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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 21, 2023 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> high surf, widespread power outages. we are tracking the problems caused by the wind all across the bay. ama: a wind advisory is effect, more changes are in the forecast. dan: we have team coverage with dustin dorsey. ama: we begin with the latest on the conditions. sandhya: the winds are still violent. take a look at this picture froe blowing around in the wind. sfo gusted to 68 miles per hour. open airport was over 60.
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sfo, 55 miles per hour, even san jose, santa rosa, 40 mil hour. high wind warning until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. did we have already seen the possibility. wind advisory for the rest of the bay area. a few outages, certainly things blowing around. hour-by-hour, 6:00 close to 60 mile-per-hour winds along the coast. 9:00 p.m., still very windy. tomorrow morning, wind begins to drop off, but they don't completely calm down. all in association with this level 1 storm that is diving south from the north, bringing that cold air with it and wintry mix is coming. i will be back with an hour-by-hour forecast. ama: traffic has nightmare because of a tree that toppled over in the high winds. it came down just after 3:00
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p.m. and blocked several lanes of traffic. all but one lane reopened by 4:15. the fire department came in, helped clear the tree, no one was hurt, thankfully. let's take a live look at traffic on the bay bridge. a lot of cars out there. you can see, it is slowly moving and creeping along. we are now hearing that a fifth lane will be closed until 9:00 tonight. this will continue throughout the evening. for the very latest let's go to jr stone who is there. jr: the good news her got a number of those lanes back open. you can see this tree right here, still a problem. that is one of the reasons why officers that i just spoke with minutes ago told me they are bringing in bigger trucks to remove this portion of the tree and take it out of here. the fire department tried to get this section off and were unable to.
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they will be out here for some time cleaning up this section of the tree. you can, se if we can pan up the hill. you can see a lot of these trees that still, even right now, are still blowing in the wind. chp officer told me, if you are out here, just be careful and keep an eye on those trees, because they are l.a. danger. talking with those officers, they told me this tree directly behind me came down and messed up two different cars. another crashed into the tree. the fortunate part is that nobody was injured. but, two cars have been damaged. they have taken those cars away and traffic is flowing. even in the other direction, you can see those slowdowns on the bay bridge. if you do have to come to san francisco, plan on those slowdowns because they will be dealing with this for several
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more hours. back to you. ama: thank you. dan: we have not seen something like that in a very long time. for more, let's go to dustin. he is live in redwood city. du and strong wind that has been whipping through this area. it calms down as soon as we come live, but it has knockdown power across the road, and trees including this one. even before the rain has returned for this winter the wind has made the not so welcome return to the bay area. that means we could see a lot more downed trees. we have already seen examples of that today, trees ripped down. including right here in redwood city, where a toyota tundra was
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crushed. some of these trees even pulling down power lines along with them. unlike our january evergreen trees may be most at risk and not because of the rain. >> the rain is more going down, but the wind can spin, can come from different angles. certainly puts stress on the roots, and if the tree is weak, it will pull it right over. dustin: standby, because they are anticipating thousands of outages. they say take steps now to prepare for the chance that you may end up without power in the next days. a piece of advice, you want to make sure that you are not parking underneath trees like this so you don't end up like that toyota tundra. be safe out there, and be careful. this wind is strong.
