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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 19, 2023 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> short answer. >> that's all the time we have. continue tonight, we're following developments in several stories. new concerns that china may supply weapons to russia in its war with ukraine. plus, breaking news. north korea just launched another ballistic missile. and the death of a catholic bishop prompts a murder investigation. we begin with the war in ukraine. as president biden prepares for a high-stakes visit to the region soon to mark one year since russia's invasion, a warning from u.s. officials that china may soon give russia lethal aid. what we know about the kremlin's planned nuclear drills, and what makes the timing important. patrick reevell reports tonight from ukraine. and that news just coming in from north korea, the regime launching another missile, the second just this weekend. what we've just learned. the ceo of norfolk southern says he's deeply sorry for the
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disaster that sent toxic chemicals into a small community. tonight, we hear from residents who say they've been dealing with eye infections and sore derailment. our team on the ground in ohio. a beloved catholic bishop known for peacekeeping in the in his residence near los death angeles. what we're learning about the investigation, and the victim who'd been a priest and later a bishop for decades. a scare at an indoor waterpark, the new video coming in of a decorative helicopter falling into a pool, injuring multiple people. killed in the line of duty. a temple university police officer is gunned down, leaving behind his wife and four children. the suspect, just 18 years old, arrested miles away. his wrists placed in the slain officer's handcuffs. two deadly crashes involving teslas on both coasts, just days after that huge tesla recall. >> we remember richard belzer, who played the wisecracking detective john munch, one of tv's longest running characters. and finally free.
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he always insisted he was innocent. nearly three decades later, the criminal justice system finally listened. >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight." >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we'll get to the breaking news out of north korea, the regime launching two more missiles. the second round of firings this weekend. but we do begin with a new warning from the u.s. with president biden set to visit poland this week to mark one year since russia's invasion of ukraine. officials say china may be preparing to give lethal aid to russia. secretary of state antony blinken met face-to-face with his chinese counterpart this weekend in munich. afterward, he told our martha raddatz he warned the chinese that military assistance would be a serious problem. president biden's trip to poland is highly anticipated. it comes amid fierce fighting between ukrainian and russian forces. these ukrainian troops are
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training close to the front lines, where russia is trying to break through. patrick reevell leads us off tonight fromyiv. >> reporter: tonight, the u.s. sounding the alarm, warning lethal military aid, as sia with president biden prepares to travel to poland to mark one year since russia's invasion of ukraine. secretary of state anthony blinken telling abc's martha raddatz -- >> we've been watching this very, very closely. we have information that gives us concern that they are considering providing lethal support to russia in the war against ukraine. >> reporter: secretary blinken speaking face to face with his chinese counterpart this weekend, saying helping russia would have serious consequences for u.s./china relations. equipment shortages are hampering russia's forces as they struggle to encircle the eastern city of bakhmut. troy offenbecker is a former american marine, now fighting for ukraine as a volunteer in the devastated city. what is the situation there?
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>> so, it's been pretty bad on the ground. a lot of casualties. >> reporter: troy telling abc news, this video shot in december shows the fierce fighting in the city. bakhmut now another ukrainian city known around the world for horror, after vice president kamala harris promised to hold russia accountable for its brutality. >> and there is no doubt these are crimes against humanity. >> reporter: in kyiv, mayor vtali kilitchko telling us how soon the war ends depends on the west remaining united. it's been almost a year. how do you think this war is going to end? >> is the main question what i receive every day, everyone ask me is how long? how long will be this senseless war? when this war will be finished? this actually depends from us, depend on unity around ukraine.
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>> we have certainly see so much unity. patrick joins us now from kyiv. ukrainian officials are warning russia may step up nuclear exercises as president biden arrives in the region. what are you learning on the ground there? >> hi, linsey. ukrainian intelligence tonight have accused russia of preparing to hold large scale nuclear exercises timed to coincide with president biden's trip to poland. and now president putin is due to give a major state of the nation address on tuesday, the same day that president biden will give his speech in warsaw. linsey. >> patrick, thank you. >> now to breaking news from the korean peninsula where north korea just launched two ballistic missiles just 24 hours after launching a long range missile. this comes after american and south korean fighter jets conducted joint exercises. ahead of larger planned drills this week. here's britt clennett from hong kong. >> reporter: tonight, north korea launching two more missiles just 24 hours after test firing this intercontinental missile.
