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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 17, 2023 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. five former memphis police officers pleading not guilty for the killing of tyre nichols. and breaking news right here in new york city -- at least 20 firefighters injured when part of a building collapsed. but first, that emotional day in court, those five former memphis police officers pleading not guilty to second-degree murder and other charges, accused of viciously beating tyre nichols, who died in the hospital three days later. that disturbing body camera video shows how the violence escalated after a traffic stop near tyre's home. nichols' mother with a message for the officers today. steve osunsami in memphis. and that breaking news tonight -- at least 20 firefighters injured battling a fire in new york's staten island. part of a burning home collapsing.
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what we've just learned. chilling new details about a hate crime investigation under way in los angeles. police say a gunman now under arrest is admitting he was targeting jewish victims. two men shot and wounded, leaving separate synagogues on back-to-back days. what authorities are now saying about the suspect. matt gutman standing by. overseas tonight, four u.s. service members and a service dog wounded in a deadly helicopter raid targeting an isis leader in syria. images coming in -- the deadly shooting in a rural town in mississippi. six people shot and killed in a series of shootings. nearby schools briefly placed on lockdown while police hunted the gunman. late details at this hour. two weeks after that toxic train derailment in east palestine, ohio, the biden administration responding to a request from the governor, deploying medical personnel and toxicology teams. many residents not convinced the air and water are safe. the war in ukraine tonight.
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now nearly one year since the russian invasion. president zelenskyy urging the u.s. and nato to hurry up shipments of military weapons, comparing to war to the battle of david and goliath. the power outage at one of busiest airports in the u.s. now in its second day. dozens of flights cancelled and turned back. and america strong tonight, the three-point shot in a high school basketball game that had both teams cheering. good evening, and thanks for joining us on this busy friday night. i'm whit johnson in for david tonight. we're following late-breaking news from right here in new york city. more than 20 firefighters injured battling a house fire on staten island. the details just coming in. but we begin with those five former memphis police officers pleading not guilty in the killing of tyre nichols. all five charged with second-degree murder and other
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crimes related to the traffic stop and brutal beating that led to nichols' death three days later. the five officers the only ones in court wearing masks, standing with their lawyers who spoke for them. they were members of a special street crimes unit called scorpion, now disbanded. it was their own body camera video that reveals their alleged brutality, pulling nichols from his car, later punching and beating him with a baton. outside court, his mother saying they didn't even have the courage to look me in my face. but she promised those officers will see her at every court date until she gets justice for her son. abc's senior national correspondent steve osunsami leads us off in memphis. >> reporter: this was the first time the family of tyre nichols was able to look into the faces of these five former police officers. >> and offer the court a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: but they were all wearing masks as they entered
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pleas of not guilty in this memphis courtroom. >> they didn't even have the courage to look at me in my face after what they did to my son. so, they're going to see me at every court date until we get justice for my son. >> reporter: unlike the 29-year-old who they are seen violently beating in the disturbing police camera video from january 7th, they will go home tonight, out on bond. one of their lawyers said it wasn't true that none of the officers tried to help the victim when it was clear he was wounded. >> i think you hear his voice consistently saying, sit up, man, so you can get air. he was doing his job, no more, no less. he never struck anybody. he never did anything other than his job. >> reporter: in this case, the five accused former policemen are all black and are all fighting second-degree murder and other charges. and the list of officers and fire department personnel who have been fired or disciplined over this continue to grow. four other first responders have now lost their jobs, and nine more are under investigation.
