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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 6, 2023 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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♪ announcer: building a better bag solutions, this is abc7 news. >> no for who they are, what they believe in, not online, not anywhere. ama: enough is enough. a rally to denounce threats made against women of color. good evening. dan: thank you. today, state and local elected leaders and allies spoke out against the violence and harassment. ama: our reporter was there and has the story.
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space with people who make casual jokes about violence towards women to shut them down. don't just ignore it. >> a senator joined other officials to call for an end to the increasing political violence and harassment against women of color in politics. >> the increase in the types of harassment and level of harassment and obsessive obsession with firearms in the state is challenging, and it is scary. >> for weeks, this oakland city councilmember has been posting about the threatening voicemails she has received. >> [indiscernible] including you, so go nurture your little criminals [indiscernible] >> the first afghan and first muslim woman elected to the california state senate has shared similar threats. >> you want a number to reach me at [indiscernible] 911. because it's going to [indiscernible] dead bodies. >> the rape and death threats are not just limited to
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officials. another person with the anti-police terror project has been a target as well. >> the first attack i got 14 years ago was sexual assault. it was against my nine-year-old daughter. >> a coalition of groups is circulating a petition, calling on civic and business leaders to publicly condemn these types of threats. >> ensure that everyone is aware and willing and ready to condemn all forms of violence, threat, and harassment. oakland police department and the state attorney general's office regarding the threats and says legislation is being drafted at the local and state level to deal with the issue. >> women of color, especially black women, we will no longer stay silent. we will no longer stay on the sidelines. the message is you cannot stop us. [applause] plain and simple. dan: and, the oakland office is refusing to respond to
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the police chief's latest call for his reinstatement. armstrong asked for his job back again yesterday mincing the results of a report investigating his department for misconduct it were blatantly inaccurate in tarnishing his reputation. the mayor placed armstrong on leave last month after the report claimed he failed to take action over incidents involving a police sergeant. ama: a sunnyvale man is accused of trying to rob, kidnap, and assault the woman police say he knew. police arrested the man last week for an incident that happened on january 10. according to investigators, he approached a woman in san jose, attacking her from behind by holding a knife to her neck. >> there was some sort of friendship between the victim and suspect. we do not know what transpired or what caused the suspect to try to rob this person he knew. ama: investigators said the woman fought back and ran away,
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neighbors helping her. police are still trying to determine the motive. dan: one person is in the hospital with serious injuries after vehicle struck two people walking to school this morning on proctor road near redwood road. police say a mother and her seven-year-old son were walking on the sidewalk when they were struck by a vehicle turning from the road. the boy suffered minor injuries but his mother's injuries are severe, we are told. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the authorities and does not appear the driver was under influence of drugs or alcohol. ama: the alameda sheriffs's office working to curb shows and prevent reckless driving. dots have been installed in multiple locations. this video shows remnants of a sideshow that happened over the weekend on the newly installed dots. the alameda county sheriff plans
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to install more and areas known for sideshow activity. dan: the rain stopped. the impact of the storm is still being felt in the bay area. the day, officials highlighted resources available, but some of the hardest hit immunities continue to recover any more help. zach fuentes has more on how some are coping with that process and the latest help available. second: the storm damage has been devastating across multiple counties. santa cruz getting national attention for the damage in one city, damage so severe president biden had to see it for himself. san mateo county was added to the major disaster declaration, giving residents who had damages or losses the option to apply for help from fema. >> this has become the new normal. it is clear to me that the federal government needs to do more to support local governments and local communities and these types of
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crises. zacher: was there he hit her has been the venture retreat center, a nonprofit that aims to be a peaceful space for visitors. we visited him in january. this video shows how devastating the storms have been. we spoke with him for an update on the phone. >> we have [indiscernible] but there is mud throughout the property. work many hurdles. the counties and colors show people eligible for female assistance. san mateo county is green, meaning only individuals and households can get financial aid, an umbrella the retreat does not fall under. >> we can apply for the sba loan, but it only covers at the most $200,000. that is all we may qualify for. we are looking at millions in damages. zach: [indiscernible] >> in insured losses could be
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between $500 million -- zach: n/a briefing, senator -- introducing two that will give the federal government flexibility. >> the federal government should not have their hands tied on how much they can help in recovery efforts. zach: they say they are grateful to volunteers and local businesses who have helped him in the recovery and they say it will continue despite any hurdles. >> we will not pause. there is no pausing. ama: that was zach fuentes. powerful aftershocks causing damage in turkey. an aftershock turned apartment blocks into piles of shattered masonary. turkey disaster officials say 5600 buildings have collapsed. yesterday'earthquake killed more thans rescue crew are pulling survivors from the wreckage, offering moments of hope despite the years the death will mount.
