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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 12, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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you can see that system spinning off the coast. that was a
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rainmaker yesterday, taking the chilly air with it and right now live for seven. picking up on a little bit of a clot. some cloud cover here. otherwise we're in the forties. but look at those mid thirties from san ramon upper thirties in santa rosa, so we're anywhere from four to about eight degrees colder this morning, we'll make up for the difference. the camera shaking a bit here with some breezy upper level winds, so few clouds to start out this morning, upper forties by noontime we're warming up into the upper fifties mid sixties even could see about 70 up in santa rosa cooling off tonight, and we've got some changes to start the work week. it's going to be much colder out there. details on that in a few minutes, gloria sounds nice. thank you, lisa. we're learning more about the deadly house explosion and fire. we are learning more about a deadly fire that rocked the outer san francisco neighborhood in sunset this week. one person was found dead on 20 2nd avenue near noriega street. another person is in jail booked
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with manslaughter and manufacturing drugs as well as child endangerment. we spoke with neighbors who knew the suspect. >> the people were nice. in the middle of the street you've got this guy down there doing something illegally. >> karen spoke to us from the second floor window next door to the house that exploded thursday morning. police say a narcotics lab was being operated inside. darren price was arrested on friday. >> it's the right thing to do. he's very destructive, causing property damages. disrupting people's lives. >> the suspect that we arrested we believe it's his primary residence. >> neighbors say that he lived there with his family, though two young children were not at home during the time of the explosion, neighbors say that
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his wife and caregiver were inside. albert says the frantic injured caregiver ask him to call 911. >> they were in front of me and said help. >> the body of a woman was later found inside the rubble. first responders were seen removing tanks and canisters from the house filled with unknown substances. the massive explosion rocked the neighborhood, blowing doors off inches and shattering windows. >> this was a part of the window frame. ask quan was still cleaning up shattered glass from his moms house five doors down. >> it's amazing how it could happen in a residential neighborhood like this. it's so quiet. >> neighbors expect anything unusual to be inside the house. >> i'm telling you, when everybody, when they closed
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their door, you are not getting invited to anything, they don't speak to you. you just don't know what's inside of people's homes. >> of jen angel. owner of angel cakes. friends and family express desire that the criminals go through restorative justice in not be put in prison. the police department is now's bonding saying that while they respect their wishes they have a legal obligation to do a thorough investigation and pass on the findings to the district attorney's office. no arrests have been made in the case. she died after being dragged while chasing after thieves who robbed her. former twitter workers are calling out elon musk. a group of them held a protest outside of twitter headquarters on saturday. in response to him laying off 7500 workers last year. the employees that were let go
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made up half of their workforce. prolabor group angry tired teachers banned performed at the demonstration. one of the songs they played was no satisfaction. they also presented a painting of him on a one-way trip to mars. rail service on caltrain between millbrae and san francisco will resume tomorrow. running and writer should expect 45 minutes to be added to their trips. the crew is working to electrify the tracks starting with 25,000 feet this weekend and caltrans officials say that the electric fleet be faster and safer. el start next year. in the east bay, i six 8 shut down right now. this is a map of the affected area. the northbound lanes of i 680,
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koopman road and center boulevard. the explosion ends at 5:00 tomorrow morning. caltrans is replacing sections of the freeway and repaving it. they posted photos of the work on social media on saturday. the southbound lanes remain open. another closure is expected for the same area next weekend. on the coast another portion of highway one is reopening in big sur after the historic winter storms. the section opening today spans 18 miles from the southern entrance to mill creek. as of saturday a 10 mile stretch between lime creek and paul slide reopened. another area towards mill creek also reopened. since that atmospheric river swept through the state the crew has been cleaning of landslides, debris and more. countdown is on for super bowl lvii. there's a lot of excitement and hype around the matchup between
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the eagles and the chiefs. plus the world will be watching as rihanna returns to the stage for the halftime show. we have a and what to expect on this super bowl sunday. >> the strongest teams in the nfl entering the matchup, super bowl lvii. they are expecting the battle for glory to be fierce. >> you've got the best of the best playing against one another. >> the eagles recorded the most of regular-season wins in history led by jalen hurts. the kansas city chiefs returning to the super bowl after a heroic effort from patrick mahomes to win back to back playoff games despite a serious leg injury. the homes seeking to become the first black quarterback to win two super bowl rings. >> look at this list of quarterbacks that have one two
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super bowls, -- won two super bowls, it's not a long list. >> they will have to adjust to the qb styles. fans eagerly anticipating fantastic halftime performance. rihanna making a comeback on stage seven years and one baby later. she aims to make the 13 minutes count. >> the show is going celebration of my catalog and the best way that we could have put it together. >> music, football, fans, gathering for america's greatest sporting event. as for game day weather, the roof is retractable in it is expected to stay open, meaning fans can enjoy great weather with highs in the mid 70's. glendale, arizona. >> sounds beautiful. we are also getting ready for a warmer day here. alisa is tracking when we can see the warmest temperatures today.
