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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 3, 2023 7:00am-8:58am PST

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good morning america. for our viewers in the west, chinese spy balloon flying over the u.s. is raising alarm and questions. on alert. the government is tracking a chinese surveillance balloon roughly the size of three buses flying over the u.s. the air force mobilizes f-22 fighter jets. will we shoot it down? now what the chinese foreign ministry is saying with secretary of state set to arrive in beijing in days. lawmakers demanding answers. this moin is responding. bracing for the big deep freeze. at least 19 states under windchills, snow and blizzard alerts, whipping winds, plunging temperatures. a brutal push of polar air and warnings of frostbite in minutes. ginger on when and where the life-threatening record
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windchills could hit. charged overnight. an army vet in court after police say they found an arsenal of high-powered weapons in his high rise apartment. prosecutors say several of the weapons were loaded and staged to fire. what the lapd is saying this morning. urgent manhunt. a new jersey councilwoman shot to death in her car outside her home. police believe the 30-year-old was targeted. courtroom standoff in the alex murdaugh trial. dan abrams on whether the fight over his financial crimes can be entered as motive in his double murder trial. surge or slowdown? the two most important pieces of the economy, what the new jobs numbers can tell us about the fight against inflation. super bowl superstars. the young quarterbacks making history. will mahomes bring the magic or will jalen hurts so good win it for philly? plus, the kelce bowl for these two brothers, one with a new baby on the way very, very soon.
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♪ i feel alive ♪ and good morning from the birth place of bungee. >> five, four, three, two, one bungee. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> love to hear it. >> we're venturing 53 stories up to go airborne over auckland. >> don't look down. >> oh, sam, why did you do that to me? >> to the top of new zealand's sky tower for the ultimate leap of faith. will she or won't she? tune in to find out. live more, fear less. which one will it be? from the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, good morning, america. >> that is beautiful. lit up in the colors of "gma" by
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the way. good morning, america. robin is reporting live from new zealand where it is already tomorrow. she is in auckland, the country's largest city. robin, how are things going out there? >> things are going great. did it seem like i was walking the plank as i was saying from the tallest building good morning, america? it is great to be here in auckland. thankfully things are better following that record-setting rainfall over the weekend and as you said, you can see the tower behind me lit up in gma colors just for us. it is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. there is a 630-foot drop from the platform. and ae adrenaline junkies from all over the world take the leap. so did i take that leap? a question that will be answered in just a little bit, guys. >> makes me nervous just to look at it. >> it was windy up there too. >> not for me. >> no. it's a hard no from stray. >> michael, what are you talking about? >> robin, we can't wait to see
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you ahead. there's so much to get to here at home. we are tracking that brutal push of polar air in some areas of the country. temperatures could drop to a jaw-dropping 60 below zero. of course ginger will have more ahead. that is all across the country, but now we begin with the big questions over the chinese surveillance balloon high over montana. mola lenghi has the latest. good morning, mola. >> reporter: good morning, george. national security officials say they are monitoring this chinese surveillance balloon that traveled from alaska through montana here. it is still on the move. pentagon officials telling abc news they decided not to shoot the aircraft down, but they're leaving all poptions on the table. a suspected chinese surveillance balloon hovering over the northern united states for days. >> the united states government has detected and is tracking a high altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental united states right now. >> reporter: the balloon seen
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here flying over billings, montana, where it forced a ground stop at the city's airport halting all commercial and general aviation flights to clear the air space. it's roughly the size of three buses with a technology bay attached beneath it believed to be carrying high resolution cameras. sources describe it as an aircraft designed to travel in a purposeful path, one that includes a number of sensitive u.s. sites. >> these are balloons that can be used for surveillance, for earth observation, but also for military purposes. in this case perhaps the chinese were looking to collect high fidelity imagery of sensitive u.s. sites or they may have been intercepting communications, but they also could have been testing u.s. air defenses. >> reporter: a senior defense official saying that they are confident the balloon was sent by the chinese government and this is not the first instance this has happened in recent years. >> once the balloon was detected, the u.s. government acted immediately to protect against the collection of sensitive information. >> reporter: this morning the
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chinese government cautioning against what they describe as hype, claiming that they are still gathering facts. the pentagon now closely tracking the balloon says it currently poses no physical threats to civilians, commercial aviation or u.s. military assets. still, wednesday defense officials say as a precaution the u.s. air force is mobilizing f-22 fighter jets in case the order was made to shoot down the balloon. the contrail seen here. >> it may have been possible for the u.s. air force to shoot the balloon down, but that also raises a risk and that risk is if that missile misses or even if it hits the balloon, it could send shrapnel down. >> reporter: and the path the balloon appears to be taking flies directly over at least some sensitive u.s. sites including one of three nuclear missile silo fields in the nation at malmstrom air force base here in montana. george? >> mola, thanks. let's get right to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. good morning, mary. >> reporter: george, good morning. the white house is tracking this
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closely, but also urging calm and stressing that there is no immediate threat as of now. but there is into question that behind the scenes the president's team has been scrambling to present him with options including possible military action to take down this aircraft. and while the defense secretary argued that that is not oponon the table. meanwhile lawmakers are already demanding answers and action. montana republican ryan zinke tweeting shoot it down. all this amid rising tension between u.s. and china and as secretary of state antony blinken is expected to visit china in the coming days, becoming the first u.s. secretary of state to visit china in over four years. that trip now in question this morning as this appearance of this balloon is only sure to escalate tension even further. >> mary, thanks. >> thank you, george. now to the life threatening cold sweeping through the northern section of our country. at least 19 states are under the windchill, snow and blizzard alerts. victor oquendo is in boston
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where some schools are closed ahead of the arctic blast. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. that bitter cold is starting to set in as the wind is pickin up as well. but here is the bad news. the worst of it is still on the way. by tonight, it could feel like 30 below zero here in boston. the team at massachusetts general tells me that they are watching the situation minute by minute because this is dangerous and life-threatening cold. overnight a blast of bitter cold taking aim at the northeast. in oswego, new york, they are getting hit with a snow squall and plunging temperatures. windchill across new england could reach minus 40 to 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. here in boston, they declared a cold emergency. schools are closed and warming centers are open. new hampshire's governor warning residents to take this seriously.
