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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 22, 2023 3:30pm-3:58pm PST

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tonight, the major storm across the u.s. more than 1,500 flights canceled already. snow, ice, dangerous winds, and this all moves into the northeast tomorrow. also, the deadly plane crash back home tonight, and they're already pointing to weather. and here in warsaw tonight, the abc news exclusive, my interview with president biden. after his secret trip to kyiv and his speech on the world stage, tonight president biden with us, reacting to vladimir putin's new nuclear threat. putin saying russia will suspend its commitment to the nuclear treaty with the united states. well, tonight the president with his message to putin, telling us, it is a big mistake. in the u.s., that deadly plane crash in little rock, no survives. authorities pointing to storms as a possible cause. this as that major system now moves across the country.
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our teams tonight in salt lake city, minneapolis. this heads into the northeast tomorrow. several feet of snow in some places. ice, freezing rain, and those dangerous winds. more than 1,500 flights canceled. they expect far more. rb marciano standing by to time this all out. the emergency landing in the u.s. the flight headed to washington, d.c. forced to land. authorities say a passenger was trying to get into the cockpit. the fear and concern in ohio after the toxic train derailment. tonight, the health clinic that's been opened is fully booked. and now it's turning political. presidential candidate donald trump is there, and now the white house arguing it's trump who owes the community an apology, they say after rolling back regulations on rail companies that would protect these communities. ivanka trump and jared kushner subpoenaed by the special counsel, investigating at trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election.
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comes as mike pence subpoenaed. what does this signal? >> jon karl is here. breaking news coming in in the alex murdaugh trial, charged with killing his own son. what we have learned about alex murdaugh himself. tonight, new image from the pentagon a that chinese spy balloon taken by an air force pilot in a u-2 spy plane well above the u.s. and a family in a car accident. the firefighters who arrived, the family surviving, but it was what the firefighters noted,at wearing, and what they did next. "america strong." good evening tonight from war psalm we're tracking several major stories back home in the u.s. that deadly plane crash, a small plane going down in little rock. authorities pointing to weather as a major system moves across the entire country tonight. snow, ice, dangerous winds.
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already more than 1,500 flights canceled. rob marciano is standing by. but we are going to begin with my exclusive interview with president biden late today right here in warsaw. the president tonight on vladimir putin, who has just declared russia will suspend its commitment to the key nuclear treaty with the united states. president biden telling me, that's a big mistake. it comes after the speech on the world stage. president biden defending democracy, rallying nato, standing by ukraine. now one year into this war. but today in russia, vladimir putin welcoming china's chief diplomat. putin holding a war-time rally and announcing china's president xi will be visiting russia this spring. tonight, president biden's message for vladimir putin. >> reporter: i know this is a defining moment in this war. we watched your speech here in warsaw. and as you know, just hours before vladimir putin gave his own speech. and i wanted to ask you about something vladimir putin said. he said that russia is suspending participation, cooperation in the nuclear treaty with the united states.
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what's your message to putin on that? >> it's a big mistake to do that. not very responsible. and -- but i don't read into that that he's thinking of using nuclear weapons or anything like that. i think it's -- not sure what else he was able to say in his speech at the moment, but i think it's a mistake, and i'm confident we'll be able to work it out. >> reporter: he is saying he's going to suspend participation in this nuclear treaty. rhetoric is one thing, but we're a year into this war now. does it concern you when he says something like this? and are we less safe? >> well, look, i think we're less safe when we walk away from arms control agreements that are very much in both parties interests and the world's interest. but i've not seen anything, we've not seen anything where there's a change in his posture, in what they're doing. the idea that somehow this means
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they're thinking of using nuclear weapons, international, continental ballistic missiles, there's no evidence of that. >> we should note this is a portion of our interview that continues friday in washington. we'll press the president on china and the relationship with russia and much more. that's friday night right here on "world news tonight." one more note before we move on about the stakes in this moment. vladimir putin in moscow, that massive rally today, and celebrating the relationship with china. let's get right to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce in warsaw with me tonight, because mary, it was clearly evident what putin was trying to accomplish today. >> reporter: it certainly was, david, the president making overtures to china just as he held that massive rally. putin putting on this big patriotic display, trying to drum up favor for his war. as the u.s. is growing increasingly concerned that russia may turn to beijing for military help to win this fight. putin saying relationships between the two countries are
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reaching new milestones and the cooperation between russia and stizmp chinese x jiprnp ing plans ton warsaw tonight. thank you. the president on china and this relationship withnd far more friday night right here on this broadcast. but we move on tonight to the news back home, the deadly plane crash. they're pointing to weather already as a possible cause, as this massive storm now moves coast to coast. more than 40 states, 135 million americans on alert tonight for dangerous wind, snow, ice, even tornados. our teams in salt lake city, minneapolis, and this is all he tadnext. blizzard conditions and treacherous driving on i-95 near ea bracing for a multiday, potentially historic snow system
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there. california pummelled by high winds. downed trees causing massive power outages. a second storm on the way with a brear llis.adhi. what we're learngin rock. no oneher. abc'tonievtr coast-to-coast impacts from a maive winter storm that's just getting started. blizzard conditions building in the upper midwest. the region bracing for up to 2 feet of ow and a pee emgeerac and activating the national guard. crews have been working all through the night and all day today trying to get salt and sand down on the roads. fthmiaua, high winds
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tuesday taking down huge trees 1-year-old chi al ca on afusteldr ra heredwood d ttrt into a home. and in los angeles county, their rsfi >> we are talking ab to 12 dari5 et.fe osnf >> reporter: extreme snotolsta israing the already high risk of avalanches in the west. mireya vlailreal outside salt lake city. >> reporter: across the west, major highways are shut down so plows can clear the roadways and crews can do avalanche mitigation, including right here in utah, where up to 2 feet of snow fell just overnight. >> reporter: the sprawling system's also snarling air travel.
