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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 18, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> face. that's something that you cannot do, even to an animal. >> food vendor attack. the beating caught on care -- camera after a man demands free food and gets away. we hear from the victim about the moments leading up to the assault. an alarming trend in the food industry. why owners of a beloved local restaurant say they can no longer serve their customers. it is february 18. i am liz kreutz. to be back with you and see you, lisa. it is chilly out there. lisa: we missed you and it
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certainly is. a cold start with frost. in between the clouds to the north and the south, we sit. underneath, some of us really are cold this morning. current numbers already at freezing in napa and santa rosa, out by the delta. below freezing for the san ramon valley. look at half moon bay at 34 degrees. compared to 24 hours ago, we are two to 10 degrees colder this morning. there is a look outside from sutro, where it is nice and clear. we are set for a lot of sunshine. 30's by 9:00. we are well into the upper a few high clouds, plenty of 60's. a few degrees above average. we are seeing a return to the cold, wet and windy in the extended outlook. liz: one person is recovering after a shooting that happened in livermore last night outside of a tesla distribution center.
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this was the area of challenger street and discovery drive. officers say when they arrived, they found the victim with non-life-threatening injuries. no words on the suspect or if anybody is in custody. a violent attack on a food vendor caught outside the sap center. video has gone viral with people on social media searching for the suspect who got away. amanda del castillo you spoke with the victim the attack. the video might be difficult to watch. >> hey, no! >> attack from behind and knocked unconscious, as he lays face down, video shows the suspect continuing his assault. >> he started kicking me on the face. that is something that do, even to an animal. >> he suffered a broken nose, several loose teeth, a swollen
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face and redness in his eyes. before the beating we see here, the suspect purchased several hot dogs and made a demand he couldn't meet. >> give me free food. i said i couldn't do it because this is not my business. the man through beer -- >> the man through beer in his face and on the grill. >> i'm hispanic. you grow up supporting street vendors. it is sad that outside of regional mexican concert, a street vendor of our own kind is getting beat up by another of our kind. >> safety at events is the top priority, and sap manager says. saying we communicate with officials to ensure public spaces outside of the arena are safe for all guests. >> this is the first time this happened to me. >> his wife and family members
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were not far. they were working as vendors. >> assume the loss of what he was supposed again but has to deal with dental care and his face and the medical bills. >> sj pd says the suspect has not been identified. he had to take time off work has shared a venmo account for anybody wanting to donate. for anybody abc 7 -- our website. liz: authorities say driving recklessly around east oakland on a stolen motorcycle, shortly before crashing. police were tracking him by helicopter. they say the suspect tried to carjack somebody a couple of blocks away from where he crashed. >> he brandished a firearm,
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pointed it at a victim inside of a vehicle, a pacifier, and ended up demanding the vehicle. that is when officers were nearby. they began issuing the man's for the individual to put down the gun and he failed to comply and that is when officers discharged their firearms. liz: a witness shared this video of the suspect being arrested after the shooting. nobody else was hurt. leronne armstrong continues to defend himself after he was fired from his position this week. armstrong's dismissal came a month after mayor shank outpaced -- placed him on paid leave. time since the firing, he once again said he did nothing wrong. >> as a po job. i believe i did it well. i committed no misconduct. i followed all relevant policies
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and procedures and i delivered on my promise from day one when i took this job to reform this police department. my termination was never about the facts, about performance or my ability to effectively lead the police department. my termination was about t mayor's failure to fight for the oakland community. liz: we are learning two oakland police lieutenants have been put on paid administrative leave for mishandling the investigations which led to armstrong's termination. the man accused of the deadly home explosion in san francisco's sunset district will be released on strict house detention. a judge said he believes darren price did not intentionally cause the explosion but acted out of negligence. investigators claim price ran a hash oil will allow -- lab
