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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 16, 2023 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> want this baby returned home, we want this baby safe. >> news in just the past hour we've learned the 2-year-old child who police say was kidnapped by her own mother has been found safe. i'm anna davis. >> i'm dan ashley. the 2-year-old is now safe. police say they found teyana at a home in east oakland where they were searching for her since yesterday. relatives say the child also has family in oakland. >> she's now with officers and they're working on returning her to san jose officers are still looking for the baby's mother, crystal mendez who reportedly took the toddler from her husband's home on tuesday. he was also seen -- she was last scene at a bart station. >> there's fallout over the
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firing of chief armstrong. yesterday the mayor announced his termination, saying she no longer had confidence in his ability to lead the department. today community advocates and faith leaders rallied in support of armstrong with some calling for the new mayor to be recalled over this. our reporter has the latest. >> chief arm strong has been loyal to the families. he's been loyal to the communities. so today we're standing to say we're going to be loyal too. >> oakland community advocates rallied outside city hall in support of former police chief lebron armstrong who was fired without cause wednesday by the mayor. >> i am no longer confident chief aarp strong can do the work needed to achieve the vision. >> this comes a month after he was put on leave after der lik of duty allegations that he failed to act on the misconduct of one of his officers. >> the main thing we want done is to clear his name. nothing in any of those reports said he was a bad person.
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>> others wan armstrong back on the job. >> we're going to demand that laron armstrong be reinstated, rehired and back in his rightful place. shouldn't public safety be the main concern? of oakland? >> advo kas are pointing fingers at the mayor that their voice was ignored in the matter. >> do we feel we matter at all? no we don't. >> when is the citizen's voice going to matter to this mayor. you've been in office for a few weeks and you have made a major mistake. >> armstrong's firing came hours before police commissioners were to hold a disciplinary meeting on the chief. its chairperson say, we respect the mayor's decision to release chief armstrong without cause. we are sorry to lose an effective reform-minded chief who led the o.p.d. into compliance in 51 out of 52 tasks of the negotiated settlement agreement. the o.p.d. has been under federal oversight for two
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decades. in a new statement, armstrong said, i continue to believe my termination was the result of a fundamentally flawed process that resulted in unfair, inaccurate conclusions about me. i'm continuing to evaluate my legal options to preserve my rights and my hard-earned reputation. advocates are looking at their next move when it comes to the mayor. >> we'll have the mayor for four years. maybe. >> recall! recall! >> the mayor declined comment about arm strong on thursday. >> supporters of former chief armstrong say they won't stay silent. another rally calling for his reinstatement is scheduled here on monday. ama: a deadly drug that's new on san francisco treats was discovered in four people who died fromover doses. it's known as tranq. it's used by veterinarians to sedate large animals. it can be deadly when micked
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with open yoadz. it was found in small ams in individuals who died between mid december and mid january. overdoses of the drug are resistant to narcan. they are working to prepare state street response team. dan: members of the longshoreman's union marched in protest today in support of tyrese nichols who died after being beaten by officers. we have more on the rally. >> the port of oakland was closed for its regular monthly business meeting. workers from the international longshore and warehouse union took this opportunity to rally and show their support for tyree nichols' family. his brother michael joined them, marching from san francisco's fisherman's wharf to the ferry billing. >> things have to stop. we're tired of. this we need justice. ain't no explanation for it. >> nichols was beaten by five memphis police officers. all of them have been charged with murder. protesters today also demanded
