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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 7, 2023 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now in america this morning, a desperate search for survivors in the rubble grim prediction about the death toll after the worst earthquake in a century rocks turkey and syria. we hear from us rescue teams headed to the quake zone. details overnight about what was on board that chinese spy balloon before it was shot down by the u. s military and the gaps in u. s intelligence gathering that have been exposed new reporting from our martha raddatz. still no power six days after the ice storm in texas, growing outrage over the outages , residents are taking matters into their own hands. safety concerns surrounding social media sites like facebook marketplace after a man was shot , trying to buy something he saw online, the warnings from police and the better business bureau
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about scams plus the big news overnight about the big $754 million powerball jackpot and later what happens when you book your dream vacation overseas? but instead of sydney, australia. you book a trip to cindy montana, one man, surprisingly positive experience. from abc news in york. this is america this morning. good tuesday morning, everyone i'm andrew timber, and i'm jacqueline lee. we begin with the disaster unfolding overseas, the most devastating earthquake in a century hitting turkey and syria. 5000 people were confirmed dead overnight. the weather is hampering the frantic search for survivors trapped beneath the rubble of thousands of buildings. video coming in shows entire building is coming down as aftershocks rattled the nerves of those left homeless. entire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map through the tragedy comes triumph in the form of children rescued and reunited with what's left of their families. here's a b six lionel movies. this
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morning. a desperate search and rescue effort in turkey and syria as the world health organization warns the initial death toll from this disaster could climb eight times higher here in syria, first responders digging through the rubble by hand looking for survivors of the worst quake to hit the region in a century people holding onto hope with these images of dramatic rescues a young child pulled out alive from beneath what's left. of his home. this child also rescued alive after first responders broke through concrete situation is too bad. we need our help hospitals like this one overwhelmed and preparing for even more patients. more than 6000 buildings have been destroyed in turkey alone, and aftershocks are keeping people on edge. frantic run in this city as a building comes crashing down, sending smoke and rubble into the air. and this
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new apartment complex, which was reportedly advertises having an earthquake resistant foundation , partially collapsing time is of the essence, with the frigid temperatures, lowering the chances of survival for people still trapped this woman still waiting to hear from her daughter, she says the bedroom was right over their countries around the world, pledging immediate assistance and urban search and rescue team from los angeles is deploying with medical teams and searched dogs joining another team from virginia trained tunneling. lifting heavy objects getting concrete off of people. having the dogs that you see behind me today are live find dogs, so they're trained to find live people under rubble. this as survivors wait in the bitter cold to be rescued this man saying speak out loud as a woman responds help! help turkey lies in one of the world's most active earthquake zones. a quake
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back in 1999 left 17,000 people they're dead. but this morning there is an encouraging number. nearly 8000 people have already been rescued in turkey. the hope is that number will continue to grow. andrew jacqueline. thank you new details overnight about that chinese spy vallone shot down by the us military over the weekend. the incident has revealed troubling gaps in u. s intelligence gathering. raising concern in washington. this morning, the surveillance balloon shot down over the u. s. is helping reveal new information about china's spy program. officials say that 200 ft tall balloon had propellers and a rudder along with a self destruct capability that went unused. a senior u. s official says. similar chinese spy balloons have flown over more than 40 countries with china, relying on people mistaking them for weather balloons, the official tells abc news. the chinese realized that between satellites and the normal altitude tude of airplanes. there's an area where you can gather intel. this has exposed
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gaps in our intelligence, perhaps most concerning officials say four previous balloon incidents in the us in recent years dating back to the trump administration initially went undetected. the white house eventually briefed congress about them. in august. there have been a least four encouragements in recent years, and we're very different. they were off the coast of the us and very brief but what's frightening about this is the u. s military had no idea those incursions were happening until afterwards. in fact, the head of norad said today it's my presponsibility to detect threas to north america. i will tell you that we did not detect those threats. fortunately they detected this one. on saturday, a fighter jet fired a missile at the balloon over the atlantic, leaving a seven mile debris field off the south carolina coast. unmanned underwater vehicles are being used to search for wreckage. a source says u. s officials are hopeful the entire payload will be recovered, including the technology bay, which will be pieced back together enough to
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understand its full operational potential. the balloon was first spotted over alaska then passed over sensitive military installations through montana. hannah the plains in the midwest until reaching the east coast, the pentagon said shooting the balloon down over land would risk lives on the ground, but critics accused the white house of not being prepared, especially considering the administration was aware of previous balloons. they should have been prepared. they should have been prepared either to intercept. to prevent to take it down or to try to, you know, capture the balloons. they could capture the equipment that's there. instead they were left as casual observers watching this traverse some of our most sensitive military science, a senior u. s official says a certain group inside the chinese army controlled the balloon. us senators are expected to get a briefing on the investigation later this week. relations with china will be one topic during president biden's state of the union address tonight, but the u. s economy is expected to be the main focus. abc s faith boothbay is on capitol hill with