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more than 1,500 flights canceled across the country today, and hundreds more already canceled for tomorrow. and in little rock, arkansas, the ntsb investigating if weather was a factor in a small plane crash today that killed all five people on board. minne detha,igays. eynit,im i driv to senior meteorologist rob marciano with the timing and track as this whole system moves across the s o an americans are impacted by the system.adsories colluainro fyere's a blizzard w mentthio county. l.a. still ongoing in the upper midwest. winter storm warnings into the northeast. severe storms tree blmiou. trihe next couple hours. snow reaching into the east now,
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and the dangerous icing around chicago, just north into detroit, that pushes down along i-90 into new york and boston for the commute. that's when it gets cranking in minnesota. 50 miles per hour winds, blinding snow, power outages. and another foot of snow for wisconsin. while temps are 30 to 40 degrees below nmal in the west. they're 30 to 40 above normalso. another batch of snow and ice returns here in northern new york. david? >> rob marciano, thanks to you as always. very compliced weather picture. we're going to turn meantime to that emergency landing. a passenger trying to get into the cockpit. pilots making that emergency landing in north carolina and police waiting when it landed. >> reporter: tonight, an amic e
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ap cgeornt fal message from air control. a passenger allegedly trying to get into the cockpit. >> subject is currently loose in the cabin, loose in the cabin, and he has tried to breach the cockpit. he's being somewhat restrained passengers. to get in the plane and restrain this guy.t la >> reporter: you can hear the drama unfolding. >> i gather the subject is not wtvd reporting crew members were able to restrain the passenger. >> a long gun crew is going to be on the outside, end of the aircraft they'll be standing by. >> reporter: and david, if charged with interfering with the flight crew, the passenger could face up to 20 years in prison. the fbi's conducting interviews right now. david. >> all right,eno,it gez boingio the fear and concern in ohio after that toxic train derailment.
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tonight, the health clinic that has been opened is fully booked, and this is turning political. donald trump is there on the ground demanding answers, and tonight the white house is now arguing it's trump who owes the community an apology, t yafter rolling back regulations on rail companies that were supposed to protect these very communities. abc's us. >> reporter: tonight, with anxious resi eins t as de rapailment, that newly opened n scheduled through thursday. and transportation secretary pete buttigieg now planning to visit this community tomorrow after he and president biden face fierce backlash from republicans and former president rure nearly three weeks after that fiery derailment leaked hazardous chemicals with this message. >> you are not forgotten. we stand with you, we pray for you, and we will stay with you onumcop an ght to help answer et
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whthe house saying it's trump am er trump administration officials owe east palestine an apology for selling them out to rail industry lobbyists when they dismantled obama-biden rail safety protections as well as epa powers to rapidly contain spills. in 2017, trump actually celebrated rolling back regulations that many advocates say might have protected communities. one of those withdrawn regulations calling for specialized systems on trains carrying hazardous materials. trump tweeting, i am continuing to get rid of costly and unnecessary regulations. much work left to do, but effect will be great. tonight, it's not clear if any of those regulations specifically contributed to the accident in east palestine. david, transportation secretary pete buttigieg has pointed to those trump rollbacks into laws pushed by congressional republicans, saying they've constrained his team in some areas of rail regulation. meanwhile, the ntsb is scheduled for release its preliminary
3:44 pm
report on the accident tomorrow. david? >> alex presha live in ohio tonight. alex, thank you. next this evening, abc news learned ivanka trump and jared kushner have been subpoenaed by justice department special counsel jack smith. the subpoena specifically related to january 6th and events leading up to it. former vice president mike pence already subpoenaed. what does this all signal? here's our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: in yet another sign the federal investigation into donald trump's actions on and before january 6th is moving aggressively, special counsel jack smith has subpoenaed the former president's daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. earlier this month, the special counsel issued a subpoena for vice president pence. sources tell abc news the subpoenas for kushner and ivanka trump are specifically related to the special counsel's investigation of january 6th and the efforts of the former president and his allies to overturn the 2020 election. this comes as the fulton county
