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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 3, 2023 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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big and squiggly is real good. all i needed to hear. my grilled chicken sandwiches, tasty and healthy-ish. announcer: this is abc7news. >> i've ever felt like i really belong. it's the only thing i have left to fight for. >> residence of one of the largest homeless encampments in oakton are vowing to continue their fight after a federal judge said he will allow the city to clear the camp and the dozens of people living in it. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. this is what we are talking about. the encampment on which street west oakland. >> it was shacks that housed up to 300 people. has been called theaf couldn't provide alternate
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housing for residents. dan: hours -- as our abc7news reporter explains, there is a place for all of those people to go. >> changes could soon be coming to which street in west oakland. one of the largest homeless encampment in the city that they want to turn the site into affordable housing. >> i'm speechless. quite she is a current resident of the camp. she along with many others of the site earned friday morning they will soon have to leave. a federal judge announced he will lift the restraining order that allowed them to stay there. >> the judge had an opportunity to do the right thing and they failed to do so, so now it's our turn to step up and show everybody why we are holding down the fort. >> the city owns this land and wants to build affordable housing on it. last year the restraining order. the plan until officials could find housing for those in the encampments. on friday there is a series of
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portable set up on the street ready for use. today, oakland confirmed it has three places to house them. the community cabins, st. vincent shelter in uptown are the 66 avenue site in east oakland. with that the judge announced he will soon lift the order. friday's hearing open representatives say they can start moving 30 residents into temporary shelter starting on monday. the witchery residents we spoke with say they have no plans on moving there anytime soon. >> we are not, we are staying here. >> the a minister's office said while the final court orders have not yet been issued regarding the witchery encampment, the city remains committed to expanding much-needed affordable housing at the city-owned site. once the city determines a date for the encampment closure, we will post notices to give residents a minimum of seven days advance notice. outreach workers will be on site to assist residents in understanding their options. they went on to mention
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additional resources to help those residents transition to full-time housing and finding jobs. soon, oakland will open up more space for rv parking. she says she is happy where she is and doesn't want the city to break up her community. >> this is the only place that i've ever felt like i really belong. it's the only thing i have left to fight for. a san francisco jury ruled he was not liable for losses suffered by investors after he sent out two tweets in 2018 saying he had secured the funding to take tesla private. it took the nine-member panel less than two hours to reach their verdict following three reeks of testimony in that class action lawsuit filed by investors. he testified that he believed he had locked up the financial backing during meetings with saudi arabia's public investment fund although no specific funding amount or price was dispensed. ama: san francisco police are
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searching for a man who shot a gun inside his synagogue. he shot blanks because no one was injured, but it was caught on camera. with a wave of mass shootings over the past two weeks, any congregants are concerned. >> good francisco police. they say their investigation is underway to find the shooter. they also say that they are prioritizing all calls for service from places of worship, temples to mosques to churches in light of the shooting at the synagogue. a rabbi says they are beefing up security ahead of tonight's shabbat services. staff at the center synagogue in san francisco are planning for something new during friday sabbath. security. >> we do have police driving by more often. >> he is a junior rabbi and vice president of the center. he spoke to abc7news and said the extra security concerns come after a man started shooting
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inside the synagogue. >> this is a synagogue i go to every day, sometimes twice a day, this is where my kids come on saturday day to play, they play right here. click surveillance video shows a man entering the room, racking his gun and firing off several rounds. one woman who didn't want to be identified that she walked by the center with her daughter 10 minutes before the shooting. >> i'm jewish, this is terrifying for me. i've long feared being in a synagogue for my safety, but the fact that happened in my neighborhood is terrifying. i know these were blanks. >> the synagogue serves mostly russian speaking jews. some were slow to react as seen in the video because they were stunned by what was happening. many say they've never had to worry about security. >> i never thought about, but never felt unsafe being here. so i'm actually surprised that that happened. >> right now, there is absolutely no motive that we can speculate on.
