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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 4, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> breaking overnight. police make an arrest after a man walks into a synagogue and opens fire earlier this week. new details including the charges he is facing. it is saturday, february 4. i am stephanie sierra. >> we have a lot going on today. this morning, we are dealing with quite a bit of fog. most of us under cloudy conditions right now. you can see that here. the rain is coming this afternoon. there is a dense fog advisory. this ability might drop to 1/4
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of a mile in parts of the east bay. be careful if you are driving. visibility is down to a fourth of a mile in livermore. less than two miles in mountain view, half moon bay and san jose. here are some live camera shots. emeryville is on the top left. sfo and san jose on the where you see clouds. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's and rain is on the way for all the lunar new year celebrations. stephanie: police have made an arrest in a shooting the took place in a san francisco synagogue earlier this week. and man walked into the center and opened fire. no one was injured. officers found casings that were fired on scene.
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they are being investigated as possible blanks. this same man walked into a theater on balboa street and waved the gun. he has been booked into the san francisco county jail on multiple charges. the final weekend of the lunar new year celebrations is in full swing. the chinese new year parade makes its return. it is known as the largest of its kind outside of asia and is expected to draw a huge crowd. you can expect several closures if you are driving around the city. as tim johns reports, there is a different tone when it comes to public safety. >> preparations were underway friday night at the hilton san francisco union square. that is where hundreds gathered for the ms. chinatown usa celebration. she is the pageant coordinator. she said this year's event is
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the biggest one yet. >> we have a record number for the parade. we have more than 100 vendors lining the street of chinatown. >> the chinese new year parade will take over the streets of san francisco. the parade has long been one of the highlights of the city's social calendar, but this year will be different with safety top of mind after recent shootings. >> with all the law enforcement ensuring us they will be there and they will be vigilant. >> besides those incidents, rising hate crimes against asian americans during the pandemic have been a cause of concern in the community. local leaders say they are determined to make this year's festivities the best yet. >> we are a very resilient community.
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with all the hardships we have faced, we continue to grow. >> a way to celebrate their culture proudly and continue to share it with the rest of the world. >> we have made a great contributions from the transcontinental railway to all these great chinese-americans who are becoming professionals. stephanie: the parade is expected to start at 5:15 p.m. on second and market streets. traffic getting into the city is expected to be chaotic. if you plan on going, make sure to leave early. now to our covid-19 headlines. california will no longer require children to be vaccinated against covid-19 to attend school. governor gavin newsom lifted nearly all covid restrictions throughout the state. the vaccine will be removed from required school vaccinations. state health officials are strongly advising students to get the vaccine to prevent the spread of the virus. the search is over for a
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mountain lion but attacked if i drilled boy in san mateo county. the animal has not been found. the department of fish and wildlife said staff was not given permission to search the private properties where the attack happened. five your old jack got ahead of his mom and grandparents during a walk on tuesday and that is one authorities say he was attacked by a mountain lion. jack has cuts and bruises under fracture but he is home from the hospital and his parents said he will be ok. a federal judge said he will lift a restraining order to allow a tear down of a well-known homeless encampment in oakland. the city plans to build affordable housing at this site in west oakland. oakland representatives say they can start moving 30 residents into temporary shelters on monday. several unhoused residents we
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spoke with said they have no plans to move anytime soon. >> this is the only place i have ever felt like i really belonged. it is the only thing i have left to fight for. stephanie: oakland confirmed it has three places to move the residents. community cabins, st. vincent depaul shelter in uptown and the 66th avenue in east oakland. it is the start of a new chapter in the south bay. he was sworn in as santa clara county sheriff although he has already been doing some of the work for a month. he takes over a department that has been rocked by scandals tied to his predecessor. amanda del castillo said the ceremony was about looking to the future. >> i am honored, truly honored to be back and to serve santa clara county. [applause] >> marking a new chapter for santa clara county as sheriff
