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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 17, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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carjack someone a couple of blocks away from where he crashed. >> he brandished a firearm, pointed it at a victim, and passerby, and ended up demanding vehicle. that's when officers were nearby, they began issuing commands for the individual to put down the gun, he failed to comply in that's when officers discharged their firearms. >> a witness shared this video of the suspect being arrested after the police shooting. no one else was hurt. >> thank you for joining us. all of this just after days after the oakland police chief was fired. >> cornell barnard is in oakland with the latest on this developing story. >> first i would like to clearly say that i was wrongly terminated for standing up for the city of oakland. reporter: the former oakland police chief in his own words,
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three days after he was fired from the job. >> as a police chief, i did my job and i believe i did it well. reporter: he wasn't terminated by the mayor on wednesday. >> i'm no longer confident chief armstrong can do the work needed to obtain the vision. reporter: this came after armstrong was on paid leave during an investigation. the former chief said he did nothing wrong. >> my termination was never really about the facts, about performance or my ability to effectively lead the oakland police department. my termination was about the federal monitor and the mayor's failure to fight for the oakland community. reporter: the police department confirms to us that two opd lieutenants were put on paid leave last month for mishandling the same investigations that led to chief armstrong's firing. >> every error made by the police department is considered a scandal.
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reporter: community advocates and faith leaders rallied in favor of armstrong. >> we are going to demand he be instated and back in his rightful place. shouldn't public safety be the main concern of oakland? reporter: on trunk says he's grateful for the support. -- armstrong says he's grateful for the support. >> for the first time you are seeing the community support a police chief and police department. reporter: it's unclear what his next move is but he says he is evaluating his legal options to preserve his reputation. >> the voice of oakland speaks loud and it will not be silenced by this monitor. reporter: in oakland, cornell barnard. dan: danville police arrested a man this afternoon following a five hour standoff in a residential area. sky 7 was above the scene earlier today. the footage you see shows a heavy presence -- police presence off glasgow drive. police say a man barricaded
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himself in a home after allegedly assaulting a woman. they took him into custody around 3:30 today. the police have not released further details. ama: there was a last effort in court today by the former there are no say executive. --theranos the judge did not make a ruling during today's hearing. he is scheduled to report to prison arch 15th dan: the -- march 15. dan: the man accused of firing blanks inside a synagogue faces multiple hate crimes. he agreed to receive mental health services and will be held in custody without bail. he is scheduled to appear in court next tuesday for his preliminary hearing. a judge has issued a restraining order against a san francisco art gallery owner. this video shows collier gwynn
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spraying and un-housed woman with a hose. the restraining order bans him from having contact with the woman he sprayed. he is facing a misdemeanor battery charge for the incident and is said to be back in court in march. ama: also in court today, the man charged with causing a deadly house exposure and in san francisco. [explosion] it has been more than a week since the house on 20 2nd avenue blew up, killing one person, severely injuring another into devastating the neighborhood. suzanne phan is in ythe judge granted supervised release saying price does not pose an immediate threat to the community. on this friday, the judge allowed cameras to show suspect
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darren price in court. the prosecutor says he ran a few towing -- he ran a drug lab in his basement. they say a fireball corrupted from the front of the home. in court today, risa. -- in court today price appeared distraught. you could hear him sniffling or even sobbing at times. today, the deputy public defender explained he is upset about losing the love of his life in the explosion. he had been married to his wife for eight years. he cared for her three children and became around the clock caretaker after his wife had a stroke eight years ago. >> there was not evidence that mr. price would be a substantial danger and cause great bodily injury to someone if released. at best, he acted with
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negligence. they are not alleging he acted with intentional harm or intent to do harm. reporter: the judges says the conditions for his release are strict. enforcement can search price, his car, electronic devices and residents at any time. deputies will monitor his home detention. he can see and talk to his teenage kids but not about legal matters. the kids were not home during the explosion. >> we are very relieved mr. price will be released, we are relieved he will be physically out of custody, that he can start art is appealing in the arrangements for the funeral for his wife and also be connected with his children and support them at this time. reporter: several san francisco firefighters attended today's hearing but do not want to connor -- to comment. no word yet on when price will be released. ama: how is the supervised release going to work? reporter: price's home is
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so he has to find a new residence, it has to be within 50 miles of court and approved by law enforcement into the sheriff department. we don't know where that is but we know the kids are staying with family. ama: thank you. those closest to rita pri speaking about their beloved friend, as dion lim tells they help the community will remember her positive spirit. >> every room she went into, she lit it up. her big smile and laugh. reporter: it is that effervescent personality, close friends of rita will remember the most. her thousand watt smile on display even after a paralyzing stroke. >> we didn't think she was going to make it, so when she suffered a stroke we went to say goodbye. reporter: it was rita's determination to live that led her to live nine more years.
