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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 4, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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february is starting off much like january did rain has rolled back into the forecast giving the bay area a soaking and making for a soggy saturday night. good evening i am j.r. stone you are watching abc seven news at 11 and you thought we are going to dry out, just about everywhere you look tonight in the bay area it was raining making for a wet start to the first weekend of february. at times it was coming down pretty good providing a flashback to our weather from just a few weeks ago. spencer christian joins us now for a first look at the forecast, a wet night all around and we aren't done yet. >> a wet night indeed but a much
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different weather picture from what we saw an early newscast take a look at live doppler 7 you see we just have light, spotty widely scattered showers after heavy downpours earlier in the evening. the current storm on the exclusive impact scale was a lever one, through tomorrow we should expect more scattered showers and brief downpours, gusty weatherly wins with us in here is the forecast animation starting at midnight. the first few hours after midnight it will be quiet but then he gets active with pockets of downpours around 5 a.m. and then through the morning hours we have scattered showers, 11 a.m. till about 3 p.m. lots of showers. mainly light sweeping through the bay area and then after around 5 p.m. it gets quiet in the storm will be over by 6 p.m. tomorrow rainfall totals at the end generally under an inch but some places will be rather wet. hayward will pick up an inch and a quarter, and i will have the
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complete seven-day forecast which will bring us trying out a little later. >> think you so much it happens every year and tonight is the big night were talking about the annual san francisco chinese new year parade despite some rain thousands came out to celebrate the traditions and cultures of china in what has become the largest lunar new year parade outside of asia abc news reporter was there for the festivities. >> in chinese folklore firecrackers ward off evil spirits, after the cleanse they marched to welcome the year of the rabbit. >> we got to see the l and all the little kids there dressed up, i love all the rabbit floats so it's great. >> it's the year of the rabbit. >> yes a lucky year. >> organizers want entertain but also educate from the floats to the lion dances
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collects mostly the dragons, the fireworks, that is what i love. >> all the pageantry of chinese culture and tradition were on display. >> because my son and he is half asian so i want to let him into the culture coordinated dances by the schools. >> even the rain at times moderate was not enough to dampen the mood, thousands lined the streets of downtown san francisco along the parade route that ended in chinatown. >> we did not let the rain stop us from having a good time and celebrating the lunar new year this is amazing and one of the best parades. >> in fact the parade dates back to the 1860's and is now in fact the largest lunar new year parade outside of asia. california state senator scott wiener who represents san francisco says the parade is especially important this year.
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>> this parade is important for san francisco and for the bay area, particularly with all the attacks and violence directed at our asian american communities. we need to rally around and linked arms in solidarity and have fun as a community. >> mission accomplished. in san francisco abc7news. >> we could hear lots of those fireworks outside her studio tonight prior to the parade people celebrated the year of the rabbit at the community street fair in chinatown, many had their umbrellas open to stay dry at this street fair features 120 booths with lots of shopping and food as well as plenty of entertainment for people of all ages. >> i think it is a ton of fun, getting to see people and eat all the good food and be around everybody. >> if you do not go today you can go tomorrow, it will be open again on sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. new developments, san francisco police tracked down a man
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suspected of shooting inside a san francisco synagogue this week, security video shows him walk into the jewish center wednesday and open fire shooting blanks. no one was injured, abc news reporter cornell bernard spoke to congregants at the synagogue who say they feel some relief but are still fearful. >> i think we are still in shock and taking it in. >> matthew finkelstein says members of the jewish center are processing events security video shows a man entering the center pulling a gun and firing several rounds. >> people did not even leave their chairs and this guy had a gun and it is because they were paralyzed by fear. >> officials believe the shots fired were blanks, they arrested a suspect on friday and they tell abc7news it is 57-year-old demetri mission of san francisco. >> nobody knows who this is and nobody has ever seen him before
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the fact he came in here and spoke russian is very telling it seems like he knew where he was going. >> police believe it is the same man who walked into a theater on balboa street the day before and waved a gun at employees, on saturday a police car was posted outside the small synagogue which serves mostly russian-speaking jews. finkelstein explains why took the center 24 hours to call police. >> it is because in soviet russia reporting a hate crime is likely to end you in jail rather than the person who committed it. >> going forward they plan to hire private security and there is relief a suspect is off the streets. >> i am glad for now the congregation is safe, i know every congregation in america faces vulnerability like this. >> in san francisco cornell bernard abc7news. >> a celebration of tyre nichols was held today in sacramento, he grew up there before moving to memphis. his mother was among those in attendance for today's event
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that lasted about three hours. reporter alicia there. >> family and friends gathering together to honor the life of tyre nichols, despite this tragedy today is a day to celebrate his life and all he loved including skateboarding. >> long live the spirit of tyree. >> lifting up tyre nichols his family, the community and family and friends standing together to honor the 29-year-old from sacramento who was fatally beaten by five memphis police officers in january. >> this never should have happened one thing is bothering me right now is the fact my son was calling my name and i was not there. time of togetherness was about celebrating tyree's life so that
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he will be remembered for who he was, a son a father and a friend who loved photography and skateboarding. >> he always said he was free when he was on that board he did not worry about anything. >> at the skate ramp close friends shared memories. >> he taught me to never take day for granted and to love wholeheartedly and see the beauty in everything >> brothers also sharing a song in his honor. >> the wrap also pushing for justice. and speakers pushing for police reforms also adding an amendment to the george floyd justice in policing act requiring police to intervene if they see another officer using excessive force.
