&e is trying to get
5:36 am
more electric vehicles on the road and could mean more discounts for you. they are offering a rebate buying or leasing a preowned e.v. or plug-in hybrid. they receive $1,000 to $4,000. and rebate is based on your household income. they say the program will distribute more than 78 million. you could soon be getting another utility credit. the california public utilities commission voted to offer relief to residents due to the recent rising costs of natural gas. residents could receive up to $120 worth of a climate credit. don't know when you'll see that. this comes as residents have seen one of the highest increases in natural gas in december. kumasi: happening right now the northeast is getting hit hard with a life threatening blast of cold wind. officials are closing schools, activating emergency plans as they see record breaking subzero temperatures in new hampshire and in maine. temperatures could drop to as low as 62 degrees below zero tomorrow. you combined that with gusty
5:37 am
winds could lead to frostbite in minutes. people need to find shelter and sustained heat. and hikers stay off trails. >> there is a very limited staff up there that cannot help you if you get caught in above the treeline it will be a long time before rescue crews get to you. kumasi: the cold spell is expected to begin easing up by sunday. southern states are still reeling from the ice storm earlier this week. this is video from texas. more than 250,000 homes without power. after a month of repairs, the oakland zoo is reopening. a look at the progress after the year's -- new year storm washed away the road in front. reggie: an immortal fountain of youth for your dog? the biotech expert working to make that a reality. first to frances. frances: good morning. we have wet roads right now. and live doppler 7 is busy with
5:38 am
heavier rain, moderate rainfall falling in parts of the east bay. we'll zoom in. you see the orange and darker orange, that's where we see the heavier rain falling through highway 24. concord, down 680, into the east bay and livermore. here's a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. it's slick out there. we have a wet ride for ther morning community. then a break this afternoon through tomorrow night. the next system arrives looks like now tomorrow evening which is better news for the lunar new year celebrations. and continues into sunday. here's what you can expect in the next hour or so. the heavier rain, the yellow there, is moving through the east bay. you see the line of it. you'll start to move east even by 7:30. we'll get lots of breaks. scattered showers mainly in the north bay. by 9:00 this morning, most of the rainfall will be in the lower part of the peninsula south bay. and far east bay.
5:39 am
rainfall amounts againly -- generally less than half an inch over the next few hours. highs today in the upper 50's generally. mid 50's through parts of the north bay. they'll get a little sunshine this afternoon. lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 40's with cloudy conditions. for the hraopbar new year celebrations today, most of the rain will fall during the next few hours. we get a break tomorrow night is when it looks to come back, the rain. and continues into showers all day sunday. and here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we have got milder temperatures this morning. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. rainy again this morning. and then a break saturday into sunday. and then we have a stretch of dry days as high pressure builds. temperatures will warm back into the 60's. pretty comfortable. we will see some cool mornings with those clearer skies. reggie: let's look how the rain
5:40 am
is affecting your commute this morning. already it's affecting bart. if you take bart into work know they are running at slower speeds. they are advising you take 20 minutes extra to get to where you are going this morning because of the wet weather. this is the live look at the san rafael bridge. the roads are slick but we are not seeing any major issues right now. traffic is moving normally. no delays across the span. let's hope that it keeps up this way. and traffic remains light this (vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! alright now... have a good weekend. (co-worker) but it's wednesday... (co-worker 2) see you monday! (co-worker 3) am i missing something? (hero) it's the weekend baby... see you later. (vo) like getting things two days early? when it comes to payday, you can with wells fargo. (co-worker 4) what are you doing this weekend?