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caused the explosion killing his wife and severely burning the caregiver. people close to rita price, darren price's wife are remembering the life of their beloved friend. dion lim told us no happens to darren, they will remember her positive spirit. >> everywhere she went, she lit it up with her big smile and laugh. >> it is that personality that close friends of rita price wilburn member the most. her 1000 watt smile, still on display even after a near paralyzing stroke in 2014. >> when she suffered that stroke, we all went to say goodbye. >> it was her determination to live that helped her survive nine more years. rita tragically passed away when the home she shared with darren price exploded on february 9. >> it could have been prevented
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and we didn't know. >> he was arrested for drug manufacturing and child endangerment days later. he was released on ankle monitor. it was a decision that her friends could not process. >> it's upsetting. >> her stage therapist encouraged the public not to rush to judgment. >> he took care of rita, the family and the kids. he did it faithfully for years. and that's all we know. a person is more complex than that. >> to remember rita's, kind, selfless nature. >> we look forward to seeing her. >> and to think of her children. >> i encourage everyone who listens, unit you don't know
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them, to help them. >> no matter what happens next, they hope or spirit lives on. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7news. liz: there is a gofundme account for rita as well as accounts for her caregiver and some of the neighbors. you can find links to those on the website, and look for stories about the explosion. lisa argen, 5:09 right now. what is going on out there? lisa: it is cold. livermore and santa rosa below freezing at 31 degrees. sky's are clear and temperatures closer to the bay in the 40's. we have a warm up on the way in time for the weekend. we will talk about above average temperatures for we do a 180 for next week, that is coming up. liz: also ahead, the search for survivors in turkey and syria continues. the latest update on the death toll there as the body of a famous soccer star has now been found. plus, delays for the holiday weekend. known as a passionate artist. weekend.
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zicam. zinc that cold! liz: new develop in sin the devastating earthquake in turkey and syria. search and rescue teams recovered the body of christian atsu. the death toll has 43,000. hard to comprehend. later this month, marks one year since the russian invasion of ukraine. ahead of that one year anniversary, he group of u.s. lawmakers sent a letter to president biden, asking him to send f-16 fighter jets to ukraine. it comes after another call for help from ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. he said he will not give the country any combat aircraft's. the five former accused --
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officers accused in the beating death of tyre nichols pleaded not guilty. each faces multiple charges including second-degree murder. surveillance video and police body camera footage captured the beating during a traffic stop on january 7. nichols died three days later. his mom was also in the courtroom and she said she will be present for all of the court dates. >> they will see me at every court date. every one. until we get justice for my son. liz: if convicted, the could face 15-60 years in prison. there is a federal rights investigation opened on each officer. this is happening as the fallout from the case continues, four first responders lost their jobs and nine others are under investigation. new details on the hours long standoff in a danville neighborhood on friday. police arrested a suspect that is identified as 27-year-old
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diego alfaro. the standoff lasted five hours. sky 7 was above the scene yesterday. police say he barricaded himself inside a home after assaulting a woman. he was booked into jail on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. he is being held on $100,000 bail. bart will begin replacing more than a mile of its track. on the yellow line, bart has a bus bridge available for passengers. this is part of a $3.5 million project to replace 7200 feet of worn out rail. the work wraps up after monday. on monday, which is president's day, bart will be running saturday service on all lines, parking at bart stations is free on mondays except for the mall pitas and barry estes stations.
