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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 20, 2023 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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joining us for getting answers today. we will be here every weekday at three tonight inside the secret trip into ukraine president biden's historic visit how they pulled this off and who they warned just before they went in nearly one year since the russian invasion of ukraine, president biden and president zelinsky on the streets of kiev air raid sirens wailing in the background president biden taking a 10 hour train ride from poland to kiev. promising 500 million in new military aid. the president now on the eve of a major speech in europe and all eyes on vladimir putin to and his own speech. how will putin respond in panel live in ukraine tonight? mary bruce, traveling with the president? also tonight another deadly earthquake hitting turkey. several killed, hundreds more injured the 6.3 magnitude quake
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hitting the same region, the devastating images already coming in tonight. here in the us, we are tracking a major new storm moving across the country tonight. don't be fooled by these warm temperatures. 20 states from california all the tonighth mhigan an ght intohe etw,ai ice and ginger zee timing it out. people loved catholic bishop murdered tonight, a suspect under arrest in los angeles, the bishop's body found inside his home, and we have new reporting here about the suspect. and the question. how did he know the bishop? tonight the major plant explosion outside cleveland images coming in. there are multiple injuries to report also the growing concern about toxic chemicals and east palestine, ohio many in that community do not believe the water and air is safe. so what happened today and we're on the scene tonight. former president jimmy carter, now receiving hospice care at his home in plains, georgia, already the longest living former
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president, and we have news tonight on the president and his family. deadly alligator attack in florida in 85 year old woman killed while walking her dog. the major headline tonight involving actor alec baldwin and changed to one of the most serious charges facebook and instagram and what they could soon be charging for. and we remember a beloved actor tonight, detective always on the case. from abc headquarters in new york. this is world news tonight. with david muir. good evening. it is quite to start another week with all of you at home, and we begin tonight with president biden secret and historic trip into ukraine and daring act by a sitting president visiting a war zone and one where no american troops are serving the journey, planted secrecy and unannounced playing out in the overnight hours, and it comes just as the world is said to witness the one year anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine. president biden arriving after a 10 hour
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train trip from poland, walking the streets of kiev with president zelensky today, but to embracing at the wall of remembrance honoring ukrainian soldiers killed since russia annexed crimea. one point you can see president biden embracing ukrainians who lost loved ones. as they walked a stark reminder you can hear it right there. mistakes of the visit air raid sirens sounding across the city. president biden , writing in the official guest book of his honor, to quote stand in solidarity and friendship with the freedom loving people of ukraine. he then returned to that waiting train for the return trip to poland preparing to address nato allies and the world with a major speech in poland tomorrow , tonight, we have new reporting herehow they pulled this off, including the notice to russia just hours before the president arrived, letting them know he was about to enter ukraine. they did not want any mistakes in the war zone. here's our senior white house correspondent mary bruce leading us off tonight in warsaw. president biden tonight, arriving back in poland after making history in ukraine, the
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first american president in modern times to visit a war zone where the u. s has no military presence, trip shrouded in secrecy. biden slipping out of washington early sunday under the cover of darkness flying not on air force one, but on a small c 32. it's blind, drawn. once in poland, the president whisked to a nearby train where for 10 hours he traveled undetected into the heart of ukraine. arriving in kiev early this morning, the city streets blocked off with a surprise visitor. president zelensky and his wife waiting for him. morning, mr brooks. handshake sign of an unbreakable bond trip. message with the ukrainian people. solidarity
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friendship. what can i say? i really appreciate that president biden american society. being. from the very beginning. help this trench from the world begin help! this full scale war. together with us, saying he wanted to make this trip to show and not just tell the world that america's support for ukraine is unwavering. i thought it was critical that but not be any doubt. none whatsoever. u. s support. against the brutal russia. then something that not long ago would have been %-pe free streets of kiev, the same streets. vladimir putin was closing in on just a year ago. one year later. key stands. and ukraine stands. democracy stands. the americans stand with
