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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 9, 2023 7:00am-8:59am PST

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jobina: now you will get to experience it. reggie: no sleep. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we take you through this thursday morning, the twisters cutting through the south. severe weather sweeping across the south. at least four reported tornadoes in louisiana and mississippi. buildings, gas stations, homes torn apart. now rescue crews searching for anyone who may be trapped. time running out. as the death toll climbs above 17,000 in turkey and syria, the critical window to find survivors is closing. this morning, the rescue stories breaking through with u.s. search teams now on the ground. >> the scene here in antakya is absolutely shocking. >> ian pannell on the scene. as satellite images show the utter devastation and
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frustration grows. new details on china's spy balloon program. the pentagon revealing how many times one has flown over sensitive sites in recent years and just how wide reaching the surveillance operation is. abc news exclusive. the widow of the california public defender who died mysteriously on vacation in mexico is breaking her silence. >> he was my rock. my everything. >> why she thinks he was killed and what happened just hours before his death, only on "gma." billion dollar heartbreak. 70,000 people targeted by romance scams in the past year. now the new warning. an exclusive look at the ftc's top lies criminals are using to get victims to fall for them. damar hamlin's future. the bold prediction following the bills player's on-field collapse as he is celebrated for his work off the field. countdown to the showdown. are the star super bowl quarterbacks ready? plus, how these women are making history before the big game at more than 300 miles an hour.
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and which super bowl party staples are bubbled up, marked down and where you can still score savings on those super snacks. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ and one match, second chance and three cheers for some incredible nurses. ten years after returning to the "gma" desk following my bone marrow transplant, we are maa y life or sprise live o ♪ a kp yoorgoning, america. oftentimes nurses are unsung heroes. this morning we are singing their praises. so happy to do that. yes. >> so worthwhile and we're so -- ten years later, wow, robin, it's just amazing to be sitting here next to you. really, really thankful for it
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as well and for you being back and all the nurses. also ahead, we have our team on the ground in turkey with the latest on the recovery efforts from the catastrophic earthquake. but we begin with the severe weather moving across the country. four tornadoes reported in mississippi and louisiana and rob marciano is on the scene in louisiana with the latest. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, george. a difficult night in southeast louisiana. this town hit hard by a tornado. that church behind me, several businesses and many homes like this one either badly damaged or completely destroyed. there are actually people in the house when the storm came through. they're remarkably okay, but a couple s they were taken aoc this continued to cut through this parish right into mississippi. overnight, reports of tornadoes touching down in louisiana and
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mississippi. this was the scene about 65 pmi. >> i was just sitting on the couch. i hear something like a whistle, a train come. all kind of stuff was just hitting the trailer. >> reporter: you can see a twister moving across the interstate. drivers dodging debris falling around them. parts of buildings and homes ending up in the trees. this mini mart chevron station and church torn apart. rescue crews searching for anyone who still may be trapped. multiple manufactured homes suffering severe damage. >> my cousin's trailer flipped with her and her kids in it. >> reporter: the police chief in tangipahoa parish saying numerous homes were damaged, but no serious injuries have been reported. it's been an incredibly busy tornado season. this winter, january saw three times the usual number of tornadoes. this month this is the first one in february, thankfully today at least the tornado threat will be less intense. george? >> thank goodness for that. more on the forecast from ginger. ginger? >> on top of all the tornadoes we're flash flooding, right?
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you had flash flood warnings popping up throughout parts of arkansas, more than a half foot of rain. the video there you see from jonesboro, they had just over three inches, but it happened so quickly that it filled up some of those roads. the system moved all the way north into the southern great lakes. you see the high wind alerts. we're talking about fort wayne to sandusky, jamestown to rochester, new york, with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it's not going to be as much about the widespread tornado threat but the widespread wind and when you have gusts to 60, you don't even need a thunderstorm but you can do big-time damage. that's going to move through. wraparound snow on the back side that goes through milwaukee and eventually what this will do, robin, is push some near record high temperatures like close to 70 today in washington, d.c. >> all right, ginger, thank you. we're going to turn now to the latest on the catastrophic earthquake in turkey and syria. the death toll rising once again this morning and the window of hope to find more survivors
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buried under the rubble is slowly closing. our chief foreign correspondent ian pannell is live in turkey for us. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. from antakya, possibly one of the hardest hit places inside the earthquake zone and it's a town i know well. for four years covering the syrian civil war this was effectively our home in turkey. if you showed me a picture today, i wouldn't recognize it. imagine every disaster movie you ever watched and that's the reality here in antakya. you see people carrying bodies, putting them into the trunks of cars and taking them off to be buried. you hear this endless procession of sirens, this anthem for this procession of dead people being brought out from underneath the rubble. there is still hope. people are still fighting, but, as you say, the reality is that death toll climbs higher and higher. this morning, a desperate race against the clock as the critical 72-hour window to find survivors closes. the death toll staggering. despite the dwindling hope, amid the death and rubble, there are still incredible stories of survival.
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in syria this camera capturing the point of view from inside the rubble, rescuers able to reach a boy buried deep under the debris. his sister receiving medical attention, both children were trapped for more than 50 hours, but tragically the rest of the family didn't make it out alive. this baby girl named helen saved just in the nick of time in antakya, turkey, surviving 68 hours underneath the debris. for everyone here, the desperate search and rescue is deeply personal. [ speaking in non-english ] i would die for you, thank god he says, carrying baby helen to safety. another man, a father, rescued in the 74th hour, two hours after his daughter was pulled out of the same rubble. the crowd chanting, god is great as he's carried to an ambulance. but these miracles are few and far between.