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people who live in north lake tahoe are trying to find solutions to the ongoing traffic problem's hitting their neighborhoods, especially on holiday weekends. as travelers go to ski traffic is expected to be backed up on i-80, 89 and 267. it is something residents tell the chronicle they are fed up about because they can't get to their weekend jobs or make it to the supermarket. solutions would cost a lot of money and time. the current plan is to create lanes devoted to public transit and private buses. the week, this week we have been celebrating the 10 year anniversary since robin roberts returned to good morning america following her successful bone marrow transplant. charlene alcott spoke with robin about what this anniversary means to her. >> good morning america. you know what an immense honor
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that is to say? >> she's been a familiar face on abc for more than 20 years. she has faced trials and triumphs. one of them, her fierce battle for survival against mds. news of the rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow coming five years after beating breast cancer. robin roberts hitting a life-saving bone marrow transplant from her dear sister, sally ann. it was 10 years ago she returned to the anchor desk. what does 10 years mean to you, robin? >> ok, shirleen i haven't taken time because i've been so focused on 10 years and showing the growth of the treatment and the people who have been impacted by it, our viewers responding to the call to be the match, that i really
5:17 am
haven't taken the time until this moment to think about me and what this moment means to me. i am grateful that my mom told me make your best your message. and that i have been able to find the meaning of why this was placed in my path. >> the survivor turned thrive or is making sure others get the same chance. -- thriver is working to make sure others get the same chance. >> i was blessed that one of my three siblings, sally ann was a match, and a perfect match. you leapfrog 10 years later, you don't need a perfect match. 10 years ago, you did. that's the technology. that's the growth we have seen in the last 10 years. the registry is a literal lifeline for countless people. >> 70% of patients are looking
5:18 am
for their donor and you could be the potential match to save someone's life. all it takes is a simple sign-up and a swab. charlene alcott, abc7news. liz: you can register to be the match online by scanning the qr code on your screen, or by texting k.g. out of 614--- kgo to 614714. the silicon valley autoshow is back for the first time since the pandemic at the santa clara convention center. >> it's great for people to and do something in person. cars don't always look or appear the same in online photos. in the real world, you see more of what you can -- how you can interact with it. >> this is a great drive wit
5:19 am
kia ev six. it was nice and smooth. that is the great thing about coming to a car show like this, you can see all of the different varieties. >> it gives a look into what is next for the interest-rate -- industry. it says move away from gas vehicles. we sergeant, let's ge of the forecast. some rain on the way. lisa: it will feel a lot like winter through the end of the month. into early march. let's focus on the weekend, where we are looking at much milder temperatures. numbers will be above average for a change. we started that trend yesterday, when the afternoon felt sun, taking a look at doppler seven, there is a system to the south. high-pressure building in behind
5:20 am
it. that will allow for a couple of very mild days out there. with the clear sky, the absence of clouds and the like wins, we are looking at a cold start. temperatures this morning are in and around freezing for many locations. right here in the east bay, the bayshore, 33. it is freezing in richmond. right by the water, ready for in alameda. more north bay numbers at 32 degrees, or below. here is emeryville, where it is sparkling clear out there. with that, anywhere from two to 10 degrees colder this morning. clear and chilly are you to get going. sunny and warmer weather right after the holiday weekend. even monday, we are looking at temperatures approaching 70 degrees. with the colder and weather -- whether whether -- wetter
5:21 am
weather heading our way. the last mild day, 60's to low 70's. a little cool as we get into your tuesday forecast. look at how much colder it is. temperatures dropped off into the 50's. more cold weather wednesday and thursday with locally low snow levels. we are adding on the clouds and precipitation to this forecast model. you can see the rain arriving and snow on wednesday. this will continue intermittently into thursday. looking at level 1 system's here. breaks in between. weak systems will break into friday and saturday and take this right through the end of the month. more wet weather, a stronger system by the last day of the month. in terms of extended outlook, we need higher resolution models to zero in on the precipitation. this model bringing anywhere from 1/10 to one third of an inch as we get to friday.
