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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 5, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> officials and tomorrow morning, a few bay area leaders are going to do something about it. good evening, i'm in jr stone. you are watching abc seven news at 11:00. several leaders will be taking a stand against increasing threats of violence against elected minority women. among then -- them will be the oakland mayor and council member carol fife. we first reported on the story and now have details. reporter: spoke with the elected california senator who has faced numerous rape and death threats. she said people stay quiet about this type of abuse and then it won't stop. she will be out there tomorrow because she says enough is enough. when hayward city was running for senate in last november's election, she said
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she faced a level of violence she had not seen before. >> you want a number to reach me at? 911 because you're going to need to come get your dead body. reporter: even after winning the senate race, she says the threats have not stopped. >> it's quite disgusting and alarming, and the fact that people cannot threatened to rape you and leave you as they said in a body bag, and much more. so, those are all concerns for me. reporter: she was a first afghan and muslim woman elected to the california state senate. she says her senate district office was also broken into all within her first month of taking office. she is not alone. oakland city council member carol fife recently posted about some of the threats she has received on social media. she spoke to abc 7 news two weeks ago. reporter:
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start to see this right wing rhetoric pop up in oakland, california. reporter: she is working with the please department and state attorney general's office regarding the threats. new data from a princeton study that tracks threats made to public officials shows that women are targeted three times more than men. another report from the center for democracy and technology it finds that women of color are targets of violent abuse four times more than their white counterparts. a coalition of oakland community and labor groups is circulate a petition demanding that vic and business groups publicly condemn these types of attacks. >> enough is enough. as much as we respect people's freedom of speech, this has nothing to do with that. it has to do with the safety of an individual and where that line is crossed. reporter: the princeton study finds that threats and harassment of local officials discourages civic engagement and undermines public service.
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she says it that's another reason why more needs to be done. monday morning's rally begins at 9:00 a.m. outside of oakland city all. j.r.: thank you so much. also in oakland, lebron armstrong stepped in front of the cameras today, again calling on the city's mayor to reinstate him as police chief. >> the idea that i could look at this report and see how unfair it is makes me question have we moved forward in any way? j.r.: he blasted a report from federal independent monitor is plainly inaccurate and unfair to him. he has been on leave after that report said he failed to act on a misconduct incident involving one of his sergeants. his supporters echoed the calls for his reinstatement. >> we are asking the mayor again, again, and again to reinstate the chief back to his status. listen to your community. listen to your voters. it's asking you to reinstate the chief.
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j.r.: abc 7 news has reached o to the mayor's office for a response. we did not hear back today. developing news, a san francisco man is being held in county jail without bail after police said he fired shots inside in outer richmond synagogue last week. 51-year-old demetri faces criminal charges of brandishing an imitation firearm and disturbing a religious meeting. security video shows the man entering a jewish center, pulling a gun, and firing off several rounds. officers believed they were blanks. police believe he is the same man who walked into a theater on balboa street the day before and waved a gun at employees. across the country, a 26 year old man has been arrested in connection with a molotov cocktail attack on a bloomfield new jersey synagogue. the attack prompted synagogues across the state to increase security and recent dates.