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bob johnson takes his oath of office in front of a packed room of law enforcement, local leaders and loved ones, the former palo alto police chief sworn in after an early interim start in december. >> it was a blessing to start early and get the opportunity to engage with the workforce, find out what we need to do in the future. >> the future of a community craving decency and mutual respect, according to an honorary speaker. values she feels are captured by the new sheriff. >> we are incredibly fortunate that he has chosen a lifetime, a career to live out these values. he is the son of a police officer. he is the great-nephew of a former santa clara county sheriff. like them, call to serve. >> johnson was elected into
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office after the former sheriff -- found guilty in a civil trial. she served as sheriff are more than two decades. >> i think it is an exciting opportunity to do some things differently. one of the things i thought was most compelling today was to see sheriff johnson bring up all the men and women that are serving with him. >> as sheriff johnson begins to move the office forward, he reminds he did not run for sheriff to be a placeholder, but rather a changemaker. >> these are relationships we have worked hard to develop and i think we have an opportunity for santa clara county to take this organization and our county to where we wanted to be. stephanie: today, southbay leaders will host a town hall focused on the mental health of the asian-american and pacific islander community following the mass shootings. the townhall aims to give the trinity safe to come together --
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to give the community a safe place to come together. local aapi groups will join along with other officials. it will be at san jose city college and be live-streamed. it has been 12 days since the deadly shooting in half moon bay, claiming the lives of seven people. as workers made the return, they are sharing their experiences. the farmworkers, who have asked not to be identified, said they have been scared and nervous since returning to work. one worker said they have been trembling since being back on the farm. . they have discussed work conditions, saying they get paid been waged and it is hard to afford rent. we will get a check on the weather. frances: we have a live look outside. looking down toward san francisco. it is foggy this morning. there is a dense fog advisory for parts of the peninsula, san
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francisco, the east bay and southbay until 7:00 a.m. if you are heading into the city, rain arrives just in time unfortunately for the chinese new year parade. stephanie: also ahead. uncertainty in the air and a second balloon. what the pentagon is learning about the surveillance balloon from china lingering above the nation. how one local man is trying to make a difference through care and compassion. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck, that's when you know, it's half-washed. downy has 7 benefits that condition and smooth fibers so clothes look newer, longer. feel the difference with downy. (vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. longer. what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! alright now... have a good weekend. (co-worker) but it's wednesday...
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♪ ♪ you twist it like this. ahh... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let's take a look outside at the beautiful bay bridge from our south beach camera. it is 5:12. elon musk cleared in court. a san francisco jury has ruled musk was not liable for losses from investors after saying he had secured the funding to take tesla private. the nine-member panel took less
5:13 am
than two hours to find a verdict. it followed three weeks of testimony in a class-action lawsuit brought by investors. meetings with saudi arabia's public investment fund. no price was discussed. as a part of our efforts to help build a better bay area, one of the top concerns in san francisco is the fentanyl crisis. we are introducing you to one man using compassion rather than criticism to help drug users who cannot care for themselves. we walked through the tenderloin with jj smith, who documents what he sees on the streets. >> you know everybody. >> yes. >> everybody knows you? >> yes. >> what did i think of you? my journey with jj smith through the in battle tenderloin. born and raised in san francisco and living in this neighborhood.
5:14 am
what will it take for this epidemic, the fentanyl epidemic to stop? to go away? >> treatment on demand. >> but they do not want treatment, a lot of them. you set it in the video. >> you have to get yourself some help. >> i know. i am sorry. i am getting worse. >> if it is getting worse, than let me do something about it. >> do you think they should be forced into treatment? >> nobody should be forced into drug treatment but you do not give up on a person because they say no. you asked him the next day and the next day. >> for jj smith, others next days often turns into weeks and months. he posts interactions with drug users on social media to show others compassion can bring understanding. >> what is wrong? this one? he had an infection inside his arm.
5:15 am
judy to go to the hospital? >> yes. >> let's go. >> smith keeps an eye on them as if they were his own kids. the success stories are few and far between. >> has it been a good shelter for you? >> it is a place to stay. >> i have been working with them for quite some time. i get them into the shelter but it is time to transition them from the shelter. >> he assures me that most are not from san francisco. what brings them here? >> some of them came here during the pandemic because they knew they were free access to drugs. san francisco deals out a lot of assistance. >> there are those like 19-year-old noah who have been lost to fentanyl for a while. he posted the time he sat him down to clean his face while he is nodding off. you tear up? >> noah is special to me.