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>> at negative 30 degrees, hypothermia can set in in just ten minutes, and we know it's going to be even colder than that across the entire state. >> reporter: and in texas, new video of power lines igniting as things finally start to thaw out. they're struggling to recover. more than 350,000 customers still without power. officials say they don't know when power will be fully restored. those low temperatures and windchills definitely increase the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. in this type of cold frostbite can set in in just five to ten minutes. boston's mayor urging everyone to stay safe, stay warm, and if you have to head out, layer up. michael, i lost count how many layers i put on this morning. >> great advice, victor. definitely dangerous out there. thank you. and we'll go outside to ginger who will tell us when and where it will hit. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: michael, the winds are just starting and the winds are going to be key. we show you windchill because that is what people feel. air temperatures will be like 20 below in caribou, but windchill
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could be close to 60 below. that's why it becomes so dangerous. let's look at the video of the arctic front blasting through. along the front you had a little bit of moisture. so enough to push through snow there in vermont. that's northeast of burlington. here's what's going to happen. we'll see windchill alerts that extend back to montana, minneapolis is in it, wisconsin, some of the numbers are lowest back in the northern great lakes, but that is the first push. by tomorrow morning that is when we'll see it bottom out here in the northeast. hartford will see some of the coldest air and certainly windchills since 2016. juju, portland, oregon, could break records there at 44 below feels like. >> ginger, hats and gloves to be sure. we're going to turn now to police in los angeles arresting a man who had a huge cache of guns and ammunition in his high-rise apartment. chief national correspondent matt gutman is in l.a. with the latest this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, juju. when police entered the apartment on the 18th floor in that building behind me, what
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they found. th-- they found, they told was the perfect sniper's nest. multiple high-powered rifles, some with sophisticated scopes load and ready to fire and positioned by a window that opened up with full view to public spaces and the street below. overnight that army vet seen in court suspected of making threats at the heart of hollywood. this arsenal of high-powered weapons allegedly found in his apartment. 25-year-old braxton johnson was charged with making threats, solicitation of murder, and weapons charges. he pleaded not guilty. the lapd saying concerned neighbors alerted building security about the threats that johnson was allegedly making. >> had residents not alerted the security in the building, and had they not alerted your patrol officers, what might have happened here? >> i hate to think about that. it could be worst case scenario. we're very grateful and thankful for the residents in that building.
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the witnesses saw something, said something and that was able to bring it to our attention and i believe that something tragic here was certainly averted. >> reporter: johnson seen in photos posted to facebook, including in his army uniform. and the lapd securing a search warrant for his 18th floor apartment, and once inside, investigators say they found that cache of weapons including high-powered rifles, handguns, high capacity magazines, over 1,000 rounds of ammo, and body armor. prosecutors say several rifles were loaded and staged to fire, set at an angle of a glass window, facing a public area. neighbors stunned by what unfolded, and grateful for johnson's quick arrest. >> i'm grateful to the local police department and whoever reported it. always pay attention to your surroundings and pay attention to who you are talking to and what you are seeing. better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: police telling me that several of the rifles found were not legal in the state of california. and while they didn't find any specific evidence of a mass shooting plot like writings, they say the totality of what they found was alarming.
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now, johnson has pleaded not guilty. bail has been set at just over $1 million. george? >> matt guttman, thanks. now to the search in new jersey for the gunman who killed a councilwoman. she was found dead just outside her home. aaron katersky is tracking the case. aaron, good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. right now, authorities are confident politics played no role in the killing of this young councilwoman, but it does appear to be targeted and specific. eunice dwumfour was shot more than ten times. she was found dead at the wheel of her suv. she was new to her community and to politics, taking her seat on the borough council just last year, but already was considered a rising star. she had been recently married, had a daughter, and she was a leader in her church in newark. so authorities are look into her connections there. the fbi is involved this morning and working to find out more. dwumfour's death has left the community horrified and shocked and, juju, the governor of new
7:14 am
jersey said nobody could remember the last time a sitting elected official had been shot and killed. juju? >> all right, aaron, baffling. thank you. now to the new jobs numbers and what they can tell us about the fight against inflation. chief economic correspondent rebecca jarvis is on wall street with that this morning. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, juju. the goal today is a goldilocks jobs report. not too hot, not too cold. instead, analysts got a blowout. 517,000 jobs added in the month of january well above expectations. the unemployment rate ticking lower to 3.4%. that is the lowest rate of unemployment for the united states since 1969, and everyone is watching this report carefully because it feeds into inflation. when we have more money as american consumers and saipend that money, it can spend prices higher. the fed is very aware of this, and they're very concerned about a too strong jobs market. of course, they want to see
7:15 am
people employed, but they don't the state of the economy isthnd itself to higher prices, which are already costing american families $371 more a month on the same goods and services. the next report on inflation comes on valentine's day, and i'm sure the fed will love it. michael? >> thank you so much, rebecca. now let's turn to the countdown to the super bowl and for the first time two black quarterbacks will face off. will reeve is here with how the two young superstars are gearing up for next week's game. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. it's friday, which means it's almost the weekend, which means that we're just over a week away from the super bowl which means that it is time to really lock in. that is what the players from the eagles and chiefs are doing. one of those teams will go down
7:16 am
in history, the two quarterbacks are making it. >> it is over and the kansas city chiefs have won it! >> reporter: in just over a week, it will be the kansas city chiefs against -- >> the philadelphia eagles are going back to the super bowl! >> reporter: and this morning new insight from the players getting ready for super bowl lvii. chiefs super patrick mahomes practicing fully thursday after gutting out that dramatic afc championship game >> it was a physical game. my whole body was a little sore, so i don't think that i had any step backwards. just a little bit of pain. other than that, i feel like i'm in a good spot. >> reporter: after the win, praising the team's assistant trainer for getting him through it tweeting julie was the reason i was the guy i was on the field today. and under center for the eagles is jalen hurts, just 24 years old, he is one of the youngest qbs to start a super bowl. joining a list including mahomes who was 24 when he won it all in 2020. and newly retired tom brady back in 2002. dan marino and ben roethlisberger the two youngest, each 23. on february 12th, hurts and mahomes will make history just by showing up, they will be the first black quarterbacks to face each other in the super bowl.
7:17 am
>> i think there have only been seven african-american quarterbacks to play in the super bowl, so to be the first for something is pretty cool. it will be a good one. >> reporter: some crucial important information here, we know the jersey colors for the game. the chiefs will be in white, eagles in green. the team wearing white has won 15 of the last 18 super bowls. also philly area school children, pay attention, some of your districts have announced a delayed start the morning after stay tuned, guys. >> they think they got it in the bag, already won the game. this could be called the kelce bowl. you have jason and travis kelce, first time brothers have played against each other in the super bowl. >> that's right, michael. they are making history, and they will also be burnishing their family legacy and possibly adding to the generations. there might be one born at the game literally. the kelce brothers said that jason's wife is 38 weeks pregnant and is bringing her ob/gyn with her just in case. >> that is amazing. >> what's this week in between
7:18 am
like for the players? >> the week the pretty much the same. we try to keep it as normal as possible, but on the road like that, they try not to give you too much free time because that free time could mean a little bit of trouble, george. >> thank you, will. let's go quickly to robin. >> i think michael almost told on himself when he was talking about getting in trouble. just saying. i'll take you to the top of that sky tower that you see behind me and let me tell you guys, it is a long way up. watching those numbers go up in the elevator, pretty darn nerve-racking. once i got up there, i had a decision to make. and you will find out what that decision was in just a little bit guys. >> robin's teasing us. let's go to ginger. >> if it were me, i would be jumping. wouldn't be a tease. we'll see a warmup after all the cold. your local weather also in 30 seconds.