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happening county's board of supervisors will announce an expansion to its one-of-a-kind gun violence strike team. it is in response to the mass shootings at half moon bay and in monterey park. the board will then vote tuesday on the proposal and allocate $1 million to hiring nine more people for the strike team. the goal is to take illegal guns off the streets and keep dangerous people member possessing a firearm. santa clara county is a first in the bay area to have a dedicated gun violence team. developing news and the battle against the drug overdose crisis. san francisco is tearing down a safe consumption sites as a possible part of the solution, but will it be the thing that can finally prove to be effective here? abc 7 news reporter tara campbell reports. >> the bottom line is we are sick of talking about this. we have been talking about it for years. reporter: supervisor hilary is
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talking about safe consumption sites. these are places people can go to use their drugs under supervision in case of an overdose. and get connected to services like treatment and housing. the board of supervisors and their london breed -- mayor london breed believe the sites can be part of the solution to san francisco's drug overdose crisis. >> the city would pay for the majority of services and a center like that. reporter: legal concerns are slowing them down. >> the city would not pay for the staffing of the room that is watching people to make sure they don't overdose. that is when they use drugs. under federal law, that is still illegal. reporter: they are turning to nonprofits to take illegal risk. the executive director of the nubia project >> believe when it comes to lifesaving services, you have to take a stand. reporter: she says in order to do that they need time to raise the funds and a contract with
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the city clearly laying out what they are paying for and what they are not aired she estimates it will cost nearly $1.5 million a year to operate a single safe consumption site aired >> that would include having staff, equipment that we need, and also making sure we have emts on site. reporter: a nonprofit in new york city has been operating too privately funded sites for more than one year and so far, the doj has turned a blind eye, but there is concern that could change. >> what is standing in between the city opening these centers and not is the city attorney. reporter: the city attorney's office has signaled support for the new york model but supervisor ronan says it is taking too much time. >> we get down to the details, they say they won't sign the contracts or allow us to use opioid settlement funds for the purpose. so, it's a lot of yes and no at the same time. reporter: tara campbell, abc 7
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news. j.r.: tara has covered the drug overdose crisis extensively and put together in original documentary titled injecting hope. she traveled to the existing site, safe injection site in vancouver, canada to see how it works. it's available on demand on her abc7 bay area app wherever you stream. happening tomorrow, as part of black history month, good morning america is taking a closer look at the topic of reparations in california. in the late 1950's, and east bay neighborhood called russell city was root to be within the city liver -- limits of hayward. then it would be turned into an industrial park, about 1400 black and 1902 families called it home. according to the new york times, the newly created california reparations task force released april a merit report last year identifying five areas that may
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be eligible for reparations. russell city is one of them. abc news senior national correspondent steve spoke to a woman whose family used to call russell city home. >> not just going to sit quietly and forget about it. >> this generation has absolutely no fear. we want what is ours. j.r.: you can see steve's reports tomorrow morning on gma at 7:00 a.m. right after abc seven mornings. at any time, you can check out all of abc7 stories about like history month. they are streaming honor abc7 a area app, available wherever you stream. still ahead on abc 7 news 11:00, that suspicious spy balloon mystery. the fbi now on the case of the china controlled surveillance loon. the reaction from the united states tonight. plus, >> relying to us?
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j.r.: role reversal. my trip to one san francisco school where students became the reporters. spencer: cold air is settling in and a frost advisory for parts of the bay area. i will have your forecast coming
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switch today! j.r.: developing news, you are looking at u.s. navy boats leaving a boat launch and myrtle beach, south carolina. their mission? collecting pieces of the chinese valence balloon shot down over the atlantic on saturday. for the first time, we are hearing audio from the air force pilot who fired the missile that took the balloon down. >> the balloon is complete he
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destroyed. j.r.: everything being collected is being sent to langley, virginia for analysis. phil lipof with reaction from lawmakers. reporter: the urgent mission underway to recover debrief from a chinese surveillance balloon shot down by u.s. fighter jet off the coast of south carolina near myrtle beach. the debris field a full seven miles across shallow water. u.s. authorities are looking for the metal part, a large bay of technology the size of three bus lengths. this is the pilot moments after the balloon was hit. >> have of conditions they are up against. i want to tell you these are rough conditions. reporter: the balloon drifted for seven days first entering u.s. airspace over alaska detected on january 28 with norad closely monitoring. a reach the continental u.s.
