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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 20, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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streets near saint anthony's church but tonight we are getting a closer look at where women go when they are not working. another church is taking the women and flying them home in some cases. >> there is a corner where you see a lot of them walk through. >> michael vigil is the pastor at victory outreach, a church in east oakland dedicating to supporting victims of sex trafficking. >> you are going to see firsthand. >> the church is along international boulevard. we walked down the block where staff provides outreach to trafficked women working the streets. >> most happens in this area. >> he admits this area is dangerous but to him, it is
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home. >> this is where i live right here. urch.w up he u haven mansie you grew up heren when you say the problem has gotten worse, how much worse? >> a lot worse. i think the part that is changing is they got younger. these are children out there. >> a 12-year-old girl was rescued last week's. >> they are male and female and you see them younger, 18, 19 some even 17. >> he says they line international boulevard. >> they never stay in one place. >> watching the women carefully. they cannot walk into the church? >> no. >> white? >> -- why? >> because they are being
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watched. i daughter was right here inviting people to our church saying jesus loves you and he tried to take my youngest daughter in the car. >> the streets are more violent now. he says there is not a day without gunshots. even during church service on sunday but amidst the chaos -- >> we welcome them -- >> he provides a place for peace. >> they come and refresh. they shower, we feed them. we have even had some come at midnight, 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. this is where we each. it is kind of private. we want to keep things confidential. some of the ladies that are human traffics we call them treasures. >> the treasures come and often looking for a way out. >> we have had women in tears crying to come in here. >> 65% of the women are from
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out-of-state or have been brought in from outside the city. >> we met some from frisco and vallejo, fairfield different parts even denver, kansas city, kentucky. >> you will see vans and cars and all kinds of different ways that children and women are getting out here. >> the church outreach coordinator sees it firsthand. >> you are talking directly with these women. what are you learning? >> that there is deep wounds. all of them, i am not e to say a lot, all of them are out there for various reasons but it all boils back to hurt. yesterday i drove around and there was a young girl, a child from idaho. >> did you talk to her? >> of course. she looks lost and scared.
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i hope i see her out tonight. because if i see her i will be able to offer her an open bed. >> she says the search is seeing more teens and sadly, many of them are becoming addicts. of the women you interact with weekly, do you find most of them want to go home? >> no. they don't want to stay or go because some people are escaping something. >> escaping, why? >> there is no home to go to. >> we ran into ladies that the prostitution is out of tents. >> what you think is next from the young girl from idaho? >> she said what is there for me to go back to. >> graciously use our personal funds and send them home. we share with them the word. >> many women also work the streets along east 15th.
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pastor mike working in the area were sent home. >> this is the type of work we do, work with these women. they have a story. sometimes they come into the church and pray for the family. >> in the church bathroom you will find notes the women have left each other encouraging other to get out. >> when you are at a low in your life sometimes it is all about money. >> for years cameron watched women working on the streets just to make a mere $20. >> a lot of people want it fast. >> she was able to get out despite struggling with a drug addiction. >> i was addicted to meth often on and coming here saved my life. >> now cameron is working to help other women like her.
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>> the pimps talking about trafficking these young women, do you find it hard to forget them? >> no i don't. they are a soul and they need love like anyone else. >> we are here to let people know there is hope because there is. >> this parish community will never lose hope. >> the church has collected $1000 over the past couple weeks the money he says will be used to send more women working in the area back home. how is the situation now though along east 15th? >> we heard from families and parents that there has been more police trolls and the -- police patrols and the area is quite are but some children -- some women are being brought to different areas of the city. dan: amazing work the church is
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doing. if you have a story for stephanie and the rest of the abc7news i-team call the number on your screen. or go to ama: san leandro police helped capture dogs that spit someone this afternoon -- bit someone this afternoon. abc 7 was there when one dog was leashed and put in a car. there were several officers on the scene and we are working on finding out how badly wounded the person is. scary moments for the pilot of us -- of a small plane. there was a problem with the landing gear when it failed to lock in and down position. the gear closed causing the plane to slide it down the runway. no one was hurt. dan: nearly all pg&e service and the east bay is back after two power outages.