7:19 am
>> we have a level 1 light storm through the bay area right now. by this afternoon, it will turn into scattered showers. isolated showers may even see rainbows. temperatures in0's. re's the forecast. renee start and a break. looks like we get more rain tomorrow evening through sunday so keep your ingots crossed for a dryer new year's parade, and a stay right there. we're just getting started on this friday morning.
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i'm a dinosaur. won't wear pants, will eat eggo waffles. get your wins where you can when you l'eggo with eggo. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings, the founder and executive director of the farmworker advocacy advocacy group. islas has accepted an invitation to the state of the union address on tuesday. dr belinda hernandez arriaga will be the guest of congresswoman and an issue who represents half moon bay. the olives group has been helping farmworkers and find housing and deal with the trauma of the shooting that left seven people dead just over a week ago. brandon say the man who disarmed the monterey park government will also be there. and now i'm gonna take you through traffic this morning. obviously it is raining outside into the roads are wet. there is a singular in burlingame on south bong one oh, one past broadway for a car car that crashed into the center divide
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because of roadway flooding. that means one lane is blocked there. we're going to check in with
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist francis ng loss and we're dealing with some slick roads this morning, but the rain is starting to taper into showers. as you can see here with these four live camera shots for you. it is pretty crowded on the san mateo bridge and at the bay bridge toll plaza, so the rain moved in over the last few hours and will continue to do so until about midday. right now, we are seeing some more of the heavier rain move east towards the inland east valleys and livermore and also towards antioch. it's a storm level one on our impact scale, and it will continue just for the next few. for hours, it will create a little bit of a messy morning commute, but then by this afternoon will taper into isolated showers. and then we get a break through tomorrow afternoon. reggie francis. thank you for streaming us on abc
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what's happening, dad? with delicious taste and 50% more calcium. blue diamond almond breeze. don't just milk it. almond milk it. i sincerely hope this is not the last time i say good morning, america. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> look at that. >> that is incredible. >> charlie gibson blazed the trail for robin roberts many years ago bungee jumping in new zealand back in 1993. robin, he set the standard. >> it is hard to believe that it has been 30 years since our man charlie was here in new zealand making that bungee jump. that was off a famous bridge in queenstown. i did not jump off the bridge,
7:31 am
but you see that tower lit up in "gma" colors behind me. that is the sky tower, in case we haven't told you enough. you can jump off of it. it's a 53-story drop, 52 miles per hour. but there was something a little more serene that i also visited. that's milford sound. towering water falls. it is one of the most stunning natural attractions and i'll show you more in a few minutes. >> we are looking forward to that, robin. and now the latest on the alex murdaugh trial. prosecutors are focusing on murda murdaugh's financial troubles as a meetotive for the murder of h wife and son. eva pilgrim has the details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a critical moment in this case. much of the day was spent arguing without the jury in the room over if alex murdaugh's alleged financial crimes can be entered as motive. the state saying that he murdered his wife and son to gain sympathy and keep his crimes from being exposed. with the jury out of the room, the cfo for his law firm saying
7:32 am
she confronted murdaugh the day of the double murders about $792,000 of missing fees. >> he turned and looked at me when i came up and said, what do you need now? gave me a very dirty look. i told him that i had reason to believe that he had received the funds himself and that i needed proof that he had not. >> reporter: alex's best friend chris wilson -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: -- seen in the green shirt hugging him in this birthday video just weeks before the murders, says he was shocked >> that hit you like a thunderbolt? >> it knocked me down. >> he admitted to you he had been stealing client money? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: murdaugh is accused of stealing at least $8.5 million from clients, family, friends, and his own law firm. whether the jury can even hear
7:33 am
that testimony is up for debate, the judge still deciding. >> i'm happy to hear any and all of the testimony. >> reporter: meanwhile, in front of the jury, the defense pressing an investigator to admit what she didn't find when she searched the murdaugh home the day after their murder -- blood. >> you're telling the jury you saw no evidence of blood, tissue, or anything that would indicate somebody had showered or washed off or bathed to remove evidence of a crime? is that what you're telling me? >> yes, sir, there was nothing visible to me. >> so both sides will continue to argue this issue of the financial crimes evidence again this morning. the jury told to not even come into court until later. george? >> eva, thanks. let's bring in our legal analyst dan abrams. so yesterday was kind of like a dress rehearsal? >> direct -- correct. to allow the judge to get more information to help decide, should i admit this
7:34 am
now, the judge says that he is inclined to allow evidence of the past financial crimes, but it has to be tied to this case. meaning typically you are not allowed to introduce bad facts evidence. for example, just because someone is a thief doesn't make them a murderer. you have to connect it to this particular crime, this incident, and that is what the judge is doing. sounds like he will do it with every witness. he will say you want to introduce this evidence, i need to hear what that person is going to say, i need to hear exactly how you will connect it to this case. >> what is your sense so far of the case prosecutors are making? >> i think it is slightly stronger than we had expected at the beginning. i told you this is not an easy case for prosecutors and it still is not an easy case for prosecutors. two key pieces of evidence have come up this week that i think are important. number one is that audio of alex murdaugh from five minutes or so before when prosecutors say that the murders occurred. seemingly at the crime scene when he said that he wasn't there. and secondly, a video of him where he is wearing a different set of clothes less than an hour before the murders and of course again prosecutors say that he
7:35 am
changed his clothes to try to help protect himself from getting caught. >> create an alibi? >> yeah. >> dan abrams, thank you very much. michael? and coming up, more from robin in new zealand, from adrenaline-fueled adventure to a serene natural beauty in the countryside. serene natural would you at this time beauty in the countryside. ft venture a serene natural would you at this time beauty in the countryside. venture to a serene natural would you at this time beauty in the countryside. serene natural would you at this time beauty in the countryside. . and we keep innovating. whatever comes next, we will respond fiercely. like family. ♪ ♪ ♪
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in new zealand, which many consider the birth place of adventure tourism that attracts thrill seekers from around the world. robin, seems like you might be one of those thrill seekers. >> i guess i am now because when in rome -- or i should say when in new zealand. this is a place where adrenaline junkies flock to. it's a place where you really want to test the limits. so you want to test what you've got. now as you know, the sky tower behind me, which again, is in "gma" colors, as we told you, i just had to go check it out for myself. here it is. >> five, four, three, two, one. bungee! >> reporter: to live more and fear less. >> yes! that was amazing. that is how you do it "good morning america." >> reporter: that's the motto from brave souls around the world who visit the home of bungee. >> that was incredible. it was insane. so euphoric.