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>> we need to make with t george floyd police act police accountable all of us are accountable for our actions. >> loved ones want to make sure tyree is never forgotten and steps are in place to do just that a sacramento city council are announcing at the vigil a skate park will be named in his honor. >> skateboard legend tony is going to donate to the memorial fund that has been set up to build a skate park in terry nichols honor. still ahead on abc7news at 11 are we nearing the end of covid? restrictions are being lifted but is it really time to the virus in the past, what experts have to say. also a san francisco neighborhood finds itself in trouble for unpermitted encroachments, in simple terms they added benches to the sidewalks. a little later in the battle over
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or about pain in your hip, groin or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. don't let a break put you on a shelf. talk to your doctor about building new bone with evenity®! new 11 just weeks away from california ending its coronavirus state of emergency, experts say signs are pointing to the end of the pandemic but as tara campbell finds experts also say when exactly is still in the air. >> i think we can say certainly the worst worrisome part is at an end. >> dr. maria raven is the chief of emergency raven at ucsf emergency medical center and says the emergency department is seen between zero and four cases a day a long way from the height of the pandemic. >> a relatively number of low cases we are seeing but also the
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severity of the current version of the virus, it feels like it is time to move on. >> in a few weeks california will be moving on ending its coronavirus state of emergency on february 28. friday the state saying it won't require students to get the covid vaccine for school. >> kids are going to get covid the way they get rsv and the flu which by the way are more dangerous for them at this point in covid and that is a reality and i think it is going to be ok for kids to go back to school regardless. >> and another move away from pandemic protocols of the federal government announcing it is cutting off free covid vaccines this fall. testing and treatment will also depend on insurance coverage. >> we probably won't see a huge impact on the population like we did before for covid-19. >> this doctor is disease expert at ucsf. >> even if there are scary new
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variants the soil in which it is landing on is very hospitable right now because so many people have some sort of immunity. >> he says we are likely not too far from the pandemic becoming in and endemic. meaning it is still around but not disrupting everyday life. >> we are near the end but i guess the word enemic implies predictability and we don't have that yet. >> get through the fall and it will be time to call it over. >> i bet a hundred dollars we will likely see a quiet time until next winter. >> then he says covid-19 comes more like a winter virus tara campbell abc7news. >> southbay leaders hosted a town hall focusing on the mental health of the asian american and pacific island community following the mass shootings in half moon bay and monterey park. it was organized by congress men
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ro khanna who represents the only asian american geordie district in the continental u.s.. >> these shootings even the perpetrator was asian american i think they triggered for so many in our community a sense of vulnerability. >> what people are feeling, the fear, the anxiety the triggering from trauma is all real. in the importance of when somebody needs help and being able to talk about it is so important. >> dr. singh says it is important for people to limit exposure to repeated scenes of violence especially on tv and in newspapers. it is black history month and the naacp is honoring black excellence and dozens of categories including film, music and literature. today it held the animal image awards in century city, we caught up with some of the honorees as they walked the red carpet in the included