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live look outside there, lisa. looking nice. lisa: yeah, you can see good visibility out there. 40's right now. as much as five degrees to seven degrees warmer across the bay area. enjoy it. the week ahead is looking awfully chilly. my forecast is coming up. gloria: thank you. also ahead, a vacancy tax pushback. why landlords and property owners say they are suing the city of san francisco. plus, a performance for the people. how a group of un-housed residents wants to humanize us residents wants to humanize us on everyone... i'd like to raise a toast... to that classic, ritz cracker taste... in a crunchy, toasted chip. (everyone) to the chip! to the chip! ritz toasted chips. the crunchy chips, only from ritz. this is going to be great. taking the shawl off. okay i did it. is he looking at my hairline? my joint pain isn't too bad. well, it wasn't this morning.
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gloria: welcome back. we are taking a live look outside and san francisco. this is our roof camera. we will have a look at your forecasts with lisa argen in just a bit. operations are
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pipelines. the company this cleared a state of emergency. it led to drivers in nevada pulling into gas stations out of fear over the weekend. san francisco are not happy with the city's tax on empty homes. several of them are suing the city and argue that proposition in is unconstitutional. the tax kicks in after unit is left vacant 182 days in a year. it applies to buildings with more than three units, excluding single-family homes and access people who support the measure say they should help alleviate the housing crisis, but others argue that it violates the clause in the fifth amendment. one san francisco community is trying to prevent the city from removing some fences in the neighborhood. >> i think peopl sit down in places like this
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makes the neighborhood, makes the block better, makes it, you know, enjoyable. gloria: the city posing notice is the benches will be spaced apart so the water can better face the roof. it will be $1400. the nonprofit that implement the benches said the prices are too high and not worth fighting for. a similar battle with an encroachment fee is also happening in bernal heights. one of the issues we are focusing on is homelessness. today, a group of unhoused people will put on a plate in an effort to humanize people who are struggling with the issue. the play comes amid a court battle over the city of oakland's effort to clean up the win streak camp. -- woods street camp. a federal court judge put the cleanup on pause. when it comes to solving the homelessness crisis, that is not
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the only big blow that oakland took in the last few days. as abc 7 news reporter tara campbell tells us, the timely and unique performance will offer its own solutions. >> wait a minute! that's my stuff ! tara:tar a glimpse of crushing wheelchairs. the entire cast made up of people unhoused or once unhoused. >> it houses people, there's actually families, there's children. tara: mcgill joined by a handful of fellow cast members and playwright, poet, and activist garcia, best known as tiny. >> this work that we always do is to lift up poor people solutions. tara: the play portrays the struggles of life on the streets and triumph of community, premiering in the san francisco
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in the afternoon. >> this is not a play by middle-class actors playing for people, this is actually ourselves being impacted, our lives being shown. tara: the city of oakland in its own struggle, rejecting the affordable housing proposal. councilmember nole diode says the decision was surprising. >> the money necessary to do all the work as fast as we would like to do it. tara: the pressure is on. friday, a federal judge halting the removal of the win streak encampment. the city was supposed to start relocating residents to three other sites, including a cabin community, but the judge reversed course, because the sites are not ready. >> we have several sites to develop our relocation to house 100 plus rv's, but it takes time. tara: in the meantime, this cast
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says the show must go on. >> we are more than just numbers and trash, we are human beings, we are a community. tara: tara campbell, abc 7 news. gloria: 36 immigrant women are now u.s. citizens after naturalizations their money in san francisco. it happened on international girls and women in science day at the museum of modern arts. it was a special moment for the group of women who are all involved in the s.t.e.m. science, technology, engineering, and mass. -- math. former house speaker nancy pelosi shared some thoughtful words. rep. told, that an inspiration to our country. gloria: the american unity muse -- mural, and all the citizens came from 17 different countries. a newgarden is coming to mayor
