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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 6, 2023 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking news this morning on world news. now a massive and deadly earthquake hits turkey and neighboring syria. countless buildings have crumbled. debris everywhere, scared residents scrambling to safety as emergency efforts are underway to find those trapped under the rubble, like this little girl that was rescued. also this morning, the fallout over that chinese by balloon shot down off the carolina coast as an urgent effort continues to pull the wreckage from the atlantic ocean plus the near collision between two planes on the runway in austin, texas. fedex cargo plane and the southwest passenger jet . what we're learning this morning from the investigation and later the amateur rapper who's going viral on tiktok how his raps about pop culture and current events have attracted more than four million followers , including lizzo and does a
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cat. it's monday, february 6th. from abc news. this is world news now. that young man is some monday. motivation natch andrew denver joined alongside by jacqueline lee philadelphia. welcome back. thank you so much. glad news now insomniac world of us sleep deprived people viewers . us yeah, that's fine. alright we're going to start here, though we have some breaking news overnight, a massive and deadly magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit during the early morning hours in turkey, casualties and damages spread to the syrian border, at least 568 people combined have been killed overnight in the two nations, with hundreds more injured. here's a b cs derek dennis. this morning death and destruction in south central turkey and neighboring syria. a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, followed by a
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series of aftershocks, leaving a rising number of dead and dozens of buildings destroyed at the top of one building marking wires could be seen lighting up the sky the main tremor felt and at least nine cities. survivors out of breath and in a day searching for loved ones buried in debris. the epicenter in the turkish city of cameramen morris near the border with syria, so close to the syrian civil defense declared an emergency, noting the collapse of several residential buildings and activating teams to rescue the stranded in those trapped under the rubble, but the damage in turkey is extensive. even those whose homes are still standing so light fixture sway is debris fell around them. the white house national security adviser , issuing a statement saying president biden has directed us aid and other federal government partners to assess us response options and turkey's president erdogan tweeting. the quake was felt in many parts of the country, adding search and
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rescue teams have been immediatelydispatched and expressing his hope that we will get through this disaster together. and the death toll between turkey and syria is rising, and it is staggering and search crews are only just beginning t through the rubble. serious civil defense, calling it a catastrophe. andrew and jacqueline, it really is so many people lost their lives in this devastating disaster will have more throughout the morning as well, derek. thank you. alright well, republicans are demanding answers as they accuse president biden of waiting too long to shoot down that chinese spy balloon, navy and coast guard crews are scouring the waters off the south carolina coast to retrieve whatever is left of the balloon. the incident has heightened tensions with china, which slammed the shoot down as an overreaction. it was his phil lip off has more the urgent mission underway to recover debris from a chinese surveillance balloon shot down by us fighter jet off the coast of south carolina near myrtle
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beach. the debris field of full seven miles across shallow water. us authorities are looking for the metal part a large bay of technology the size of three bus lengths. the air force confirms this is the pilot in the moments after the balloon was hit. bank wine that last one that is a hill elwin lopez out in the atlantic feeling what kind of conditions the us navy and coast guard up against? let me tell you. these are rough conditions drifted for seven days, first entering the u. s airspace over alaska detected on january 28th with norad closely monitoring it, then reached the continental u. s senior administration officials say the military took immediate steps to protect against the balloons collection. sensitive information. the white house says president biden ordered the pentagon to take it down as soon as possible, but was advised to wait until there was no risk to anyone on the ground. a single f 22 fired an air to air missile roughly six nautical miles off the south carolina coast about 60,000 ft. in the air. we have
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eyes on the balloon falling lawmakers from both political parties either criticizing or praising the president's decision telling this week in cbs's face the nation. i can assure you that if we fly a balloon over china, they're going to shoot it down and probably a lot sooner than we did grateful that the military took decisive action when they did and how they did, but we obviously have issues here. china condemning the decision, calling it an excessive reaction , adding that it retains the right to respond further. philip off abc news, new york and the president has today to put the final touches on his second state of the union address, is expected to call for bipartisan cooperation and tout the nation's latest job numbers. but our new poll highlights the challenges he faces 41% of those in an abc news washington post poll say they are worse off financially since biden became president and overall 53% disapprove of the job he's doing while 42% approved. that poll also finds biden losing in a
