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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 7, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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president biden repairing to address a joint session of congress amid a moderate list of domestic issues playing out in recent weeks. what we expect to hear during the state of the union. kumasi: natural gas prices are spiking and so is your energy bill. governor newsom is demanding answers from utility officials. plus -- >> we have gotten reports from people yelling shoot, shoot. you can imagine the dangerous and death. reggie: using toy guns to strangers at random, and the teens got the idea from tiktok. kumasi: recovery for many communities after last month's storms, will talk about the assistance still available to people who have been impacted. high clouds visiting us.
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subtle changes as high-pressure slides to the south and east. a week cold front to the north. this morning featuring clearer skies and some higher clouds throughout the afternoon. overall, still mild afternoon, 46 in the city, 38 in fremont, 30 five in santa rosa. 20 four hour temperature change shows it is cooler from the peninsula by about a couple of degrees. i live look outside here where it is nice and clear downtown. we will be talking about a nice day today with temperatures climbing to the 50's and 60's. talk about the high clouds but wait until you see the projected highs as we get into tomorrow and thursday. talking about a little bit of a spring fling coming our way. some high clouds but a nice afternoon ahead. jobina: thank you. president biden will be
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delivering one of the biggest --kumasi: one of the biggest speeches. jobina: president biden is optimistic ahead of the speech. he is expected to tout a strong economy on the heels of a better than anticipated drop support. plans to make the case that his policy has boosted job growth and reduce thunder deployment rate to the lowest level in 50 three years but the latest washington post poll says are concerned about the economy, many feel worse off financially since president biden took office. >> the president the economy was in free fall. main streets were shuttered, millions did not have a job. jobina: an uphill battle as he navigates a divided congress and republican house majority.
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they're ready to question him about everything from the growing tensions with china, decisions on ukraine and the efforts to raise the debt ceiling. special guests will be in attendance including the parents of tyre nichols who was beaten to death by memphis police, paul pelosi following his violent attacked incentive --attack in san francisco, hero of the monterey park shooting and someone for his work on poverty. kumasi: you can watch the state of the union address tonight, live coverage starting at six clock p.m.. recently retired bay area congresswoman --congress number jackie spears will join us tonight, before they union address and then she will be here for analysis after. special edition at 9:00 p.m.. reggie: happening today, a vote to increase the size of the santa clara county gun violence task force, expected to increase
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funding for the first of its kind team by one million dollars, allowing it to grow to 23 members from five. >> california has some of the most robust and extensive gun laws in the country but they need to effective. and we will make them meaningful and effective by enforcing them. reggie: this will include prosecutors from the das office, police officers and federal law enforcement. the goal is to increase the number of seized guns by better enforcing the flag law --red flag warning. which blocks people from owning guns if they have prior domestic violence incidents. this comes with a new push to ban assault weapons. a new poll finds that support for a national assault weapons band is plummeting. 50 one percent of americans oppose the ban currently with
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just 47% supporting it, collecting a nine point drop in support and a 10 point rise in opposition since this was last measured by abc news in september 2019. kumasi: a trend on tiktok land teens in real trouble. sheriff's office in san mateo county says they have taken several reports of rips of teenagers jumping out of cars and shooting jail pellets out of a toy gun. lena howland joining us live instant carlos with a warning from law enforcement. >> in downt officials say they have had about a half-dozen incidents between here and no break, which they are calling orbeez attacks. a dangerous new social media trend. rips of teenagers have been jumping out of vehicles and firing hydrated gel balls at strangers, tied to a trend which encourages people to shoot at unsuspecting targets and post on tiktok.
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after a string of recent incidents, san mateo county sheriff's office officials are asking parents to speak with their kids make sure they are not participating in the trend for a number of reasons. >> it is dangerous, what if that person is carrying a concealed weapon? you can imagine the danger or what that could turn into. >> is this going to change in your dust change your behavior? >> yeah i'm going to look out for kids jumping out of the car with a gun. something that could potentially hurt. >> the sheriff's office injuries have been reported though in some incidents they noticed the teens used frozen orbeez. participants could misdemeanors and even felonies in these attacks. and minors, their parents could be on the hook for lawsuits.