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she was killed in the home explosion. >> it could have been prevented and we didn't know. reporter: her husband made a court appearance friday and released on ankle monitor. it's a decision that rita's friends simply could not process. >> it is upsetting. reporter: for rita's longtime massage therapist, he says to focus on her legacy and not rush to judgment. >> we still believe t trying to take care of rita and her kids. we have no doubt about it, he did it faithfully for years and that's all we know. a person is more complex than that. reporter: to remember rita's kind and selfless nature. >> she was a bright spot. reporter: and to think of her three children. those i spoke with today shared this message.
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>> i would encourage everybody, even if you don't know her, to reach out and help them. >> there was no one like her. reporter: no matter what happens next, they hope or spirit lives on. in san francisco, dion lim. ama: there is a gofundme account for rita, as well as for her caregiver and some neighbors pretty confined links on dan: our recent winter storms dealt a fatal blow to a historic santa cruz county structure. tonight, the plan for its final days. sanida: a warm-up for the holiday weekend followed by cold, wet weather. ama: is hot weather -- water necessity or amenity?
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dan: tonight, another shut down. they will close at 10:00 p.m., and will not reopen until tuesday morning at 5:00. caltrans will work around the clock to repave the road. they did the same thing last weekend and had lanes reopened on time after the weekend. there is one more week enclosure scheduled and the southbound lanes are not affected. ama: happening tomorrow, bart begins replacing more than a mile of track in the east bay. it will be no trains running between the rockridge and lafayette stations on the yellow line. bart has a bus bridge available for passengers, part of a three point million dollar project to replace 7200 feet of worn-out rail.
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the work wraps up after monday. on presidents' day, art will run saturday service on all lines and parking is free on monday except for the milpitas and berryessa stations because vta operates those. dan: the peer leading to the famous cement ship was hit so hard last month during the storms that officials state it is beyond repair. zach fuentes spent the day there as officials and community members prepare to say goodbye. >> this park is all year long, we have people here every day. reporter: the cement ship has happed -- helped make this a destination. >> i've been coming over 35 years and people love this. reporter: the ship and the peer are part of the local history and culture. >> we spent endless hours out
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there fishing, surfing along the peer and just enjoying it with friends. reporter: the peer has been closed for some time and taken a beating. nothing as bad as the january 5 wave event and storms up and down the coastline. structural engineers assess the damage to the peer and found it is so extensive it is in a state of imminent collapse and there's no choice for it to be demolished. it is bringing a lot of emotions to all of those who work and play in the area. >> everyone has the same feeling, a little sad. reporter: the district superintendent in santa cruz detailed some of the damaged area has seen. >> this pier was twice as long. it used to attach back in the day to the bow. reporter: the wave event and storms to not only affect the pier, but the campground. moving forward, they are preparing for more extreme weather events in coastal erosion. >> we are dealing with a
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different client -- climate, we have different hazards and i think we have to be thinking into the future what our investments will be to make sure we have access for as many people. reporter: saturday afternoon, the public is invited to a farewell cleanup event at noon. next week, the demolition is set to begin, lasting a month. a lot of factors had to be considered according to officials before they began. >> we will be at the forefront of helping the public to understand the changes that have occurred, getting feedback about what they want to see as far as future recreation and how we provide that, and making some hard decisions. reporter: zach fuentes, abc7news. dan: hate to see it go. ama: we've had some rough storms, then a great stretch of sunshine and we need more rain. dan: we may get some. sandhya patel is tracking the forecast. >> we will bring the rain and wintry weather back next weekend
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but this week and will be so nice. a live picture right now, you are looking at a live view from zephyr cove. tahoe will be ideal conditions to enjoy the sunshine or slopes. plenty of snow still. 48 degrees. nicer on sunday. partly cloudy on monday. tuesday through thursday, heavy snow -- or heavier snow. temperatures right temperature change, up a few degrees across our region, so a nice-looking day. the east bay hills camera, you can see back toward the tower, here's a look at the temperatures, 55 in san francisco, palo alto 57, 52 in half moon bay. in san jose, you can see some of