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we watched seven members of one extended family pulled from the rubble of their apartment building. all killed while they slept. the youngest just 6 weeks old. the scene here in antakya is absolutely shocking. almost every single home has been destroyed. all around you is destruction, death and grief. lots of people are complaining about the lack of government help, but as you can see the scale of need here is absolutely overwhelming. satellite images show the shocking scale of destruction here in antakya. apartment blocks and houses razed to the ground and the dangers still far from over. with repeated aftershocks, more than 600 recorded since sunday, and every time one happens, these desperately needed rescue crews must stop their work. overnight in syria, near the capital damascus, a four-story building collapsed. two families reportedly trapped inside. while there's still criticism
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about -- although aid is coming in here, it's not getting across the border into syria. more international teams are now coming in but they can't come soon enough as this search, rescue and recovery operation just goes on 24/7. robin? >> ian, we'll talk more about that. thank you. u.s. search and rescue teams are now joining the effort. marcus moore is also in turkey with that side of the story. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, robin, good morning. we have been with members of usaid here in turkey at another hard-hit area, and you can see the destruction. this building collapsing onto buses. now, members from the united states and other countries have been here. they are bringing their experience, expertise and also specialized equipment. whenever they get a report of someone possibly alive in the rubble, they will go to that spot and search for them. it is work that's been frantic and it happens very quickly. these members, some of them from los angeles, are just one among
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the thousands of searchers and rescuers who have been working in a large swath of destruction that stretches for hundreds of miles here in turkey. and a declaration of emergency has been declared in ten cities here in the country and three days after the earthquake, there are some rural areas that have yet to be reached. back here in adiyaman, up until just last night, it was local residents who were digging through this debris trying to save their loved ones and their neighbors. rebecca? >> all right, marcus, thank you so much. hard to even imagine that level of devastation. we turn now to the latest on the chinese spy balloon. the pentagon confirms that there were four previous flights over sensitive sites in the u.s. and they were part of a global surveillance operation. terry moran is tracking the story from washington. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. that chinese spy balloon shot down by the u.s. off the south carolina coast, it turns out to
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be part of an aggressive worldwide surveillance program chinese have been conducting for several years. u.s. officials say that program sent surveillance balloons over dozens of countries across five continents targeting military bases and other sensitive sites and u.s. officials are now briefing allies and partners around the world on the program including japan and taiwan. and here in washington, officials have been combing through the data and they now confirm that on four separate occasions during the biden and trump administrations, china sent balloons over u.s. territory, though they were not immediately known at the time as chinese balloons but subsequent analysis confirms they were. china xlams it was a weather balloon. chinese are now explaining why they have so far refused a request from defense secretary lloyd austin for a secure call with his chinese counterpart. they say that the u.s. is taking, quote, the wrong
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approach and creating a bad atmosphere for dialogue. >> okay, terry, thanks. we'll get the latest now on the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy is in europe addressing the british parliament and european union and renewing his plea for fighter jets to help in the fight against russia. tom soufi burridge has the rep president this morning in the heart of europe attending a summit of eu leaders, part of a high-stakes trip as the war in ukraine enters a critical phase. zelenskyy addressing the european parliament. shouting, glory to ukraine, only a victory for ukraine, he says, can protect european values. overnight, zelenskyy in paris meeting french president emmanuel macron and german chancellor olaf schulz. zelenskyy suggesting france and germany could be game changers if they help supply ukraine with longer range missiles and western made fighter jets. and earlier, zelenskyy in london, meeting king charles at buckingham palace and receiving
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a rock star welcome from the british parliament. zelenskyy gifting a ukrainian fighter pilot's helmet to the speaker of the parliament. making the case for why ukraine needs military jets. >> i appeal to you and the world with simple and the utmost important words, combat aircrafts for ukraine, wings for freedom. >> reporter: germany saying some of its advanced tanks will be in ukraine by the end of next month. not soon enough for a major russian offensive expected, say ukrainian officials, in the coming days. an ukrainian official telling abc news that major russian offensive is expected in the next ten days. officials telling us the situation is deteriorating in the east for ukrainian forces. rebecca? >> still so many questions remain, almost a year now since russia's original invasion into ukraine. tom soufi burridge, thank you so much. we turn now to the alex murdaugh trial and a wild day in the courthouse.
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it was temporarily evacuated after a bomb threat and eva pilgrim has the story. >> go to the sidewalk. >> reporter: a dramatic disruption at the murdaugh trial. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have to evacuate the building. >> reporter: the call claiming there was a bomb in the judge's chambers forcing an evacuation. crowds streaming from the building as authorities did a security sweep. alex murdaugh whisked away in a van. a few hours later it was back to business, but the judge making no mention of that threat. >> you may bring the jury. >> reporter: it comes after the defense tried to chip away at the state's evidence showing gunshot residue was found on murdaugh's clothes, his hand, car and this raincoat seized from his parents' home. >> you have no idea how gunshot residue ended up on that garment, correct? >> i cannot tell you how it got there. >> reporter: murdaugh's team arguing it could have come from a shotgun he was holding when police arrived. meanwhile, a paralegal testifying that murdaugh had been stealing from his own firm.
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>> i was hurt. i was angry. i just was beside myself. >> reporter: she said she noticed a change in him in 2019 after son paul crashed the family's boat while under the influence, killing 19-year-old mallory beach. at the time of the murders of his wife and son murdaugh was facing a major lawsuit. >> you could tell something -- that it was the boat crash was weighing heavy on him and he was -- it was consuming his life. >> reporter: months later while he was in drug rehab, that paralegal says murdaugh apologized in a text she read for the court. >> the better i get, the more guilt i have. i have an awful lot to try to make right when i get out of here. the worst part is knowing i did the most damage to those i loved the most. >> reporter: and we are expected to see alex murdaugh's best friend chris wilson on the stand today. robin? >> all right, eva, thank you so much for your reporting. we turn now to major news about nfl star damar hamlin and his future on the field.
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with the super bowl just days away now, will reeve finally made his way to arizona where, of course, the game will be played. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have made it to arizona, as have the two best teams in the nfl. they are deep in their preparation as are the two quarterbacks getting ready for their historic matchup. but this morning the best and perhaps most unexpected news of super bowl week belief that damar hamlin will play football again. >> just want to say thank you. just thank god for being here. >> reporter: this morning, damar hamlin celebrated as he received the nflpa alan page community award along with a $100,000 check to his foundation. >> i plan to never take this position for granted and always have an urgent approach in making a difference in the community where i come from. >> reporter: nfl players association medical director tom mayor making this bold claim in a radio interview wednesday -- >> i guarantee you, i guarantee you, veronica, that damar hamlin will play professional football
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again. >> reporter: it's been just over a month since hamlin, a promising young safety for the buffalo bills, collapsed midfield on a monday night in cincinnati. in his annual state of the league press conference nfl commissioner roger goodell amplifying the work of first responders. >> we have the best of the best on the field including expertise that was critical in that moment. by bringing the best of the best it did contribute to saving a young man's life. >> reporter: all this just days away from super bowl lvii. the philadelphia eagles and kansas city chiefs settling into arizona preparing for the big game. quarterbacks patrick mahomes and jalen hurts feel ready. >> when i look back at the end of my career, i don't want to look back and be like, man, i didn't give everything i had to win super bowls. >> it's going to be a great game. it will be a battle. you got the best of the best playing against one another. >> reporter: the teams have the same win/loss record but the eagles are slightly favored to win. perhaps because of the uncertainty around mahomes' injured ankle. >> i definitely can move around better than i was moving last
7:18 am
week or two weeks ago, and we'll see on game day how close to 100% i can be. >> reporter: in addition to the football, we also have the halftime show. i've got my props here. we're getting ready for rihanna making her first live concert appearance in about five years. everything about her show, the guest list, the stages, the outfits, all closely guarded like a team's playbook. it's shrouded in secrecy. we're ready. the anticipation is building. we're here, guys. >> we can see that, will. okay. coming up more about an historic moment that will happen at the super bowl. if you're throwing a party for the big game, don't tackle food shopping before you hear from our becky worley who has a game plan to help you save. but first, back to ginger. >> helmet in the grocery store was a good idea. look at oklahoma city. you got that wraparound snow and move it up. dubuque, iowa, up to madison, that's who looks for the heavy snow. your local weather in just 30 seconds.
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drew: i am not meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. today is the warmest weather of the week. it will feel like spring this afternoon. we had a lot of sunshine on the way. mid to upper 60's by 4:00 p.m. tonight, patchy fog, temperatures falling into the 30's and 40's. here is the accuweather 70 forecast. much cooler tomorrow with a chance of a light shower at night.
