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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 6, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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home. leaders in santa clara county want to make it so no family has the feel the emotional pain of the shootings again. >> we know in our community too well the negative impacts of gun violence. in some ways, one of the things i am concerned about is, we get used to thinking about gun violence as a part of our everyday lives. in our community, we want to say no to that. dustin: that is wet these santa clara board of supervisors meeting $1 million of funding is expected to be approved to expand the team from five members to 23. the positions will be filled from prosecutors and investigators from the district attorney's office, police officers and federal law enforcement. the first of its kind in the bay area aims to dramatically reduce the number of sees guns. >> california has the most robust gun laws in the country. they need to be meaningful, effective. the way they will be meaningful and effective is if we're making
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them meaningful and effective by enforcing them. dustin: one of the gun of -- gun laws is the red flag law, designed to remove legal and illegal guns to people who make threats to themselves on the unity. suspects in mass shootings have been labeled as threats previously. the county has not prioritized using red flag laws enough. with more help from the community, reporting these threats, she hopes the task force expansion could lead to expedited restraining orders and more save the lives. >> we're organizing ourselves in a way that allows us to be assertive in intervening. instead of being responsive to a 911 call. this is on the preemptive side. dustin: in the hopes that this doesn't happen again. in santa clara county, dustin dorsey abc7 news. ama: new at 6:00, more than a month into 2020 three, san jose is investigating its first deadly crash involving a pedestrian. it comes after 63 deadly
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collisions last year, a record high. more than half of those killed were pedestrians. today's crash happened along jackson avenue around a 7:00 a.m. a driver hit a man at the crosswalk. the man died. the driver is cooperating. a mother is in the hospital with serious injuries after a vehicle hit her and her seven-year-old son as they walk to school in castro valley. they were on the sidewalk along proctor road near redwood road when it happened before 8:00 a.m.. the boy suffered minor injuries but the mother's injuries are severe. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating. it does not appear the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. dan: a sunnyvale man is in custody accused of trying to rob , kidnap and assault a woman who police say he knew. officers arrested this 43-year-old last week after an incident that happened on january 10 in san jose. according to investigators, he approached the woman from behind and held a knife to her neck.
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>> night of the incident he tried to conceal his identity. he was wearing some hooded sweatshirt. he put the hood on to cover his face. we do not know what transpired or what caused the suspect to try to rob this person he knew. dan: police say the victim managed to fight back and run away and credits neighbors to coming -- for coming to her aid. ama: a group of high school students in oakland held a block party and vigil to celebrate the life of tyre nichols. the group blocked dissection of a broadway in front of oakland technical high school this morning. >> it is very important that our school needs to be part of this block party. it's a time to celebrate someone that was taken away. so, fast and so terribly. ama: the students painted l cale antiviolence. tyre nichols died a month ago
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after being beaten at eight traffic stop in memphis, tennessee. five police officers been charged with second-degree murder. dan: after shooting at a synagogue, jewish community are calling for lawmakers to do more to limit the sharing of violent content. ryan curry is in the newsroom with the story. >> synagogue leaders believe this was an act of hate towards their community. authorities arrested demetri, people as the synagogue want hate crime charges filed. he says his congregation is processing what happened last week. san francisco police arrested this man for firing link rounds into the mission center in the richmond district. he hasn't got the first time mission was near his synagogue. >> he is a twitter account where he posted starting to fire outside of the synagogue. >> he also posted social media
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anti-somatic messages. >> his twitter account has nazi propaganda. >> we reached out to san francisco police to see if there investigating the social media accounts, we have not heard back yet. agencies have said it has become too common for hateful rhetoric to be shared on social media. >> we are at a time where the department of homeland security has told us the u.s. remains in a heightened threat environment, they have cited things like loan offenders and small groups, motivated by a range of ideological beliefs. seth with adl it says lawmakers and social media companies need a better -- need to do a better job of who shares violent content on social media or it could lead to violent acts. >> we could have deadly consequences and could lead to real-world action even though it may originate online. >> mission has not been formally charged a rabbi hopes the district attorney considers hate
