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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 5, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> at the top of our the rain did not stop the celebration. how thousands poured into san francisco to celebrate the lunar new year as more festivities kickoff today. good morning, it is sunday, february 5. i am in for liz kreutz. let's start with a look it our weather. here is our meteorologist, francis. francis: good morning, everyone. scattered showers throughout most of the day, satellite radar image and over the last few hours we saw lightning strikes off of the coast of san francisco
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we're going to start seeing heavier rain toward daly city and the next 10 minutes or so and heavy rain along parts of the peninsula. on our exclusive impact scale, it's a level 1 light storm, scattered showers, brief downpours, gusty winds, and we won't rule out the chance of small hail embedded within some stronger cells. live shot of sutro shows the winds shaking the camera and here's what you can expect. it starts to taper off late afternoon and this evening, sunsets at 5:37. temperatures on the cool side. low to mid 50's this afternoon and then we dry out let you know how much rain we have. amanda: like yesterday. a wet start to the first weekend of february. at times the rain was coming down hard but not as extreme as
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the weather we saw at the start of january. despite the rain, the lunar new year celebrations continue today as we wrap up the holiday weekend. the annual san francisco chinese new year parade made a lab return saturday and has become the largest lunar new year parade outside of asia. meant to the thousands that came out. >> firecrackers where the spiri and after the cleanse they marched. it welcome the year of the rabbit. >> we got to dance and all the little kids that are dressed up. >> you hear the rabbit? >> yes, lucky year. -- >> year of the rabbit? >> yes, lucky year. >> they want this to entertain but also educate.
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from the floats to the line -- lion dances. >> the dragons, the fireworks, that is why love. >> all the pageantry and culture were on display. >> because my son, he has half asian so i want to let him into the culture. i was born in shanghai, china. [whistle blown] >> i like to the coordinated dances from the schools. >> at times the rain was not even enough to dampen the mood. thousands lined san francisco along the parade route that ended in chinatown. >> we did not let the rain stop us from having a good time and celebrating new year in san francisco. this is one of the best thing -- best parades that happens here. >> the parade is now the largest noon -- largest lunar new year parade outside of asia. a representative of san francisco says it is especially important this year. >> this parade is incredibly
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important for san francisco, for the bay area, particularly with all of the attacks and violence directed towards our asian communities. we need to rally around and show solidarity. and have fun as a community. >> it seems like, mission accomplished. abc 7 news. amanda: before the parade, people also celebrated the year of the rabbit at the community street fair in chinatown. many had their umbrellas open to stay dry. the fair features 120 booths with lots of shopping and food and plenty of entertainment for people of all ages. >> i think it's a ton of fun, i like getting to see people and be around everybody. >> the community street fair will be open today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 new this morning, authorities are investigating what caused an oakland restaurant to a roughed in flames saturday night. the tio -- two alarm fire happened at you as waterfront on a jack london square.
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cruz tilde chronicle no one was inside of the time of the fire and no injuries are reported. developments, san francisco police ardennes if eyeing the man suspected of shooting inside the san francisco synagogue last week. security video shows him walking to the jewish center wednesday and open fire, shooting blanks. no one was injured. cornell barnard spoke with congregants at the synagogue who say they feel some relief but still a lot of fear. >> i think we are all in and taking it all in. >> matthew says members of the jewish center are still processing events of last night. security video shows a man entering the center, pulling a gun and firing off rounds. >> people did not even leave their chairs, the sky was like barreling into the gun. they were paralyzed with fear. reporter: no one was hurt as it appears that he fired off blanks. police sources tell abc news that he is 51-year-old dimitri
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misha from san francisco. >> no one knows who he is, no one has ever seen him before. the fact he came here and and spoke russian is very telling. it seems he knew where he was going. >> police believe he walked into a theater the day before and waved the gun had employees on balboa street. on saturday, this police car was posted outside of the small seminar which serves mostly russian-speaking jews. he explains why it took this under 24 hours to call police. >> people say what was reported last night? in soviet russia, reporting that is more likely to land you in jail than them. >> for now there is some relief that a suspect has been caught. >> i'm just glad the -- glad the congregation is safe. i know some congregation faces some level of vulnerability in this. >> cornell barnard, abc7news. amanda: a celebration of life or
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tyre nichols was held saturday. he grew up there before heading to memphis a couple years ago. family and friends gathered to share memories of nickels. despite the tragedy, this time of togetherness was all about celebrating his life area organizers one of the public to remember him as a son, father, and friend who loved photography and skateboarding. his mother was among those in attendance. >> this never should have happened. the one thing that's bothering me right now is the fact my son was calling my name and i wasn't there. i did not hear him, to protect him. he always said he was free when he was on that board. he just felt free, he did not worry about anything. amanda:amanda: speakers at the vigil called for more police reform. sacramento city leaders announced a new skate park will be named in honor of him. skateboarding legend tony hawk
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is supposed to donate funds for that skate park. let's look at francis for a look at our weather. it was wet from san jose today. francis: yes. we will see brief downpours throughout the day, afternoon, tapering off this evening. here's a live shot in san mateo, temperatures a lot colder, below average today. but then we have warmer weather and sunshine headed our way. i will show you that with the acura 70 forecast. amanda: also ahead, a wave swallows about on the coast of oregon. check it out. how bystanders rescued the person stranded. the biggest jump in the country and renters who also have to be millionaires. (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon.