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it cleans better, and doesn't leave behind irritating residues. and it's gentle on her skin. case, closed! it's gotta be tide. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc seven news. good morning, reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. a new state proposal would provide short term guaranteed income to homeless high school seniors is an effort that would hopefully jump start their college years or help them in the job market. the chronicle reports. $5000 will be given to each student. state senator dave cortese e and assembly member matt haney authored the bill. they say the money will put 15,000 high school seniors in a position to create a better life. let's see what traffic looks like. had you been in the thank you? good morning, everyone, so you can see that ambulance riding along the shoulder right behind a tow truck on the san mateo bridge. right now we do have a singular in effect due to a three vehicle crash at the decline. zero. traffic is nearly stopped on the bridge right now. in the
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well thank you. the temperatures right now waking up in the thirties and forties, so a few layers certainly needed as you go about the next couple of hours. but today about spring like temperatures this afternoon , it's the warmest day of the week outside. we got a live look from our exploratorium camera is quite pretty out there. first thing we have sunshine, calm waters on the bay will warm up pretty fast. by noon, already exceeding our average temperatures this time of the year and will continue to warm as the afternoon goes on getting into the mid and upper sixties. later today 68 the high in san jose, with sunshine today 65 oakland, 63 in the city about 67
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every recipe, every last detail. another fancy way, to show your love. fancy feast. give your cat the world with globally-inspired medleys. ♪ and the land of the brave ♪ whoo. no one is ever going to forget that. whitney houston's unforgettable, unforgettable performance of the national anthem at the super bowl with one of the most famous flyovers ever. we're going to tell you why this year's fighter jet flyover will make history. plus, big news about never before released whitney houston music. that's all coming up in our next hour. >> we are looking forward to that. following a lot of headlines right now as well, including the
7:31 am
latest on the severe weather sweeping across the south. at least four tornadoes reported in louisiana and mississippi. now rescue crews are searching for anyone who may be trapped. ginger tracking it for us this morning. also, the latest on the recovery efforts in turkey and syria from the catastrophic earthquake. searchers from the u.s. and d other countries arriving there. you might remember yassin. we surprised him with news that his knoxville, tennessee, restaurant, yassin's falafel house was named the nicest place in america by reader's digest. he has a connection to the terrible earthquake disaster. most of his family is still in syria. he has a brother in turkey. yassin has gotten to work, he's heading down to turkey now. he's opening a soup kitchen and providing medical support. he's already raised more than $100,000 to help those in need and you can find out more in our -- in >> slash soup. >> his original goal was to
7:32 am
raise $20,000 and he's already at 100k. he is a great man. >> so incredible to see people turn that pain into fuel. we also have a whole lot more ahead, including our exclusive about romance scams. the top lies that get victims to give thieves their money. it is all coming up. right now our exclusive interview with the wife of the california attorney who died while vacationing in mexico sharing new details about what happened that night and why she thinks he was killed. our chief national correspondent matt gutman has the story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. kim williams and elliot blair were both lawyers at the public defenders office in orange county, california. they had it all planned out. they had bought a house. they were planning on having two kids and they went to a resort in mexico to celebrate their one-year anniversary when elliot suffered a mysterious death and mexican authorities concluded that this was an accident but kim and her attorney now insist that elliot was murdered. we have to warn you that some of the images you're about to see are graphic. >> he was my rock, my
7:33 am
everything. >> reporter: this morning, the wife of california public defender elliot blair breaking her silence about the mystery surrounding her husband's death in a mexican resort last month. >> i still can't go in a bed. i can't -- i sleep on the couch because the last time i was in bed i was woken up to find my husband dead. >> reporter: elliot and his wife kimberly williams were celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary when elliot was found dead in the middle of the night. >> when police arrived, did you ask what happened? did they tell you what happened? >> accident, suicide, gunshot wound. it was a roller coaster. >> suicide. >> suicide. i mean, everything under the sun except for what i think happened. someone did this to him. >> reporter: local authorities later concluding that elliot drunkenly fell from the resort's low balconies seen in these photos.
7:34 am
his wife kim believes something much more sinister happened. that last day she says they woke up late, got massages, had a margarita by the beach while watching the sun set. >> i just remember him telling me how beautiful i looked that night. >> reporter: they then grabbed dinner at a local restaurant and finally went to dance. this is the last video kim has of elliot. but on their way back to the resort, kim says they were pulled over by the rosarito beach police who claimed they rolled through a stop sign. >> elliot has always told me when we go down there to kind of not engage, he'll handle whatever needs to be said with them. >> reporter: kim says the cops asked them for money. >> elliot had said, had told him we don't have the amount of cash that you want. the other officer came up and started talking to us, you know, where are you staying? elliot told them we were saying at las rocas, that we were done down here for vacation.
7:35 am
>> reporter: she said they kept asking for money. >> elliot stood his ground, showed him his work badge and said, look, we're attorneys. we're not down here to mess around, but we're also not going to be taken advantage of. >> did you not have the cash they wanted? >> we didn't have the amount they wanted. >> reporter: between the two of them kim says they emptied their wallets and paid the officers $160 before being let go. >> we were both rattled but at the same time we both had this feeling of, thank god they didn't do anything more to us. >> reporter: they drove back to las rocas and hung at the lobby bar before going back to their room. >> i put on my pajamas, we turned the tv on and i got in bed and he went to take a shower and i fell asleep. >> what's the next thing you remember? >> two people in my room waking me up, a security guard and the hotel manager in my room and they're saying, excuse me, miss, excuse me, excuse me, is this
7:36 am
your boyfriend down here? i ran out the front door and they're pointing over the side of our front door area to the ground. it was my elliot down there. i just was yelling at them to call an ambulance, call an ambulance, call an ambulance. they said an ambulance came an hour ago. >> reporter: the family lawyer tells us elliot viewed a video on instagram at 12:35 a.m. and then, just 15 minutes later at 12:50 a.m. the resort called to report a person who apparently suffered a fall. 20 minutes later paramedics arriving on the scene concluding that elliot blair had no vital signs. two days later the attorney general of baja california stating that the amount of alcohol found in blair's body was considerable. >> how many drinks do you think that elliot had that night? >> five or six drinks. 11:30 would have been the last drink at the hotel which was a
7:37 am
margarita. in my nine years of being with him and knowing him, i can tell you i've never seen him sloppy. i have not seen him not be able to walk and care for himself. >> reporter: the family believes these photos of elliot's injuries to his arms and legs, which they requested be shared, tell a story that isn't a drunken fall. they consulted a biomechanics expert. >> there's bruising marks on the body. there's indications of potential of being dragged on the front of the body. there's fractures to the back of the skull. nothing really points to the fact that it was necessarily an accident. >> reporter: their lawyer pushing for answers. >> kim and her family need answers to bring closure to this so they can really start moving on. >> reporter: kim determined to honor elliot's memory. >> why did you decide to do this interview now? >> i want the world to know who my -- our elliot is.
7:38 am
i want to make sure he's remembered. >> reporter: it was brave of her to speak with us. abc news consulted two independent forensic pathologists to review that autopsy. they came to different conclusions. a mexican pathologist said that injuries in those images were consistent with a fall. an american pathologist looked at the same images and said that looks like a homicide. the family commissioned its own autopsy. they say the results should be ready in about five or six weeks. >> such a strange story. >> very strange. they deserve answers. they deserve answers. >> we'll be right back. hold on... you're a night manager and mom. and the bill payer, baker, and nightlight maker? that's a lot. so, adding “and student” might feel daunting. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. -happy birthday. -happy birthday buddy.
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7:42 am
counting down to the super bowl. if you're planning a party to watch the big game, becky worley is here with a look at what food and drink has gotten more expensive and where to save. good morning, becky. >> good morning, george. inflation numbers are starting to look a little better but as you plan your super bowl party, it's a back and forth between expensive groceries and finally some good deals. the super bowl this year is a good news/bad news situation. good news if you're an eagles or chiefs fan, bad news if you're a bengals or, god forbid a niners fan. no! and a little more bad news. groceries are up 11.8% over last year. but prices on many party snacks are significantly down. yay!
