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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 21, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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cars behind us. that's due to a big problem. the wind is cause ago mess on the bay bridge. a tree fell on the west bound lanes before the tunnel driving into the city. you can see from our bay bridge towercam, the traffic backup there. larry: that is dead stop right there. kristen: this photo posted by the c.h.p. is what we're talking about. you can see the tree down just at the entrance to the tunnel. you can see fire crews working to clear the tree rd. let's check in with spencerchst. twoands the wheel.spen absutely. it hard to maintain control are of a vehicle with the winds as we have had gusts over 60 miles per hour. surface wind speeds, 58-mile-per hour gusts. we had 62 mile-per-hour gusts. we had gusts well over 50 miles
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per hour in many locations. so we have damaging and potentially dangerous winds that will be with us into tomorrow as a result of that, a wind advisory remains into effect until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. this is for the entire bay area. in fact, even stronger gusts on the coast where we'll likely have a high wind warning. so winds will generally be out of the northwest at 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts up to or above 60 miles per hour. this could have downed tree limbs. maybe a few power outages and unsecured objects may get blown around. now, this has allegations cribbed the strong winds too to chilly conditions. we have a sharp 24-hour temperature change because of the approaching cold winder storm. you can see most locations right now are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they were at this house yesterday. and the high winds have whipped up some high and rough surf along the coastline. so we have a high surf advisory until 4:00 p.m. torch tomorrow
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large breaking waves could reach 25 feet in height. and the opposing storm by the way on which we'll give you more details later ranks one on the abc7 storm impact scale. more details later. larry: see you then, spencer. want to give you ana look at pg&e's outage map the people that have so far lost their electricity. green is less than 50. yellow means 50 or less without power. orange means 500 to 5,000 if you see red and we don't see a lot of red here -- kristen: that's good. larry: that's a good sign. that means that's over 5,000. we spoke to pg&e. estimated as many as 70,000 customers had lost power. we have team coverage on all this win. diop limb is monitoring the damage in -- dion lim is monitoring the situation. kristen: let's go to dustin.
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dustin: as we were driving here to redwood city here in the pen sin sullia our news van felt like it i had sail on it with the wind. we saw many traffic light that is were out and down tree like the ones you're seeing behind me on wood side road. thankfully we're expecting this storm to see less rain than we did in january. but that's not what has experts concerned. even before the rain and the cold arrive for our latest winter storm, high winds made it not so welcome return to the bay area. robert apolinar says we could see a lot more downed trees. ever green trees may be most at risk because it's not the rain that's the biggest concern, it's this wind. >> the rain is more going down and a light push, some extra weight. but the wind can spin. it can come from different angles. so certainly puts stress on the roots, the roots. if the tree weaken it will pull
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it right over. we've seen examples up and down the peninsula and across the region. trees ripped by gusty conditions. that includes where a toyota tundra was crushed. some of the trees pulling down power lines down with them. that puts pg&e on high alert. >> as with the previous storms, we expect the peninsula and the south bay to see outagesle we predict in the thousands. >> after the region saw mass outages in january, they're not taking any chances for this storm. pg&e is filled with replacement power lines and transformers. >> we are staging our crews. we are preparing for deploying our resources whether it's cruise, materials, anything that we need to restore power to our customers over the next few days. >> pg&e says there are simple steps to prepare like having battery ready and phones charged. but tree pparation is harder.