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the pg&e outage map shows a few spotty service directions due to equipment issues. more than 60,000 customers lost power. leslie brinkley has a look at a big problem outage caused in alameda. >> lights out across much of alameda after a fire at a substation, being an island city residents depend on for bridges and a tunnel to come and go. two other bridges got stuck in an up position rendering them impassable to traffic. rex i was talking to my neighbors and one had been trying to get to oakland and told me it took 45 minutes to get over the park street bridge. there are backup generators for the bridges. the county has generators. >> when and how they were deployed is still a node -- still unknown. >> what caused two of alameda's
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for bridges to be up or elevated at the same time. she calls that highly unusual. police and fire generators worked as a lights cleaned and basketball games were delayed and coaches managed to open lines to let in natural light and set up a battery-powered scoreboard but why the bridges were not operational for a period of time is still a mystery. >> at least it wasn't all of our bridges and we will find out what happened and be able to know that her next time. >> a total of 15,000 customers in alameda lost power from 1:00 sunday until early evening. >> although we have our own municipal electricity company, we still use transmission lines for pg&e. so our system went down. >> the community is using the
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outage as a kind of fire drill to find two things when there is another emergency. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7news. ama: the oakland fire department is investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a historic black church. flames spread through the church of oakland which was built in the 1850's but as abc7news reporter tells us, the community is already coming together vowing to rebuild. >> 12 hours after the fire damaged the first african church in oakland, the faithful were ready to rise again. ♪ >> i am at a loss for words. >> rodney smith is the pastor of the church. >> if you would make an offering of $100. >>
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the east bay. the pastor says they need the money to rebuild but what the city lost goes beyond dollar amounts. >> our church had not only a dollar value but a sentimental value as emotional value because so many people came up to me saying i got married in that church. my mother's funeral was in that church. >> the community connection was evident and the number of people that came by to see the damage. x this is a historic church a wealth of history and to see it in this condition, it is heartbreaking. >> the roof and the upper floors suffered a lot of damage. >> the fire broke out late sunday night and aggressively spread. it took almost five hours to contain. the interest -- the investigation is still underway to determine the cause. she does not think it was a hate
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crime but she has concerns. >> that was not the first thing that came to mind of this being a hate crime although we are seeing a lot of racist tagging on churches throughout my districts. my first thought was someone trying to -- themselves in the doorway? >> one thing this community has not lost is hope. >> they will rebuild and continue to do great work so i am excited for the next chapter. dan: m trade-offs, cutbacks and pay raises. a lot in the mix for oakland teachers. spencer: -- larry: changes are ahead. we will have the
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dan: teachers in oakland have been working without a contract for the past four months. the school district is warning with the expected budget deficit it is unlikely teachers will get what they want. our reporter has more on what is at stake and why the timing is tough. >> the previous contract in oakland expired july 2017. it was only after teachers went on strike two years later that an agreement was finally reached giving educators and 11% raise. oakland finds itself in a similar situation as a new contract is not been reached. this time teachers are demanding more money, nearly 23%. they say in order to stay competitive with other
6:16 pm
surrounding districts and keep oakland teachers from leaving the district. >> we want to get our salary competitive. we want to get into the median. of what educators just 50 minute drive away. >> the school district was expected to make an offer on thursday but has now delayed it until march 1. that may be because martone is when the district has to come up with a plan to close its anticipated budget deficit. trade-offs are expected. >> whether it is cutting school sites, some other cuts, i don't know where else you could cut, we have to make cuts in order to put more money toward compensation. that is just math. >> oakland finances are o concern to the office of education which recently downgraded the district's financial rating because of the
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school board's decision to resend the planned closure of five schools. >> next monday sam davis the school board member will be hosting a zoom town hall. the chief financial officer for the school district will explain the budget and let parents what the district can and cannot afford if they want to balance the budget. ama: oakland and religious leaders staged arguably their loudest call yet for the reinstatement for former police chief. a large crowd looked on, waving plaques and support. >> bring him back. bring him back. >> we must stand up and stand out because it is time to bring our chief back. ama: armstrong issued a statement thanking the community for the support. he was fired without cause last