7:43 am
so let's start with the meats. wing fans, the price of your favorite finger food is down 22% from january of 2022. sirloin steak down a buck a pound. >> if you happen to have a wholesale club membership, utilize it. it's certainly a great opportunity to buy in bulk because you can save 30% to 40%. >> reporter: and the star of guacamole, avocados are down over 20%. but back to the bad news, chips have double-digit percentage increases since 2021 and fresh vegetables were up nearly 10% year on year. >> i would avoid precut vegetables, anything that is prepackaged to serve right away. yes, it will save you some time, but you are paying extra for that labor that was required to chop those vegetables for you. >> reporter: but this back and forth super bowl party inflation report has one more twist. cheers. check the replay. beer prices are way up, costing
7:44 am
8.6% more than last year. wine increased 3.9% and soft drinks bubbled up nearly 25% from last year. >> aluminum shortages are causing some price increases on canned items like beer or canned wine. a bottled option instead if you are experiencing that price increase in your specific area and that would apply for soda and pop as well. >> reporter: now, a few more tips to save on your super bowl fest. i like turning everything into a contest so i suggest a snack smackdown.lyeipoucyocrte braggi rfor your guests to see who can bring the best snacks. secondarily, you want to avoid using paper plates or paper cups if you can. we're seeing a lot of inflation on paper products, 15% and
7:45 am
finally don't serve deviled eggs. >> thank you. >> i mean, maybe it's a personal taste thing, george, but also the money right now on eggs, oh, my goodness. >> exactly. george is bringing the boxed wine. he said he was bringing the boxed wine. >> okay, good. >> becky, i would say thank you, but you've kept the food too far away from all of us. thank you for the great tips, becky worley, as always. next up, we have our "play of the day." > next up, we have of the day." dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones in v8 you'll find flavorful fruit juice,
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7:49 am
♪ it's going to be a good, good day ♪ all right, we are back now with our "play of the day" and a hero's reception for a fearless toddler. take a look at 15-month-old mark jr. the staff at cincinnati children's hospital celebrating his heart transplant. >> aw. >> so sweet there. his mom says that the surgeon was awesome performing such a lifesaving surgery on a heart size the size of our thumb. the mom adds that mark jr. is doing well and is scheduled to be discharged today. love to see that. >> we do. mark jr., you go. you go. and speaking of incredible health care heroes, it's been ten years since i was able to return to the desk here after a bone marrow transplant. this morning, we are celebrating two wonderful nurses, tanya and jenny, who were my lifelines throughout my treatment and have helped so many others. so i went to see them at the bone marrow transplant team at
7:50 am
memorial sloan-kettering. got my tennis shoes on in new york. we have the whole staff, the whole staff is waiting there for us. they have no idea they're about to be surprised. thank you. it is a little chilly out there, ginger, so do a little james brown move. these women -- as you know, guys, we have a lot to do, so i'm going to get going to msk here in new york city. see you there for the surprise. we'll be right back. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ nothing can keep me ♪ you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well, i switched to swiffer wetjet, and it's awesome. it's an all-in-one, so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside, so it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. swiffer wetjet? so worth it. best. decision. ever. get $10 off for a limited time. how did kellogg's combine crunchy oat clusters
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7:54 am
now, it's also quite windy as you head up into the midwest, midsouth. louisville, 50-mile-per-hour gusts today, 40 for columbus so watch that as it keeps tracking northeast. coming up on "gma," armie hammer's estranged wife is speaking out for the first time about their split. and a new warning for parents about edible marijuana. sangs on se have tory johnsonr deals st." don't go anywhere. your local news an
7:55 am
7:56 am
building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news, reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. let's see what that traffic looks like on this thursday. had you been there? thank you. good morning, everyone. so we're starting with the san mateo bridge and just look at that back up in the westbound direction. traffic is nearly stopped there, and that's because we have a sig alert that is still in effect of the decline. that's involving three vehicles, and at least one lane is blocked there. so that's what you're looking like for your ride. girl. oh, yeah. what not great. oh that is rough. okay temperature wise. we're in the thirties and forties. right now that sun is up, and it's going to be very effective at warming us up a lovely picture of the golden gate bridge this morning . here's how your day shapes up mild conditions already by lunchtime and will continue to warm even more. as we head into
7:57 am
the afternoon. we are going into the sixties above average feels a lot more like spring today than february. 68 san jose 65 in oakland up to 63 in the city, reggie. thank you, judy. assuming us on our agency seven bay area app, abc, seven and bay area app, abc, seven and seven continues for e great party, carly. you must have blown your budget. not exactly. you have great name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello. grocery outlet bargain market want to enjoy eating healthy during the big game? grocery outlet has got you covered. this week, thomas farms. 93% lean grass-fed ground beef is just $4.99 per pound. that's a savings worth celebrating. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. severe weather sweeping across he south. at least four reported tornadoes in louisiana and mississippi. buildings, gas stations, homes torn apart. ginger is tracking the latest. time running out. the critical window to find survivors is closing in turkey and syria. this morning, the rescue stories breaking through with u.s. search teams now on the ground. ian pannell on the scene as frustration grows. new spike in romance scams. right before valentine's day, we have an exclusive look at the ftc's top lies criminals are using to get victims to fall for them after more than a billion dollars was stolen from 70,000 people last year.
8:01 am
armie hammer's estranged wife speaks for the first time about their split. the allegations that sunk his career and how she's moving forward. ♪ you've got the love ♪ ♪ you've got the love ♪ one match, second chance. ten years after my return to the desk here at "gma," i'm honoring two of the nurses who were by my side throughout treatment enlisting the help of their families and co-workers to celebrate all they've done to help countless patients and deliver them a major surprise live. ♪ oh, i wanna dance with somebody ♪ new music from whitney houston. this morning our exclusive sneak peek at one never before released song. lara has all the details in "pop news." ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ and meet the women flying into super bowl history at more than 300 miles an hour. >> it's any pilot's dream to do this.
8:02 am
>> the first all-female navy pilots to do a flyover at the big game and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ spreading out our wings tonight ♪ ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ good morning, america. hope you are doing well this morning. robin is en route to memorial sloan-kettering cancer center. you see her right there in the car already. >> there she is on her way to deliver a big surprise. robin, how's it going? >> reporter: well, you know, new york city traffic, it's a joy, guys. it's a real joy, but it's worth it. we're getting our way to memorial sloan-kettering. there are two nurses i really want you all to meet because they were instrumental in my battle after having the bone marrow transplant. it's all part of our series, one match, second chance, and they were part of giving me a second chance with the health care and so they have no idea i'm about to surprise them. the whole staff, they're in on it as well. they're waiting for us. >> they think that we're there for something else. we'll do it "gma" style and give
8:03 am
them a nice surprise and part of why we're doing this series is to encourage more people to join the bone marrow registry and you can scan that qr code on your screen right now to find out how you can do that. and, guys, the surprise, it's on. i cannot wait to say tanya and jenny and the whole gang there at msk. >> can't wait to see their faces. >> where you going, superhero, robin? let's go. >> let's go. >> let's make it. also ahead, we have this urgent warning for parents about marijuana edibles and kids. first, the latest on that severe weather moving across the country. at least four tornadoes reported in mississippi and louisiana. ginger tracking that. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, george. we got some pictures of those twisters crossing the roads here in louisiana. there were some injuries reported just north of new orleans by about an hour or so. mobile homes that were flipped by a likely tornado. they'll get out there and do those surveys today but this front and this whole low
8:04 am
pressure system has now moved up into the northeast. with it comes flash flood threat because we already saw that. this is jonesboro, arkansas, more than 3 inches there and up to 6 inches that fell throughout the state. you see that rotation, just heading into illinois, well, on the northern side from wisconsin back through iowa and missouri you're going to have the wintry side. the wind alerts go all the way from cleveland back to louisville, up into western new york, and you can see gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour and that's with the front of the storm. the front of the storm moving through rainy, windy, over the great lakes. see that thursday here, by later this evening. but what it will do is push a ton of near record heat up to the mid-atlantic and the northeast, george, we could go close to 60 tomorrow. >> wow, springtime. ginger, thanks very much. rebecca? george, we turn now to the latest on the catastrophic earthquake and we want to head back to our chief foreign correspondent ian pannell who is on the scene in turkey as the window of hope to find more survivors buried under that rubble is slowly closing. good morning, again, ian.