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we have to speak with them and find out what exactly he was intending to do. >> the officer of the san francisco police department says they are working with the fbi on the case. he believes the man's shot blanks since no one was injured. the man is likely the same person who flashy gun at the nearby balboa theatre on tuesday and then took off. if there is enough evidence, this officer says the suspect could be charged with hate crime. >> we don't know what the next incident this person might be involved in. we have to be weary as a law enforcement community, we have to be weary as the city knowing that there somebody out there who's willing to do something like this. >> there are also concerns that the jewish school was at the synagogue. they say they limited outdoor activity for the kids and are hiring private security for the school. but they say they feel confident that police can find and arrest the shooter. dan:
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since a deadly shooting at to mushroom farm's and half moon bay claim the lives of seven people and asked, workers return and they are sharing their experiences. the farmworkers who asked not to be identified say they have been sure -- they have been frightened and nervous since returning to work for a shooter killed seven people and injured one. one worker says they've been trembling since being up the farm. that same work as described in spanish what they saw that day when entering the car. to help the victim but he passed away. the farmworkers also discussed there were conditions saying they are paid minimum wage would say it's still hard to afford rent and their housing on the farms. but they also say they wish conditions were better. ama: san francisco nonprofit
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secured $6.5 million from the state budget in order to continue mental health services to asian-americans in the community. because of the wake of recent mass shootings and hate crimes asian-americans have experience. richmond area multi-services, also known as rams, plans to consider -- continue mental health, support and wellness services to asian and russian communities. quick so many folks in the community feel under threat. this organization in particular has been a safe haven for some of the families, and this is the time where we are seeing the demand and mental health services go through the roof. ama: rams have pups the money for a new building where they can support more community members in need of their services. dan: we are seeing a break in the rain but more is on the way as we hit that weekend. for details let's go to abc 7 meteorologists. >> this is the break that will start off your saturday and
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things will then change that sick you look at live doppler seven. a lot of cloud cover as we widen the picture, the weekend storm is coming. it's a light level 1 just like the one that came through today. here's a look at the timeline first thing in the morning. you'll have cloud cover, could see an isolated shower or two, but 5:00 is when our first wave of showers arrives and becomes more widespread in the intensity begins to pick up tomorrow night. you will see reef downpours. as you head toward sunday, there's a possibility of a thunderstorm. i'll be back with a closer look at the entire we can forecast that includes the chinese new year parade. ama: in the north bay, the downside of all the rain we've had could mean a very dangerous season for tics. marin county could be ground zero. our abc7news reporter is talking experts about how to keep yourself and your pet safe. >> do you think about tics? >> nasty creatures i don't like. >> no one does. tics are gross but experts say
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they love wet weather in the bay area has seen a lot of that. >> explains the rain, the rain combined with the temperate weather means that tics will be out looking for a meal. >> the bay area lime foundation says marin county as the highest take infection rates in california, around 30%, possibly due to the open space and wetlands. they can carry bacteria that causes lyme disease. this image from a microscope shows the bacteria outrunning the immune system, using a corkscrew motion to bore through tissue and blood vessels. >> it's important that if you get eaten by a tick, you may or may not see a rash, but if you develop symptoms, see your doctor. >> posting warning signs on hiking trails to be aware of tics. if you are on the highway, preventing bites is easy if you cover-up. where jacket or longsleeve shirt and pants. if you want added protection at might look weird, tuck your
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pants into your socks. >> i'm already seeing tics on my dogs. >> the humane veterinarian says our pets need extra protection from tics and they should be routinely checked, like rosie. >> is just a little lump or is it a tick? if you park the ferc, and can tell whether something is significant or not. >> if you find a tick on your bed, tweezers or tick remover can help. flea and tick medications can kill them if they jump on your dog or cat. >> i don't want them all my dog and i don't want to be a host of them myself. >> be safe out there and beware of these hungry guys. >> i think we are going to have some troubles with that. dan: good to be warned. a suspected chinese spy balloon hovering over the united states, where is it now and will there be a window to shoot it down? ama: more fallout after the death of tyre nichols. death of tyre nichols. the new reprimands for for back pain, i've always been a take two
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dan: the memphis police department has fired former officer preston. investigators determined that he violated a number of department policies and his death. those violations include personal conduct, truthfulness and taser use. also, to former memphis fire department emts licenses were suspended today, a tennessee board said robert long failed to give critical care to nichols. he was beaten by five former memphis police officers on january 7, leading to his death three days later. >> the pentagon is considering all options regarding the chinese high altitude blown flying over the continental u.s. right now. abc news is reporting the military is working on plans to shoot it down, but will wait
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until it's over u.s. territorial waters. so the debris doesn't come down on civilian areas. m1 has a story. >> the u.s. pentagon now rejecting china's claims today that the balloon traveling 60,000 feet over the midwest is a weather monitoring device that blew off course. >> the fact is, we know that it's a surveillance balloon and i'm not going to be able to be more specific than that. we do know the balloon has violated u.s. airspace and international law, which is unacceptable. >> the pentagon saying they conveyed this information in china. the large chinese reconnaissance balloon heading southeast appearing in these images over missouri. because after photos captured it over montana, carrying what officials saves the surveillance component that's roughly the size of three buses. >> we currently assess that the balloon does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground at this time. >> officials confirm the balloon has traveled for days from western alaska to the midwest
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and will proceed over nuclear and missile facilities. the president ignoring questions today on the balloon. biden continues to be briefed on the situation previously agreeing with recommendations by military leaders again shooting down the balloon due to the risk of falling shrapnel on civilian areas. despite that congressional republicans like montana representative simply tweeting, shoot it down. the chinese spy balloon is in clear provocation. u.s. officials underscoring this is not the first time china has done something similar, although it is unusual that this balloon is maneuverable, able to reposition itself and linger over areas. the pentagon says they believe this chinese surveillance balloon will continue traveling over the u.s. for days and they stress that this time it's not deemed to be a threat. abc news, washington. >> after the break, disappointing survey results showing more work is needed in teaching black history in schools. what some students didn't know
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about barack obama and rosa parks, in the bay area school that is hoping to change that.