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cochairman richard weitz and his daughter demi who are receiving their prestigious dorothy parker award this year. the two have raised $37 million for charities across the country including the naacp. after want -- lansing weekly celebrity zoom skits dorothy parker has done so much for so many communities and people and i think she is amazing so it is a huge honor. >> i don't think we could have ever thought we would be standing right here being recognized by the naacp and to have it with the dorothy parker alia ward is really humbling and amazing. >> the award ceremony will be held later this month. the uss hornet ship museum in alameda held a black history month celebration today stories of the past and a new african-american exhibit were featured, the national park service presented and spoke
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about the port chicago disaster, the explosion that killed 320 people at a navy munitions depot north of san francisco. most were african-american sailors it lead to a protest and imprisonment of 50 sailors after they were forced to return to work without leave unlike their white counterparts. keynote speaker conway jones shared the importance of today's event. >> it reminds people of our past but also gives this generation a challenge to move forward. >> east bay parks also presented on thurgood marshall and social justice, the new exhibit african-americans in the military was another highlight. join right now by spencer christian to talk weather, you said seven to nine or the times it was going to come down and what did it do? it came down. >> it did indeed nothing better than an accurate forecast. right now we are in a little bit of a lull right now which is
11:19 pm
good if you have to go outside this is the time to go because it is not pouring. as you look at live doppler 7 you can see we have only light widely scattered showers right now, so a bit of a break from the steady rain but no break from the wind right now it is gusty out there with gusts at nearly 30 miles per hour at sfo and during the overnight hours we can expect 20 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts out of the west. here is a view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where it is 50°, low to mid 50's in oakland, palo alto san jose oakland and santa clara. nice view from emeryville other temperature readings right now are in the main we low 50's santa rosa napa valley in livermore it finally from a rooftop camera looking over the embarcadero where the pavement looks wet but it is not raining there. these are forecast futures level 1 storm continues moving to the bay area overnight and tomorrow producing light rain mainly with gusty winds and occasional downpours but they will be more widely scattered and brief and
11:20 pm
dry mild weather were prevailed monday through friday. on the exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale the storm is a light level one through tomorrow and we can expect more periods of scattered showers with brief downpours and of course gusty weatherly wins. here's are forecast animation starting at midnight which will be pretty quiet except in the north bay will we will see fairly widely scattered showers during the overnight hours we will see the weather become more active especially around 5 a.m. tomorrow as we get locally heavy downpours and then it will be pretty active with spotty showers throughout the day. between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. we expect lots of active weather going on through the bay area with rainfall continuing in a scattered fashion but by 8:00 tomorrow evening it should be all over, rainfall totals will be under an inch but hayward will pick up an inch and a quarter of rainfall. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 40's and highs tomorrow mainly
11:21 pm
in the mid 50's and should i point out, a winter storm warning will be in effect until 10:00 tomorrow night in the sierra at where we expect heavy snow accumulation one to 3 feet generally with gusts up to 65 miles per hour. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, after tomorrow storm we get drying and sunny skies on monday. tuesday -- pretty much all the way through the seven-day. it is going to be a cold morning but a sunday afternoon and we will see a gradual warming trend as we get later into the week. in fact by the end of next week we will see temperatures in the mid 60's and around the bay shoreline. >> i like the warm weather but i hope the snow doesn't melt. >> it is going to warm up here and a little in tahoe or the central sierra, but not enough to melt the snow. it will be there for a while. >> that's good. rain or shine giants fans are there, baseball season is just around the corner we will take you to fan fest at oracle park.