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the release of mumiya who has been incarcerated since 1982 when he was convicted of shooting and killing mvld police officer daniel faulkner. there may be new evidence that was never reviewed during his trial. his grandson was also at today's march. >> he went in jail when he was around 27, 28. he's 68 years old. like bordering 70. the message today is that we need him free. >> while michael nichols has become an advocate for social change, he said his brother tyree never was. >> my brother, he wouldn't even go to parties. he wouldn't -- he would rather go skateboarding. he wouldn't even be at this right now. but i bet you he'll appreciate it, straight up. >> actor and activist danny glover said advancing social justice has to be a collective effort. >> we have to talk about this and we have to continue to struggle. >> in san francisco, leann
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melendez, abc 7 news. ama: on the peninsula, the suspect in the half-moon bay shootings appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to all the charges. our reporter was in court and has more. reporter: the shooting suspect is back in this courtroom thursday. for the most part staying quiet except for entering his not guilty pleas but a mandarin interpreter. all this after the shootings in half-moon day that -- bay that killed seven and injured others, the most in the area. there's a gag order keeping the defense team, prosecution, suspect from making statements. >> this will tamp down on the case and likely keep the case in san mateo county. if information continues to come
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out to the public that may not be admissible in the trial, you could see a change of venue motion filed here and move the case to another county in california. reporter: though the gag order keeps everyone from giving opinions to the press and public they can talk about what happened in open court and give past and future court dates. san mateo district attorney sam wagstaff said in yen the not guilty plea is what's expected in a case like this. >> i have every every -- i have never heard anything but a plea of not guilty in a murder case. reporter: they say there's a lot of work for both sides leading up to the next considerate tate. >> the defense is going through police reports, we are waiting for a variety of reports. the matter wasn't set for preliminary hearing yet. reporter: he faces a count of murder and a firearms allegation. that makes it a capital murder case in which he could be sentenced to death or life
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without the possibly of parole. wagstaff said his team still has to go through coroner reports which won't be done for months. the scheduling date to schedule the preliminary hearing is scheduled for may 3. ama: a funeral service held in waugh ha ka, mexico, for one of the victim toafs mass shootings. family members raised more than $38,000 in a gofundme drive to help get his body back to his native mexico. he had been living in the half-moon bay area for 25 years. he was 50 years old. dan: after the break, accused of operating a home drug lab in the sunset district that led to a deadly explosion that killed his wife. tonight we learn more about the man's background. ama: some oakland students are missing out on making music after a determined group of thieves stole thousands of dollars in instruments. dollars in instruments. abc 7 hold on...
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national university. dan: tonight we're learning more about the 53-year-old man accused of operating a drug lab in his home, causing last week's deadly explosion that killed his wife. that man, daren price is scheduled to be in court tomorrow. today, abc 7 news reporter suzanne fawn pored over new court documents to uncover more abhis background. reporter: it's been exactly one week since the devastating explosion and fire destroyed the home that daren price lived. in a day before police arrested him, he learned his wife died in the blast. multiple neighbors identified this photo here on his facebook page as 51-year-old rita price. her friends set up a gofundme page to help with funeral costs. today court documents price was charged with involuntary manslaughter, manufacturing a controlled substance, four counts of reckless burning, two downs of child endangerment and one count of elder abuse. he has two children, ages 14 and
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17, who are at school -- who were at school when the explosion happened. from documents, we learn that price, quote, used a volatile solvent to extract concentrated cannabis within 300 feet of residents. he had a prior conviction, first degree burglary, in 1993. during his first court appearance wednesday, prosecutors say butane vapors from the drug lab he allegedly operated in his home may have interacted with the dryer and caused the explosion. investigators recovered suspected butane tanks, ovens an other materials consistent with processing hash oil with volatile solvents. we asked price's next door neighbor about it. >> s is surprising. and devastating to go through this. reporter: she, her husband and daughter lost their entire home and belongings. the sthaird photos of her home before and after the explosion.
