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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 8, 2023 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, the heartbreaking images coming in at this hour. the little girl saved, but the crucial window closing, now nearly 72 hours after the earthquake. also tonight, the heckling at the state of the union. and mitt romney telling george santos, "you don't belong here." and the severe storms we're watching right now. the tornado watches and then this all moves into the northeast. first tonight, the staggering death toll soaring. more than 12,000 people killed in the earthquake in turkey and syria. tonight, we have learned three americans are among the victims. the heartbreaking images, the bodies of eight family members, including six children, pulled from a collapsed home. search and rescue teams working around the clock. and news tonight on that newborn baby born in the rubble. ian pannell in turkey tonight. back here in the u.s.,
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president biden tonight in wisconsin, and his reaction to the heckling in the chamber during the state of the union. the moment he had democrats and republicans standing to preserve medicare and social security. mary bruce at the white house. also, that tense exchange before the address even started. senator mitt romney with harsh words for embattled congressman george santos, who made up much of his life story before getting elected. tonight, george santos saying it wasn't very mormon of him, about romney. and mitt romney explaining why he felt the need to say something. rachel scott live on the hill. as we come on the air tonight, we are tracking severe storms and a tornado watch right now. alerts across 20 states. wind gusts topping 50 miles per hour. then the system moving into the northeast. rob marciano timing it out. for the first time tonight, the pentagon confirming four previous chinese spy balloons have flown over the u.s. martha raddatz standing by tonight on where they were, what they flew over, and when.
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tonight, the alex murdaugh trial, charged with killing his wife and son, and why the courthouse was suddenly evacuated today. the interviews right here tonight and the chilling details of abuse. the father who authorities say moved into his daughter's college dorm. now facing 60 years in prison for assaulting and terrorizing her classmates and friends. linsey davis tonight speaking with two of the victims. president zelenskyy and his surprise visit today, and what he asked for. the emotional plea. and the king of the court. lebron james making history, and what he told our michael strahan. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we are just back from washington and president biden's state of the union address. the president's reaction tonight to all that heckling, and that moment between mitt romney and george santos. also, the severe storms
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hitting at this hour. the tornado watch right now, we'll get to it. but we begin tonight with the desperate search for survivors after the devastating earthquake in turkey and syria. and tonight, the reality setting in. authorities say the window to find anyone alive could be closing, nearly 72 hours later now, and facing bitter cold. the death toll tonight staggering. more than 12,000 dead. and tonight, we have learned three americans are among the victims. still today, rescues. news on a little girl saved. and we learned more tonight about that baby born in the rubble. and take a look this evening. the stunning damage near the epicenter of the earthquake in turkey. building after building toppled or flatted. and you can see right into the buildings there. survivors huddling by campfires in the shadow of destroyed homes, waiting for word on the missing. rescuers in idlib, syria, working, digging with their hands there. eight members of an extended family of syrian refugees, the youngest just 6 weeks old, all buried in the rubble. at the scene, the grief on the face of this man holding a little girl, shedding her own quiet tears there.
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still, a moment of hope today. members of the syrian white helmets again able to pull a little girl out alive, rushing her to an ambulance. abc's chief foreign correspondent ian pannell leading us off, he's in turkey tonight. >> reporter: as another freezing night sets in, hopes are fading tonight of finding many more survivors in the rubble. the most critical time for rescue, the first 72 hours, now closing. today, the state department confirming three americans are among the more than 12,000 people killed. there are no miracles for this family, just destruction and death. refugees from syria, they fled war to seek safety in turkey, then came the earthquake. today, seven members of one extended family were pulled from the rubble, killed where they slept. the youngest, 6-week-old baby lojayin.
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one boy still missing as family members scramble through the debris. what's happening now is that they're basically using the digger to try and pull away as much rubble as possible. then, the men are going forward and looking down underneath the basement, literally crawling between the floors to try and find a spot where the little boy is. at the moment though, still no sign. eventually, the boy's bedroom is unearthed, but there are few happy endings here. samir has lost his wife and now a third child. the limp body of 2-year-old mahed is brought from the dust of what used to be his home, swaddled in a blanket, and driven unceremoniously on a motorbike to be buried. there is no dignity in death here. still, rescuers refuse to give up hope. across the border in syria, almost no international help.