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amanda: welcome back. you are looking at the richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see people driving on wet roads. we will check in with the meteorologist for a full check of the weather in a bit. developing news, evacuation and shelter-in-place orders are still in effect in ohio after a freight train carrying hazardous materials caught fire. officials say 50 train cars collided friday, sparking multiple explosions near the pennsylvania border. efforts to contain the fire stalled last night because of fears over chloride entering the air. people are also concerned on how groundwater is impacted. >> people use the streams and water to feed their livestock, water the fields. a lot of them probably have well
6:12 am
water. if stuff gets into the ground and water table, it could be bad. amanda: short-term exposure to this type of chloride can hear it's a the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. long-term exposure can lead to liver and kidney problems. canada is sending military tanks to ukraine in order to help strengthen their military capabilities against russia. the canadian defense minister tweeted a video of the loading process for a leopard two battle tank. it will be the first of four tanks supplied to ukraine in the coming weeks. a number of canadian armed forces members will also be deployed for training purposes. the defense minister says the tanks will provide ukraine with tactical advantages, due to their due to their "excellent survivability." stranded boat taking on water is captured on video as a capsized. you can see the giant wave forming as the rescue swimmers
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tried to get the person off the bow. the waves crashing to the bow, forcing it to roll into the water, landing right side up. the coast guard says the waves were 20 feet high. the boater was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in an effort to amplify the voices of minority voters, democrats are restructuring the presidential calendar. on saturday, the democratic national committee approved a plan to change the order of the -- of their parties 20 to any presidential primary. it bumps south carolina to first place and strips new hampshire of its first in the nation status. some people in new hampshire are against the measure. democrats argue it will alienate critical swing voters. >> we are frustrated because no -- because as many times as we say it, no one seems to listen when we say that this will only hurt president biden in our purple battleground state. amanda: new hampshire democratic state ray buckley says the state cannot follow the changes
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because of state law, which requires the state to hold its primary first. a decision still needs to be made by june 3. at abc7, we are inspired by people working to create change. and we are committed to share their stories so we can be allies in action. this morning, we bring you the story of one woman's determination to rescue dogs and cats in taiwan and bring them to the bay area where they can find a loving home. abc seven news reporter leanne melendez discover the organization called angels for humans, animals, and nature, here in san francisco. ♪ >> if the dog feels the love from you, they will communicate with you. i do believe that. my name is victoria. -- victoria lynn. i am from angels for humans, animals, and nature. ♪ >> i would like to introduce to you tai. he is named after taiwan, his
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homeland. we are a little uncertain of his age but we think about nine. this little kitty's angel, she is also probably nine. when she was one, she was astray in rural taiwan and somehow got caught in an animal trap and she was found, trapped but lost her leg in the process. >> this lady from spca tape. so i did not know and one day i looked at it and i was so horrified when i saw in there. according to my calculation, we probably have saved like 10,000 to 20,000. if it was just cats it was probably over 20000 and just
6:16 am
dogs probably over they all need 10,000. to be spayed and neutered and have a clear health check so when they come here there will not be any problems or surprises. >> they are just so ethical in the way they provide real information about dogs. i do not think people need to worry about adopting a dog from another country and getting something different than they expect. >> i want to give credit to the person in taiwan who is your main person there. what is your name -- her name? >> jasmine chain. >> what does she do? >> first she will check out the dog being rescued and make sure they have a health record on paperwork right and then she will do an evaluation of the dog's temperament. once she understands the dog temperament, she would know what kind of family that would be suitable for the dogs. >> one of the things that for me was the most helpful is they provide videos and videos you
6:17 am
