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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 5, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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police chief who is on leave and fighting to stay on the force. today he takes his strongest stand yet as. for why he should stay on the job. thank you for joining us. i am j.r. stone. he says the results of a report investigating him for misconduct are inadequate. suzanne phan vaughn spoke with the chief today and joins us now. >> oakland's police chief the report is tarnishing his reputation and is asking the mayor to consider his long track record and to bring him back. >> fairness, injustice, this is for everybody, including the police chief. reporter: oakland police chief leronne armstrong is calling upon the mayor to bring him back. he was placed on leave after reported misconduct said he failed to take action over incidents with the police sergeant. the chief says the report was flawed.
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>> the report blatantly misstates and mischaracterizes key statements during my recorded interview, which everyone is able to confirm when the underlying material is released. reporter: the chief also claims the report is unfair. >> the confidential report and information provided by the monitor is embarrassing. it is inaccurate. it contradicts itself about the role i played in this case. and the report focuses and targets me. reporter: chief armstrong says his decade track record speaks for itself. >> this is a community that is in desperate need of public safety. this is a community that has been asking for a police department to police this community differently, to build trust with this community. that is what i have been doing. reporter: the naacp of oakland is backing the chief and demanding the mayor listen. >> we are asking the mayor again, again, and again, to reinstate the chief back to his
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duties. listen to your community. listen to your voters. it is asking you to reinstate the chief. reporter: we reached out to an oakland councilmember about the mayor's decision to put the chief on leave. in a text message she responded saying, i am interested in reviewing the information the police commission received but as this is a personal issue and the council does not have authority on this matter we do not have access at this time. chief armstrong says he does not blame the mayor for what happened because she did not write the report. we reached out for comment but have not heard back. j.r.: thank you so much. live doppler 7 is not tracking the rain. an spencer christian is here t let us know when the showers will end. any good news? spencer: a lot of good news. the showers are ending right now as we speak. it is absolutely dry everywhere. there is not much left of this
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system. a few spotty sprinkles over the bay, couple in the santa cruz mountains and some over the mount hamilton area. that is about it. it is still gusty, 20 to 30 miles per hour in locations near the coast in the bay. the winds will continue to be fairly strong going into the nighttime. starting right now and going until midnight you can see these guys would become clear. temperatures drop sharply. as for the morning commute tomorrow, it will be cold. low temperatures in the early morning will drop into the low to mid 30's in the inland valleys in the north bay. over the east bay, upper 30's. around 40 around the bay shoreline. your complete forecast a little later. j.r.: our weekend rain lead to delays today on the transit service. they had to run trains at slower speeds and ask people to add 10 minutes to their plan to travel time. san jose police say they have
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made an arrest in a deadly shooting this weekend. a man took himself to the er at regional medical center friday night suffering from a gunshot wound. he died saturday afternoon at the hospital. investigators determined he was shot at home on pepper way near north jackson avenue. his identity has not yet been released. the community came together today for a birthday celebration for lori houtz who was murdered more than 30 years ago. they held a free throw fundraiser in her honor. she was found strangled in 1992, not far from adobe and mountain view where she worked as a computer engineer. today's celebration took place at her alma mater, gunderson high. >> she loved basketball and she was an awesome free-throw shooter. so, we're having a fundraise for the foundation. j.r.: amazing to see all those who came out.
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the former ceo of ready tech, john woodward, is now on trial for a third time for the killing. the two previous cases ended in mistrials. lori house would have been 56 years old tomorrow. developing news, u.s. defense officials are now talking about the incident where a chinese balloon was shot down off the coast of south carolina yesterday. those officials say the surveillance balloon was surveilled -- destroyed overwater to protect civilians. also today, audio was released from the navy pilot who fired the missile that took down the balloon. >> the balloon is completely destroyed. j.r.: abc news reporter justin finch has reaction from lawmakers and how the incident could impact the u.s. going forward. reporter: u.s. authorities continue to search for debris in the atlantic ocean after shooting down that chinese surveillance balloon. the debris field extending for seven miles in shallow water about 47 feet deep off the south
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carolina coast. the u.s. navy is looking for a large bay of technology the size of three bus lengths. a senior u.s. official says the balloon was hit by a single f-22 firing an air to air missile roughly six nautical miles offshore. the massive balloon made its way across several sensitive military installations as it flew over the continental u.s., including wyoming, kansas, and missouri, before leach -- before reaching the carolinas where it was shut down of myrtle beach. china calling it an excessive reaction, adding that it retains the right to respond further. on capitol hill, florida senator marco rubio tells this week, china's act was deliberate. >> this is what they wanted the world to see, that they could send a balloon over u.s. airspace, over military facilities, and we would be unable to stop it. and ultimately when we shoot it down, they would argue, look how they over act -- overreact to a
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weather balloon. reporter: new jersey senator cory booker, who sits on the foreign relations committee, praising the pentagon's effort. >> i am grateful the military took decisive action when they did and how they did. but we obviously have issues. reporter: this is not the first chinese balloon of its kind. a u.s. official says china has a fleet of them. justin finch, abc news. j.r.: we are getting a better idea of how long stephen curry will be sidelined with a leg injury. you may have seen it happen during last night's game. chris alvarez has an update. also, a new analysis says there is a growing financial trend when it comes to renters moving into san francisco. here is a hint.