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reggie: utilities commission is going to hold a hearing today to discuss the recent high price for gas and electricity as governor newsom calls for a federal investigation into the increase that many of us have seen on our bills. energy experts say his call to investigate the issue is a good one. >> could be simply supply and demand. but it might not be and it is really important to be on top of that and make sure that anyone thinking of manipulating the market recognizes that there is likely to be an investigation. reggie: the meeting is expected to explore the recent price increase and possible protections for them. kumasi: impacts from local storms being felt by people across the area. local businesses feel they are left behind because they don't fit in the right categories for assistance or the amount they are eligible to receive is not enough to rebuild.
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that is why senator alex padilla is introducing two bills to give the federal government more flexibility in how disaster aid is given out. >> this has normal and it is clear the federal government needs to do more to support communities in these times of crisis. kumasi: experts estimate insured losses could add up to more than five hundred billion dollars. for a list of resources to help, go to you can find his sandbag locations, warming shelters and where you can get assistance. reggie: in the sierra, ideal conditions on the slopes. about 15 inches of fresh powder fell over the weekend and more is expected. >> it is exactly what we want to say. it had been a couple of weeks since we got some snow and it gave us the perfect coding for some fresh writing.
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>> it was probably one of the better days of the season. it was fast, smooth, it was not deep so you did not have to work a lot to get out of it. reggie: this comes at the perfect time percy -- for sierra and tahoe which is still recovering from the caldor fire that burned 16 hundred of the 2000 acres. lisa: it normal. certainly some good news. too much in the near future. a cold front moving into the pacific northwest and live doppler 7 shows the cloud cover and the rain for the bay area. we'll see some high clouds sweep into our region this afternoon. 40 two in san leandro. do have some fog in santa rosa. a bit of a windchill factor in
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livermore and not as cold as it has been because we've hired dew points. up her 30's in livermore, looking at 40 one sin carlos, through out the day you will notice the high clouds to the afternoon. we will look for some clearing tonight and looking at the highs today ranging from the upper 50's 50's to low 60's, but by the time we get to thursday, numbers coming through the 60's in san jose, santa rosa and that will allow for five to six degrees warming compared to today. in terms of rainfall, our 10 day average -- outlook looking very scant out there. maybe a couple of hundreds. this takes us through the next 10 days. will be hoping things change as we get toward the middle and end of the month. 60 today in fremont, pretty good, with high clouds throughout the afternoon and the seven-day forecast, a string of sunnier days, we will cool down and then saturday we could see a
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sprinkle or two but overall a nice try trend through the week. jobina: good morning. we are going to start with a live look at san rafael as we01t now, really clear. we don't have any locking issues, no mass transit advisories or winter advisories for your brigid's. a nice time to head out the door if you need to. i will make this update quick. since our busy stretch, through emeryville, showing you 80. of course for our super commuters, a longer ride. tracy to dublin, to not -- not too bad for this time in the morning. 15 minutes on 85. reggie: tickets to beyonce renaissance tour will soon be on sale if you catch her at levi's stadium, but after the ticketmaster debacle with taylor swift if you weeks ago, fans are anxious. you should take these steps. kumasi: and out of turkey, in
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urgent -- urgent search-and-rescue for survivors trapped in the rubble after an earthquake. reggie: and reigniting a conversation about how the bay area would fare in a similar disaster, what our local experts disaster, what our local experts are meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. disaster, what our local experts are 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours.