7:40 am
shows that fear is in your mind. you can overcome anything. >> reporter: over 2.5 million people have taken the epic jump at the famed queenstown bridge. the electrifying adventure invented in 1988 here in new zealand. >> it was originally two crazy kiwis spreading a worldwide exposure to bungee jumping and what it means and what it represents. >> reporter: it's more than just a jump for many. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: like for my social media producer, jade. a rather meaningful milestone to come face to face with her greatest fears. >> have you done anything like this before? >> i have not. >> beautiful. >> reporter: within the birthplace of bungee, you've got to take a leap. >> you're good to go. >> that's it? >> reporter: for me, that's the sky jump in auckland at the tallest building in the southern
7:41 am
hemisphere. ♪ jump, jump, everybody now ♪ >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> love to hear it. >> reporter: my heartbeat heavy as we head up the lift. the reality of it all sinking in. >> how are you with heights? >> i'm good with heights. not jumping off of heights, but i'm good with heights. >> oh, here we go. >> oh, oh, oh! >> don't look down. >> oh, sam, why did you do that to me? >> reporter: venturing 53 stories up, 630 feet in the sky. >> i'll be at the bottom to catch you. >> thank you, sam. >> you'll be absolutely fantastic. >> i can't look out there. my heart -- >> second thoughts? >> second thoughts, third thoughts, fourth thoughts. >> reporter: so if queen bey could get in formation at the sky tower, then so can i. >> it is not a free fall. it is like a vertical zip line.
7:42 am
>> just a vertical zip line. >> reporter: first up, the safety briefing. our guy niko trying to calm yo we'll double check your harness. >> reporter: and it's go-time, coming to terms with the gravity of the fall. two minutes? okay. this is real. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. this is happening. >> reporter: the stakes have never been higher. i know there was a lot of trash talking back in the studio. lara and michael going back and forth. george had my back the entire time. >> reporter: okay. the most frightening moment, looking down below. >> go out to the edge for me. >> reporter: with adrenaline flowing in my veins, it's no backing down from here. >> robin, i'm going to do the countdown very shortly. let go with both hands and big jump forward.
7:43 am
get ready. here she comes in three, two, one. go! ♪ >> reporter: conquering this incredible leap of faith at 52 miles per hour. oh, my god! oh, my god! airborne above the bustling city landscape, a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. mind blown and elated with my feet firmly planted back on the ground. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my gosh. that was so incredible. that was living more and fearing less. >> what are you thinking? what are you feeling? >> i'm really -- i'm feeling like i can do anything. when you do this, you feel that there is nothing that you can't do. being up there over 600 feet high looking out, the wind,
7:44 am
beautiful. it is just the most breath-taking -- >> beautiful. >> thank you. thank you for the experience. immense, immense, immense thanks to everyone involved. the safety checks are through the roof. and that fall still -- it was no joke. we're talking 53 stories in 11 seconds. that works out to about 52 miles per hour. george, as i said, i know you believed in me. >> i wouldn't do it, but glad to see you do it. what does that 11 seconds feel like? how long does it feel like? >> it is the first three seconds of the 11 because it goes against human nature. you're standing on the edge. i was taking the baby steps and the guy was like ma'am, you need to get to the edge. so i was standing there at the edge and you are holding on and human instinct is not to let go.
7:45 am
and once you do and you truly take that first step, which the step of faith is taking that step without seeing the staircase, even though i felt like a cartoon character. did you see my legs? so it wasn't the most dignified jump. but i feel good about it, i feel good nonetheless. >> i don't know if you jumped or he pushed you. i couldn't tell. but robin, we saw charlie gibson who was in new zealand 30 years ago and he jumped off a bridge and he has a message for you. >> robin, my jump was more than 20 years ago and i can remember every second of the experience like it was yesterday. and you will feel that way too. i wonder if i was crazy. were you? >> oh, so good to see him. it is true, those 11 seconds, you were asking about that, george, too, it goes by so fast. but the first three seconds when
7:46 am
you can't see anything, you can't see the ground yet. and so that is when you are a little -- your heart is really in your throat. but i got to say, it is just like charlie said, i will remember this and i know we've been having fun with it and all that, but you truly feel like that motto about live more, fear less. >> i love that. >> would you do it again? >> no. [ laughter ] >> yeah, everybody here's heart rate is through the roof. >> thanks, juju, lara, michael, george. thanks. >> proud of you, robs. come home, please. >> and we'll go back to more adventure this is new zealand, but we have more coming up here too. coming up next, our "play of
7:47 am
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7:51 am
the crowd is on its feet. isn't that amazing? everyone of course loses it. big crowd around him. i just love the camera work. i've been to those games where i'm losing it. that's at bishop ryan catholic school. >> and he was so relaxed. >> i didn't think he was big enough to throw from half court. >> he's a mini steph curry. >> you know how you are like that person can't shoot it from there, i think they did it with that kid and he was like 5-foot. >> we'll be right back. at kid a. >> we'll be right back. he was l 5-foot. ing at my hairline? my joint pain isn't too bad. well, it wasn't this morning. i hope i can get through this. is plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis making you rethink your everyday choices? otezla is a pill, not a cream or injection that can help people with plaque psoriasis achieve clearer skin. otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness and pain in psoriatic arthritis.
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7:56 am
area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. let's take a look at traffic. i want to let you know that if you're planning to take bart this morning, they are running trains at slower speeds because of the wet weather. they're saying to add 20 minutes to your plan, travel time to factor in delays. what does the weather look like? right now? francis we have the storm level one moving through the bay area right now. it started around three this morning. we'll clear out in the next few hours and some of the heavier rain as we zoom in is falling over right now, over the bay and across the san mateo bridge, so we have a live shot the san mateo bridge. it has been a wet commute, so take your time out there. but these these rain will turn into isolated showers. the rain will turn into isolated showers this afternoon , and then we get a nice long break until tomorrow evening, which is great news for the chinese new year parade, so that
7:57 am
does look pretty dry and then highs today will be in the upper fifties. but more rain expected tomorrow night, reggie take advantage of that window tomorrow during the day if you're streaming with us on our a b seven bay area news app, abc seven and seven continues next (steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above and beyond to take care of me. i feel a lot better now. i'm taking medication for what i should have been taking years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on alert. the government tracking a chinese surveillance balloon roughly the size of three buses flying over the u.s. the air force mobilizes f-22 fighter jets. will they shut it down? now, with what the chinese foreign ministry is saying, with our secretary of state set to arrive in beijing in just days. bracing for the big deep freeze. at least 19 days under windchill, snow and blizzard alerts. now, the brutal push of polar air. ginger on when and where the life-threatening, record-breaking windchills could hit. ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ breaking soul in sales? beyonce's answer with fans'
8:01 am
demand for tickets more than 800%. and the hat in high demand. the etsy designer with the new renaissance. milk bar mastermind, christina tosi is live with her children's book. answering questions from some of her youngest fans. >> i'm trying to bake a birthday cake for my dad. >> giving you some tasty projects to cook up with your kids on the coldest weekend of the year. ♪ i feel alive ♪ and our epic adventure across new zealand, by air, boat and on foot. you're joining me on our picture-perfect journey across some of the most stunning landscape on the planet. we're taking you to all of the spectacular places that made me say, wow. are you kidding me? breathtaking. there are no words. plus, our remarkable tour of the so-called eighth wonder of the world. the waterfall. getting a glacial facial. taking you into the heart of an area so remote they only just
8:02 am
got cell service. it's an international treasure. you're with us every step of the way, as we say -- live from majestic new zealand, good morning, america. good morning, america. it is a chilly friday morning here in new york. and in new zealand, it's already the weekend, where robin is reporting live. good morning again, robin. >> it's the weekend. and it's summertime here in auckland, new zealand's largest city. as you said, it's already 2:00 a.m. on saturday. you can't hear it, but there is a party going on. these folks love it when the weekend hits here. and also the sky tower, it's lit up in "gma" colors. there's no shortage of excellent views in this country. i've been able to take in many of them, including a boat trip, on milford sound, which is so beautiful.