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crime charges. >> they actually charge him officially, that is what he is on trial for, that is what he is accused of. >> i reached out to the district attorney and her office about this case. they got back to us this evening saying they expect a decision on charges tomorrow. in the newsroom, ryan curry abc7 news. dan: it was so scary to see the video. what are synagogue leaders telling the congregation about worshiping this week? >> they will not stand for hate. they are running full services this weekend are inviting everyone to show up. they told me they don't want an incident like this to intimidate anyone. dan: carrying on. ryan thank you. ama: there is a growing problem across the u.s.. political threats turning to actual violence. studies have found elected leaders who are women of color are disproportionately targeted. in oakland the state and city elected officials held a rally. our reporter has more. >> i call upon all men sharing
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space with people who make casual jokes about women to shut them down. don't just ignore it. >> california state senator, joined other state officials in front of oakland city hall calling for an end to the political violence and harassment against women of color in politics. >> the increase in the types of harassment and level of harassment in our obsession with firearms, in the state, is challenging. it's scary. >> for weeks, oakland city councilmember, carl five has been posting on social media about the threatening voicemails she has received. >> you all need to go, including you. hopefully you will be -- [indiscernible] >> the first afghan woman elected to the california state senate has shared similar threats. >> you want a number to reach me at -- 911.
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they will come get your dead body. >> the death threats are not limited to just elected officials. community organizer cap brooks with the anti-police terror project has been a target as well. >> the first attacked i got was a threat of sexual assault against my then -- what was she? nine-year-old daughter? >> a coalition of community groups are circulating a petition calling on business leaders to publicly condemn these threats. >> ensure that everyone is both aware and willing and ready to condemn all forms of violence, threat and harassment. >> she's working with the oakland police department and state attorney general's office regarding threats. legislation is being drafted at both the local and state level to deal with the issue, she says. >> women of color, especially black women, we will no longer stay silent. we will no longer stay on the sideline. the message is you cannot stop us. [applause] plain and simple.
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ama: ally to face issues like harassment, racism and abuse, go to abc7./takeaction. dan: let's talk about the weather. we got through another winter storm. ama: sandhya patel joins us. finally some dry and sunny weather? sandhya: it's going to be beautiful, we get a break you can put the umbrellas away as we take a look at the life picture this is a preview from our emeryville camera. we look at live doppler 7 and you will notice the storm track is up, over us in the pacific northwest. high-pressure takes control. we'll see more warmer weather. temperatures up anywhere from two degrees above mountain view to about nine degrees in san carlos. compared to 24 hours ago, the numbers at this hour in the 40's and 50's. definitely count on a light jacket, tonight.
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tomorrow morning made an upper 30's to start off the morning. i'll show you how warm it is going to get this week, plus a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. dan: excellent. universal basic income, does it work? we'll discuss that life. because a $500 a month program in oakland got extended. ama: 7 on your side helps the ama: 7 on your side helps the customer who has an - life is uncertain. everyday pressures can feel overwhelming it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated. it's normal. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van!
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dan: more concern about another spike in interest rates led to a selloff on wall street. the dow lost 34 points to close
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at 33,891. nasdaq dropped 119 points. the s&p 500 went down by 25. the federal reserve has indicated if another rate hike does happen it will likely be a smaller increase than recent hikes because maybe inflation is beginning to come under more control. ama: as part of our effort to build a better bay area, an update on a program in advancing families socioeconomic situations. dan: families will receive $500 a month as part of a universal income program. lyanne melendez is here to tell us how the program is working. reporter: some people may see this as just another handout. but what happens when the money runs out? are they going to be in the same situation? what they have discovered is for many of these families that extra $500 a month has already changed their lives for the better. this woman is one of
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east oakland families receiving $500 a month. since the pilot program began in june, 2021. >> it help me maintain my rent, life, food on my table. reporter: when the pandemic hit, his hours were cut. now he is working full-time and focusing on improving his economic status. >> the cushion of that investment allows me to start thinking how do i sustain this? what is the next nest investment i can make to be able to continue to move up the economic ladder? >> i am trying to make a side business, mobile service where i can do alarm systems, car audio system so i can make more money. reporter: the nonprofit come up together is overseeing the project in oakland, fully funded by philanthropy. this man hopes the extra cash, can help families make a strategic investment. >> buying a car which can be the difference between a good paying job and a great paying job.