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how do you know when you've made the right decision? it's the feeling you get in your gut, the one that tells you what's right or what's wrong. it's the voice inside you that says, "i'm buzzed...better leave the car when it's time to go." buzzed driving is drunk driving. j.r.: breaking news. a magnitude 7.8 earthquake has hit southern turkey. the u.s. geological survey said tonight this is the site's online map you are looking at, showing the quake's location. strong aftershocks have been felt in central turkey, where another earthquake of a 6.7 magnitude struck about 11 minutes after the first quake. information just coming in on
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this. we will have updates on and on abv 7 news here at 11:00. all eyes today on stephen curry. the warriors star who injured his leg last night. chris alvarez here with more information. church is full,. how is it looking? chris: about as good as it can considering. stephen curry is going to miss some time with a left leg injury. a clearer timeline will be revealed in the coming days. an mri revealed he suffered partial liga meant tears in the injured left leg. curry will not play tomorrow. he's likely to be out through the all-star break into february, which means he would miss at least the next five games. >> talked to him last night, he was in good spirits. he's always a half-full guy. first thing he said to me was, the good news is i am going to be back.
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this is not season-ending. that was his fear going into the mri. so he is in really good spirits, and i think the rest of the guys we will keep on forging ahead. chris: this will be the warriors a second extended time without curry. he missed 11 games with that shoulder injury. more including teammate reaction, coming up later in sports. some good news. he is not out for the season. j.r.: who is moving to san francisco? apparently people with money. lots of money. nationwide apartment listing service rent cafe analyzed u.s. census data from 2015 to 2022 and says san francisco had the biggest jump of millionaire renters nationwide. the report also found an overall increase in high income renters. nationwide, san francisco came in second behind new york in the number of millionaire renters,
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with los angeles in third place. it's a story that proves sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. the search for a man wanted in a bizarre crime ended with this high seas rescue. how it is connected to a hollywood movie, ahead. and heading outside, the rain is moving out and spencer christian says our temperatures will take a big drop. how low they will go, ahead in th
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j.r.: the coast guard rescued a wanted man on a stolen yacht, and a dramatic scene was captured on video. pc a boat taking on water as it capsized on wednesday off the coast of oregon. the man on that boat was wanted by police for a board -- for a bizarre incident at a house featured in the movie the goonies. he is accused of leaving a dead fish on the porch of the home, then stealing this boat. he was thrown into the water at one point but a rescue swimmer reached him and the two of them were relifted into a helicopter. the boater was taken to the hospital and later arrested. happening now, lake tahoe and essential sierra nevada mountains are under a bad country avalanche warning. this map from the american avalanche association shows the
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area at risk. the national weather service says the warning is in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning. heavy snowfall combined with strong winds are also creating areas of unstable snow near ridge tops. here's a look at one of the reasons behind that avalanche warning. snow came down today in tahoe. the greater lake tahoe area is under a winter storm warning until 10:00 tonight. three to nine inches of snow is expected with up to 16 inches in higher elevations. tonight, driving to or from the sierra is a real challenge, and you can see some of those traffic cams. traffic no longer being held on interstate 80. it was stopped because of multiple spin outs. but chains are required for eastbound and westbound traffic in the tahoe area on highway 50. changeover required from nine miles east of placerville to myers. in
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dropped ice on point raise station. this is video tweeted outside toby's fiend barn at about 10:30 this morning. they told us that hail lasted for about five minutes, then the sun came back out. some wild weather, whether you are in the sierra or even around here. spencer: that is true. cold air mixed in with our storm and produce some hail, and even some snow and frozen precip today. our storm has ended. it is still snowing in the sierra, as you pointed out. snow showers as the storm weakens a bit, with a few bands of heavy snow possible. an additional four to six inches may accumulate. in the bay area, things are quite quiet compared with how they were yesterday and earlier today. the storm has wound down to just a couple spotty sprinkles. it is basically over. we still have gusty wind, 25 to 35 mile per hour augusta or the coastline.