5:16 am
i have been working with him for so long. >> he is only 19. >> no kid that is 19 should be as hooked on drugs like he is. >> is this practical? can i do this? could other people do it? could the supervisor of this district do it? >> it is easy. >> why don't they? >> this is a containment zone. let's keep the as it is. they just do not care. stephanie: in the east bay, the police department celebrated the graduation of the 190th academy. this brings opd to a total of more than 700 officers. the academy class had 16 men and two women added to law-enforcement. >> i am trailblazing and showing
5:17 am
women are strong and they are able to do things just like our male partners. we are collectively working as a team. we have the same training in every unit. stephanie: for the first time in two decades, a woman -- announced the valedictorian speech. the zoo is back open for business. it has been closed for a month because of a sinkhole. that sinkhole is one of the many impacts we have seen from a series of storms that hit the bay area this winter. lena howland shows us a look inside the zoo. lena: after 35 days of waiting, the oakland zoo is back open for business. this comes after a 40 foot sinkhole caused by a collapsed covert from recent storms was blocking the vehicle entrance to the zoo, forcing the zoo to close their doors to look at find a new pipe and get it all patched up. >> hundreds of thousands of
5:18 am
dollars in terms of repairs. not to mention all the other costs the zoo had to take care of in terms of the property, and the lost revenue -- $500,000 a week and last revenue. >> could not wait to get back inside to see the animals. >> the bears are always fun. >> including a family that just bought an annual pass. >> we wanted to go in january with friends or family for his first trip. they reopened and we did not know if that would happen before i go back to work so we were very excited. stephanie: speaking of storms, we have another one on the way. meteorologist frances dinglasan is tracking the forecast for us. frances: it looks like it is coming in a little bit earlier. this afternoon. unfortunately, it might impact the chinese new year parade. right now, we are dealing with some very thick fog and clouds
5:19 am
around the area. you can see lots of gray skies overhead. visibility has been limited in livermore, a half mile, and along the peninsula, only 1.75 miles through mountain view and san jose. we will take you outside and show you a live shot of san jose. you see some low clouds near the shark pavilion. san francisco, 50 degrees. . oakland, 49. san jose, 48. half moon bay, 54. a live shot of walnut creek. santa rosa, 45 degrees. fairfield, down to 39 degrees. it is barely visible across the san mateo bridge. give yourself some time and extra space with the car in front of you if you are driving early this morning because we have been dealing with areas of dense fog and will be until 7:00
5:20 am
this morning. a storm arrives this afternoon and the rain will continue through the weekend and into sunday. it is a level 1 on our storm impact scale today through tomorrow. the rain can be heavy at times and there will be gusty southerly winds, even a slight chance of thunder that will most likely occur late tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow. the forecast animation, you will notice a lot of cloud cover. the little speckles of green are the showers that start to pop up in the afternoon. check out 4:00. we see the area of orange and yellow, that is the heavy rain moving through the bay area. at 6:00, we start to see another wave hitting parts of the north bay and that sweeps through at 8:00 this evening. this rain, especially the red, that is when we see the heavy downpours. it will turn into showers overnight and into tomorrow morning and that start to clear
5:21 am
out by tomorrow evening. rainfall amounts range quite a bit because of the hit-or-miss heavy downpours. anywhere from a quarter inch up to one inch in some spots. a little bit of a hit or miss downpour. highs today will be in the upper 50's to low 60's. san francisco, 59. grab a jacket if you are heading out, and your umbrella, because showers can be steady. oakland, 61. san jose, 64 degrees. this storm is bringing snow to the sierra. that will start at 4:00 p.m. today with a winter storm warning continuing through tomorrow. one to three feet expected with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. the accuweather 7-day forecast. a storm coming this afternoon. thunderstorms possible tomorrow and it will be gusty. finally, a string of very, very warm sunny days.