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dover wispy clouds. -- some left over wispy clouds. 52 in livermore. the high temperatures today were at or slightly above average. we will continue to go above average as this low pulls away. the clouds will move out of the picture. here's a view from our exploratorium camera. the chill returns tomorrow morning. we are looking at colder, wet and windy mid-to-late week and even some snowflakes possible in the hills. temperatures tonight at 7:00, you will need a light jacket. 40's and 50's. if you have plans light, i would take a heavier jacket because tomorrow morning, numbers will fall into the low to mid 30's for our coldest spots, quickly rebounding by 2:00 in the afternoon, anywhere from the upper 50's around san francisco to the mid 60's in san jose. your morning temperatures will be near or below freezing in our coldest spots, ukiah, lakeport,
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fairfield, livermore. most of the rest of you will be in the mid 30's to low 40's. tomorrow afternoon it will be nice, above average, mild conditions, 66 in gilroy in the south bay, sunnyvale 63. on the peninsula, 62 in menlo park. 59 in pacifica. how about some sunshine in san francisco? 61 degrees. it will feel good to be outside and enjoy the mild weather. 64 in napa, 65 in santa rosa. 62 in oakland. 65 in fairfield. we will fast-forward to next week, presidents day is fine. tuesday night into wednesday, the first opportunity for wet weather. this year is getting snow and the snow level goes from 2000 feet to 1500 feet by thursday. i wouldn't discount some snow around 1500 to 2000 feet locally.
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it will be a wintry mix. for the weekend, we have warmth and i should point out low 70's, springlike sunday. above average on presidents' day then we go colder and wet, bring in some snow and we will be well below average wednesday through friday. ama: sounds good, thank you. dan: there is another amazing story of survival coming out of turkey today. a man has been pulled out of the rubble of that massive earthquake that struck the area 11 days ago. he spent 278 hours trapped in the wreckage of a collapsed apartment building. more than 43,000 people died in the quake and thousands more are injured. turkish officials say the man was conscious when he was found and is said to be doing relatively well and is in a local hospital. ama: the department of defense is the recovery of a suspected chinese spy balloon is complete. officials cite a significant amount of debris was recovered and has been taken to an fbi lab
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in virginia for counterintelligence exploitation. a fighter jet shut down the balloon off the coast of south carolina almost two weeks ago. officials say the balloon was the size of three buses and carried a quitman capable of taking photos and collecting intelligence. dan: next, a look at the future. the new technology on supply at the silicon valley auto show, finally back after a pandemic
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go the extra mile this presidents' day in a volvo mild-hybrid vehicle.
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[bellringing] ama: today's trading mimicked how the week went, upson dowse -- ups and downs. the nasdaq and s a p both dropped. markets have continued to move as investors fear interest rates. dan: gas prices on the way up again. california's average is four dollars 70 since a gallon. san francisco gas drivers in oakland and san jose pay on average $4.75. ama: a chance to get your hands on the newest cars, trucks and suvs is taking place this weekend in the south bay. dan: we look at how the silicon valley auto show gives drivers a look at the past, future and present as well. reporter: car enthusiasts rejoice. the silicon valley auto show is back for the first time since
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the pandemic. the brand-new lineup of vehicles on display live for the first time at the santa clara convention center. >> it's great for people to do something in person. like cars don't always app the same in online photos or that kind of thing. in the real world see more how you can interact with it in looks like in front of you. reporter: there's something to be set for a car show where you can have a hands on experience. you can look at some of the beautiful, familiar cars on display, but today also allows potential buyers to see what is out there. >> there's not only a variety of brands, but of powertrains. diesel trucks, electric mustang, gasoline powered cars, hybrids. reporter: and the all-new lineup of non-gasoline powertrains, from electric to hydrogen powered today offers a look at the past, present and --
6:25 pm
>> the future. reporter: you can consider today a way to learn about what is to come and many like john got to take a few cars for aaway for the future. >> we just got off of a great driver from aqui 86 and we really enjoyed it. nice and smooth. that's a great thing about coming to a car show like this, you can see all the different varieties. reporter: nothing will convince you more than being behind the wheel and driving on a railroad to see if an electric car will work for you. reporter: the silicon valley auto show runs through the weekend. dan: our love affair with cars. so many options these days as technology improves. ama: next, and attack on
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involving eggs and another involving cheese. the i team is on the case. dan: also an elected official arrested for election fraud. investigators say it