can really get a sense of the temperament of a dog. >> when they are getting ready to come, the foster or rescuers usually start to instrument to train them a little bit. >> they find a traveler who is a volunteer, who is responsible for them. the airlines won't just fly dogs in crate without a human so they have recruited volunteers who travel frequently for business between san francisco and taiwan. >> what was that moment like when you went to the airport to pick up, well tie -- tai first. what was that like? >> so nervous i asked the front to go with me under the driving. [laughter] but just great anticipation. >> just keep going. these two have added so much to my life in particularly during
6:18 am
covid, i would not know what we would have done when were isolating. they were my pod. [laughter] >> slowly and surely we learn how to love not only ourselves and not just human beings and also other living creatures on this earth. reporting. over the last five years, san francisco has had the biggest increase of renters who also happen to be millionaires. according to a report by rentz cafe which used u.s. census data from 2015 to san francisco had 2020, the biggest jump of millionaire renters nationwide. the report also found an overall increase of high-end renters altogether, attributing it to the flexibility that comes with renting versus the high expenses of buying a home.
6:19 am
san francisco came second only behind new york in the number of millionaire renters with los angeles following up in third place. we were talking about this last hour, a good place to be in the rental today, francis, because of the scattered showers, right? francis: yeah, scattered showers and it will feel cold today, especially with a westerly breeze so temperatures are going to be below normal, cooler than what we saw yesterday. here's a look at live doppler 7 and said light radar image and what you will notice is we have pockets of showers around the bay area. we have been talking lightning strikes so that is a possibility throughout the day as we -- day. as we zoom in, rainfall through san francisco, making its way along the peninsula, south san francisco, this will head to the east bay. here is a live shot of sutro, you see the winds moving the camera where temperatures are low 50's and upper 40's. san francisco and oakland 53, palo alto 49, san jose's 50, santa clara 47, half moon bay
6:20 am
before degrees. this time we see light rain falling over emeryville through our camera. you can see the raindrops on the lens and more temperatures in the 40's for you. santa rosa 49, napa 49, fairfield 46. also in inland areas, concord 48, livermore 49. as we look from the exploratorium camera, more raindrops on the lenses as we look toward the downtown area. scattered showers, occasional downpours is what you can expect are at day. the winds will be gusty and there is still a small chance of lightning and small hail but then after today, we will have dry, mild temperatures in the afternoon for the rest that we put with clear skies overnight, very cold mornings ahead. here is the forecast animation, 7:00 this morning, more of the scattered showers, especially in the north bay. there could be brief downpours. by lunchtime, showers move through north bay, east bay,
6:21 am
even unto the peninsula and it kind of slides to the southeast throughout the afternoon and clears out this evening. rainfall amounts are not too high but you see the nature of the showers, hit and miss showers so some areas may get less than .1 of an inch or some areas may get closer to .25 inch . the winds will be very gusty, 20 to 30 miles per hour from the northwest. this is what will help temperatures feel colder. in fact, only mid-50's today so slightly below average with that cool wind making it feel even cooler. and a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight. we are expecting an additional 17 inches of snow as the system moves through, gust to 15 miles per hour so carry chains with you. here are overnight lows, check out the 30's read when you wake up tomorrow, make sure the kids are bundled up before they head out and we will see lower 40's on the peninsula. as we look at the week ahead in
6:22 am
the north bay in santa rosa, temperatures will be in the 30's almost all week long. here is accuweather 7-day forecast. today's level 1 storm ends with showers and tomorrow after a cold morning we have plenty of sunshine monday through friday. temperatures climbing to the mid 60's but get ready for the cold mornings for the kids. they don't know where their jackets but i always get them to get their jackets on before heading out. amanda: the beanies and all of that. thank you, francis. it's black history month. who the naacp is honoring
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starship rocket in march. musk has been optimistic about the product since january and yesterday he tweeted "if remaining tests go well, we will attempt a starship launch next month." since last year, space x has been working on its starship rocket which aims to fly nasa astronauts to the moon. southbay leaders are focusing on the mental health and the asian-american and pacific islander community following the shootings in half moon bay and monterey park. a town hall was held in san jose on saturday, organized by eight -- congressman ro khanna who manages the only major minority district in the u.s. >> these shootings, even though the perpetrator was asian-american, i think they triggered, for so many in the community, a sense of vulnerability. >> what people are feeling, the fear, anxiety, triggering from the trauma is all very real and the importance of recognizing when somebody needs help, being