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with military taking immediate steps to protect against the balloons collection of sensitive information. the white house says president biden ordered the pentagon to take it down as soon as possible but was advised to wait until there was no risk to anyone on the ground. a single f-22 f air missile roughly six nautical miles offshore. >> we have eyes on the balloon falling. reporter: lawmakers from both political parties either criticizing or praising the president's decision telling this week on cbs face the nation. >> i can assure you we fly balloon over china they will shoot it down. >> i'm grateful that the military took decisive action when they did and how they did. but we obviously have issues here. reporter: china condemning the decision calling it an excessive reaction adding that it retains the right to respond further. j.r.: asleep at the a southern california passenger in a another car records a tesla driver apparently napping while
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driving on the freeway. >> she is out. slightly -- sleeping knocked out, and this car is driving. j.r.: wow, this was a few days ago in riverside county. the women who recorded the video said she followed the tesla honking and trying to get the driver's attention before calling police. this past week, i went to saint anthony immaculate conception school and san francisco's mission district. new at 11:00, and still -- instead of just talking about the news, we decided to give kids and a fifth-grade class a hands on chance to report news. talking to kids about being a reporter or newscaster is fun, but letting them do it themselves -- >> i am from abc7 channel news. >> hi i'm edwin hernandez. beyonce is even better -- is
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even better. this is the first time that many of these kids have ever held what we call in the biz a stick mike. it did not always go perfectly. >> my name is ashley j.r.: but with practice, the fifth-graders at saint anthony immaculate conception cool in the mission strict of san francisco did loosen up. ashley even told us her favorite part of the classroom. >> the library right here. j.r.: we quickly learned that each student here truly has an imagination of their own. >> i like roadblocks because it's so fun and there are millions of games, maybe even billions aired >> my favorite youtuber is sniper wolf. j.r.: yes, everyone eventually had something to say once we found their passion. >> i have two bunnies, one brown and one white. j.r.: maybe a couple future
11:18 pm
sports broadcasters do. >> reporting the world cup and lionel messi just scored a goal. >> i made four sacks and two touchdowns. j.r.: even switching roles and getting questioned by someone with the microphone was a first for these kids. j.r.: are you lying to us? >> yes. j.r.: perhaps when they questioned each other, the true journalists came out. >> i will be interviewing her about the kardashians. >> that's random. >> what do you like to draw? >> my feelings. >> when his last time you sketched? >> yesterday. j.r.: nex lengths of presentation. for our new friend valentina, maybe a podcast or youtube show to allow some of her extra thoughts. >> i highly recommend it if you
11:19 pm
are into adventure, thrills, and excitement. j.r.: from an energetic and lively saint anthony's location in san francisco, i am jr stone with abc 7 news. a thank you goes out to ms. flores there at saint anthony. what a time it was. we might have some work to do, but they are coming along. they are coming along. spencer: i could watch that again and again. so much fun. j.r.: we were outside and not getting rained on so that was good news there. spencer: and right now you will not get rain down either. the rain has gone away. here's live doppler 7. clear skies right now and dry conditions i am happy to say. the wind had been quite strong and gusty threat the day but now it is combed down significantly. it is getting cold though. the 24 hour temperature change shows it's five degrees cooler in san francisco and san mateo than at this hour last night. seven degrees cooler in oakland in 11 degrees cooler in hayward.
11:20 pm
you get the picture. here is the view from the tower looking over san francisco where it is currently 48 degrees in mid to upper 40's at oakland, allowed to. 50 at half moon bay. looking westward from the east bay camera, temperature readings right now three in santa rosa. 39 in fairfield, our coldest spot so far. from a rooftop camera looking across the area, we will take a look at the forecast headlines. clear skies overnight. cold in the valleys in the early morning hours. frost advisory for the north bay. and sunny days ahead turning milder around a midweek. here's the forecast animation. not much to show but it means we have clear skies with clouds disappearing during the overnight hours. the day gets off to a sunny start tomorrow. overnight, temperatures drop to 33 in santa rosa, the inland east bay will see low to mid 30's. mid to upper 30's in the south
11:21 pm
bay. upper 30's to 40 degrees around the bay shoreline. frost advisory in effect from 3:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow in the north bay inland valleys. temperatures will drop down two or below 34 degrees in these areas. frost will form and could kill sensitive vegetation. if you have sensitive plants, cover them in -- or keep them inside. tomorrow mid to upper 50's for the most part. concorde, fairfield, santa rosa will hit 60's or 61 degrees. not terribly cool tomorrow but not the mildest day in the forecast. it does get milder later in the week. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. by wednesday, temperatures edging up a bit. thursday, friday and lynn highs around the bait shoreline. they 60's -- mid 60's. it cools down a bit over the weekend as clouds increase. not much of a chance of rain over the weekend. there is a slight chance that it
11:22 pm
could develop and we will keep watching it and see how it develops as the leak goes on. j.r.: drastic changes. rain, rain, rain and then son as far as you can be. spencer: you are right. it's feast or famine. no middle ground. j.r.: still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. staff sidelined once again. the key to the warriors now going to be missing multiple weeks. the question is can the rest of the question is can the rest of the ducks carry ♪ alex! mateo, hey how's business? great. you know that loan has really worked wonders. that's what u.s. bank is for. and you're growing in california? -yup, socal, norcal... -monterey? -all day. -a branch in ventura? that's for sure-ah. atms in fresno? fres-yes. encinitas? yes, indeed-us. anaheim? big time. more guacamole? i'm on a roll-ay. how about you? i'm just visiting. u.s. bank. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with retail banking in california by j.d. power.
