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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 17, 2023 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. >> she put a video of my ama: a street vendor recounts the beginning of a horrific attack following a concert last night in san jose that left him battered. good evening. dan: thank you for joining us. this violent attack was caught on camera. the video now going viral with many on social media searching for the suspect who got away. we spoke with the victim and the witness who recorded that attack. let me warn you, the video you are about to watch is pretty tough to see. reporter: behind and knocked unconscious as the longtime street vendor lays down. video shows the suspect continuing his assault. >> he started to kick me on the
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face. i don't know. i don't see the video good. something that you can't do even to an animal. reporter: he suffered a broken nose, a swollen face, and redness in his eyes. before the beating we see here, the suspect purchased several hot dogs and made a demand he couldn't meet. >> give me a free soda. i said, i can't do it. this is not my business. reporter: the man threw beer in his face before walking away. minutes later, the man returned. kim lara capturing what happened next, providing the only glimpse of the assault. >> i'm hispanic so you grow up supporting the street vendors. it is sad that outside of a mexican concert, a street vendor of our own kind is getting beat up by another of our kind. reporter: management tells us safety at events is the top priority. a statement reading in part, we
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continue to communicate with city officials to ensure that publix bases -- public spaces are safe for all guests. >> i've been doing this for 37 years and this is the first time this happened to me. reporter: his wife and family members weren't far. >> going out to concerts and events, to make some extra money, now he has to not only assume the loss of what he was supposed again but now has to deal with dental care and his face, the medical bills. reporter: the suspect has not been identified. he's had to take time off work but has shared of ml account for anyone wanting to donate. visit abc seven news on this story. ama: there's growing concern about dangerous attempts to cross the bay bridge by kids on bikes. california highway patrol release the surveillance video showing juvenile bicyclists riding along with automobiles in
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the eastbound lanes of the bridge. bicyclists are not allowed on the bridge at any time. chp says no injuries or accidents have been reported. it's asking parents to speak with their kids about the dangers of trying to ride across the bridge. in the east bay, police in richmond are investigating a shooting that resulted in a car plowing into an apartment building. it happened at 7:30 this evening. police say there are multiple victims with non-life-threatening injuries. it's unclear if anyone was in the apartment at the time of the crash. there have been no arrest. dan: police shot a carjacking suspect this afternoon. the suspect is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. authorities say it happened before 1:00 p.m. at 10 seventh avenue and international boulevard. the man was driving recklessly around east oakland on the stolen motorcycle shortly before crashing. police were tracking him by helicopter.
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they say the suspect tried to carjack someone a couple blocks away from where he crashed. >> he brandished a firearm, pointed it at a victim inside of a vehicle, a passerby. ended up demanding the vehicle. that's when their officers were nearby. they began issuing commands for the individual to put down the gun. he failed to comply and that's when officers discharge their firearms. dan: a witness shared this video of the suspect being arrested after the shooting. no one else was hurt. we are hearing from laurent armstrong for the first time since he was fired from his job as oakland's police chief. his dismissal came a month after the mayor placed him on paid leave. the federal monitor report question the chief's lack of response surrounding the misconduct by one of his sergeants. today, the former chief said once again, he did nothing wrong. >> as a police chief, i did my job. i believe i did it well.
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i committed no misconduct. i followed all relevant policies and procedures. i delivered on my promise from day one when i took this job to reform this police department. my termination was never about the facts, performance, or my ability to lead the oakland police department. my termination was about federal monitor robert warshaw and the mayor's failure to fight for the oakland community. dan: two police lieutenants have been put on paid administrative leave from his the investigations which led to armstrong's termination. ama: the man accused of the deadly home explosion will be released on strict house detention. a judge said he is -- he believes darren price didn't cause the explosion intentionally. investigators claim price ran a hash oil lab at the home that caused the explosion, killing his wife and burning her caregiver. price is charged with
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involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. those closest to rita price speaking out about their beloved friend. the online tells us, they hope no matter what happens to darren , the community will remember rita's positive spirit. >> every room that she went to, she lit it up. she had a big smile and her laugh. reporter: that effervescent personality that close friends will remember the most. her smile still on display even after a near-death stroke in 2014. >> we didn't think she was going to make it. when she suffered that stroke, we went to say goodbye. reporter: it was her determination to live that helped her survive nine more years. rita passed away when the home she shared with her husband exploded on february 9. >> it could have been prevented. we just didn't know. reporter: darren was arrested for drug manufacturing, child
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endangerment, and manslaughter. he made a court appearance friday and was released on ankle monitor. it's a decision rita's tightknit group of friends simply could not process. >> it's upsetting. reporter: for her longtime massage therapist, he encourages the public to focus on her legacy and not rush to judgment. >> we still believe that at least he took care of rita and her family, her kids. we have no doubt about it. he did it faithfully for years. that's all we know. a person is more complex than that. reporter: jeremy -- remember rita's nature. >> she's is a bright spot. reporter: and to think of her three children. those i spoke with shared this message. >> i will encourage everybody who knows her or don't even know her to reach out. >> there's no one like her.