8:05 am
>> reporter: good morning, rebecca. we're in antakya, one of the towns hardest hit by the earthquake. i got a single text message two days ago from a turkish friend who said, ian, antakya is gone. that's the situation not just here but in so many places across the earthquake zone. this morning, a desperate race against the clock as the critical 72-hour window to find survivors closes. the death toll staggering. despite the dwindling hope, amid the death and rubble, there are still incredible stories of survival. in syria this camera capturing the point of view from inside the rubble, rescuers able to reach a boy buried deep under the debris. this baby girl named helen saved just in the nick of time in antakya, turkey, surviving 68 hours underneath the debris. another man, a father, rescued in the 74th hour, two hours after his daughter was pulled
8:06 am
out of the same rubble. but these miracles are few and far between. we watched seven members of one extended family pulled from the rubble of their apartment building. all killed while they slept. the youngest just 6 weeks old. satellite images show the shocking scale of destruction in antakya. apartment blocks and houses razed to the ground. while you can hear the sound of sirens and that is the sound really ringing through the town, rescue teams are busy working away on these collapsed buildings. every now and again you hear a whistle calling for silence because they're still hoping they can pull people out alive, but the reality for so many people is that it will be a recovery operation. real tragedy here, rebecca. >> such a tragedy and hard to fully even comprehend. ian pannell, thank you for being there for us. if you want to help, there's more information about organizations that are providing relief and accepting donations
8:07 am
right on our website at lara? rebecca, we have an urgent warning this morning for parents who use edible marijuana products with more and more kids being rushed to hospitals after accidentally eating them. rhiannon ally joins us now with more. good morning, rhiannon. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. with marijuana laws being loosened all over the country, more people are legally possessing edibles. so parents really need to make sure that they protect their kids because they're confusing the edible marijuana with candy more than ever before. a new report out of colorado finds accidental exposures to edibles among children 5 and younger nearly tripled from 2017 to 2021, from 35 to 97. now, the numbers in a national report over that same period are even more alarming, from 207 to more than 3,000, and right now there are no federal guidelines but colorado does have regulations on edibles in place. those regulations include edibles cannot be manufactured in the shape of humans, animals or fruits.
8:08 am
edibles must be sold in child resistant packaging and advertising cannot include cartoon characters or anything that might appeal to children. how do you know if your child might have eaten a marijuana product? symptoms include drowsiness, breathing problems and an increased heart rates. in short if you have these in your home you really need to make sure that you keep them in a place where your children cannot reach them. this is so important, guys. george? >> boy, it sure is. thanks very much. coming up in our "gma morning menu," armie hammer's estranged wife is speaking for the first time about their split. also this morning, our exclusive reveal of the ftc's list of top lies that get victims to fall for romance scams. plus, ten years after her return to the anchor desk, after a bone marrow transplant, robin is surprising two of the nurses who were by her side and she's enlisted the help of their co-workers there for a very special surprise. and tory johnson is upstairs for our super bowl of savings. fabulous "deals & steals" for viewers on all of their
8:09 am
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♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ welcome back to "gma." robin is in the car on her way to memorial sloan-kettering cancer center right here in new york city for a very special surprise. robin, how is it going? how is traffic? >> reporter: oh, well, you know how traffic is. we're getting there. dario, my driver, for as long as i've been alive is helping us get there but you know what, it's worth the effort. we are going to introduce you to two wonderful nurses, tanya and jenny. they're there at work. they think they're going to be interviewed about health care workers but we are going to surprise them because they were so instrumental in helping me after my bone marrow transplant and returning to the desk at "gma" ten years ago. so i'm going to see tanya and jenny and we're going to surprise them and the staff is
8:14 am
in on it too, so a lot of surprises just ahead. is that a red light, dario? [ laughter ] do they not know who we think we are? we will get there. >> yes, you will. a deserving surprise indeed. can't wait. george? we're going to turn now to our "gma" cover story. armie hammer's estranged wife speaking out for the first time on the heels of an interview he did. stephanie ramos here with the details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, george. after ten years of marriage elizabeth chambers filed for divorce from actor armie hammer in july of 2020 during the pandemic. soon after those dark allegations emerged against him. though their divorce is not finalized yet, she says she is moving on and making it clear she will stand up for what she deserves. for the first time since filing for divorce from actor armie hammer, elizabeth chambers is speaking out about moving beyond the breakdown of their tumultuous marriage and into a new era. the mother of two telling "elle" magazine, the last thing i want to do is let someone else's
8:15 am
actions, which have nothing to do with me, make me angry. chambers distancing herself from the onslaught of disturbing sexual assault and abuse allegations against hammer. >> elizabeth was learning about the accusations against her ex-husband as the rest of the world was. elizabeth's sister katherine told me that his accusers were actually reaching out to elizabeth in realtime and elizabeth reached out back to them. >> i don't want to you regret anything and i hate the thought that maybe i may have messed you up. >> reporter: chambers says her relationship with the "call me by your name" star officially crumbled as they were quarantining in the cayman islands during the pandemic, months before the allegations surfaced. my heart was broken in 9 million pieces. you can give, you can love, you can be there for someone, but you also need to hold people accountable for their actions. hammer, who entered rehab in 2021, also recently giving his first interview in two years
8:16 am
admitting to an extramarital affair with a woman he met online in 2016. but denying all the accusations of wrongdoing, telling airmail when it comes to his sexual relationships, every single thing was discussed beforehand. chambers is moving on with a lot of different projects and she's writing a cookbook, working on a tv show and is dating again and says she still spends time with hammer in a nonromantic way while figuring out how to co-parent their children. guys? >> that is what's important. stephanie, thank you. all right, we turn now to an abc news exclusive about romance scams. this morning the ftc revealing that romance scammers stole more than a billion dollars from 70,000 people last year and now they're telling us the top lies thieves used to get their hands on that money. this morning, an exclusive new alert from the ftc exposing the top lies that romance scammers are using to steal from victims. >> they'll start using all sorts of stories to get your money.
8:17 am
>> reporter: the top lies to watch for, first, i or someone close to me is sick, hurt or in jail. all tied for second most common, i could teach you how to invest. i'm in the military, far away and i need help with an important delivery. >> 40% of consumers said that they were contacted initially on social media. another 19% said they were contacted on a website or app. >> reporter: jennifer smith says social media is how her suitor turned scammer targeted her. >> he presented himself as kind of like a good, sweet-hearted all-american guy. >> reporter: she says craig claimed to be a single investment banker living in miami, looking for a wife and wanted to help her with her investments. over the next few months jennifer says she talked to craig on the phone and via text while he claimed he was on a month's long business trip to dubai, but never on video. he asked her to invest in bitcoin. >> this person kept asking me to transfer money to him.