8:03 am
it's been called the eighth wonder of the world. we had a chance to experience that glacial facial. i also laced up my boots and those boots were made for walking. i went out for a hike. the best way to connect with the natural beauty all around here. so, i still have great things to show you guys coming up. >> that's something right there. we would all go on the hike. [ laughter ] >> i'm into that. >> very good. >> we'll get back to robin in a little bit. we begin with the news, and the questions about the chinese surveillance balloon flying high over montana. we want to go back to mola lenghi in montana. good morning, mola. >> reporter: good morning, george. that surveillance balloon entered u.s. air space in alaska, traveled through montana here. was spotted here in billings on wednesday. it's still on the move this morning, hovering over the northern united states. this morning, u.s. national security officials closely monitoring what they believe is a chinese surveillance balloon,
8:04 am
flying over the northern united states. >> the united states government has detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon over the continental united states right now. >> reporter: the balloon seen here flying over billings, montana, where it forced a ground stop at the city's airport, halting all commercial and general aviation flights in order to clear the airspace. it's roughly the size of three buses, with the technology bay attached beneath it, believed to be carrying high-resolution cameras according to a senior u.s. official. sources describe it as an aircraft, designed to travel in a purposeful path, one that includes a number of sensitive us. sites. >> these are balloons that can be used for surveillance, for earth observation. they can also be used for military purposes. >> reporter: a senior defense official saying they are confident the balloon was sent by the chinese government, and this isn't the first instance this has happened in recent years. >> once the balloon was detected, the u.s. government acted immediately to protect against the collection of sensitive information. >> reporter: this morning, the chinese government cautioning against what they describe as
8:05 am
hype, claiming they're still gathering facts. based on the pentagon's assessment, the aircraft poses no physical threats to civilian, to commercial aircraft and to u.s. military assets and so they've decided not to shoot it down, but michael, they're saying they're lieaving all options on the table. >> i'm sure they got their eyes all over it. thank you so much, mola. now, to the life-threatening cold. at least 19 states under windchill, snow and blizzard alerts. ginger is tracking when and where it will hit next. good morning to you, ginger. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. the windchill is 14. by tomorrow morning, in new york city, 14 below zero. we're going to shave off another 30 degrees. we're going to see the temperatures not just tumble but become nearly dangerous in northern new england. and it came along, the very beginning of this front, with a squall. even had snow squall warnings in some places. that's colchester, vermont, as you see the time lapse as that thing blasts through. and you had thunder snow, the lightning and the convection uplift with .
8:06 am
temperature drop coming when you see that. windchill alerts back to minnesota, wisconsin, montana. we're going to see the core of the polar air swing in tomorrow morning in the northeast. some o the coldest air for boston since 2016, hartford same thing. that would be this morning. tomorrow morning, that's when you see the numbers drop to near record windchills. 60 below. frostbite in five to ten minutes to exposed skin. this is really the potential for some dangerous cold. good news, it only lasts through tomorrow and then starts to warm up again. juju? >> ginger, that is good news. thanks. turning to cold weather sports and hockey's best and brightest. the nhl all-star weekend kicks off tonight and will reeve, nhl superfan is here with all the updates. >> reporter: hello, juju. it is going to be cold all over the country this weekend and it will be hot on the ice in
8:07 am
south florida. the nhl all-star game. the stars will shine bright, including sidney crosby, alex ovechkin, and conner mcdavid. we have three defending stanley cup champs from the colorado avalanche including nathan mckinnon. we have my new york rangers, including adam foxx. he's one of the top players in the league. so many more showing off their skills. speaking of skills, the weekend begins with the skills competition. you have favorites like hardest shot, the breakaway challenge, fastest skater and new ones like tendy tandem, where goaltenders are trying to score. splash shot, where someone puts someone in a dunk tank. and tomorrow, actual hockey. eastern conference teams will play each other. the western conference teams facing off. the winners head to the final. $1 million on the line for the winner of that game. it's nhl all-star weekend. starts tonight from the beaches of south florida. that's where i would like to be right now. the skills competition is tonight, 7:00 p.m., espn and espn+. and tomorrow on abc, 3:00 p.m., we have the all-star game.
8:08 am
>> you couldn't figure out how to go down there and cover it? >> i have other things to do. i'll be watching. i'm busy, man. if i had my way, i would be all over the place. i just go where i'm told. >> we can take the next half hour to hear about your weekend. >> why are you so busy? thank you as always, will. coming up in our "gma morning menu," beyonce giving fans what they want. the incredible demand for tickets for her first tour in five years. also this morning milk bar's christina tosi is here sharing her new children's book and some great baking ideas you can do with your kids. plus, we're going back live to new zealand where she's having a ball. robin, we can't wait. >> juju, there's beauty everywhere around here. that's what makes new zealand a great destination for walking and hiking. i put on my boots and soaked up the scenery. that's coming up on "gma," rolling on live from new zealand and new york city. come on back. ♪ to find our inner peace ♪ ♪ make it everlasting ♪
8:09 am
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8:13 am
welcome back to "gma." waterfalls in milford sounds. it's one of the places everyone says you have to see when you visit new zealand, and we can all see why. >> robin has seen so much. she's shown us so much. robin, tell us about your next adventure. >> i went chasing waterfalls. that's what i did. there's so much to see here in new zealand. we've seen it by air. landing on a glacier, as you know, in a helicopter. then we took a gondola to the top of the mountain and by boat, which we're going to show you a little later. one of the best ways to explore the stunning natural beauty here is by foot. new zealand is renowned for its epic hike. so, i laced up my boots and i hit the trails. known for its spectacular landscapes, when in new zealand, one of the best ways to see it, is by foot. >> come on down through this spin yard. it's an incredible walking destination.
