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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 4, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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our life. >> our thanks to juju. for more of nikki's story, stream the full episode of "20/20:kill or be killed" on hulu. if you or someone you know is in danger, there are hotlines including the national domestic violence hotline. 800-799-7233. these "nightline" for this evening. see you right back here at the same time on monday. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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go to las vegas with you and mommy tomorrow. oh, are you sure? are you sure you don't want to go, it will be so much fun!
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. ama: february is like january with rain. we saw some this morning and more is on the way this weekend. good evening. dan: thanks for joining us. after getting a couple weeks to dry out, the wet weather is back. ama: sound like it's going to rain on the new year's parade tomorrow. sandhya: it is tradition that it rains on the parade. i think it will be just fine. let me show you that storm. it's a light level one and it's coming in for your weekend. tomorrow morning, you are fine. there may be an isolated shower or two around 4:00 in the afternoon. 5:00 p.m., you notice rainfall beginning to increase in coverage. 9:00 at night, pockets of moderate and heavy rain. we have a one for tomorrow
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afternoon and a one for sunday. showers, gusting and chili. over an inch income field an ben lomond. half an inch in san francisco. three quarters in santa rosa. right now, the biggest issue is the fog. i will be back with a full look of your weekend forecast, coming up. dan: thanks a lot. the final weekend of the lunar new year celebrations is in full swing tonight with events happening all around san francisco. tomorrow is the chinese new year parade which is billed as the largest of its kind outside asia and it's expected to draw a huge crowd. this is the route. expect several closures if you are driving around the city. tim johns got to check out the events this evening. lots of fun. there's a really different on this year because of what's happened recently. reporter: that's absolutely
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right. celebrations have either been subdued or canceled altogether because of the pandemic. this year, things are back to normal with new concerns popping up because of mass shootings. with the last weekend of the lunar new year upon us, preparations were underway friday night at the hilton san francisco union square. that's where hundreds gathered for this year's miss chinatown usa pageant. >> we've been around for over 60 years. reporter: the pageant court nader says this year's event is the biggest one yet. but the pageant is just one of several things happening in the city this weekend. >> we have a record number of units for the parade. we have more than 100 vendors lining the streets of chinatown. reporter: the chigestf ndof wrao social calendar. this year will be a little
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different with security concerns top of mind following the two recent mass shootings at monterey park and half moon bay. >> with all the law enforcement showing us that they will be there and vigilant. reporter: rising hate crimes against asian americans following the pandemic has also been a cause of concern for the community for the past several years. despite those challenges, local leaders say they are determined to make the festivities the best yet. >> we are very resilient community. in all the hardships we have faced throughout history in this country, we continue to grow. reporter: away to celebrate their cultural proudly and share it with the rest of the world. >> we made a lot of great contributions. the transcontinental railway to right now, chinese americans becoming professionals. reporter: the parade is expected to start at 5:15 tomorrow. traffic getting into the city is expected to be chaotic.
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if you are coming into town, be sure to head out early. abc7news. ama: the state of california will no longer require children to be administered the covid-19 vaccine to attend school. it comes after governor newsom lifted all covid restrictions throughout the state. the covid vaccine will be removed from required school vaccinations but it will still be strongly advised to get immunized to prevent the spread of the virus. on the peninsula, the search is over for a mountain lion that attacked a five-year-old boy a few days ago. the animal has not been found. the department of fish and wildlife says staff wasn't give -- given permission to search private properties in the area. now they are concluding their investigation. the five-year-old got ahead of his mom's and grandparents during a walk on tuesday when a mountain lion attack. jack has cuts and bruises but he's home from the hospital and his parents say he's going to be ok. dan: a judge
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restraining order, lifting the way for a dismantling of the homeless in camden. oaklan can start moving 30 residents into temporary shelters monday. several on house residents we spoke to say they have no plans to move anytime soon. >> this is the only place that i've ever felt like i really belong. it's the only thing i have left to fight for. dan: oakland confirmed it has three places to move the wood street residence. community cabins, st. vincent depaul shelter, and the 60 six ave safe rv site in east oakland. a new era tonight in the south bay. bob johnson was sworn in as santa clara county sheriff even though he's been doing the job for about a month. he takes over a department that was rocked by scandal tied to
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his predecessor. amanda del castillo explains that tonight was all about looking to the future. 'm truly honored to be back and to serve santa clara county as your 29th sheriff. reporter: bob johnson takes his oath of office. in front of a packed room of law enforcement, local leaders, and loved ones friday. the former police chief officially sworn in after an early interim start in december. >> it was a blessing to start early and get the opportunity to engage with the workforce, find out what we need to do in the upcoming future. reporter: the future of a community craving decency and mutual respect, according to anna eshoo. values she feels are captured by the new sheriff. >> we are incredibly fortunate that he has chosen a lifetime, a
