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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 19, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. crashes into a home, sparking a fire in the oakland hills. how the children inside the car at the time are doing as authorities look into what may have caused this crash of the first place. good morning. i am liz kreutz with lisa argen and her pink this morning. lisa: a little late for valentine's day. liz: you can celebrate it all
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month. lisa: it is cold. even though our temperature change shows it is warmer, still looking at frosty readings at high clouds passing to the bay area. temperatures in the mid 30's from livermore to santa rosa, and fremont at 36. palo alto a chilly 35. compared to 24 hours ago, we are running from a degree to five degrees milder. there is a look outside. it is clear. we are on our way to plenty of sunshine and temperatures through the 40's. noontime, near 60. a few high clouds with highs in the mid to upper 60's. by 4:00, numbers slipping to the 60's. we have a clear night tonight, so two days of mild weather before some really cold air moves our way. details in a few minutes. liz: a family, including two children, is recovering after a car slammed into a home in the oakland hills. no one was seriously hurt but neighbors say they are concerned the suv struck a gas line, which
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sent flames shooting into the air. ryan curry was at the scene and found out what could have led to the driver losing control. ryan: surveillance video captures the moment a car lost control, crashing into a home. you can see high flames coming from the car after the crash. >> i heard a commotion, then i got a message from my next-door neighbor. ryan: cliff morrison lives in the area. he said he left as soon as possible. the fire department says this car was right on top of the gas line. >> when i walked out my front door, i could see the garage next door to mind was on fire as well, so i was afraid it was going to spread. ryan: oakland fire says pg&e eventually cut the gas to the neighborhood. they say no other structures were at risk of catching fire once they contained the first fire. they suspect the car's brakes stopped working. >> it sounds like it possibly had break failure -- brake
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failure, lost control and struck the house. ryan: they see two adults in -- they say to adults and three children are in the crash. >> due to the fact that the vehicle came down campus drive across redwood and struck this structure with force, we want to make sure the kids are ok and they are checked out. ryan: oakland fire says the official cause of the crash that led to the fire is under investigation. morrison says he has lived in this neighborhood for 22 years and says that hill has had several crashes in the past. >> probably three or four times we have had people come barreling through that intersection and hit houses or hit the retaining wall. ryan: in oakland, ryan curry, abc 7 news. liz: now to the latest on former president jimmy carter. people everywhere are showing their love and support for the 39th president after it was announced this weekend that the 98-year-old will begin receiving hospice care at his home in georgia. a bay area environmentalist who
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worked closely with carter is sharing his memories of their time together. he tells abc 7 news di dion lim white he considers him more than a politician. >> i think of him as a southern gentleman. he was dignified, sophisticated, had a good sense of humor, a self-deprecating wit. he was always very kind to me. reporter: sitting down with us in his san mateo home, environmentalist and an author has many fond memories working alongside jimmy carter, a relationship that started in the early 1970's when coghlan made a request to governor carter of georgia to help him lobby i asko california. reporter: the two formed a bond over their shared passion for mother earth. coghlan joined carter in the white house. >> he asked me to be a chairman of the california
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conservationists quarter of the vine mentalist. reporter: 39th president for being a different kind of politician. >> he didn't steal any documents or cause anybody to go to jail or anything. we never stole anybody's money. carter shows that you can be a politician and you can be a president and you can be a good person. reporter: it is those fond memories that make his entry into hospice care bittersweet. >> it is sad in a way, but it is ok. it is a protectable thing. he lived a good, long life. >> i have had a wonderful life. i have had thousands of friends. reporter: coghlan says no matter how much longer carter has, he will hold onto these memories. >> i will always be proud to be part of jimmy carter's team and i will always be i honored to
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be his friend. liz: robert coghlan shared many more stories of jimmy carter, including his time working with dianne feinstein in his book. it turns out our very own weather anchor spencer christian has known jimmy carter since the late 1980's. their first interview together was in 1988 on good morning america at the carter presidential library in atlanta, georgia. spencer and seed plenty of carter's events, including two of his birthdays. during our newscast last night, spencer spoke with dion about his relationship with him. >> i have had lots of interaction. been very fortunate. bots of interaction with the carter's, especially president carter over the years. he is a were markable person. arguably the finest person i have ever met. liz: spencer went on to mention former president carter is a devoted philanthropist for more than 30 years. carter and his wife roslyn have been advocates and volunteers