5:22 am
the two systems, a lot of fine-tuning happening between now and then. counting on a big pattern change the second half of the upcoming work week. today, enjoy the 60's. lots of sunshine. low 60's in oakland. mid 60's in the south bay and a couple of high clouds. the accuweather 7-day forecast, springlike warmth for your sunday, near 70. just about as nice a president's day with high clouds. late tuesday, could see a few few sprinkles and level 1 systems wednesday and thursday. february, the wettest time of the year, has delivered. liz: it's been cold. it feels like east coast cold. lisa: we are in the 60's. liz: what's going on? liz: what's going on? your heart is the beat of life. if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto,
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every device? in every room? why are you up here? with speeds like this, i can't even dream of what he'll be able to do. get xfinity internet for just $25 a month with no annual contract during our limited time launch celebration. you have no idea how good you've got it. huh? what a time to be alive. introducing the next- generation 10g network. only from xfinity. liz: for years, we have been
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hearing about californians relocating in huge numbers. we have data from the u.s. postal service which gives people a picture -- which gives a picture of people moving in and out of cities. we have a look at the new numbers. >> they were born and raised in california. he in berkeley and she in walnut creek. in 2021, they made the big move to texas. >> we arrived in texas june 30, 2021. we are in mckinney, north of dallas. >> the home i once knew wasn't there anymore, especially with the homeless issue. >> there are many people like them moving from california. the usps collects data every time a change of address form is filled out. while it is only information from one source, it seems to reinforce what other reports have found. the data shows san francisco, oakland and berkeley combined had a net loss of 250,000
5:26 am
residents 2018 through the end of 2022. san jose, semi vail and santa clara lost more than 93,000 people. vallejo, 70 257. santa rosa and petaluma, 5663. napa, 3562. houston had one of the biggest gains. her neighborhood in santa rosa before moving to the houston area. she said there were many factors in her decision to leave california. she was disappointed that governor gavin newsom was not recalled. she was highly critical of the extended covid lockdown. >> i wanted to be in a place that offers a lot more freedom and personal responsibility. >> one year later, she admits to missing her home and friends and the northern california landscape. >> texas is kind of flat.
5:27 am
we have beautiful green trees. lots of humidity. i don't have to worry about wildfires. but at the same time, it doesn't have that same, you know, natural beauty that california is famous for. >> she's considering moving back but wants to give texas one more year. leanne melendez, abc7news. liz: we will have to follow that. places like palm desert, palm springs and walnut creek saw some of the biggest gains. the military in its search for airborne objects. -- ended its search for airborne objects. what is next in the investigation of the chinese balloon shot down last week. balloon shot down last week. why an iconic you didn't choose cat allergies. you didn't choose your hairline. hot flashes,
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i've never seen anything like this. it is something i hear about in another state and another city. now that it is hitting my own hometown, i feel like we are back in the 1940's. liz: california communities on edge. what we know after two jewish men were shot outside of synagogues in southern california as a bay area man enters his plea following a synagogue shooting in san francisco. good morning. thanks for joining us. for we get to that story, we will start with another check of the forecast. wrap your jackets once again. -- grab your jackets once again. lisa: will be nice. it is freezing in richmond. 35 in fremont. temperatures at or below freezing widespread across the north bay. 35 in san jose, and pacifica.
5:31 am
we are anywhere from two to 10 degrees colder this morning. it will take a wild to warm up. still in the 40's by 9:00. nice and bright. sunny skies, near 60 by noon time. low to mid 60's, a bit above average by 4:00. it will be warmer for your sunday after a really cold night again tonight. enjoy president's day because we are talking big, big changes in my extended outlook, coming up. liz: w aused of shooting two jewish men outside of synagogues in los angeles. he is facing federal hate crime charges. as derek dennis tells us, people who live in the area say it is something they would not have expected in their city. >> i've never seen anything like this. it is something i hear about in another state or city. now that it is hitting my hometown, i feel like we are back in the 1940's. >> a los angeles area community on edge after two jewish men were shot near synagogues this
5:32 am