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reggie: new developments overnight as more than 5000 people are now confirmed dead in turki and syria after the 7.8 -- turkiye and s magnitude earthquake. it is being called the worst earthquake to the region in more than a century. in turkiye, more buildings are destroyed. in los angeles, a search and rescue team has been activated through the u.s. aid agency. >> they are trained in tunneling, lifting heavy objects, getting concrete off of people, the dogs you've see by me today are live find dogs, so
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they are trained to find live people under rubble. reggie: almost a thousand people have been rescued and the hope is that will continue to see those grow. a crew from virginia also applying to turkiye. task force one is made up of murky -- local county search-and-rescue units. kumasi: here in the is not a question as to when a big one will happen but when. scientist emeritus ross stein tells that --us that the type of soil you live on impacts this is your proximity to a earthquake fault. >> we have pits franciscans dump the sand. a lot of the financial district is built on gold rushville, the
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marina district. we have created some situations which are unwise and we need to remedy those as best we can and strengthen our buildings to. -- too. kumasi: you can determine steps to reduce the risks for your home checking out their app. the original documentary the earthquake affected reveals the potentially dangerous situation every bay area faces -- resident faces should one like the earthquake in 1989 happens today. you can stream on our app and on abc you can also check out prepare norcal. it has helpful guides on how you can get your earthquake kit ready to go. reggie: bay area researchers are turning to small local creatures to islands the effects of climate change and improve the ecosystem. they are hopeful nesting pods with ground up was still shells
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will have an ecological impact. they want to nurture tiny grown oysters. >> week anticipate more coming in, and not just coming in and settling but those that settle survive and grow and hopefully can reproduce on their own, giving more of the bay there are about. -- teh larvae. reggie: clamshells are used to combat global warming. >> the shell material can interact with acidic seawater and buffer against the changes we are seeing due to climate change. reggie: researchers say they are having some success with the process so far. both projects are hoping to translate these reimagined nature-based techniques for a healthier california ecosystem. kumasi: that's great. lisa: we love that.
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reggie: i'm just trying to wrap my head around what we are talking about. kumasi: me too. but that's why they do they do. >> always interesting. we have a few changes today. we were tempted yesterday with a bit of a spring fling and today with the sunrise at 7:08, we will see the sun setting at 5:39. to the north, that will miss us. we'll get into a few high clouds later on sunshine mixed with high clouds, ready seven in castro valley, 41 in union city. temperatures right here not too bad, inland a bit of a wind chill factor, some fog to the north in santa rosa where it is 36. 40 one in pacifica, 40 in san jose. we are looking at our forecast headlines mainly clear and chilly this morning, sunny and warmer weather through the middle of the week. despite the high clouds it will be mild out there, looking at
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cooler and cloudy weather for friday as we approach the weekend. san francisco, almost the entire season average of rainfall has already been hit with 22.83 inches and you can see the yearly average is at 22 .89. this is through february 6. are we expecting anymore? over the weekend we could see a couple hundreds. but overall it will be a dry and mild seven -- several days. low to mid 60's, thursday, temperatures will be the warmest. if you 70's on friday, down, 50's for most of us. and if we are looking out for any rate the next 10 days, stopping this on friday, you can see the moisture kind of falls apart, they be some sierra snow. not looking at much in terms of next monday, another system headed to the north. we will have to see how that pans out. today, looking at some sun mixed in with high clouds.
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pe50s r you, 50 nine in san mateo. a nice afternoon. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: ai chat wars, the goo response to a recent program. response to a recent program. kumasi: life is expensive. so why is omar snoozing like a baby? because he made the smart choice to shop with ikea, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea
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your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning, the number of people killed in the earthquake that rocked turkey day and syria has passed 5000. desha turk and syria has passed 5000. reggie: asking volunteers search for partial remains. it iswi nll be taking place, she went missing a 2022 and her partial remains were discovered in november. kumasi: this matteo county sheriffs office says teenagers are targeting people with toy guns that shoot gel balls. reggie: president biden will deliver the state of the union
5:23 am
address tonight, touting the economy and calling for unity. you can watch at six clock p.m. here on abc and wherever you stream. lisa: a chilly morning, mild temperatures this afternoon. jobina: clear commute this morning, a live picture from the san mateo bridge, no advisors for the commute. kumasi: the california public utilities commission will be meeting today to discuss the spike in natural gas prices and ways to bring down the cost. governor newsom is calling for federal investigation into the high prices. microsoft holding a major event today. they are expected to detail plans for bringing chat gpt and the search engine being together. that included a larger search box for chatting to get answers. they are calling this the new being -- bing. this came just after google
5:24 am
rolled out their new program, barred. they can pass a law school exams and write essays. it is designed to explain complex subjects and provide information like party planning tips. google is planning to hold a event tomorrow. reggie: may the best chat lot when. and consumers are looking -- are worried about scams on facebook marketplace with incidents turning violent. >> consumer warning when using facebook marketplace. >> i was getting legitimate looking emails. >> she posted pants for sale on facebook marketplace, the responded and what looked like a zelle epe.