8:18 am
>> reporter: after depositing nearly $4,000 into a bitcoin account that her suitor said was for the two of them and sending him gift cards, jennifer ran a reverse image search. >> this person was a complete scammer who was using and abusing me and my kind heart. >> and the ftc says the median reported loss for victims is $4,400 and if they -- they warn you that if you've met anyone online and they ask you to send them money, it is likely a scam. think with your head, not your heart in this case. >> great advice. so true. all right, now to the navy pilots who will do the famous flyover before the big game. this year we have an historic first, all of them are women. kayna whitworth joins us from luke air force base in arizona where she spoke with two of the pilots. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: lara, good morning. this marks 50 years of women flying in the navy and, yes, they are trailblazers, but they
8:19 am
are pilots first, and not only will all of the pilots be women, but also all of the naval flight officers and most of those who maintain these jets are women as well. ♪ at more than 300 miles an hour, the united states navy is making history at super bowl lvii. >> it's any pilot's dream to do this. >> i think it's a great testament to naval aviation. >> reporter: for the first time ever, all the navy jets flying over the stadium before the game will be piloted by women. >> call sign jenga. >> i am so new to the fleet that i don't have a call sign yet. >> reporter: catie perkowski and suzelle thomas are two of the four pilots in the diamond formation. >> i will be in what's known as the slot, so the back of the diamond. >> i'll be on the left wing. >> one of the people that trained you on the plane was a woman. >> she was the first female jet pilot i've ever met or trained with.
8:20 am
she taught me much of what i know about the f-35. it's an honor that she's in this group. >> i love flying around the aircraft carrier, it is awesome. >> reporter: while perkowski has spent most of her career flying on and off a 100,000-ton aircraft carrier, getting the call to fly over the super bowl is a whole new ball game. >> i did not believe it. >> it was surreal. >> as a football fan, when i got the call to do the super bowl flyover, it's almost like a dream initially. as somebody that loves the nfl. ♪ >> reporter: while they're living their dream, make no mistake, these dogged war fighters are clearing the air for the next generation of fighter pilots. >> what it boils down to is we train to do this job together. i didn't join the navy to be a female fighter pilot. i joined the navy to be a fighter pilot so to me it makes no difference. >> reporter: an incredibly important statement. lieutenant thomas is the first woman in the navy to qualify directly to fly the navy's
8:21 am
newest aircraft, the f-35c. you can see it right there behind me. so, you guys, make sure to look out for that on sunday. >> we will be waving out there. i'm getting very strong "top gun" vibes from kayna too. thank you. ginger, over to you. >> i love that jacket. i'm into it too. i don't know about you all, i had to look at my watch -- i'm not even wearing one, had to look at the date. it is february 9th, but we have cherry blossoms, granted the early ones in washington, d.c., but they are blooming up to ten days early already. we've had such a mild start. you're seeing the high today, the record is 70. we'll get really close. now, we went to central park. you remember we were there when it was warmest january on record, took that photo. then max went back to the same daffodils and we were single digits last week. well, dead. you're going to see a lot of that with the extremes back and forth. a quick look at the climate shift index, that shows how much 20 d
8:22 am
drew: i am not meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. today is the warmest weather of the week. it will feel like spring this afternoon. we had a lot of sunshine on the way. mid to upper 60's by 4:00 p.m. tonight, patchy f, te into the 30's and 40's. here is the accuweather 70 forecast. much cooler tomorrow with a chance of a light shower at night. just had a little pep rally for "pop news." >> yes, we did. why not? we have a very special "pop news" today, george. a "gma" first look at someone we will always love. whitney houston. her estate has given us a major exclusive allowing us to share the news with you that they will be releasing -- i just got chills -- a brand-new album of whitney houston music. it will feature whitney singing her first love, gospel songs, this new album is called "i go to the rock." it will feature six never before released songs by whitney.
8:23 am
here is a sneak peek at one of those tracks called "testimony" debuting this morning. ♪ my heart, my problems show me how to solve them ♪ ♪ now i have the victory ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> wow, not only are we getting that new music from the global superstar, we're also getting a new documentary about houston's love of gospel from her first performance in front of an audience to the release of her 1996 soundtrack "the preacher's wife." that became the best-selling gospel album of all time. "i go to the rock" comes out everywhere on march 24th. we thank you for that exclusive. >> that is cool. >> very special. and more special news for you, movie news. the "frozen" franchise is heating up, everyone. disney's ceo bob iger announcing that "frozen 3" is in the works, and that's not all. there's also going to be a new
8:24 am
"toy story" and a new "zootopia," all given a green light. "frozen" star josh gad responding to the news on instagram saying, back into the unknown, #frozen3. no word yet on the plot or release dates for any of these movies but all three franchises have won academy awards for best animated feature and they have also been nominated for best original song so look for some great new music. >> josh gad will be back here and he's always fun. >> he is one of our favorites, right, so good news all around. i love this. this is kind of fun. owen wilson perfecting the art of happy little trees, painting them, that is, for his latest movie role. he's playing a character that, wow, does share a lot of similarities with legendary pbs painter bob ross, in a new comedy called "paint." check it out. >> just take it all in. when is the last time you heard someone say something that interesting?
8:25 am
having the one you hold dearest, nearest when the world turns cold. thanks for going to a special place with me. >> i don't know. i'm into this. >> i love it. >> i am very excited about this. >> yes. >> wilson's taking on the role of vermont's top tv painter, his name is carl nargle. he's described by movie execs as bob-esque, bob ross-esque. a little bit, guys. he has everything going for him from the fans to the perm. that is, uh-oh, until a younger artist threatens to steal his spotlight. i feel "zoolander" vibes. "paint" hits theaters april 7th. and then, finally, two comedic heavyweights are also teaming up. jean smart joining andy samberg for a sci-fi-based romantic comedy. i love this concept. the movie is called "42.6" and it follows a young man played by
8:26 am
andy who has to get frozen in order to save his own life and he wakes up 42.6 years later. the only person he can turn to at that time is his ex-girlfriend played by smart who is now 42.6 years older. she was not preserved in ice. this funny concept comes from creator andy samberg and amazon studios. no word on if it will go to streaming or theaters, but we will be watching. >> that is quite a pair. >> fun, right? >> it is. >> that's "pop news." coming up tory is here with super bowl "deals & steals."
8:27 am
building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi, aaron from abc seven mornings. checking in now with joe pena for a look at traffic. hydro vina, marcie. thank you. good morning, everyone. so we are beginning with the live. look at the san mateo bridge, and you can see here. look at those westbound lanes totally stopped. the good news is that the sig alert we were following at the decline has cleared but now there's a new crash in foster city that has jammed things up there, so it's really going to take you almost an hour to get a cross the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction this morning, there's a stall reported at the mid span of the richmond san rafael bridge. so expect delays if you're traveling westbound here as well, kumasi thanks for being a meteorologist drew tumor has are actually the forecast after the break.
8:28 am
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when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. very good morning live with kelly and ryan has coming up. we'll chat with jordan's fisher from sweeney todd on broadway, plus bargains with monica megan . that's at nine. right here on abc. seven see that? we'll see you in 30 minutes. ryan temperatures right now we're warming through the thirties and forties that sunshine is out there. it's looking really beautiful. live look at the golden gate bridge. i mean, it's a mild afternoon. it'll feel like spring later today with temperatures in the sixties 68 in san jose 63 in the city.