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it's too late for the preventive work. looking out for warnings sign that is may be prone to failure like limb that is stretch away from the trunk may be the best way to prepare for what's to come. >> now you're relying of the tree hoping it holds up. for me, i don't park under trees. i would suggest you do the same. >> sound advice there because this wind could really take any tree down along with it. the other piece of advise he had, maybe sure you have ann arborist on speed deal in case you're impacted by win of these fallen tree t, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. kristen: good idea, donatist tin, thank you. we turn to dion lim in san francisco. larry: i can tell just by your hair it is pretty windy on there. [laughter] dion: i love it when you make a comment about my hair like that. i wouldn't go so far that the wind is so strong that i feel
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like i'm going to be knocked down. it does not make for a good hair dayful but perhaps the least of anybody's problems considering that here at 25th and harrison in the mission it is a mess of tangled power lines andned tree branches. you can see that pg&e crews have been feverishly working at about 2:15 or so where neighbors tell me a large tree came crashing down. they heard a crack, the down power lines and that tree fell on top of one vehicle with one person inside of it. i spoke to a man who live here in 50 years. he said he has never seen mother nature wrath quite like this. >> i heard a crash. and so i turned around and then the tree came flying down. and it hit. and after that, like 30 seconds after that, it was an explosion on top. and then this guy was stuck right there. and i told him, move, move. and he moved. and he told me, he was in shock. and then that thing came
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tumbling down. a minute after that, another explosion happened. dion: ooh, can you imagine witnessing that? good thing no reports of injuries. otherwise as of yet, now back out here live you can see many downed power lines dangerously close to vehicles on the other side of the street. i should tell you cleanup crews tell me they will remove what branches they can today and another day they will have to come back and take down that entire tree. so there's the very latest. cleanup crews will be here for quite some time. we will stay on top of this situation. live in the tonight, i'm dion lim abc7 news. kristen: thank you. high winds are picking up in the bay area. the san francisco zoo will be close today due to strong winds gusts. big basin redwood park will be closed. a high wind advisory in effect for the region. state park officials will announce when the park will be
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reopened later this week. you can access the same live doppler 7 that spencer uses any time you want. it's available on demand on the abc7 bay area app. download it to wherever you stream. larry: moving on to other news. the rahm son wear attack. the city has declare add state of emergency. city surfaces have been disrespected, computers, phone is down. it could end up costing the city upwards of $9 million. systems are finally starting to come back online. so there is a bit of good news. suzanne with the latest. >> ransomware attack that impacted the entire city of oakland is still slowing down city workers. >> right now. at the moment, city hall wi-fi is not accessible. therefore a lot of individuals are not coming into the actual workplace. >> city councilwoman says some departments have been hit harder than others. >> there's a disproportionate impact on police, permitting, fire and a couple of other
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departments which is a deeply, deeply serious concern. >> city services are getting back online. >> starting today, key rules particularly finance and payroll will have access for example to our international financial systems to be able to process everyone's pay. this has been thankfully fairly uninterrupted. >> we reached out to the mayor and interim city administrator to ask him what city surfaces were impacts. how much has -- city services were impacted. and what has been done to save the infrastructure? >> today the city said the threat has been contained. an investigation is underway. and the city is ok working with law enforcement to enhance the security of its systems. i.t. has implemented creative solutions and temporary measures to continue to serve the community." thanks to these effortses our employees are going to be paid
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on time. we have been able to access other computers and critical city services are restored. the 911 lines are working and people can file in person or online. >> my vehicle was stolen -- >> police should expect long waits and long lines at the police department. >> we got here over 45 minutes ago and we haven't moved. there's lightening seven people online. >> police department warns visitors. >> it says we're sorry our computers are down. functionality is very limited. please be patient. we will do our best to assist you. >> in oakland, susan fahn abc7 news. kristen: an effort is under way to prohibit the opening of any new liquor stores in antioch. they said they're magnets for >> the city has 50
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lie sense. many of these are underresource and have poor health outcomes. >> today's action comes in the wake of the antioch planning commission's narrow approval of a new liquor store which opponents say already has eight active active liquor license. wilson is calling on the mayor to start the appeals process for the location. the san ramon valley unified school district is expected to hear from parents on the subject of book acquisitions. no vote is scheduled to take place. according to a media partners at the east bay times, some parents are reportedly upset over three books they claim contain explicit sexual content. while the board agenda does not mention any specific books, it does say the board will discuss the complaint process in which a parent can request a book be removed. larry: coming up, the race for the senate. sit official. we'll hear from the newest candidate jumping in. on the rebound, post pandemic
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recovery and celebrating fat tuesday in
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>> i don't quit. i don't give up. come on. that's not in my d.n.a. kristen: barbara lee makes it official in this new video. she's entering the race for dianne feinstein's senate seat. today the 76 year-old told us
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why she wants to be in the senate. >> i think the senate needs a champion like myself who is a progressive woman, a progressive african-american woman who has fought for progressive causes all of my life. kristen: lee says she chose to wait to announce her candidacy until after feinstein officially announced she won't be seeking re-election. tonight on abc7 news at 5:00, lee discusss the impact, race, gender and ages will play in the campaign. larry: joining me now is jackie spear. thathank you so much for your t. barbara lee announcing her candidacy along with adam schiff and katie porter. what you do think of her chances? do you think there will be more high profile democrats jumping into this race? >> these are very high profile democrats. this is the big brass ring that every poll situation you know dreams of.
