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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 20, 2023 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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ama: ransomware attack. the city of oakland is still dealing with the issue that is affecting many who live there. but evening. dan: i am ama daetz. dan:-- good evening. i am am a dates. dan: and i am dan ashley. recent history shows the price tag can add up. ama: in 2019, new orleans what hit with a hack that cost the city about five point $2 million. dan: then florida dealt with one that daunted in around 305 million dollars. ama: ryan curry spoke with city leaders to see what oakland is now up against. ryan: these are moments that the city would like to forget. new orleans had to rebuild
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almost all of their systems. long time and cost a lot of money. >>ted to notice actions are happening against privileged accounts. ryan: kimberly says it was one of the most frustrating days for new orleans. in 2019, they were hit with ransomware. >> we were cut out of any city processes. ryan: it took a full 20 days to get everything restored. they did not speak with the hackers and did not pay the ransom. destroying the system ended up costing new orleans over $5 million. >> are best force was to recover from black ups and rebuild our environment on plane pc's -- backups and rebuild our environment on plain pc's.
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ryan: a neighboring city to the east echo the same words. >> one of them had signs on them and say do not turn on until you consult with i.t. ryan: they ended up spending nearly 300,000 recover. >> some of the online bill pay systems we had and email services on our website, things like that. ryan: it took a few weeks to get their systems restored. after the attacks, they invested more money to prevent them from happening again. they say other cities should do >> you can never be too careful, too sure. i sleep a little better knowing we are constantly making those investments. ryan: some of those things implemented by both cities include yearly i.t. training for
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all city employees as well as data backup systems. what this means for oakland, a councilman told us he suspects the estimated cost to fix oakland's ransomware to be anywhere between $1 million and $9 million. ama: thank you. breaking news now. we are waiting to hear back from san francisco police at the scene of some crash. you are seeing this new video on gary street. it shows items and car parts scattered across the street, including a pair of shoes. this happened sometime before 8:00. we will update you when we hear more. dan: federal transportation regulators are now asking tesla to hand over more information on the car involved in this weekend's fatal crash on 680. early saturday morning, the tesla driver was killed and four contra costa county firefighters injured. the fire truck was on scene for
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separate traffic accidents. the chp says it is unclear if the tesla had its autopilot feature engaged. for the past year and a half, federal transporisnc system reacts to roadside questiitnc ama: tonight there are still questions regarding a historic oakland church that caught fire on sunday. there is damage to the african methodist episcopal church. he spoke with an eyewitness who may have an idea what happened. >> i did see the flame and it is crazy that an hour later that church is on fire. >> tony but is recovering moments before the first african methodist episcopal church caught fire. >> it is more like a
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personal paraphernalia, and i did see it was being ignited when i passed by. around 9:15. >> investigators tell us they have not yet determined the cause of the fire but did have arson dogs on scene monday sniffing for traces of accelerants. >> my first thought was, was someone trying to warn themselves in the doorway? >> this councilmember says some nearby churches have seen racist tags and does not think this was a hate crime, but it is a concern. reggie members believe fame is the oldest black church in oakland -- clergy members believe fame is the oldest black church in oakland. people are no longer allowed inside the church.
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the oakland fire department shared these photos from inside the congregation area. most of the fire damage is to the upper floor and the roof, but water damage to the ground is also a problem. >> to see it in this condition is heartbreaking. >> everything in our church had not only a dollar value but an emotional value. >> free meals and a lot of clothing, just a lot of stuff that the church has helped us with. >> i spoke with those from the oakland fire department who are currently reviewing witness statements and surveillance video. they say there could be new information released in this investigation on tuesday. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: let's turn our attention outside as we look live from our east bay hills camera tonight. g changes are coming for the bay area this week. sandhya patel is here. sandhya: get ready for winter. there is a storm that is developing to our north.