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island in vallejo's. the project was installed this weekend and will continue next saturday. ssnro tois a staable insect population. right now, the population of monarch one of fries -- monarch butterflies and bees is estimated to have decreased 80% to 90% in the u.s. applying for disaster assistance. people who are still trying to recover from the recent winter storms, the money can cover things like temporary housing, home repairs, moving, and storage expenses per alameda is one of four bay area counties where disaster assistance is available. in addition to san mateo, contra costa, and santa cruz. the deadline to apply is march 16. some homeowners in oakland had to find a new place to stay after a tree that is about 50
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feet tall fell to the ground. it damaged the two homes garage yesterday morning. a large oak tree fell into two homes right next to each other. leanne hoffman, whose home was damaged, said she was sitting in her living room when a tree fell. she describes hearing a cracking sound and then a loud boom. she said tree would fall. >> i moved all of my furniture to the far end of room, nearby deck, and i was sleeping on my couch with my clothes on, because i had a feeling this was going to happen. gloria: wow. hoffman's bedroom roof in november, prompting her to sleep on the crouch -- couch. her house is not currently livable. that is too bad. good thing she is ok. this morning, we have meteorologist lisa argen tracking the forecast. is it going to be a nice super bowl sunday, lisa? lisa: it is going to be great.
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plenty of sunshine outside and temperatures are really mild. yesterday, we did manage a lot of sun, but it is on the cool side, only in the low 50's in san francisco. today, we should make it about five degrees to seven degrees warmer. as you see live doppler 7 jaime, you will notice the spin in the atmosphere, about 1/10 of an inch of rain here locally. around big sur and monterey, they picked up 1/3 of an inch. behind it, we have gusty winds arriving in the hills. on top of mount diablo, wents are gusting to 56 miles an hour, so that compressional heating with us today, that air sinking and warming and that will clear. temperatures in the low 40's in hayward, union city, good morning to you, a couple of 30's from fremont, 35 in pleasanton with seven in santa rosa. at that wind arrives, that will help some of the temperatures from bottoming out tomorrow morning, but after that, we are talking perhaps record lows into
5:20 am
wednesday and thursday morning. there's a look at the gusty winds. 40-mile an hour wind gusts about st. helena. they will continue to strengthen and work their way down to the surface for your monday, so enjoy today. changes arriving as soon as tomorrow. so our headlines, chile with a few clouds this morning. sunny and warmer, gusty winds in the hills, and looking at that cold pattern developing for tuesday, valentine's day, and lingering throughout the work week. skipping ahead to tuesday, that colder air moving in, you can see lake county here, maybe some snow, and if this holds together, we can see just a little rain arriving right over the middle of the day on tuesday. then that is going to pave the way for that much colder air. with it, we are talking a wind advisory from tomorrow morning, 10:00, coastal north bay, north bay communities here, san francisco, the peninsula, 20 to 30 mile an hour winds with gusts up to 45, and then the winds will continue to sink south
5:21 am
throughout the central coast. tomorrow still on the mild side with the winds really picking up along the coast, here's the highest, barely out of the 50's. they stay in the 50's come and looking at some 60's arriving for monday. here comes tuesday, hives just degrees, and wednesday, a bit of a bump, but we are going to see more cool air the end of the week. low 60's they in oakland come a beautiful afternoon, looking at highs in the mid 60's for our inland valleys commend as you head up north toward santa rosa, could see about 70 today to admit 60's and send is a -- in san jose, and the accuweather 7-day forecast, sunny and warmer today. a little gusty in the hills, that continues right along the coast for your monday, some trying to squeeze out another mild afternoon on monday, but today i think is the best day, if you like it warmer, out of the next seven, you are already dressed for valentine's day, looking nice but chilly.
