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tv   ABC7 News 430PM  ABC  February 18, 2023 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> next on abc7 by former president jimmy carter. facing ongoing health challenges. spencer christian sheds light into their relationship and why he considers carter are an amazing human being. a car slammed into a fire truck, killing the driver of a sedan and injuring firefighters. one of them talks to abc7news. >> they are coming up from the trail. >> a high-speed pursuit in the east bay ends in a park. not before the suspects take officers on a wild ride. abc7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> on this presidents' day weekend, we begin with news of former president jimmy carter, will begin receiving hospice care after a series of hospital
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stays. thank you for joining us. we begin with developing news about the health of the 39th president. the carter center released a statement saying jimmy carter decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. he's both the oldest living and longest lived u.s. president. he's been dealing with serious health challenges in recent years. he held office from 1977 to one, and is a nobel peace prize and grammy award winner. spencer christian joins me. he actually knew jimmy carter and has known him since the late 1980's. we have talked so many times about how you have interviewed him for good morning america and the special interactions you've had. let's talk about the milestones you were able to participate
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with him in. >> i had the great honor of not only interviewing him, for good morning america and others, the great honor of having emcee's his 75th birthday celebration was a huge event with dignitaries from all over the world. i was invited back to mc the joint celebration of his 95th and 92nd in 2019. >> what a special acquaintance that you had with him and you had the relationship where you were invited to be part of this. you also told me before the show there is something about him that is different than most politicians. >> he's done remarkable humanitarian work all over the globe with the carter center, eradicating and treating diseases in the most impoverished areas of the world. he doesn't want attention or publicity. he just wants to work and elevate the condition of
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humanity all over the world. it is a remarkable commitment to service. you don't see that in many public figures. he's not only one of the most remarkable people i have met, i can honestly say jimmy carter is arguably the finest person i have ever met. he's a man of deep faith, but he loses faith in service to humanity. it is not about seeming self-righteous or telling others how they should live their lives. he lives a life of faith t his service to humankind. >> the genuine quality is nice to hear about. you talked about humanity. you worked on habitat for humanity project. >> the carter's have been involved with habitat for humanity for many years. building homes for the poorest people. one assignment in washington, d.c., they were building a house there and i got to do it live
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and remote on location from good morning america. he did not want the cameras on him at all, he wanted to work. i worked with them and got a lot of conversation with the carter's and got to know them fairly well as people away from the limelight, away from the white house. >> what a special set of memories you get to keep. >> some of the memories i treasure most of my entire career. >> thank you for sharing those with us. moving on. we have other news out of the east bay. details on a deadly crash that killed the driver of a tesla and injured several firefighters. cornell barnard says despite being involved, firefighters jumped into action to help. >> we are all belted in. basically blocking the scene. >> the fire captain says his
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crew was about to clear the scene of a noninjury accident on northbound 680 and walnut creek when the fire engine was suddenly rocked. >> very jolting. it almost did not feel like it was real. remembering all of my equipment going forward. >> the rig was struck by a tesla. the impact so powerful, parts of the car went underneath the ladder truck. the stunned firefighters jumped into action. >> we are trying to cut these people out, save these victims. >> the driver died at the scene. the passenger taken to the hospital with critical injuries. chp says it is unclear if drugs or alcohol were a factor. still unknown. while firefighters were working, another car in the freeway narrowly missed. >> came out as one incident, another incident. >> four firefighters went to the hospital. >> lower back pain.