5:25 am
and she says the stranger never said back the money. >> we have reports from items not being what they're supposed to be. in some cases, people don't feel safe selling and buying in such a public forum. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will have the expert tips you need to keep you and your money safe. with your first look, becky worley, abc news new york. reggie: tickets for beyonce's renaissance tour go on sale this week for the san francisco date. there are concerns about another possible ticketmaster disaster and the better business bureau says scams are likely beware for you by. >> they are ignoring red flags because they just want those tickets and scammers are taking advantage of that. reggie: they recommend t scams only buying tickets from venues or legitimate sellers on their actual websites.
5:26 am
avoid buying on social media and verify trustworthy retailer -- resellers and vendors. watch out for fake websites. you may think you are on ticketmaster's site but you could be on a dummy site. scammers could copy and paste the same pictures, change the words or names of the company by one or two letters on the url, don't be fooled and use protected payment ballot -- methods. don't panic cash, transfers. credit cards may be easier to dispute. a dangerous tiktok trend reaching one pair area community, what could turn deadly for teens. kumasi: how much would you pay for a special jar of sand? the bidding war going on for t sand where tom brady made his latest retirement announcement. reggie: it is five 26 time. --526 time. >> there is an opportunity to
5:27 am
find a path forward, move ahead and build something better. >> rayshard --issues of race and >> real solutions. fo>> where did you learn to do what you do? >> this is the moment to build a better bay area.
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5:29 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: area cities testing out versions of universal and. is it working? >> it helped me maintain my rent, my food on my table. reggie: we hear from people that from this monthly allowance. kumasi: cannabis with a side of coffee, the proposal working its way through state legislature that could clear the way for answer them --answered am style
5:30 am
cannabis cafes in california. reggie: the ongoing saga of the suspected chinese spy balloon, lawmakers are taking action to get some answers. kumasi: it is tuesday, february 7. reggie: but let's check the five ia clar 3 in as we towardr. santa rosa come out livermore a bit of a wind chill, in the upper 30's. if you go up to 3000 feet, 28 mile an hour winds, mount st. helena. but look at mount diablo. not only do we have the higher dew points mixing the atmosphere, some of you a little milder, downwind in hayward, otherwise grab the jacket, a mild afternoon. but as we start out sunny at seven :00, we are looking at an increase in high clouds.
5:31 am
--7:00, we are looking at an increase in high clouds. by about 10:00, with the higher clouds we could be mostly cloudy and then the clouds continued his best continue to sweep to the south. upper 50's to low 60's out there. we will continue our warming trend, but for how long and how warm. kumasi: happening today, the family of murdered oakley woman alexis gabe is asking for them to join an important search for her partial remains. her mother asked for people who are serious and interested in joining the urgent search. it did not include a location of where the search would happen but it did sha people who reach out will get more informion. it has been just over a year since she disappeared and investigators say she was murdered by an ex-boyfriend who later died in a shootout. her partial remains were discovered in november. reggie: a trend circulating on tiktok could land teenagers in
5:32 am
real trouble. and san mateo county, the sheriff's office as they have taken reports of groups of teenagers jumping out of cars and shooting jail pellets out of toy guns. lena howland joins us live in saint carlos with the warning from law enforcement. >> after a string of about half-dozen incidents in san mateo county, the sheriffs office is now putting out a stark morning to parents --warning to parents about the dangerous social media trend which they are calling orbeez attacks. teens have been jumping out of vehicles and wiring gel balls at strangers, tied to tre tt encoures thootngarts wtoy aft aof ren offresod speak with their kids msure thg in this trend for a number of reasons. >> we have gotten reports of
5:33 am
people yelling shoot, shoot. you can imagine the dangers that could potentially come with that. >> i don't know what to say about that. the kids, it just propagates on social media. it is terrible. >> the more they see it come out the more they want to do it. >> the sheriff's says participants could face misdemeanors and even felonies in these attacks and for minors, parents could face civil lawsuits as well. no injuries have been reported from these attacks just yet, although the sheriff's office has noticed -- noted that in some attacks, frozen orbeez have been used. kumasi: a proposal to legalize cannabis cafes is making its way through the state legislature. retaers sellnbis stdam.ike this would give cannabis retailers another revenue source