3:45 pm
georgia district attorney considers whether to seek indictments against donald trump or his allies for tampering with georgia's 2020 election results. and now in the georgia case, something highly unusual has happened. the forewoman of the 23-person special grand jury that investigated the case is talking publicly about the grand jury's work, revealing they recommended multiple indictments. >> it's not a short list. >> not a short list. >> reporter: she says she decided to speak because serving on a grand jury was, quote, a really cool experience. but she's giving her opinion of the case even though most of the grand jury's work remains under seal. >> i will be sad if nothing happens. like, that's about my only request there is for something to happen. i don't necessarily know what it is. i'm not the legal expert. i'm not the judge. i'm not the lawyers. >> reporter: the case centers on trump's efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss in georgia, including his infamous call asking the state's republican
3:46 pm
secretary of state to, quote, find exactly the number of >> i just wanna find, uh, 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. so, what are we gonna do here, folks? i only need 11,000 votes. fellas, i need 11,000 votes. give me a break. >> reporter: the decision to on whether or not to seek any indictments is entirely in the hands of the fulton county district attorney. some legal ets caution that the jurors' comments could complicate things when the judge in this case disbanded the grand jury, he did not speak them from speaking publicly, but under georgia law, david, they are not permitted to speak about their deliberations. >> jon karl with us again on this story tonight. thank you. when we come back, the major headline in the alex murdaugh murder trial involving alex
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his attorneys telling the judge he may testify but want to limit the prosecution's questioning during cross-examination. they have yet to make a final decision. the pentagon releasing a new image of the chinese spy balloon shot down. the photo taken by a pilot flying high above the u.s. looking down on that balloon. the picture taking the day before it was shot down off the south carolina close. the u.s. recovering most of the balloon and examining parts. when we come back, the fda considering a first of its kind vaccine for rsv in children. then the story of a family in an accident. they did survive, and what firefighters discovered in that car, and what they did next. "america strong." 'cause i have asthma. and i have depression. i have diabetes. and i struggle with my weight. for us, covid is a whole different ballgame. in fact, you could be one of almost 200 million americans
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more ways than one. >> reporter: tonight, in yorba linda, california, outside l.a., 11-year-old abby walters israfutel r fo county fire authority. abby and her family were on teir way to abby's playoff basketball game when suddenly they got into an accidt. thankfully, the family survived. >> i just heard a bunch of banging noise like "bam, bam, bam."w ke the windows all cracked. i almost started crying. firefighters showed up and saw abby's reaction. >> little scared about what was going on and we noticed that she was her basketball uniform. she had kneepads on and her uniform. >> reporter: asking if she was on her way to a game and then offering her a ride. >> we made some space on the on the truck, loaded her up, hit the lights and sirens and got her to her game.
3:58 pm
just kidding, there were no lights and sirens. but we got her to her game on time. ga. ty s vonteered to take me. i'm so grateful for them. >> reporter: abbie's team would place second in the championship. abby visiting the firehouse to say thank you. playing basketball with the firefighters. grateful for that victory sbmt right here tonight, abby and her message to the firefighters. >> i want to thank the firefighters. i'm praying for you every day and every night. >> incredible work by those firefighters, and by abby on the court. i'll see you back in the u.s. tomorrow night. good night.
3:59 pm
snow fell this morning near felton and the santa cruz mountains. more snow may be on the way. cleanup is underway, from trees that came crashing down yesterday and this morning. this is 280 near san bruno. this large tree crashed into an apartment building on mallory avenue crews were on the scene today. sky 7 flew over this fell yesterday. on two hkwoo boulev larry: thanks for joining us. wind, hail, more wild weather is on the way. let's start with spencer for a
4:00 pm
look at what we are expecting. spencer: maybe even more. the cur scattered nature right now in terms of showers, cold showers, and light, high elevation snow. about 1500 feet. snow levels will be coming down over the next couple days. member how gusty the winds are, we don't have that high wind warning right now, but wlilst just up to and above 30. still pretty windy. the current storm ranks 1. level 1 storm for today into tomorrow morning, producing more isolated showers, cold and gusty winds. in the santa cruz mountains and mount hamilton, some light snow. tonight, we see continu scatren swe.