5:22 am
temperatures will be coming up and remain really mild through most of the next workweek. stephanie: good idea to grab those umbrellas if you are heading out this afternoon. the timing is still looking right around parade start time? frances: yes. i have been looking at running the models and sometimes it shows rain right around start time and sometimes it manages to skip it. we are keeping our fingers crossed but make sure to have
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washed all day without heavy perfumes? try downy light in-wash freshness boosters. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. downy light! stephanie: smoke filled the air as a train derailed and erupted in flames in ohio. you can see multiple fires broke out along the tracks. it was not known if anyone was seriously hurt or what the train was carrying. evacuations were underway in this area. the environmental protection
5:25 am
agency said it is monitoring the air quality. closer to home, millions of californians received a middle-class tax refund from the state last year. a one time gift meant to offset high gas prices and crippling inflation. millions are finding out they might have to pay income tax on that money. 7 on your side is here to sorted out. >> with the cost of food and gas prices the way they are. >> i have been using it for small purchases. i go buy bread at the bakery. >> they arrived at what seemed like just the right time, with gas prices sitting at $7 a gallon and grocery bill soaring, the state rushed out inflation relief payments. >> that would buy a lot of groceries. >> my grandkids can get something for christmas. >> millions receive payments ranging from $200 per person to
5:26 am
$1050 per person, but now the feds might take a bite. >> it will be up to the irs to make a ruling. >> the irs is still deciding whether or not you must pay taxes on your release payment. >> i would hope the irs within the next month would come out with some ruling. >> enrolled agent says if the irs believes the payment were meant economic relief, they would qualify for a tax break. >> it has to be for the promotion. there is a very good argument it would qualify. it was at a time when it would counteract inflation, higher gas prices. >> but no ruling yet. taxpayers are filing returns. he said the irs may be reluctant to let go of potentially huge tax revenues. california spent more than $9 billion on relief payments. >> think of all the people in california that got this and you
5:27 am
pick an average tax rate. that will be a lot of money the federal government will lose out on. >> if you got a $700 payment, for example, and you are in the 25% tax bracket, you would have to pay 170 five dollars of your payment to the irs. he said report the income but then asked to back it out, citing the so-called general welfare exclusion. be happy you get to keep the rest of the money. >> sometimes i hate to say it, throw in the towel and say that is how it is. stephanie: still to come. california communities celebrate the life of tyre nichols. another memphis police officer is fired. a life-threatening arctic blast. how the northeast is bracing for record-breaking below zero temperatures. we will be right
5:28 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we have clearly com that this balloon is violating u.s. airspace and international law and this is unacceptable. stephanie: now it 5:30. airspace speculation. monitoring two surveillance balloons from china, one is hovering over the u.s. what we are learning about the balloon's path. good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. a level 1 storm is on its way. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan. frances: it arrives this afternoon. first, we are dealing with dense fog. here is a live shot outside sfo, where visibility is down to two miles. we are dealing with fog. sunrise at 7:11. temperatures right now in the 40's and low 50's. showers arrived this afternoon.