8:14 am
you can experience mountain scenery, stunning coastal walking. just incredible variety of scenery in a relatively small country. >> reporter: nature guide gabrielle young saying it's the kiwi way. >> the prime reason people visit new zealand is to connect with nature. the more we look after the place, the more it becomes a haven for others in the world to come and see how fantastic it is. >> reporter: in queenstown, walkers, bikers and runners exploring over 120 miles of trails. so, my bucket list trip, continuing with a scenic walk. what are we about to do right now? >> this is a really nice, short walk. close to queenstown. >> reporter: what do you consider short? here, you're so outdoorsy. >> 20 minutes. 20, 25 minutes. >> reporter: elite athlete willie williams is our walking guide. >> adventure on your doorstep, really, every day. >> reporter: as we venture on,
8:15 am
the awe-inspiring lake greeting us on a beautiful day. >> look at that. >> wow. >> the name is -- [ speaking in non-english ] which means sacred pool. obviously you can see it's stunning. >> reporter: it's just one of the vast terrains for walkers to enjoy. for avid hikers, multiday treks called great walks are a popular option. >> these are the most famous one. there's another really good one maybe you should do, the kaplar track. they do a running race there. you can run it if you fancy it. >> absolutely. is that an invitation? >> yes. >> i'm in. walking is great. it's good for the health. but there's more of an aspect of it, getting out and enjoying nature. we learned back in the u.s., during the pandemic, people were out in their backyard again.
8:16 am
>> i think that's what we noticed more than anything. during the lockdown, it was their sanity. it was what they needed each day to get the mental well-being and get outside and breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the environment and hear the birds sing. >> reporter: lacing up, turning into a mindful moment to quiet down. do you hear that? exactly. the lapping of the water. this is referred to in native language as sacred. and you truly get that sense. my friend, willie, inviting me on to continue up the hill, to picnic point. >> yep. ready for the -- >> reporter: the big reveal? >> the big reveal. each and every time you come up here, it's pretty spectacular. >> oh, yes. >> get a load of that. >> reporter: my goodness. for a picture-perfect ending. >> i think what's most rewarding
8:17 am
is to come up to places like this, is each and every time i come back, it takes my breath away. hopefully it's done the same for you. >> there are no words. absolutely breathtaking. willie, you delivered. >> good. >> delivered big time. >> worth the hike. >> absolutely. you sure that wasn't a great walk? you sure? >> it's a small great walk. >> by kiwi standards, it was not. by u.s. standards, that was a great walk. so incredibly thankful. there's so many people we have met along the way here. they're so generous. they are so kind, like willie. along with the stunning natural vistas everywhere, one of the things you see a lot is people wearing beautiful jade necklaces. they have a special meaning behind them. we have an expert carver here with us. i don't want to mispronounce it. what is it? >> it's -- [ speaking in non-english ] it's a very important part of
8:18 am
our culture. [ speaking in non-english ] in ancient times it was used for weaponry and for making tools. it's only found in the south island of new zealand. >> and you are so talented. we've been eyeing your work. this is what i really appreciate. much of it is the fact that you're not supposed to buy it for yourself. it's supposed to be gifted to you. why is that? >> yeah. it's a gift of connection. when you gift it, it's become an heirloom that's blessed. we bless it and it carries the positive blessing with it wherever it travels. >> you have pieces you want to show us and tell us the significance of them. >> yes, sure. on the table, we have a few pieces of pounamu in the raw state. from that state, we create the
8:19 am
beautiful pendants or -- [ speaking in non-english ] and this is a toki, or a similar to a chisel shape. in old times before steel, they would make the chisels out of pounamu and they were able to carve wooden sculptures from it. >> how about this one? >> this is the -- [ speaking in non-english ] this is a contemporary shape that symbolizes that connection from our ancestors through to our descendants. >> i love that, the connection, that's very important. we have a couple more i want you to tell us about. we have been seeing a lot of this. what is the symbol here? >> this one is called -- [ speaking in non-english ] or a whale's tooth. it's a symbol -- it's inspired by our ancient ancestors who would wear a real whale's tooth throughout polynesia. >> that's why i've been seeing it. and last but not least. this one here.
8:20 am
>> this is a beautiful -- [ speaking in non-english ] or teardrop. it's got a feminine energy to it. it's just a symbol of overcoming life's challenges. you know, the tears of happiness and the tears of joy and tears of sadness also. >> i know. my mother used to say happy sorrow. hey, you can use it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. and i love the symbolism and the tradition and how you connect that you're respectful of your past and you look to the future as you do. a lesson for us all. bless you and thank you. i have to gift this to everyone back in new york. is that what you're saying? i have to gift it to them. >> you might as well gift them. it's fine. >> i will do that. bless you. george? >> we can not wait to see them. thank you, robin. >> i know. you're very welcome. let's go to ginger. >> thank you so much.
8:21 am
and is it too cold to ski? well, a lot of the ski resorts are altering operations this afternoon, through tomorrow morning, when the brunt of that comes in. you will have 25-mile-per-hour to 35-mile-per-hour winds. a place like portland, it will feel even colder because we just came off the warmest january on record. now we're going to the coldest windchills on record in the forecast. it will get much warmer. the whiplash thing swings us right back. portland to 41 on monday. new york city nearly 50. let's get a ch >> we have a level 1 light storm through the bay area right now. by this afternoon, it will turn into scattered showers. isolated showers may even see rainbows. temperatures in the 50's. here's the forecast. renee start and a break. looks like we get more rain tomorrow evening through sunday so keep your ingots crossed for a dryer new year's parade, and a
8:22 am
you know what time it is? time for "pop news" with lara. >>let's do it. we'll start again today with beyonce. her renaissance world tour. ticketmaster announcing the fan demand has already exceeded the number of tickets available by more than 800% based upon the numbers in the first group alone. to help meet that demand, beyonce adding second shows to stops in toronto, chicago, new jersey, washington, atlanta, englewood, california, and houston. as reported, if you want tickets, you must register with the verified fan site through ticketmaster. registration is open now for the extra dates. beyonce kicking things off in sweden in may, wrapping up her world tour in new orleans this september. speaking of beyonce, fans are getting their fashion in formation. this hat worn by queen bey has caused quite the cowboy commotion. the creator sells her hats or
8:23 am
etsy for $140, she has been flooded with requests since the image dropped. she usually gets five or six orders per week. she got 60 orders in less than one day. it takes a full day to make one hat. that's a lot. she had to shut down her online storefront. don't try it yet. give her a minute. she is working to fulfill the orders that she has right now with her sister. and then, she will open it up again so we can all get our disco ball cowboy hats. this morning, a rare find fit for royalty. check this out. charlie clark of the u.k. had just taken up metal detecting six months earlier when he found this. 24-karat gold pendant and inscribed with the initials of
8:24 am
king henry viii. the rose symbolic of the family. i love this. experts say it dates back to the 1500s. that matches up. and nothing of this size or importance from the renaissance period has been found in the u.k. for decades. charlie says, yes, he screamed like a schoolgirl when he found the necklace. it has not been valued. he will sell it and split the money with the property owner of the field where he made his historic find. >> that's incredible. >> he dug it up. unbelievable. >> i'm taking up metal detecting. >> stories like that really make you think about it. this will make you think about this weekend, snuggling up. you know the saying, let sleeping dogs lie? well, if you want this guy to wake up, all you have to do is say one word. check it out. >> zeus? zeus? zeus? watch this. sausage.