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overall we see the winds continue to weaken. it is getting quite a bit colder. 11 degrees colder right now in san coelho's -- in san carlos. 10 degrees cooler in haywood and san jose. on we go to a view under clear skies looking out over san francisco where right now it is 50 degrees. also 50 at oakland, san jose, and half moon bay. 49 at palo alto and santa clara. temperatures are dropping sharply. here is a nice view from emeryville. 49 degrees right now in santa rosa and fairfield. 47 at livermore. one more view, the moon from the shop, from the exploratorium camera looking out over the bay waters. showers are ending, skies turn clear this evening. cold for the morning commute and
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we can expect dry, sunny, and milder days ahead. here's our forecast animation taking us into the late-night hours. skies will continue to get clear, and that means temperatures will continue dropping. overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 30's up in the north bay interior valleys. in the inland east bay, mainly mid 30's. right around the bay shoreline we will see lows in the upper 30's to about 40. tomorrow's ties under sunny skies. san francisco, 57. maybe up to 60 in the mildest locations around the bay shoreline tomorrow. inland east bay, upper to about 60. 61 over and fairfield. santa rosa will top out at 62 degrees tomorrow. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. lots of sunny days coming our way. a couple chilly mornings tomorrow and tuesday, then milder afternoon whether on wednesday. look for highs to reach the mid off littleoing into ne weend. >> now, abc 7 sports with chris
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alvarez. chris: stephime with a left leg injury. just how much time, we will know in the coming days. an mri showed he suffered partial ligament tears. he will not play tomorrow, the potential timeline will be revealed in the coming days. it happened on display in the third quarter. espn reports korea's likely to be out through the all-star break in mid-february, which means he could miss at least the next five games. >> the good news is he is going to be back. we don't exactly know when, but it's not an injury that is going to keep him out for the season. we have some experience with this and we are confident that we can keep things going and be where we want to be by the end of the year. >> it is never good when your teammates get hurt. obviously disappointed, but nothing be can really do about it. just try to play hard for him and stay competitive.
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chris: just days after making his latest tray demand, the nets treated kyrie irving to the dallas mavericks. espn reports lakers were involved in trade talks, but the mavericks ultimately offered a better deal. now what happens with kevin durant? the trade deadline is thursday. the number two stanford women trailed by 10 in the third quarter. fourth quarter, we are tied. she had 18. stanford up 2. under two minutes to go, tied at 65-65. two of her game high 21, and the huskies are up 2. seconds to go. jones missing a tough up and under. the huskies would make a free throw and take a three point lead. 19 seconds left. good shot, and it's short. stanford falls, their third loss this season on the first time they have lost to the huskies since 2016.
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weather has not been cooperating a double beach this week. after a b wind yesterday, hail and rain today. shortened to 54 holes. the weather improved as the day went on. the champion is current packers quarterback aaron rodgers teaming up with pro ben silverman of canada. they won by one shot at -26. rogers said he had not played golf between tinting camp and august, but looked pretty good. as for the pros, not a problem for justin rose who took the third round lead. jenny mccarthy making a serious charge to start the final round, seven birdies in the front nine. shot but at last check, rose has a two shot lead. they will finish tomorrow. reimagined pro bowl today in
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vegas. playing flag football, no tackling. defenders could not stop george paris, scoring the first touchdown for the nfc. there he goes. kirk cousins, he ch a discus thrower. they are having some fun. nfc takes the lead with cousins finding him. i think the kids call this the floss. he knows all the dance moves. late in the game, who says no one tries in the probe? nfc wins. pouring gatorade on winning coach eli manning. good fun there. super
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j.r.: here's a quick peek on what we are working on right now for abc 7 news 11:00. a deeper dive into save drug consumption sites. the plan for who pays for them and the roadblocks standing in the way. lunar new year festivities celebrating the year of the rabbit have come to a close.
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♪ crowds were entertained by the sounds of drums on the last they of the chinese new year community street fair in san francisco's chinatown. there was also plenty of food and shopping with more than 120 booths. spencer and chris, also want to say, i visited a fifth-grade class this week and we are going to talk about them and show what the experience was like for them tonight at 11:00. some of them talk sports, too. they like soccer. chris: oh, oh ms flores. you're the leader of many and pet wrangler, too. so becoming a student again might seem impossible. national university is here to support all of you. national university.
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