5:31 am
it could be heavy at times. sunset at 5:36. highs will top out into low to mid 60's around the bay and inland areas. the beaches, upper 50's. the rain will be heaviest late this evening and overnight tomorrow, where the sunday. if you are heading out for any of the lunar new year celebrations, grab a jacket and an umbrella. stephanie: thank you. new details in the investigation into the death of tyre nichols. a sixth memphis police who was originally suspended, has been fired. the officer was let go for personal misconduct, truthfulness and improper taser use. he will not face criminal charges, unlike the other five officers. those five are facing multiple charges, including second-degree murder. two memphis fire department
5:32 am
emts had their license revoked over tyre nichols' death. they both failed to give critical care to nichols. nichols was beaten by police on january 7 and died a few days later. a sacramento community is celebrating the life of tyre nichols. nichols was a sacramento native and a photographer and skateboarding enthusiast. the skate shop is holding the event so people can skate in his memory. the event will be joined by tyre's friends and family. the oakland unified school district is also honoring nichols. they will hold a series of free weekly skateboarding classes for students. the event will involve an informal tribute for nichols. the balloon identified by the pentagon is a surveillance balloon from china is still hovering over the u.s. right now. there have been discussions
5:33 am
about shooting it down. for now, it is moving toward the east coast. a senior defense official said it appears to be heading toward north carolina. they found a second balloon. derek dennis houston latest. >> this is the balloon not only the pentagon is tracking but americans on the ground. >> what the heck is that? >> that is not the moon. >> the pentagon confirming this is a spy balloon from china floating 60,000 feet in the air. it first entered american airspace over alaska and then flew into canada before dipping down over billings, montana. >> it currently does not pose a physical or military risk to people on the ground. for now, we are continuing to monitor. >> the pentagon says the balloon is expected to linger above america for a few days. officials say it is big, with a technology bay the size of three buses attached. a senior u.s. official said it appears to be equipped with high resolution cameras and solar
5:34 am
panels. it is traveling above the range of air traffic but has still been spotted by pilots. >> it looks like it is way up there. >> china insisting the balloon is simply a civilian airship used for research, mainly major logical purposes and it deviated far from its planned course but the pentagon said that is not the case. >> we know this is a chinese balloon and it has the ability to maneuver. we have clearly communicated that this balloon is violating u.s. airspace, international law and this is unacceptable. >> antony blinken postponed a planned trip to beijing. >> we concluded conditions were not conducive for a constructive visit at this time. >> a congressman from montana tweeting, shoot it down. the pentagon advising against it, saying debray could injure people on the ground or cause
5:35 am
property damage. the white house says president biden agrees with the recommendation. the pentagon confirming there is a second chinese surveillance balloon in the sky, this one flying over south america. stephanie: happening now. the national weather service is warning of a once in a generation arctic freeze that is gripping parts of the northeast. meteorologists are expecting temperatures in the negative double digits and wind chills are expected to reach -55 degrees. in boston, the public transit system has extra crews and concerns rails contract. passengers are warned temperatures this low could lead to flight delays. >> i am wearing 60 layers right now. i have two pairs of pants, three shirts, a longer jacket, i am ready to go. stephanie: schools in new england were closed on friday due to the risk of hypothermia. in new york city, officials have activated code blue.
5:36 am
the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning for lake tahoe and much of the sierra. the weekend storm is expected to pack about two feet of snow. wind gusts are expected to reach over 100 miles per hour. this means dangerous travel conditions and winds could cause tree damage and power outages. people are advised to avoid traveling if possible. the warning stretches from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. sunday. a company is facing a lawsuit from 17 bay area cities and contra costa county. those who filed suit what the chemical maker to clean up pollution from a company that produced it for decades. they believe chemicals seeped into the bay waters, which led to the state advising against eating several types of fish. the company has been parts of multiple court cases.
5:37 am
the companies accused of knowing the risks associate it with certain chemicals but not curbing production. a museum will be kicking off their celebration of black history month. festivities included a new exhibit, african americans the military, and historic presentations from the national park service and east bay regional park. this video is from last year celebration. it runs from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with presentations starting at 1:00 p.m. paving the way for young adults. a building will be revived to help those in the bay area. stories of survival. and inside look at the exhibit bringing the chinese and latino communities together. frances: we will take a peek outside to our golden gate bridge camera. you can see some raindrops on our camera lens. known as a passionate artist. known for loving the outdoors. known for getting everyone together.
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here is a look from our emeryville camera, looking toward the maze. a light drizzle in the area. more to come this afternoon. the u.s. jobs market is blowing past expectations. more than 500,000 jobs were added in january, alone. unemployment dropped to a point we have not seen in over a half-century. the fed has tried slowing down the economy to combat inflation. the increase in jobs is said there is an imbalance in the labor market. the stock market fell over concerns that the fed my continue to hike interest rates. the former oakland unified school district headquarters will become a space for foster teens and young adults. the deserted building is between 2nd avenue and 11th street in oakland. it sits across from an academy, where 20% of their student population is in foster care. the building will house up to 100 foster teens.