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j.r.: lunar new year festivities celebrating the year of the rabbit have come to a close. >> the sounds of the drums on the last day of the chinese new year community street fair in san francisco's chinatown. there was also plenty of food and shopping with more than 120
11:26 pm
booths. the warriors get news on the severity of stephen curry's injury plus other big nba news. chris alvarez is here with a preview of sports. chris: coming up in sports, a blockbuster deal ahead of the nba trade deadline aired plus, steph is sidelined. how long the warriors will be without their star a
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or live chat at today.
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: steph curry will miss some time with a left leg injury. it is not season ending. the mri revealed he suffered partial ligament tears and dish in his injured left leg. he will not play tomorrow. a potential timeline will be revealed in the coming day. the injury happened in the fourth quarter. steph curry likely to be out through the all-star in february which means he would miss at least the next five games. >> the good news is he will be back. we don't exactly know when, but it's not an injury that is going to keep him out for this season. we have some experience with this, and we are confident that we can keep going and be were we want to be by the end of the year. >> is never good to see a
11:30 pm
teammate get hurt. it's disappointing but nothing we can really do about it. just try to play hard for him and stay competitive. chris: just days after making his latest trade demand, the nets have traded kyrie irving to the dallas mavericks for two players and three draft picks including a first rounder in 2029. the lakers were involved in trade talks is weekend but the mavs offered a better deal. the question is what happens to kevin durant? number two stanford women trailed by 10 at washington in the third. fourth quarter tied. three and have to go, haley jones. what a score that was. 18 points. stanford up to. under two minutes to go. we are tied at 65. 21 off the bench and the huskies will back up by two. 30 seconds to go, stanford down by two. jones up and under. no good. huskies make the free throw and take a three point lead.
11:31 pm
19 seconds left. brooke dimitri for the type. it gets a good look, short. stanford falls. their third loss the season. the first time they lost to the huskies since 2016. pebble beach, pros will finish monday because of weather delays. amateurs finished today and the winner was aaron rodgers teaming up with ben silverman of canada. they won the pro-am i one shot at 26 under. as for the pros, a deer in the distance? not a problem for justin rowe. he sank a birdie on a team to take the third round lead. final round, third shot on the six. this is absolute perfection. it bounced onto the green and it settles. he would make the putt for eagle and tight delete. he took the lead with a birdie and number seven. check this out. what a beautiful sunset. rose has a two shot lead after his first in nine holes. the final round set to resume tomorrow at 8:00 a.m..
11:32 pm
abc seven sports is sponsored by river rock casino. j.r.: the deadly natural disaster in turkey one the most powerful earthquakes to hit the region and 100 years. plus, prepare for major explosion. that is the word in ohio tonight after this.
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lutions, this abc 7j.r.: oversn catastrophic seven point eight magnitude earthquake has struck the central part of the country. the ap is now reporting at least 568 people are dead across turkey and in neighboring syria. the toll is expected to rise. the quake a.m. monday morning local time. other video shows the shaking lasting for an incredible 1.5 minutes. rescue operations are underway to find victims buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings. strong aftershocks have been felt. the biggest being a magnitude 6.7 shaking was felt as far away
11:36 pm
as egypt and jordan. ohio's governor says there is a potential for a major explosion at the site of a freight train derailment. he's urging anyone living within one mile of the site in east palestine to evacuate. 50 train cars derailed northwest of pittsburgh pennsylvania friday night. some of them were carrying vital court -- vinyl chloride, a hazardous material. >> we still have a hot zone in there that is actively being monitored, and when they say it is safe to go in, then crews will be allowed to go in there. they will clean up the site. j.r.: epa crews are testing the water and air regularly. as of right now, the mayor says both are safe. the ntsb says two videos show preliminary indications of mechanical issues on one of the railcars axles as the cause. in the east bay, a fire tore
11:37 pm
through part of a restaurant at oakland jack london square. it took firefighters about 45 minutes to extinguish the flames saturday night at eves waterfront. crews tell the chronicle that the fire compromised a gas line, and they had to shut off gas to the building. no one was hurt inside -- no one was inside at the time. it was contained to the kitchen. no word yet on the cause or extent of the damage. in the south bay, a birthday celebration today for laurie houts who was murdered more than 30 years ago. her family, friends, and community members held a free throw fundraiser in her honor. laurie houts was founded string will to death in 1992 not far from the adobe offices in mountain view where she had worked as a computer engineer. sunday's celebration took place at her alma mater, gunderson hi. >> she loved basketball and was an awesome free-throw shooter.