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one of my guy had a ton on his hand. >> the firefighters back on duty saturday afternoon. despite the size and color, the flashing lights, it is not the first time. >> it has occurred multiple times. it occurs so much through the u.s., there is a national standard for how fire departments respond. >> the fire crew followed the protocol using the engine as a safety barrier to protect other first responders on scene. they remind drivers the law requires them to slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles. he says his crew did what they were trained to do. >> i'm proud of my guys. just as much as we were in an accident, we jumped in and started doing their job. >> walnut creek, cornell barnard. >> a child in critical condition after she was hit by a car whose driver did not stop to help. it happened on 34th avenue and
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international boulevard after noon. e vtim is 12 ar old. two people in custody after an early morning chp helicopter pursuit. ground officers called off their chase on interstate 580 because one of the suspects was driving at a high rate of speed. a chp helicopter was nearby and located the car. the chopper followed them to skyline boulevard, where the suspects ditched their car and ran into reinhardt redwood regional park. they tracked the suspects where the police and chp officers were able to capture the suspects. community members gathered in san francisco to save a restaurant in the mission district. iled dozens of noise complaints. the owner says those complaints
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have stalled his approval for a full liquor license. he also adds it caused the restaurant to lose out on $300,000 and fears he will have to close. senator scott wiener said the neighborhood needs the nightlife. >> we need this type of business in san francisco. if we care about nightlife, which we should, we want the business to succeed. >> there are 70 commercial vacancies in san francisco's mission district. new details and controversy surrounding the san francisco police crackdown on prostitution. sfpd traffic safety tweeted a message promising and ongoing effort. along with photos of a car being stopped. police have issued more than 30 citations since traffic enforcement in the area was increased. earlier this month, the city set up barricades in an effort to curb sex work. a firefighters union says it
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cause concern because it could delay them if they have to respond to a fire or medical emergency. >> a public farewell for the iconic pier at sea cliff state beach. the landmark is being demolished next week. it was damaged beyond repair by huge ocean swells that came along with january's historic storms. the same storms also damaged a popular beachfront campground. debris is being removed, but the campground is expected to be closed through the rest of the year. more than 3000 lgbtq groups from around the country in san francisco. all of them part of an effort to create change and tackle some of the world's biggest issues. event highlights coming up next. trains stopped in their tracks. as barth performs rail upgrades. we tell you about the roots affected and changes to monday's schedule. >> aelatively mild day,
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get ready for some overnight chills. more springlike warmth coming our way. the forecast in a moment.
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howie: man, it's lonely. going through life, it's lonely. kamauu: there is the therapeutic aspect of music. ♪ ♪ >> here at abc7, we celebrate pride 365 days a year. this weekend, the national lgbtq task force is holding their 50th creating change conference in san francisco. more than 3400 people are participating at the conference at the union -- hilton union
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square hotel. organizers are speaking out against an increase in legislation targeting the lgbtq community. >> we as a community have a tremendous amount of power. whether that is in the ballot box or our hearts, when we are together, and we get to go home, we energize. we have the power to make the change we need to see in the world, even at a time when you look at the politics, the state of affairs, we have a lot of work to do. >> the conference continues through tuesday. >> happening now on interstate 80, all northbound lanes are closed due to repaving work. here's a look at the impacted area. the northbound lanes in closed last night at 10:00 p.m. they reopen tuesday morning at 5:00. caltrans posted these pictures where you can see the crews working last weekend, as well. lanes reopened on time.
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after this weekend, one more weekend closure scheduled. southbound lanes are not affected. bart crews began replacing more than one mile of track. no trains are running through the rockridge and lafayette station on the yellow line. bart has a bus bridge available for passengers. all of it part of the project to replace 7200 feet of worn out rail. network wraps up after monday. on monday, president's day, bart will be running sent -- running saturday service on all lines. parking free on monday, except for the -- stations because they own and operate those parking lots. it is one for the books. a library francisco. people in one neighborhood no longer have to go to the library to grab a good read. taking a live look outside. looking nice and clear. if you are ready for an early
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preview of spring, we will see a big bump in temperatures. spencer talks about that and the accuweather forecast up ahead. >> coming up in sports, all-star weekend. block by block. why the stanford women's start meant to keep on writing her name in the record books.
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>> san francisco's public library unveiled the first ever
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book kiosk. a ribbon ceremony was held on treasure island for the sfpl book stop. it is located at island cove market on avenue eight. it holds a permanent standalone collection of popular books for all ages. it is available for use during business hours and with the weather we are having, grab a book, go outside. >> great day for ribbon-cutting and reading a book outside. still mainly sunny. i don't want to show you the forecast yet. live doppler 7. clear skies. there is a view from east bay hills. a colorful western sky. just enough clouds to give the pre-and sun -- pre-sunset sky this glow. low 60's. palo alto, san jose, santa clara at 52. golden gate a little bit cloudier. a pleasant afternoon.