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the giants estimate that about 10,000 diehard fans attended the team's annual fan fest at oracle park the event kicked off this morning with a special orange carpet which included logan webb joc pederson and brandon crawford fan fest signals that the start of spring training is near and you can feel it, pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale on february 15 with the full squad following on the 21st. the giants open the regular on march 30 at yankee stadium. we have the warriors right here on abc seven news tonight, chris alvarez is here with a preview of sports. >> jr coming up in sports a big night at basketball starting with the dubs on 7 and warriors worried that dubs get the win over the mavs but a concern over
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>> the warriors back home for a primetime showdown against the mavericks golden state entering the game 26 and 26 overall looking to get on a run with six
11:29 pm
games remaining before the all-star break mavs against the warriors dallas a win without him this play a drop off to staff splash chemistry. on full display jonathan coming to pass up the three and slams at home warriors score 40 in the first for the love of elevation second quarter three and dribble drive jk monster slam coming that becomes the youngest warrior ever to reach 1000 points in his career, curry's pass off the back board but to michael green -- after durham and and a half green had three of those dubs up 15 to have third quarter off the inbounds curry played a 27 federer dubs led by as many as 23 but two minutes left in the third curry looks to manganese with mckinley x-rays negative, can i have -- when 119 and michael green he is
11:30 pm
not worried. >> first of all he's gonna be ok. that was the first thing i asked but we just have to step up and stay great as a team. >> hopefully it's nothing too serious but that is what the mri is for and will determine the extent of the injury and we will go from there. >> mental toughness, if you have no mental toughness you lose right there. so it is a focus thing. we need to do a better job focusing. >> number 18 st. mary's hosting number 12 gonzaga fans fired up, the gonzaga led by double digits in the first half, watson the hammer bulldogs by eight at the half freshman mahaney from camp galindo lead in the second half and that was a pretty move off the window and then his dad hyped. we go to overtime tied at 61 and mahaney hitting more big shots and the extra session, his only
11:31 pm
three of the game. banks at home kills it for st. mary's when 7870 career win 501 for randy bennett they are in first place to games they won 10 in a row. very windy day at pebble beach, former stanford stand out joseph long birdie putt on five it's going to go. to back of the league, your current leader is peter the birdie on his 12 whole of the day makes it three in a row play was suspended and will resume 8 a.m. sunday morning irma and -- tournament -- the amateur will be crowned and aaron rodgers leads by three with seven holes left. abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> thanks so much much more to come on abc seven news at 11, china is now responding after the united states shoots down a surveillance balloon that had been tracking across the country for a week. also a historic freeze is
11:32 pm
gripping parts of the country it was so cold it looked like smoke was rising from the harbor in boston we will tell you about
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>> to the latest on the shootdown of the surveillance balloon over u.s. airspace earlier today and f launched a missile striking the balloon as it was traveling out to see the surveillance apparatus was the size of three buses the hunt is on to recover what is left of the balloon including that apparatus to figure out what is inside, abc's derek dennis has a reaction. >> they are already searching for did bree in the atlantic ocean after shooting down a surveillance balloon navy and coast guard ships surveilling a perimeter in u.s. waters. earlier in the day and f-22 firing a single miss you -- missile plunging the balloon more than 60,000 feet into the atlantic ocean in u.s. waters. >> they're going to be looking
11:36 pm
for the sensor package underneath that balloon, remember the administration said this was a spy balloon so what was being used to spy? was there cameras, was their signal intelligence capabilities? >> the operation kicked off after 1 p.m. eastern with the faa close and parts of the airspace. >> international security, all aircraft are instructed to land as soon as possible. >> 90 minutes later the jet successfully taking out the balloon, president biden praising the effort. >> i ordered the pentagon to shoot it down on wednesday as soon as possible without damaging anybody on the ground. they decided the best time to do that was overwater. >> the enormous balloon drifted for days first entering american airspace over alaska before heading southeast over montana, missouri and the carolinas. in the wake of the balloon shooting the chinese government threatening repercussions calling it a serious violation of international practice.
11:37 pm
>> the real question here is why the chinese decided to deliberately provoke the u.s., to go into u.s. sovereign airspace before the first high-level meeting between it to high-level officials in years. >> abc7news new york. >> developing news and evacuation order remains in place in east palestine ohio after a freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed and caught fire. officials say 50 train cars collided friday night sparking multiple explosions near the pennsylvania border efforts to contain the fire stalled earlier tonight when fire fighters withdrew due to concerns about air quality and explosions. >> we are not allowing any people in that area still at this point for safety concerns. the product in question we are most concerned about is mono chloride. >> short-term x closure to vinyl chloride can irritate the eyes
11:38 pm
throat nose and lungs and long-term exposure can lead to chronic liver and kidney problems the town's mayor ordered an estimated 2000 residents within a one-mile resin -- brady is to evacuate. 23 peopl of wildfires flared through a forest in chile thousands of people are in need of shelter and almost 980 residents have been injured a similar wildfire disaster happened to 2020 here in california. chilean authorities say the fire has already burned and area of land equivalent to what would usually burn in one year the country is currently experiencing record high temperatures. the northeast is being hit by what will -- some would call a once in a generation arctic blast. 10 states are under when chilled alerts, the coldest winchell alert in u.s. history was recorded this morning in mount washington, new hampshire at