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a preview faith. good morning. a good morning to you, andrew. tonight the president will lay out his argument for why the economy is on the right track. you argue inflation is headed down and the infrastructure build that he signed his only just now beginning to create jobs. but he's got a tough sell, because our new abc news washington post poll shows that americans by and large, do not approve of how he's handled the economy so far. meanwhile house speaker kevin mccarthy, who will sit behind president biden during tonight's address, remains at odds with the president over rais the debt ceiling. mccarthy is demanding biting cut back on federal spending. the white house has suggested that spending cuts or nonstarter well, mccarthy says there is an urgent need for negotiations on this matter. they took our nation's credit card spent like crazy. and left us in deep debt. but not once did they seek or accept any responsibility. instead, they doubled down. in 2021, democrat passed the largest debt limit
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increase in american history. then they maxed our nation's credit cards again just 13 months later. and after meeting with president biden last week, mccarthy said that he believes that the two of them can find some common ground. in the meantime, though, tonight the official republican response to the state of the union address will come from arkansas governor and former white house press secretary sarah huckabee. sanders, andrew faith. thank you. and a reminder. abc news will bring you live coverage of tonight's state of the union at nine eastern the e p. a, says a controlled burn at the site of a train derailment in eastern ohio went as planned quality will continue to be monitored at the site in east palestine, near the pennsylvania border, find train cars carrying toxic vinyl chloride derailed friday and mandatory evacuation zone remains in place to suspected white supremacists are in custody, accused of plotting to attack baltimore's power grid. sarah klein. daniel was shown by the fbi wearing a mask and
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holding an assault rifle. alleged partner, brandon russell is the founder of a neo group. prosecutors say they wanted to attack when the city's power system was under the greatest strain. inspired and took steps to shoot multiple electrical substations in the baltimore area. aiming to quote completely destroy this whole city. federal officials have warned about extremists plotting to attack the u. s power grid, which is perceived as being vulnerable. state lawmakers in georgia could vote today on a bipartisan bill aimed at fighting anti semitism . it was already in the works when residents in suburban atlanta found anti semitic flyers in their driveways over the weekend. a co sponsor of the bill also received one of those flyers outrageous boiling over in austin, texas, where the power has been out since last week's storm, officials say workers restoring electricity called police after receiving threats from an angry customer. nearly 11,000 homes and businesses still don't have power after six days, one woman
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whose husband needs oxygen to breathe says they'releaving town. we just kept thinking. tomorrow's the day. tomorrow is the day he's worn out. you know , i'm more now there is something seriously wrong with what's going on with the power here? i was staying with family in dallas power and austin may not be fully restored until sunday time. now for a look at your tuesday weather. storm system is bringing heavy rain to the pacific northwest with heavy snow in the cascades . 30 inches could fall in the highest of elevations. we're also tracking rain from texas into the midwest. by tomorrow it could bring strong storms to parts of arkansas, missouri and tennessee, and the whole system is expected to bring snow to the midwest and rain to the east coast by saturday, checking today's high temperatures warm along the gulf coast and high forties in the northwest 79 in new orleans and miami.
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the big news overnight about the $754 million powerball jackpot, and later google fights back, unveiling how it will take on the popular chat gpt first, a setback for the defense at the alex murdoch murder trial.
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it's the voice inside you that says, "i'm buzzed...better leave the car when it's time to go." plan ahead. catch a sober ride. buzzed driving is drunk driving. history? see the interview? my goodness, g n a. we're back with some very good news if you bought a powerball ticket in washington state. that's where the only jackpot winning ticket was sold for last night's drawing worth more than $754 million. it was the fifth largest powerball jackpot ever and the ninth largest in u. s lottery history. we turn now to a setback for the defense at the alex murdoch murder trial. he's the once prominent south carolina attorney charged with murdering his wife and son
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allegations that he stole money from his clients and friends could now come into play while a caretaker for his mother revealed new questions about the timeline in this case. emotional new testimony at the alex murdoch trial, this time from a caregiver for murdock's mother family, a good family and i love working here. sorry all this happened. shelley smith's testimony challenges the timeline. murdoch gave police, she says. hours after the murders, murdoch made an unusual visit to his sleeping mother. and later she says he tried to insist that his visit lasted about 40 minutes instead of 20. days later, smith says, murdoch returned knocking on the window at 6 30 am carrying something under his arm, holding something like this. what did it look like? blue toy like a toy investigators holding up not a tarp, but a blue raincoat recovered from the home of murders. parents prosecutors say it had gunshot residue on it. the defense firing back asking why smith waited months to mention it to police. you didn't say anything about a blue tarp
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until sometime in september. is that right? yes yesterday, the judge issuing a major ruling allowing evidence related to murder alleged financial crimes , which could help establish a motive for the murders. the state alleges that mr murdoch was under immense pressure after being confronted about this dire financial straits. and looming exposure of this criminal activity, and the state contends that that situation led to the murder of maggie and paul murdoch. the jury will now get to hear from an attorney who was preparing to pore through murdoch's finances for an unrelated lawsuit. he previously testified without the jury present that he saw obvious signs. murdoch was in trouble. i don't think you need a full scale forensic audit for something a five year old could see. a judge is expected to rule today. whether the gunshot residue evidence on the raincoat will be admissible as evidence. meanwhile residue expert testified yesterday that murdock's clothes from the night of the murders smelled like they were freshly laundered. coming