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hypothetical rematch against one donald trump. abc news will provide live coverage of the president's state of the union address and the republican response beginning at nine p.m. eastern tomorrow night. ukrainian officials are hopeful that they will eventually get the warplanes requested from western allies as more civilian targets come under fire. russian missiles hit an apartment building in kharkiv, injuring several people over the weekend as ukraina braces for a new russian offensive. israeli prime minister naftali bennett says vladimir putin promised last year that he will not kill president zelensky. but ukrainian officials say putin is a liar and should not be trusted . another close call at one of the nation's airports is raising safety concerns for passengers and sparking talk of procedural changes. here's a b cs origin, shaw. the faa investigating a third aviation incident in less than a month of fedex cargo plane and southwest passenger flight to cancun, nearly colliding at austin bergstrom airport in texas, just minutes
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before the cargo plane was due% to land and air traffic controller cleared the southwest 7 37 passenger jet to depart from the same runway. on the go. that was 73. roger could turn right when able to 14 32 climbing team 3000 when they turn left, heading 080 aviation expert john nance, saying the two planes came dangerously close to each other, forcing the fedex plane to abort its landing and pull up nance, adding the southwest pilots decision not to turn may have averted a disaster. the tower had told him to turn to the right. that would have been a very dangerous thing to do, and the southwest pilot refused it just last month. a delta and american plane with a combined 302 passengers and crew narrowly avoided crashing into each other at jfk. 1943 cancel takeoff plans just 1000 ft. separating them the delta flight quickly aborting takeoff. we're back to just about where we were
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before covid the reason that we're seeing so many of these years because the increasing pace of operations is overwhelming the system to a certain extent, so what can be done to avoid these kinds of incidents? will aviation experts believe the quickest fix of this problem is to increase the margin of distance between departing and landing aircraft on the same runway? zoran shot abc news, los angeles doreen thank you. yes some close calls there. all right, taking a look at the weather. we're tracking another coast to coast storm. now that storm is dropping up to a foot of snow in the rockies by tomorrow night, it will bring rain from the gulf coast to the great lakes of the storm. it's warming up for most of the east. there will be spring like temperatures from the northeast to the south route midweek and it is early february. that's a major change for places like new york, where a part of a fountain froze over the week. tend today . it'll be 50 degrees. understand how five, which is just like that, because it was feels like nine degrees on saturday. i was so cold. what did you do inside? that's what i
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had a blanket binge watching criminal minds. there you go, and now i might have to go outside because it's spring like temperatures enjoy. okay coming up another reason why you should never sleep on the subway here in new york city, the young tiktoker wo's taking wrap in a whole new direction and racking up of viral following even attracting the attention of lizzo and does a cat, but first the draw rheumatic rescue from a stolen yacht caught on camera. you're watching world news now. e
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to deal with this sucks. international help is arriving in chile as firefighters battle more than 200 wildfires. at least 24 people have been killed , nearly 1000 injured and 1500 forced from their homes. the fire has destroyed more than
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600,000 acres of forest, roughly the size of rhode island, and intense heat wave is hampering efforts to put out the flames and incredible rescue at sea involving a stolen yacht has some very unusual twists and turns to the story. here's a b cs phil lip off stunning footage in the rough seas coast guard rescuing a man as this yacht is rolled by a giant wave. the remarkable rescue friday at the mouth of the columbia river as it flows into the pacific ocean, notorious for 20 to 40 ft waves. that's petty officer first class branch, walton dropped down from a chopper in the water, inching closer to the boat when the massive wave crashes. so i saw the wave coming. he pointed to it. i looked over. it was a little too late. tried to duck underneath it. i didn't get hit as bad as the boat. amazingly the man on board 35 year old jericho, levante saved and taken to the hospital with mild hypothermia. that was a
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phenomenal job done by that rescue swimmer. a story of police chief stacey kelly watching the rescue with no idea the man plucked from the water was the same man his department had been searching for. police alerted to this video wednesday . they say that's labonte. they're placing a dead fish on a porch. put the dead fish on the porch put stickers over the security camera that house made famous in the eighties movie the goonies. amazing thing. entire life first, you gotta do the truffle shuffle. two days later that harrowing rescue and police say they discover the boat labonte was piloting was stolen . by the time we started putting all this together. he had already been rescued by the coast guard transported to the hospital and medically cleared. hours later, the police moving in arresting levante at a local warming shelter. philip off abc news new york what a crazy story there at least the man was is
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alive, arrived shoutout to the coast guard there for pulling that daring rescue off. okay coming up the world has a new oldest dog. just wait until you hear how old bobby from portugal is. but first the young rapper who is going viral on tiktok, how he's racking up millions of followers. that's next. you're watching world news now.
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young man from new mexico is the next shining star on tiktok. his star is only on the rise. our own will dance is here with more on the heels of last night's grammy awards and up and coming artists making waves on tiktok, but before he scooped up by the recording academy, he spoke with us about his rise to social media startup. jack black blackjack. rose didn't share the door now. jackson sharks neck from pop culture to geography, first state horse race club shaped and bernie sanders.