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but in jandaris, members of the white helmet rescuers discovering this little girl, trapped, but alive. she is one of the very few safely evacuated to the hospital. and tonight, we've learned the newborn baby, rescued from the rubble ten hours after the quake hit, is now in a stable condition. a relative confirming she was the only member of her immediate family to survive. her mother giving birth under the rubble, giving one new life before losing her own. and in gaziantep, turkey, the call for silence. the meticulous efforts to find survivors. rescuers standing still, listening for voices. abc's marcus moore on the scene. >> we've been watching rescuers here, they're trying to reach an 11-year-old boy. he's been in that rubble now for nearly three days. >> reporter: with no response, the search continues tonight. as desperation sets in for the survivors left homeless for a third night.
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these men say, "we're suffering. please, whoever hears us, help us." >> well, the world is watching this unfold. ian pannell with us from the disaster zone in turkey tonight. ian, i know no one is giving up hope. the world praying for all these families, but authorities do say that this window to find more survivors could soon be closing? >> reporter: yeah, i think that's right. that 72-hour golden period is just about up. i mean, this building behind me is still full of people. could they be alive? yes, in theory, that's possible. but the conditions here are really harsh. the weather is below zero. the sheer force of the earthquake means the chances of finding anyone alive almost three days since the quake struck are now diminishing. there's hope, there's optimism, but this is now less about rescue and more about recovery. david? >> all right, ian pannell live in turkey tonight. ian, thank you. back here in the u.s. tonight, president biden on the road after the state of the union address. the white house very happy with
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the speech, and reacting to the heckling from some republicans in that chamber last night. in madison, wisconsin, the president telling workers there his economic plan is working, asking, as he did last night, for time to, quote, finish the job. last night, there were those uncomfortable moments being interrupted and heckled, and, of course, the moment he had democrats and republicans all standing together to preserve medicare and social security moving forward. here's our senior white house correspondent mary bruce tonight. >> reporter: in wisconsin today, president biden again and again calling out the anger-fueled heckling from republicans at the state of the union. >> many of you have seen we've had a spirited debate last night with my republican friends. >> reporter: it was rowdy and contentious. republicans erupting when the president accused them of wanting to cut social security and medicare. >> instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some republicans want medicare and social security to sunset. i am not saying that is a majority. [ booing ]
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let me give you -- anybody who doubts it, contact my office, i'll give you a copy of the proposal. that means congress doesn't vote -- well, i'm glad to see -- i tell you, i enjoy conversion. >> reporter: seeing opportunity in the moment, the president then tried to get republicans on the record. >> so folks, as we all apparently agree, social security and medicare off the books now, right? they're not to be touched? all right. we got unanimity. >> reporter: at one point, he nearly all standing to defend social security and medicare, which was his point. biden urged republicans to work with him. but instead, they repeatedly heckled and jeered. on multiple occasions, house speaker kevin mccarthy even shushing his own members.
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the president speaking directly to the working class, pointing to record low unemployment and waning inflation as proof his policies are working. >> we're building an economy where no one's left behind. jobs are coming back. pride is coming back, because choices we made in the last several years. you know, this is, in my view, a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild america and make a real difference in your lives at home. >> reporter: repeatedly he called for the country to stay the course. >> finish the job. let's finish the job this time. let's finish the job. we got to finish the job. >> reporter: on the issue of police reform, with tyre nichols' parents looking on, biden was blunt, admitting most in that chamber cannot relate. >> most of us in here have never had to have the talk, the talk that brown and black parents have had to have with their children. just as every cop, when they pin
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on that badge in the morning has a right to be able to go home at night, so does everybody else out there. our children have a right to come home safely. >> applause from republicans and democrats on that point, of course, as well. president biden making the case for police reform. the culture of police training. obviously one of several messages from last night. and mary, i'm curious tonight, what are your sources at the white house saying privately about the heckling last night and how the president handled it? >> reporter: well, inside the white house tonight, david, i can tell you, they think that exchange on social security and medicare, the president getting both sides on their feet, that that was one of the strongest, the strongest moment of the night. and one that will be remembered for years to come. the president today said he did expect to be heckled by some republicans, but noted that the vast majority of the party did not behave that way. now, as for republicans, speaker kevin mccarthy today described his members as passionate, but said they need to be smart and not take the bait. david? >> all right, mary bruce live at the white house. mary, thank you for the reporting last night right here with us. and there was another very tense exchange even before the state of the union started.