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>> this is where he was. >> reporter: it was a tough day for the family. before today's hearing, they met at a memorial still on the street corner where their son called out for his mother. >> painful day for the family there. steve osunsami joining us now from memphis. and, steve, there could be even more potential fallout from this case moving forward. >> reporter: that's right, whit. there's still the very real possibility of federal charges in this case against these officers. and authorities are now reviewing about 75 cases that were handled by the specialized police unit that these officers belonged to that has since been disbanded. whit? >> steve, thank you. next tonight, the suspect accused in the shooting of two jewish men outside synagogues in los angeles is now facing a federal hate crime charge. police say he admitted to targeting jewish victims, and what authorities are revealing about the weapons he had in his here's abc's chief national correspondent, matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, federal
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authorities leveling hate crime charges against the suspect who shot two men leaving synagogues and struck fear into the heart of los angeles' jewish community. >> reporter: both shooting victims were dressed in clothing that visibly identified their jewish faith, including black coats and head coverings. >> reporter: wednesday morning, police say jamie tran tailed then targeted a man in his 40s, shooting him in the back as he left morning prayer at his synagogue. >> they didn't stop them to get their wallet. there was no struggle. the guy just came out of the bushes, shot my friend, and ran away. >> reporter: then on thursday, just about a block away, they say tran shot another man, this one in his 70s, shot in the arm minutes after he left the synagogue. tran, who prosecutors say has a history of making anti-semitic comments was captured near palm springs thursday, an ak-style rifle and handgun found. accord to the complaint, he stated he looked up a kosher
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market on yelp and decided to shoot somebody and said he knew the victims he shot were jewish because of their head gear. tran allegedly telling investigators he was homeless and attained to firearms from someone he did not know in arizona. jewish organizations say they're seeing rising number of anti-semitic incidents, including harassment, vandalism, and violence, with cases occurring in all 50 states. >> 200% increase in reported incidents over the past couple of years, and an increasing rate of that over the past couple of months. we've seen a rise. >> reporter: so it's accelerating. >> very much so. >> those numbers really staggering. matt gutman joining us now. matt, even though the suspect is still in custody, there are still growing concerns in the jewish community. >> reporter: growing concern, whit, and jewish leaders tell me palpable fear. they are at their highest levels of alert right now. their security being bolstered by lapd's increased patrols. they say they have been warning about this for months, that hate speech online leads to hate acts and crimes.
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whit?an, thank you. we are getting news that four u.s. troops and a service dog were wound in the syria, all part of an operation that resulted in the death of a senior isis leader. here's abc's stephanie ramos at the white house. >> reporter: tonight, four american special operations forces and their military dog wounded in syria after their helicopter raid on a top isis leader ended in an explosion. >> the troops and the working dog are in stable condition. they're being treated at a u.s. medical facility in iraq. >> reporter: the raid targeting isis senior leader hamza al homsi, who oversaw the group's deadly terrorist network in eastern syria. but when the troops arrived, he detonated an explosive device. the blast killing him and wounding the americans. the white house saying president biden has been briefed. >> when it comes to situations like this, of course, the president is closely involved. >> reporter: a separate u.s.
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raid that same night resulted in the death of another isis leader. no civilians were injured in either operation. whit? >> stephanie ramos reporting for us at the white house. thank you. now to that breaking news right here in new york, the inferno on staten island. more than 20 firefighters injured, 3 of them seriously, when a burning home collapsed. here's abc's aaron katersky. >> reporter: tonight, 22 new york city firefighters injured battling a four-alarm blaze that raged out of control for more than an hour. >> we had over 200 and something firefighters and paramedics on scene operating. >> reporter: the flames torched an adjoining home on staten island, and three firefighters are in the hospital tonight. >> they were inside the building. we did have a major collapse at the rear. they were inside the building when all this occurred. >> as the firefighters were inside searching for occupants, the windows failed, and the wind blew the fire intensely into the building right at the firefighters. two of them became trapped by fire. >> reporter: the neighborhood engulfed in smoke. >> there was thick black smoke.