6:26 am
able to talk about it, is so important. amanda: dr. say it is also important for people to limit exposure to repeated scenes of violence, especially in tv and newspapers. it is black history month and the naacp is honoring black excellence and dozens of categories including film, music, and literature. they held the luncheon saturday. -- they held the annual image awards nominee luncheon. we caught up with some of them. there is also a recipient of the dorothy parker award. two people raised millions for charities across the country including naacp after launching weekly zoom meetings at the height of the covid >> dorothy 19. parker has done so much. for so many communities and people. i just think she is amazing so it is a huge honor. >> i don't think we ever thought
6:27 am
we would be standing here be recognized by the naacp. and to have it with the dorothy parker ally award is amazing. amanda: the award ceremony will be held later this month. the uss hornet ship museum on alameda is also celebrating black history month. stories of the past and a new african-american exhibit were featured saturday. the national park service presented and spoke about the port chicago disaster. the 1944 exposure killed 320 people at a navy you nations north of san francisco. most were african -- navy munitions depot. most were african-american sailors. it led to the protest and imprisonment of sailors who were forced to return to work without leave, unlike their white counterparts. the new exhibit "african-americans in the military" was another highlight.
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surveillance blue shutdown. what authorities are calling a recovery mission as china responds to its balloon shutdown above the ocean. california will and its covid-19 state of emergency rely health experts say the end of the pandemic is in the air and what this means for us. everyone is making room mom? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19.
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♪ ♪ you twist it like this. ahh... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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everyone is making room ♪ ♪ hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> all of a sudden the whole house just shocked. i ran outside and that is when i saw neighbors and we saw the smoke. amanda: now it 6:30, the world reacts to federal authorities shooting down the surveillance balloon that belongs to china. the new concerns from the u.s. as it enters a recovery mission and why china says it is protesting the decision. good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. let's check in with meteorologist frances dinglasan. good morning. francis: good morning.
6:31 am
scatter cold showers is the story today. here's live doppler 7 with said light and radar image. you see we have showers moving through the bay area, even heavier rain right now in san mateo and light rain across the san mateo bridge heading into oakland. on our exclusive storm impact scale it is a level 1 light storm. there could be brief downpours, gusty westerly winds, even a chance of some lightning and hail. here is a live shot of the raindrops in emeryville. temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's in the next couple hours. scattered showers continue throughout the afternoon. sun sets at 5:37. we will not warm up so much, only mid-50's for inland areas and at the bay and beaches low 50's. by this evening, we will only be drying. we have a clear night ahead and very cold mornings. i will show you that in the acura seven-day forecast coming up. -- accuweather 7-day forecast. amanda:
6:32 am
underway after the u.s. shutdown a chinese surveillance balloon. one missile brought down the balloon. the government is now hoping to recover as much of the surveillance device as possible. derek dennis has the latest. unfolding 60 to 60 -- 60,000 to 65,000 feet over the atlantic ocean. >> all of a sudden, the whole house shook. it was a loud boom. i ran outside and that is when i saw the neighbors and then you saw the smoke. derek: navy and coast guard ships setting up a security perimeter as teams work to recover what is left of the payload from the balloon. >> they are looking for the center package under the balloon. remember the ministrations that it was a spy balloon so what was being used spy? was it cameras, signal intelligence capabilities? >> the balloon, with a payload of about three buses traveled
6:33 am
for days, first entering american airspace over alaska before heading southeast over montana, missouri, and the carolinas. officials say they collected intelligence from the balloon as it drifted and at times oversensitive military sites. the mission began after 1:00 p.m. eastern saturday. the faa closing nearby airspace. >> i ordered the pentagon to shoot it down on wednesday as soon as possible. they decide of the best time to do it was on it got overwater. then we went t they successfully took it down. derek: friday, antony blinken postponed his trip for trying to for next week. >> the real question is why the chinese decided to deliberately provoke the u.s., to go into sovereign u.s. airspace just before the first high-level meeting between two senior officials in years. derek: derek dennis. amanda: we will be hearing from former joint chiefs of staff