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week. the dismissal came a month after he was placed on paid leave after they questioned the chief's response to misconduct charges. they said it had no comment about today's rally. dan: let's turn our attention to the forecast. sandhya: winter again. time to bring out the heavy coats and jackets and umbrellas. these live pictures, beautiful views as we see a post something sky from our tire cameras. a lot of high clouds passing through. of year but that is all changing as the system comes in on the north, it will drop our snow levels and bring in colder air and windy conditions. here is a live view from our san jose camera. gusty and much cooler tomorrow. colder and wet weather starting wednesday and we are looking at
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periods of rain and snow. we do have a wind advisory for the entire bay area at 1:00 tomorrow until 1:00 p.m. wednesday. best already 5-55 miles an hour could cause some damage -- gusts 45-55 miles an hour could cause some damage. the weather service says 45-55. tomorrow night still pretty windy. the coast will be under the strongest winds as the system robs southward we start to see showers developing. -- drops southward we start to see showers developing. the snow level will be coming down between 1500 and 2000 feet. possibly down to 1000 but our highest elevations thursday morning has the best opportunity for seeing the snow showers and as we fast-forward the rainfall through friday, you will notice
6:20 pm
the wettest spots will pick up. tomorrow afternoon it is a cooler windy day and mid 50's the low 60's and the accuweather 7-day forecast from windy and cooler took colder and wet wednesday through friday. it will be a wintry mix and a slight chance of thunder, high temperatures well below average. mid to upper 40's. we will have some freezing cold nights and mornings and over the weekend we will start to cloud its backup with more rain opportunities. dan: thank you. ama: bringing sea otters back to the northern california coast could be an environmental game could be an environmental game meet a future mom, could be an environmental game a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there
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ama: we are sharing stories that impact the climate and environment. we look at an effort to write environmental wrongs. dan: this is our proposal to reintroduce sea otters to the northern california coast. there are significant challenges and potential benefits. >> they bask in the sunny waters from santa barbara to the san mateo coast but researchers are studying a proposal to restore sea otter populations to their northern habitats from the bay already -- bay area north to the
6:24 pm
oregon border. they filed a petition pointing to concerns about the habitat. >> they are within a small geographic area, one oil spill could take out a huge percentage of the population. >> experts a otters already face pressures. the doctor with the marine mammals center which treats distressed animals recovered along the coast. >> we are seeing parasitic diseases, toxic algae contribution to disease and really, all of those in one way or another have our fingerprints. >> understanding threats to the sea otter population could be key to any successful reintroduction. >> we are about figuring out what is ailing these animals, what we can learn and how we can bring that to the table as we consider how to care for the animals and any reintroduction feature. >> they believe it could benefit
6:25 pm
more than the sea otters themselves. their populations have played a major role in supporting the local marine ecosystem, a system many believe is dangerously out of balance. a colorful example, the kelp forest which provide a key habitat for marine life. the forests have fallen victim to an environmental chain reaction when diseases began impacting local marine predators like sea stars. dr. rebecca the threat and is intrigued by the potential of reintroducing otters which play on the destructive urchins. >> otters like the big starfish. >> re-introductions can be tricky with challenges like keeping the new animals and place and safe
6:26 pm
from harm while they establish themselves but if the authors can be reintroduced successfully they believe the net benefit could stretch up and down the coast. >> a future where we have sea otters up and down the west coast would be a healthy future for the ecosystem, for tourism and others who make their living on the water. >> spencer christian, abc 7 news. ama: sea otters were hunted nearly to extinction. dan: supporters say our reintroduction would be writing an environmental wrong essentially. ama: president biden visited ukraine today. here about why the timing could not to better. >> he is likely to overturn our assault weapons ban. dan: is a landmark law in california banning the sale of assault weapons about to be
6:27 pm
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left for ukraine. president biden met with president zelenskyy ahead of the first anniversary of russia's invasion also announcing another $500 million in aid. >> freedom is priceless. it is worth fighting for for as long as it takes and that is how long we will be with you, mr. president. as long as it takes. dan: after his visit president biden for returned to poland where he will meet with nato allies. he is scheduled to give a speech to rally worldwide support for ukraine tomorrow. the surprise trip to ukraine his people some -- hit some people here at home hard. ama: suzanne talk to them about it. >> she can find a taste dumplings and so much more.
