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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 13, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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email bat led to compromising new data. >> ransomware is on the rise. because of the cryptocur availability. reporter: the fbi ransomware as malware designed to encrypt files on a device and rendering them unusable. the hackers usually make a demand for a bitcoin ransom to be deposited in an overseas account to decrypt the files. it can cost thousands or millions. >> if i was would be at the point where i would have to make that decision. like five or seven days for organizations to make a decision. reporter: oakland issued a
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statement that 911 and emergency services were not affected by the ransomware, but when we attempted to get a copy of the police report, the response was about the files were unavailable to the attack. the city of oakland has not responded to her west for an interview. the city of atlanta refused to pay $51,000 in ransom paying millions to recover their data. the hackers know who they are targeting. >> they go after the government and the schools because they know they do not spend much on i.t.. reporter: what mystery. dan:i burridge in ukraine.
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here in the u.s. tonight, we're tracking two systems moving across the country. 26 states on alert for snow and heavy winds. and where this is all headed. the united flight taking off from maui headed to san francisco, and we now learn it dropped to within 800 feet above the pacific. so, what happened? the alarming new study tonight on teenage girls in the u.s. and mental health. and what the cdc is now saying. and celebrating tonight in kansas city. chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes, the new interview coming in right now. you'll see it here tonight. england native hannah fraser grew up in melbourne, australia, where she was captivated by mythical creatures. >> i did not live near the ocean, nor did i own a pool throughout all of my kid, teen years. so, what i had relegated myself with my artistic and creative, crafty way of being, i drew pictures of mermaids and fairies and all this fantastical stuff.
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>> but fantasy soon merged with reality in 1984. >> i don't remember when the world of mermaids wasn't part of my reality. it was just always part of my consciousness. when i saw the film "splash" when i was nine, i was like, "oh, my god, it's real." >> from that moment on, she was fixated on mermaids. she even created her own finlike tail. >> it was a very much diy situthese temporary roadblocks between 22nd and 18th friday morning to address concerns of sex workers crowding the neighborhood. but video sent to us shows they did not last very long. dion: stephanie sierra joins us now. reporter: less than an hour after these barriers were put up, drivers were running them over or pushing them off the road, creating another hazard. resident said the real problem is dumb street. >> have the barricades helped? >> during the week, it is the
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headache for people trying to get to their homes. as far as weekends, that is when there is more going on in the street. porter this man never seen the elected prostitution in this area so bad, but does nothing new barriers will do much to stop it. >> this is not going to work. >> have you noticed anything this weekend? >> it is too soon to tell. reporter: video team shows less than an hour after they put up temporary barriers friday, this white tesla is seen driving through. pictures taken throughout the weekend show several barricades destroyed or moved off the street, some residents say they had to reassemble the barricades
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six times per day. as of monday morning, several of them have been replaced, but residents think they will not last long. >> is a help? >> no because you cars from getting through there. reporter: multi a fear of retaliation from known pimps in the area and said the elective sex work has shifted back to where it started. 22nd street for 30 years. he normally counts 23 women on a weekend night. he said this weekend the
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barriers helped. >> 13 this weekend? >> yes. limousine drop off women along 22nd street saturday night and watch them be escorted to streets without barriers. >> they escorted them down the street. reporter: the city is in the process of ordering new permanent barriers both options they are considering are currently out of stock. you have a story for the abc 7
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news i team, you can call the number on your screen or head to dan: we are aware that our signal got mixed up and you were not seen abc 7 news. dion: we have gotten the issue resolved. dan: farm operators who provide housing in compliance with regulations. this comes after the january 23 mass shooting in half moon bay that left seven farmworkers dad. that is when it came to light that many of them were living in housing that was overcrowded and unsanitary. to support the fund, you can go to our website. dion: cyclists in east b
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everything concerns over targeted attacks. members of one group say drivers would get close to cyclists to hurt them. ryan curry spoke with members the group who fear going out on the road. reporter: video shows was cyclists say is happening frequently. a karl racine getting close to cyclists. the passenger tries or not the mouth. it is one example cyclists say as part of a series of targeted attacks of people on bikes. >> they were being intenti ran from behind as well. to be knocked over. reporter: charlotte is one of the volunteers with east bay bike party. she says many of their cyclists were targeted on friday. their group has counted over a dozen people recently claiming to be targeted. >> in total, 14 people said they were targeted. maybe about eight people sustained some injuries.