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for habitat for humanity. moving on, anaheim police say a woman has died after she either jumped or accidentally fell from a parking structure at disneyland last night. officers say when they arrived, they found a woman on the ground at the mickey on friends parking structure. she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. police are trying to figure out what happened moments before she fell. in the east bay, we are learning more about a deadly crash that happened yesterday morning. contra costa county fire told us first responders were about to clear the scene of a noninjury accident seconds before a tesla rammed into their fire rig. this happened on i-680. cornell barnard tells us more about this intense moment. >> we were all seated in, belted in. we were basically blocking the scene. cornell: contra costa county fire captain says his crew was about to clear the scene of a
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noninjury accident on northbound 680 in walnut creek early saturday when their fire engine was suddenly rocked. >> very jolting, and it almost didn't feel like it was real. i justememr almy equ in the r going f cornell: the captain says the rig was struck by a tesla, the impact so powerful parts of the car went underneath the ladder truck. the stunned firefighters jumped into action. >> we were trying these victims. cornell: sadly, the car's driver died at the scene. the passenger was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. chp says it is unclear if drugs or alcohol were a factor, and it is still unknown if the tesla had its autopilot feature engaged. while firefighters were working, another car on the freeway narrowly missed them. >> it was very tense. we just had one incident and we were about to have another incident. cornell: four firefighters went to the hospital. >> we were treated for lower
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back pain. one of my guys had a cut on his hand. cornell: most of the firefighters were back on duty saturday afternoon. despite its size, color, all the flashing lights, firefighters say this is not the first time a car has collided with one of its trucks. >> it has occurred multiple times. it occurs so much throughout the united states that there is a national standard for how fire departments respond on the freeway. cornell: the fire crew follow that protocol using the engine as a safety barrier to protecto. they rem the lot rem dow move over enaching emergency vehicles. captain demeo says his crew did what they were trained to do. >> i am very proud of my guys because just as much as we were in an accident, they all jumped in and started doing their job. it was just go, go, go. liz: let's get a now, 5:09 this morning. lisa: skies are clear, temperatures in the 30's and
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40's. visibility is pretty good here. we are on our way to more 60 degree warmth here. but enjoy it. we are talking really cold air and some very gusty winds for much of next week, and even as we enter into march. stay tuned. my details are coming up. liz: also ahead, responders without borders. how medical staff from san francisco fire are making sure people in el salvador get the care they need. plus, support at sea cliff beach. saying a temporary goodbye to a famous peer. life has never felt so expensive. so why is omar snoozing like a baby? because he made the smart choice to shop with ikea. jamie hasn't stopped dancing since she left the store. with ikea, you're caring for your wallet. and each other! and your guests, and the planet. now you can afford even more, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day.
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liz: here is a live look outside. it is 5:12 on this sunday morning. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is condemning north korea's latest long-range ballistic missile test launch. he says it is in violation of multiple u.n. resolutions. japan's prime ministers has the missile landed in his country's exclusive economic zone of the
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ocean. the day before, north korea warned of unprecedented strong responses if the u.s. and south korea go ahead on plans for military practices. secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. will not tolerate any violation of u.s. sovereignty. the statement came in a meeting with u.s -- with chinese counterparts. a chinese senior diplomat responded by denying the claims and accusing the u.s. of flying balloons over their airspace. this is the first time they've met since their surveillance balloon was shut down. coming up on this week, martha raddatz will speak to senator lindsey graham about china and the shooting down of three and identified aerial objects. they will also talk about the war in ukraine as the anniversary of russia's invasion approaches. watch that full interview on "this week" at 8:00 here on abc seven. locally, happening on 680, all northbound lanes are closed due to repainting work. the northbound lanes between koopman road and a son old
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boulevard are being impacted. . caltrans posted these pictures. crews were working on the project last weekend and lanes reopened on time. after this weekend, there is one more closure schedule. southbound lanes are not affected. bart crews are releasing more than a mile of track this weekend. that means no trains are running between the rockridge and lafayette stations. bart has a bus bridge available for passengers, and the work wraps up after monday. tomorrow, which is presidents' day, bart will be running saturday service on all lines. parking at all stations is free tomorrow, except for the berryessa station. now to the controversy and crackdown on prostitution in the mission district. the police tweeted a message promising on ongoing effort along with photos of a car being stopped on. capp street. police say they have issued more