5:34 am
while they fight heavy taxes and regulations. >> california is a destination for wine. it should be a destination for cannabis and for that to happen, you can't just be the more clinical, pharmacy like environment. it would be a huge opportunity for jobs, revenue and our economy. kumasi: the american heart association and loan associations say can -- at long association -- and american lung association say there are risks with consuming food and smoking. reggie: this has been accented for another six months, three hundred families will continue to receive a $500 monthly payment. for many, this money has been life-changing. helping them stay afloat through the pandemic. the extra cash may not seem like a lot the nonprofit that has been running it says it can give families a chance to make a strategic investment. >> the cushion of that
5:35 am
investment allows them to start thinking, how do i sustain this? what is the next best investment i can make to be able to continue to move up the economic ladder? reggie: the money does not come from the city and is funded through philanthropy. the money to extend the project came from a single donor. kumasi: the high cost of groceries is prompting more need at bay area food banks and things are poised to to get tougher. local pantries expect to see a spike in need when covid snap requirements expire at the end the month. what impact 70,000 contra costa and solano counties and it a double way meet with more pricey food. >> we have seen the prices hit us and it is our job to make sure we can meet that need. since around october we have gone from seeing 200 households a day to about 250 or 300. kumasi: food banks say they are
5:36 am
desperate, now pleading for donations badly needed to help feed the less fortunate in the months ahead. reggie: president biden set to give his deck -- second state of the union address tonight, what appears to be a draft of the speech inside of the binder, take note of the cookies. intelligence officials say the threat level is head -- elevated ahead of the speech but there are no specific, credible threats. special guests include tyre nichols parents, the man who disarmed the monterey park shooter, executive director of this, congresswoman -- this is a farmworker advocacy group in half moon bay. at six clock p.m. is the live coverage including the republican response. then you can watch will trent jeopardy, and the news at 11:00.
5:37 am
congresswoman jackie spears will be joining our team as a new political analyst. she will join us tonight at 5:00 p.m. prior to the state of the union and will be here for analysis after the speech during that special edition of the news at 9:00. kumasi: the latest on search and rescue efforts underway this morning after the deadly earthquakes in turkiye. reggie: neighbors near the state farm arena are looking to cash in on the super bowl. let's check with lisa. lisa: starting here, the wet weather moving into the pacific northwest, we are taking rain and ended -- ending up dry. we are looking at some more dry weather. good thing we had rain over the weekend, 38 in mount diablo with gusty winds. 40 martinez, 35 in dublin so a
5:38 am
little bit of a wind chill in the north and east part of the bay area. we are also looking at the fog. santa rosa 35, winds have been gusty around mount diablo, 30 six in mountain view and we are featuring not only sunshine in the morning but high clouds do the afternoon. mainly clear sky now, increasing high clouds, sunny and warmer weather for the next several days and looking at cooler and cloudy days for friday, here is a look at the veil of thin, high clouds through the day. increasing and sweeping out through the afternoon. highs in the upper 50's to low 60's, by thursday our warmest day, upper 60's to near 70 in some locations. three to six degrees warmer through the next several days. the next 10 days featuring rain in the pacific northwest, maybe less than a 10th of an inch here. 60 in fremont as well as napa. overnight lows getting just milder every day with warmer days and warmer afternoons
5:39 am
ahead. jobina: thank you, we are starting here with a live look at walnut creek showing off 680, so far for this commute, really different from what we have seen maybe last week or even yesterday. but no crashes to report. no blocking issues of any kind, no advisories. amazing if you do need to travel this morning. in oakland, our 880 at the coliseum camera for your reference, those headlights are traveling southbound. traveling southbound. tracy to dublin at 58 minutes, everyone... i'd like to raise a toast... to that classic, ritz cracker taste... in a crunchy, toasted chip. (everyone) to the chip! to the chip! ritz toasted chips. the crunchy chips, only from ritz.