11:38 pm
we are having a fundraiser for the gunderson foundation at gunderson high school. j.r.: john woodward who ran an online company is now being prosecuted a third time after two past mistrials in the 1990's. last year, investigators say they uncovered evidence, new evidence linking woodward to her death. laurie houts would have been 56 years old tomorrow. in the south bay, santa fe -- santa josé please say there was a rest in a deadly shooting. a man took himself to the er regional medical center friday night suffering from a gunshot wound. he died saturday afternoon at the hospital. investigators determined the shooting happened at a home on pepper wait near north jackson avenue. officers say they have arrested a suspect. the identity of the victim has not yet been released. in southern chile, for spires have caused at least 24 deaths
11:39 pm
and destroyed at least 800 homes. officials say 260 active wildfires burning. 28 of them are considered especially dangerous. more than 667,000 acres have burned roughly the size of rhode island. international aid is beginning to arrive from several countries that have pledged resources, including planes and expert firefighting teams. an urgent search is underway for a nocturnal bird that is roaming around new york city. flakka, a large euro asian eagle owl is in manhattan right now after a vandal set him free from the central park zoo late last week. the owl has been spotted all throughout upper manhattan. the latest sighting was in central park. zookeepers are growing increasingly worried about his changes of life outside the zoo. >> he cannot survive on his own in the wild.
11:40 pm
he has been in captivi central park zoo for over 12 years. if he had any hunting skills, prior to coming to the central park zoo, he has lost them. j.r.: hopefully they are able find him. people are investigating the vandalism at the zoo. still had on abc 7 news at 11, the future of the oakland coliseum, one of the landmarks of the bay area is one step closer to new life and what makes it so monumental. spencer: it's going to be a cold and in some spots frosty night. i will have the forecast
11:41 pm
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j.r.: welcome back. in the east fate, questions over what might become, a landmark oakland coliseum site. this past week, we got our strongest answer yet.
11:44 pm
an african-american led sports and entertainment roop has signed the exclusive ability to buy the site from the city of oakland. however, as abc 7 news reporter cornell reports, the big -- the oakland a's make it more complex. >> we are going to create the magic. if you're with me say oakland. >> oakland. reporter: there's a new plan and vision for oakland's aging coliseum complex. it could bring a $5 billion megaproject to the site. it may have sports, entertainment, hotel, and new housing. >> we're talking about affordable housing, so that we can keep those who have lived here in oakland for generations, so their families can continue to live here. reporter: the city has entered an exclusive development agreement with aaseg, a black-owned development team led by east oakland native ray bobbitt, who wants equity to be the focus. >> it's an opportunity for the african american community to create employment in an area
11:45 pm
where a lot of us grew up in. reporter: bobbitt's group says the renovated coliseum site could play host to concerts and professional sports teams, including an wnba franchise. >> right now we are trying to get as much business in so we can potentially have a team here and hopefully there will be an announcement shortly. reporter: the project could bring much needed tax revenue to the city but any plans to redevelop the area would require approval from the oakland a's which owns half of the site. >> this body will try to work with the oakland ace and hopefully come together in terms of what can we do to develop on this land? reporter: they have a lease to play their games at the coliseum until 2024 and are still negotiating with the city to build a new ballpark at howard terminal. is that project still playing going forward? >> as far as we know it is. they are welcome to be a part of this. the oakland a's are not being kicked out.
11:46 pm
they're welcome to be a part of the revitalization of the site. reporter: the group has two years to come up with a redevelopment plan. ray bobbitt says that the opportunity is great for his town. >> it's great to kick off black history month. i can't tell you how much it means. j.r.: san francisco's total water storage is nearly at capacity. the chronicle reports the city's water system captured more than a years worth of water in january, january's series of atmospheric rivers. the reservoir is expected to fill this winter for the first time since 2019 with nearly 1.5 million acres and feet of water as of february 1. the water system was about 92% of capacity. happening now, lake tahoe in the central sierra nevada are under a back country avalanche warning. this is from the american avalanche association. it shows the area at risk.
11:47 pm
the national weather service says the warning is effective until 7:00 tomorrow morning. heavy snowfall combined with strong winds are also creating areas of unstable snow near ridge cops. here's a look at one of the reasons behind that avalanche warning. snow, lots of it. tayn lake tahoe and is now starting to taper off,right now, chains ared on i-80 and hideaway -- highway 50 and non-four-wheel-drive vehicles. spencer: the snow is tapering off right now. j.r.: it's hard to clear it out when you get that much. spencer: and of course it is so heavy that it could contribute to the likelihood of an avalanche which is why we have that warning right now. it is a winter storm warning that has been lifted because the storm is winding down right now. our storm that we had earlier today has bound down already. quiet conditions across the bay area right now.