6:31 pm
after russia invaded ukraine she fled to france for her own safety. her parents and family are still in kyiv. >> all the time it is dangerous. they can go walking all the time they are afraid. >> joe biden's unannounced stop in ukraine is a big deal for so many ukrainians. they still have family in >> it is a definitely a great move from president biden to confirm the support of the united states. >> president b not have come at a better time. >> the two presidents have met and it ukraine, the two commanders in chief today, president's day end of the united states so this is symbolic in many ways. >> since the war started, >> this war has brought a lot of deaths to ukraine.
6:32 pm
someone who has already been killed in the war. >> nearly 10 million people have left ukraine and about 100,000 refugees have found asylum in the united states. the u.s. will send ukraine half $1 billion in age. president biden says that u.s. will back ukraine as long as it takes. >> this will allow ukraine to eventually win. >> once appreciate what he is doing for my country. >> he says his business continues to send money to support ukraine and they are launching another fundraising effort later this week that will mark the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the war in ukraine. ama: if you would like to help people in ukraine we put together a full list of verified groups and nonprofits on our website. dan: a 6.3 magnitude earthquake
6:33 pm
in southern turkey is blamed for killing three people and injuring 300. there have been more than 130 injuries and northwest syria. it led to the collapse of a number of buildings that were already weakened by the previous earthquake. it occurred exactly two weeks after the massive 7.8 mae earthquake killed more than 46,000 people in turkey and syria. officials have reported more than 6000 aftershocks. ama: a suspect in custody in connection to the shooting death of a catholic bishop. they found the body of david o'connell inside his hacienda heights home saturday afternoon after receiving an emergency medical call. he was shot once in the chest. they arrested carlos medina after a tip they received last night. >> they were told they were concerned because carlos medina was acting strange and made comments about the bishop owing
6:34 pm
him money. ama: medina's wife was the bishop's housekeeper and medina had done work at the bishops home. the 69-year-old bishop was a beloved figure known for his work with the poor and being a peacemaker between a local street gangs. dan: a federal judge could once again rule to overturn california's long-standing ban on assault weapons. this is something governor newsom warned of earlier this month. liz has more on what that would mean for the sale of these weapons. >> gavin newsom warned a federal judge could soon do this. >> he is likely to overturn our assault weapons ban. >> now that decision from george roger can eat his -- roger ez. rick is the legislative director
6:35 pm
for the pistol aayifr en heer tt weapon ban it does not mean that guns will all be legal. >> nothing will change for the foreseeable future. >> despite legal battles the ruling would still be significance. although it will not be the first time the judge will have ruled two overs -- to overturn the state ban, it will be the first time since the decision last year that overturned a new york gun-control law and made it easier to argue laws restricting guns are unconstitutional. >> you do believe the decision has given you a better chance now? >> yes. >> governor newsom condemned the new standards set by the supreme court which says gun-control laws can be unconstitutional unless the government can show they are consistent with firearm regulations. newsom said it does not take into account how guns in the
6:36 pm
country have evolved. >> somehow equ other assault weapons. it is perverse. >> but that new standard along with the majority conservative supreme court has some feeling empowered to take on the laws. >> do you feel this will go all the way to the supreme court? >> yes. i think that is where they will be pushed. ama: coming up next, scouting for social justice. the troop tha ♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver. harness the power of 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins
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ama: february is black history month. we are spotlighting people making a difference in their community. today we are talking about a group of scouts. dan: we introduce you to some very radical monarchs. >> it is filled trip date and the excitement is high. but this field trip to west oakland is one not too many kids make. >> we will talk weakly about why we are at the black panther museum.