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i think that she is going to really mix this up because she is without a doubt a progressive with credentials that, you know, can't be challenged. katie porter is as well. and then you have adam schiff. so the question really becomes are the three of them going to so split the democratic vote that you're going to see a republican candidate for the senate actually be elevated into the run-off in the general election? she is someone who aspires to this role. she made it clear that there's only been two african-american women who served in the senate for a total of only 10 years since the beginning of our country. and she thinks that voice needs to be heard. so we'll see what happens. larry: looks like this is going to ba tough and expensive bat to win this election of the three candidates you mentioned, who's best positioned when you talk about the money that's going to
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be required? >> so money is a big factor. she is not the most proficient at raising money. and she says that's not as important as connecting with our constituents. both katie porter and adam schiff have large bases on which to fund rrom. i think the fact that speaker emeeritas, speaker pelosi has endorsed adam schiff and that will be a big boom for him. this is going to be a horserace and one that is going to be watched around the country. larry: so barbara lee is 76 years old. do you think age will be a factor here? >> i know they're going to raise the issue of age. but in the end, she is going to have to show that -- that age is >> irrelevant when you're talking about getting things done.
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age was brought up with the president and yet, you have to look at the results. so she'll have to make her case. she has shown that she is willing to take on really tough issues. she's been there to speak about poverty, anti-poverty programs, and she was the one person that did not cast the vote in favor of going in to iraq. so she shows extraordinary courage as well. larry: absolutely. we'll leave it there for now. but the conversation will certainly continue as the months go along. abc7 analyst jackie speier. thank you, jackie. >> thank you. kristen: we've got some frightingly fast winds out there. let's check in with spencer christian. i don't want to look at these numbers. spencer: frightingly fast winds, that's exactly right. we have gusts up to almost 60 miles an hour right now at s.f.o. and 30 to 50 or 55
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mile-per-hour gust among much of the remained turnover bay area and it will be with us for quite some time. until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow for all of the bay area. winds will generally be out of the northwest at 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts may exceed 60 miles per hour. it's possible that we could have downed tree limbs. unsecured objects may be blown around by these powerful gusts. here's our wind gust animation take us through the overnight hours when winds will diminish a bit. it will be quite windy not only along the coast but in the overnight hours and we start the day with strong gusts as whelm but we expect the winds to taper off enough that the wind advisory can be lifted by tomorrow afternoon. it is quite a bit colder or chillier than this time yesterday. anywhere about 10 to 15 degrees colder in most locations. let's take a look. here's a look from central tower looking over san francisco where it's currently 51 degrees.
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we have low 50's. oakland is 54. but low 50's in san jose, santa clara. and the shaky emryville looking toward the golden gait. golden gate. 54 at concord and livermore. 57 at fairfield and it's breezy or windy on the embarcadero. these are our forecast headlines, wind advisory and high wind warning overnight. periods of showers, cold showers and snow over the hills will be was. tomorrow through friday. and we can expect colder days and nights all the way into the weekend. let's talk about the approaching storm which is bringing us these strong, gusty winds, and will bring us cold showers. it's on the exclusive abc7 storm impact scale. this is a level one storm. so tomorrow through friday we can expect periods of scattered showers, cold gusty winds once again. snow levels on friday will be down to between 500 and 1500
4:21 pm
feet. so that means not only will we possibly see snow in our higher elevations but in other elevations as well. here's the forecast starting at 7:00 this evening at which point we can expect maybe a few pockets of showers off-shore for the most part. get into the day tomorrow. we'll see a better organized -- a bit of stormyness with the likelihood of more pockets of cold showers and snow in the hills and the mountains. and that pattern will continue through thursday and into fri friday. temperatures will dip into the 30's in the inland area of the north bay, the east bay and the south bay. right around the bayshore line you can expect temperatures around 40 to 41 degrees. tomorrow, another chilly day with a greater likelihood of some pockets of showers and light snow developing. highs will barely break 50 degrees tomorrow. 50 in san francisco. 51 in oakland and even as you push inland, north bay, or south bay highs will reach 51 or 52 degrees.