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this is a live look at pg&e's outage map. a lot of them are peninsula or the south bay. ama: yellow means customers out. if you see red, that means more than 5000. when we speak to pg&e, it was estimated that as many as 70,000 customers have lost power. dan: high winds have been picking up throughout the day. the san francisco zoo, closed today because of the strong wind gusts. in the south bay, redwood state park was closed. a wind advisory is in effect. state park officials plan to announce when the park will reopen later this week. ama: you can keep track of weather conditions and access the same doppler seven on-demand on the abc 7 bay area news app, download it wherever you stream. dan: it is official, barbara l
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says she is running for u.s. senate. she is the third high-profile democrat to jump into that race alongside adam schiff and katie porter. liz spoke with lee today and is in the newsroom with more. liz: there are three democrats in this race now, but congresswoman lee is the only black woman. if she wins, she will be only the third black woman in the cuss trees -- countries history to serve in the senate. she told us why that matters, and "why" questions around her age should not be a factor. in a video share early tuesday morning. >> to do nothing has never been an option for me. liz: she is running to replace dianne feinstein. we met up with her in oakland hours after the announcement. >> i think the senate needs a champion like myself who is a
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progressive woman, a progressive african-american woman, who has fought for progressive causes all of my life. liz: she served in congress since 1988. the climate crisis, housing, and public safety or are her or issues. if she wins, she will be the only black woman in the u.s. senate. do you believe that voters should be factoring race and gender into their decision? >> i think that voters should factor in the uniqueness of the perspective of diversity. not having a black woman the challenges that we faced in this country, and still we rise as dr. maya angelou says. that type of fight, that understanding of what it means to be shut out for not only people of color but for the lgbt plus community, for the disability community, our seniors. i have had many challenges, and
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have had to break through those barriers. liz: she has let ■on issues like the hiv crisis and cannabis reform, she introduced the first marijuana justice act in congress. it will be a tough race, the democrats running against each other, a competitive field. when voters are looking at everybody, what differentiates you from adam schiff or katie porter? >> i have had a fighting for progressive causes. it didn't just start when donald trump was elected president. i have been resisting so much. liz: she shares a story from growing up in los angeles where she fought to become her high school's first black cheerleader. >> when my high school says cheerleaders could be black, i took them on. liz: she was the only member of congress who voted against
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-- despite this long record, she is 76 years old. she would be in her 80's after serving her term. one looming question is her age. how do you respond to people who have questions about your age or believe it is time for the next generation? >> first of all, try to keep up with me. if you look at what i have done, my energy level, my experience. i think voters will understand, i am not ashamed of my age. i am glad to talk about my age, because with age comes experience. liz: californians bernie sanders who was older than her in the 2020 primary. i asked her about a recent work that she saw herself as a transitional candidate, she denied that. she said she would not commit to only serving one term should she win, her focus is on getting
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things done. ama: developments in the battle over a contested seat on the oakland unified school board. nick resnick has resigned. he has been in a legal battle with mike hutchinson over a seat since the november election. the votes showed resnick to be the winner. the rank-choice voting system was not configured properly. hutchinson filed a lawsuit asking a judge to overturn the election result. the judge is set to review evidence next month. dan: disabled residents stranded and some injured all because of a broken elevator. and why tenants they, that is not the only safety concern. we will continue. ama: and a live look outside right now, you can see the trees blowing in the wind. it has been pretty brutal most of the day. we are keeping tabs on it.
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ama: tenants say a broken elevator is keeping residents stuck in their building. dan: it is happening here at the hillview court apartments. the issue has also led to some injuries. zach spoke with tenants. zach: this apartments, converted in 2020 from a former hotel, it is now a supportive housing site, providing permanent housing to those experiencing homelessness. >> we absolutely need supportive housing. zach: a resident at the apartments says the conditions they are living under aren't right, starting with the elevator. >> it goes down at least once a week. we have handicapped, disabled, whether they are chair bound or they can't get up and down the stairs easily.
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zach: food has been brought to those stranded, they still need to be able to come and go. >> we had one lady who was wheelchair-bound who absolutely had to go to this doctor's appointment and tried to get down the stairs and fell. zach: the issue of broken elevators and state inspections has been when we have been tracking. the department of industrial regulations told us that elevators are required to be serviced by the building owner, even when operating with expired permits. >> this has been going on for months. at least eight months. they blame it on the residence. it is not the residence that are sabotaging the elevator. zach: the issues go beyond the broken elevator. they have concerns with on-site security. >> people are afraid to come out of their rooms. zach: we reached out to the housing corporation and they told us, we have regular
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communication with residents to address any issues and concerns. the team ensures that the equipment breakdowns are addressed immediately and safety and security concerns are handled it into our established policies and procedures. residents say that talks with county officials have been going well, but they need help now. >> this is our home. i want to feel safe in my home. ama: still ahead, we continuing to follow the latest on the weather. this is a live look outside. we will check back in with ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ ♪ you like to... move it ♪ we're reinventing our network. ♪
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come on, protect your investment laser measured floorliners and cargoliner will shield the carpeting from sand and snow for your interior, there's seat protector and sunshade plus, mudflaps and bumpstep for the exterior order american made products at surfs up yeah, right ama: ridership in january was just 32 percent of what it was in 2019, and bart open the doors of its headquarters to the media to meet with all of its top managers and ask questions about what writers can expect. dan: leslie has the story.