6:34 am
chair mike malan in and marco rubio today. they will be weighing in amid the diplomatic issues over the surveillance balloon. you can watch the full interview on this week with giancarlo at 8:00 right here on abc 7. the freezing temperatures grappling over the northeast are starting to ease but not after breaking a few records. friday, mount washington and new hampshire reached wind chill's of -100 ats -- 108 degrees fahrenheit, that's a new record for the mountain known for having some of the worlds worst weather. several other daily records were also set yesterday, boston reached -10 degrees, connecticut had nine below, massachusetts dropped to -13 degrees. this morning we are weeks away from california ending its coronavirus state of emergency. state health experts say signs are pointing to the end of the pandemic. as abc7news reported tara campbell finds, experts say when
6:35 am
exactly it would be over is still in the air. >> i think we can say certainly the worst worrisome part of the pandemic is at an end. amanda: this doctor is the chief of emergency medicine at uscf medical center. she says they are seeing between zero and four cases of covid per day, a long way from the height of the pandemic. >> relatively low number of cases where seeing but the severity of the current version of the virus, it feels like it is time to move on. >> in a few weeks, california will be moving on, ending its coronavirus state of emergency on figure a 28th. friday, the state saying it will not require students to get the covid vaccine for school. >> kids are going to get covid the way they get rsv in the flu which are more dangerous for them at this point than covid. it is a reality but i think it will be ok for kids to go back
6:36 am
to school regardless. >> in another move away from pandemic protocols, the federal government announcing they're cutting off recovered vaccines this fall. testing and treatment will also depend on insurance coverage. >> we probably will not see a huge impact in the population like we did ever before from covid-19. >> dr. peter jen hong is an infectious diseases expert at usf -- ucf. >> even if there are scary new variants, the soil it is landing on is inhospitable because so many people have some sort of immunity. >> he says we are likely not too far from the pandemic becoming an and make, meaning it is still around but not disrupting everyday life. >> we are near the end but i guess the word endemic implies for addictive ability but we don't have that yet. >> get through the fall without a search and he says it will be time to call it over. >> i would say we would likely
6:37 am
see a quiet time until next winter. >> then he says covid-19 becomes more like just another winter virus. tara campbell, abc7news. >> a reminder, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather, and more with our new abc 7 bay area streaming tv app on apple tv, google tv, fire tv, and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download the app. so -- still ahead, a battle over benches in west san francisco neighborhoods. how neighbors are responding after someone complained to saying they are a hazard for people visually impaired. we want to get you a live look from the airport. however you are traveling, just know it will be wet in some spots. we will check in with frances we will check in with frances di ♪ entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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here's a live look from santa cruz. you can feel the chill from here in the studio and we will check in with francis in a moment for a full forecast. take a look at the annual lantern festival. it is lighting up the skies across china. the festival marks the final day of the lunar new year. celebrations there includes dazzling lantern shows, art performances, fireworks, and more. closer to home, a group of residents in san francisco's barlow heights neighborhood is asking for leniency after being asked to remove so-called unpermitted encroachments. most of us call them benches. neighbors hope they would enhance the look of their street making it more family-friendly. here's abc7news reportedly and melendez. -- leanne melendez. >> this neighborhood is known as a kid friendly street. neighbors have gone out of their way to make history more attractive and people use this tone benches to conduct outdoor
6:41 am
meetings. but for nearly 20 years residents have had in place is now being targeted by the department of works after someone complained to 311. >> the city asked us to apply for an encroachment permit on the sidewalk or remove the benches. >> there are plenty of encroachments throughout the city. we have all had to walk around them, you bikes, scooters, homeless encampments to name a few. >> the big thing we want to make sure is there are no hazards at all, particularly for those visually impaired, if they are using a wheelchair, any other issues like that we want to keep the path of travel safe for all users. >> one thing these neighbors here have is unusually lives -- unusually wide sidewalks. let's measure. we measured from the curb to the benches in question, nearly 14 feet of available space. plenty of room for strollers and more.