4:22 pm
here's our winter storm warning into the sierra in effect until saturday. so for the next three days, level one stormyness but it's going to be cold. and wintry and it's going to field like boston or new york. [laughter] through friday. and then on saturday and sunday we've got a little bit of drying out but rain returns early next week. kristen: don't worry. larry: a little of everything. kristen: this too shall pass. larry: bring on april. a warning for parents, parent that is use baby formula. there's another recall on underway. kristen: and the new space race. but this is not about the livingful we'll have the details
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kristen: a new recall on baby formula due to possible bacterial contamination. it's the enfamil plant-based program produced from august 2022. no illnesses have been reported. this is the same type of bacteria at abbott's plant. if you have the formula, you should stop using it and check the batch numbers. we've got a link on our website, larry: robin roberts received a bone marrow transplant. and to mark the anniversary,
4:26 pm
abc7 has teamed up with g.m.a. to register more donors. a similar effort is underway at san francisco state university with members of the new alpha cappa fraternity run ago donor registry drive on campus. >> people with bone marrow cancer have a slight chance to t a match. one in 23 million is very hard especially for people with like diversity backgrounds, african americans, latinos, asian-americans. larry: the drive on campus continues tomorrow and thursday from 10:00 until 1:00 in the afternoon. if you want to help and maybe you can't make it out to san francisco state, you can scan the code and go to be the registry. you can text kgo to this number, 61474 for a link to register online and we'll be right back
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or call 833-422-4255 to ask for medication to treat covid-19. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. larry: back to our top story this afternoon, the high winds that are pummeling the bay area. you saw video of branches that blew off a tree and crash into the home. that's in san bruno. that broke off part of the chimney there. kristen: and this tree fell on top of a car at redwood city on woodside road and ruther ford avenue. a crane had to be used to remove that tree. larry: in san francisco, this tree crashed on top of a car. the car had been parked when the tree and the light pole fell on hit the afternoon. so the double whammy there because of the wind. kristen: and then there's this, the huge impact traffic is
4:30 pm
moving and crawling as you can see from this live picture, west bound over the bay bridge due to a tree knocked down by the wind blocking winds before the yerba buena island tunnel. larry: at the entrance to the tunnel you can see fire crews working clear the tree off the road. we'll have an you date on that situation and th the removal. kristen: we'll talk try to get the c.h.p. on the line to talk about it in the meantime, spencer, what do you see? larry: there was 76 mile-an-hour gusts, 76? spencer: here's a look at what's happening in terms of surface wind gusts. we have a range about 45 miles
4:31 pm
per hour to about 60 miles per hour. in some spots there could be gusts over 70 miles per hour. let's have a look at our wind advisory. that's for the entire bay area some of we're feeling the impacts of this windy pattern all across the region. there may be power outages and more tree limbs could be down. there's a chance of blowing debris. driving over bridges overpasses particularly challenging, overnight lows will drop into the mid 30's. it will be chilly. highs tomorrow on the chilly side as well as the storm starts moving in. highs will barely break the 50 degree mark in most places tomorrow. speaking on the storm on the storm impact scale, the approaching storm ranks one. it won't produce much in the way of rainfall. cold gusty wind. and on friday, snow levels in the bay area will drop down to a range between 500 and 1500 feet which means in a pattern like
4:32 pm
this generally we say snow may come to the bay area. we're talk about the highest bay area peaks up to 2500 to 4,000 feet in this case, we're talking about snow coming down into just hills, not just -- not mountains. so it's a level one storm. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. this stormy pattern will be with us for the next three days. high temperatures will barely hit 50 degrees some of it's really going to feel cold especially be the bay area standards. we've got a break over the weekend. and then rain returns earl early next week. larry, kristen? kristen: we want to talk to the c.h.p. live by phone well have officer mark andrews with us. we talked about the upper deck with that tree that fell blocking several lanes. larry: officer what is the situation with the tree removal right now? >> good afternoon. so as of right now, san francisco fire department is assisting us. we have caltrans
4:33 pm