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no one. reporter: they hope or spirit lives on. abc seven news. ama: there's a gofundme account as well as accounts for her caregiver and some of the neighbors. you can find links to those on our website. look for stories about the explosion. dan: police arrested a man this afternoon following a five hour standoff in a residential area. it happened on glasgow circle in danville. sky seven was above the scene earlier today. a man barricaded himself inside of a home after allegedly assaulting a woman. they took him into custody about 3:30 this afternoon. police haven't released any further details. ama: after striking out the first time, oakland's revamped housing plan achieve state approval today. this is an important stat because the city is eligible for state funding. oakland wants to add 26,000 units over an eight year time. california gave every city until
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the end of january to semitic plan to add affordable housing. oakland had its initial plan rejected. dan: a beloved cafe is closing its stores this weekend after more than two decades in business. the owners say they just cannot longer stay in business. the closure has caught in the attention of city leaders. as tim johnson explains, it's just one example of an alarming trend. reporter: tucked away on the trendy streets of cole valley, you will find reverie cafe. a beloved neighborhood hotspot that has been a staple of the community since 2002. s, a lot of eventsea reporter: it will be closing its doors for the last time, driven out of business by disputes with the landlord over issues like rising rent and recent conditions. across san francisco, small
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businesses continue to struggle. >> our streets are tragically dirty. we are short on police officers so enforcement is difficult. reporter: the closure has made waves at city hall with the supervisor posting on facebook about the development of storefronts in san francisco neighborhoods. the golden gate restaurant association says in addition to the challenges that come with operating a business in the city , recent economic realities have hit the hospitality injured -- industry hard. >> food costs continue to go up. staffing costs have gone up. it creates a lot of challenges. reporter: context is key, says the bay area council. data shows that more residential areas have flourished since the start of the pandemic while places like downtown continue to suffer. >> those places, many more businesses closed during the pandemic. a lot of the southern neighborhoods saw more businesses open. reporter: back at the cafe, they
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are just focused on the next few hours. trying to makethti ty have left. >> i'm going to miss my staff. the future is uncertain. reporter: news. ama: new revelations coming out about stanford's president was facing questions about his research data. dan: a turf battle in oakland. a special competition for black history month. the dance craze that started right here in the bay area. sandhya: warm for the holiday weekend, followed by a wintry mix. i explain, coming up. ama: next, what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> our house becomes a home. were you watching rihanna's performance during this? >> i heard it was great. the coach told us, if you go out to watch the performance, keep walking because you are not
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ama: the three officers accused in the death of tyre nichols pleaded not guilty. surveillance video and police body cam footage captured the beating during a traffic stop on january 7. nichols died threes -- three days later. his mom was in the courtroom and she says she will be present for all court dates. >> they are going to see me -- see me at every court date, everyone. until we get justice for my son. ama: the officers could face 15 to 60 years in prison. there's a federal civil-rights
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investigation open for each officer. the fallout from this case continues. for other first responders have lost their jobs and nine more are under investigation. dan: the man accused of shooting a gun inside a san francisco synagogue earlier this month pleaded not guilty today. dimitri mission is facing multiple felony charges including hate crimes. a judge denied him home detention, saying he poses a risk to the community. mission agreed to receive mental health services and will be held in custody without bail. he scheduled to appear in court next tuesday for a preliminary hearing. at 28-year-old suspect is in custody for allegedly shooting two jewish men outside of los angeles synagogue's within the last two days. jamie tran is facing federal hate crime charges and is known to make anti-semitic comments. train is accused of shooting a jewish man, leaving the synagogue wednesday, and shot a man in his 70's one day later. >> hate crimes have no place in our community.
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antisemitism has no place in our community. dan: police say tran was arrested in coachella valley and was found with multiple firearms. jewish organizations claim there's an uptick in hate crimes against jewish people across the country. tran could face license -- life in prison if found guilty. ama: stanford's student newspaper is reporting claims that her 2009 medical study authored by the university president contains falsified data. the stanford daily sites for former scientists who each made the claim independently. levine responded to the claims, the president, in an open letter accusing the school paper of publishing false allegations. the university has formed a special committee in response. dan: you've heard of hip-hop obviously. maybe even bug lou or cramping. how about turfing? it's a street dance that was created on the streets of oakland. tonight, a series of turfing
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competitions were held at the oakland museum of california. based on the crowd reactions, it was a big hit. ♪ reporter: make no mistake. daisy vasco's loves to perform. tonight, she is here to compete. >> i like putting everything out on the floor. try to make it look as clean as i can. reporter: she won the ladies only turf competition. one of a series of competitions at friday night's turfing dance battle coasted by the oakland museum of california. >> i feel like this is culture. it comes from the bay area. it isn't something you can find in l.a. or new york. reporter: to break it down, turf is short for taking up room on the floor. think up-tempo him pot -- hip-hop combined with floor moves. ♪
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this type of str created in oakland in the 1990's. >> it amplifies the culture of oakland. it's like one of the definer's of the culture. >> celebrating black history month. reporter: as she puts it, for the museum to be recognizing turfing as part of black history month is a big deal. >> so much black culture and excellence here in the bay. for the oakland museum to recognize that is really powerful. it's a black celebration. reporter: this man is here from paris. do you have anything like this in paris? >> no. my goal is to bring that culture. for me, it deserves more credit. reporter: gerald boyd is one the dancers in the final competition featuring the top 16 performers. he says he grew up in a tough part of san francisco, he took up turfing as a way to stay out of trouble.