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career to live out these values. he's the son of officer. he's a great nephew of a former santa clara county sheriff. like call to serve. reporter: he was life -- elected after lori smith retired due to scandal. she was found guilty on six corruption counts. she served as sheriff for more than two decades. >> it's an exciting opportunity to do things differently. seeing sheriff johnson bring out all of the men and women that are serving with him. reporter: sheriff johnson didn't run for sheriff to be a placeholder. rather, a changemaker. >> we've worked hard to develop these relationships. i really think we have an opportunity for santa clara county to take this organization and our county to where we want
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it to be. reporter: abc7news. ama: the oakland police department celebrated the graduation of the 190th basic academy. this brings opd to a total of 714 sworn officers. the academy adds 16 men and two women to law enforcement. >> i'm trail bracing. women are strong and phenomenal. they are able to do things like our male partners. we are assets. we are collectively working as a team. we have the same training and we are unit. ama: for the first time in two decades, a woman delivered the valedictorian address. dan: new update in the death of tyre nichols and the investigation that's ongoing. a sixth memphis police officer, who was originally suspended, has now been fired. the former officer was let go
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for personal conduct, truthfulness, and in properties or use. he will not face criminal charges, at least at the moment. that could change. those five were charged with second-degree murder. two memphis fire department emts had their licenses revoked today over the death. a tennessee board determined robert long and michael sandridge failed to give critical care to nichols. nichols was beaten by police on january 7 which led to his death three days later. vindication for elon musk. a san francisco jury ruled that musk was not liable for losses suffered by investors after he sent out to tweet in 2018 saying he had secured the funding to take tesla private. it took the nine-member panel less than two hours to reach the verdict following three weeks of testimony in the class-action lawsuit. musk testified that he believed he had locked up the financial backing during meetings with saudi arabia's public investment
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fund although no specific funding amount or price was discussed. ama: san francisco's search for a solution to the opioid epidemic is taking shape. what we've learned about the possibility of safe injection sites opening. dan: that chinese spy balloon is making its way across the u.s. and now we are hearing about a second one. ama: what happened to a north bay home is nuts, literally. dan: all that is coming up. here's a look at what's ahead tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc7news at 11:00. >> thanks. come hang out with eddie murphy tonight. at one time, you are going to be in a star trek movie weren't you? >> yes. they had me talking drive to spock. >> that's pretty good. i don't know how you pass that up.
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be there for america's toughest. and help when help is needed. america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide. america's #1 detergent. ama: one of the issues we've been focusing on recently is the battle against the drug overdose crisis. san francisco is moving closer to opening save consumption sites but it's not easy. there's no official support from city hall so this means the operators will be on the round. there's a lot riding on the locations of these sites. >> i am hoping that this year, we can get at least three seito -- three sites open in the hardest hit neighborhoods where the public drug use is happening
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daily. reporter: hillary ronen is talking about safe consumption sites. places people can go to use their drugs under supervision in case of an overdose. >> those people that we can't just abandon to die in the streets and subject our children and our city to watch them shooting up or smoking on the sidewalks. reporter: safe consumption sites are illegal under federal law but the board of supervisors and mayor london breed believe there's a workaround. it's based on a model in new york city where a nonprofit is operating to privately funded sites. >> we have a location identified. we need to know that we can do it and then we need to do the work with the community. reporter: the executive director director of the gout be a project, one of the nonprofits planning to be operating a safe consumption site. it will be housed in what the city is dubbing wellness centers, places were drug users can get connected with treatment
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, housing, and other services. >> if we could have these wellness centers where we have links to housing and food and clothing and medical care, that's what we need. that's what we need. that's prevention and intervention. >> without the safe consumption attached to it. >> exactly. san francisco tried it already and it didn't work well at all. reporter: jackie berlin is the cofounder against -- of mothers against drug use and death. she's referring to the tenderloin center. it became a defect of safe consumption site after the mayor called the state of emergency in this tenderloin district. >> one of the problems with the lincoln center was, it was a don't ask don't tell model. and we want to have an open and honest conversation with the people who come into our site and we want to have open and honest conversation with the community around us. reporter: as for what