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than 30 citations since traffic enforcement in the area was increased more than a week ago. the city set up barricades on capp street in an effort to curb sects -- sex work. a measure california students entering the eighth grade to have the hpv vaccine, and this would apply to students attending public and private. schools in the state. land melendez habiwhh eected ta controversial one. lyan the hpv vaccine has been on the market since 2006 when the fda approved it as a way to prevent cervical cancer in women. but it also benefits men in the prevention of penile cancer. the recommendation is to have children vaccinated between the ages of eight and 12. on average, teens become sexually active by 15. assembly member cecilia gill or curry has introduced a bill that
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would require all incoming eighth graders to get the vaccine. >> people keep saying it i a woman's issue. it is not just a woman's issue, it is a people issue. and i have a philosophy that if there is anything i can do to prevent cancer, i am going to do that. lyanne: students who are homeschooled or with a medical condition would be exempt. >> i know people are going to be at my doorstep yelling and screaming at me, but this is a fact of saving lives. lyanne: opponents of the bill are already weighing in. >> this whole mandatory thing, there is no choice, parents have no choice, children have no choice. lyanne: in 2005, san francisco was one of the few cities in the united states conducting clinical trials with great success. today, 17 years later, we interviewed the lead investigator of that study in the bay area. >> with this hpv vaccine, there is no legitimate debate. there are no side effects, there is no toxicity, and it has now shown unequivocally to prevent
5:17 am
infection and cancer. so, there is no reason why every young person shouldn't get this vaccine. lyanne: hearings on the bill will begin in march. liz: and in santa cruz county, hundreds of community members pouring in for a cleanup event at sea cliff state beach. they were also there to say farewell to the 93-year-old fishing pier leading to the ss palo alto, the famous cement ship. the pair was battered by waves during last month's storms, and officials say it is beyond repair. >> sadness, no question about it. there are so many memories there. seeing it gone, it is kind of an icon for this area. people come from all over just to walk up the peer and fish. >> the destruction that mother nature has done, it is kind of said. but nothing lasts forever. liz: state parks officials say demolition work on the pier will begin this week and is expected
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to last a month. 5:17 it was very chilly yesterday morning. is it the same right now? lisa: it is milder, but not at my house. it was very cold. we call those drainage winds when you live near and around a hill or a mountainside. those winds level off and that dense air settles into place. you know where you are where temperatures bottom out, with patchy frost this morning. live doppler 7. we are looking at another nice day today. dublin and pleasanton, 33. the mountain view, 39 in san jose. pacifica, 39. the forecast headlines, mild days, chilly mornings. and turning colder
5:19 am
tuesday. some showers arriving near the shoreline on tuesday, becoming more widespread on wednesday. those cold, rainy days look to linger through the week and into next weekend. here is a look at the skies today with a few high clouds, and into monday we are partly cloudy. tuesday, we increase the clouds. here come the raindrops, the low snow levels, and the winds. check it out as you wake up tuesday morning. 30 to 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts along the coast. by late in the morning, look at the winds. they continue to pick up. here we are by 3:00, likely a wind advisory here. this is this cold arctic air plunging down into the bay area with highs on tuesday perhaps in the 50's, and on wednesday even colder. our coldest morning is wednesday. rainfall potential with the system and a system behind it. the tuesday system, then wednesday into thursday, a
5:20 am
quarter inch to three quarters of an inch. but there will be more behind that. as we look at the week in review, here is the first system tuesday into wednesday. the cold air, the sierra snow, likely more than a foot. as we get a break late in the week, later thursday, it looks like more rain wants to set up to linger into friday, then a break into the weekend. here we are the last week, tuesday, the last day of february into wednesday, and more wet weather. that system looks to be stronger than a couple coming in this week. enjoy today, the mild numbers with 65 for palo alto and fremont. 67 in san jose, concord. the seven-day forecast, warmth the lingering for president's day tomorrow. you saw the winds coming into play on tuesday, maybe some coastal showers. another system wednesday, thursday. we could see some snow on mount tam if we get enough moisture.
5:21 am
next weekend, slight recovery, but it will stay cold and below average. liz: grabbed the warm jackets. just ahead, a tahoe getaway gets even colder. how a group of friends said they could not get their hot water to work during their stay at and airbnb, and airbnb's response.