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you two leaders visiting st michael's monastery. as they exit a harsh reminder of the realities of life in this war torn city. but the leaders defiant, continuing their tour visiting the wall of remembrance honoring the ukrainian lives lost in the fight against russian aggression. taking in a moment of silence pierced by those sirens. the risk of this trip weighed heavily on the white house. after for w, thpret friday giving the go ahead. russia we're told, was informed of biden's visit just hours beforehand an attempt to avoid any potential miscalculation or further conflict today before he left a promise. remind us that freedom is priceless. it's worth fighting for. as long as it takes. and that's how long we're going to be with you, mr president for as long as it
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takes. this was really quite the 24 hours. mary bruce, with us live from warsaw tonight and mary president biden now, of course, preparing to deliver a major speech in poland tomorrow somewhat of a rallying cry for nato, the allies and of course much of the world and it comes the same day. vladimir putin is said to address the russian people. david. this will be quite the split screen moment. the president tonight was seen working on this address aboard the train as he made his way out of ukraine. this will be a pivotal moment for the president to persuade our allies to keep up this fight today announcing that 500 million additional dollars in aid to ukraine is the kind of assistance he will argue, needs to continue and this is also a chance to try and shore up support back at home. have shown us interest in the war is starting to wane. david images of the president on the train back out of ukraine tonight, mary. thank you. of course, a key question. how will vladimir putin respond? his address tomorrow as well. it's just hours before president biden speaks in warsaw. let's bring in our chief foreign
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correspondent ian panel. he's live in keith tonight. indian. what's the response so far from moscow? the kremlin was fairly muted, but some examples former president medvedev claiming russia gave joe biden security guarantees, calling him the old man from over the ocean swearing allegiance to a neo regime. but remember the kremlin frames this war as a battle against america and the west. so in some senses, president biden coming here reinforces that argument tomorrow. it's going to be the battle of the two presidents. first putin state of the nation address will talk about the war, which he still calls a military operation. and i think all eyes on whether he reacts. mr biden's visit and doubles down on the invasion a few hours later, all eyes on that speech by president biden from poland. two leaders two starkly different worldviews tonight with biden promising more weapons for ukraine, ukrainian officials saying they feared russian offensive in the east has already started david big day tomorrow with both leaders on the world stage in panel with us tonight, ian, thanks to you as well. in the
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meantime, we turn next tonight at this major new earthquake rocking already devastated areas of turkey and syria. the 6.3 quake, striking after dark, mon. tonight another deadly earthquake in turkey exactly two weeks after the region suffered one of the most devastating quakes in modern history, ground shaking violently around eight p.m. local time neighborhoods yet again plunged into darkness . local politician bolting from a building mid interview during the report. these journalists grabbing each other's arms, rescuers with flashlights making their way through the night. in a landscape already blinded the air soon feeling with dust from collapsed buildings nearby. tonight's trimmer a 6.3 magnitude quake compared to 7.8 on february 6th both right along turkey's. the death toll from that initial quake now at nearly 47,000 in
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recent days, our team witnessing firsthand the brave rescuers not giving up desperate to find survivors more than a week later under the mountain of concrete citizens this evening, taking no chances running from their potentially compromised apartment buildings for the relative safety of the streets, building fires to keep them warm families distraught at having lost so much already fearing they could lose even more. david reports are coming in tonight of at least three deaths and some people trapped in the rubble of newly collapsed buildings. david it's just unbelievable. they're going through this again. marcus more tonight, marcus. thank you. back here in the us tonight and that major new storm moving across the country. 20 states already 70 million americans on alert tonight for snow blizzard conditions, high winds and ahead of it this record warmth in the east, but they're telling us don't be fooled because this is coming, so let's get right to tpd relatives. ginger zee tracking it all for us. hi, ginger.hi david. there will be rounds of snow from the rockies