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reporter: other nonprofits are following the universal basic income model. mayors for guaranteed income was founded with the same goal, to increase economic mobility. >> i was able to get us food, whenever we needed it. >> you guys give us this opportunity, it lets me know that i am thought about. that i do matter. that i'm worth something. ama: she matters. reporter: money to help these 300 families for an extra six month came from a single donor. more families are not able to participate if they are not already enrolled. the hope is that the philanthropy will continue so other families can get this help. wh i discoveredat -- what i discovered talking to people, it really elevated their economic status. instead of staying at this level right here, they increased their outcome. it takes them out of that cycle of poverty. dan: $500 is a lot of money.
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thank goodness for that millionaire. reporter: more to come, hopefully. dan: thanks. ama: the high cost of groceries is prompting more need at bay area food banks. things are poised to get tougher. local pantries expect to see a spike in need once federal covid snap emergency allotments expire at the end of the month. impacting hundreds of bay area families, including 70,000 in contra costa and solano county's. w with more clients in need and price your food. >> we have seen the prices hit us as well. and it is our job to make sure we can meet the need. since october, we have gone up from seeing 200 households a day to 250, 350 households a day. ama: food banks are desperate, donations are badly needed to feed the less fortunate. dan: governor newsom is asking the federal government to investigate why natural gas prices are spiking. the governor sent a letter to the federal energy regulatory
6:17 pm
commission saying, earlier than usual winter weather is not a sledding the price hike. the state utilities commission will discuss ways to negate the increases. cpuc is fast tracking energy bill credits to provide some relief. ama: well, we had the rain. it down port overnight, saturday? dan: we need it obviously. now we get a much needed break. sandhya patel is here. we've had a lot of rain this year. sandhya: we had an entire seasons worth in downtown san francisco. let's take a look at san francisco's rainfall from october 1 of last year to february 6 of this year. so far, 22.8 the -- 22 of rain. the average is 22.89. it's been a productive season i should say. we hope that this continues for a couple of more months. rainfall totals over the
6:18 pm
weekend, 35 hundredths of an inch in san francisco, picking up a quarter of an inch in oakland. san jose, 35 hundredths. places like livermore, 3900. concord half an inch of rain. live doppler 7 we have high clouds passing through the bay area. we'll see more of those going into tomorrow. the view from our golden gate bridge camera, no fog to speak of. there will be patches tomorrow. low to mid 50's from san francisco to oakland, san jose. 54 in santa clara. a lovely view towards san francisco from our emeryville camera. 54 in novato, 56, concord livermore. one live view from our san jose camera, passing clouds, mainly clear and chilly overnight. sunny, warmer weather midweek. cooler and cloudy conditions for friday. let me show you the temperatures first thing in the morning, low to mid 30's. tomorrow morning we are going to upper 30's in our coldest inland
6:19 pm
valleys, santa rosa. 36 and concord. 40 in san jose. richmond 44. higher clouds will filter the sunshine tomorrow. you will notice, it is going to be a nice-looking day. 62 in san jose. 60, cupertino. 60 palo alto. 50's up the coast, half moon bay 57. 57 in the sunset district. north bay numbers come upper 50's san rafael to vallejo, 52 in santa rosa. oakland. 60 in fremont. inland you will be 59 in concord, 60 in livermore. near to slightly below average tomorrow. as far as rain, everything is going over the top. friday, we see an increase in the cloud cover is the system goes to our north. on saturday, this computer model wants to bring us rain. the other computer model is keeping us completely dry.