san francisco fire helped us opening the number three and four lanes. so we now have four lanes now open as of about 15, 17 minutes ago. so we are currently blocking just the number five slow lane to help facilitate removal of the -- the remainder of the tree and any debris in the area. >> you know, can you talk about that when that tree fell over -- and it looks like this picture no car was impacted. didn't collapse on to a car. can you just reassure us that there are no injuries or damage to a car property like that? >> initially i didn't have information about any vehicles involved. i've just learned that there were two vehicles that were impacted as a result of the tree falling. fortunately, neither of those vehicles none of the occupants within either of those vehicles resulted in any injuries. larry: that'sortunate. it sounds like bed on your rl distribution that you've got then thing almost cleared away. is that the case? >> we have been
4:34 pm
expeditiously with san francisco fire as well as caltrans to try to remove all debris from the road and open up the traffic lanes as expeditiously as possible. >> obviously, we're about to hit the 5:00, 6:00 hour when traffic will be at its peak. do you think it will be cleared by then? how much longer, do you think? >> that i can -- i don't have a hard timeline as far as when we will be able to open that fifth lane. obviously, we want to do everything that we can to insure that all the debris up on that embankment is removed so that we don't have any further issues with the bigger storm coming. >> just one last question, officer. as somebody that takes the bay bridge every day, you see a lot of things. but i can't ever remember a tree down in the middle of f the bridge can you? >> we've had it happen once or twice here over my career. it's not and every day occurrence. usually it happens more along the freeway coor doors especially down in the san mateo area for our jurisdiction. but the biggest thing is that we
4:35 pm
ask all drivers to remain vigilant. don't be distracted. focus on the road so that in the event of impending danger such as a tree falling you can have time to take the appropriate action and be involved with being involved with possibly being injured. >> two hands on the wheel today certainly. officer andrews thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it. >> one more lane to clear. larry: they're making progress very swiftly. after taking a major hit during the pandemic, the hotel industry is expected to rebound this year especially in california. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has a look at some new data. >> memories of the covid-19 pandemic for the hotel industry are palpable. >> terrible. everything shutdown on st. patrick's day. everything just closed. >> kristen is general manager and owner of the swiss hotel, a sonoma business that's been in her family 100 years. >> we've catered to local,
4:36 pm
caters to tourists. >> the bread and breakfast style hotel takes reservations by hand and luckily those are starting to come back again. according to ox ford today, hotel generated state and local tax revenue is expected to reach new highs in 2023. california is topping the charts. california coming in second out of the top state's projected to have an increase from 2019 to 2023. >> alex bastian is the president and c.e.o. of the hotel council of san francisco. >> there's no question that san francisco can be a shining star again when it comes to tourism and travel on the world stage that is great for our tax base. that is great for our jobs that are created in this industry and in this community. >> according to age, on average nationally every hotel jump supports 2.6 jobs in the
4:37 pm
community california is the number one state to have the highest direct, and hotel support employment levels in 2023. california will have the highest hotel occupancy in 2023. >> with the reservations coming in and the amount of traffic that h already started, i believe that the hotels are on an uptick. >> a promising start for the communities they serve. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> today at 3:00 on our show getting answers, i ask the mayor about her plan to transform downtown. you may recall in her state of the city speech she conceded that it's not going to come backing to what it was prior to the pandemic. >> we're looking at tax breaks for some of our existing businesses as well as new businesses who want to do here. so for the first three years, the city -- i'm proposing that we wave tax first the city because we want to attract and we want to retain and we want to make sure that people understand
4:38 pm
financially what they can expect in a place like san francisco. >> another thing the mayor pointed to is that the city has a large talent pool. that is attractive to cities all over the world. larry: it's a presidential posse heading to space sort of, kind of. the four at 4:00 is when i was his age, we had to be inside to watch live sports. but with xfinity, we get the fastest mobile service and can stream down the street or around the block!