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they're grateful that the community continues to support them through a different gofundme campaign. rita price's caretaker, who was badly burnedder remains in the hospital. there is also a gofundme campaign for her. ama: new details in the case against sam bangman fried, the founder of crypto currency ftx and is accused in a multibillion dollar fraud scheme. two scholars have sign -- the dean emeritus of stanford law school and senior research scientist, worth a toal of -- signed bonds worth $700,000. the dean cited a pledge he made to help out bankman fried's parents. dan: an oakland charter school trying to figure out how the she show will go on tonight. chiefs broke in for the second
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time in as many weeks and swipeds how to of dollars in instruments. you can see the thieves cutting their way in and carrying out as many instruments as they possibly could. the school estimates its losses at $25,000 from these burglaries. making matters worse, there's a show tonight. >> to have a hit like this is devastating stheefnlingsz arts is life-change, transformative for our students. gives them a lot to be excited for. this knocks them down a few levels immediately. dan: the school is working on getting rental instruments for the show. there's a group that will donate $10,000 if someone will match it. ama: tesla is issuing a massive volunt
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call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 ama: 13 people have to find someplace else to live after a fast-moving fire in a
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three-story apartment building in the richmond district. firefighters found the apartment fully engulfed when they arrived and had to work quickly to rescue two people, one inside the building and one hanging off the roof. >> truck 14, going to the roof to affect ventilation techniques observed an individual barely holding on to the rooftop. they were able to reach down and grab this person, with flames below him, and pull this person to safety. ama: must have been terrified. both people were taken to the hospital and expected to be ok. a cat that had to be treated for smoke inhalation is also ok. you can see its little face there in the carrier. they gave the cat oxygen and reunited it with its family. dan: this afternoon, oakland mayor and other local officials accepted a chemofor $15 million from the department of housing and urban go the funding will
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help pay for new housing units, senior support as well as navigation and outreach services. >> we're confident that this collaborative approach has us moving in the right direction to reach the biden-harris administration's goal of relouising -- reducing homelessness by 25% by 2025. dan: alameda county was one of 46 communities nationwide of hundreds that aflied receive the grant. ama: salve will end its public health emergency and other covid related health orders at the end of the month. this coincides with the state of california's state of emergency ending on february 28. perhaps the biggest impact in san francisco will be the end of covid sick leave. while the state's provision ended at the ghoifng year the city's emergency order aloud for workers to get up to 80 hours of leave. dan: another sparkling day around the bay area. cool this morning. what about the weekend? >> a little gray for me. could you dial the sun back up just a smij?
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>> just for you, yes. it's going to brighten up this weekend and warm up as well. this morning, i have to tell you, i did not leave my house until after 8:00 a.m. it was so cold. temperatures in the upper 20's to he 30's this morning. milder tomorrow. not just in the morning but the afternoon. hopefully you'll like this pattern better. let's look at a quick update on the drought no change from last week around the state. we are still anywhere from dry to severe category for the entire state of california and locally, the santa cruz area is dry. most of the rest of the bay area in the moderate category. this hopefully will be changing once i talk about the wet pattern that's coming our way next week. here's a look at rainfall to date. oakland, 183% of average. san jose 109. still above average. santa rosa 115. san francisco at 150% of average. this system on live doppler 7, it's sending some rain toward northern california. not going to do much for us.
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it's going to remain off the coast other than sending us some clouds tonight and tomorrow morning. not much of an impact. and kicking up the surf. a beach hazard statement until early tomorrow. a high chance of rip currents and sneaker waves, be careful. here's a live view from our live camera. never turn your back on the ocean, especially with the swells coming up. mid to upper 50's, san francisco, oakland, currently 60 in san jose. 50 degrees in half-moon bay. the temperatures this afternoon a little bit below average for this time of year. from our mount tam cam, you can see the clouds stacked up. santa rosa in the mid 50's, for lirmore and fairfield as well. it's liking brighter over san francisco. cloudy skies, not as cold overnight. we're still going to see the increase in cloud cover. sunny and warmer for holiday weekend. chillier days and wet patterns setting up for next week. that system i was talking about stays off the coast. it sends us some clouds.