week. oscars say for one reason. -- prosecutors say for one reason. >> a person motivated by anti-cystatin -- antisemitism, targeting individuals because of their jewish faith. >> the u.s. district attorneys office filing federal hate crime charges against 28-year-old jamie tran. a judge or did he remain in custody. he is accused of shooting a man in his 40's in the back as h nt dabout a say he shot a man his 70's who was leaving another synagogue. both men survived. prosecutors say he has a history of making anti-semitic comments. he was captured in the coachella valley and police an ak style handgun and a rifle were found in his vehicle. he stated he looked up market on yelp and decided to shoot a
5:33 am
he said he knew the victims were jewish because of their headgear. >> antisemitism has no place in los angeles or our country. >> jewish individual's sake harassment and violence toward jewish people are on the increase. >> a 200% increase of reported incidents over the past couple of years. and an increase in that rate over the past couple of months. >> a los angeles area rabbi, encouraging the community not to let this keep them from services. if convicted, tran faces life in prison. derek dennis, abc news, new york. liz: the man accused of shooting a gun inside a synagogue earlier this month in san francisco pleaded not guilty in court. dimitri mission is facing multiple charges including hate crimes. he agreed to receive mental health services and will be held in custody without bail. he is scheduled to appear in court on tuesday for his per
5:34 am
luminary hearing. new details, the search for airborne objects shot down over alaska and lake huron is over. alaska military made the announcement after the u.s. initiates recovery phase of the chinese spy balloon shot down days before. the navy, coast guard and fbi collected the balloons debris off the ocean floor. it included equipment which could reveal what information the balloon was able to monitor and collect. two weeks after a train derailment in east palestine, ohio, residents are still worried about what is in their air and water. they say you can smell chemicals as soon you walk in -- they walk out their door. officials insist the air and water is safe. >> >> the water is safe to drink. liz: next week, federal and state officials will examine
5:35 am
community residents. it will have health experts checking on the impacts of chemical exposure. at least eight class action lawsuits have been filed, accusing the company operating the train of negligence, which said it could not comment on that litigation. close to home, dangerous attacks to kids on bikes. the highway patrol shows juvenile bicyclists writing along with -- ridi automobiles. bicyclists are not allowed on the bridge at any time. no injuries or accidents have been reported but they are encouraging parents to speak with kids about the dangers of trying to ride across the bridge. a farewell event will be held for sea cliff state beach before the iconic pier is demolished. it will be closed because of the damage left behind by the recent winter storm.
5:36 am
love san francisco cafe is closing its doors tomorrow after two decades in business. we are talking about reverie cafe. they can no longer stay in business. as tim johns tells example of an alarming chinned. -- trend. >> tucked away, you will find reverie cafe, a neighborhood hotspot that has been a staple of its community since 2002. >> we have had a lot of events here over the years, marriages and baptisms. >> on saturday, they will close their doors for the last time. out of business disputes with the landlord and leasing conditions. it's not just the reverie cafe, across san francisco, small businesses continue to struggle. >> our streets are tragically dirty. we are short on police officers.
5:37 am
enforcement is difficult. >> reverie's closure has made waves at city hall. rafael posted on facebook about the worrying development of storefronts in san francisco neighborhoods. the golden gate restaurant association says in addition to challenges that come with operating a business in the city, recent economic realities have hit the industry hard. >> rising food costs continue to go up and staffing costs have gone up. it creates a lot of challenges. >> context is also key says e bay area council. e more starhe,ave actualle sh while places like downtown and their surrounding neighborhoods continue to suffer. >> those places, many more businesses are closed than open. a lot of the southern neighborhoods actually saw more businesses open then close. >> at the cafe, they are focused on the next few hours, trying to
5:38 am
make the most out of the time they have left. >> i'm going to miss my staff. the future is uncertain. >> in abc 7 news. >> senate race is picking up. i sat down with adam schiff, who says he is ready to replace senator dianne feinstein. here is a live look outside. the time is 5:38. it is chilly. we will check
5:39 am
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no matter what type of dog you have... or, cat you have... frontline® plus lets you take them everywhere... no matter how you define it. frontline®. the #1 name in flea and tick protection. liz: taking a live look from capitol hill, there is still a little over a year before any votes are cast in the race to replace iconic senator dianne feinstein. those in the running are not wasting any time. this will be a highly contested campaign. i sat down with adam schiff.