11:39 pm
minus 108°. here is abc news reporter victor kendall with more on this frigid weather and when it can end. >> a rare sight of boston harbor, ice fog coming off the harbor and wind whipping it around with extreme cold forcing officials to close school on friday and cancel extra regular activities. residents doing their best to keep warm. >> once you have layers on you are good i think. you don't want to be lingering out here. >> the city opening warming centers. >> if anyone is out and see someone in distress please call 911 we are prepared and our first responders are ready to get out there. >> outside springfield massachusetts with wind gusts crushing a tree onto a car killing a six-month-old inside. powerful gusts also knocking out power to 20,000 people throughout the northeast atop mount washington in north hampshire record wind chill and deadly conditions with the wind so strong one of the doors of
11:40 pm
the observatory broke. >> it is amazing and awe-inspiring day still a frightening moment at one point so one of our west facing doors, the hinge that keeps it closed broke the force of the wind was so strong so we had to do an emergency repair. >> the emergency -- the observatory pleading hikers to staff trails and further south of the metropolitan area seeing temperatures in single digits. there is good news that temperatures are expecting to thaw quickly abc news boston. >> very cold weather there. it take a look at this a truck carrying 18 tons of beer overturned spilling most of its cargo onto the highway. that happened yesterday in santiago chile, the truck driver lost control after another vehicle cut him off, the highway was covered with hundreds of cans of beer. some locals went quickly to the
11:41 pm
scene to take some of the undamaged cases, no one was injured and no arrests were reported. still ahead on abc7news at 11 a battle over benches? a san francisco neighborhoods artistic touch has sparked a dispute with the city. >> our weekend storm is still with us but it is not as vigorous as earlier in the evening i will have the forecast in just a moment for just $6 you could get your choice between two sandwiches plus my classic taco, curly fries, and a drink. [muffled] i can't hear you. oh sure... for just $6...! try my $6 jack pack today. ♪
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introducing red bull energy infusions, in two flavors that go great with my tiny tacos. hey, gwen. wanna be our college intern? new red bull infusions at jack in the box. ♪ >> welcome back the title of the world's oldest living dog has been passed to bobby, a couple weeks ago a canine from ohio named spike, he is 23 years old but bobby is 30. it not only does that make him the oldest living dog it is a guinness world record. the previous record was 29 bobby is a purebred that lives in
11:45 pm
portugal and he has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. that is one old and wise dog. a group of people in san francisco's brutal heights neighborhood is asking for leniency after being asked to remove unpermitted encroachments, most of us just call them benches. neighbors hoped it would enhance the look of their street making it more family-friendly, here is more. >> mary bell avenue in san francisco's brutal heights avenue is known as a kid friendly street, it neighbors have gone out of their way to make the street here more attractive. people even used the stone benches to conduct outdoor meetings but what for nearly 20 years reddens -- residents have had in place is now being targeted by the department of public works after someone complained. >> the city has asked us to apply for an encroachment permit on the sidewalk or remove the
11:46 pm
benches. >> there are plenty of encroachments throughout the city, we have all had to walk around them, e bikes, scooters, homeless encampments to name a few. >> the big thing we want to make sure is there will be no hazards particularly for people who are visually impaired, if they are using a wheelchair or any other issues like that we want to try to keep the path of travel safe for all users. >> one thing these neighbors have are unusually wide sidewalks. let's measure shall we? we measured from the curb to the benches in question, nearly 14 feet of available space. plenty of room for strollers and more. the notice given to neighbors specifies that they must apply for a minor encroachment permit at a cost of -- to them of $1400. >> no way i'm going to pay $1400 i will just take it down if i have to. >> it similar to how the school board was dealing with renaming
11:47 pm
high schools during the pandemic rather than dealing with distance learning. it seems like a nonissue creating a lot of energy and use of resources for something that was not a problem. >> public works is working with neighbors in the local district supervisor hillary ronen to find a solution. in a statement ronan said my office is working with dpw to maintain the community atmosphere on mirabelle which means keeping the benches where they are. only the board of supervisors can waive the fees or come up with legislation that would allow this kind of encroachment as part of the neighborhood. in san francisco lee and melendez abc7news. >> happening now this is a live look from her camera in lake tahoe overlooking zephyr cove rain has turned into snow tonight and it has been coming down, it is going sideways. >> is that horizontal snow? >> 3 feet could fall by the time
11:48 pm
this storm moves through, spencer christian joins me i love snow but when there is so much of that you can't do a whole lot. >> you can't travel company can't drive in and you can't ski when it's coming at you like that. we have wins, gusts at 65 miles per hour. that is why the snow was coming in horizontally, here in the bay area we have gusty wind but not that gusty as you can see just some light scattered showers right now although we might get some downpours overnight we still have a storm ranking one on the abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale so through tomorrow look for periods of scattered showers brief downpours, gusty weatherly winds gusting up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. here is the forecast animation starting at midnight notice overnight hours not very active but around 5 a.m. pockets of heavy downpours sweeping through the bay area and then through the day tomorrow more pockets of downpours but widely scattered showers and it will pretty much be over by about six or 7 p.m.