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for the time being we will monitor the weekend system. the latest models have been trending dryer for the weekend. a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, a chilly morning tomorrow followed by temperatures in the mid-50's to low 60's. we will bump up the numbers for midweek, 64 to 66 degrees for our warmest locations. above average. upper 50's to low 60's coast side. temperatures dropping friday, bringing it back closer to average for the weekend with a mix of sun and clouds. the numbers are going back up for the second half of your weekend into monday. in case you are looking ahead to the weekend. ama: we are always looking ahead to the weekend. [laughter] dan: how could you not? well, the wet weather this past weekend as we go backwards was nothing compared to the severe storms of january. a look at the long road to recovery from storm damage and who is here to help. who is here to help. ♪ entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed
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ama: the impacts from the winter storms are being held by property owners throughout the bay area. state and federal officials highlighted resources available. by those hit hardest. dan: it has been over two weeks since president biden came to california to witness the storm's impact. we have pictures in capitola meeting with people, seeing the damage did to capitola village. ama: zach fuentes has more on
6:24 pm
how some are coping with that process and the latest help available. zach: the storm damage has devastating across multiple counties, santa cruz county getting national attention for the damage done to capitola. president joe biden had to see himself. san mateo county was added to the major disaster declaration, giving residents who had damages or losses from the storm the option to get help from fema. >> this has become the new normal. it's clear to me that the federal government needs to do more to support local governments and communities in these times of crisis. zach: one of the areas in san mateo county hit hardest has been this venture retreat center, a nonprofit that aims to be a peaceful speeds -- space where visitors. this video was shared by the president shows how devastating it has been for the. -- devastating the storms have been for them. >> the entire house, just mud
6:25 pm
throughout the property. zach: the work to rebuild continues and has many hurdles ahead. the counties and color shows who is eligible for assistance. san mateo county is in the green category, meaning only individuals and households can get financial aid. an umbrella retreat does not fall under it. >> we can apply for an sba loan. it only covers, 200,000, at the most. that's what we may qualify for. we are looking at millions in damages. zach: the retreat is not the one alone. >> the latest estimate at estimates the latest losses could be at $500 million. zach: a meeting with organizations like fema, senator alex padilla is introducing two bills this week that will give the federal government better flex ability. >> the federal government should not have their hands tied on how much they should help in recovery efforts. zach: venture retreat says it is
6:26 pm
grateful for volunteers that have helped in the recovery. >> we will not pause. there is no such thing as pausing. zach: zach fuentes abc7 news. ama: for one natural disaster to another. a look at the recovery and rescue efforts underway in turkey after a massive preda hi, i'm eileen. i live in vancouver, washington and i write mystery novels. dogs have been such an important part of my life. ti,and i write mystery novels.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. dan: organizations based in the bay area are desperately trying to get in touch with friends and family, after the massive earthquake strikes before dawn. >> my immediate family is ok. everyone knows someone, who they have not heard from or they know if someone's family missing. these are the times one we need to be together, help each other -- when we need to be together, help each other, do as much as we can. dan: anxious time. the northern california coastal region of the american red cross says the turkish and syrian red crescent teams are providing first aid blood, food and support.