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(screaming) defeat allergy headaches fast with new flonase headache and allergy relief! two pills relieve allergy headache pain? and the congestion that causes it! flonase headache and allergy relief. psst! psst! all good! congestion that causes it. headache and allergy reliefs. all good. back now, with the high cost of seeing history in los angeles, tickets are going for more than $74,000 to see lebron james and the lakers tonight because it could be the night lebron sets the nba's new all time scoring record. he needs 36 points to pass kareem abdul jabbar. nascar driver kyle busch is facing a weapons charge in mexico. bush revealed on twitter that he was arrested while on vacation with his wife. last month, he was charged with carrying a firearm without a license, bush apologized and tweeted. that he now considers the matter closed concerns about the safety of buying and selling things on social media science like facebook marketplace that concerns being raised after a man was shot during a robbery suspect has now been linked to
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another robbery using the site. this morning. the shooting of a police officer in new york is calling attention to the safety of buying or selling things on social media. he was out of purchasing a car like many of us do in america. he answered a ad and it was looking to purchase a car when it appears as though something went terribly wrong. authorities say the off duty nypd officer was shot in the head while trying to buy a honda suv he found on facebook marketplace overnight, the 26 year old officer remained on life support. cities took a suspect into custody. sources say the suspect has nearly two dozen prior arrests, including for strangulation, grand larceny and drug possession. i figured i'd list them on facebook marketplace, something i've done numerous times. it's not just violent crimes scammers are also turning to facebook marketplace . same silverman says. someone agreed to buy the clothes she posted. then she got an email that looked like official correspondence from the payment app. zell saying she needed to establish a cell account and
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make a $300 initial transfer to the buyer. higher credit her back. the difference, says the stranger never sent back the money. had i taken a deep breath and, you know, waited 15 minutes . maybe i still would have $300 . we've had reports on our scam tracker items not being what they're supposed to be. you know, in some cases there, people sometimes don't feel safe selling and buying in such a public forum. zell says you should only send money to people you know and trust and facebook says people buying something on marketplace should use facebook . check out the company's payment processing, which includes fraud protection. good advice there. okay coming up the news about kevin costner's future on yellowstone, plus the future on yellowstone, plus the change in the way you this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions.
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the pulse and we begin with the artificial artificial intelligence race now heating up releasing its own chatbots called barred, and it could be a rival to chat gpt, which can write essays and passed law school exams. google plans to roll out barred to the public in the coming weeks after testing it with a small group. it's designed to explain complex subjects or even provide simple information like party planning tips. i'm sure we'll teach you how to do the robot. you next. the country's largest movie chain, is about to charge more for the best seats in the house theaters will debut a three tiered pricing system from now on where you sit determines how much you pay. the cheap seats will be in the front and the most expensive in the middle of the theater. movie goers will view a seating map like we do for a concert of broadway show. the new pricing debuts first in new york, chicago and kansas city. next some off screen drama at yellowstone could end the popular series deadline. reports. yellowstone star kevin
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costner is in a dispute over schedules, and that could be enough to bring the show to a close deadline. reports matthew mcconaughey is now in talks to star in a new yellowstone franchise show. stay tuned now to a case of right name. wrong continent. a new york man got a geography lesson while booking his vacation. burnett was supposed to go to sydney, australia, but when he looked out the window of his flight and saw snow covered mountains. he knew there was a problem. he booked a flight to sydney, montana instead. but he said he ended up meeting of really nice airline ticket agent. he called her an angel, he said, trying to save money. and not paying attention to airport codes got him in trouble be enjoyed his time and understand. finally from california. the thrill of self discovery. watch this one year old space when he realized that he could walk, look of shock, surprise and excitement, all in one. this is how i me when i'm waking up in the morning so excited, all right, we've got the top headlines. we've got the top headlines. coming up next.
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as i was saying earlier in the meeting, i think it would... hey sharon, did you know triscuit is crunchy on the outside yet incredibly wholesome on the inside. just like me. you forgot salty. i'm not salty. triscuit. unapologetically wholesome. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now
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president biden repairing to address a joint session of congress amid a moderate list of domestic issues playing out in recent weeks. what we expect to hear during the state of the union. kumasi: natural gas prices are spiking and so is your energy bill. governor newsom is demanding answers from utility officials. plus -- >> we have gotten reports from people yelling shoot, shoot. you can imagine the dangerous and death. reggie: using toy guns to strangers at random, and the teens got the idea from tiktok. kumasi: recovery for many communities after last month's storms, will talk about the assistance still available to people who have been impacted. high clouds visiting us.


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