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you couldn't even barely see through the street. that's how bad. i was gagging. >> reporter: the cause of the fire tonight is under investigation. we just heard from the new york city fire commissioner. she called this a very close call. the department, she said, almost lost three firefighters. but tonight, whit, the three most seriously injured firefighters are stable and alert. whit? >> aaron katersky with those late-breaking details, thank you. we're also following late developments just coming in from mississippi. a deadly shooting spree in a small town. six people shot and killed in several locations. schools on lockdown during the manhunt. a gunman later taken into custody. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, on a deadl man wen gunning down six people at three separate locations in the rural town of arkabutla, about
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30 miles outside memphis. a local elementary school and high school both going into lockdown as authorities pursued the suspect. tonight, that suspect is in custody. authorities identifying him as 52-year-old richard dale crum. governor tate reeves tweeting, we believe he acted alone. his motive is not yet known. and authrities say that crum had two handguns and a shotgun. he has been charged with first-degree murder with more charges expected in the coming days. whit? >> erielle reshef, thank you. more government help is on the way to east palestine, ohio, after that toxic train derailment. the biden administration promising to send medical and toxicology teams, and the governor is setting up a medical clinic as well. authorities say the air and water are safe, but many residents remain concerned. here's abc's mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: two weeks after
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that fiery derailment sending up a massive toxic plume over palestine, ohio, the governor reporting epa officials have found no contaminants after sampling the air in 500 homes and around the community. >> nothing from the train derailment was found in the homes. nothing was found out on the street. >> reporter: but officials will keep testing in the area. so far, he says, samples from the ohio river, the municipal water supply, and private wells are coming back clean. >> if you get your water from a private well, you're encouraged to use bottled water until your water is confirmed to be safe. that again is just out of an abundance of caution. >> reporter: it comes as frustration boiled over at this town hall. some complaining of the health issues. residents demanding answers. >> everybody satisfied with my answer? >> no! >> reporter: this state is setting up a clinic for residents to get evaluated. and a team of medical personnel and toxicologists are expecting to arrive as early as monday. whit?
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>> mona, thank you. next tonight, the search ended for parts of the chinese spy balloon f the coast of the south carolina. they say they recovered the balloon and payload and sent it to the fbi to analyze. three other objects shot down. the search for one in lake huron has been officially suspended, and one official tells abc news the other two went down in areas so remote, it's possible they will not be found. now to the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy making a passionate plea for speeding up the military aid with the one-year anniversary of russia's invasion just a week away. zelenskyy addressing a meeting of u.s. and western allies as russia prepares for a major push in ukraine. abc's chief foreign affairs correspondent ian pannell in ukraine tonight. >> reporter: tonight, intense
5:44 pm
battles raging across front-line areas in eastern ukraine. russian forces attempting to encircle the key city of bakhmut and claim a victory for vladimir putin in time for the first anniversary of the start of the war just a week away. and what they can't achieve with firepower, they're trying to achieve with manpower. >> they're sending a lot of troops. i don't think that's sustainable for them to keep attacking this way. there are just -- there are places where their bodies are just piled up. >> reporter: ukraine insisting it will hold bakhmut, but struggling with low ammunition and limited firepower. president zelenskyy today urging european leaders to act faster to support ukraine. >> we need to hurry up. we need the speed, speed of our agreements, speed of decisions to limit russian potential. there is no alternative to speed. >> reporter: and in the fire zone, residents being urged to leave as soon as possible. kurilivka in the northeast, one of countless villages regularly shelled by russia. today, volunteers helping imna
5:45 pm
get to safety. [ speaking non-english ] she tells me, i have a heart condition and this situation causes anxiety. it's an emotional farewell as her husband andrei stays behind to guard the house against looters. the couple not knowing when or whether they'll see each other again. with president biden traveling to poland monday to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the war, he's going to meet with leaders of former soviet republics that are now part of nato, and he's expected to make it clear the u.s. will continue standing with ukraine for as long as it takes. whit? >> ian pannell in ukraine. our thanks to you tonight. and from the earthquake zone in turkey and syria, where more than 42,000 people have died, an incredible moment of hope. a man found alive after 261 hours. that's 11 days. pulled from under the rubble of a hospital in turkey. later on the phone learning his whole family had also survived, including his new baby who was born on the day of the earthquake. soon after reuniting with his wife and getting to meet his baby daughter for the very first time. just an incredible moment. when we come back here