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liz: the president of bart janice lee says she was harassed at a bus stop and called racial names. she shared the incident on twitter, saying she believes teen boys were throwing gummy candy at her. she confronted them to stop, and she says that is when they called her offensive names. she said she did not call 91 because while she feels harassment ha against asians has increased, she did not feel much would be done. lee is recommending more community ambassadors whose presence could help people. feel safe and supported
5:24 am
this weekend, national lgbtq task force is holding their creating change conference. more than 3400 people from across the country are participating in the conference at the hilton union square. organizers are speaking out against an increase in legislation targeting the lgbtq community. >> we as a community have a tremendous amount of power, and whether that is at the ballot box or in our hearts, we work together, and when we get to go home reenergized, we have the power to make the change that we need to see in the world, even at a time when you look at the politics, you look at the divisiveness, the state of affairs. we have a lot of work to do. liz: the conference continues through tuesday. if you have been outside recently, you know it is cold outside, especially in the tahoe area. imagine being in the snow and going home and having no hot water. michael finney talks to a group of friends who took a ski trip and say they got the cold
5:25 am
shoulder from airbnb. michael: here is alexander and his friends up in tahoe. they were there for this year's great snow and rented a great place through airbnb. here is the rental.on the firstg went well. on the second, pretty good, but the place seemed to be running out of hot water. on the third day, more hot water problems. >> because of that, we had no hot water at the airbnb and we reached out to the host, just letting them know that there was an issue with the hot water and that we were taking cold showers, which wasn't great in the cold tahoe whether. michael: they also let airbnb know what happened. >> when we heard back from airbnb customer service, we were quite surprised by the response. they had mentioned that because hot water was not specifically included as an amenity that the airbnb we were staying at, the
5:26 am
host was under no obligation to provide hot water. michael: that didn't seem right, so alexander contacted 7 on your side. and i looked at the airbnb listing, and sure enough, hot water is not on the amenities list. the hot tub is. we reached out to airbnb and were told, we do allow hosts to self select hot water as an amenity. however, this is meant to be used for remote, off the grid listings so that guests can plan properly. for this particular case, our team did follow up with the host, to inquire about any amenity issues that they need to be addressed. >> thanks to you, after you contacted airbnb, they provided us with a resolution, and that resolution was they refunded us airbnb's service fee, as well as the cleaning fee, which was equivalent to about one night's stay, so i thought that was a fair resolution.
5:27 am
liz: the host also refunded a portion of their payment. 7 on your side's michael finney's advice is to read amenities carefully. still to come, a los angeles bishop shot and killed. what we know about his death. authorities are calling a suspicious investigation. we hear from survivors nearly 80 years after the japanese american incarceration order was signed by president roosevelt.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, thanks again for joining us. lisa: it is a slightly warmer day out in some neighborhoods, but i don't think they are out there yet. you should stay in and enjoy the warmth inside before you need to get out there because it is cold. 38 in oakland.