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north korean television showing new video of that missile. as it launched saturday. state media reporting it flew for more than an hour and traveled more than 600 miles before landing in the sea of japan's west coast. today's launch following an ominous warning from north korea. kim jong-un's sister threatening a powerful and overwhelming response to what north korea considers hostile moves against it. overnight, the u.s. and south korea flying bombers and stealth fighter jets in formation in response to the provocative launches. secretary of state antony blinken along with his south korean and japanese counterparts tonight urging the international community to issue more sanctions against north korea after these new provocations. linsey. >> britt, thank you. concerns are growing for many residents of east palestine, ohio, more than two weeks after the fiery train derailment. the train company's ceo says he is deeply sorry and promises
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norfolk southern will help the community to recover, but many remain skeptical about the safety of the air and water. mona kosar abdi reports tonight from eastern ohio. >> reporter: tonight, growing skepticism in east palestine, despite the norfolk southern railway ceo pledging to earn the ohio village's fragile trust. >> i'm here to support the community. >> reporter: alan shaw visiting the disaster site for the second time since the february 3rd toxic derailment, also meeting with local leaders, saying in a statement overnight, "i shared how deeply sorry i am this happened to their home. we are going to do the right things to help east palestine recover and thrive again." >> i will never be comfortable in my home. >> reporter: shelby walker lives within feet of the train tracks. she says in the last two weeks she, her daughter and grandchildren have been dealing with eye infections, sore throats and headaches. and they've only been drinking and cooking with bottled water. >> my kids wl their backmas sa noit's never
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erexye neighb wprof he too described feeling a tingling sensation on his face while in his home. one of the many symptoms residents have complained of. >> i'm 53. i've had two headaches in my life and i feel like i've had one every day since the controlled burn. >> reporter: this morning on "this week," environmental experts told martha raddatz the equipment used to monitor the chemicals isn't helpful enough. >> it doesn't tell us what chemicals are present. it just says they're below some level. there's plenty of chemicals that can be created from that fire that can be toxic at much lower levels. >> bottom line, would you move back to east palestine if you were living there? >> i have two little boys. i would not. >> how about you? >> not yet. not until there's more testing. >> reporter: norfolk southern is now facing a new class action lawsuit alleging the railway company's negligence led to a 1,000,000 pound plus chemical burn pit and the spread of chemical toxins. other federal lawsuits have also been filed.
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linsey. >> mona, thank you. the l.a. county sheriff's department is conducting a murder investigation and searching for a suspect after a popular los angeles area bishop was found dead in his home. auxiliary bishop david o'connell was known as a peace maker and a man of deep prayer. he was found with a single gunshot wound. parishioners are now expressing their shock and disbelief. here's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent manhunt is underway after a beloved bishop was found shot to death in his own home. the sheriff's department tweeting they are working diligently to seek those responsible. >> we are all saddened by the tragedy and the suddenness of his death. >> reporter: officials say bishop david o'connell of the archdiocese of los angeles was shot saturday afternoon in the los angeles suburb hacienda heights. >> it was learned that the person was found deceased in the room bleeding. that was what we believe was an apparent gunshot wound to his upper torso. >> reporter: police say they are still trying to piece together what happened, but right now, they have no suspects.
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for 45 years, bishop dave as he was known, was a prominent leader in the community, appointed auxiliary bishop eight years ago by pope francis. church leaders called him a peacemaker with a heart for the poor and the immigrant. >> i was scared to tell my wife, you know. my wife loved him so much. >> he was so soft spoken. he was a humble soul. he was not the type that would have confrontation with nobody. >> reporter: so far police say they have no motive in o'connell's murder. and churchgoers behind me, they have been singing, they have been dropping by candles and flowers to mourn the bishop's loss. the church is planning a special mass one week from tomorrow in the bishop's honor. linsey. >> thanks so much. we turn to the outpouring of support for former president jimmy carter after the 39th president's charity announced he's beginning at-home hospice care. carter who is 98 is the oldest ever former commander in chief. he served one term as president from 1977 to 1981.