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senator mitt romney with harsh words for embattled congressman george santos, who made up much of his life story before he got elected. romney telling santos in that chamber, "you don't belong here." rachel scott on the hill tonight. >> reporter: tonight, embattled republican congressman george santos firing back at senator mitt romney for confronting him on the house floor. >> look, he's a sick puppy. he shouldn't be there. >> reporter: cameras captured santos angling for a prime spot along the aisle. but romney wouldn't have it, telling the congressman, "you should be embarrassed. you shouldn't be here." >> i didn't expect that he would be standing there trying to shake hands with every senator and the president of the united states. given the fact that he's under ethics investigation, he should be sitting in the back row and staying quiet, instead of parading in front of the president and the people coming into the room. >> reporter: house republican leaders have refused to criticize santos for totally fabricating many details of his life. not romney.
5:43 pm
>> he says, you know, that he embellished his record. look, embellishing is saying you got an "a" when you got an "a"-minus. lying is saying you graduated from college you didn't even attend. and he shouldn't be in congress. if he had any shame at all, he wouldn't be there. >> reporter: today, we caught up with santos. can you walk us through what happened with senator romney? >> it's not the first time in history that i've been told to shut up and go to the back of the room, especially by people who come from a privileged background. and i think it's reprehensible that the senator would say such a thing to me in the demeaning way he said. it wasn't very mormon of him. that's what i can tell you. >> reporter: mitt romney's office declined to comment any further, but tonight, the senator is standing by his words, insisting that someone like george santos does not belong in congress. david? >> it's all really something. rachel scott live on the hill tonight. rachel, thank you. in the meantime, we turn now to that dangerous cross-country storm, nearly 50 million americans tonight, 20 states on alert for severe weather. a tornado watch right now. and then this system, our weather team telling us, moving right into the northeast.
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let's bring in senior meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all. he's live in new orleans for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this has become a very dynamic system, to make for a serious tornado threat here in the south. tornado watches have been expanded, encompassing much of louisiana, up through west memphis, back through much of mississippi. you see the storms bubbling up within those watches. the front itself will push across i-10 and through new orleans probably by daybreak tomorrow. cold side of this, talking about five to eight inches of snow from iowa in through wisconsin and snows to start in northern new york and new england, but this is a warm system coming into the northeast, so, we'll be back in the 50s tomorrow. and into friday, we could see record-breaking heat in the northeast on friday. meanwhile, here in the south, our very active severe weather season in this winter continues. david? >> rob marciano, our thanks to you, as always. now to the chinese spy balloon, and what the pentagon officially acknowledged today. four other chinese spy balloons have flown over the u.s. let's get straight to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz back on this tonight. martha, what have you learned?
5:45 pm
>> reporter: david, for the first time, from the pentagon briefing room, we heard confirmation that a chinese spy balloon had flown over four sensitive sites within the u.s. territories in recent years. a senior u.s. official told me those sites were near naval braces bases in coronado, california, norfolk, virginia, and hawaii. all of those spy missions were undetected at the time and only discovered later through intelligence analysis. the official said the chinese have a fleet of these balloons and they transited five continents and 40 countries, spying on military and sensitive facilities. and just moments ago, president biden asked whether relations between the u.s. and china had taken a big hit, biden answering no, but adding that he has not spoken to president xi since the u.s. shot down the spy balloon. david? >> martha raddatz again tonight. thank you, martha. we turn next tonight to the case making national headlines, the father who authorities say abused and manipulated his
5:46 pm
daughter's classmates and others, even staying in his daughter's dorm at sarah lawrence college. tonight here, the chilling details of the abuse. that father is now facing 60 years in prison, and two of his victims are now speaking out to our linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, we're hearing from two of the victims of lawrence ray, the father convicted of manipulating and terrorizing his daughter's friends. why didn't you leave? >> i was so scared. he wouldn't let me sleep. he controlled what i was eating. he would yell at me. he would beat me. and he took away everything that made me me. >> reporter: ray imprisoned on crimes of extortion, sex trafficking, racketeering, and conspiracy, among other charges. in 2010, he crashed at his daughter's dorm at sarah lawrence college in new york, gaining the trust of her friends. later moving to new york city, where prosecutors say he sexually, physically, and psychologically abused them. daniel levin says ray hit him with a sledgehammer, held his tongue with pliers, and subjected him to sexual
