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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  February 7, 2023 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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moving forward, finding solutions. >> you are watching getting answers. everyday day we talk to experts and get answers for you in real time. today, politics on the plate. approval for reparations. state of the union three hours from now.
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last year lonnie us later. first, joining us is rick kle nice to see you. the president will deliver his big speech, unemployment is at a historic low. he made a major climate investment, capped drug prices for seniors. recent polls show he is facing headwinds. >> we had a poll over the weekend that had 41% of american saying they are worse off financially than at the beginning of the presidency. we saw 50% of democrats say they do not want him nominated. there are some contradictions to unpack where you have a president talk about achievements. people are not buying it. that's a challenge for president
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biden assailants his vision. the same time, we are expecting him to run for reelection, to the extent this is a roadmap for the next two years, a lot of people are watching this carefully. as you point out, these a necessarily things people are feeling right now. >> what to he have to do? what does he have to say and behave to sell that to make sure he is judged the way he is liked to be judged? >> be patient. two years are i president biden. tonef s voice. he is ami's oldest
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president. he has to show it, democrats included that might be skeptical. >> speaking that announcement yet. is about the state of the union. the biggest question whether the president runs again. it will upend the entire process and was contradictory for democrats. he may have challenges in the
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general election. these are closely watched choices. we're going to dissected for details about what is next. >> this is video from previous state of the union. we tend to get along republicans on best behavior. he is going to have to be careful about how he casts himself. he's going to want to in charge of leadership. this is not a moment will be performative in any way. ask you huge expert.
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he needs those members of congress and is looking olive branch. they are convincing be on best behaviors. >> people are looking at guest at the president invites you look at clues, in terms of president biden, what does that say? >> a lot of guests have connections to people that have died at the hands of police. we will have prominent family members including the most recent episode in memphis.
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>> the republican response an interesting choice. sarah sanders is going to arkansas, the first female governor of her home state. so was bill clinton back in the day. she is not endorsed donald trump for president. for republicans, they're trying to show that the party has some rising stars but they are not showing any resistance. >> we're going to get back to the subtext.
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democrats are hoping he is not the one. if not him, those who? >> that's the central question. vice-president harasses the obvious heir apparent. governor it will be a messy race. we will have to wait and see. rick klein, thank you so much. we really appreciate the conversation. >> response. an 8:00 p.m., of abc news. wheel of fortune and jeopardy. abc news at 11:00. i congress member is
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the new political analyst. today at 5:00 p.m. prior to the state of the union address and will be here for analysis after the speech during the special edition so keep it here the whole night. coming up later in the show, lonnie chen will be here to give the gop perspective on the state of the union and gop in california. next, our media talk why the reparations hearing had to be delayed.
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plan has been delayed. according -- the flight issues getting back from vacation in columbia. it has been nearly two years in the making and is now the late area more on the story thank you for coming on the show. for viewers who had not been following the story, explain what the plan was what was supposed to happen today. >> the city reparations task force after a resolution by a supervisor authored in early 2020. over the last two years, the
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committee has been meeting to get ready for the the scheduled to happen on tuesday. >> in the plan? >> issue about $5 million lump sum payments to eligible residents in san francisco. economically, i have been told that is not feasible and people have latched on to this one item that lays out a history of how the community has been displaced , forced through racist housing policies as a result of redevelopment and traces the harm that has been done when it
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comes to incarceration, education lagging, health care disparities talking about investments that can atone the racist past and make real progress in helping reduce disparities. >> it's all going to be dissected. we now know, the meeting will not happen. go on a trip to columbia last week, he left on wednesday night. when i found out the hearing was being postponed yesterday, i had some questions of why this was
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happening, we found out he was on a birthday party and because of some flight issues he was not going to make it. his office postponed the meeting because he would be unavailable. as a result. hold. >> reparation hearings. some people are upset people are calling it a hit piece. >> the supervisor poste instagram account that they were hanging out in midian. that was an accurate statemement that he was partying with his
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friends in columbia at hooters, up until the 11th hour when he could have been taken to show up for work on monday. instead, he missed the rules committee. it was not known that he would be back in time asking him to discuss a plan for the hearing today. the supervisor informed him because of travel issues. i would suggest anyone who considers this a hit piece to think about the entire community has been looking forward to this hearing, a ton of money organizing this study.