8:25 am
>> the magic word is sausage. >> that's my magic word, too. >> isn't that weird? the only thing you can get zeus to get up with when he's really tired. >> that's amazing. >> that's "pop news." coming up, more of robin's new zealand adventures coming up on this friday edition of "good morning america." ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi, aaron from abc seven mornings going to check right now in the traffic conditions, starting with a live look from our oakland 8 80 camera by the coliseum you can see north dont traffic is stop and go from hagen burger to broadway because of a crash a car crash into 12 sand barrels, and so now the debris is spilling on the roadway is blocking the right lane. so heads up if you need to go in that area is just going to be a little bit slower for you, at least for the future. foreseeable future. meteorologists insisting lawson
8:28 am
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hey baby. very good morning live with kelly and ryan is coming up. we'll chat with harrison ford from 1923, plus wendell pierce from accused. that's at nine on abc seven. and i'm meteorologist francis ng loss and we're in a storm level one right now. we had some light to moderate rain moving through the bay area, but it is quickly moving east and exiting the bay area, but some heavy rain is falling right now through the synagogue grade on 6 80 into livermore. live shot of the san mateo bridge shows you the wet conditions were dealing with this morning and then this afternoon, it will taper into showers. we get a break, but then it looks like we could get some rain for the chinese new
8:30 am
year parade tomorrow. kumasi. thank you, francis. we'll have another abc seven. is that dating about 30 minutes? but you can always find the latest in our app and at abc seven ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪ welcome back. that is a look at some seals soaking in the sun in new zealand. robin has been there all week, exploring the country and all it has to offer. this morning, she's reporting live from auckland. robin, what's next on your list of incredible kiwi adventures? what you got? >> i got the eighth wonder of the world, y'all. that's what many call milford sound with its deep water, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and beautiful waterfalls. i have explored this country in a helicopter, on foot, in a gondola.
8:31 am
and to see all that milford sound has to offer, it had to be b boat. it's coined the eighth wonder of the world. a natural treasure, in fjord land national park, located on new zealand's south island. to discover this part of new zealand, many travellers taking the scenic root, nestled among massive mountains and vast valleys. the area so remote, cell service is just being introduced. that hasn't stopped the nearly 1 million tourists from visiting the region each year. maya. >> hi, robin. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> reporter: we took our own journey to explore milford sound by boat. >> what is it about the boat experience to take in the natural wonders? >> it's a different perspective on milford. it's so much we can't see from
8:32 am
the shore. >> shall we? the journey continues. >> absolutely, yes. >> reporter: our guide, maya, showing us the sights and sounds. >> milford sound, but it's not a sound, is it? >> no. you've done your research. it's a fjord. milford sound has been carved by glaciers. you can see that in the landscape as well. the "u" shape to the valley is typical of a glacier-carved valley. >> come on. everywhere you look. oh, the waterfall. >> right off the bat. >> what is that? >> the bowen falls. this is the highest permanent waterfall, which will flow all year round. this is 163 meters high. 55-story building. >> i heard this is one of the wettest places on earth. i'm not complaining. this is unusual? >> it is, yeah. we get 200 days of rain per year.
8:33 am
so, we get over 200 feet of rain annually. we got her good weather mood today. she is putting on her best face. >> let's journey on. ♪ >> so, up ahead of us, mitre peak. classic, iconic mountain of milford. it's a mile high. it was named mitre peak because it resembles a bishop's mitre. >> okay. i see it. >> the maori name is -- [ speaking in non-english ] the maori traveled in here years before it was discovered by europeans. no permanent settlers. it was important, the collection of pounamu, green stone. there's many names for it in the sound. >> oh. >> that's the usual reaction. >> is it? >> this is sterling falls. this is our second permanent waterfall here. >> why am i thinking of hugh
8:34 am
jackman? >> this is the waterfall they used in "wolverine," the one that hugh jackman jumped off of. he didn't do it physically but they shot the scene here. we have a treat, we can get closer than we did with bowen fall. take it in. >> oh, wow. beautiful. >> not until you get closer, you feel the raw power of that water cascading all the way down the cliff. and you can feel it. it's the freshness. >> soft. >> we call it a glacial facial. and there's a legend that goes
8:35 am
with that. it's said that having that mist touch your face, you wake up tomorrow morning, looking and feeling ten years younger. >> i'm in. i'll be back tomorrow. >> reporter: as our trip continues on, a special sighting here at seal rock. first seal sunbathing in peace. >> this point is the narrowest point of the fjord. this is where the wind is strongest. >> as the tour winds down, we drift towards the tasman sea, looking back, a reminder of milford sound in all its splendor. >> you have the wildlife, the mystery, it's everything. >> yes. >> and i'm really, i'm running out of adjectives to describe what i have been seeing this past week. as she said -- and maya, another one who has been -- i cannot s you how kind the there's been a lot of rain this week but there, that time, it was the sun out. and it really added to it.
8:36 am
it was absolutely beautiful, michael. >> we get it. seeing it sitting here, robin, and looking at the images is unbelievable. i can only imagine what it looks like in personal. and we saw the waterfall that hugh jackman jumped in "x-men." i love hugh jackman. i love "wolverine." a lot of movies were filmed there. >> it's morning tv. we had to blur it out. new zealand has a $3.5 million film injury. one of this year's best picture nominees, avatar the way of water was filmed in new zealand. so was "mission impossible: fallout." all of the scenes of the helicopter going in and out. tourists really visit some of the sites of some of their favorite movie scenes, especially "lord of the rings"
8:37 am
and "the hobbit" that filmed at 150 locations around the country. in fact, in queenstown, word has it, everybody in town has an agent. they're always used for an extra. they all have an agent there. that's what the locals told us. i don't know. i didn't do my research there. that's what i was told. >> well, if they're telling you, we're buying it and believing it. robin, thank you. coming up, she has more. we have more robin's adventures after the break. don't go anywhere. - life is uncertain. everyday pressures can feel overwhelming it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated. it's normal. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources,
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♪ i feel alive ♪ a special morning here at "gma." robin is live in new zealand. spectacular two days. robin, tell us more about how it all came together. >> you know, i keep saying this is a bucket list trip. that's the truth. this has been the trip of a lifetime. it was our executive producer, simone. robin, where is some place you have never been where you want to go? and the first thing out of my mouth was new zealand. the breathtaking natural beauty you see is practically every turn. to the people we've met. i have to tell you, guys, it is something i will never forget. absolutely. breathtaking. there's no words. ♪ oh, wow. oh, beautiful. ♪
8:41 am
>> three, two, one, go. ♪ if you gave me a chance ♪ ♪ i would take it ♪ >> oh, my gosh, that was so incredible. that was living more and fearing less. ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪ >> reporter: the trip and thrill of a lifetime. a week of adventure wrapping up this morning in new zealand. gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous with the sun hitting it. our journey, taking us up in the air. by foot. on ice. oh, my gosh. i am on a glacier. and walking by breathtaking vistas. we also explored the hidden wonders of milford sound. this is so majestic. behind the scenes, my fabulous producers, taking onr the team. helping anpl t shots f bungy tower. she isro weeal tking out theret she is standing on the edge ghnow.