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through the northern plains. but take a place like the twin cities and they're going to get a little bits until thursday when they just get smacked with more than a foot of snow could end up being one of their biggest certainly of the season, if not on record, and then it will be the green and white mountains in the northeast. however los angeles could see there's snow levels dropped to 1000 ft. that would be the hollywood hills getting snow by the end of this week. david in chicago southern michigan. meanwhile, some of the warmest temperatures for february ever on record in the southeast. david ahead, ginger. thanks we'll be watching in the morning . in the meantime, we move on tonight and to a suspect under arrest at this hour in the murder of a beloved catholic bishop in los angeles, the body of bishop david o. connell found shot in his home authorities before the cameras just moments ago and what we've learned now backup plan reporting from los angeles. today, the los angeles sheriff's department saying they have a suspect in custody in connection with the shocking murder of a beloved catholic bishop david o. connell. the person of interest was identified as carlos. medina a
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65 year old male hispanic. this is the husband. of the bishops, housekeeper. and the suspect had previously done work. around the bishops residents. the suspect's home raided by swat teams overnight on saturday afternoon , the 69 year old was found murdered in his bed at his home in hacienda heights, about 20 miles east of los angeles. a single gunshot wound to his chest. o'connell was ordained to serve the archdiocese in 1979 working extensively with the immigrant community, serving as chairman of a task force coordinating help for immigrant families from central america. he wants to have justice and peace for all races of people. he was known for his sense of humor and as a peacemaker, parishioners stunned by the news. it's just a beautiful human being. it's just
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hard to believe anybody would even consider her hurting him in any way. david l. e sheriff, saying the rest came after a critical tip from the public caller, saying that the suspect had been acting erratically. talking about the bishop. no word yet on a possible motive, david all right, back up. and with that new reporting just in tonight, matt. thank you now to ohio this evening, and yet a new concern tonight. first responders are now on the scene of a plant explosion in bedford, ohio, that's near cleveland. authorities reporting more than a dozen people injured in this explosion and fire at a metal factory metal factory witnesses hearing the blast and seeing a dark cloud of smoke rising into the air debris flying into the sky. neighboring buildings shaking. there's no word on a cause for that tonight. and of course, this all comes amid that growing concern in east palestine, ohio after that horrific train derailment and toxic spill more than two weeks ago. now authorities say the air and water are both safe. but many in that community. don't believe it abc simona costar abdi on the ground in ohio force. more than two weeks after
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that train derailment unleashed toxic chemicals and east palestine, ohio cruise today dismantling those cars just steps away from shelby walker's home. like many people here, she doesn't believe officials who insist the air and water are safe. we don't drink the water at all. um we don't bathe in the water. we do shower very quick. and with 11 people in the family, shelby says they can't afford to leave. we just don't have the means to do it or we would have been gone by now. 11 year old zack lives near the tracks, too, but his family is staying at a hotel ever since that didn't happened or face has been burning, and it's really bad. residents say they felt sick for days from headaches to sore throats. starting tomorrow , this church turns into a new health clinic where residents can see nurses and a toxicologist over the weekend. the head of norfolk so other meeting with local leaders to support the community. the railway company now reimbursing residents for expenses and
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putting a million dollars into a recovery fund. transportation secretary pete buddha judge accusing the rail companies of raking in profits while spending millions to fight safety regulations in a letter writing quote, norfolk southern, and your industry must demonstrate that you will not seek to supercharge profits by resisting higher standards. and as for that health clinic right now, they are prioritizing the residents of east palestine, but they're getting calls from across the state line in pennsylvania. david thank you. we're going to turn now to former president jimmy carter 98 years old, already the longest living former president in history tonight what we now know. after the family revealed carter will forgo medical intervention from here receiving hospice care at home. here's steve owes insomnia. he is the longest living american president in history at 98 years old, well into the sunset of his life, but his announcement over the weekend was still surprising that former president jimmy carter has decided to spend his remaining time at home with his