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reporter: cyclists within the east bay party utilize bike lanes for their meet up spot. but after what happened on friday, they said they are not worried about their safety going forward. >> my friend and i were leaving after the first stop. we were biking to this car was coming in the other direction. across the line -- it crossed the line. >> it is not always safe. reporter: they police about these incidents. they said there is not much cyclists can do to protect themselves if somebody is intentionally targeting them. >> the real answer will be getting the infrastructure in
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the streets to be built in a way where you cannot have that violent conflict. reporter: we reached out to oakland about this. we have not heard back yet. more housing and faster emergency responses. dion: michael warning for valentine's day. sandhya: it is windy right now. we have a few showers coming for valentine's day. meet three sisters learning how to spend, save, and budget.
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dan: to build affordable housing is getting help from sacramento. legislation was introduced to further streamline housing permits. leanne melendez is in the newsroom. reporter: even affordable housing experts have their doubts. you have to come up with the funding to see the project through. before that there is the approval process and what california is trying to do is fast tracked the process to build more units. elaine told her story of being homeless than living in a shelter, unable to afford housing. the offer to live at this
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building came up. >> i pinched myself a couple of times. this is actually mine, i can actually shower. reporter: the building went through a streamlining approving process. under bill instead of waiting on average two years for the plans to be approved, it only took four months. overall the building was operational 30% faster than average. >> if you meet all the rules you get your permit. reporter: in the past anybody could hire an attorney to attempt to stop the construction of an affordable housing building for any reason. >> they canteen let the process for years. reporter: not anymore. today legislation was introduced
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to expand the bill indefinitely. san francisco is on the hook to build 82,000 units in the next eight years. roughly half have had their plans approved. there is still a ways to go before people move in. >> the average is two or three years of permitting and then a couple of years of construction. reporter: best case and aria is five years. san francisco only gets halfway to its goal of building 82,000 units and that is why the mayor talked about getting creative. for example, making it is he or to convert offices into housing. the mayor made it clear that every neighborhood in san francisco will have to be part of the city's housing future.
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dan: thank you very dion: in the south bay a team of leaders was tasked by the new mayor to focus on how to define success in solving the city's biggest issues. it is the first step in the mayor's budget recommendations. dustin dorsey explains. reporter: how do you sol jose's biggest issues? for the new mayor, starts with a committee led by community leaders to help shape the budget. the goal was simple, the city needs to get back to basics. >> to bring diverse and be brutally honest about what is not working. were of high importance.
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hiring more officers is part of the recommendations come about properly differentiating 911 calls can also help solve the city's biggest problems. >> with somebody calls take more than twice as long to respond, betty rhodes faith in government -- that erodes faith in government. reporter: this is another key pillar. finding more cost effective ways to get people housed is key. live up to past promises. >> i am focused o through in a timely way on completing the full 1000 units. reporter: the best way to achieve all of these goals is through teamwork. >> we have heard that f
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various organizations that working together we can achieve our goals. >> i am helping city council can truly make the priorities so that together. dion: not going to last for long. sandhya: we got a nice taste today. most areas in the 60's today. we have gusty winds right now. right now, 43 miles half moon bay. it is even windy along bay east
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bay shoreline. could cause a few outages and blow away unsecured objects. mile-per-hour winds along the coast. 5:00 a.m., still windy coast, but not as windy inland. to drop off. waves. advisory means it is not safe to
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swim or surf. are choppy from her santa cruz camera. 50 right now in san francisco. the view from the oakland airport camera, the clouds are coming through, temperatures in the mid to upper for these. -- 50's. chillier air and the possibility of showers. gusty winds tonig for valentine's day. spotty showers tomorrow. we are not tomorrow morning, but it will be windy, temperatures in the mid 30's or mid 40's.
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tomorrow afternoon, windy and chilly. afternoon highs in the 40's and 50's. high clouds passing through. tomorrow morning, you start out clear. at 10:00 a.m. showers begin to develop. this is a fast-moving system. it will be spotty in nature. behind the system it will be colder air. a freeze watch for virtually all of the bay area, temperatures in the upper 20's to low 30's on wednesday morning. frost and freeze will cause damage to outdoor pipes of your sensitive plants. valentine's day is windy, chillier with showers. paying down the cool wednesday afternoon.