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64 degrees up north. a c 60 in concord. from the rooftop camera, looking across the embarcadero, forecast headlines. mild days and chilly mornings. turning windy and colder tuesday and wednesday. a wet, unsettled pattern of weather. tonight, mainly clear skies. high clouds passing over. it will be pretty chilly. in the north bay, 33 in santa rosa. over in the inland east bay, 36. livermore, 38. similar range of temperatures, mid to upper 30's in san jose. right around the bay shoreline. highs tomorrow, 60 in half moon bay. nice and mild. 65, 66 around the bay shoreline. upper 60's in many inland areas. 70 degrees in santa rosa.
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the forecast starting noon monday shows the wet weather system moving in our direction late tuesday night. wednesday, we get cold showers. maybe even a mix of rain and high elevations. accuweather 7-day forecast. president's day looking nice and warm. in the inland areas. windy and much cooler on tuesday. we don't expect any precipitation. bringing us some cold showers to continue windy conditions. even colder with a wintry mix precipitation, likely high elevation snow. some partial clearing and into next weekend, it will not get much milder. it will be sunnier and drier. >> abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> with stephen curry, his died or -- daughter, watching
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alongside, breaking up the school record for blocks. the hard-fought win over usc. she had three of her six blocks in the first half. 278 and her illustrious career. also 99 blocks this season. she is a junior in the home regular-season finale. could be her final game at maples. probably not as she takes the advice. >> you can possibly leave after this year. is there any thought -- >> bad idea. >> is there any thought if you do, it will be the last game coming up? >> no. you go to stanford to stay there for four years. and get your degree. i'm going to stay. >> five years, get a masters. >> the nba all-s
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tomorrow in salt lake city. stephen curry will not be able to defend his all-star. he said he can do anything but basketball activities at the moment. no true timeline at the moment. he knows he will miss one game after the all-star break. the grizzlies all-star guard was asked about what makes him so tough to defend. >> obviously, he's the greatest shooter of all time. him being able to score inside, finishing around the rim is very underrated. just the constant movement. he's always running and moving back cuts. >> tiger woods made the playing the weekend in his first competitive golf more than seven months. one of the best of the day included an eagle. tied for 26. more than 10 shots back. decent day for golf. just could not make a run.
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this hits the stick. he's tied for sixth. max had the lead coming into the weekend. four birdies with a great approach. two bogeys. at 1200 in second place. fired six under 65 with birdie on 18 in front of the roaring crowd. four golfers at 10 or better. could run away in the final rounds. the oakland a's can only go up. a lot of new faces on the roster, including the 28-year-old who played a decade of pro ball in japan. some first day jitters. >> very impressive in terms of his stuff. fun to watch him. a little bit of anxiety. if he did have nerves, i would be more scared. overall a great day for fuji,
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excited about it. he felt good about it. >> we'll be right back.
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tobe: in the society that we were brought up in, it's very hard one little black boys. jordan: sometimes, when i cry, i won't know how i'm feeling or why i'm crying. tobe: you have to navigate feelings and emotions so they world don't get you. >> film fans don't miss on the red carpets asked -- oscar nominees tonight. from movie festivals to award shows, you hear from the leading oscar contenders. a look at this year's history making nominations for some hollywood legends. the first time nods for stars we love and fabulous oscar season fashion.
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it is all in on the red carpet. tonight at 9:00 p.m. on abc7. an adorable frenchy at a new york shelter gaining national attention. this is ralphie, a one-year-old french bulldog area i love the blackeye. as cute as he is, he's been adopted and returned three times. the spca describes him as a good-looking bad boy. they've also called him a firebreathing demon dog. do you believe that? too sweet. he will begin a six-week boarding and training program and be placed into a new home. the shelter is asking for donations to cover training costs, from what i read, it is thousands of dollars. >> does he bark in both languages? -- >> i expect nothing less from
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spencer on something like that.
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. >> this is espn on abc. >> sean: this is north carolina state university. and tonight the hurricanes have walked 1,056 feet away from pnc arena. the tailgaters are walking a different route. the end zone is still the student section, but tonight we are playing hockey outside at carter-finley stadium. this is wolfpack territory, home to one of the most iconic and inspirational coaches in


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