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>> the fact that it's getting recognition and acknowledgment that i feel like it deserves is amazing and i hope it keeps growing. reporter: abc seven news. dan: check out all of our stories about black history month, streaming on our abc seven bay area app, available wherever you stream. ama: let's check out the weekend weather. dan: sandia patel is here. sandhya: we have 70's and the forecast. can you believe it? get ready for some flavor. you can see visibility is terrific tonight. springlike warmth is coming your way as low pressure that's been off our coast moves away and high pressure starts to take control of our weather. so nice that you might want to go to santa cruz or any of our beaches as you take a look here, mainly sunny, moderate uv index. mild conditions. 63 in santa cruz.
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60 degrees and ocean beast tomorrow. -- in ocean beach tomorrow. san jose, average high is 63. you will be in the mid to upper 60's through the holiday weekend and then a sharp drop-off in the temperatures followed by midweek , it will be downright cold. we will be dropping well below average by then. take a look at those temperatures right now. 30's to 50's. it will be a cold one tonight. numbers falling by tomorrow morning. downright freezing around santa rosa and fairfield as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. quickly warming up. upper 50's to mid 60's for most of you. similar today. by 4:00, temperatures top out even higher than those numbers there. live view from our east bay hills camera. all the way back toward sutro terror right now. clear and chilly in the morning. sunny and warm for the holiday weekend. colder, wet, windy conditions
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mid-to-late week. here's a live view from our emeryville camera. if you will be outside this weekend, air quality couldn't be better. good to moderate for all three days. really nice looking conditions outside. temperatures in the morning, low 30's to upper 40's under clear skies. you will need to bundle up. patches of frost around to start the day but quickly turn around. short sleeve weather tomorrow afternoon. 65 in santa clara. 64 in mountain view. occasional high clouds in the north bay. temperatures in the mid 60's around napa, santa rosa. ola65 i storward to next week. monday is fine. tuesday into wednesday, a system drops down. it brings the potential for showers and low elevation snow. this continues through thursday. therefore, we have to brace
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ourselves for a big change. the accuweather seven day forecast. milder, springlike weather for the upcoming weekend. then we turn it around for tuesday and wednesday. level 1 for wednesday, cold, windy showers. wintry mix for thursday. we can see snow over our hills. sunday, 70 p get thursday, 50 degrees. 20 degrees drop in temperatures. you will know that.
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dan: a dog was dodging traffic in southern california today. a news chopper was above the action. when they spotted the dog running along interstate five. ama: a group of drivers cornered the pup and it jumped inside a vehicle. it's not known where the dog came from, if it knew the driver inside the vehicle. hopefully the dog will be reunited with its owner or find a good home. dan: thank goodness it's ok. tiger woods back on the golf course. could he make the cut at his own event? ama: larry beale is here with sports. 5 tiger playing in his first tour event since last summer, trying to make the cut at riviera. this was very close.
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everyone is making room hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes. larry: good evening. the women's basque ball team ranked third in the nation this weekend. their final to hoag -- home
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games of the regular season starting with ufc. steph curry is courtside. trey lance on the left of your screen. learn to live with rejection. she became stanford's all-time leader in blocked shots. hayley jones, coast to coast. jones, third-quarter buzzer finished with eight points, 10 boards. stanford hangs on. golf. round two. genesis invitational. a tiger cub siding on the course. now for the run up tiger woods. his first tour event in more than seven months. almost an ace. came up a foot short. tigers putting let him down. betrayed by the blade. this happened repeatedly. several of these. bogeyed three of his final holes but made the cut after a second
11:30 pm
round 74. we'll play this weekend. what a shot here. finished with a 68, 10 underpar and leads by one. here's tiger after his round. >> this is the highest score i could have shot today. should have shot five or six better than this easily. just didn't make the putts early when i have those opportunities. larry: baseball. a's spring training. new faces on the roster. 6'6" and right-hander throws hard, topped out at 97 miles per hour. 28 years old. played a decade in japan. all kinds of variations. should be interesting to see how he adjusts to baseball. nba celebrity all-star weekend. check out gamma from the jimmy kimmel live show. the wedgy. dk met
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ama: if you are searching for one final nighttime read, we picked out something for you. at a look at the human body. i gigantic portable blood vessel is stopping by this saturday in the excelsior district. kids can watch through it. it's the size of a bus and people will learn how an artery works. that story is one of the top things you are clicking on right now on our website. it's up for you on the top news sidebar at abc seven news. dan: looks really fun. ama: thank you for watching. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on tomika miller, cate blanchett and patrick mahomes. ama: have a great night and
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wonderful weekend. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- cate blanchett, dave franco, and super bowl mvp patrick mahomes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheering and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for joining us here. i'm glad you're here, i appreciate that. i don't know if yokn


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