5:30 am
there is 36 in fremont. upper 30's in pacifica and mid 30's from the north bay. 34 in mountain view. it dropped another degree. not as cold as compared to yesterday. sunshine, upper 40's to near 50. by noon time, we are a few degrees milder than yesterday. some high clouds, not as many as yesterday. by 4:00, we are well into the 60's. that is three to four degrees above average. the winds are light. looking at a mild evening before things get a little cool. we still have another mile day to squeeze out on monday before temperatures take a nosedive, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees colder than average. we will see some snowy peaks around here. the cold and unsettled weather pattern lingering not only through the rest of february,
5:31 am
but even into march. we will talk about it in detail in a few minutes. liz: los angeles authorities are calling the death of a neck celery best ship suspicious after he was shot to death inside of a home in hacienda heights. bishop david o'connell was found with a gunshot wound to his upper torso on saturday afternoon. archbishop gomez released a statement yesterday saying o'connell suddenly passed away. he said in part, bishop david o'connell was a peacemaker with a heart for the poor and the immigrants. he had a passion for building a community where the sanctity and dignity of every human life was honored and protected. o'connell was a priest and later a bishop with the archdiocese of l.a. for 45 years. there is nowhere to honest suspect or if anyone is in custody. this is a developing story and we will bring you details as soon as they are available. today marks 81 years since a dark moment in u.s. history. nearly 100 20,000 japanese
5:32 am
americans were incarcerated after president roosevelt signed an exec at of order. as the community gets ready for a day of remem remembrance, we spoke to survivors who say this time in history had a lasting impact. reporter: today, this is a gem home to san jose state students. but more than 30 years -- 80 years ago, it was a processing center where japanese americans reported to be registered to internment camps. it started february 19, 1942, when president roosevelt signed executive order 9066. that order was a response to the pearl harbor attack. >> the fear of california and the united states being attacked by the japanese military. and so, racial bigotry folded into it. reporter: the order called for the incarceration of 100 20,000 people of japanese ancestry. most of their belongings stripped. they were forced to live in places like horse stables and barracks with no running water. two thirds of those incarcerated
5:33 am
were american citizens. surely, who lived in menlo park at the time, was one of them. she shared her experiences at this event to writing the executive order. >> my mother says to me without any explanation, we are going to move. and i said, what's going to happen to our dog? he was our pet dog. this was my main playmate, this little dog. and to this day, i never knew what happened to my little pet. reporter: former u.s. representative mike honda and his family were also sent to an internment camp. >> it impacted our community to the point where it put a damper on our creativity, willingness to expand into the greater community. apologized to japanese americans in 1980. survivors got $20,000 in reparations, but the hurt remains. the hope remains that lessons can be learned.
5:34 am
>> understand it, write about it, talk about it, share it so our future youngsters that come up through our system will be informed. reporter: zach fuentes, abc 7 news. liz: a san francisco restaurant could close after receiving multiple noise complaints from neighbors, but other community members are trying to make sure that doesn't happen. saturday, they came together to help save a restaurant in the mission district. the owner says the complaints have stalled approval for his liquor license. he adds it has caused the restaurant to lose out on roughly $300,000. he also fears his place will have to close at 10:00 p.m. instead of 2:00 a.m., which could lead to a loss in revenue. >> everyone knows us. i feel like it is owned by the community. liz: a hearing will determine whether he has to close his business early. that hearing will be on march
5:35 am
15. here at abc7news, we are committed to building a better bay area. sometimes that means setting out on missions to other parts of the world. this morning, we meet medical staff heading to el salvador to serve without borders. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan hazmat story. reporter: carlos martinez and his son are checking in for their saturday flight bound for el salvador. >> very rural areas, people with little to no access to medications or even medical help. some people have never seen a doctor in their lives. reporter: carlos is an emt with the san francisco fire department. he iolunteer they will be providing free medical treatment in rural parts of el salvador. five other volunteers are also from the san francisco fire department. >> we provide general medicine. we don't provide any surgeries. we do have a dentist to volunteers for a couple days. we have women south. we have an ear nose and throat
5:36 am
doctor. reporter: they hope to s over 3000 patients. martinez says diabetes, hypertension, and hygiene are three of the biggest problems they will tackle. poor sanitation is a big reason for the poor hygiene. >> there are a lot of mosquitoes and other vectorborne illnesses that get spread around, and water is definitely an issue. because of that, we see a lot of people with intestinal parasites. reporter: martinez says the goal is to treat people, but also to educate so they can better take care of their own health. this is their first medical trip in three years due to the pandemic, so they know the need will be great once they hit the ground. >> we have what people call first world problems here where the iphone charger does not go far enough for the password is not working. over there, it is, i don't have food for the week or i don't have any water or the roof fell off and we have no way to fix
5:37 am
it. reporter: it has been hundreds of hours of planning and coordinator. they will also give out scholarships and food for those in need. martinez says it can be just as impactful for those who volunteer. >> if you have never left the country, if you have never seen already, it is life-changing. liz: still ahead, the gift of life. robin roberts shares her story of survival, and a message encouraging people to be the match. the meaning behind the message. and here is a live look outside. time right now, 5:37. we will check in with lisa when we will check in with lisa when we ♪ ♪ [ cat purrs ] [ phone vibrates ] introducing astepro allergy. steroid-free allergy relief that starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours.