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a reporter is rosales has a look at the impact is the region deals with the aftermath of the strongest earthquake in more than 100 years. >> from under the rubble, a small hand reaches out. volunteer white helmet rescuers pulling out a boy alive from the debris. the frantic search for life is not enough. >> we need help. we need support. immediate support from anyone who can support us. >> the catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake collapsing buildings. people slept in bed. the u.s. geological survey predicts the death toll could rise by the thousands based on the location of the quake, turkey, and syria, one of the strongest at the region since 1939. >> we were not ready to deal with something like this. it is bigger than us and any ngo
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in syria to handle this disaster. >> survivors unable to go home taking shelter wherever they can find, even in cars. >> -- to say hello to my kids -- >> strong aftershocks complicating the search for those trapped. the biggest measuring 7.5 magnitude. international help is on the way. several countries are donating money, equipment, and manpower. rescuers dig for any signs of life. dan: president biden is scheduled to deliver his state of the union address and tweeted this photo today of what appears to be a draft of his speech with a plate of cookies and at camp david mug . the annual address is the opportunity for the president to highlight key priorities and agenda items. our live coverage starts at 6:00 tomorrow night right here on abc 7 and includes the republican
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response. at 8:00 p.m., there will especially addition of abc7news at 9:00. we are excited to announce that a recently retired congresswoman jackie spear is joining the abc7news team as a political analyst. she would join us tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., prior to the state of the union address, then here for analysis after the speech during that special addition of abc7news at 9:00 p.m. ama: still ahead, a program to invest in families and help them improve socioeconomic status. a year and a half later, a look at the impact of the universal basic income program and what participants say about it. abc7news at 5:00
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socioeconomic situation. ama: 300 families from oakland will continue receiving $500 a month for the next six months as part of a universal basic income program. dan: we are here to look at the program and how it is working. >> they say it is working. you know the proverb, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. many believe that is better than a handout. in this case, giving these families that extra $500 a month has already changed their lives for the better. this is one of the 300 oakland families already receiving $500 a month since the pilot program began in june 2021. >> it helped me to maintain my rent, life, put food on my table. >> when the pandemic hit, hit his hours were cut -- hit, his hours were cut and now he's focusing on improving his economic status. >> the question of that
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investment allows them to start thinking, how do i sustain this and what is the best investment i can make to continue to move up the economic letter? >> i'm trying to make a side business, a service where i can do alarm systems and car audio systems so i can make more money. >> the nonprofit up together is overseeing the project in oakland fully funded by philanthropy. he says the extra cash gives families the chance to make a strategic investment. >> binding a car, -- buying a car, which can be the difference between a good paying job and a great paying job, right? >> other nonprofits are following the universal basic income model. the organization was founded with the goal to increase economic mobility. >> i was able to get us food when we needed it. >> it gave us this opportunity and let's me know i am thought about, that i do matter. in that i do -- and that i do,
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you know, that i'm worth something. >> the money funding this latest round is coming from a $1 million donation made by a single person. there is no data that shows the outcome of each person receiving this money but the nonprofit said "we trust people to make decisions that are best for him. they are experts in their own lives." these are not people close to being homeless, but they were at this level, right, and what this program you know helped them to achieve is to get to this new level, right, and break that cycle. dan: which is a game changer. >> yeah ama:. exactly. and you feel like you are worth something. >> right. and they matter. ama: is there a way for families to participate if they're not enrolled? >> unfortunate not. these 300 families were selected in 2021 so it will almost be two years, so it is not open to any more people but the hope is that there will be more philanthropy
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happening so that you know other families can also achieve what these people have achieved. dan: they are studying how affected the program is? >> yes. ama: thanks. dan: after the break, local food bank struggling, and they say more bad news is on the way. we will explai have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm.
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(vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore. ama: governor newsom asking the federal government to investigate why natural gas prices are spiking. the governor sent a letter to the federal energy regulatory commission saying that gas prices increases were triggered by earlier than usual cold winter weather. the letter also says that the cold spell does not fully explain the price hike. the state public utilities commission is also fast tracking energy bill credits to provide some customers with fast relief. dan: from gas to groceries, we have all been dealing with the spiraling costs of groceries, but imagine what bay area food
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banks are dealing with as they try to make ends meet and help people. as a reporter are overwhelmed as staple items cost more than ever. >> take a trip into a local food pantry and you will find staple items produced and if you open the fridge there is milk, but right now no eggs at the monument crisis center in concord. >> costs for eggs have increased 180%. cases that eggs used to cost $27. now they cost over $70. food prices. inflation. the high cost of living. all of that combined leaves us to serve one in six neighbors in the community, which is very high. >> there is more bad news. federal covid snap emergency allotments expire february 28, and there are 70,000 families in counties who depend on those benefits, so food banks like this one expect to see a big
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spike in need, march. it is a double whammy, more clients in need and providing pricier food. food is more expensive. how do you provide for the increased need? >> absolutely. we have seen those prices hit us as well. it is our job to make sure that we can meet that need. probably since around october we have gone up from seeing 200 households a day to 300 households every day. >> so far they are managing to keep the grocery bags full for clients like marlene gates. >> it is really a big help. you know. you don't have to go to the store and buy it. everything. it is nice. >> donations are badly needed in the months ahead. ama: all right. let's get to the weather. i saw two rainbows yesterday. dan: we had more rain this weekend. ama: yep. dan: the sun is shining.