8:42 am
good morning, america. that was amazing. >> reporter: their brave jumps, the best pep talk and distraction to calm my own nerves. we have to make sure we have th. righcameng >> one take. >> reporter: this is one take. you know what they say -- what goes up must come down. it's an adventure. and we rode down in style. i've never done that before. anfi f we're coming to you from new zealand. that's a geyser, my friends. going live in front of the largest activeeyser in the southern hemisphere, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america.
8:43 am
>> oh, wow, that was nice. >> i have to say, all these folks here made my dream a reality. this is the hardest woin en are you dide.iv the sky -- ye on down. i'm like this -- and you were like this. i have to say, clark and the guys back in sheo,di y hehe's been here a long, long time. i didn't mean it to sound like that. he had hair back when he but clark,rslawe on f ukraininr. g out comi here. how did we get it here? >> it's been a long road. it's beelong road.n bu jt, likyou sa, id weadwe h never nezew aland watos e p of the lih er>> it more of the be he just let t. vedyme crews, ouwere he ere, ou
8:44 am
my team, ebony, thank you. this takes months and months and months. kyle, morgan. the list goes on and on and on. i don't want to start naming people because i'm going to forget folks. i wanted you to see these great e asd to do something -- en we like simone asked me what i want to do. it doesn't just happen at the snap of a finger. it takes so many people. and, y'all, it's almost 3:00 in the morning. they were telling me next time i picky favo place or somewhere, maybe in another time zone srio we're not getting up be live. also, thank you back in the studio. you have be engaged with what we have been doing, our segments and everything and it means so much to each and every one of us. thank you, thank you. and thank you, new zealand. [ speaking in non-english ] >> yeah, what she just said. >> thank you, robin. that was amazing. incredible to see. ean ienn-ish
8:45 am
>> thank you >> get home safe, guys. thank you for an. amazing experience. b'sn un t >> you'll be next. you're next. ginger is next. >> i'm next here on the show. i want to get to new zealand, too. you know that the roads have been so y. not 14h -yteeas.r-old sophie ow did. she could not get to figure skating practice. 'sitpeomtion sohe figured i'll just go ads and sidewautlks.icy i g i we will see warming temperatures not just up here but also in parts of texas. look at the numbers. back i >> hello. francis here. a level 1 storm impact light storm for the next few hours, with white to moderate rain for the commute. gusting at the beaches and over the hills.
8:46 am
coming up on "good morning america," christina tosi is here sharing her sweet, new children's book. and some sweet treats. and some great t weekend because of the frigid cold, we have great baking ideas for you coming up on "good mog " (vo) wells fargo lets you know where you stand with your fico credit score.
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they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore. iecake?tie yummie o tesn'halou we are back with james beard award winning chef, chinst tosi. we love when she's here on "gma," her energy, her cakes. now she has a new children's book. it's called "just the right cake." she is here to answer your young bakers' questions so making desserts is a piece of cake. i love that. >> that's what it's all about. >> i thought this was very poignant, that baking can be a soothing and comforting act, when kids are feeling not so comfortable. >> it's so true.
8:49 am
"just the right cake" is the second children's book i have children. the first one is call "every cake has a story." every layer cake we make at milk bar truly has a story. when i bake, i think about expressing who i am through these different layers of frostings, fillings and crumbs. and that's what phil tells kids about in his own personal story. >> really sweet. >> a great weekend to bake and be in. i read that you started baking with your two grandmothers, which is a lovely image in my mind. >> that's how i learned to bake. >> and we have young bakers out there that have questions for you. >> okay. >> our first question on videotape, right? let's hear it. ask christina, from gisele, asking the question. let's take a look. >> hi. i'm gisele. i'm trying to make a birthday cake for my dad. which decorations should i put on it to make it pretty? >> so precious. >> first of all, gisele, you look all set up in the kitchen. one of my favorite cake moves is
8:50 am
just throwing the rule book out. it's not even frosting the cake at all. letting the brilliant layers of cakes and crumbs and frosting just peek out and wow your dad. also in a pinch, you can bake a sheet cake and frost it with birthday frosting. i'm got to put sweet lara to work. we make these little birthday crumbs at milk bar. you can crumb and sprinkle to your heart's desire. you can go around the edge. you can spell dad's name in the center. whatever it is, it is about putting you into it. look at her. a cake artist. natural. >> i'm the cake eater over here. it's really good. >> while you snack on cake, juju, i'm going to send you to the next aspiring baker. his name is charlie. here's his question. >> hi, christina. i'm working on a delicious dessert for my soccer team fund-raiser. but i like vanilla and my friends like chocolate and funfetti. is there a way to mix these together to make one delicious dessert?
8:51 am
>> go for it, charlie. >> charlie, i am so impressed by you. so, school fund-raiser. different people like different flavors. that's part of the spice of life. one of my favorite things that we make at milk bar that is super easy for you to make at home in your kitchen or invite your friends to make, are the cake truffles. i brought a chocolate birthday cake truffle from milk bar. but you can take any cake filling, cake center, roll it into a ball. like the baked cake itself believe it or not, already baked. and my favorite thing to do is to dip it in melted chocolate. you can choose white chocolate or dark chocolate. you've got it, juju. then roll it into a crumb. i brought chocolate confetti crumb. charlie, since you're the vanilla guy, maybe youe using hee rainboe w thsprinkllles spel
8:52 am
it's a great bite-size way to get the ba sale energy going and to get you and your friends in the kitchen. >> easy to do. love the book. the book is called "just the right cake." thank you for coming. and good luck. you're about to have a little baker of your own. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. we love having you. everybody, cake on us, in the break. and you guys, check out the recipes. or by scanning the qr code on your screen.beokightack.
8:53 am
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"gma" is sponsored by chewy. shop online and get great prices on pet essentials. another big thank yo >> oh, my gosh. >> going 63 stories up. >> just incredible. >> just incredible. >> have a great weekend, everyone.
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building aettere forwang solutis . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi, aaron from abc seven mornings going to check in on traffic. now bart is running trains at slower speeds because of the wet start. we had to our day, so the agency is asking youo add 20 minutes to your travel time to factor in those delays. alright and if you tide right now are we of this stormevelne tst' area, t ,llurte east. the systemrs continues to move out, and iturw year parade tomorrow, and then we have you, francis. now it's
9:00 am
time for live with kelnd a we'll be back at 11 for we'll be back at 11 for midday live. as we wrap up our travel and me in '23 series, all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. hey. hey guys, good morning. well, we did it, we did it. friday, february 3rd 2023. yes. itreday. yes. red day. wear


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