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gloria: i'm so excited about the warmer temps today for the super bowl barbecue. you can spend some time outside your wonderful. thank you, lisa. still ahead, what the state of california is considering to better protect cryptocurrencies. nexgard is the #1 vet-recommended flea and tick protection. it protects for a full 30 days, prevents the infection that causes lyme disease... ...and is safe to start protecting puppies as early as 8 weeks. but your vet doesn't just prescribe it to her patients... ...she trusts nexgard to protect her own dog. and she knows its delicious beef flavor makes it #1 with dogs. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders. ask your vet about nexgard, and why it's #1 with pretty much...everyone.
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it's a very detailed thing and the pressure's all on me. i noticed i really wasn't quite as sharp as i was. my boss told me about prevagen and i started taking it. i feel sharper. my memory's a lot better. it just works. prevagen. at stores everywhere without a prescription. gloria: welcome back. there is some speculation in california about the crypto agency that cryptocurrency and it crypto should be protected like investors and stocks and bonds. 7 on your side's michael finney looks that more. michael: patrick finney knows his numbers. the cpa decided to dip his toes into the crypto market. he is glad he moved slowly. patrick: it went down, and it was going further down, so i decided well, i needed to cut my losses. michael: duffy originally
5:25 am
invested, but withdrew his money, but the company cap $40, something he still does not understand. patrick: i figure the ease of going into be the ease of going out. michael: numerous others who contacted on your side complained of fees. the company pose a support personnel are telling me that i have to pay a security deposit of 10% because my account is under review for fraudulent activity. in another wrote, to take out $1000, $10,000, or $100,000 300,000 dollars, i first have to pay them $30,000 in advance. a new bill from a simile person tim grayson of concord would require cryptocurrency companies to be licensed in california to do business. >> this is really an industry where it is sort of buyer beware
5:26 am
on steroids. michael: that is robert, executive director of the federation. new york in 2015 became the first in the nation to require a crypto companies to get a license they call a bit license. >> because of the protections that people in new york had, new yorkers were better protected when ftx collapsed been california was. michael: last year, the legislature passed a similar licensing bill in california, but governor newsom vetoed it, saying it would be too costly, and the state should see what federal regulators do. patrick disagrees and says more oversight is needed. patrick: if you are regulated, at least the state can't come in -- can come in and say something to them. they can be audited, they can be looked at. michael: i am michael finney, 7 on your side. gloria: overall, the crypto
5:27 am
market lost $2 trillion in 2022. still to come on abc 7 mornings, another object in the sky taken down, this time over canada. the criticism president joe biden is now facing after canada ordered to shoot the object down immediately. and the deadliest road for mountain lands. we will tell you where, after the break.
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every visit. every day. ikea >> building a better bay area, moving forwa, it is problematit because of what it is but because there is this unregulated business on the street. gloria: now at 5:30, on capp street in san francisco. what neighbors think of the new barriers meant to combat the issues surrounding sex work in california. good going to you. before we get to that story, let's get a look at your forecast with meteorologist lisa
5:30 am
argen. lisa: definitely a big warm up due to the north wind's. right now, looking at temperatures anywhere from the upper 30's in foster city, mid 40's, 46 san francisco, 37 santa rosa. that 24 hour temperature change anywhere from five degrees to eight degrees chillier this morning, but we will make up the difference with -- before noon time. clouds given way to mostly sunny skies, nick 59:00 inland, by 10:00, we are in the low 50's, noontime, if you 60's, and by 4:00 in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid 60's, but check out the north bay there. we could be anywhere from five degrees warmer than that. onshore winds later on today come about the way, the warmest day of the week certainly with us today, gloria. gloria: thank you so much, lisa. now to the controversy on cap street in san francisco. our reporters have been covering issues related to sex workers in the area, and on friday, new
5:31 am
roadblocks were set up in an effort to curb the amount of activity on the street. the question is -- is it working? as abc 7 news reporter on service on tells us, it depends on who you ask. anser: all day saturday, drivers had to find ways around the roadblocks on capp street. so you have seen a lots on the street? >> a lot, but not last night. anser: why the barriers at all? >> it will certainly stop the car traffic coming through that has been related to the sex workers. >> so it might help, are more than happy for. anser: city residents fed that more isn't being done to tackle the issue. >> it is problematic, not because of what it is but because there is like this unregulated business on the street. you get a lot of trash,