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ask about kisqali. and long live life. ama: shocking results from a new survey suggests much more work is needed. dan: we were talking turn the break and it found that one of four students don't know that barack obama was our nation's first president and one local school is making sure students are about black history every day the year. >> is important for kids to learn their abcs. at love elementary school in alameda, it goes a step further. >> is not just important to be nice to people, it's important to be antiracist so we have lots of different books to help them. >> black history month is a time when many students earn about the influential role black americans have had an u.s. history. a new survey suggests there's work to do.
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the company question nearly 1300 kids and found one in four don't know barack obama was the first black u.s. president. while only about a third new rosa parks played a role in the civil rights movement. educators at love elementary school say they are making sure their students get the best education they can things to their social justice curriculum. >> we also examine h plays into our society and what we could do about that and so we make sure that what we are teaching is culturally relevant and age-appropriate. >> look at how these hallways are. filled with examples of social justice themes of representation and diversity. in her fourth-grade class, students are learning a lot. >> we talk a lot about martin luther king jr. and listen to his speech. >> the lessons extend beyond the 28th day of history. >> black history month is 300 65 days a year. >> she has two boys in the
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school district and also coordinates a program called kings and queens teaching students about african-american history. >> it's been far too long that we haven't been inclusive for the whole year. >> whether it's learning about black history or another race, culture or gender. this teacher says it's about learning to love and appreciate each other. >> we are learning about people, we are just learning about each other and i don't care what color you are or who you love, we are just learning about human beings. morning, our abc7news meteorologist this year. nicer break we have. >> absolutely, we have another storm coming in this weekend, savor this break while you can. i want to show you some live pictures from our tower cam, as you can see, still a lot of cloud cover hanging around. showing you a beautiful view of the snow on the ground. they've got feet of snow coming
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this week and with the next storm, this one that pastor brought a couple of inches. live doppler 7 right now showing you the cloud cover that is lingering. we take you back in time, will notice the wet weather that moved through the cold front in the sierra saw some snow showers. here in the bay area, rainfall rates, you will notice across the region, over an inch in kentfield. totals, san jose, 1400s of an inch. half an inch in san francisco. concord, 2307 inch. we didn't expect a big storm, we got a decent amount. temperatures right now in the 50's. you probably noticed that it was not quite as chilly this morning with a friend coming in and the south wind, for the chinese new year parade, 4:00 is a chance for showers, upper 50's, but at 6:00 p.m. on the parade gets underway, rainy and windy. mid to upper 50's at night, certainly gusty and wet around 8:00 at night.
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this is a light level 1, tomorrow night it is sunday, we are expecting rain heavy at times, gusty southerly winds and a slight chance as we head into sunday. winds do pick up out of the south you will notice tomorrow night over 30 mile-per-hour winds picking up over 40 by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, so definitely secure any loose objects we have around. we don't have a wind advisory, but keep that in mind. a couple sprinkles not out of the question. 5:00 p.m. is when the first batch of showers arrives and it becomes widespread during that 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. hour with the downpours continuing, and then as we head toward sunday, turning more shower area nature, but if you get caught under these lights moderate showers, watch out. sunday afternoon, looking at the showers. by night, that system is winding down. rainfall totals for most of you will be a half an inch to an inch. there will be some spots that get a little bit less than that.
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in the mountains it's a winter storm warning. tomorrow at 4:00 until 10:00 p.m. heavy snow, gustus 60's. it won't be a time to travel. difficult to impossible conditions. 40's and 50's on your temperatures tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. getting windy with a few showers developing to the north. 50's and 60's. accuweather 7-day forecast level 1 for tomorrow night. a one on sunday, certainly a possibility of thunder and then we go with the dry pattern and you can hang up the umbrellas next week erie but it will be chilly in the mornings and mild in the afternoons. dan:
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ama: something of a cheering come true in san francisco's chinatown. dan: the corporation commission this mural for the 60th anniversary. it's part of their efforts to revitalize and beautify the parking structure underneath portsmouth square. it features a dragon and iconic landmarks, including the dragon skate pagoda tower in st. mary's church. >> i wanted to create that honor thi chinatown community
5:27 pm
garage was built in 1962. the community at city hall to fund its instruction but was turned down. ama: let's go to our abc7news anchor for stories coming up at 5:30. >> we are taking a deeper look into a 19 investigation video shows sex workers allegedly soliciting outside of an oakla school. we sit down with our reporter helping us understand how this continues to happen in front of kids going in and out of school. plus, a look at the sierra snowpack, scientists explain i the deepest snow in decades is an all good news. finance for those stories and more at 5:30 on abc 7 bay area streaming tv. dan: you could download the abc 7 app or head to for more local news right now.
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well, it can. national university. supporting the whole you. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. news coming in, the suspected chinese spy balloon hovering over the u.s. where it is now, and will there be a window to shoot it down? also tonight, the dangerous life-threatening cold moving into the northeast. the live readings already. first, the pentagon tracking that chinese balloon, the intelligence bay hanging beneath it, the size of three busses. where it was spotted today over the u.s., where it's believed to be headed now, 60,000 feet in the air. will the u.s. shoot this down? secretary of state antony blinken postponing his high stakes trip to china. mola lenghi, mary bruce standing by at the white house. the deadly cold already tonight, the national weather service is calling it a once in a generation arctic


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