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allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. with every-other-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. kumasi: this morning, and urgent search for survivors in turkiye in syria after the earthquake in the region yesterday. more than five thousand people are confirmed dead and there is
5:42 am
an international relief effort underway. jobina: yes. officials say more than 6000 buildings have collapsed after the shaking. rescue crews are hoping to find survivors in the rubble. harsh winter conditions adding to the urgency to find people who might be trapped. there's also a health crisis as tens of thousands of injured are overwhelming hospitals in both countries. many countries are sending help including the u.s., japan and china, and a search and rescue team in los angeles is deploying with medical teams and search dogs, joining another team from virginia. >> they train tunneling, lifting heavy objects, getting concrete off of people. the dogs you see behind me are d rescued a thousand people. the hope is that will continue to grow. turkiye is in one of the most active earthquake zones in the
5:43 am
world, monday's quake was the most powerrsl . reggie: news of the massive earthquake in turkiye raises questions over what the bay area would look like if an earthquake of that strength hit us. gloria rodriguez in the newsroom with the answer, hopefully we don't have to find out for a very long time. >> exactly, none of us want that. experts with the u.s. geological survey says if an earthquake of that size struck here, it would not be as bad as it is an turkiye but casualty would still be a major risk. monday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake leaving a point thousand --nearly 8000 dead. some one in the a foundation in the bay area and says several people have been impacted and are rushing to do whatever they can. >>
5:44 am
are on the ground to check for their loved ones. cooks we have had building codes for a long time that have led to construction that is resilient to earthquake shaking. we would not see the widespread destruction here. >> that is --california would be luckier with fewer overall deaths and destruction. we have had similar here and then enter an -- 19 061 in just the one in 19 kumasi: more concerned about the government reaction to the surveillance balloon from china. the senate and house are such a hold classified briefings on the
5:45 am
balloon on thursday. the pentagon says there were at least three other incidents of surveillance balloons in u.s. airspace, those stayed off the coast for a short period of time. >> they were off the coast and very brief. but what is frightening about this is the u.s. military had no idea of the incursions happening until afterwards. kumasi: the japanese government says it is looking into the possibility of similar balloons being flown over japan in the past. reggie: someone on the coast is waking up a multimillionaire, winning numbers drawn last night matching a ticket sold in the state of washington. here are the numbers in place you have a smaller prize. five, 11, 22, 20 three, the power number is seven. i'm excited about channel seven. anyone willing
5:46 am
thousand dollars can own a piece of sports history. someone on ebay is auctioning off a bottle of sand taken from where tom brady made his retirement video in north miami. a user by the name gadgetgs claims he elected it just hours after brady posted the video. the bids have gotten as high as $99,000. kumasi: in arizona for the super bowl. for the second time in a decade, glendale is hosting. neighbors love the energy around their homes on game day and are looking to cash in. they are renting out rooms, the entire house, parking spots. that was erica mercer, two miles from the stadium and she is planning to rent out her parking spots. >> either five trucks or cars available, one, two and three, and in the rv area you have to park at least three depending on how long vehicles are. kumasi: she says the parking
5:47 am
spots are going from anywhere from $269 reggie: the nerve. kumasi: she is planning to a day charge for 100 $75 a day. and she will drive people to the stadium. reggie: i don't like this. kumasi: if you've got people all behind your house, get your money. it happens at all of the big games. i'm paying to park in people's yards. >> they don't have to drive you though. kumasi: sometimes they do have a golf cart. >> giants games can have pricey parking. the weather is free, the sun is free and we are looking at some changes today as high clouds
5:48 am
will invade our skies later on. the rain staying well to the north. we want more of it. the pacific northwest looking at some showers, with the bay area seeing high clouds to mid-level clouds later this afternoon. temperatures right now, 30 nine in foster city, 40 in belmont, 41's and carlos and fog in santa rosa at 35. air temperature 30 eight in livermore, the little wind making it feel like it is in the mid 30's. if we skip ahead to tomorrow, we have more sunshine and with the sun, that will warm us up to the mid 60's in concord, mountain view. 66 in san jose, could even see upper 60's close to cloverdale and on the coast, low 60's taking it a step further into thursday. 60's in the city, point raise, and close to 70 at the north end of the bay here. this is thursday, the warmest day of the weekend we will look
5:49 am
for the cooldown to come in time for tht dropng here -- highs as much as 10 degrees and that will take us through the weekend. the storm track the next several days into friday, that is what cools us down, you can't really bring is any rain but as we get into saturday, maybe a few sprinkles. enter early next week, the storm track stays close. but it does not look too promising as of right now. 50 seven today with high clouds in richmond, 60 in fremont as well as napa and the accuweather seven-day forecast. milder tomorrow into thursday, cooler, cloudy friday, saturday cooler and we were back up next week. reggie: one of tv's most popular shows might be ending because of scheduling conflicts was the star. -- with the star. kumasi: it is sad. first beyonce, now another
5:50 am
celebrity t history,he record lebron james could make. reggie: they --some cat would rather spend valentine's day with her for a companion and they are shelling out big bucks to do it in style. [laughter] reggie: do it, but let's not brag about it. kumasi: that doll. reggie:
5:51 am
everyone... i'd like to raise a toast... to that classic, ritz cracker taste... in a crunchy, toasted chip. (everyone) to the chip! to the chip! ritz toasted chips. the crunchy chips, only from ritz. ♪ ♪'cause i love, i love♪ the better than roses diamond.