5:41 am
he is one of the many high-profile democrats expected to vie for that coveted spot. he is branding himself as the experienced candidate who can get things done. >> i have my bar mitzvah. >> congressman adam schiff might represent los angeles but campaigning in the bay area, he made his local ties known too. >> i grew up in the east bay. >> from his east bay routes to serving as a ranking member of congress, leading the first impeachment trial of former president donald trump, he is hoping to add one more title to his resume. longtime democrat is running for senate, looking to replace dianne feinstein, who said she will not be seeking reelection. senator feinstein was the consummate centrist, known for working across the aisle and being friends with people on the other. it is such a divided senate, you see yourself in that vein as well? >> i see myself getting things
5:42 am
done. fighting hard to protect our values. tolerati comes to protecting women's reproductive freedom or dealing with the gun violence scourge. but also, where we can find common ground. >> he is expected to face a competitive and crowded field of democrats, also vying for feinstein's seat, including katie porter, barbara lee and possibly ro khanna. >> why adam schiff? why you? >> we are all progressives but progressives who can make progress and have the demonstrated record of getting things done on behalf of californians and have shown the greatest leadership of issues californians care about. >> he is selling democracy matters mugs on his campaign website and wore this in his campaign launch video. >> i wish i could say the threat
5:43 am
of maga extremists is over. it's not. >> he faces criticism from progressives. several justice groups grow an open letter to gavin newsom, urging him not to report adam schiff, saying he supported tough on crime bills. >> like president biden, in the 1990's, i took one view of how we should try to solve the criminal justice challenges we face. i would like to think that 25 years later, my viewpoint has changed and i have learned that some of the policies of the 1990's did not work. >> he supports a progressive approach to dealing with criminal justice issues. and that while he once supported the death penalty, he is now against it. >> i don't support the death penalty. i did for a time support it for a narrow category of offenders
5:44 am
killed cops or kids. that penalty has been disproportionately applied to people of color. and as long as that's the case, then i can't support the death penalty. liz: he is one of -- >> he is one of two official candidates, along with katie porter. barbara lee filed her paperwork to run this week. her announcement is expected imminently. liz: 5:44 and we are taking a live look outside right now. lisa: 6:55 is the official sunrise. before 7:00 this morning. we will be freezing cold in many inland via lily -- valleys. we are below freezing in the east bay. nice and clear for a sunny saturday and sunday with temperatures above average. the accuweather 7-day forecast is next. liz: also next, it is tiger time at the pga tour. his first time on the golf course since last summer.
5:45 am
we have the highlights, coming up in sports.
5:46 am
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prevagen. at stores everywhere without a prescription. liz: the sharks take on the buffalo sabres inside the sap center. turning to women's college basketball, the stanford cardinal were breaking records during last nights's game against usc. larry beil has the highlights in this morning sports. >> good morning. the stanford women's basketball team is ranked third in the nation and very much in the national championship conversation. the cardinal in their final two home games of the regular season, starting with usc. stephen curry, courtside. trey lance on his right. block shots all time. haley jones, coast to coast. stanford by six at the break.