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communities it will likely be. >> seth -- the south market neighborhood, the mission district. reporter: it will take time. >> the centers need to improve conditions in the neighborhoods where they are at, not make the. ama: for more on the battle against the drug overdose crisis, you can watch the documentary injecting hope. she traveled to the safe injection site in vancouver to see how it works. it's available on demand on our abc 7 bay area news app wherever you stream. dan: monsanto is facing a lawsuit. they want the chemical maker to clean up pollution from a coolant the company produced for decades. that chemical seeped into the water of the bay and led the state to advise against eating several types of fish. monsanto has been part of multiple court cases in which the company is accused of knowing the risks associated with certain chemicals but not
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slowing production. the new california law banning new oil wells near community sites is on hold for the time being. it took effect in january and prohibits new wells within 3200 feet of homes, schools, parks, and other commons bases. opponents gathered enough signatures for a referendum and now voters will have the final say. it will appear on the ballot in november of next year. ama: the former oakland unified school district headquarters will become a space for a foss -- for foster teens and young adults. the deserted building is located -- located in oakland. it sits across from dewey academy where 20% of their student population are in foster care. the building will house up to 100 foster teens. it flooded a decade ago, deeming it beyond repair. now the space will provide job training and housing for transitional aged youth. the mayor who was once on housed says it will create a pathway for used to work. >> there are so many great
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pathways. i see this as a hub for preparing oakland sugar -- future workforce. ama: it will be funded through a 2020 improvement bond. a grant and donations. it's expected to be up and running in five years. dan: the pentagon is concerning all options regarding that massive chinese surveillance balloon flying over the midwest as we speak. officials say norad continues to track and monitor this high-altitude balloon very closely. the pentagon says the balloon has traveled for days from western alaska to the midwest and has gone over and will proceed over nuclear and missile facilities. officials are completely rejecting china's claims that the balloon is a weather monitoring device that blew off course. >> the fact is, we know that it's a surveillance balloon and i'm not going to be able to be more specific than that. we know that the balloon has violated u.s. airspace and international law which is
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unacceptable. dan: sources tell abc news the military may wait to shoot it down over the atlantic ocean due to the risk of snapple. there's reportedly a second balloon now that has been spotted flying over south america. ama: after 35 days of waiting, the oakland zoo is back open for business. this comes after a sinkhole caused a collapse and blocked the entrance. the zoo was forced to close its doors until i could find a new pipe for the culvert and get it patched up. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars just in terms of repairing that. not to mention all the other costs that the zoo had to take care of in terms of the property and the lost revenue. a half $1 million a week. ama: the oakland zoo has decided to extend its safari from now until march fourth. so it's back open. getting some rain. dan: they have a lot of ground we are getting more rain. ama: sandhya patel has the
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latest. sandhya: the rain is coming in tomorrow afternoon and evening. before we get to the rain, let's talk about what you can't see from our san jose camera. it's an obscured view because the fog is so thick that the airport, the shark tank not visible. cloudy overnight. it will be unsettled sunday. visibility down to zero right now and san jose. dense fog issued for santa clara county. . definitely watch out. hazardous driving conditions. as we ta doppler 7, it's not just the fo and50's.he chiew e fec
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ther ahance of showe00 oe get rny and gusat 6:00, it's. this is a one. tomorrow afternoon through sunday, rain heavy at times. slight chance of thunder. the greatest risk of thunder will be sunday morning. best chance in the north bay and also the central valley if you are traveling. wind will pick up out of the south. six :00 tomorrow, 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts. 8:00, still gusty. as we time this out for you, a couples pringles in the morning. not a game changer. by 4:00, a couple pop-up showers. the rainfall intensity picks up at 5:00 and it'sidespread. downpours expect brief night boe yo sunday.rtnly could see more
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downpours on sunday as well especially as the thunderstorm developed. by evening, the system is done. rainfall projections and a half an inch to an inch category. a few spots may pick up less than that. in the sierra, of snow is expected. gusty winds, difficult to impossible travel. just hold off on heading up there. 30's to 50's for your temperatures. a little drizzle. fog in the morning. you are looking at showers developing. 50's and 60's. a look at the forecast. a one tomorrow. one on sunday. it's chillier. possibility of sunder -- thunder along with scattered showers. next week, we turn things around. we go milder except for the mornings. next week, we are expecting chili conditions in the morning. still winter hanging around which is just what we need. dan: it's been so cold lately. sandhya: it's nice to have 40's
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dan: a woodpecker's work caused damage to a home in sonoma county. pest control was called to the house and here's where it gets naughty. ama: workers say the woodpecker was making holes to store its food which kept falling into spaces and the walls. when they cut into the wall, 700
1:33 am
pounds of acorns came flowing out. i didn't know that was possible. that was enough to fill a large garbage bags. dan: how could one woodpecker do that? ama: i don't know. dan: industrious. is there a glimmer of hope that kevin durant could possibly return to the warriors? ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: kai rhee irving wants out of brooklyn. would he consider running it back with staff? you want a piece of me? come get so.