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which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. every other month, and i'm good to go. liz: time right now is 5:39. here is a pretty look at san francisco skyline. this week, we have been celebrating the 10 year anniversary since robin
5:40 am
roberts's return to go good morning america. we spoke with robin about what this anniversary means to her. >> good morning america. you know what an immense honor that is to say? >> she has been a familiar face here on abc for more than 20 years. and during that time, she has faced trials and triumphs. one of them, her fierce battle for survival against myelodysplastic syndrome, dmds. news of the rare bone disorder coming five years after beating breast cancer. robin roberts getting a life-saving bone marrow transplant from her dear sister. it was 10 years ago that she returned to the anchor desk. what does 10 years mean to you, robin? >> ok, shirley. ooh. you know, i haven't really taken time because i've been so
5:41 am
focused on the 10 years and showing the growth of the treatment and the people who have been impacted by our viewers responding to the call to be the match that i really haven't taken the time until this moment to think about me and let this moment means to me. i am grateful that my mama taught me, make your mess your message, and that i have been able to find the meaning behind why this was placed in my path. >> now, the survivor turned thriver is working hard to make sure others get the same chance. robin continuing her advocacy to build the register of donors for be the match. >> i was very, very blessed that one of my three siblings, sally anne, was a match. you leapfrogged 10 years later, you don't need a perfect match.
5:42 am
10 years ago, you did. that is the technology. that is the growth we have seen in these last 10 years. but the registry is a literal lifeline. for countless people >> about 70% of patients are still looking for their donor, and you could be the potential match to save someone's life. all it takes is a simple sign-up and a swab. liz: you can register to be the match online by scanning the qr code or by texting this number. text kgo to 61474. it is super easy at hopefully you can do it, too. san francisco's public library unveiled the city's first ever book kiosk. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held yesterday on treasure island, where the s fpl book stop is. it is located at island cove market on avenue h. it holds a permanent standalone collection of popular books for all ages. the kiosk is available for use during the market's business
5:43 am
hours. lisa, how is it like out there? all dark this morning. lisa: dark and chilly. a live look outside from emeryville, where temperatures from the inland valleys are pretty cool. just about freezing in danville. we were in the low 60's yesterday here. mid-60's today and a bit sunnier. we will keep that going for one more day. you have heard about it. turning back to winter by tuesday. i will have my full forecast coming up. liz: next, it is nba all-star weekend. abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez will have all the highlights next in sports.
5:44 am
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a once-daily pill that goes beyond lowering a1c? we're on it. we're on it. we're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. liz: here is a live look outside at the bay bridge from our south beach camera. we hope you're having a nice slow start to your sunday morning. in sports, the cal women's basketball team are defending their home court today.
5:46 am
the bears take on usc at. home inside house pavilion tip-off is at 1:00 p.m.. in the nba, it is all-star weekend in yesterday was a big night of basketball in salt lake city. chris alvarez has all the highlights from the events in this morning's sports. chris: could. it is nba all-star weekend. three point contest, dunk contest. draymond green in the house doing commentary. a couple other guys coming out as winners. damien lillard played his college ball in the state of utah. this is his third time in the three point contest. he didn't win the first two times, but the third time was the charm, putting up a 26 in the finals over buddy hield, making his signature dame time move. he said he is retiring from the competition now that he has finally won. among those agreeing, stephen curry, who tweeted a watch and laughing at the retirement,
5:47 am
tweeting, i feel you. to the dunk contest. it has been a flop the last few years. that mcclung was on the summer league team. he was signed by the sixers. he jumped over to guys, airborne long enough to hit the backboard before the hammer. that was crazy. wowwed everyone including the judges. perfect 50's across the board. mcclung's final dunk, a 520 spin fo signals it is over. that got him not only a hug, but the trophy was presented by dr. j himself. steph had a congratulatory tweet for that, too, saying he helped bring tht the dunk contest back. saint mary's hosting byu in their second to last home game of the season. the steel, and watch this. an amazing pass to logan johnson. so nice we show it twice. 16 points, three assists.