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after tomorrow morning and the afternoon we start to see the clearing by the late afternoon and evening. you are going to be seeing a lot more sun. temperatures first thing in the morning. notice it's not quite as cold with all the clouds insulating as most of you will be in the 30's and the 40's so we're not expecting any 20's tomorrow afternoon. upper 50's to mid 60's so these temperatures will be coming up for your friday afternoon. if you like the warm weather, i have some more warmth in the forecast for the hl day weekend. wet weather as well. so tuesday night into wednesday, systems are going to be coming, first system will be coming down, bringing us rain, snow in the sierra nevada. the snow levels will be really dropping. very low elevations for the mountains on thursday. and here in the bay area, can't rule out a mix of rain and snow. for the higher elevations. this pattern continues. through friday. and possibly into saturday going into february 25. accuweather seven-day forecast. milder morning and afternoon tomorrow.
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sunnier and warmer, temperatures above average. close to 70 degrees on sunday. and president's day is going to be nice as we head toward tuesday, definitely cloudier, cooler, windier, a chance of a few showers at night. better opportunity for the wet weather and certainly the windier, chillier conditions wednesday and thursday. when you're in the low to mid 50's, even upper 40's, wednesday, thursday, it'll feel like winter. dan: nice to get some more rain before we're done here. >> absolutely, we need it. ama: a big safety announcement from tesla. they're recalling over 360,000 u.s. cars because of an issue with self-driving software. the national highway traffic administration which is investigating crashes involving that auto pilot software says it doesn't follow traffic safety rules. execs from tesla say they're not aware of joirs death related to the recall. a free over of this he-air
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software fix will be given to customers. dan: the woman behind the world's largest video platform is stepping dunn from her woal. the youtube c.e.o. sent an email to employees announcing her departure. she said she will focus on her family, health and personal projects. she will remain and adviser to google and alphabet. chief product officer neil mohan will be the new c.e.o. ama: spirit airlines coming to san francisco airport. service is coming to s.j.c. beginning june 7. the airline will offer nonstop flights to san diego, las vegas and dallas. san jose's mayor says this will give more travelers, more options. >> everyone, no matter their income level, should have the opportunity to visit family, far and wide, explore new cultures, and widen perspectives. ama: san jose is the seventh airport where spirit operates in
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california. in the bay area they serve oakland international airport. spirit is scheduled to complete its merger with jetblue next year. dan: big changes for "live with kelly and ryan," who will replace ryan seacrest as when dry eye symptoms... keep... coming... back... inflammation might be to blame. over the counter eye drops can provide temporary relief. xiidra... can provide lasting relief. it targets inflammation that can cause dry eye disease.
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xiidra. dan: a reminder, you can get our live newscasts, breaking news and more with our streaming tv app on apple tv, google tv, fire tv and roku. search the bay area. ama: a new jersey announcement from "live." >> seacrest is stepping away. ama: he'll have his last show in april to focus on "american idl" and other projects. he and co-host kelly their love for each other. ripa's going to step in -- ripa's husband mark con sway low
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will be stepping in. dan: what will ryan do with his him in idol, radio show. ama: he'll find something. dan: much more news ahead. ama: let's see the stories coming up. >> the city of oakland is in a state of emergency after a ransomware attack. how something like this can happen even with protections in place. can the impact go beyond disrupted city services and computer and phone outages? plus we'll tell you about the project using augmented reality to share the history of the black panther party in oakland. join us for those stories and more at 5:30 on bay area streaming tv. dan: download the abc 7 app or head to for more local news right now. ama: if you're watching us on tv, "world news tonight" is up next. thank you for watching. dan: as always we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00.
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tonight, president biden addressing the nation about the downing of four objects over the u.s. and canada, including the chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of south carolina. the president under growing pressure from both parties to speak directly to the american people about the incidents. all four objects shot down by u.s. fighter jets, beginning with that spy balloon. then three objects brought down three days in a row over alaska, the yukon, and lake huron. the president on what the u.s. has learned about those objects, and why he says shooting down china's balloon sent a clear message. martha raddatz in washington. also tonight, the georgia special grand jury recommending perjury charges linked to testimony about attempts to overturn the state's 2020 presidential election results by former president trump and his


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