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the earthquake on the border of turkey and syria. dan: more than 37,000 people are dead and millions are homeless. morgan norwood has a look at what people are facing. reporter: the chances of finding more survivors beneath the rubble in turkey and syria faded by the hour, but of hope as young children are pulled from buildings. here an explosion o rescuers hold up a six-year-old girl pulled from the rubble. and a 13 eur building in turkey after nearly
6:26 pm
182 hours. survivors now face the secondary disaster of homelessness. families comforting crying children as they search for shelter after their homes were destroyed. a temporary shelter with 20 or 30 times. it is not enough so families are forced to sleep outside in the freezing cold. it is conditions like these that are magnifying the call for more aid. united nations officials meeting today to discuss ways to get resources into the country. turkey's foreign minister announcing today the country will open a second border crossing into syria to allow more aid to flow. outrage is growing as turkish officials turn their sights on builders, issuing our worst -- arrest warrants. dion: coming up next, the
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mystery overhead. why are there so many flying objects being shot down by the u.s. military? dan: a loss of life and of secur
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: it has been a week oakland bigger was fatally injured trying to stop thieves who had broken into her car. jen angel died last thursday. dion: a restaurant manager says she was also the victim of a similar crime last month. our reporter has details. >> i have never felt so i or threatened in this industry working in oakland. reporter: this woman is the general manager of a restaurant. she learned of the death of jen angel last week and she merely thought. >> that happened to me. reporter: angel died last thursday from injuries sustained
6:31 pm
following a smash and grab in downtown oakland. she was dragged 58. -- 50 feet. >> mask mandate grabs my prayers. reporter: she says the thieves took money, they used her credit card. they know where she works and lives. >> what if i had my kids with me? it brings your whole sense of security gone. reporter: the week before her restaurant was hit. she says over the past six months there has been an increase in smashing grabs and broad daylight. >> our customers are being hit, our employees are being hit. we do not even park on the block. reporter: she says they file police reports and shared the
6:32 pm
surveillance video with the police, but claims nothing has been done. she says angel's these types of crimes a sense of urgency. >> i do not know if they are shorthanded, but a lot of us on high alert right now. three and this block, one behind us. we are all getting hit. our sense of security is gone. reporter: the city of oakland did not respond to requests for comment. dion: we want to remind you that our website you will find our exclusive neighborhood safety tracker. there have been more in the past year, just slightly below average. you can also scroll down and you will see where the robbery rate is the highest and how often
6:33 pm
police clear these cases. dan: we're are learning more about the three unidentified objects shutdown by u.s. fighter jets over the weekend. today, part of that balloon from the ocean floor. take a look at this map. on friday, an object was shut down over alaska. saturday, an object was shut down over canada. on sunday, an object was shot down over lake huron. reporter: administration assuring more insight about those three high-altitude object shot down over the weekend. >> i want to reassure americans that these objects do not present a military threat to anybody in the ground.
6:34 pm
reporter: on sunday at u.s. fighter jet fired a missile that took out aircraft over lake huron that authorities say pose the risk to civilian aviation. >> chances are this is just a normal run-of-the-mill thing that we know how to exploit. reporter: a day earlier the u.s. shut down another object flying over canada after president joe biden and prime minister justin trudeau give the order. president also ordering another high-altitude object shot down on friday. off of the alaskan coast. these craft are believed to be weather balloons. it is still unclear where those objects originated, but they are much smaller than the chinese surrealist blue -- surveillance balloon. u.s. official reporting progress on the search as a large portion of that balloons pay low has
6:35 pm
been recovered. >> the chinese spy balloon at 60,000 plus, well outside commercial air traffic concerns. these three were right on the border so there was a legitimate concern. reporter: as for why the u.s. appears to be finding more high-altitude aircraft, it is because they have recalibrated its radar system to track smaller objects. storm damage on highway 101. some lanes are shut down. this affects the southbound side of one-to-one between sir francis drake boulevard and france kicks good boulevard --
6:36 pm
franciscan boulevard. a car is a lucky dog. her fall onto highway 101 last month. >> i think somebody far to get in the car. we rolled down the window. dion: take a look at it head out of the moving vehicle and moments later she is in the next lane in front of a semi-truck. >> fortunately, so me stopped and put on his blinkers and slowed down traffic. dion: thank goodness. the puppy was rushed to the
6:37 pm
veterinarian. she has a fractured hip. she has also been foster family she was riding with. >> i romance games.
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thinking about a nice dinner for valentine's day, michael is telling us of romance scams. reporter: while the rest of us are thinking about a very nice valentine's day, i do have one warning. the fbi's trying to make sure that you and your valentine are the real deal. robert trip is the special agent in charge of the san francisco field office. >> it is a reprehensible fraud because it preys upon our desire to make a connection with
6:41 pm
people. reporter: the fbi says anybody can be a victim but the most likely are women. especially targeted, 60 years old. >> look out for the relationship with somebody you have never met in person. we asked victims to be aware of any crisis in the suppose it romantic interests that requires the victim to send money. reporter: if your victimized the fbi wants you to report the crime. if you are valentine's day shopper i have some interesting pictures. our friend posted a blog the heart-shaped whitman samplers. these are lin dunn americans -- these are an american classic.