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many writers are disenchanted with the transit system. >> a survey points to those four factors. cleanliness, security homeless factor. i have customer complaints that i receive on a daily basis, we need to be able to respond to those in order to get people back and build that trust. leslie: on the security more police personnel will be on board trained. >> on our stations, then in our cars. that is what we are aiming for. police officers. we are putting everybody back on trains. leslie: the hope is that will open dialogue with writers and improve communication.
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what would that look like for the customer? >> real-time text information. look up at the monitor and say hey, get off at 19th street because the other train is not coming. leslie: new fare gates are coming, and more workers to clean the stations and the cars. norlly have 900 in the cycle, where they would get a deep clean. we will change that to 400 50 hours. we will double on cleaning efforts. leslie: it is a lot promises, as bart transitions into a remote work era, a new normal with new financial invocations. it is all the old patterns, the old expectations. >> we are rewriting history. this is uncharted water. ama: i am getting friends, when will the wind and? -- and.
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it is blowing strong. sandhya: those down. the strongest of the winds will be through by early tomorrow afternoon. let me show you right now, they are blowing up to 55. sfo, hayward, san jose, 54. we have seen wind gust in some unofficial site, 60 to 70 miles per hour. those winds are definitely fierce. this direction is bringing in colder air. we do have a system dropping in from the north, now we are running in the double digit drop in terms of temperatures. down 15 degrees santa rosa, here is the cold system that is coming in. sierra is getting snow over the northern california mountains. locally, we are keeping an eye on the clouds, even though the high temperatures were in the
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50's and 60's today, they have been dropping. in the 40's and 50's as you can see. sfo does have an airport weather warning. you can clearly see why. strong gusty winds overnight. in colder days and expected into the weekend. on our storm impact scale, tomorrow through friday, light level 1. the snow level between 1000 and 1500 feet. in the north, by friday, it will be about 500 feet, so the hills could be covered. we do have a high surf advisory for the coastline. rakers, 20 to 25 feet. a beach hazard statement for northern monterey bay, those breakers are between eight to 12 feet. hour-by-hour, these showers will play tag with the coast. certainly cold enough for the wintry mix as we head into tomorrow afternoon.
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at 10 p.m., we start mount hamilton is getting the snow showers. this continues on thursday, the this be between thursday evening, going into early friday is when most of the bay area will be dealing with the most widespread rain and higher elevation snow. snow possibly down even lower than 1000. rainfall totals anywhere from about 0.4 inches to just over one inch. some of the very wet locations could pick up one point five inches. snow in the mountains to the north, but in the bay area, winter weather advisory. the santa cruz mountains, one to three inches between 1500 to 2000 feet, a dusting is possible between 1000 to 1500. sierra, winter storm warning. looking at one to three feet.
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heavy snow, difficult travel. morning temperatures, 20's to 40's. average, and then a fre and frost advisory going up from midnight tomorrow until thursday morning. seven day forecast, it is a one. wednesday through friday, seven -- more rain for the second half of the weekend.
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dan: the former raiders center will be for sale. it includes two buildings that consists of nearly 120,000 square feet.
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minimum bids start at $35.8 million. you are required to register in advance by completing an official bid form. il by june 30. ama: we ahead. dan: let's go to karina nova. karina: we cndusnut.tion abc 7 weather anchor spencer is going to join me with more on the powerful winds, the damage that has been caused, and what an expect when it comes tojackio discuss senator dianne feinstein's senate seat. how this senate race could play out. back to you. ama: you can go to streaming right now. we thank you so much for joining
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or call 833-422-4255 to ask for medication to treat covid-19. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." president biden and the high-stakes speech on the world stage in warsaw. the war in ukraine set to mark one year, and tonight the president's message to vladimir putin. president biden vowing that, quote, ukraine will never be a victory for russia. 24 hours after his secret and history-making trip to ukraine's capital, the president declaring kyiv stands strong. just hours before president biden's speech, vladimir putin delivering his state of the nation address, sending his own message to the u.s. and the west. mary bruce and martha raddatz joining me here in warsaw tonight, ian pannell live in kyiv. in the u.s., a major winter storm, 38 states on alert,


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