5:41 am
the building flooded a decade ago, deeming it beyond repair. . now the space will offer housing for youth ages the mayor said that hub will create a pathway for youth to work. >> there are so many other great pathways. i see this as a hub for preparing oakland's future workforce. >> it will be funded through a bond, a grant from the oakley city council and donations. it is expected to be up and running in five years. sharing stories of resilience and art and multiethnic exhibit. it is a project bringing together chinese and latino immigrant women as san francisco gears up for this year's chinese new year's parade. ♪ >> the city of san ea s much traditions.
5:42 am
this weekend's will include special flags they created. >> [speaking non-english language] >> it is all part of a special cross-cultural multi-ethnic, multilingual art project. at the heart of the project, immigrant women from chinatown and the mission district from the chinese and latino communities. the artists telus this was a chance to bridge different languages and cultures across an expansive city. >> the beautiful artwork gives us a much hope. >> at a time in the community is heartbroken because of tragedies. organizer cities immigrant artists offer healing and hope. >> these flags have such beautiful stories behind them. we want to share them in not only times of tragedy but times of togetherness, hope and celebration. it testament tomno
5:43 am
look up, no butter the obstacle. >> whether they are chinese or latino, they share stories of resilience. >> this flag represents me and my story. i work with latino families, helping provide resources for them. >> the keys represent all this time after coming 2 america, the difficulties and struggles i have been through as a resident dealing with housing and finding affordable housing for my family. >> through all the ups and downs, these women, these communities share a collective experience in the help you recognize it and reflect on it. >> we will not only continue to look up, we will strive together, fight together and win together. stephanie: a level 1 storm
5:44 am
its way to the bay area. frances: it will arrive this afternoon. right now, we are dealing with some very dense fog. here is a live shot of the san mateo bridge. there is a dense fog advisory for the bay until 7:00 this morning. i will let you to much rain you can expect this afternoon and tomorrow. stephanie: can kd reunite with the warriors? a breakdown of the situation in brooklyn, coming up in sports. brooklyn, coming up in sports. music (i swear) jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day...and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first timer. gain flings with oxi boost and febreze. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ you can always spot a first timer. ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪
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stephanie: welcome back. here is a look outside. the building lit up this morning. a level 1 storm is en route this afternoon. things are heating up on the golf course at the at&t pebble beach pro am entering the third round.
5:47 am
here is sports director larry beil with the highlights from round 2. larry: good morning, everybody. weather is often a factor at pebble beach. cold, windy, rainy for around 2 and this week and this weekend could be dicey. this little guy is impervious to rain. bring it on. bills quarterback josh allen did not go to the pro bowl in las vegas to do this. i think he made a wise decision. he is in fourth place for the amateurs. up and down from the bunker for eagle. jordan spieth playing. the long birdie drops. 68, has him at four under par. kevin, ended up with a double bogey and they had to climb up the rocks. the leader is that nine under par. round 3 later today. warriors coach steve kerr said he does not expect the dubs to
5:48 am
be active before the trade deadline. that could change. kyrie irving is demanding a trade at a brooklyn, again. unhappy, again. because the nets will not give him a huge extension. if the nets decide to blow the whole thing up, dominoes could be flying everywhere. would kevin durant demand a trade at a brooklyn? the price would be astronomical but steph curry said he would welcome kd back on the warriors. the dubs won two titles with the rent and then things got weird and spiraled out of control. speaking of -- a brawl in the nba. austin rivers did not like the chirping from the orlando bench. i am going to punch you in the face. . bodies flying everywhere. no actual punches landed. five players ejected and they will be fined. women's basketball, stanford
5:49 am
visiting washington state. jones, pull-up jumper and the foul. stanford up by 18 at the half. the fourth quarter. the sweeping hook. the cardinal cruise, this is all-star weekend in the nhl. fort lauderdale, the scene. 25 seconds to knock down all the surfboards and then he has to hit the nhl logo but he keeps missing. there he goes. down goes sid into the i think they have to do that with the commissioner, gary bettman, next time. this is a wrap on morning sports. we have the warriors and mavs on abc 7 tipping off at 5:30. have a great weekend, everybody, i am larry beil. stephanie: the san francisco giants will hold their annual fanfest event.