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♪ ♪ everyone is making room for binaxnow in their medicine cabinet. do we still need these pregnancy tests? (kids yell and giggle, a dog barks and a vase breaks) yeah, no. out with the old, in with the #1 covid-19 self test in the us. with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19. binaxnow kumasi: welcome back. in santa cruz county, people are still dealing with property damage because of the recent storms, but they could be eligible for calamity property tax relief. the county says the relief includes a temporary reduction in assessed values. it does not include reassessment when the property i raired or rebuilt. physical damage to taxable
5:43 am
property has to be at least $10,000. if approved homeowners could make repairs or rebuild property without it beingssessed as new construction. reggie: the oakland zoo reopens this morning one month after strong storms create add sinkhole that wiped out the main zoo entrance road. they had to shut down entirely on new year's day to make repairs. officials say things are almost back to normal. sky 7 flew over the scene yesterday. they saw them making final touches. they plan to reopen at 10 this morning. if you are thinking about a new pet, we have two words for you. guinea pig. abc 7 news visited the peninsula humane society where they are waving adoption fees on guinea pigs because they have so many of them. >> they are sweet and gentle. there are relatively quiet. but when they are not quiet they make the most adorable little guinea pig squealing sound. like they have this chatter that they do. and another thing that's really
5:44 am
unique is that they do what they call popcorning. when they get real excited and happy to see someone, they actually leap up into the air like a popcorn nugget. kumasi: a popcorn nugget. reggie: i don't know that i ever really interacted with a guinea pig. kumasi: i don't thi so, either. reggie: are they bigger than you thought? kumasi: i feel like that's about right. reggie: when i hear guinea pig i'm thinking of something else. kumasi: like a hamster? i love hamsters? reggie: did you have a wheel? kumasi: we had a whole little area for them to play. reggie: this guinea pig is cute. that reminds me of brewster. kumasi: you saw red. reggie:dy. if you are interested in adopting one, the shelt certificate open seven days a week. kumasi: we love our dogs but what if we got to love them more longer than now. that's the mission of a veterinary medicine company in san francisco. tim johns went to find out what they are doing to give dogs
5:45 am
longer and healthier lives. tim: for this woman her love of animals spannedded a lifetime. >> hi 15 cats, four dogs, squirrels. tim: over the past few years she's taking her fondness for dogs to another level. back in 2020 she founded the san francisco based bio tech company, loyal. its mission? to expand sometimes drastically, the life expectancy of dogs giving them more time with their owners. >> the way to think about it is pulling out the healthy middle years. the dog where they boundard. tim: pet owners will be able to give their animals a series of drugs over the course of their life, like a heart worm pill today. they'll work at a cellular level to help animals like this one live longer. her team has raised over $65 million in venture capital. and while it's still early days, initial trials have showed encouraging results. loyal hopes to get f.d.a. approval for two drugs by 2025.
5:46 am
>> something that will be given to the dog every three to six months that will release the drug over time at a consistent rate. tim: it's not just pets and owners who could benefit. sheri is the c.e.o. of muttville senior dog rescue. a sh*elter that's worked with loyal for some of their studies. she says if successful, her work could revolutionize the way people adopt animals and get thousands more dogs rescued. shelters would have a bert understanding of a dog's age, and overall health. >> we can save more animals if we can give them clear -- gi gie adopters clear information. that would be an ultimate game changer for us. tim: they hope this is the first step in the journey. one goal will always remain the same. making her products affordable to everyone. >> these aren't going to be rich people drugs. something that's broadly accessible that i hope one day almost every dog is on.
5:47 am
reggie: we never get a long enough time with our dogs. if you are going to expand my dog's life, i'm for you. as long as they are happy. mostly healthy. you get towards the end, and you are really doing everything to -- in your power to extend that life. frances: at some point it might not be good for either of you. reggie: there does have to be a time. did i buy a tempur-pedic bed for his joints? frances: have you seen doggy wheelchairs for legs? yeah. right now i want to take you outside and show you some live shots and the wet roads out there right now so you see walnut creek on the top left. bottom left is the richmond bridge. raindrops on the camera lens.