6:42 am
the notice given to neighbors specifies they must apply for a minor encroachment permit at a cost of them of $1400. >> no way would i pay $1400 to keep it. i will just have to take it down if i have to. >> it is similar to how the school board is dealing with renaming high schools during the pandemic rather than dealing with distance learning. it seems like it is a nonissue that is creating a lot of energy and use of resources for something that was not a problem in the first place. >> public works is now working with neighbors and local district supervisor, hillary ronen, to find a solution. in a statement, ronan said "my office is working with dpw to maintain the community atmosphere on mirabelle, which means keeping the benches where they are?" only the -- are only the board of supervisors could allow part of -- this
6:43 am
across as part of the neighborhood." amanda: it's time to check in with francis for a look at our weather. good morning. francis: good morning. wet roads around the bay area with scattered showers expected throughout the day and they taper off late this afternoon and evening ear and i will let you know how much rain you can expect and drier weather on the way with the accuweather 7-day forecast. amanda: also in, worries for the warriors, what concerns -- with concerns over stephen curry's injury. chris alvarez has what is next for the team coming up in sports. first, they're sour. (alarm) and then, they're sweet. ♪
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sour patch kids. sour. sweet. gone.
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amanda: here's a live look from our sutro cam, a beautiful shot of san francisco, the sun joining us. we will check in with meteorologist frances dinglasan is for -- thing lesson for forecast in a moment. you can watch the 2023 nfl pro
6:46 am
ballgames starting at noon. the first ever afc nfc seven on seven flight football game kicks off at allegiant stadium in las vegas. in the nba, a big night of basketball on abc seven. the warriors taking on the mavericks inside of chase center. sports anchor chris alvarez has the highlights in this morning's sports. chris: good morning. the warriors back at home for a primetime showdown against the mavericks saturday night. golden state entered the game 26 and 26 overall and we get on a run with six games remaining before the all-star break maps without luke against the warriors, oh and six when dodgers doesn't play. the big three clayton drake, drop off back to staff, splash. chemistry and motion in the quarter -- motion later in the quarter, the big left-handed hammer, warriors scored 40 points in the first quarter. second quarter three, get it to coming a and throws it down. coming to the youngest warrior ever to reach 1000 points.
6:47 am
stefan cruz and the second, hurry goes off the backboard and 40 of the bench, under a minute. 17 points and three triples, dubs of 15 at the half. third quarter off of the inbound, curry the 27 footer, a team-high 21, dubs when buys many as 23 bituminous left in the third and curry looks to bang these with mckinley. x-rays were negative. we are all worry about steph's status anja mike green is not. >> he will be ok, that's the first thing. this man's gotta step up. he's got a stay ready as a team. >> hopefully it is nothing too serious but that is what the mri is for and will determine the extent of the injury and go from there. >> mental toughness. if you have no mental to this you lose. it is a focus thing.
6:48 am
we need to do a better job focusing. >> number 18 see mary's hosting number 12 gonzaga, fans fired up and the zags led by double digits in the half, anton watson the hammer, bulldogs about eight and the half with freshman aiden amy from campbell lindo leading the gaels in the second half. 13 second-half points, look at that move, and his pops in the stands, going to overtime, tied at 61, great game, wcc action. mahaney hitting more shots in overtime in only three of the game. thank you very much, cale's go up for an saint mary's winds of 78-70. career win number 501 for randy bennett, now in first place by two games in the wcc. a very windy day. round three of the pro-am former stanford standout joseph rambling along -- with a long birdie putt on five and he will go. he is in second, two back of the league. your current leader is peter molnar t, the current
6:49 am
resume later this morning. the tournament finishes monday, the amateur winner will be crowned for 54 holes. your current leader on that front is aaron rodgers who leads by three with seven holes left. that is your look at sports. have a great sunday. back to you. amanda: you saw that wind gust and we will get a check of our forecast with meteorologist frances dinglasan. hello. [laughter] francis: hello. it will be windy this afternoon and will pick up to 20 to 30 miles per hour and coming from the west and it will feel cooler. here is live doppler 7 and satellite and radar image. notice scattered and nature of the showers. there will be heavy downpours at times and you can find that here with live doppler 7. you will find heavier rain moving near redwood city, the red and orange there across the san mateo bridge where you see it is raining now with this live shot as we check out the seven tober. temperatures mainly upper 40's and low 50's. san francisco and oakland at 53,
6:50 am