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it will dive southward on the first thing you will notice is the winds come up. tomorrow afternoon until wednesday afternoon, gusts 45 to 65 miles per hour that could bring down tree limbs, because outages and blow things around, so be careful. it is gusting to 61 and a half in moon bay. the winds will remain elevated around 11:00 p.m. a live view from the golden gate bridge camera where all is calm. it will be cooler. how about an 11 degree drop today? san jose going from 69 to 58. behind the wind comes the showers and low elevation snow showers. i will be back with the rest of this timeline coming up. dan: new developments tonight. the mayor of san mateo is the latest public official to face a recall effort. emirates lee is facing a
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backlash months after she took over the job in city hall. lee calls it a waste of time and taxpayer money. as tim johns explains, lee is no stranger to criticism since taking office. tim: you might not know it walking down the streets of san mateo, but at the heart of the city, a political battle is ruling. >> what we need to say focused on his on the business of the people. tim: groups of people have been gathering signatures, trying to get a recall of san mateo lee. >> she has not shown honesty or a willingness to work with all of us. tim: michael wine hire is one of those pushing for the recall. he says five former san mateo mayors support recalling lee. he quotes her development for the city of some of the driving forces of the campaign. >> you have to work with someone
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who is driving for a particular cause into someone who represents your entire constituency. tim: this is not the first time lee's political career was coming under fire. the delay mateo city councilmembers trying to stall. it left the city without a mayor for a week. allegations investigation by the san mateo county district attorney's office. as for the recall, lee is focused on the job at hand and not putting the critics phase her. >> most businesses want us to stay focused on addressing lead -- addressing needs. tim: she is supported by state treasurer fiona ma and others. she believes the city should be focused on issues impacting all
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san mateo ends and states a potential recall could cost as much as $1 million. >> we cannot squander our limited resources, but we need to focus on pandemic recovery, stormwater infrastructure, emergency preparedness. tim: to qualify for the fall ballot, organizers need to get 8000 signatures by may. san mateo, tim johns, abc 7 news . dan: ron armstrong is now planning to appeal the decision of being forward -- fired and that is according to several spokesmen. a rally of a gathered, some waving placards in support. >> bring him back, bring him back. >> we must stand up and stand out because it is time to bring our chief back. dan: mayor sheng thao
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armstrong without cause last week. this comes a month after he was put on paid leave, all due to questioning misconduct charges against one of his sergeants. the mayor's office had no comments about today's valley. ama: considering a plan for two new homeless camps to clear the current camps along dental rosa's trail. two county parking lots are being proposed. both could accommodate up to 25 rv's. each would include restrooms, security, and be available for up to a year. at least 50 people are currently living along the trail. dan: tomorrow something is happening that we will be monitoring closely. bart will host its first ever media day as the agency works to address a number of issues from crime the budget problems. bart has faced a number of challenges since the pandemic. tomorrow leaders are expected to
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release new strategies to tackle those problems. they are also promising better train and station cleanings, and the replacement of 40 one escalators in downtown san francisco. coming up, a surprise visit to ukraine, and all eyes on president biden. ama: giving kids a vision for their future. an important cause for one san francisco community.
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dan: a few hours from president biden is scheduled to deliver a speech in warsaw to rally worldwide support for ukraine. earlier today, he met with ukrainian president zelenskyy. also announcing another $500
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million in military aid. >> freedom is priceless. it is worth fighting for. for as long as it takes. and that is how long we will be with you, mr. president, for as long as it takes. dan: the white house says the u.s. informed russia about president biden's visit to ukraine shortly before he left. after his visit, president biden returned to poland. he is scheduled to meet with poland's president prior to his speech. ama: residence in the bay area are praising president biden for his visit and pledge for more aid. >> great move from presid biden, confirming the support of the united states to ukraine grade i support what he is doing for my country. ama: you can see a lot more bay area reaction from the president's visit today on our
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website, dan: another frightening blow to those living in southern turkey. another 6.3 magnitude earthquake is to blame for injuring 300 others. in northwest syria, there have been more than thousands of injuries. buildings were already weakened from the previous quake. this comes two weeks after that massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 46,000 people in turkey and syria. turkish officials have recorded more than 6000 aftershocks. ama: new tonig brighter and clearer vision of their future. that is what rock is doing for students in the valley and you can volunteer to help. on march 17, rock is hosting vision day, a chance for elementary and middle school students to get a free eye exam and glasses on the spot.
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i spoke with executive director on why this is needed. >> our neighborhood in this valley, we have a lot of working immunities and families where there is no time to take your child to the doctor. vision, medical, case, so what better way than to bring the doctors to them at the school? it makes that so much easier. ama: rock is teaming up with esp i vision and could use one more volunteer optometrists so more kids can be served. volunteers are also needed to chaperone kids, them through the screening and exams. if you would like to help, email kurt or if there -- or there is a link if you would like to donate instead. you can see and do your homework to succeed. dan: great. let's turn our attention to a changing weather forecast. sandhya: it is going to be a dramatic change in the weather
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pattern this week. winter returns dusty and much colder weather. showers, possible thunder, low elevation snow. the system is coming in from the north and it is going to bring with it colder air. that blast of cold air will be noticeable this week. live doppler 7 shows passing clouds right now and fog down below in places like half moon bay. most areas in the 40's and 50's. good visibility looking back towards salesforce tower in san francisco. wendy and much cooler starting tomorrow. periods of showers and snow along the hills and we are looking at colder days and nights ahead. there is a high surf advisory from tomorrow afternoon to wednesday afternoon. there is a beach hazard statement around santa cruz county. as we go hour-by-hour, this
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when we are expecting occasional showers, snow showers over the higher terrain. this continues through thursday and even friday, the best opportunity for snow over the mountains in the sierra nevada, it will be thursday going into friday and certainly, you will need not only the raingear but also your jackets because it will get cold. rainfall estimates through friday, this is taking you to the end of the storm system. we are looking at 0.4 just over an inch for the wetters -- wettest locations. it will be difficult to travel. hold off on travel to the sierra. winter storm warning tomorrow morning until saturday morning. we are talking two to four feet between 3000 and 5000 feet, and the snow levels will be dropping between 1000 to 2000 feet, so very low snow levels.
