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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 15, 2023 1:06am-1:41am PST

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alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> punching me in the head, neck evade their attlfmy. >> an attack that came out of nowhere. a husband and wife walking in san francisco when the punches started flying. that attack came sunday afternoon. tonight it is an interview we will see only on seven. tim johns is in the newsroom and you spoke to the couple in the spot where it happened. >> they told me they lived in the neighborhood for about 15 years and the husband is even a bay area native. they say they may be leaving san francisco for good. >> it was only a few seconds that changed the lives of matt and his wife forever. on a sunday the couple was out for a walk on 18th street around 4:00 in the afternoon when
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suddenly -- >> as we are walking past the bus stop all of a sudden w w hxd around to be sideswiped by two women writing on a motorized scooter. one of the women through the scooter to the site and began attacking him. >> punching me in the head and neck. >> matt's wife try to int -- intervene leading with the attacker to stop. >> the second female at that point, on the scooter, grabs her by the hair and starts punching her in the face repeatedly winding up. >> others nearby stepped in eventually separating matt and his wife from the two women. matt called 911 as the attackers fled the scene but the damage had already been done especially to matt's wife whose blood still
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stains the sidewalk days later. >> she had a cat scan and has an orbital fracture, a fracture in her eyes. she is at risk of possibly losing her vision. she may have to have surgery on her eye. >> the experienced left the trauma -- couple traumatized. they say this is not the first time their family has been the victim of a crime in san francisco. >> i have an appointment to speak with the ptsd counselor because my son and i-4 for assaulted on a minibus two weeks ago. -- were assaulted on a minibus two weeks ago. >> after decades of living in the city they say they are considering moving away. >> all elected officials need to recognize this is a situation that is now out of control. citizens do not feel safe. >> they are working on healing
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for now, not just physical but the mental trauma. >> i went for a walk for 20 minutes and needed to come home because being out is such a stressful thing. >> the police department says they have an open and active investigation into the incident and encourage anyone with info to reach out directly. tim johns, abc 7 news. ama: one city leader unveiled a proposal to deport undocumented people who get caught dealing fentanyl. the legislation would strip them of protections under sanctuary laws. this is the later -- latest measure to come. the mayor is seeking 200 thousand dollars for three more prosecutors to focus solely on open air dealing. the city is declaring a local state of emergency over our recent ransomware attack.
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fishing email that compromised oaklands data. the police department says its response times are slower but they say it's ability to respond to emergency calls is not impacted and is reminding people to only use 911 for true emergencies. our work to build a better bay area means keeping a close eye on our economy and recent layoffs at some of the biggest names in technology are top of mind. our reporter got some insight showing silicon valley is not in crisis mode as much as you might think. >> it is not about doom and gloom, rather the bust and boom. silicon valley index report which were upright -- describing
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that tech sector currently he says the valley is experiencing more of an adjustment than oh crisis. -- then a crisis. >> it is and those people who are going through that kind of pain are in a world of hurt. however there is good news. >> silicon valley has more job openings been advertised them cuts. most tech workers are landing on their feet within three months. it is part of an expected pattern he says. >> the bust comes every eight or 10 years but we had a 15 year run and when we hit the event in the pandemic it turned out not to be a bust it was a bonanza. >> they hired so many people during the pandemic, now they are questioning if this is the same momentum of the purchasing activities, time just told us we
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have seen that it is not the case. >> echoing ind found the region has come to rely on or three companies accounting for nearly 20% of tech jobs. >> apple, and google and -- meta. three tech companies workers are experiencing their first downturn now. the overall job cuts represent about 2% of the tech workforce. >> during the bust you should not become overly despond it entering the booms you should not become overly euphoric. ama: let's take a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. many of you are sharing the videos today but now it is the bitter cold moving in. sandhya patel is here.