6:40 pm
>> monarchs and like other troops, they earn badges. radical badges. >> this is the first one i got. >> each badge is radical like radical love. >> it is about self-love, self-care. >> and radical bodies. >> they learn about consent. >> radical monarchs was created during the social unrest of 20 when people demonstrated nationwide for >> there is lots of and our young people are like what is going on? >> she was leaking of enrolling her daughter and a scouting troop. >> she would have been one of
6:41 pm
two girls of color and i felt like that group would not speak to her experience as a young girl of color. >> so she teamed up with her french and together they started radical monarchs. -- teamed up with her friends and together they started radical monarchs. they learned about black lives matter and what was causing the social unrest that time. >> a lot of people say it is too heavy and they are human beings who experience the world and overhear what their parents and families are talking about and experience the world. >> their work was being criticized by conservative commentators who zoomed in on the word radical and what they were teaching the girls. >> we are socialized to accept that things are the way that they are and i think radicalizing means to investigate and be like, no actually things are set up a certain way were some have more advantages than others.
6:42 pm
we will have conversations that may be normally are not had in homes or classrooms or the media. that is to me what it means to radicalize. >> this idea has grown nationwide. there are now groups in los angeles, denver, new york and other east coast cities. this troop visited the black panther museum while they work to earn a black lives matter badge. >> welcome to my house. this is what i wanted to do to show up and the protest and rebellions. >> my mural is promoting black joy. >> when you see yourself reflected it is powerful. when you look at photographs and the people in the photographs look like you or people in your community, you are more drawn to that and more likely to absorb that information. >> rosa parks. >> i never knew what she looked like. >> we are still working on our black lives matter badge.
6:43 pm
>> she is a richman troop leader and her nine-year-old daughter is in the troop. >> we live in a world that is very challenging. there is joy and happiness, and we speak to that as well but also, we need to speak to the challenges. >> it helps her place yourself in a world that she comes from, a legacy, part of a movement of people who have been fighting just for her freedom. >> beautiful kings and queens, someone cares about you. somebody loves you and knows you can do great things. >> since it started more than 70 girls have finished radical monarchs program. many stay involved as mentors. >> it is really beautiful to instill those values in our youth. it is only right that we shift the narrative. dan: for the girls. good for them.
6:44 pm
ama: you can celebrate community and culture with abc7, watch the black joy parade streaming live and hosted by our news anchors. for details go to joy parade. dan: winter service resumes shortly. see that changes in the seven-day
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dan: let's let weather be handled by the professionals. sandhya: larry has been talking about becoming a junior meteorologist. let's take a look at live doppler 7 and there is a system to our north that will be dropping down and as it starts to plunge southward we will notice big changes ahead. let's talk about first winter weather advisory starting tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. until thursday at 4:00 p.m. for parts of lake and mendocino counties. in the sierra nevada it is a winter storm warning from tomorrow morning until saturday morning.
6:48 pm
the snow levels between 3000 and 5000 feet we are expecting 2-3 feet. the snow level is really going to drop. we are talking about 1000-2000 feet so difficult to impossible to travel with windy conditions. 43 inches at kirkwood, 35 inches at donner. this is taking you through the weekend. live doppler 7 showing you a few high clouds right now as we head into tomorrow afternoon. winds pick and temperatures drop, mid 50's to low on wednesday even colder weather is expected with upper 40's to low 50's. thursday temperatures bottoming out. most of you will be in the 40's, that is called. friday we hang onto the chill and as you check out the seven-day forecast and is a windy and much cooler date for tuesday. a level 1 for wednesday,
6:49 pm
thursday and friday. the system will bring lower snow levels between 1500 up to 2000 feet possibly down to 1000. we will see. it's of showers, there will be a slight possibility get a short break saturday. sunday night into monday we have another opportunity for some wet weather. dan: thank you for the professional weather. larry: i was going to say it just that. dan: -- larry: certificate one time. >> he was able to force his way out of brooklyn
6:50 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can beat it! ♪ visit or call 833-422-4255 to ask for medication to treat covid-19.