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larry: time now for the four at
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4:00. dan and spencer join us well intender send a lot of men and women to space. how about presidents? it's happening. a company is sending authenticated d.n.a. from several u.s. presidents into deep space. the payload includes hair from george washington, dwight eisenhower, john f. kennedy, ronald reagan. the goal is to establish a traceable spread of d.n.a. or maybe it's brilliant publicity seeking. iav ofstio about human remainspe that whole business model anyway. but dan, before we get into the merits of this. my question is where do you go to get a strand of george washington's hair? is than an ebay thing? dan: maybe or mount vernon. maybe they have some extra th te in a drawer somewhere. it's a great publicity stunt. i question the d.n.a. value. but i'm not a scientist.
4:42 pm
but it's worth talking about. larry: spencer, are you ready to shoot your d.n.a. to the stars? spencer: my hair has gone anyway how. [laughter] larry: i can't spare any. >> exactly. don't have any to spare. it's probably a great publicity stunt. we're talking about it, right? kristen: we'll just take your fingernail clippings. the four-day work day is a pop topic on the four at 4:00. it's. it's working. a recent experiment on four-day work weeks wrap up. 90% say they'll continue with the test. 18% are making it perm innocent. they say productivity and performance increased -- >> uh-huh. [laughter] kristen: am i hearing an amen from over there? there was big drops in absenteeism. expenseer: larry has been vindicated. larry: it was never in doubt f i've been preaching this for a
4:43 pm
while. >> you are our normal ray on this issue. larry: mostly do deaf ears. we could be at the forefront the leading edge of our country. it's on our finger trips right here. >> preach it. >> the manager usually remind me four days of work usually qualls four days of pay. and that's kind of where we're stuck, dan. dan: we may be stuck on -- five days at work or no days at work, europe choice. >> now, to another follow-up. the big red boots told you about a few weeks ago, they're a big hit. these boots -- spencer is growning. they sold out within minutes despite the $350 price ty tag. they're everywhere. big red boot. big red boot. now selling on the secondary market for thousands of dollars. etch more, you -- even more, you
4:44 pm
have george washington's hair attached to it kristen? kristen: they're not christian louboutin. larry: if they were manolo, then you would buy it? >> if you want to give them. these are a novelty item. not practical and kind of -- they've got a certain look. dan: little goochy looking. i wonder what george washington would say about his hair in space and boots for thousands of dollars. >> if you went into some marketing pitch meeting and say look at this big red boot, this is what we're pushing everybody? who says yes, sir to that. >> it's remarkable what people will buy. >> if they only charge 100, i bet people would have never bought them. >> novelty. >> a saint patrick's day staple
4:45 pm
is back. the sam rock shake is returning to mcdonald's. it first debuted in 1970. there's even an oreo cook version. dan, i think you would try this irks , right? dan: i think i've had this thing once. i would try it, sure. a shake and oreos mixed in with mint flavor. >> it seems like we're returning this story on the wrong day. shouldn't be on thursday as in tasty thursday? >> that's true. i would have a shamrock shake, a little demo. >> what does it actually taste like? er i thought it would taste like matcha. that would be delish, right? >> minty with oreos on it. >> a little bit too sweet. but you know, i'm not -- i'm down for a shamrock shake every now and then. dan: we should revisit it on
4:46 pm
thursday. larry: it's not a work way for me. >> doubtful. >> what would be your ideal novelty flavor? >> i don't know. i don't think much about them. but i love vanilla bean. >> spencer and i love vanilla beach chocolate shake for me. but the mocha shake is pretty cool. >> >> all right. now, we're all hungry and have to take a break.