5:47 pm
humiliation, saying he acted like a cult leader. >> people find themselves in abusive relationships. and i was convinced that if i was uncomfortable, if something felt bad to me, that that was because of something that was wrong with me. >> reporter: felicia rosario, who did not attend sarah lawrence, met ray through her brother and started a romantic relationship with him. she says ray emotionally manipulated and abused her. >> please help me! >> reporter: what were you feeling in that moment? >> i don't remember. i blocked it out. and there's -- there's so many holes in my memory. but it's hard for me to watch, like -- wow, that's horrible, what he's doing to her. but it's she, not me. >> reporter: at what point did you decide enough? >> i didn't. the fbi came. the fbi came and arrested him, thankfully. it took them coming to get him for me to be able to even
5:48 pm
consider having a life again. >> and linsey davis with here tonight. all of this is so alarming to hear. and a lot of people at home, i would think, would be so puzzled as to why no one on campus seemed to know that his father was living in his daughter's dorm? >> reporter: sarah lawrence college says they did not know at the time. they said when these crimes happened, he was not living on campus, but last month, the 63-year-old was sentenced to 60 years behind bars, effectively a life sentence, david. >> all right, linsey davis here with us tonight. linsey, thank you. and daniel and felicia speaking out here, also featured in the docuseries "stolen youth," that launches tomorrow on hulu, and then next week, much more of linsey's interview on "impact by nightl nightlean," also streaming on hulu next thursday. when we come back here on the news tonight, we have news on president zelenskyy this evening. his surprise trip, his emotional plea tonight. and then the expected moment here in the u.s. today in the alex murdaugh trial, charged with killing his wife and son. why the courthouse was suddenly evacuated.
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well tonight, the sudden evacuation during the trial of alex murdaugh. a bomb threat at the courthouse. a caller claiming there was a bomb in the judge's chambers. murdaugh accused of murdering his wife and son, rushed away in a van. no device was found. the trial has resumed. when we come back tonight, lebron james with michael strahan on making history. she found it. the feeling of finding the psoriasis treatment she's been looking for. sotyktu is the first-of-its-kind, once-daily pill for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis for the chance at clear or almost clear skin. it's like the feeling of finding that outfit psoriasis tried to hide from you. or finding your swimsuit is ready for primetime. [dad] once-daily sotyktu is proven to get more people clearer skin than the leading pill. don't take if you're allergic to sotyktu; serious reactions can occur. sotyktu can lower your ability to fight infections including tb. serious infections, cancers including lymphoma, muscle problems, and changes in certain labs have occurred. tell your doctor if you have an infection,
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ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. dove invited women who wanted their damaged hair trimmed. yes, i need a trim. i just want to be able to cut the damage. we tried dove instead. so, still need that trim? oh my gosh! i am actually shocked i don't need a haircut. don't trim daily damage. stop it with dove. finally tonight here, the king of the court making history. lebron james with our michael strahan. >> lebron james, a shot at history. and there it is! >> reporter: it's a record many thought would never be broken. the all-time nba scoring record. but lebron james changed that last night. >> mvp!
5:58 pm
mvp! >> reporter: what does thame? >> i've had goals throughout my whole career. you know, on the -- on the court. i never, ever was like, i want to break the all-time scoring record. it's never, ever been a thought of mine. and the fact that -- i'm like literally right here, it is mind-blowing. >> reporter: and what do you want your legacy to be? >> i want my legacy to be that all my teammates and the people that played against me knew i played the game the right way and i competed at a high level. i never cheated the game. i never cheated the game. i never cheated the process. but for me, off the floor, i think me having my own school in my hometown, me inspiring kids all over the world, being active in politics at times or social justice, those are the things that i hope people talk about, as well, because those are things that last forever. >> breaking a record nearly 40 years old. congrats, lebron, and thanks, michael. i'll see you tomorrow. good night >> one routine shot that cost
5:59 pm
six figures? the eye team asks why. >> no person should be a victim of sex trafficking. >> oakland zoo mayor response to another story with sex trafficking right outside of grade school. larry: charges now filed against a man who fired a gun in his synagogue. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. larr the $200,000 [indiscernible]. >> the $200,000 bat, that is the story tonight. larry: thanks for joining us. part of building a better bay area, we sometimes focus on the soaring cost of health care. today we have an extreme example. alma: the bill from a
6:00 pm
simple visit to the hospital, more than $200,000. larry: they called us to investigate 200,000 dollars, one shot. hard to believe. >>


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