6:30 pm
there is no request for blood donations from the u.s. the red cross is ready if it happens. today's earthquake was a 7.8 followed by aftershocks of 7.5. the 1989 loma earthquake had a magnitude of 6.9. ama: the official death toll has risen to 4300 combined. no u.s. citizens are among the dead. our reporter has a look at the recovery and rescue efforts. tim: this is the aftermath the deadly earthquake near southeastern turkey and northwestern syria. complete chaos, following a 7.8 magnitude shock overnight. thousands in both countries, now dead. the first quake hit while many were sleeping after 4:00 a.m. local time in a turkish city bordering syria, followed by several powerful aftershocks. in syria, the devastation is enormous,new video shows rescues
6:31 pm
removing this child from the rubble. mountains of crumbled buildings are already weekend by a decade of civil war. many in the earthquake region, refugees. look at this. just hours after the initial quake, tv crews captured this building, collapsing from another quake, 80 miles from the first. thousands of homes, businesses and lives across both countries are now destroyed. this is the country's worst earthquake in nearly 100 years. according to turkey's president, he says 45 nations are sending volunteers and aid. president biden says he is deeply saddened by the tragedy. his administration is deploying 279 person and urban search and rescue teams. tim pulliam abc7 news, los angeles. dan: we know how to prepare for
6:32 pm
an earthquake. what are you ready at home? get a kit, make a plan and be informed. if you need help, check out ama:on to the latest of the chinese balloon the u.s. shutdown, china responded saying it lost control of an unmanned a civilian balloon. the white house overreacted. i could not cheat is in reporter is in washington and found this is not the only balloon. reporter: security efforts continue as navy divers find remnants of the chinese balloon the pentagon says was on a spying mission over the u.s. the balloon was shot off the coast of south carolina on saturday by an f-22 fighter jet. >> that reporter: pentagon officials saying they track the balloons every movement as it passed over sensitive military installations, entering u.s.
6:33 pm
airspace over the islands of alaska. and re-entering the country in idaho, passing through montana, south dakota, nebraska, missouri and kansas before flying to the carolinas where it was shot down. the debris scattered across a seven miles of shallow water. china responding to pentagon allegations that the balloon was gathering intelligence, saying it was an unmanned a civilian airship and they lost control of the balloon. beijing accusing the u.s. of overreacting. the pentagon pointing to another balloon flying over colombia and venezuela. experts say china and the u.s. spy on each other frequently. there was value in waiting to shoot down the balloon. >> there collecting different types of intelligence that come off its movements, how it is communicating with the satellites. reporter: now military leaders say other balloons were not spotted by -- by the trump administration because of an awareness gap that needs to be figured out. that explains why trump
6:34 pm
administration officials denied about spy balloon incursions in office. beijing says it reserves the right to respond further, no indication what that veiled threat means. dan: evacuation order after freight train drill meant in a small town in ohio. it stretched into pennsylvania as fears remain high but the potential for a major explosion. 50 train cars derailed in east palestine ohio on friday. the town. is northwest of pittsburghso -- the town is northwest of pittsburgh. >> we have a hot zone in there. that is actively being monitored. when they say, it is safe to go in, then crews will be allowed in there. to clean up beside. dan: epa crews are testing the
6:35 pm
water and air regularly. the water is discolored, they say it is safe to drink. ama: happening tomorrow, president biden will stand before a joint session of congress for the first time since voters in the midterm elections headed control -- handed control to the republicans. you can watch the state of the union live. this morning the president tweeted a picture of a draft of his speech inside a binder. a place of cookies and a binder are set beside it. tyre nichols' accepted president biden's invitation to attend. the man who disarmed the monterey park sugar will also be going to the state of the union. the executive director will be with the congresswoman. it's a farmworker advocacy group helping out in the wake of the half-moon bay shooting. live coverage starts at 6:00 p.m., including the republican response. then we'll be on with a special
6:36 pm
edition of abc 7 news bite 9:00, followed by wheeled -- at 9:00 followed by will fortune. we'll be joined by j speier, she is joining the abc 7 news team as a political analysis. -- analyst. dan: still to come, see how leftover shells can help build a better bay area and combat climate change. >> i'm michael finney with a consumer complaint about an old online tech company. do you remember earthlink? this story has a happy ending.