palo alto 49, san jose 50, santa clara 47, half moon bay 50 degrees. we are seeing clear skies and we will see breaks between the scattered showers as we show you live -- a pretty live shot of the bay bridge and have badges on the cooler sigh, mostly 40's and parts of the north bay at east bay. santa rosa and napa at 49, fairfield 46, concord and livermore in the upper 40's. we are showing you raindrops from our san jose camera looking at the shark and. here is what you can expect, shot -- scattered showers through the day, occasional downpours, gusty winds, a chance of lightning. we saw some earlier and even small hail as some of the cold strong cells move through the bay area but then we have dry weather the rest of the week. with these clearer skies we will see cold mornings for the work we. here is the forecast animation, 7:00 this morning, sun -- some scattered showers in the north
6:51 am
and east paper by lunchtime also seeing showers along the peninsula. parts of the east bay and heavier rain in the north bay. by 4:00, the system slides east and by this evening we are clearing. temperatures will cool down tomorrow morning to rainfall estimates, you can see the hit and miss nature of the showers and downpours. san francisco can be less than .1 inch and a neighboring area will be maybe more than .2 inch or .25 inch. it gives you 90 a we get lots of breaks in the scattered showers throughout the day but the winds will be coming from the northwest gusting up to 30 miles per hour. even higher than that at the beaches so it will feel a lot cooler today, temperatures only mid-50's around the bay. san francisco pretty five, oakland and san jose 56. with rain comes more snow in the sierra. winter storm warning expires at 10:00 and additional six to 17 inches of snow with gusts to 50
6:52 am
miles per hour so travel will be difficult, care your chains and plan on delays. lowe's tonight in the 30's so it will be cold. 33 and east bay, lots of upper 30's, concord 37, livermore 36, 40's on the peninsula. if you have been sneezing a lot, here is walnut creek, the tree pollen. it is high and that is why i started taking my allergy medicine. here are the cold morning lowe's in santa rosa. 30's most of the week with clearer conditions. here's accurate 70 forecast, so a level 1 storm ends later on this afternoon and evening and tomorrow, bundled the kids up, it will be a costar. temperatures will be warming, plenty of sunshine, and dry the remainder of the week. that is good news. amanda: thank you so much, francis. i sneezed right before that so thank you. now i know. and
6:53 am
attended the fan fest at oracle part. the event kicked off they special orange carpet including logan webb, joc pederson, and brandon crawford. fan fest signals the start of spring training is near. pitchers and catchers will be in scottsdale february 15. the full squad will follow on the 21st. the giants open the regular season march 30 at yankee stadium. we will be right back. announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today storm is one which meaning -- means light rain. drive safely. track the storm at any time on the abc7news app.
6:54 am
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amanda: here are the winning numbers from last night's $700 million drawing. 2, 8, 15, 19, 8. the powerball stand. no one picked all six numbers so
6:56 am
the jackpot increases to $757 million. the cash option for the drawing could be an estimated $403 million. tomorrow's powerball drawing is the ninth largest drawing in u.s. lottery history. the winning numbers from last night's $30 million super lotto plus drawing, 6, 15, 16, 24, and the mega number 14. nobody picked all six numbers in this drawing either so wednesday's jackpot increases to an estimated $31 million. this nine-year-old one the education jackpot. here's that she is from pennsylvania and is surprising the world after already graduating from high school. david says he took classes remotely from his home in bucks county. his favorite subject our science and computer programming. >> i want to be an astrophysicist and wanted to study black holes and supernova. >> impressive.
6:57 am
david also completed a semester at bucks county community college. francis, we will check in with you now what is our weather looking like? we know it will be chilly and wet as well. francis: wet, scattered showers, brief downpours, looking over the last few hours we could see lightning and small hail as a strong sell moves through. the showers taper off this afternoon and evening but temperatures will be on the cool side. mainly mid-50's throughout the bay area this afternoon. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. after the storm is over, we have sunny days but clear nice will bring very cold and chilly mornings throughout the work week. >> thanks, francis. thank you for joining us on seven mornings. i'm amanda del castillo with frances dinglasan. abc news continues at 9:00. have a great day.
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good morning, america. shot down. the chinese spy balloon popped by a u.s. fighter jet. what went into the decision to bring it down. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> now china's strong reaction overnight, plus the race to collect the fallen debris for the secrets it may hold. state of the union and beyond. president biden preparing to address the nation this week as new poll numbers reveal what americans think about him running again. plus, the big changes in store for the democratic primaries. speaking out. the wife of american volunteer medic peter reed, who was killed in ukraine, speaking only on "gma" this mor.


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