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here's abc's faith abubey. >> reporter: tonight, an overwhelming show of support for america's longest living president, after jimmy carter's foundation revealed the 98-year-old is terminally ill. members of the maranatha baptist church in carter's hometown of plains, georgia, lifting up the man they affectionately call uncle jimmy in prayer. >> do lift carter family, lord, to you, especially mrs. carter. >> reporter: for decades, carter taunt sunday school lessons here. until his declining health kept him from the podium. well-wishes have also been pouring in from lawmakers, dignitaries and everyday people since the carter center announced yesterday that after a series of short hospital stays, the 39th president has decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. >> generally speaking, someone may choose hospice care for themselves or a family member if
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they have six months or less to live and are moving away from traditional medical treatment to instead focus on care, comfort, and quality of life. >> reporter: carter suffered multiple falls and underwent hip surgery in 2019. >> i took 14 stitches in my forehead, and my eye is black, as you notice. but i had a number one priority, and that was to come to nashville to build houses. >> reporter: but even through his health battles, carter seen here giving back at a habitat for humanity build. his charitable work with the organization, humanitarian and international peace efforts helping to cement his legacy. even outshining his years as president. this is one of his last public appearances, the annual peanut parade in his hometown. his wife rosalynn of 76 years right by his side. president biden and the first lady in a tweet this afternoon sending their prayers and love
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to jimmy carter and his wife. the president said in part that he and dr. biden admire the strength and humility that the carters have shown in difficult times. linsey. >> so many prayers for both of them. faith, thank you. a suspect is under arrest in connection with the death of a temple university police officer killed overnight in the line of duty. an 18-year-old, miles pfeffer, was taken into custody by u.s. marshals and philadelphia police at a house in bucks county. they used the late officer's handcuffs in the arrest. philadelphia prosecutors say they plan to charge the suspect with murder. here's abc's phil lipof. >> tonight, a 12 hour manhunt is over. this is the moment federal marshals arrest the 18-year-old who they say shot and killed a temple university police officer. >> it's going to be a temple officer that's hit. >> reporter: officer christopher fitzgerald on patrol saturday night in north philadelphia when he encountered 18-year-old miles pfeffer during an investigation near the border of temple's campus. >> all right, all units available please clear broad street. we got a report of an officer down route to temple.
5:44 pm
once again, clear broad street. all available units, got an officer down. >> reporter: the district attorney says pfeffer shot nt through his pocketses and tried to take his gun. shortly after that, he was involved in an attempted carjacking. fitzgerald, a beloved member of the temple university police department, and a father of four, pronunced dead at the hospital. dozens of fellow officers and community members gathering to mourn. early sunday morning, pfeffer was tracked down and taken into custody, using officer fitzgerald's handcuffs. >> it's a tradition that we do any time there's a fallen officer. and we thought it was important to remember officer fitzgerald. >> reporter: late today, police seen searching the property where pfeffer was arrested. this is the first time a temple university police officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty. he is facing several charges including murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, and carjacking. linsey. >> phil, thank you.
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secretary blinken getting a first-hand look at the earthquake devastation in turkey, taking a helicopter tour of some of the worst hit areas with turkey's foreign minister. blinken met with aid workers and pledged an additional $100 million for relief efforts. this dramatic video from under the rubble recorded by a 17-year-old trapped by the quake. it turned out he was one of the lucky ones. he and his family were rescued hours after the disaster. >> there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday including the investigation into two deadly crashes involving teslas. and the scare at an indoor water park. injuries are reported after a decoration fell on top of swimmers. at the fire department. there's nothing like hitting the waves. but with my moderate-to-severe eczema it hasn't always been easy,... ...since my skin was so irritated and itchy... ...and even worse with all my gear on. now, i'm staying ahead of my eczema. there's a power inside all of us to live our passion. and dupixent works on the insie
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so you can breathe better. feel the clarity—and make today the most wonderful time of the year. arit feel the clarity—and make today there's breaking news tonight in new jersey. an incident at an indoor water park. details are just coming in now. what we know is a large decorative helicopter fell into a pool after the american dream mall, which was crowded on this holiday weekend. according to the mall, four people suffered minor injuries. one of them was taken to a hospital. next, two deadly car crashes involving teslas are now under investigation. on saturday, a driver was killed when his tesla slammed into a fire truck in northern california. and four people were killed late friday night on new york's long island when a tesla crashed head on with an suv. in that one, the fire burned for two hours. it's not known if either vehicle was using tesla's autopilot. federal regulators have been studying that system after multiple crashes and last week veaddrescoer its it's recalling
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software. classes are set to resume tomorrow in michigan state university one week after a gunman shot and killed three students and wounded five others before taking his own life. school officials made that decision despite facing pressure to delay the reopening. a petition demanding hybrid or online options for students received more than 20,000 signatures. funerals for two of the slain students were held on saturday. when we come back, the new facebook feature that comes with a price. and we'll remember richard belzer, who played one of the longest running characters in tv history. w, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are looking up ♪ ♪ i've got symptom relief ♪ ♪ control of my crohn's means everything to me. ♪ ♪ ♪ control is everything to me. ♪ feel significant symptom relief with skyrizi, including less abdominal pain and fewer bowel movements at 4 weeks. skyrizi is the first and only il-23 inhibitor for crohn's that can deliver both clinical remission and endoscopic improvement.