5:32 am
you had a lot of traffic, you get arguments, you know, sometimes fights, sometimes people are hurt. anser: san francisco supervisor hillary ronen. one mother, who did not want to be identified, because of retaliation, said it needs to start. >> things are so out-of-control that there is something that needs to be done, to give the families that live on the street some relief. anser: she said there could be up to 100 women on the street on any night. she adds, based on her experience, it has gotten worse over the past six month. >> they are much less dressed than they used to be. they are walking in the middle of the street, which was not the case before, and they appear drugged. >> they are really young women being subjected to this. that is what people are experiencing. people think this is like normal sex work. anser: she also lives on street. she said sex work is a
5:33 am
complicated issue, she questions how effective the bill will be at all. >> this feels like a little bit of a band-aid on the problem. also, cars have been, already moving and driving through. so it seems like we are not really getting to the root of anything, like, they will probably just move over a street. anser: supervisor ronan was not available for comment. anser hassan, abc 7 news. gloria: the dea devastating earthquake in turkey and syria is rising. more than 29,000 people are dead as rescue crews are still tried to find even more survivors. there are some successful rescues, though. even though people have been buried under rubble for days, but that number is declining at the day goes by. the white helmets organizations as rescue operations are over in northwest syria. relief efforts have been complicated by a long-running
5:34 am
civil war. u.n. leaders are not giving up. they believe many more bodies could be found. >> i think it is really difficult to estimate, obviously very precisely, figures under the rubble, but i am sure it is double or more. gloria: helicopter crews are bringing those wounded from disaster zones into the region's largest hospital. monday's seven point eight earthquake destroyed thousands of buildings. the u.s. says it will send more assistance as other countries also send help. ukraine president zelenskyy visited the turkish embassy in kyiv yesterday. they honored the lives lost in monday's deadly earthquake. he placed flowers on the embassy table and wrote in the book of mourning. the linsky says the state of emergency assistance from ukraine is in turkey. coming up, a race to find survivors in the devastation in turkey and syria.
5:35 am
abc news anchor george stephanopoulos sits down with international rescue committee president and ceo david miliband to discuss the ongoing recovery efforts in those regions. you can watch the full interview on "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7 news . another unidentified flying object shot down by a u.s. fighter jet, this time over northern canada. this comes one day after the u.s. military shot down a different unknown object over the waters of alaska. abc news reporter ty hernandez tells us why president joe biden is now facing scrutiny. tai: for the second time into days, an unidentified high-altitude object has been shut down by u.s. military out -- aircraft. the u.s. aerospace defense commander confirms its radar detected it over northern canada. >> of the object was flying at an altitude of a proximally 40,000 feet.
5:36 am
had unlawfully entered airspace and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of civilians. the object was downed approximately 100 miles from the canada-united states border, over canadian territory in central uconn. tai: the pentagon saying it was first detected over alaska late friday before crossing into canada. canadian prime minister justin trudeau tweeting take down of an unidentified object that violated canadian airspace," saying u.s. aircraft were scrambled, and a u.s. f-22 successfully fired at the object." >> we have no further information at this time other than it appears to be a small cylindrical object and smaller than the one that was downed off the coast of north carolina. tai: saturday's incident comes one day after president biden gave the order for an f-22
5:37 am
fighter jet to shoot down another unidentified object flying in the skies above alaska. that object, about the size of a small car, was flying at about 40,000 feet, posing a threat to civilian aircraft. the pentagon confirmed the military is working with the fbi to recover what they can of the object, but conditions are making that operation treacherous. president biden has faced some prison for not acting sooner to shoot down a chinese spy balloon that appeared over the western united states nearly two weeks ago. that alone, eventually shot down off the coast of north carolina february 4, after traveling across the country. the defense department advising the president to wait until it was over water to avoid hurting anyone on the ground. tai hernandez, abc news, new york. gloria: a new study by u.c. davis is a stretch of interstate 80 by cupertino is the deadliest roadway for mountain lions. it is the deadliest for all
5:38 am