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larry: they forced their way out of brooklyn a few years ago. anthony davis dead it in new orleans. stars under contract teams to make decisions. >> it brings more people, more people are excited, the news
6:53 pm
hits we got from me being traded just brings more attention to the league and that is really what makes money when you get more attention so i think it is great for the league to be honest. i don't think it is a bad thing. it brings more excitements. >> i think it is a bad thing and corrosive to the system. fans and even lots of players do not like it has well because ultimately they may be going to a particular team under belief that player will be there. larry: it is great if you superstar who can wield all kinds of -- and force her way out of deals even with three years left on a contract. clicks and likes on a twitter do not equal money. ask elon musk. it is negative attention. beyond that if i am a fan of the brooklyn nets why would i consider buying season tickets again when i have no idea if any of my plate -- favorite players
6:54 pm
will be there. why would i buy at durant nets jersey? why by any of them? trust me, clicks and likes will not make up for the real money fans vent to cheer on spent to cheer on their beloved fans. and that is the real deal. russell westbrook after he l the lakers finalizing his buy out with the jazz expected to sign with the clippers, the questions why did the clippers consider this? they don't need one. west book hard, he is out of control most of the time, he cannot shoot and turns it over in crunch time repeatedly. good luck, clippers. the sharks goalie had
6:55 pm
moves in the game as well. 26 saves and this thing before scoring started. this is really where, the puck goes through a defenseman's legs and passed the former goalie martin jones, 3-0 sharks in third. the sharks with oh when -- are rare home win. have mastered the messaging. sell the opportunity to the players. they have a chance to provide a chance to provide big-league debuts for many players. >> there is no secret that this club has no expectations from an outside perspective. you can use that as motivation.
6:56 pm
there is a lot of opportunity on this campus. 68 guys in the clubhouse right now. if you are sitting in the clubhouse you should feel good about having an opportunity to have an impact on the steib. larry: last man standing from the giants world series remains, brandon crawford set to open the season for the 12 consecutive year at shortstop. he was going to be moved third base from short and now enters the final year of his contract in his customary spot as short. two things, it shows the value of a start like steph curry whenever it comes into the office and goes play me or train me. and maybe they have to make some stipulation. if you are getting a max deal, he will be there for at least two years.
6:57 pm
dan: those people. ama: tonight at 8:00 it is the bachelor followed by the company you keep. stay with us for the abc7news at 11:00. thank you for joining us. dan: from all of us appreciate your time. we will see you again at 11:00. meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is the... [applause] here are today's contestants-- in his first appearance on "jeopardy!", he was a high schooler in wheelersburg, ohio. he's now a junior at vanderbilt university pursuing a degree in public policy studies. here's... she first played in the 2018 teen tournament and became a finalist. now she's a senior double-majoring in human health and spanish linguistics at emory university. say hello to... and in the 2019 teen tournament, she competed as a high school senior. she's now a college senior at cal poly san luis obispo,
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concentrating on marine sciences. welcome back... [applause] and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome, everyone, to a special reunion here on "jeopardy!" over the next three weeks, we will be featuring a unique competition between 27 former teen tournament contestants who all first appeared on "jeopardy!" during season 35. fast forward a few years-- these players are finishing high school, in college, or have recently graduated, and now they are back to compete again. up for grabs this time-- $100,000 and a guaranteed spot in our next tournament of champions. we kick things off today with our first of nine quarterfinal games as we welcome back audrey, maya, and rohit. good luck to all three of you. let's take a look at the categories in play for the jeopardy! round. ♪♪
7:01 pm
we'll start off with some...


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