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: five former officers pleaded not guilty. charges include second-degree murder which in tennessee cares a possible sentence of 15 to 60 years. ama: nichols's death traffic stock spark protests calling for police reform. dan packer takes you inside today's court appearance. >> the five former memphis police officers charged in the arrest and death of tyre nichols appearing in court this morning along with their attorneys. bean, demetrius haley, justin smith, emmett martin iii and desmond mills junior are facing several charges including second-degree murder, aggravated assault and official oppression. the defendants did not speak. their attorneys entering not
6:30 pm
guilty pleas on their behalf. >> offer a not guilty plea. >> the judge asking for civility as the case progresses. >> everyone involved once his case to be done as quickly as possible. as well as each one of these defendants have a absolute right to a fair trial. >> all five officers were fired following an internal memphis police department investigation into the incident. nichols mother and stepfather were in the courtroom. his mother said she was upset that none of the officers could look her in the face. >> i want each and every one of those police officers to be able to look me in the face. they're going to see me at every court date. every one. >> exactly. >> until we get justice for my son. >> i had to be here today to make sure that justice gets done for our son. this is a glorious day, this is beginning of the process. >> all five officers who are also facing a civil rights
6:31 pm
investigation remain out on bond. thier next court appearance is set for may 1st. dan: deputies and several additional police officers are also under investigation. as well as three fire department personnel. ama: a lodi city councilman has been released from jail one day after his arrest on election fraud charges. kahn walked into court giving the thumbs-up. a judge granted him release with no bail. now here is video of him b put into the back of a -- a patrol car. they first t disco signs in 2019, 41 ballots in his home, one months ahead of the 2020 election. he won but they kept investigating. >> this case did not happen because of anything our local register a voter could do to change that.
6:32 pm
that was a state system. that he took advantage of unregistered people that did not know they were being registered. ama: body cam footage shows voters describing to authorities how he pressured them into voting for him in some cases, more than once. the sheriff says it is time to take a closer look at the photosystem. he has previous allegations that he has yet to answer to regarding money laundering. dan: there is a new effort underway to exonerate the chicago 50. and one of the worst mainland disasters in world war ii, an explosion at port chicago killed 300 people. the 50 were sailors convicted of mutiny and sentenced to death for refusing to -- to return to work after the tragedy. now they have introduced a resolution to exonerate those workers. this july marks 79 years since the deadly last. ama: from the i team tonight, san francisco police are
6:33 pm
investigating attacks on muni involving racial slurs and food. we have the video and interviews with the victims you will see only on 7. >> michelle young snapped these photos on her 30 hour trip to san francisco. she called herself a travel enthusiast. >> i do make an effort in any city to make sure that i try the transit system. i really love buses. >> she says it is the best way to see her city but her love of buses turned into a hite -- hate filled ride.t this man started throwing eggs. >> stooupid chinese expletive. >> i could tell from his body gesture and the way he was >> speaking that he was unstable. she says another passenger stepped in. >> he said, stop, you do not need to do that. >> he said better me then you
6:34 pm
which was a nice thing to say. >> he took the brunt of the eggs. >> he ends up throwing it at a pretty fast pace. >> even off the bus the men continue to hurl eggs at the windows. many with egg now in their hair. >> he comes running from the corner back to the bus and when he sees me he throws it straight into the widow. >> she says this is the third time in a third city she has experienced hatred like this. >> we are on much higher alert than we have ever been. it has made me rethink how i move around the city, which iss sad, because we should all . feel safe >> she decided to take cellphone video to put it onto the. she never expected to hear from others saying the same thing happened to them on the same bus line. this hate filled tirade happened christmas morning. >> i was mostly mad. i saw it was just like kind of
6:35 pm
happening randomly. this is not his first time doing it. it looks like he's not going to stop. >> sfmta says we are committed to stopping the racist attacks. we take all incidents seriously and work with sfd sharing video from our vehicles to aid in investigations. >> i do hope that they find this guy. ama: if you have a story for the i-team call this number on your screen. or go to team. dan: here's a question. >> do you think of hot water as an amenity when you are booking a vacation rental? i'm michael finney and you will after my report.
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dan: you know how cold it is been. imagine getting off the slopes and finding you have no hot water for shower. ama: michael finney joins us with -- they got the cold shoulder. >> yeah. ok,look, this has been a great ski season. you guys talked about it a lot.