6:37 pm
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ama: i like that sound. [laughter] the familiar sound of machines printing lottery tickets can be heard across stores in the bay area. 747 million dollar power job -- power jackpot. we caught up with people feeling lucky. >> i take care of my family but i am serious, i am only going to be here for short time. i'm telling the truth. ama: ticket sales and at 7:00
6:40 pm
p.m., the odds of winning are one and 2 million. dan: it is a shoe in. do you remember an internet company called earthlink< it was a big player in dial-up internet? ama: 17 on our side got a complaint about earthlink, caught our attention. mike -- michael: who knew? who provides your internet, verizon, comcast you get it from a big name in broadband or wireless. oneness complaint came in -- when this complaint came in late, it caught my attention. how is earthlink doing? >> it is doing well. we like to call it a 28-year-old startup. tim: corey works for work -- earthlink which is still providing internet access across the continental u.s. and other countries. i became aware of earthlink because a woman from oregon was
6:41 pm
visiting a friend in the bay area. >> yes, i went to visit my friend susan in walnut creek. and wehile i was there, she had not been using her computer for a while, she is not very tech savvy. well, i was trying to get her commuter working -- computer working, i noticed she had an earthlink email address. michael: she found her friend was getting her internet service through comcast. she calls earthlink. >> we don't have internet access. susan has been paying over $50 a month. i know she has had comcast since 2010. so, she is been paying for 13 years. i said, could she get a refund? some kind of amount. 13 years is a long time. michael: she is told there can be no refund. she reached out to me at 7 on your side. i got a hold of colonel -- corian earthlink, we just met. >> we would love to keep her at
6:42 pm
a customer for no cost, just for what she went through, for the foreseeable future. michael: earthlink does not keep track of who is using the internet. but it does know susan had used earthlink email. still, cory offers a great solution. >> we had talked about internally, this is totally up to her on -- i want to make sure she feels she has been taking care of. we would cut a check for the last three to four years. >> that is fabulous. that's really great. oh, she's going to be very happy when she sees you tomorrow. michael: we are not going to be able to meet up. that was taken a couple of days ago. she is happy. i really appreciate everything mary did and everything earthlink did. that's really nice. dan: it all worked out. ama: well, is this finally the week to wash her car? sandia has no rain.
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
even though the individual species are different, they have something in common, their shells. spencer: the presidio, wildlife ecologists are using nesting pods made with ground up oyster shells, used to attract growing oysters. it is a shoreline project to help the broader ecosystem. >> we anticipate more oysters coming in, not just coming in and settling, but those that settle, survive and grow. and hopefully can reproduce on their own, exceeding the bait with their larvae. spencer: or short drive north, researchers from uc davis are using roundup shells, from clams. their goal is to combat a threat from global warming, threat caused by pollution from foster -- fossil fuels making seawater more acidic. >> the idea i am working on is the purposeful addition of show material into sediments can interact with the acidic seawater and actually buffer
6:47 pm
against the changes that we are seeing due to the climate change. michael: -- spencer: she collected shells at the bodega bay. she wanted to know if the asset could help keep the title habitat less acidic. first testing her theory in lab experiments. >> we did see a buffering of that. in addition to the chemistry changing and data suggesting that was the case, we saw with the clam growth, that the clams grown with hash grew with more, than those without it. spencer: they hope mixing shells can help young clams survive in the balance to shoreline, even if surrounding oceans become more acidic. at the presidio, this wildlife ecologists says the shell laced oyster pods are having success, drawing in at residence attracted to the chemistry of their new homes, which they may
6:48 pm
associate with an optimal breathing environment. >> there has been a lot of recruitment meaning the larvae i found the structures, have landed on the structures and have been growing on the structures. spencer: they are two research projects, both reimagining the nature-based techniques to create a healthy ecosystem for california. spencer christian, abc7 news. ama: now there is some background to the signs as well. dan: researchers say native populations in the bay area used shells in various ways to bolster their local ecosystem. ama: well, want to head to the beach? the sun is out. dan: sandhya patel is here. but for how long? sandhya: the rest of this workweek you will see the sun. we could see changes later on this week. let me show you their quality. this is nice to see after the storm passes through. good air quality across the entire bay area, a stunning view from our tower camera of san francisco as we check out the air quality, good to moderate.
