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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 7, 2023 1:41am-2:00am PST

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back now, with the slight shaking from a magnitude 3.8 earthquake near buffalo, new york yesterday morning. no damage was reported. the quake was the strongest to hit western new york and at least 40 years more than 400 ready to eat food products have been recalled due to possible listeria contamination. the items from fresh ideation food group are packaged under dozens of brand names are sold in nine states from massachusetts to south carolina in stores, vending machines and on amtrak include breakfast sandwiches. salads yogurts and other items. we have more on our website now to the alex murdoch trial. today jurors are set to hear evidence that the former attorney stole money from his law firm well before he allegedly killed his wife and son. monday the panel heard testimony from a woman who said he made an unusual visit the day of the murders. emotional new testimony at the alex murder trial, this time from a caregiver for murdock's mother, good family, and i love working
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here. i'm sorry. all this happened. testimony challenges the timeline. murdoch gave police, she says. hours after the murders, murder made an unusual visit to his sleeping mother. and later she says he tried to insist that his visit lasted about 40 minutes instead of 20. days later, smith says murdoch returned knocking on the window at 6 30 am carrying something under his arm. there's something like this look like like a blue toy like a toy investigators holding up not a tarp, but a blue raincoat recovered from the home of murders. parents prosecutors say it had gunshot residue on it. the defense firing back asking why smith waited months to mention it to police. you didn't say anything about a blue tarp until sometime in september. is that right? yes yesterday, the judge issuing a major ruling allowing evidence related to murders alleged financial crimes , which could help establish a motive for the murders. the state alleges that mr murdoch was under immense pressure after being confronted about his diet,
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financial straits. and looming exposure of this criminal activity, and the state contends that situation led to the murder ofrinau. the jury will now get to hear from an attorney who was preparing to pore through murdoch's finances for an unrelated lawsuit. he previously testified without the signs. murder was in trouble. i don't think you need a full scale forensic audit for something a five year old could see. the judge is expected to rule today whether gunshot residue evidence on that raincoat will be admissible as evidence. meanwhile residue expert testified yesterday that murdock's clothes from the night of the murders smelled like they've been freshly laundered. testimony is expected to take three more weeks and coming up the hot new fashion accessory that's already heating up ahead of new york fashion week. but why this bag is designed not to carry your lipstick or your checkbook, but your carbs. first countdown to renaissance. the beyonce tickets are now on sale. so how is ticketmaster doing?
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james michael strahan. you're on the verge of breaking one of the most iconic record this sport. what does that mean to you? the morning after lebron makes history, see the interview with rng era. right?sonn gd to ticketmaster from the beehive. take your time, do it right seriously. after last year's taylor swift concert tickets. sale debacle tickets for beyonce's highly anticipated renaissance tour are now on sale our own will ganz has been monitoring the situation monitoring very closely. you might say ticketmaster still faces a lawsuit from unsatisfied swifty's. i'm not a part of that lawsuit. by the way, the dust has barely settled from the senate hearing about the possible monopoly over the live event industry. but now this morning, beyonce has entered the chat. it's the moment the
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beehives been waiting for. u tickets for beyonce's renaissance world tour. finally on sale ticketmaster put to the test again with these first solo tour in six years, her fans have been bracing for competition from non beyonce fans and bots alike. okay you need to be here, which is at home. mindi your business and out of our beehive business. okay, you don't deserve to go to the concert, this real estate agent offering to help fans list their homes so they can afford tickets beehive , just hoping to avoid the ticketmaster disaster that awaited swifty's just a few months back. tell me right now, this is a joke. tell me right now, this is a joke. i literally feel like i'm about to burst into tears right now. it's baffling that they could have screwed it up this badly now, ticketmaster revealing they've
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built new defenses against bots and scalpers, and here's how they're helping control the immense demand for beyonce. tour tickets day one sales spots reserved for official beyonce fan club members who pre registered and made it past a lottery style process to scored the coveted access codes to try and buy tickets during monday's sale, the ticketing service, assuring stressed out fans cues remain secure. only registered verified. fans are in the sales tickets are still available for all shows. so if you're in a queue don't refresh as you will lose your place in line for the renaissance world tour. ticketmaster staggering on sales based on location fans hoping to snag some swag of their own after beyonce took home the hardware this weekend. the queen is officially in the building. ladies and gentlemen. beyonce knowles. becoming the most decorated artist in grammy's history. bless you. thank you so much to the grammys. renaissance
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tour ticket sales continue today and tomorrow for city card members with general verified fan on sale beginning on saturday, and as you well know, especially if you follow me online. my history with ticketmaster and the taylor swift tour is not so great, but i'm happy to report that beyonce pre sale was much more user friendly. within 30 minutes, i was able to get tickets and walk away. you gotta take it told us. yeah, he got a ticket as well. you got the golden ticket. i know that. um yeah, but like, you know, there is ptsd. what was i calling it post ticketmaster's disorder, but it does seem like these extra measures that they've taken against bots and scalpers and kind of staggering when people are able to get in line to buy tickets for different days is paying off its working. you don't want to mess with the beehive unless you want to get stung. exactly uh, well, i just feel like we've never had this many issues with buying tickets before. i mean, please correct me if i'm wrong, but i just don't member of becoming this
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big of a has become a huge problem, i would say, post pandemic. that's what i was going to say. i think people have been waiting to get back to o
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they're only $39.50 while supplies last one that you have because i know it's just coming out now. is that a fake? or is it the here, brad. pure bred. i love that. no, this is the real deal. um and i also think it's great if you are going to the movies, and you want to sneak in your snack, and then you can have the different varieties candies right there. i love this. rocking this a fashion week. uh karlie kloss is expected to be seen in it. um, yeah, you name it. they're gonna take your bite. and look at that . mhm wow, wait fashionable as well. will you read this? yeah all right next to a pod of dolphins circling directly beneath a paddle border, all caught on video. what mhm paddle boarder of the coast of dana point, california. share this video from his 360 degree camera as the dolphin circle beside and below him, bill clements said. he never expected this ocean water being this clear before. i
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think the dolphins would definitely agree. a beautiful sight. brilliant kayaking two. this is where you could use one of these baguettes. that's your sandwich with you on the road in your bag and next to a dog that was rescued after living with coyotes. what is this white dog is known as ghost. he was apparently dumped in the nevada between seven and eight months ago and taken in by coyotes as one of their own area. residents started following ghost on their security cameras. then they noticed he was walking with a limp, afraid that the coyotes would eventually turn on him. an animal rescue groups spent days tracking him down. and eventually captured and rescued him described as the sweetest, most loving dog ghost will be ready for a loving home once his medical record is completed, some real world experience out there as well and finally, to a surprise guest and one family swimming pool down under without legs. what that family in australia found this python taking a dip in their backyard
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