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nothing is off limits when mikey angelo is at the mike. i also got a question with math. would they be semi lovato? if you subtract the hack that for me was human, then with this rapid that if it were a captain, his cat in the hat, describe the content i make as a live look into my brain and how much pop culture is just crammed in there. the 24 year old new mexico native grew up listening to nicki minaj. but now he's racked up more than four million followers of his own on social media. the most enjoyable part is when i come up with a killer line or when i come up with something i'm really proud of. and just be like pacing my apartment like oh, my gosh. yes yes, like this is it? this is the one odeon tried assassinating katy perry scrambled out the word jada and his dictionary looking back. is there a favorite line that comes to mind that you're like, wow, that really was genius. specifically there's a line about, um why would i amuse dudes that use three in one shampoos, and i really, really liked that line. all the members
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are true. why would i am usually opinions of dudes that used three in one shampoos? yep that's lizzo dancing along to mikey's rhymes, and she's not the only one that has seen my videos. the kardashians have shared my videos instead of steering clear of controversy, mikey leans into it wants to erase his divorce. nicky was chased by a horse this yes, this and no are you ever worried that you're going to cross some kind of line and that, like stand twitter or stand tiktok is going to come after you. it is scary knowing the world of stan twitter is out there watching um , but, yeah, you just can't think about it. you just kind of post and go. and just when you thought you had this unlikely rap star figured out he's sings, too. oh, no. hmm. man of many talents, mikey says his all time dream collaboration would be with ariana grande.
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he's also featured on a song dropping later this week with another award winning artist, but details beyond that are top secret. i tried. i'm sorry, i know keep an eye on his social channels qualify in some regard for a grammy, probably artists tiktok category exactly. um the i also askedle misunderstand? wo they get wrong about him? and they say, he said that they y and reserved, and i lovm that. he has, like a persona. yeah social media versus in person, but it makes sense growing up being a nicki minaj fan that that he's going to kind of come across that way in the video editing skills to the visual element of it, saying song writing, but you're right. there's a lot that goes into content creating video. creating will have him do a special poker for us to imagine. i'm here for
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it coming up. the last thing you'd ever want to see after you wake up on the new york city
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coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit 1t coventry direct .com. we're back now, with the mix, starting with slippery situation . yes you know how in the winter no matter how cold it is, there's always that one guy in shorts outside. sometimes i'm that guy. you guys i hate to admit it. i don't know how to dress in the cold, but this time it wasn't us. guy was caught on camera in paducah, kentucky, caleb farley was bound. and determined to get his workout in as he headed out to his car. but he didn't expect his work out to be ice skating or rather ice slipping. i guess it's kind of like a treadmill. he's running in place. you could even call this ice falling. yeah it's impressive. he didn't fall in his face, though. it's like impressive scooby doo when they try to get out of there, but
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their legs like go in there, yeah. alright sure, sure, next to another reason why you should okay. never fall asleep on the subway here in new york city, and so this guy was caught on camera. you know, in a deep sleep as a rat, a rat climbed onto his foot. his left arm across his stomach to the right arm. but no, the rat. mr rat is not done. my god, the rap pay with the m t. a this is an adult size bratty climbs up the nuzzle. the guy the guy on the neck just as he wakes up, and it takes him a moment to realize what is going on here. other day , new york why is he so relaxed when he wakes up? he's just like brushes it off dream, you know, or maybe he has a rat at home that does that when he's resting , and that is so nice of you to suggest that that's what's going on here. no, no wonder because we've been tricked a couple of times here, especially recently in world news. now is this video for real? well. real for wraps
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all right next to new tricks for one old dog just two weeks after guinness world records announced at 23 year old chihuahua as the world's oldest living dog, along comes bobby and bobby is 30 years old, barely three months away from 31 is a livestock gurdian dogs from portugal. that is in real years. not dog. yeah he's like, i don't know 200 . now that breed typically lives only to a maximum of 14 years. so bobby has more than doubled that life expecting asean human i guess. i mean, it depends what formula used. we're gonna call it 86 years moving. he was going looks like a young pup. you know , this old dogs and beatrix finally to the nuttiest story. you're all here all day workers for past control company and sonoma county, california has got more than they bargained for when they discovered the damage on a home caused by a woodpecker workers say the bird was making holes in the walls of the house to store its food, which can't falling through the spaces
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from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is the "jeopardy! tournament of champions." [applause] here is our final group of "jeopardy!" champions-- an associate professor of operations research at the naval postgraduate school, from pacific grove, california... a statistical research specialist from nashville, tennessee... and an attorney, from arlington, virginia... [applause] and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!", ken jennings.


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