8:30 am
kumasi, oakland up to 65 degrees , all right, thank you. drew we'll have another abc seven news update. and about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on ♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ you know that music. juju chang spent 24 hours with the jonas brothers for an exclusive backstage pass talking about their lives, their wives and the infamous breakup that almost tore them apart. you can stream "the boys are back" on "impact x nightline." it's now on hulu and new episodes drop every thursday. lara? >> thank you, george. now to the super bowl of deals. when you have six small businesses in play, everyone is a winner. tory johnson seeing to that. she'll quarterback us through the bargains. you can just point your cell phone at that qr code on your screen and get the deals and we're going to start right here with bombas. to me the super bowl champion.
8:31 am
>> the champ. the champ. so, you guys know and love them. everything is engineered for comfort. we've got a huge assortment of socks, as well as their ts and underwear for men and women. >> this is an addition. >> we have so much newness from bombas. i truly think it's our biggest assortment ever. and you know that every time you buy something, one item is donated to somebody in need. that is at the heart of this company. they've donated more than 75 million items to homeless people because socks are the number one clothing item recommended in homeless shelters. so it's your day to indulge. stock up. everything is half price and starts at $7.50. >> feel good that you're giving as well. >> yes. >> another super bowl champ in my opinion. >> yes. >> laura geller. >> you and i are both wearing laura geller. >> i wear a lot of it. >> right, so brooke actually picked out the things you're wearing. >> the blush she tells me gives a skin like finish. a flawless finish.
8:32 am
>> she's right. you do look flawless. >> oh. >> and that is thanks to the baked -- it's called blush and brighten. they've got every single shade. >> there's a highlighter built into it. she's right, you put it on and it's flawless. that's one of the things that the laura geller brand is known for, to help you get gorgeous g fussy, thahing jt sort of rk itupd have s uso. >> can give anotes to alth -the th'r i know rebecca jarvis uses them. i use them. robin does. they're just like -- i don't know -- they open your eyes and go on easy, don't make a mess. big, big fan. >> s >> we continue with jewels. >> yes. you are wearing some from amelia rose. those are so gorgeous. their quartz gemstone collection, a rainbow of colors. literally every color. these are gorgeous. there are two different styles to choose from. they're lightweight french ear wire looks delicate and beautiful on anyone.
8:33 am
our deal, $35. >> great gift too. >> really great. >> let's wrap it up. >> oh, look at you. tourance, this is their brand-new very chic shawl but it's versatile. you can wear this four ways, lara -- shawl, scarf, wrap or poncho. very soft. this faux fur softness around the collar is great and then also it's a cotton wool blend so it's great for warmth. this is fabulous for travel sitting in a cold office. it's a brand that we learned from oprah is one of her favorites. our deal today, $49. >> very cozy. >> very cozy. speaking of cozy -- >> yes, good transition. >> cozy earth. we have a huge assortment of bedding. we've got their bamboo bedding, their linen bedding, plus we've got all their towels, you're a fan of the plush. we've got the plush as well as the waffle towels. brand-new colors as well in the towel, not just white anymore but we've got beiges and grays. this is just the way to sleep. >> and for gals of a certain age, when you touch the sheets, they're cool to the touch. >> cool.
8:34 am
>> so they're temperature regulated. >> it's fantastic. >> so you always sleep cool. you always sleep at the right temperature. yes, it's true. it is true. >> i'm a big fan. >> i agree, and you are right on the money with it. everything slashed in half starts at $7.50 and -- >> both: free shipping! >> free shipping from cozy earth. >> last but certainly not least, let's get cooking with these. >> greenpan, the blush and merlot, these are head-turning colors, so gorgeous they look great in a kitchen. gold handles. what i love is healthy ceramic nonstick surface and then a particular thing that i'm fond of is that with the heat, many times with kind of lesser made pots and pans, the heat causes the bottoms to warp and then when they warp they wobble on your countertop. that does not happen with greenpan. so you've got hesilef u st need to point your celluy
8:35 am
phone at the qr code right there or you can go to our website at your leisure,, but do shop the super bowl of deals. thanks, tor. >> thank you. coming up, one match, second chance. robin roberts moments away from giving two nurses a well deserved incredible surprise on "gma." everyone... i'd like to raise a toast... to that classic, ritz cracker taste... in a crunchy, toasted chip.
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8:38 am
♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ we are back with our series "one match, second chance." robin just moments away from her big surprise. how is it going, robin? >> reporter: it's going great. we arrived at msk cancer center and just inside are tanya and jenny, two health care workers here at the hospital's bone marrow transplant service unit, who were both by my side years ago and now a decade later we are honoring them. but they have no idea that we're here and that we're about to be live on "gma." so i'm going to go inside. our crew has been working really hard to keep this a secret. let's see. let's see. tanya. jenny. >> oh! >> hi. >> jenny, oh, my goodness. tanya. you really thought you were taping? >> no, we really thought you were taping. >> no, no, no. you're live on "gma" right now.
8:39 am
>> you know what -- >> you're live on "good morning america" right now. this is tonya. that's jenny. >> hi. >> you know what, it's just so good to lay my eyes on you and we want -- >> stop. >> goosebumps. we want to honor and celebrate you. so, you know what, take a little walk. you know the "gma" style. we like to do little surprises. walk this way, ladies, because -- >> we're here to honor you. i know it's been ten years. we were just talking about that. >> were you? >> yes. >> i know how many more people during that time both of you, the families, the patients that you have helped, and you k atit just not ho wants reelra >> okay. >> come on, jenny. come on, tanya. [ cheers and applause ] come on. come on. >> oh. >> who's that? who's that?
8:40 am
oh! dr. giralt is here. oh, my gosh. who is that right there? >> that's my daughter olivia and my wonderful husband tom. >> your family and friends and colleagues are here. they want to celebrate you as well. but before we get to the surprises, more surprises, i want the world to know your story. here it is. ♪ >> good morning, melissa. >> good morning. >> reporter: during the bone marrow transplant process, nurses are an invaluable part of patient care. >> so far we're doing good. >> reporter: for me it's the incredible staff at memorial sloan-kettering, including tanya. >> she has such empathy and she really treats the patients like they're her own family. >> reporter: and jenny. >> there is a new consult. >> she loves. she cares. she's compassionate and there's nothing she won't do.
8:41 am
>> reporter: they are both still dedicated members of msk's bone marrow transplant unit. first thing i want to put up when i get home. a decade ago true lifelines during my own treatment process. >> i heard my name, robin, robin. i just remember opening my eyes and my sweet nurse jenny -- i was thinking about my mom a lot. and, in fact, truth be known at first i thought it was my mom calling my name. it was shortly thereafter that i turned the corner. then i'll always remember my first steps out of the hospital after 30 days. it was tanya by my side. a special start to my second chance. there is no place like home. now, ten years later, it is time to celebrate them for their courage and commitment to caregiving. >> jenny, i appreciate everything that you've done for our patients, our staff, your compassion for the nursing
8:42 am
profession. >> on behalf of myself, i want to thank you for all the hard work that you do each day takin. >> tanya, thank you so much for your care, for your patience, for the team, for everyone here at sloan. you're an amazing, amazing pct and we love you so much. >> oh, my goodness. i mean, i mean -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> i know. i know. what does it mean to hear your colleagues and others -- how they think about you, what they think about you? >> this is why i did this. this is why i got into the profession, to work alongside these amazing nurses, nurse leaders, doctors, practitioners like this -- and just for you, for the patients, for the survivors, you know. >> thrivers. >> thrivers because of you. because of you, thrivers.