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dollars at its local walgreens and the actual chocolate pieces only filled one third of the box. check weight when buy yourself. dan: the problems teenagers are facing. record levels of violence, sadness and suicide risk. 57% have felt sad or double the rate for boys. 13 percent have attempted suicide.
6:43 pm
15% said they have been forced to have sex. for many years. >> a survey every two years. the numbers have gone up since then. this was a long-standing epidemic before the pandemic. we have failed the mental health of our youth and this problem has exceeded the capacity of our ability to take care of it within health care. dan: of local resources. you will find that on our website dion: much more to come and get ready for colder temperatures. ready for colder temperatures. ♪
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it came in third at the box office over the weekend. dion: kate winslet about her role. reporter: when kate winslet did her rescreen test, james cameron new he found his rose. then he hired leonardo dicaprio to play jack. james cameron looked at his movie has romeo and juliet on the ship. >> do you remember the first time you saw it? >> it was at james cameron's house in his editing room. she really wanted to show me the film. that was very special because i got to sit beside him and experience it for the first time.
6:48 pm
♪ >> was sick and could not go. when it was released in los angeles, i had to attend a funeral, so i missed all of the big events. reporter: 25 years later, there is this new event for titanic and she is happy to talk about the movie again. for the most part anyway. >> it is that for me. >> i am so scared by what you just said. i do not know what the other things are apart from 3d. you might as well say to me cabbages and peas. i do not know what those things are.
6:49 pm
dan: let's update the weather forecast. back winter. let's take a look at live doppler 7. the nice weather we had this afternoon is now fading. high clouds are moving in. tomorrow afternoon it is going to be windy and a lot cooler, low to mid 50's with a couple of showers popping up. wednesday, still in the mid 50's to low 60's. thursday is even cooler for most areas. we keep a cool pattern going friday. thursday night into friday is our next opportunity for rain. it is going to be a coastal event team initially -- initially.
6:50 pm
valentine's day will be windy and chilly, few showers. cold wednesday and thursday morning. chance of rain on friday. by the weekend, we will warm it up for you. dan: what a game yesterday. >> football was it is over now. coming up, gary payne the second is back
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back with the warriors. his sense james detroit. -- it s detroit. gary payton ii reevaluated in a month as he deals with injury. investigation. >> the deal is that gary is an easy
6:54 pm
fit. he knows our extremely well with them. it is exciting to have him and we are hoping for the best on the health front. >> i think we recognize that this team could use some help and went about trying to do that. that is the hope when back. >> after waiting in his second super bowl mbp lesson i come up patrick mahomes went to disneyland. the chiefs and eagles were the last two teams to beat the niners this season. my home was aggravated sprain lay in the first half. it looked pretty bleak. but mahomes led the second half points and win.
6:55 pm
he was on disneyland. >> it is definitely going to affect these first few weeks. i was able to get through the afc championship game and the super bowl but with my golf game i handicap might slip down a couple of strokes. >> picking up his golf stephen curry took to instagram to congratulate my homes. runners will be a permanent addition. the amount of position players pitching.
6:56 pm
there are new rules involving pitch clocks, bigger bases. baseball is back in arizona. dan: well, they were busy in the off-season. countdown clock. dion: for the bachelor at 8:00. that is followed by the good doctor. and stay with us for abc7news that 11:00. abc7news.
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make more of what's yours. ♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" [applause] here are today's contestants-- a retired army officer from colorado springs, colorado... a licensed psychologist from pocatello, idaho... and our returning champion, a writer from portland, oregon... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, folks. thank you, johnny! and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" we ended last week with a great game-- three strong contestants,
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but that meant that mira hayward here-- a podcast writer from portland-- was actually in last place heading into final jeopardy! luckily for mira, the correct response was the holy roman emperor, which was, she later told us, the subject of a podcast episode she had just written. so she survived her second game and is back this week to face kendra and jeff. good luck, everyone. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round with these categories. ♪♪ first up... then... hope you can tell them apart. we have... then... and a little... mira, where do we start the week? let's do logos for $200, please. - jeff. - what is the olympic committee? yes. logos, $400.


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