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birthday party with friends for the better part of a week. thought a hit piece, that is facts. he probably should have co home sooner. >> he has himself they said it was a snafu of travel plans and this was a hit piece that was unfair, i would say supervisor has done repeatedly over the last year. he was accused of using the n-word and berating a cadet a security check. there have been other issues in
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which she has it's warranted. >> i want to ask you, when is the meeting going to happen? other implications or potential fallout consequences as a result of the delay? is it no big deal? we're still going to be where it was. >> the reparation committee has until june. the clock is ticking departments, there are real actions that have a very good chance of investment.
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at 6:00 tonight. he will highlight his successes and republicans will point out his failures and offer a competing vision for america. what is that vision and something that will resonate in california? joining us now the hoover institution, a state controller candidate, lonnie chen. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> president biden will highlight the unemployment figures and talk about caps on prescription drugs, pushing for more gun control. those are things that tend to resonate. what is the counter messaging? >> you want to economy.
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here the paradox. he has a record to run on. he is past a lot of and large infrastructure bill, the economic data is fairly positive. we see low unemployment, inflation easing. the american people feel good about the economy. the data shows that a lot of people feel like they are being honest. for the president, the will be how does he articulate these things that are happening that he believes are positives given the mood. that is the republicans are going to seize on. they will push back on this notion that he has a record of accomplishment, talk about the incident with the spy balloon from china. they will talk more
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about the fact that the president, ways they will push back. whether they will be effective is a political question. >> is there a danger in appearing to obstructionist? >> that is always a worry. think about in past years what has happened when democrats have stood in the way, that's always a danger. i think fundamentally what republicans have is control of the house, they are going to use the chamber to message the issues we care about, to conduct oversight on the topics we care about, they're going to use to obstruct the agenda, to move
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some of their own agenda. have a message to preview the presidential election, that's what it's all about. launch for the campaign. >> we don't know if he's going to run. we want to talk about messaging. you had advised mitt romney. what do you think should be? what is the republican' s agenda? >> some republicans are focused on the culture war. that's because they need to get
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the republican primary. their perception is that is the best way to get through the primary. this general election fought on the state of the economy. a lot of election that we don't know about. questions about >> happening around the world in your brain, potential challenges might affect energy prices, inflation and where that goes will have a big impact. for republicans, the bread and butter is the economy. it has to be a focus on economic conditions. i think they create some challenges for themselves. >> stayed far from cultural issues and stay close to fiscal responsibility in your run for the state controller.
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it was a lot thought you'd be able to get. do you think it was a winnable race? >> what we saw this would be a great year for republicans, there were strong headwinds from the fall would be better than we thought it would be. given the environment it's very challenging to win the race. we did make progress on important things, demonstrating i was proud to get the endorsement of every fundamentally going forward,
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republicans have a massive challenge in california. how you can govern middle out, those are the things republicans have to emphasize if they want any shot in being successful. >> thank you so much for giving us things to think about. a reminder, live coverage of the state of the union starts at 6:00 p.m.. jackie spears joining us for a special edition at 5:00. stay with us.
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we will be here every weekday at 3:00. world news tonight is next. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the urgent search and rescue effort under way right now, a newborn baby pulled out alive. they believe born in the wreckage after that devastating earthquake. also tonight, the fire breaking out on a united passenger jet headed to newark. and here in washington, president biden set to address the nation and congress tonight. first, rescuers in a race against time to pull survivors from under mountains of rubble. amid the heartbreak, the incredible moment the white helmets rescue team pulls an entire family to safety. also tonight, we're learning about a mother giving birth while buried under a five-story building. that newborn baby saved. the 7.8 earthquake causing widespread devastation across turkey and syria. more cause moore reporting from turkey tonight.


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