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>> bundle up with heavy coats, before you leave home. we are already feeling the chill and no one is escaping its. temperatures in the 30's and 40's at this hour. when you take a look at the winds they have dropped off but over the hills they are still gusting to 32 at mount diablo. here is what the wind chills are like, it feels more like 34 degrees and santa rosa. 37 in san jose, most of the bay area with the exception of the coast, and the bay shoreline going under of freeze warning bore frost advisory 2 a.m. until 9 a.m. tomorrow. 32-36 degrees plants and pets and do not forget about outdoor pipes. 31 in napa, 34 in livermore and 35 and incentives a. i will let you know how long the
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cold weather will last. ama: tomorrow we will keep an i on a key meeting that could decide the fate of the police chief armstrong. he was placed on administrative leave over his handling of a misconduct investigation with another officer. tomorrow a committee could decide what discipline armstrong should face if any. armstrong denied any wrongdoing. california senator dianne feinstein announced today she will not run for reelection next year. she got her start in politics in san francisco and was elected to the board of supervisors in a 1969 and became the city's first female mayor. she became the first female senator elected in california and is now the longest serving woman and at the u.s. senate and history. >> she is a legend in california as the first woman senator, a legend in this senate, she was the leader on so many different
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issues, environment, women's rights, and so much else. ama: the race to replace senator feinstein already heating help. bay area lee is expected to announce her bid later this month. feinstein leaves behind quite legacy. there is reason she waited to step down. there is still work to be done and she wants to accomplish before leaving office. >> she was instrumental in bringing in money for medical research and she has a couple things she is still working on, because she wants to work more for getting help for drought and preparation for droughts and also for fire mitigation for the state of california. she still has not given up on assault weapons ban so she plans to have an active final chapter in the senate. ama: she got her start in politics in the bay area and was
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in the middle of a san francisco tragedy. murder at city hall. >> both mayor moscone supervisor harvey have been shot and killed. ama: the documentary relives the deadly moments from 1978. the trial that followed and how assassination that followed forged dianne feinstein's path. watch on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and google tv. >> ♪ >> i think i am d scared of the conversation because it has been put in my face too many times to the point where being scared is no longer an option. ama: tonight mourners o songs and prayers for the victims of the mass shooting at michigan state university. the vigil took place about 90
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minutes from msu campus at the hometown of two of the three of victims. a student on campus during last night's shooting is also the survivor -- a survivor of the sandy hook massacre and she says the time for change is now. in addition to the three people killed, five others were hurt. michigan state will hold a visual on campus tomorrow night. this is the 67th mass shooting in america so far this year. and other nonprofit organizations are receiving money from the state to improve security against hate motivated violence. 47 point $5 million was handed out and many recipients are in the bay area. the money can be used for a number of things including security personnel, shatterproof
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last, gates and reinforced doors. the blast that gutted a san francisco home and the only other person inside who survived his talking to abc7news. the mysterious objects overhead, the white house is only giving a few clues about what they could be. >> this is about love, just have love in your hearts, that is its. ama: the valentine's day tradition bounty versus the old family dish towel. drying with a fresh sheet of bounty leaves your hands cleaner than a used dish towel that can carry and redistribute food residue. so ditch the dish towel for better hand hygiene. bounty, the quicker picker upper. this cough. [sfx: coughs] this'll help. vicks vaporub? vicks vaporub's ...medicated vapors go straight to the source of your cough... you can relieve your cough to breathe easier. vicks vaporub. fast-acting cough relief. ♪ ♪ you can relieve your coubefore the xfinityer. 10g network
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ama: we are hearing from the sole survivor of the blast and san francisco's sunset district. a caretaker made it out of the house probably burned. she shared details about the family living in the home. she only wishes to go by her nickname leave --lee. price has been arrested and faces multipart charges. lee explained how she tried to save the wife following the explosion. >> i try to help her and i was taken to the hospital. i asked the police if he survived and i learned she did not survive. ama: she emigrated from and most of her family does not know what happened. the local community set up a gofundme to help her. " in a technological melt down
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month led to the faa safety review team will examine the structure, culture and safety effort. they are experienc period in aviation history they write. developing news with multiple flying objects that have been shut down in recent days but first was chinese surveillance balloon then came three more objects starting on friday. they were puzzled during the latest encounter over lake huron. >> i can't really tell though. definitely smaller than a car. ama: one of the missiles fired missed and landed in the lake. the u.s. is working to recover not only the object but the objects shut down over alaska and canada. members of the senate were briefed today on what happened and some are calling for
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president biden to address the nation. >> there is a lot of info presented to us this morning that could be told to the american people without any harm to sources or our national security. ama: officials say they recover the wreckage of the balloon shot down off the south carolina coast which includes surveillance equipment. only in san francisco can you get a giant pillow fight all in the name of love. j.r. stone was at the embarcadero plaza for the tradition that started more than 15 years ago and has been true san francisco ever since. >> pillow fight because it is valentine's day and san francisco, that is why. what makes you want to hit somebody with a pillow on valentine's day? >> i am just frustrated, you know? >> about what? >> being single. >> not nearly as many frustrated
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singles at this year's annual pillow fight compared to past years but there was love and the form of smooching and maybe during these playful hits. there is love in the air tonight. >> it is a hydrant of love, hates. but leaning more toward love. -- it is a hybrid of love and hate. >> i guess we could call it a battle for love, pillow style. >> one technique were you using here? >> you >> it is a war zone. >> plenty of laughter, yes but plenty of pillows to the face and body. >> there is no pillow too small. >> i also took a whack to the head from one of the smallest pillow fighters but everyone took those hits and they were ok with it.