5:48 am
that play, one of the best of the season. johnson scored a game-high 27. his two loudest points came on this monster jam, and the.tongue is hanging out byu got to within three late, but they buried the triple. 71-65. third round of the genesis invitational at riviera in los angeles. tiger played on the weekend. he shot a four under 67, including an eagle, but he is tied for 26. colin morikawa started tied for fifth, but could not make a run. in the sand on 16. that hits the stick. he is tied for sixth at seven under. max homa had the lead coming into the weekend, four birdies and a great approach on 13, but two bogeys for a two under 69. he is at 12 under, three behind john robb, who fired a 606 he five, finished with a birdie on 15. only four golfers at 10 under or
5:49 am
better. that is your look at sports. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. we are tracking potential rain on the way. lisa: several systems that will be weak to start out, but i think one of them will get kind of strong as we round out the month. but cold air usually not holding a lot of moisture is to come first. we will break it down for you. here is a look at the doppler. we see the clouds floating through. the valleys, upper 30's from antioch to pittsburgh. breezy in pleasanton. 42 on top of mount diablo. the air draining into the valleys, and we have temperatures very cold, patchy frost out there, but not as cold as yesterday. up by a few degrees. already one in san carlos. but down the road, 34. a nice look here. mild days, chilly mornings today and into presidents' day, turning windy for tuesday. some showers along the shoreline.
5:50 am
into wednesday, we will see more widespread rain taking us through thursday. the cold and rainy days look to linger throughout the week, and potentially as we get into next week, which ends. february and begins march there is our sunny sunday. partly cloudy monday, noontime, then as we get into tuesday, knowing the winds, a lot of moisture is offshore. here is a look at the wind profile increasing throughout the day. 6:00 on tuesday. 30 to 50 mile an hour winds along the coast. then they spread across the bay. 11:00 in the morning. then by 3:00 in the afternoon, we probably have some wind advisories. you will feel the temperature plummet through the overnight hours. then your highs for tuesday hopefully into the 50's. into wednesday, we will be looking at temperatures even colder as the cold air settles in, highs in the 40's. we will have some moisture accompanied with this cold air mass. as we add up the moisture from
5:51 am
tuesday through friday, a third of an inch, and some of this will be coming down as snow in the higher elevations. nomount tam, mount diablo, snow levels could drop to 12,000 feet. friday, still raining. the system pulls away. here is the next system i told you about. we are still below average. as the temperatures begin to modify into next weekend, we are going to get another blast of cold air from that tuesday, wednesday time period. we are putting the rain together for the next 10 days. the ten-day totals will take us over an inch in san francisco. this looks to be a statewide event. it looks like this series of troughs will take their time and continue to influence much of the west coast throughout the rest of the week, the rest of the month, and into early march.
5:52 am
unfortunately if you are looking for spring, we've got it today and tomorrow. 66 in vallejo. 70 in the north bay. here are the thursday morning lows. 20's and 30's. by friday, a little change. still frosty, breeze advisories, warnings from the national weather service. the forecast, a couple mild days before we see the gusty winds, the cold day on tuesday, rain offshore, level 1 system wednesday, thursday, friday, lingering showers. next weekend, we will still be talking about this cold, and a little more rain, too. liz: it is february for sure. next, sup super nintendo world s officially open. we have a look at the immersive experience that took nearly a decade to create.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
powerball, 23. nobody picked all six numbers. mendes trying increases to an estimated $87 million. the winning numbers from last nights $34 million super lotto plus dry, 2, 3, 26, 38, 45, mega number 24. nobody picked all six numbers in this drawing either, and wednesday's jackpot goes to $35 million. the super nintendo world is now open at universal studios. the developers at universal have been working on it to make it an immersive experience for their guests. the main attraction seems to be the ride mario kart dowsers bowser's challenge. you shoot targets by moving her head and looking at them. >> super mario is a video game i grew up with since i was a kid. to experience this in real life there an amazing experience.
5:56 am
liz: you can get into super nintendo world, but on a busy day you may need a reservation. next, love and an outpouring of support for former u.s. president jimmy carter as he starts at home hospice care. spencer christian reflects on his time spent with the carters. plus -- >> i asked him to come to california to help us out and he did. liz: liz: a liz: bay area environmentalist sharing his memories of the 39th president. the reasons he says carter is more than just a politician, just ahead on abc seven mornings.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: now at 6:00, an suv crashes into a home, sparking a fire in the oakland hills. how the children inside the car at the time are doing as authorities look into what may have caused the crash in the first place. good morning. i am liz kreutz with lisa argen . thank you for joining us. here we are in pink, channeling spring. lisa: we get another nice day into president's day. we take a look at live doppler 7 and you can see the high clouds there, but overall, high-pressure is in command. that will allow for a warmer day.


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