wildlife collisions in california. according to the chronicle, about 30 mountain lion deaths were reported from 2015 to 2022. the lead researcher says a simple solution will be to build a fencing, overpasses, and this would help animals cross safely. still ahead on abc 7 morni restaurant revival appeared have one daughter was able to bring her family business out of a rut through social media. let's get a live look outside this morning. it is now 5:38. we will have a look at your forecast with lisa argen in a few minutes. your heart is the beat of life. if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto, a medicine specifically made for heart failure. entresto is the #1 heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart,
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gloria: the pandemic hit small businesses especially hard, and many restaurants are still feeling the impact. in santa rosa, one daughter wanted to turn that around for
5:41 am
her family's business. 7 news showed how customers are able to show support. jr: this looks like another busy restaurant, but last month, things looked different here at lee's noodle house in santa rosa. jennifer lee posted this seven-second video on tiktok, showing her dad leaning against the counter. she wrote, "it makes me so sad to see my parents just wait for customers to walk through the door to eat at there the emmys restaurant." she added -- their vietnamese restaurant." she added music, so the clip sounds like this. ♪ jennifer: because of the pandemic and the virus, i felt really sorry for them. j.r.: that got the response. three weeks later, and the place
5:42 am
is packed. >>'s daughter was on tiktok, pleading to the public to help her dad, because he had run out of business because of covid. a broke my heart. jennifer: my dad always talked about how he was stressed, and we would have to close early, so i kind of just use the video to, like, help them out a little bit. j.r.: as of late wednesday, the deal has racked up more than 980,000 views. digital marketers i spoke with said this just shows that tiktok, instagram, and youtube videos are not just used for entertainment purposes anymore, they are being used to get information. >> all of this came during the pandemic, to discover the restaurants we used to go to may not. gloria: i love that. lisa, how is it looking on the super bowl sunday? lisa: last few hours, it will keep temperatures from dropping
5:43 am
too much, but then they clear, and we are in store for a really nice day today. upper elevations, if you are biting or hiking, on the gusty side. stay tuned my accuweather 7-day forecast is next. gloria: can't wait. thank you, lisa. the warriors showed up a little bit late to the party last night against the lakers. a back-and-forth battle for the dubs last night at chase center. abc 7 news ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. ♪ ♪ meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c.
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5:46 am
be lakers hosting the warriors saturday night on abc 7. stephen curry is out at least through the all-star break while lebron james sitting out his second break after breaking the nba all-time scoring record. surprise of the lifetime, sitting next to lebron, are you kidding me? second quarter, are you kidding me with this jordan poole shot? what a play. dubs up by two at the break. up to draymond green, 10 assists, under two in the third, jonathan to michael green, game tide, gabriel with the follow-up, let a six point lead. third quarter all about jp, poole, fans are gche e ge, ni,the warriors first 17 points the quarter. lakers up three, and dennis
5:47 am
shooter scored a team-high 26. lakers win 109-103. with stef not back weirs need to pick themselves back up. >> no one cares if we feel down about the situation. i just don't think it matters. the guys that are available, you have got to go out there and find a way to win. that is what we have got to do. >> we have lost so many close games this year. we have not been able to get over the hump and find some momentum, and i think this week has been frustrating, with everything that has happened, and this is how it goes. this is all part of it, the nba, there's ups and downs, so you've got to just carry on. chris: stanford men hosting number four arizona spencer, all 18 pointco sec half. stanford takes the lead in the second half to own the game. michael o'connell had a
5:48 am
game-high 22. this makes it a 10 point stanford lead, and stanford, huge upset over number four arizona, win over the wildcats since 2009. randy bennett, number 15, st. mary's in portland, 12 game win streak snapped thursday for logan johnson had 20 points in the first half as the gales led by just one at the break. gales open on9-2 johnson tough to the hoop, finishes with a career-high 34, 81-64, their 12th street win over portland. portland state down a point with .4 seconds to play, isaiah johnson, off the window and in, reviewed and upheld, beat the buzzer. portland state beating arizona. what a finish, what a game. that is a look at your sports. enjoy super bowl sunday. we will send it back to you. gloria: all right, thank you,
5:49 am
chris. who are you betting on this super bowl sunday? two baby elephants made their big predictions in syracuse. they are seen ticking around the footballs and tearing apart cardboard boxes covered in chiefs and eagles logos. in typical brother versus brother fashion, the twins, of course, pick different teams, so who knows who is going to win? what is your prediction, lisa? we will get a check of our forecast, and we want to know who you think will win the super bowl today. lisa: you know what? we are, with our nice weather, actually. [laughs] we can step outside and enjoy a really good day, because this area of low pressure is not affecting us anymore. it brought anywhere from about 1/10 of an inch locally to about 1/3 of an inch around big sur. bringing us clouds and gusty winds in the wake of the system, so enjoy today. things are really going to change quickly into your monday,