5:52 am
the to the moon and back diamond. the diamond for the one you love. ♪i love the way you hypnotize me♪ reggie: lebron james could be on the verge of history, he could become the all-time leading nba scorer tonight in front of a hometown crowd. he has a few points to beat kareem abdul-jabbar.
5:53 am
if he doesn't do it tonight, it could have been thursday against the books or this weekend against the warriors. you can watch it saturday on abc seven. actor and marvel superhero seema lou - simu after him. kumasi: they added a room that provides a quiet and inclusive space at the chase center, featuring interactive lights and sensory games for people with sensory needs. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. reggie: ruth that he did not stop by. we love him. we did an interview come out one of 100 that he did that day, but we had a connection. antman and the
5:54 am
mania days. this time his daughter joins him. >> i saw iron man with my dad and i was like i want to be a marvel superhero. and she literally grows 40 feet so my dream came true. reggie: antman and the wasp i in theaters for a 17 and your new steam from a few years ago is in the first antman. stars in it, alongside these other actors. kumasi: disney has announced black panther: wakanda forever as the most-watched film. it became available for streaming just this month and broke the record in the first five days. it premiered in november in theaters and it also surpassed a record set by the hunger games:
5:55 am
catching fire after getting 100 80 one million dollars in sales. reggie: did you ask for titanic to be back in theater? it is coming back. it is 20 five years since the release. fans will get to see the academy award-winning romance just in time for lovers day. remastered in 4k and 3d and it is rated pg-13. it is the third highest grossing box office film of all time with over 2 billion dollars in sales worldwide. do you want to see that in pretty -- 3d question mark in in 3d? kumasi: i would. valentine's day is coming up, and for people who celebrate with their cats instead of people, have a perfect gift. fancy feast offering a collection with cat toys, fuzzy
5:56 am
socks, and a cat here sweater. -- ear sweater. a lot of people wanted this. why does the cat look miserable? reggie: why do you kumasi: you can still celebrate with your cat without this. reggie: nothing says a real catch with them in any cat onesie spending his valentine's day with a feline. do you find that attractive? lisa: not so much. but what i do find attractive is looking at our total rainfall in review. so far in san
5:57 am
should have 22.8 now. we are fantastic. with the next seven days with dry skies and milder for wednesday and thursday, we drop off friday and saturday. look at the north bay temperatures. as we look outside, high clouds headed our way through the next --the next 12 hours or so. other than that, we need to bring the rain back. back to you. kumasi: google ads sold out the victim, how much they are going for and which products you can expect. reggie: and the change at the movies, a theater change -- change charging you depend in the where you said. -- sit. kumasi: demi, i'm so proud of you and how you have persevered through your cancer diagnosis. never forget those who loved you so well and know that you have the responsibility to give back. love, dad.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. reggie: unveil his agenda for the state of the union. the local person invited as a special guest of the first lady. reggie: warning about potentially dangerous tiktok trend. the uptake of shootings with try guns in san mateo county. kumasi: one of the most popular shows might be it is most -- final days. the scheduling conflicts that
6:01 am
could end yellowon


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