6:39 pm
a group of friends rented a place and headed up to the slopes. the trip was fantastic until it wasn't. here's alexander and his friends in tahoe. they were there for this year's great snow and rented a great place through airbnb. here's thel. t fir nig, on the third day, more hot water problems. >> because of that we had have no hot water at the airbnb and we reached out to the host, letting them know that there was an issue with the hot water. and we were taking cold showers. which wasn't great in the cold weather. >> he also let airbnb know. >> when we heard back from the airbnb customer service we were quite surprise. it mentioned because hot water was not included as an amenity
6:40 pm
at the airbnb, the host was under no obligation to provide hot water. >> that didn't seem right. so, alexander contacted 7 on your side and i looked at the airbnb listing and sure enough hot water is not on the amenities list. a hot tub is. we reached out to airbnb and were told we do allow host to self select hot water as an amenity. however, this meant to be used for remote, off the grid listings so that guests can plan properly. for this particular case, our team did follow up with a host to inquire about any amenity issues that may need to be addressed. >> thanks to you after we contacted airbnb, they provided us with a reservation-- that resolution, they refunded us airbnb's service fee as well as -- equivalent to one night
6:41 pm
stay. i thought that was a fair resolution. >> and it gets even better. the host also refunded a portion of their payment. i reached out to them but we have not talked , so stilli want to thank the host and a airbnb. read the amenities very carefully and if you have any questions, ask. they tell you all the time, it does not say it on the listing, do not expect it. dan: boy, cold showers get your attention. thanks, michael pittman ama: after talking abouttahoe, how about a look at the beach? here is a live view of santa cruz. whether we will you didn't choose cat allergies. your hairline.
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dan: this week we have been celebrating the 10 year anniversary since robin roberts returned to good morning america. ama: we spoke with robin about what this anniversary means. >> good morning america. you know what an immense honor that is to say? >> she has been a familiar face on abc for more than 20 years. during that time, she has faced trials and triumphs. one of them her fierce battle
6:45 pm
for survival against mds. news of the rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow coming five years after beating breast cancer. robin roberts getting a bone marrow transplant from her dear sister sally anne. it was 10 years ago she returned to the desk. what is 10 years mean to you, robin? robin: ok. whoo. you've got -- i haven't really taken time because i have been so focused on the ten years and showing the growth of the treatment and the people who have been impacted by our viewers responding to the call to be the match that i really haven't taken the time until this moment to -- to think about me. and what this moment means to me. i am grateful that my mama
6:46 pm
taught me make your mess your message and that i have been able to find the meaning behind why this was placed in my path. >> now the survivor turn thriver is working hard to make sure others get the same chance. containing her advocacy to build a registry for be the match. >> i was very very blessed that one of three siblings, sally, was a match. it was a perfect match. you leap fro 10 years later,g you do not need a perfect match. that is the technology. that is the growth we have seen in the last 10 years. but the registry is a literal life line for countless people. >> 70% of patients are still looking for their donor. you could be the potential match to save someone's life. all it taste is a simple sign-up and a swab.
6:47 pm
dan: you talk about grace. robin, has been such an inspiration, so brave. you can registry by scanning the qr code on your screen or texting kgo to 61474. ama: easy to do. let's get one last look on the weather. dan: >> youant to spendtime outside in the sun wke because it is going to be gorgeous. the air quality is green everywhere which is good for the entire bay area. and i guess they are having problems. there we go. good. now we take a look at our life picture where there is, snow on the ground but no snow yet. there is snow coming next week. good to moderate air quality in the bay area. the entire weekend to get outside and enjoy. just a few passing high clouds pulling away. and tomorrow is going to be a very nice day. upper 50's to the mid 60's.
6:48 pm
you will notice if there's a bit of not only just the sun, but it will feel better because we will see a lesson the way of cloudiness than today. take a look at sunday, temperatures peak in the low 70's. ou producerr kate loves it. monday temperatures are still on the mild side, but tuesday a reality check. it is still winter and those temperatures will be dropping as we check out the accuweather 7-day forecast from spring this weekend switching back to winter as we head towards wednesday, thursday and friday, level 1 system, thursday is the best opportunity for single wintry mix snow, between 1500 and 2000 feet. it's going to be cold. we go from 70 degrees to 52. you are going to feel it. ama: definitely. dan: thanks. ama: ooh, sorry. was that mym ic? i apologized. dan: getting our attention. we have some tiger spotting tonight.
6:49 pm
>> this is good. tiger woods flirting with the cut line in his first tour event in seven months. would tiger make it to the weekend in the event that he hosts? - life is uncertain. everyday pressures can feel overwhelming it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated. it's normal. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today.