1:34 am
larry: whether is a factor at pebble beach. cold and rainy this weekend. could be dicey on sunday but this guy is impervious to rain. josh allen past up on going to the pro bowl to do this. smart. pretty approach. in fourth place. up and down from the bunker. eagle. jordan spieth playing m 68 for him. he's for under.
1:35 am
warriors coach steve he doesn't expect the dubs to be active before next thursday's trade deadline but that could change quickly. kyrie irving is demanding a trade out of brooklyn again. he is unhappy again because the nets won't give him a huge extension. if they decide to blow this all up, dominoes could fall everywhere. could kevin durant demanded train -- demand a trade as well? steph curry has said he would welcome k.d. back on the warriors. they won two titles with him before things spiraled out of control. time heals all wounds. brawl in the nba. austin rivers did not like tripping from the orlando bench. they are going at it. i'm going to punch you in the face. bodies flying everywhere but no punches landed. nba players not great with the fist. five players ejected and they will be fine. warriors and mavericks tomorrow night. prime time.
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5:30 pm tip-off right here on abc 7. women's hoops. stanford visiting the cougars of washington state. haley jones with the pull-up jumper plus the file. she had a game-high 13 points. stanford up by 18 at the half. all cardinal all the time. the alameda naval -- native sweeping. this is all-star weekend in the nhl. this is the best skills challenge ever in fort lauderdale. 25 seconds to knock down all the surfboards and then he has to hit the logo to sing sidney crosby in the duct tape. he keeps missing the last target. sid is dry. time is running out. there he goes into the drink. why do we do that? sports on abc
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ama: you can watch all of our newscast through the bay area connected tv app. download now so you can streaming. thank you for watching. dan: for all of us, we
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appreciate your time. ama: have a great night and a wonderful weekend. little kitchen. >> everywhere else i would ever go, i compare it to bruno's croissants and bruno's mochissant and to bruno. >> his capacity for knowing
1:39 am
people and caring is huge. >> he's the heart of the place. >> i'm very happy. obviously, it's very labor intensive. i don't get much sleep during the five days that i open. but i love what i do. and when i see customers smile, that means a lot to me. the baker is rolling-out cafe and we started in december 13, 2011. so we just turned 11 years old. and let's roll some dough shall we? i'm the owner, also the baker and assistant baker and oftentimes, the janitor as well. so we're going to roll up some little croissants. i was a chemist and then i started watching a lot of, like, cooking shows and baking shows on tv and really kind of inspired me. and i said to myself, "that's probably something i can do." >> retail bakeries make a variety of foods, including cakes,cy pastrie >> and i started baking at home
1:40 am
in my home kitchen and then explore and then just be a chemist, but this time, play with food. so by rolling dough as hard as you can, you don't have to go to the gym. and what i found out was that people really love the food that i made and that kind of, like, gave me a hint, maybe it's like a calling from above and something that i should pursue. and that's why i decided to start my own bakery. ♪ ♪ that's how you have a little croissant. >> because of this wide variety of goods, to be a baker in a small shop, you have to have real skill and experience. >> all looking good. we have a whole bunch of pastries, such as plain croissants, butter croissants, chocolate croissants. but what really differentiates us is our unique baked goods. i'm a chemist, an inventor by heart. i like to come up with very novel, unique items.
1:41 am
and as an asian-american,lso int of influence from my heritage and background as well.for exam, croissant, something so classic and so delicious already, i would ask myself, "what can i do to make it my own?" and being asian, mochi is a big thing. so i've decided, what if i incorporate mochi in the process of laminations? and that's how our new product, mochissants, was produced. so we're looking at the cross-section of our chocolate mochissant dough, in which you see layers of the chocolate mochi in between layers of the croissant dough. >> they are delicious. the layers of of the mochi and then the croissant crispiness melts in your mouth. >> my favorite right now is the black sesame croissant.
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so it's a nice mix of a couple of different cultures there. it's super tasty.


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