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they were to lost and laughter and the love of valentine's day in sf. >> i don't get enough publicize and socialize with people so this is a way to get rid of pent-up frustration. >> is there a message? >> love yourself, have love in your heart, that is it. >> j.r. stone, abc7news. ama: in case you are wondering where dan is tonight, he was at another event in san francisco. a goat fashion show. >> accompanied chaser. ama: this event four-legged animals strutting their stuff. they teamed up with other goats from the culture seen.
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big ridge and project level where there. they raise money for a landscaping nonprofit. perhaps they should've modeled some umbrellas today sandia. >> we had showers and we definitely had the chill. tomorrow morning, even colder conditions. this is your winter chill alerts. areas of frost to start the day. you want to protect any sensitive plants and pets, bring them inside, and outdoor pipes. the cold air coming in from the north and the chill settling in for two days. 36 in los gatos, most other areas in the 40's right now. compared to 24 hours a morning temperatures will be below freezing in places like santa rosa, 34 in livermore, 35
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in san jose, 39 and half moon bay. here is a look at the system that came in from the north and brought a few showers under a 10th of an inch. definitely brought snow showers and in the bay area we had some snow showers. san jose camera right now, is calm and winds are easing in the hills. very cold conditions overnight with frost the next two mornings and milder weather for the upcoming weekend. the system kicked up the surface so 12-17 letters. beach hazard increase in the sea spray so never turn your back on the ocean.
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tomorrow afternoon temperatures come up nicely and it will be milder than today. today well below average, tomorrow we go mid 50's to low 60's and it will be sunny from coast to inland but do not get used to the idea of sunshine because we have a freeze watch for inland valleys going up thursday morning, subfreezing conditions are expected once again. there is a preview of thursday morning, 31 in santa rosa, 30 and fairfield. freezing called a couple mornings ahead with frost and a slight possibility of a few showers on friday but the system will start the coast so it may not amount to much. milder weather for the holiday weekend, temperatures above average and the mid 60's in linz. linz. trelegy for copd. ♪birds flyin' high, you know how i feel.♪ ♪breeze driftin' on by...♪ ♪ know how i feel.♪ you don't have to take... [coughing] ...copd sitting down.
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the logo, jerry west saying hello to klay thompson. jordan poole with a miss. he was flying around all night long and jordan poole hits the triple. warriors up for the half, leonard unstoppable. seven of nine from deep in the game. three points for the clock. klay thompson playing his first back-to-back in almost four years. back and forth, there we go but the clippers take control in the fourth quarter. defense optional by the dubs. warriors seven 124 clippers. he wants to use the all-star break to get ready for the final
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two months of the season but th. valentines in teal tonight in the tank. sharks and penguins, that should have been a penalty because he whacked logan couture right in the face with his stick and no-call. timo meyer his first of the year, 31 -- 3-1 pittsburgh is your final. could you handle three days in darkness? looking for a rejuvenating path to find his inner light and his future. the raiders released derek carr today as expected rather than paid $40 million guaranteed to the longtime qb. he is the franchise all-time leading passer, best guess is car signing with the saints. every kiss begins with
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ama: thank you so much for watching.
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