6:49 pm
if you want to get outside and enjoy the weather, go right ahead. we have some high clouds above. more high clouds will filter the sun. it's not going to be quite as bright tomorrow. but it will be pleasant, temperatures ranging from the upper 50's to low 60's for most of you. as we check out ahead for wednesday, bumping up the temperatures we will see mid-60's showing up as we head towards thursday, inland areas and low to mid 60's along the bay. san jose, they could get up into the upper 60's. definitely nice-looking weather ahead. temperatures will be warmest around the middle of the workweek then cooler for the end of the workweek. saturday could see a few sprinkles up again, sunday and monday, with mid 60's. dan: thanks. ama: chris alvarez is here with sports. chris: coming up in sports, the warriors getting ready with a stretch without stephen curry. why it all came up roses for a man named justin. sports is
6:50 pm
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>> now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: this will be the first without stephen curry, since he injured his left leg saturday night. curry expecting, police the new text weeks --, at least the next two weeks he will be reevaluated in the coming days. the head coach says it will be a team effort in curry's absence. >> we have already been through
6:53 pm
a stretch without staff -- steph and handled it well. we're confident we can do it again. the rotation changes without him. everything will be moved around. we're trying to piece together what we think would be the most successful lineup. we'll see how that plays out. chris: highlights at 11:00. due to rainy weather and high winds we had a rare monday finish at pebble beach. a beautiful morning on the coast as golfers restarted their rounds at 8:00 a.m., entering the back nine trying to win his first tournament in the last four years. not a good beach day for the one-time leader. this is the definition of scrambling. they ended up with a par unfinished tied for fourth. on the second hole of the day, 30 foot birdie to extend the lead to three. it was never challenged after that. finishes that 18 under the first european to win at pebble, his
6:54 pm
first win in four years and 10 days, enjoying every minute of it. >> i told myself there's nowhere else i would rather be than pebble beach. i try to enjoy the moment. you don't really enjoy it. but it makes me emotional almost at pebble. there's nothing like lifting some hard work to give you that piece of mind. that little bit of confidence. . chris: for the first time since super bowl 54 when the niners play the chiefs in miami, super bowl lvii between the chiefs and the eagles, no pandemic restrictions. opening night is back to normal. anything goes on opening night. media from across the world in phoenix, arizona. the eagles took the podium first and answer the questions. the philadelphia quarterback had an amazing interaction with a kid reporter. >> how does it feel to do it once again? [laughter] as one of the league's biggest emerging stars? >> that is a great question.
6:55 pm
i thinke ve doubters.we can do o things. it can push you to go to new heights. just keep going. remain steadfast, diligent, never give up. >> you heard it from mr. jalen hurts himself. until next time jazzing out. chris: how good is that? our application is coming toward newsroom now. i'm hiring. dan: you need to get in line. chris: how fun is that, as super bowl's get ready. a quick note for anyone looking for a gift next monday, the warriors, really cool bobblehead with the four champions, iggy, curry, and dre, g one. ama: you didn't spend anything you got it for free. [laughter]
6:56 pm
chris: the bobblehead is cool. i tweeted a picture. i like bobbleheads. good gift idea. ama: it is. dan: chocolate roses, bobbleheads. [laughter] ama: tonight on abc seven at 8:00, it is the bachelor. that will be followed by the good dr.. stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. remember that abc7news is streaming 24/7. get the abc 7 bay area news app and join us wherever you are. that will do it for this addition of abc7news. thank you so much for joining us. dan: for our valenti consultant, chris alvarez, we appreciate your time. ama: valentine's day? that's coming up. chris: the bachelor, roses, all of those things. dan: see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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was able to celebrate his second win all weekend long, after taking out his friday challengers. perhaps tonight he can begin to work on his masterpiece, "the importance of being a three-day champion." but to do that, he's gotta get through tanya and jesse first. good luck to all three of you. let's get right into the game. here are your categories in the jeopardy! round... with apologies to "saturday night live," we begin with... then... some... after that, you'll have to... we have... and finally... you'll need to name the shared occupation of both these characters. - matthew, start us off. - uh, u.s. museums, $600. one of the most famous paintings at la's getty center museum is this artist's "irises." - matthew. - who is vincent van gogh? yes. uh, add a letter to the start, $400.


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