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kristen: windy day. you're looking at live pictures from our emryville camera were you can see the winds pummeling the area. a tree blew over on yerba buena island landi landing in the wesd lanes just before the yerba buena tunnel. they have gotten a couple of lanes open so that's why you see traffic moving now. larry: how long will it remain this windy? spencer: probably for 24 hours and mike not quite as strong for 24 hours. but unusually strong winds will be with us well into the day tomorrow. right now, we're look at surface wind speeds about 60 miles per hour at s.f.o. most of the locations around the bay area, and the wind advisory
4:50 pm
remains into effect for the entire bay area. we can expects gusts between 40 and 60 miles per hour. overnight, it will be cold in the inland areas. interior values we'll see lows dropping into the mid to upper 30's. you can see highs tomorrow barely breaking the 50 degree mark. in fact, tomorrow thursday and friday, level one storm activity bringing us cold showers and maybe some snow down to about 1,000 feet or lower. so on thursday or friday, most locations may not hit 50 degrees as highs. but over the weekend it gets just a little bit milder and dryer. larry and kristen. larry: a little bit of sun. thank you, spencer. february is black history month and all month long we're telling you story and events that affect the black community. one of the highlights locally during black history month, is an annual event that brings together great music, great food and great wine. a toast of black wineries and
4:51 pm
diverse art. kumasi aaron spoke with the founder of black vibes. >> it's all about community and love. we always push to provide a space where we can celebrate ourselves, celebrate black history, why we focus on black future, the future of art, the future of wine f, the future of jazz. the future of all things black excellence. and so it's just a fun time. a space filled with love. a space filled with joy and great wine. >> it is so fun. when we stepped in, you're look, ooh, we just feel it and we walk around and explore all the different wines and the food. what can we expect for year 12 that's different? >> year 12, we've actually activated a full, like weekend of events. unfortunately, -- well, fortunately, most of whom are sold out right now, but we're starting a toast of black
4:52 pm
bubbles in napa. we're continuing on with two winemaker dinners. one in oakland. one in napa. we have our black science festival and then we culminate the weekend at black joy parade with the black science experience. you know, a lot of new things coming. and this is just the beginning. we'll have year round things going on. we're really focusing on upping the membership events and activations. so we're super excited about all things coming. this is literally just to kickoff 12 wonderful years. larry: as you heard, the black joy parade is coming up. you can celebrate with abc7. watch the black joy parades streaming live from oakland hosted by anchors julian glover, jovin and kumasi aaron it starts at 12:30 wherever you stream abc7 news. if you want more details go to
4:53 pm
kristen: marvel is making some waves. >> i don't know if i want to rumble with that. larry: we will catch up with the man himself, paul rudd who he doesn't want to mess with with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes, everyone is making room for binaxnow in their medicine cabinet. do we still need these pregnancy tests? (kids yell and giggle, a dog barks and a vase breaks) yeah, no. out with the old, in with the #1 covid-19 self test in the us. with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19. binaxnow
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go the extra mile this presidents' day in a volvo mild-hybrid vehicle.
4:55 pm
presidents' day in a volvo kristen: coming up tonight at 8:00, catch "the rookie" followed give the "rookie fed" at 10:00 it's world trend. then stay with us on abc7 news
4:56 pm
at 11:00. there's a new character on the marvel universe. you've seen him before but now he's making his mark. george pennachio spoke with a new villain actor jonathan majors. >> who are you? >> i'm the man who can give you the one thing you want. >> what's that? >> time. >> the marvel cinematic universe continues to expand its horizons. we meet a brand-new villain in quantum mania with jonathan majors playing king the congress we are he had a deal with being in the supersecrettive m.c.u. >> being a part of the marvel universe was like whoa because there was no real process. it was do you want to do this? you know? and if interested, we can tell you more. i was interested.
4:57 pm
and they told me more. and now, we're here. >> i will take my revenge on those who banished me. and i will burn them out of time. >> we wanted to be as comic book pure as possible. i looked at the comic books. and it's just my interpretation of -- of what i think this conquering being would move and act. >> paul rudd who is back for his third time playing scott lane, a.k.a. antman was thrilled with the acting chops but intimidated by his muscles. >> and then you see how big the guy is, i don't know if i want to rumble with that he's -- yeah, he was getting ready -- he was going to shoots creed. i was like great, here we go. and i've got to fight you? >> in los angeles, george pennachio, abc7 news. kristen: antman and the what is is in theaters now. avengers will be in theaters in 2025. that's it for abc7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> high surf, widespread power outages. we are tracking the problems caused by the wind all across the bay. ama: a wind advisory is effect, more changes are in the forecast. dan: we have team coverage with dustin dorsey. ama: we begin with the latest on the conditions. sandhya: the winds are still violent. take a look at this picture from our east bay hills. you can see the trees are blowing around in the wind. sfo gusted to 68 miles


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