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so clearly you. sotyktu. to the index. meta is taking a page out of twitter's playbook. it's going to offer users a chance to verify their facebook and instagram accounts. meta says it's about increasing authenticity and security across its services. it's not free, though. it will cost about $12 a month for web account and nearly $15 on mobile devices. we learned today actor and comedian richard belzer has died. belzer played the cynical wise cracking detective john munch on 11 different tv programs over more than 20 years including homicide, life on the street, and law and order suv. his cousin actor henry winkler tweeted rest in peace, richard. there's no word on a cause of death. richard belzer was 78 years old. next, basketball star brittney griner is set to return to the wnba. espn reports she's signed a new one-year contract with the phoenix mercury. she was detained last year in a russian airport for carrying a small amount of cannabis oil and vape cartridges.
5:52 pm
she was sentenced to nine years for drug smuggling but later released in a prisoner swap. the wnba season tips off in may. and how is this for an underdog story? mac mcclung was the surprise winner of the nba slam dunk contest. leaping over two friends for one of his dunks. then came a reverse and twisting and turning like michael jordan. mcclung just signed with the philadelphia 76ers from the developmental g-league. with that performance, he's hoping he'll stick around for a while. when we come back, he is finally free. an innocent man's nearly three decades long fight to clear his name. 'm managing my high blood pressure, but i'm still a target for chronic kidney disease. and my type 2 diabetes means i'm also a target. we are targets too. millions have chronic kidney disease and 90% don't know they have it. so ask for your kidney numbers and farxiga. ♪ far-xi-ga ♪ if you have chronic kidney disease, farxiga reduces the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis.
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finally tonight, for nearly three decades, a missouri man convicted of murder never stopped claiming his innocence. now finally, he's been proven right. >>the motion of the circuit attorney of the 22nd judicial circuit filed herein for the benefit of lamar johnson is granted. >> for nearly 30 years, lamar johnson has been waiting for this moment.
5:57 pm
on valentine's day, a judge exonerated the 49-year-old for a murder he has said all along that he did not commit. >> thank you. >> he had been sentenced to life, and used that time behind bars to learn about the law. >> i just read a lot of cases, read a lot of books that helped me learn how to investigate. and i started writing to get information from different law enforcement and courts. and i was able to obtain a lot of the records in my case that showed a lot of what happened. >> and what's happened thanks to lamar is senate bill 53, a new law in missouri that gives prosecutors an avenue to free innocent prisoners. a bill that was inspired by lamar johnson's case. prior to that, missouri limited releases to capital punishment cases. >> i want to say that mr. lamar johnson paved the way for everybody to create a mechanism. >> johnson was one of three men dubbed the missouri three.
5:58 pm
all serving decades for crimes government officials now say they didn't commit. we met with kevin strickland in prison prior to his release and also christopher dunn, who now clings to his own hopes of freedom. lamar's dogged investigation paid off, when the judge acknowledged there was convincing and reliable evidence of actual innocence to overturn the conviction. >> i feel like a weight had been lifted off of me. i think you could see the response i got. it was emotional. the reality that somebody had actually heard me, because i didn't feel i had been heard for so long. >> the innocence project has set up a gofundme campaign that has raised nearly $500,000 to help him rebuild his life. missouri does not compensate for wrongful convictions. thanks so much for watching. i'm linsey davis. david muir right back here tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
a substation fire leaves more than 50,000 customers without power. airport operations. >> there is work that has to be done in order for us to be safe. >> cyclists come together to stand up against intentional attacks from drivers. street vendor assaulted in san jose. what we know about the motive. abc 7 news at six clock start right now. >> live, breaking news. to that breaking news. most of east oakland is without electricity. you can see all the red
6:00 pm
indicating thousands of customers in the dark. the cause has been extinguished. the damage has already been done, take a look, the streetlights are out and the bridge is stuck in the raised position. there is no power. take a live look at the airport camera. people were sharing their experiences as social media. no one was able to go due to the power outage. have things improved? >> busy night at the airport. a lot of travelers experiencing headaches.
6:01 pm
if you take a look at the