5:50 am
there will be many activities including games. the orange carpet ceremony starts at 9:15 this morning. if you want to go, it is free. if you are heading outside this morning, it is feeling a little misty. frances: we have some rain drops on some of our camrose and a lot of fog this morning. the satellite and radar image on live doppler 7, you can see the storm level 1 is headed our way. grab a jacket if you are heading to the fanfest, you might see a sprinkle or two. we are starting to see some of the fog breaking up. the national weather service just canceled the dense fog advisory but it is still pretty thick. 1.75 miles visibility. livermore is up to three miles now. that isst give yourself a little extra time. a live shot in emeryville shows cars heading toward the bay bridge.
5:51 am
san francisco, currently 50 degrees. oakland, 49. san jose, 49. half moon bay, milder, 54 degrees. a live shot in walnut creek. you see how thick the clouds are. santa rosa, 45. fairfield, 39. livermore, 39 degrees. as we show you a live shot at the downtown san francisco area from our exploratorium building, here is what you need to know. areas of dense fog right now. a storm arrives this afternoon. and then we have rain all the way through the rest of the weekend. after that, a string of warmer and sunnier days. this afternoon, you can expect on our storm impact scale a level 1 storm arriving. however, the rain will be heavy at times, especially late tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow. gusty southerly winds.
5:52 am
there is a slight chance of thunder. i will show you how it plays out. by noon, a lot of cloud pop-up showers here or there in these areas of green. by 3:00, the have your shower start to move on in parts of the coast and the peninsula. 6:00, more showers moving in, a wave starts to come in and hit the north bay. this is right around the time of the chinese new year parade. the showers might actually pass -- and be gone for a little bit of time during the parade, which is great news. at 9:00, we have some heavier rain moving in, especially the orange and red. those of the downpours that sweep through. that will turn into scattered showers tomorrow morning and continue throughout the day. rainfall amounts range quite a bit depending on where the downpours hit the bay area. anywhere from a quarter inch up to a half-inch.
5:53 am
generally up to one inch in some spots, possibly san ramon. generally around a half-inch for most locations. highs today in the upper 50's to low 60's. san francisco, 59. oakland, 61. san jose getting up to 64 degrees. if you are heading to the sierra, you want to do so before 4:00 when the winter weather watch starts. gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it could be very difficult traveling. lows tonight will be in the 40's for the most part, possibly a couple 50's out there. san francisco, 48. fremont, 39. a live shot of sfo shows low clouds. if allergies have been bothering you, it has been tree pollen. the uv index will be low because of all the cloud cover. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. . a storm level 1 arrives this afternoon and continues through
5:54 am
sunday. we will be cooler sunday. . after that, put the umbrellas away. if you need to wash your car, a string of dry days. stephanie: i am excited for the chinese new year parade in san francisco. you think about all the beautiful floats, there could be some heavy downpours? frances: i have been running a few models and sometimes that shows it coming right at the time of the parade and sometimes it passes right over it. we will keep our fingers crossed. it will be gusty so bring a jacket and have the umbrella handy. stephanie: you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 news bay area streaming app on apple tv, google tv and roku. tv, google tv and roku. just search abc 7 how do you know when you've made the right decision? it's the feeling you get in your gut, the one that tells you what's right or what's wrong. it's the one that says, "sure, i could have a drink."
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numbers from last night's mega millions. the mega number is 17. nobody picked all six numbers. it will now move up to an estimated $31 million jackpot. coming up on 6:00 a.m.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news.
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stephanie: police make an arrest after a man started shooting in a synagogue. do details, including the charges he is facing. good morning. it is saturday, february 4. a level 1 storm is in route to the bay area. frances has the latest. frances: the rain arrives this afternoon, but for right now we have low clouds in the area. a live shot looking down into san francisco and he could see the fog. here is the day planner. 7:00 a.m., fog temperatures in the 40's and 50's. then showers at midday. it will get heavy at times. temperatures will be warming up into the low to mid 60's for the inland in the bay


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