11:49 pm
tomorrow evening. and overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 40's highs tomorrow mid 50's and here is the seven-day forecast. starting on monday a string of sunny days, a cold morning but a nice sunny bright day and beginning to dry out and will be all through the week as there is no more rain in sight after tomorrow over the next seven days. >> it's just nasty when everyone is home and has free time. >> that's right >> thanks so much spencer now to chris with a preview of sports. >> coming up in sports the warriors win but it comes with a price, stephen curry gets hurt and did not return the latest on his status and
11:50 pm
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empress of: you're american. and then you come home and you're honduran. marianne: totally relate to that. it's like a double personality kind of thing. ♪ ♪ >> the warriors beat the mavericks tonight 119 to 113 the biggest concern is the status of
11:53 pm
stephen curry who left the game with what the team is calling a left lower leg injury it happened late in the third quarter -- driving into the basket he hits knees with staff and you can see immediate discomfort for curry his momentum carried him into the stands and he was limping. x-rays came back negative he will get an mri on sunday you can see him in clear discomfort as he went to the locker room and did not return, dante joining me after the game to weigh in on the status of stephen curry. >> need to in the is really painful and hopefully it is nothing too serious but that is what the mri is for and will determine the extent of the injury and we will go from there. >> he is going to be ok, that is the first thing i asked. they just got to step up and stay ready as a team sometimes you have injuries and you just have to be ready to fill in that spot. i feel like we do a great job of
11:54 pm
doing it. >> we had time where he was not with us and the guys stepped up and hopefully that's not the case and we get them back tomorrow at practice. but we are ready for whatever comes. >> the warriors were seemingly on their way to cruising to victory over dallas late in the third quarter staff knocks knees and now everyone holding their breath for mri results. >> this is big they have so much consequences on so many things and we hope curry is all right but anytime you have a player of his caliber go down it has ramifications for every aspect of the team in the future of the team and we are all holding our breath and praying that stevie -- curry has a clean bill of health tomorrow. >> he banged the same knee in denver a few nights ago almost the same spot, the warriors are calling it a contusion officially but again you hold your breath anytime there is a
11:55 pm
steph curry injury. >> yeah hope for the best hopefully it is not a.c.l. which on that side of the knee there is also -- always a concern look like there is a tweak when he got bumped hopefully it was not the ankle, players coming out of the locker room feeling optimistic obviously they got a jolt from staff but he is saying he is ok mri will come back tomorrow and heading into this playoff run we need all hands on deck especially him. >> let's talk about john michael green because he is starting to get more minutes, it looks like he's going to be in the rotation and this is what the warriors had in mind when they signed him as a free agent. he had a rough first half of the season with injuries and illness and it looks like now he is getting up to speed. >> definitely i think one of the things the coach alluded to today is his professionalism and how he is always there clearly there has been some challenges in the first part of the season but you have seen him be patient and every time he has gotten an opportunity to perform he has at
11:56 pm
a very high level so i look forward to seeing him get significant minutes going down the stretch. >> warriors now i game about 500 and we will see what happens with steph curry when the mri results come back in. chris back in. chris beck to you. >> thanks to her after the game crew, lebron james scored 27 and the lakers lost tonight he is not just 36 points away from passing kareem abdul-jabbar from the most points in nba history kareem has 38,003 87 lebron is at 3352 the lakers have two home games this week lebron expected to break the record in one of them he will play the box on thursday and kareem is expected to be an ally for those games. if he goes past those the lakers will be at chase center here on abc saturday night. erik karlsson the sharks loan representative in florida, he had a goal and an assist what a rocket. the pacific division, central division six 24.
11:57 pm
the central plate the atlantic and the florida panthers got four goals in front of its own fans earning m.v.p. honors the atlantic division one the game in the $1 million bonus. this abc seven sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. >> thank you so much that is it for tonight i am j.r. stone abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at five with spencer and chris thank you for joining us and have a great night. everyone is making room hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes.
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