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♪ ♪ [ cat purrs ] call our warm line [ phone vibrates ] introducing astepro allergy. steroid-free allergy relief that starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. now with astepro fast allergy relief, [ spray, spray ] you can astepro and go. >> now abc 7 sports. larry: after losing 102 games last season there is only one way to go and that is up. a lot of new faces, among them the man from japan.
6:52 pm
he's 28 years of, played a decade of pro ball in japan but this is his first time as a major leaguer in america in the cactus league. getting loose for spring training. he threw a full couple minute pitches. topped out at 97. in front of the front office members. despite his extensive career in asia, fujiyama has some first-aid jitters. >> very impressive in terms of his stuff. it's fun to watch him there was a little bit of anxiety. a little bit of nerves. if he didn't have nerves i would be more scared. i think it was overall a great day for fuji. was excited about it and he felt good about. larry: they call him mr. fuji. logan webb will not be -- be producing in the world classic. he's hoping to change the culture in the clubhouse which
6:53 pm
is an interesting line. webb was among those who felt that the giants got complacent a couple years ago and lester's was a disappointment. the classic will take place in various locations. arizona, florida, taiwan and japan. now to tiger woods who is projected to make the cut just barely at the genesis invitational. that would mean he would play this weekend. check out the second round action. we got a tiger cub. shot of the day for tiger woods playing in his first event in more than seven months. he's had all kinds of physical issues, par 13 14 then this is going, going, to stop but almost an ace. the crowd was going nuts. later on he was betrayed by the blade on 11 for birdie. no on 13. his putt for par, no. on 16, another short putt. right by the hole. woods in the bunker on six. he bogeyed three of his final four holes but is projected to
6:54 pm
make the cut at plus one after a second round 74. he will be around for the weekend. check out the shot. >> look at that. >> come on. have a hard time picking up the ball and throwing it there. a 68, leads by one. play is suspended. hey, congratulations to a longtime friend and colleague, mark spears for espn. award of the basketball hall of fame's print media award. he's played college hoops is an essay in writes great stories. for the website that explores the intersections of race, sports and culture. nba celebrity game, salt lake city. the mizz, splash from half court. as time expires. what? look at dk metcalife? yes and the no.
6:55 pm
because time ran out before the ball left his hands. it does not count. team between wait hold on for the win. the 49er fans know what dk metcalfe, like he was carved out of granite. he was throwing down dunk after dunk. big man. dan: thanks. glad tiger made it in. ama: coming up tonight on abc7 it is shark tank followed by 20/20 and do not miss abc7 news at 11:00. get the abcy app and join us whenever you want. dan: finally this friday a few thoughts about what really matters. the old adage where there is smoke there is fire. letty of smoke coming from the oakland police department once again without police chief. it has been a revolving door for the top cop for a decade. in one nine day stretch three different chiefs.
6:56 pm
the latest on the exit side of that revolving door, ron armstrong fired by the newly elected mayor. who's facing backlash for her decision. will the nex chief lastt. hard to say, but if history is our guide the odds are not great. the strong and stable top-down leadership is what the department needs to effectively police a city with more than its share of crime problems. which has contributed to an image problem as well. oakland gets a lot of bad media attention, much of it deserved. but what really matters is it is also one of the most vibrant, diverse and fun cities in the bay area in which to live and visit. great parks, restaurants, shops and neighborhoods making oakland much more than the sum of the headlines. i've always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. ama: that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. we thank you so much.
6:57 pm
abc7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. dan: all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening and we see you again for abc7 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- an accountant from irving, texas... a physician from towson, maryland... and our returning champion-- a data scientist from longmont, colorado... whose 2-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--ken jennings. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to "jeopardy!" it was a slam dunk for our champion, stephen webb,
7:00 pm
in final jeopardy! yesterday as he was the only player to come up with the harlem globetrotters, scoring him his second win. now, we've had three two-day champions in a row. so this is the match where we find out if stephen can break the streak or if laura or will will be celebrating becoming a new "jeopardy!" champion as we head into the weekend. here we go into the jeopardy! round where we have these six categories. we'll start... then... we have... then... you'll name the league. and finally... each response will be two words-- a shorter one and then a longer expanded one. for example, "rug" and "rugged." stephen, you begin. let's do champion's league for $200, please. - stephen. - what's the nba? yes. with the raptors. champion's league, $600, please. - laura. - nfl. what is nfl? yes. a steelers great.
7:01 pm
i'll take word & wordplus for $200, please.


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