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5:48 pm
look at the numbers yesterday. some of these all-time record highs for the month of february. islip, 71. bridgeport, 68. providence reaching 70 as well. tomorrow teens, 20s. chicago to new york, as far south as nashville and dallas. pop out that winter coat. you'll need it. big bounce back next week. numbers in the southeast back to record breaking levels. cold, potentially record-breaking cold in the west, and an active weather pattern in between. whit? >> rob, thank you. another story we're following tonight, the prosecution resting in the alex murdaugh trial in south carolina. prosecutors tearing into his alibi with evidence showing he called 911 from his car just 20 seconds after arriving at the crime scene where his wife and son were shot and killed. murdaugh telling the dispatcher that he had checked both for a pulse. prosecutors questioning how he had time do all that before calling 911. the judge denying a defense motion to dismiss the case for
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to the "index" now, news tonight about a woman escaping a year after she says she was kidnapped. surveillance showing her running into a gas station in new jersey earlier this month. her alleged kidnapper chasing behind her. employees inside holding the door shut, locking it, getting her to safety. the suspect arrested, charged with kidnapping and assault. police say he kidnapped the woman after they met in new mexico after she offered to drive him to arizona. tonight, a power outage at new york's jfk airport in its second day. an electrical problem knocking out power to terminal one, forcing dozens of flights to be canceled or averted. some flights had to return to their original airports, including a flight from new zealand turning back 8 hours into a 16-hour trip. jfk is one of the busiest airports in the country. when we come back, the three-point shot in a high
5:53 pm
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ask your doctor about tremfya® today. finally tonight, the high school basketball game and the three-point shot that had everyone on their feet. tonight, in sulfur springs, texas, outside of dallas, the whole town is cheering for jay wilson. the 18-year-old has special needs and has been the manager for their school's basketball team, the wildcats, for four years now. never missing a game. always there for his teammates, right there in the huddle after every win. so when it was time for their very last home game, his coach had an idea, to show jay just
5:57 pm
how much he meant to them. >> jay, come here. >> reporter: coach brandon shaver calling jay up with a high five, and then a surprise. >> an opportunity that we're going to have for tonight is -- jay, you're going to suit up for us for the first time. >> reporter: presenting jay with a jersey. he was going to play. his name announced on the court. >> jay wilson! >> reporter: number 32 with the handshake. fist bumps for the refs. and then they pass him the ball. [ cheers ] jay makes a clutch three-pointer. both teams, everyone in the stands cheering for jay. and tonight, jay, coach shaver, and his team on what that meant
5:58 pm
to him. >> what feelings did you have when you made that shot? >> awesome. >> it was awesome? what was it like when everybody surrounded you and we came out off the bench? >> love. >> reporter: love from his team and his community, proud of their jay. >> what a moment, and a great shot. thanks so much for watching tonight. a reminder, an all new "20/20" tonight at 9:00 eastern. i'm whit johnson in new york. see you on "gma" in the morning. good night.
5:59 pm
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> we begin with the police shooting in oakland. police and armed carjacking subject is on the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after two officers shot him. authorities say it happened just before 1:00 p.m. officials say the man was driving recklessly around east oakland on a stolen motorcycle shortly before crashing. police were tracking him by helicopter. they say the suspect tried to carjack someone a couple of blocks away from where he crashed.
6:00 pm
>> he brandished a firearm, pointed it at a victim, and passerby, and ended up demanding vehicle. that's when officers were nearby, they began issuing commands for the individual to put down the gun, he failed to comply in that's when officers discharged their firearms. >> a witness shared this video of the suspect being arrested after the police shooting. no one else was hurt. >> thank you for joining us. all of this just after days after the oakland police chief was fired. >> cornell barnard is in oakland with the latest on this developing story. >> first i would like to clearly say that i was wrongly terminated for standing up for the city of oakland. reporter: the former oakland police chief in his own words, three days after he was fired from the job. >>