5:48 am
jones to beat the buzzer in the third quarter, finished with eight points and 10 boards as stanford is hanging on late, to move into first in the pack, 50-47. the cal women lose to ucla. the tiger cub siding and the grown-up siding. tiger woods playing in his first tour event in more than seven months. problems after the car accident. almost a hole in one. the crowd would have gone wild. tiger for bertie instead. the putting let him down. he is staring like what is happening? sese into the bunker on six. bogeyed three of his final four holes. made the cut. that is the good news. max homa, look at the this shot. a 68, 10 under par. >> this is probably the highest
5:49 am
score i should have shot. i could have scored -- shot five or six better than this easily. just to make the putts early in the round when i had the opportunities. liz: dropping in on the a's, spring training in arizona. a 6'6" inch right-hander, who throws hard and tops out at 97 miles per hour. age 28, he played a decade in japan. a nasty splitter and variations of his fastball. should be interesting to see how he adjusts to baseball in america. this is celebrity all-star weekend in salt lake city. check out guillermo. the wedgy for guillermo. dk metcalf sending people away, get out. 20 points, 10 boards and four blocks. the miz from half
5:50 am
force overtime. yes, yes. no, no, the shot came after time expired. team dwyane wade holds on, 81-70 eight. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. liz: let's it a check of the forecast, where you have been tracking a little rain in the coming days. lisa: it is way far out and we will have to wait until we get closer but at least there have been consistent signs of pattern change. they be some of you are ready for spring. certainly after this weekend. we have more rain to come and we need it. we have had quite a break. a look at live doppler 7 where clouds are spinning to the south. high-pressure building in its wake, allowing for mild days. here is a look at the clear sky and the current temperatures also allowing for a reinforcement for you, visually, to see how cold it is out there. 33 in castro valley. freezing in richmond. 37 in oakland. we reach our coldest temperatures an hour after
5:51 am
sunrise. we will see temperatures drop off another couple of degrees. bridge. winds will be light today and we will be looking at some patchy fog. between now and tuesday, really quiet whether until tuesday with cool air arriving. sunny and warm weather for the holiday weekend. looking at the colder weather, wet and windy for the middle of the week to it looks like the end of the month. many breaks in between. we will call it unsettled as here is a review of where we are in terms of rainfall. our percentage of normal, percent. oakland is at 181%. they have done well. santa rosa, 114. 149 in san francisco. still doing fine. although you know how it goes, we get the rain in december and
5:52 am
january and everybody gets nervous like we will never see anymore again. we are. as we look at the next couple of days, you can see how mild it gets. low snow levels, down to 1200 feet into thursday. next 10 days, taking us through february 28, anywhere from three quarters of an inch to over an inch of rain expected. we are not looking at a series of very strong storms. breaks in between. we will fine tune it as we get closer into the middle of the week. 65 today. santa clara is nice and mild with high clouds around. 63 in sunnyvale. low 67. 60 three in palo alto. and san francisco, near average at about 61. if the nine in the sunset. in the north bay, you will notice a few high clouds. a nice, mild day with 65 in calistoga. santa rosa, on the east bay, looking at 62. 65 in union city. a really nice couple of days in store.
5:53 am
as we look at your inland valleys, temperatures here will be in the mid 60's. here is a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. really nice. we are bringing in our level 1 system's wednesday and thursday. the king at the warmest weather to be the next few days here. i will enjoy it. liz: absolutely. for the morning, if you're heading out, get a jacket. next, spreading with -- spreading love with lasagna. how a local pandemic error effort to feed struggling families has grown into a national volunteer movemen
5:54 am
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5:56 am
struggling emotionally, financially or just overwhelmed. >> and spread kindness one lasagna at a time for anybody in need. need is a relative thing. it does not necessarily mean financial need. it could mean emotional need, it could be health. it could be i am physically exhausted and i can't get another meal on the table. i need help. no questions asked. liz: that is donna ricci started volunteering for lasagna love in february of 2021 and cooks at least one lasagna a week. if you want to volunteer request a lasagna, go to our website, attention movie lovers, don't miss on the red carpets oscar nominee special tonight. from film festivals to award shows, you will hear from the leading oscar contenders and a special look at this year's stream making nominations for
5:57 am
hollywood legends. the first time nods for stars we love and some fabulous oscar season fashion. it is on the red carpets oscar nominees special tonight at 9:00 p.m. on abc seven. next on abc seven mornings at 6:00 a.m., we hear from a san jose food vendor assaulted by an angry customer while he was working. plus, honoring the life of rita price. how friends are remembering price after she was killed in a home explosion that rocked the san francisco district.
5:58 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> he kicked me on the face and the hip. is there something you can do even to an animal? liz: a food vendor attacks. get the beating caught on camera after a man demands free food and gets away. we hear from the victim who talks about the moments leading to the assault. an alarming trend in the food industry. by owners at a local restaurant can along or serve their customers. good morning everybody rate i am liz kreutz, thank you for joining lisa argen and i. let's look at the forecast individually start our day. lisa: it is going to take time because it is cold.


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