8:43 am
>> i was just saying it doesn't feel like a job when every single day you're doing what you love and you're coming in and this is your passion and just for us to be privileged to be in your -- the moments of your like highest highs and your lowest lows and to get you through that every single day and just be part of this process and journey and just to see you so -- thriving. >> thank you, jenny. thank you, tanya. i feel bad i'm standing in front of dr. giralt, the doctor who performed the transplant. my gosh, it's still going. >> they're the stars representing our wonderful nurses and pcts. >> yeah. >> it's a team sport. >> it is very much a team sport. and you have a way, tanya, i remember this, and with all the nurses that i had contact with, you made that personal connection. that's really important to you, isn't it? >> it really is. it is. i was just -- i was just saying when i go to bed at night, you know, i go to bed thinking about the patients.
8:44 am
i keep them in my thought and i sleep good knowing that i'm going to get up the next day and help them and try to help somebody because that's what i love doing here. and the nurses, our staff, they make it so easy. it's like jenny said it's not a job. you know, we come to work and we take care of the patients and we give 100%. >> you always give 100%. >> i try. >> i got to say i remember we used to talk sports. >> i know. i didn't want to touch your blanket. >> because i'm a saints fan. i am a saints fan and you're an eagles fan so you got to be excited. >> are you going to root for my team? >> of course, i'm always rooting for you. but you know what, there's something i want to share. there's something that, you know, we wanted to be able to tell you how much we appreciate you and it's not just us that wanted to do that. we aren't the only ones. we aren't the only ones who love you and appreciate you and want you to know what you're doing is making a difference and you've moved countless, countless others. and so oscar health is a health insurance company with a
8:45 am
relentless focus on serving its community and they heard about you, jenny, they heard about you, tonya, and in recognition for all that you do, oscar health is gifting $20,000 in both of your names and it's being gifted to the msk nurses quality of life fund that supports extracurricular activities for nursing staff who provide exceptional patient care each day. what do you think of that, in your name, in your honor? >> phenomenal. >> you all are phenomenal. but, wait, there's more. okay, we'll be back more, right, george? >> that's right. a lot more coming up, but that was so special, robin. thank you. to learn more about how to help save a life scan the qr code on your screen or go to the be the match website. now let's go to ginger. >> thanks so much, george.
8:46 am
i've got some big movie news, matt damon and ben affleck are together again. they are starring in "air," about nike's game-changing partnership with then rookie michael jordan. so ben is directing matt for the very first time in "air" and they have -- much of the all-star cast will be there. also, they're going to be live here to talk all about it. "air" opens exclusively in theaters on april 5th before premiering on prime video. let's get a check no drew: i am here is the seven-day forecast, cooler with a chance of shower as night. coming up, we are heading back to robin with the nurses, jenny and tonya, for even more surprises. ♪ you've got the love ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
dude, what're you doing? i'm protecting my car. that's too much work. weathertech is so much easier... laser-measured floorliners up here, seat protector and cargoliner back there... nice! out here, side window deflectors... and mud flaps... and the bumpstep, to keep the bumper dent-free. cool! it's the best protection for your vehicle, new or pre-owned. great. but where do i---? order. sfx: bubblewrap bubble popped sound. ♪ you got the love ♪ >> reporter: yes, i am here. one match, second chance. [ cheers and applause ] we're at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center.
8:49 am
>> oh, is this your little girl? >> this olivia. >> she's going to be 2. on the 22nd. >> oh, jenny. jenny. >> lots of change in ten years. >> right. you've been busy also in the last ten years, i can see. tanya, what makes this team so incredibly special? >> just easy to approach and get what i need. we have all the resources we need to actually be able to help the patients through this. weeks, two, three weeks of them being on m8. we have everything we need to help them get back home to their life. >> that's what we want. we want to get back to our life. and i remember dr. sergio giralt, you told me you would give me my life back. it was with you and the help of the nurses, everyone here, nutritionists, everybody, everybody. [ applause ] you know, partly why we're doing this, jenny, is to get people on the registry. can you just tell them why that is so important? >> so, the registry is so incredibly important because we
8:50 am
want the registry to really reflect just what a diverse population we're treating here, all over the nation so we can get as many people to donate and just really diversify the pool for the donors. i think we would be able to help so many patients out, you know, we're seeing an uptick. so it's very important that we just get everybody in. >> that's what we're doing, we're trying to get the word out and thank you for that. you know, i just appreciate each and every one of you. oh, my, each and every one of you. and so, you know, we did the $20,000 but we want you to know -- can we bring in a plaque? a plaque here. this, we are dedicating the lounge outside of the eighth floor to the entire staff. [ cheers and applause ] to the entire staff. and may i read what it says? in honor of the exceptional care they provide to patients on a daily basis, this room is dedicated to the nurses and
8:51 am
staff of the bone marrow transplant at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center, february 9th, 2023, from "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] that is going to be hanging. what? you're getting teary-eyed back there. you know, but i often say you all are such unsung heroes and we are singing your praises today and i cannot thank you enough for helping give me a second chance. go to the qr code on your screen. go to "good morning america." you can find out how you too can save a life. oh, how did i forget? oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. i was just told. food. you got to eat, right? virgil's. we got virgil's. >> okay. >> we got breakfast sandwiches. that's really heavy. >> yeah, it is. >> our good friend chef virgil's from next door at tss, we appreciate it very much.
8:52 am
we got some breakfast sandwiches. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm not sure this is on the diet here at memorial sloan-kettering, but we'll give it a shot, but everything -- >> we'll make an exception. >> you'll make an exception. that's what i love about you. hey, thank you all so much. glen, thank you. that is very heavy. don't forget that you too can help save a life just scan the qr code on your screen to go to the be the match website. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
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comcast business. powering possibilities.
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so where's the best pizza? and we mean best pizza in america. >> yeah, that's what we want to know. you know what, can i have a slice, please? >> of course. >> announcer: next week, "gma" is on the search for the best pizza in america. is the best slice near where you live? >> i love me some pizza in the morning. >> this one could be the best. thanks to robin, our crew, everyone at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center for all the incredible work you do. >> that was great, robin. thank you guys at msk and thank you for watching. have a great day.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
fwa findingr bay area . this is abc.even newsmorning,i aaron from abc several mornings. here's job in a now to look at traffic. hydro buna, marcie. thank you. good morning, everyone. so we are going to begin in fremont where we're following a new crash right now. this is on north bong 80 entering admission boulevard. your speech are sitting around 32 mph there. i definitely wanted to bring back the cemetery bridge camera because traffic is moving again after that major signal, or even though it does look like someone has pulled out to the right hand shoulder. there is a heads up. if you're headed that direction. hey, drew a temperature wise. we already have spot in the fifties this morning like oakland half moon bay, so we are warming up pretty quick as the morning goes on lots of sunshine from the tam kam this morning. it is mild today. i feel a lot like spring later on with temperatures into the sixties 63 in the city up to 65 in oakland, san jose up to 68
9:00 am
degrees kamasi. thank you drew. now it's time for live with kelly and ryan and we'll be back at 11 for midday live. help you at 11 for midday live. help you join us, then deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, broadway and television star jordan fisher. next two days exclusively for our viewers, back to back bargains. and making delicious pies at home in honor of national pizza day. all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ["rather be" by clean bandit] ♪ it's a shot in the dark but i'll make it ♪ -morning, deja vu. -good morning. ♪ you can't shame me ♪ ♪ when i am with you, there's no place i rather be ♪ come on in. ♪ n-n-n-no, no, no, no place i rather be ♪ thank y'all very much. happy thursday, february 9th, 2023. it is national pizza day.


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