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how long? sandhya: at least through the end of the workweek. we will change things up a little bit. let me show you live doppler 7 now. everything is pretty much going over the top of this ridge of high pressure that is beginning to build in which means the storm track is in the pacific northwest and we just get occasional high clouds like we are seeing right now on radar. he did get rain. yes, there were rainbows over the weekend. it is nice to see rainfall totals about .25 inches in hayward. oakland got .50 inches. .30 inches in san jose. over one inch of rain here over the weekend. a couple of days of rain. as we look at the temperature trend going up. 11 degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to yesterday at this time. five degrees warmer in san jose. a beautiful view as we see those
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wispy clouds. mid to upper 50's san jose to oakland. half moon bay is 52. from our mount tam pretty good visibility. 62 santa rosa. tics t-1 napa. -- 61 napa. we have milder weather coming. sunny skies. high, thin, wispy clouds. mainly clear and chilly overnight. sunny and warm weather midweek. cooler and cloudier friday. tomorrow, you will notice high clouds coming through the bay area around the lunch hour filtering the sunshine. we go into the latter part of the day in the clouds will thin out. tomorrow morning will be chilly just like we had this morning emmett mid to upper 30's in the coldest inland valleys around the bay and coast in the low to mid 40's for many of you. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 62. san jose 59. on the peninsula 60 redwood city and 56 pacifica.
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san francisco 58 degrees. sunshine and high clouds in the north bay. 60 degrees and napa. 62 santa rosa. temperatures close to today within a few degrees 59 in the east bay in oakland 60 in fremont and inland areas 50 none concord and livermore 60. we see temperatures trending higher towards the middle of the week. mid 60's for our warmest spots by then. upper 50's the low 60's right along the coast. then towards the end of the workweek, friday, going into saturday memorial cloud cover, just a side note, a rainfall, 22.8 three inches in downtown san francisco. annual rainfall is 22.89, so almost got the entire years worth of rain in the city in just these few months, which is great. dan: amazing. ama: incredible. dan: starting this weekend, suspending service and selected area by couch rent as it works to complete a electrification process. it is the first of four
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shutdowns happening through march. there will be bus bridges available. however you should expect delays. more information can be found on the caltrain website. ama: after the break, it might not be the largest ever, but the size of the powerball jackpot is nothing to scoff at. how much it is and meet the one man in the world who said if he won ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach,
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dan: you can get our live, breaking news, weather and more with our streaming tv app on apple tv, google tv, and roku. just search and you will find it. finally, a 740 milli powerball jackpot drawing. ama: tonight's ninth largest in u.s. lottery history. we caught up with people feeling lucky. one man says if he wins, he will give most of his winnings to his church. >> i realize the most wealthy people is the most people it is, so i give my money away. i take care of my family, but i
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am serious. i will only be here for a short time. i'm just telling the truth, man. dan: ticket sales and at 7:00 p.m. don't be discouraged. good luck. ama: much more news i had. dan: let's look at the stories coming up at 5:30. karina: a proposal for californians to visit a cannabis lounge and enjoy coffee or a bite to eat. the concept is a cannabis café. one assembly member matt haney joins us with why it is time for change and the response from those against it. plus, how city officials and law enforcement are responding to and i team investigation. this video showing young women believed to be sex workers outside a great school in east oakland. join us for those stories and more at 5:30 on abc 7 bay area streaming tv. dan: thanks. ama: you can download the abc 7
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app or head to for more local news. dan: world news tonight is next. from all of us
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♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver. harness the power of 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins
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to smooth, heal, and moisturize your dry skin. gold bond. champion your skin. tonight, the horrific images, thousands of buildings coming down in a catastrophic earthquake. the death toll in the thousands and growing tonight. the images coming in at this hour. the urgent search for any survivors. the magnitude 7.8 quake hitting in the middle of the night, as families were sleeping. thousands of apartment buildings and homes coming down across turkey and syria. the most powerful quake in that region in 100 years. victims trapped in the rubble tonight. rescue teams digging through metal and concrete. search teams begging for silence so they can listen for survivors. rescuers pulling an injured child from the rubble. dozens of aftershocks rocking the region tonight.


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