11:48 pm
as you can see on the live doppler 7, the temperatures are dropping sharply and a frost advisory is in effect from 3:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures will drop down two or below 34 degrees and frost of course can kill a sensitive vegetation. on we go to look at the projected lows. 33 in santa rosa, 36 in copper and 39 at san jose. it will be cold all wrong the bay. milder in the afternoon with highs around 60 or 61 degrees. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast appeared jr, we have a week of sunny days coming our way through friday and it will be pretty mild after about mid week or so with high temperatures in the mid 60's. it will cool down a little bit next weekend but the chance of precipitation next weekend with those clouds is very low right now. we go from winter like two springlike just like that. spencer: yes sudden and extreme changes. j.r.: now chris was sports.
11:49 pm
chris: with stephen curry sideline, who will step up? how about jk? what he set about making what he set about making warriors what if a mouse could change the world? if elephants could fly. if a princess could look like me. if stories could come to life. if i could watch heroes save the day... ...and become a hero myself. what if there could be a huge party... ...with my friend mickey? here, now, is where 100 years of disney dreams come to life at the disneyland resort.
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if you're buzzed feel okay to drive... to m you're not okay to drive. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: an mri revealed stephen curry suffered partial tears in his ankle. he is likely to miss at least the next several weeks. in his absence, everyone will step up including jonathan coming to who was the youngest warrior to reach 1000 points in his career. yesterday i caught up with jk after the win over dallas and asked about that very milestone. >> it felt great. his hard work every single day, being patient every single day. there are days i don't play and days i play. it just me being patient and the
11:53 pm
youngest player to reach that amount is a blessing. i didn't think i was going to reach that one day, but i'm here today, and i'm really proud of myself. chris: you have the highlight reel, dunks and posters. a lot of that has depended on cutting. >> there are so many teams that worry about the way we move the ball. there's so many ways that you can just end up being there. i just choose a time and pick the time went to go. chris: up in the absence of steph curry echo? >> we will just try to get better and play the best we can and hopefully he gets better. chris: lebron james is six points away from passing kareem abdul-jabbar for most
11:54 pm
points in nba history. lebron has 38,352. lakers have two home gains -- home games this week. kareem is expected to be nla in l.a. for the potential record breaker. it will be saturday night right here on abc7. coach steve curr asked about lebron on the doorstep of history. >> most of us back then thought the record would never be broken . at two lebron do it over the last 20 years is pretty remarkable. a great testament to not only his ability but his durability. he is just a machine. he is healthy and a physical force. chris: back to pebble. amateurs finished today after 54 holes appeared jason bateman and will arnett having fun on the final hole. all the way down to read the putt, he is going to need a chiropractor after that. bateman, all the pressure, sinks the putt. that is all arnett and bateman
11:55 pm
he knows it. it's tough from those 20 guys. bill's quarterback josh ellen skip play. finished with a birdie and forth overall. pro-am winter aaron rodgers looking real good here on 17. he and pro partner ben silverman winning by a stroke. rogers likes this trophy but would prefer another super bowl. >>'s been a long time since i've held the other one which has been really, really special. that was a special moment on the podium. always wanted to win a golf tournament. it's a weird bucket list thing i've had. i played lake tahoe for many years. this was my best chance. this is really special for me. chris: speaking of the super bowl, it is one week from today. patrick mahomes and the chiefs and the eagles landing in phoenix today. i still not over the loss in the nfc title game for the niners. i will probably be ok by the time training camp starts.
11:56 pm
a full week activities planned. no pandemic restrictions. they end tomorrow with the media spectacle that is opening night. the reimagined pro bowl in las vegas. flag football today. no tackling. the defenders did not take george's flag so he scores the very first touchdown for the nfc. there he goes. nfc trailing until cousins under hands it. he is playing his seventh straight pro bowl. he chucks it like a discus floor -- thrower. it is kittle over the middle. cousins finding george. second touchdown of the day. he does a flossy dance. late in the game, juice with the game ceiling catch. who says they don't cry in the pro bowl? nfc wins, catalans. pouring a gatorade on the winning coach, eli manning. abc7 sports is sponsored by river rock casino. j.r.: love those catches there.
11:57 pm
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>> secretary of state antony blinken postpones his tripo


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