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tomorrow morning, the clouds and fog around. 40's and 50's, around 38 degrees in the morning. it will get windy and much cooler. a check of the accuweather 7-day forecast, a dramatic change from windy with a cool down to gusty, cold, slight chance of thunder, and snow showers. the warmest spots today in the 70's to the mid to upper 40's later on this week. you will notice it will be very cold. going saturday morning, but at least you dry out until the next system comes on monday. rain will be likely. dan: this weekend, do not forget to celebrate community and culture with abc 7. join us for the black joy parade this coming sunday. can stream it live starting at 12:30 p.m. on the abc 7 bay area news app. it is hosted by julian glover
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and kumasi aaron. for more details, go to it will be great. please tune in.
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>> it has been 10 years since
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this emotional, joyful morning for robin. >> i have been waiting 174 days for this. good morning, america. >> robin is blessed to find the match that saved her life. since then, robin is committed to follow her mother's advice and spread her message that has inspired so many others to be the match. >> thank you for saving my life. >> starting monday and all week on gma, people joining the country together inspired by robin to complete the match for someone and help save lives. tuesday, february 20 first on gma, celebrate robin's 10 year anniversary, the joyful, life-changing gma event, paying it forward. tuesday, february 21 on abc america. dan: so inspiring. robin is marking the 10 year
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anniversary of her bone marrow transplant, and abc 7 is using that celebration as we team up with be the match. these organizations are a bone marrow donation drive. it starts tomorrow and runs through thursday from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. each day. ama: what is weight in gold? the answer is a first generation iphone. an unopened first generation iphone just sold for more than $63,000 in an auction yesterday. when it first came out in 2007, it cost $599. hopefully you kept your first iphone in the box too. dan: even know whe iis. steph curry and trey lance were at stanford tonight. ama: what were they watching?
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larry beil is here with sports. cornell: a one of the best teams. and pushing ucla down to the wire. next in sports.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: senior night at stanford with a third-ranked women's basketball team closing out the schedule with 17th ranked ucla, and this was a struggle. trey lance, steph curry in the front row. haley jones with the block, gets it up to cameron brett. coast to coast for the hoop, plus the foul. brick tying her season high with 21 points. lena sontag wide open, big t for ucla to take the lead. stanford, the seniors who did not want to lose this one. then in the final moments, break with the rejection. stanford victorious on senior night 71-66.
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after a less than stellar stint with the lakers, the jazz are buying out russell west. the clips do not have a true point guard, but they do not need one. the last thing they need is west, going 100 miles per hour going out of bounds. that is all you need to know. to the ice we go for afternoon hockey. the sharks and the kraken. james reimer, he kept this game scoreless through one. under the second, and have you ever seen this? defense man's legs and it beats marcus jones. this is his 20th goal to michael a cement, and the sharks snap a three games get. now to spring training. the topaz plus continue their low-budget rebuild.
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the goal is to giv players a chance to show they have evolved. >> there is no secret this club has no expectations from an outside perspective. we use that as motivation. there is a lot of opportunity. last year we went through 64 players in the roster. larry: brandon crawford and the last man standing from the world series teams, back for a 12th street year. it seemed unlikely when they brought in korea. our reporter will have a full report from giants camp tomorrow.
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dan: there is a lot of news to sift through, so if you are looking for a final nighttime read, we have something for you. have a trip to lake tahoe that ran chilly fast. that story is one of the top things you're looking at right now on our website. you will find it on . ama: for now, thank you for watching. i am mama dates. dan: and i am dan ashley.
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we appreciate all of your time. for now, jimmy kimmel. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, milo ventimiglia, carles barkley, and music from paramore. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. very nice. thanks. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. happy valentine's night. thank you for coming. thank you for sharing the romance. love is in the air. or maybe it's just another chinese spy balloon. i don't know. [ laughter ] for those who are watching at


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