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family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. this is a former president who could have retired to a comfortable life. but instead chose to fly around the world with the former first lady ending diseases very good, encouraging free elections and building houses for the poor, even when he hurt his eye after a fall at their home number one priority, and that was to come to nashville to build houses. his family tonight, says he's recently had a series of short hospital stays, but it's unclear if it's related to the skin cancer that he fought for years . and as if to tell the world that he's never leaving after every health concern or rumor, he would appear at parades in his hometown, looking right into the cameras. he's just touched so many lives every single time i have interface with him. he always said two things to me. thank you for what you're doing to make the world a better place. and what can i do to support you? no doubt this will be a difficult part of their
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journey together for the former first lady, and what will now likely be his final television interview? he told me on their 75th wedding anniversary that she was the son and his day. what advice? do you have for people who want to make it last? well, let me. take the first step. first of all, choose the right person. mary. rosen's staying with me all this long. has been the most wonderful thing in my life is pretty wonderful in my life, too. this isn't the type of care that someone gets when they're suffering from an acute illness. instead this is end of life care that provides comfort and reduces pain when necessary. david, what a gift that you had that interview, steve. thank you. when we come back here on the news tonight, the deadly alligator attack a woman walking her dog and then later here we remember beloved actor tonight. age related macular degeneration
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read because as of a technicality. the statute lengthens some prison sentences when guns are used in a crime. both are still charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of cinematographer helena hutchins. if convicted, they now face a maximum of 18 months in prison instead of a potential five years in prison. when we come back on this monday night, what instagram and facebook could soon charge you for, and we remember a beloved actor tonight. if this were the covid 19 i would be in real trouble because i have asthma. and i have depression. i have diabetes. and i struggle with my weight for us. covid is a whole different ballgame. in fact, you could be one of almost 200 million americans with a high risk factor that makes covid even riskier. which is why you need to be ready and have a plan . other risk factors, including
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worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain change in your heartbeat. dizziness yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen, pain , bleeding, bruising fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection. a severe worsening rash are or plan to become pregnant or breastfeeding. long live hugs and kisses morning celebrate robin on gma. funny tonight here at the student back in the game for one more shot. tonight in leesburg, virginia. the story of high school senior rocky lardo 17 years old and she's america strong. rocky has been playing basketball since she was just four, making the varsity team at heritage high school. but she
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was forced to step off the court after being diagnosed with ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. through chemo, radiation and surgery. still cheering for that team at every practice and roll. rocky is now in remission. and this year on senior night back on the court. for the first time. there she is. number two, taking a shot from the three point line with just seconds to go in the game. the team she'd been cheering on for so long, suddenly running to celebrate rocky. right here tonight. david, rocky on that moment. and her strength. almost instant serotonin rush because i had finally gotten to do what i love always see the best in every situation because there is positivity somewhere. there is light at the end of the tunnel. no question. rocky was a champion. even before she made
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announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i feel betrayed. >> right now, there's a strong demand for recall. >> it's a slap in her face. >> frustration in oakland and call to reinstate lamar armstrong. >> plus a devastating fire at church. kristen: first, a 12 power punch for the east bay hit by two substantial pg&e -- nearly 60,000 customers had their power out from a substation fire and then another outage knocked out more power this morning. as of a few mitts go, power has been restored to the majority of people. dan: thousands of residents in the city of alameda lost power, so did two of the bridges that got stuck in the up position inept locked traffic -- a major concern when you live on an island. leslie brantley talked to the
4:00 pm
mayor about her concerns. >> it was lights out across much of the city of alameda after a fire at an east oakland pg&e substation -- being an island city, residents depend on for bridges and a tunnel to come and go. two of the bridges an up position, rendering them impossible to traffic. >> i was talking to my neighbors last night and one of them had been trying to get to oakland and told me it took 45 minutes to get over the park street bridge which is never good. there are backup generators for the bridges. >> but when and how they were deployed is still unknown. the mayor said the city is asking the county to drill down and find out what caused two of alameda's for bridges to be up or elevated at the same time. she calls that highly unusual. police and fire generators worked as planned