5:48 am
and san mateo bridge on the bottom right. we saw heavier rain moving through there. here's what it looks like on live doppler 7. the area of yellow where you see the heavier rain and/or rang. most of the rain sphofg through parts of the east bay and continue to move east over the next couple hours. on our exclusive storm impact scale it's a level one out of five. it's a light storm. light to moderate rain. it's going to be a slick commute. we could see gusty winds from the southeast. gustier over the coast and the hills. here's what it looks like in the next hour or so. 6:00 you see the system slides eat and also south. and then 7:30 we already get breaks in a lot of the rain through parts of north day bayh and the peninsula. by 9:00 this morning it does move south. then notice by this afternoon just some spotty showers. rainfall amounts generally less than half an inch for most everyone. a quarter of an inch in some spots like the south bay and
5:49 am
rain shadow areas. highs today in the upper 50's with cloud cover. more sunshine in the north bay. lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 40's. and of course, we'll show you the forecast. this afternoon we'll see scattered showers. then a break tomorrow you'll wake up to cloudy skies. check out the latest model run t doesn't show the rain arriving until about 8:00 in the evening. so that's good news for the chinese new year parade. then sunday will be wet and breezy. even a slight chance of thunderstorms. look out for that. in addition, there is a winter storm watch in effect. if you are going to and from tahoe, you want to do it before tomorrow afternoon. that's when the winter storm watch starts and continues all the way through sunday where they can get up to two feet of snow above 6,000 feet.eryifcu avoidrali t p. back to you. research job growth has far
5:50 am
exceeded expectations for the month of jab, but that may not be such a good thing. the latest report revealed the u.s. economy added $500 17,000 jobs -- 517,000 jobs last month. so much higher than the predicted number of 185,000. analysts say they don't want to see the number of jobs so high because that may add to inflation. the unemployment rate is at 3.4% which is the lowest since 1969. economics is wild. which is why it didn't get a good grade in it. you see these jobs you think that's good. then you are told it's bad. new at 6:00, cutting down screen time for the youngest kids of the the age many experts are saying is too young. kumasi: a suspected chinese spy pwa hropb hovering over the united states. why the pentagon is deciding not to shoot it down. reggie: a push for a more culturally informed school curriculum. we'll tell you about the black history is american history act and the representative trying to
5:51 am
pass it. frances: a live look outside right
5:52 am
5:53 am
kumasi: welcome back, everyone. this morning an alarming incident over american skies. there was a huge spy balloon suspected to be from china and being tracked as it moves across the country. abc news reporter elizabeth schulzy in washington with the response from the white house and china. >> amid tension was china they are tracking a suspected chinese spy balloon over the u.s. high above montana images show the balloon that officials say is unmanned. the size of three bus was a technology based suspended below it. >> once the balloon was detected. the u.s. government acted
5:54 am
immediately to protect against collecting sensitive information. >> the u.s. has been monitoring the balloon for a couple days and contains limited value for collecting intelligence. the pentagon adding the balloon is flying above commercial airspace and poses no present military or physical threat to people on the ground. but montana is home to several nuclear missile silos. >> there are intercontinental ballistic missiles, minuteman 3 that have silos right here in the united states. >> u.s. officials tell abc news president biden was briefed on the situation and asked for, quote, military options. later agreeing with the recommendation of military leaders and deciding against shooting down the balloon for now. because of risks to civilians. >> first i thought it was a star. >> the sighting comes just days before secretary of state blinken is set to travel to beijing, the first visit of a u.s. secretary of state to china in more than four years. >> they want the americans to see that they do have the capabilities to put sensitive
5:55 am
military collection devices like these over the continental united states. >> overnight house speaker kphart calling for a meeting of top congressional leaders, calling out china's brazen disregard for u.s. sovereignty. beijing has not denied the balloon came from china n a new statement the chinese foreign ministry says they are looking into the reports adding they have no intention of violating another country's airspace. reggie: a new effort on capitol hill to boost the study of black history in america. ohio democrat joyce beatty-is reintroducing legislation called black history is american history act. >> we are here today to first call on the nation and in the words of our theme, to tell the truth about black history month. black history is american history. reggie: the bill has black history instruction as a requirement for schools to be
5:56 am
considered for history and civic grants by the department of education. she says legislation is needed because black history is under unprecedented attack. last week florida governor desantis reject add proposed advanced placement course on african-american studies claiming it pushes a political agenda. frances: we are starting off with live doppler 7 over the past couple hours we saw moderate rain moving through the bay area. here's where we are now. the rain is starting to die down in some spots. more green as opposed to yellow and/or rang we saw earlier. east bay, widespread showers light to moderate rain. the moderate rain is the yellow and the orange there. in the next couple hours you'll notice that the system moves east and even by 9:00 this morning, the north bay will start to dry out and this afternoon we'll still have a chance of an isolated shower or two. but for the most part we'll be dry this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon. rainfall a againly lan hf enallw
5:57 am
night into sunday. i'll have those rain totals shortly. kumasi: thanks. new at 6, the latest evidence having an electric car might be better for your health. pggulled out after 40-foot well. kumasi: the rainy start to our day. it might impact your morning commute. checking the latest road conditions. how do you know when you've made the right decision? it's the feeling you get in your gut, the one that tells you what's right or what's wrong.
5:58 am
it's the voice inside you that says, "i'm buzzed...better leave the car when it's time to go." buzzed driving is drunk driving.
5:59 am
6:00 am
building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> in a synagogue. the rabbit is calling it a hate crime. a reedy start to the we can. how long this will last, but clearing up for the weekend activities. >> drivi >> a slurpee? protect cinnabon at all costs.


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