5:50 am
then a dramatic drop in temperatures into tuesday. here is a look at our current numbers right now, 44 san leandro, 41 union city come up with temperatures in the 30's from the north bay, upper 30's in san francisco. some of that cloud cover, we will stop that cooling in the mid 30's in our inland valleys, but just some of the coldest numbers in quite some time come wednesday morning and thursday morning as that cold air slide in on tuesday. look at the wind gusts, mount diablo, mount st. helena, near 40 miles an hour. a pretty view outside. you can see how clear it is. chilly with a few clouds this morning. sunny and warmer with those gusty offshore winds, allowing for that compressional heating today, than that chilly pattern developing on tuesday. but as soon as tomorrow, we have a wind advisory for the north bay, the coast don't through san francisco, the peninsula, 20, 30 mile-per-hour winds with gusts over 50 miles
5:51 am
an hour. these winds really coming into play. here is the cold front that is going to run early on tuesday. this forecast model wants to bring in just a splash of rain right through the early part of the day on tuesday, and here comes the cold air, opening the floodgates there. a look at the north bay and beyond, you can see the warmest day of the week in the 70's, dropping off tomorrow, getting pretty windy, and look at that tuesday high temperature, in the 50's, looking at a bit of a recovery on wednesday, but really all throughout the work week, temperatures below average. i talked about those chilly morning lows. here's a look at the next 10 days, the rainfall potential, once again, the pacific northwest pretty much getting all the rain. we are going to see a little bit here and there and allowing for the cool air to continue to infiltrate the bay area over the next 10 days, but nothing significant. 62 for a hike today, look for upper, the warmest locations here, with those north winds, so
5:52 am
really a nice day, mid-60's in our inland valley. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we are featuring the sunniest and warmest day today. upper 50's shoreline, upper 60's to near 70 in the north bay, and then getting windy all across the bay area. for your monday, a wind advisory, and then valentine's day, much colder. we are looking at those frosty mornings into wednesday, thursday, may be a splash of rain on tuesday and into friday. we shut off our atm river, and that we have the cold, arctic air. gloria: it is cold, but we can enjoy today for the super bowl. this is going to be beautiful. thank you so much, lisa. a reminder, you can watch all of our newscasts live and on the mind -- on demand come available in apple tv, google tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. download the
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here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing, 10, 33, 30, 64, 65. the powerball number is 11. nobody picked all six numbers, so monday's jackpot is an estimated 45 million dollars that is a lot of money to the winning numbers from last night's $32 million super lotto plus drawing are 2, 12, 19, 34, and the mega number is 22 could nobody picked all six numbers in this drawing either, so wednesday's jackpot is an estimated $33 million. check this out. today, the california academy of sciences is holding their annual penguin valentines tradition. guests get to learn about the african penguins and meet the biologists who care for them. look at them. they are so cute. the penguins will receive special hearts that they can build their nests with.
5:56 am
the nesting material encourages dating behavior. it also helps penguin couples bond. so sweet for valentine's day. a little bit of history before last night's win years game at the chase center. the grand entrance was for the 3 millionth van to enter the arena. here is the surprise, he also happened to be celebrate in his 60th birthday. he got in interaction from the hype man and was presented with a custom jersey to mark the occasion. congratulations to him and happy birthday, too. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m., caltrain service finally resumes in one area. when the service between millbrae and san francisco will be back online tomorrow morning. a new development following the death of a beloved baker in oakland. the police cannot put the suspect in jail.
5:57 am
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if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, received chest radiation or have a nervous system problem. depending on the type of cancer, keytruda may be used alone or in combination with other treatments, and is also being studied in hundreds of clinical trials, exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see all the types of cancer keytruda is known for at and ask your doctor if keytruda could be right for you. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> could happen. a neighborhood like this is so quiet. gloria: neighbors stunned. what they are saying as they learn more in the suspect of a home explosion. plus, it's super bowl sunday. we are counting down to the matchup between thea


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